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Entrepreneur KC Radi 3.25.14

Mar 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and do loosen got to visualize playing -- and very clear about the money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start -- -- -- Should plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur George Casey your voice more entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions ever made with your host Jason grills. Source Kansas City and welcome to see the art turner Casey shot your house chasing grow alongside days. Very special coast today he's been on the show before actually East Coast that a few shows a new floor and his a great guy in India a leader in cancer you have Bryan Webber in studio today -- idea. Carlos are you Ryan thanks Jason takes effort series could be back with these interim president of Casey next in very excited about it's this special show today we're gonna talk all about the digital sandbox. And what it's done and how was formed and everything we need to know about -- -- his success stories in 19. In Kansas City. Yeah it's it's really exciting program -- part of you know I was lucky enough to be part of sort of the founding of this whole program with. Maria miers and number other leaders series in city and its hats and amazing successes ritual on -- discussed -- We're gonna have different companies on the show today that were involved says. Since the eighteen guys for a second third and fourth segment today is they're going to be exciting because there had been some very good. Companies and -- that -- -- give money and also. They've exceeded their goals in the first eleven months that's very exciting yes. First off so we have kind of is that the head honcho. The executive director with us in studio today Geoff Shackelford is his first appearance and -- -- just so excited to have him in Syria pay through the V here of those guys and now I've been called much worse than head honcho. You're the man near the manner of their so -- -- just kind of tell us how you got involved so I mean and how this all came to be. Well you know were as dry. Mentioned and he he was involved from the really the outset he and then -- Myers in several folks. Intensity -- had a vision that we felt. There may -- a gap in in if you allowing you eat out fairly consistent here from very very early stage companies you know sort of that how we get idea. You know from idea to kind of working prototype. And then from there you know -- give it to commercialization and headed down that path. And so really their vision who there was an opportunity. To a bit on and they received an and I six grant from the US commerce department's economic development agency. Which gave us the opportunity to secure a million dollars and enough funds had to be matched them so there there comes the fun part. Reached out to the state Missouri into the Missouri technology corporation. They stepped to the plate with a match and a half million dollars to be invested in them early stage Missouri companies and reached out to corporate partners and them hallmark and sprint than you'd be Indian now and companies like rare -- even some some smaller guys. Who's really felt the need to wanna be part of it so we managed to get that that initial million matched. And then basically so -- what we do now and so we set that set down in. Built a program from scratch. We have -- two year cycle with the Commerce Department with the goal being how many early stage companies can we him help. The move towards commercialization. How many can we -- either get in business with the goal of of generating somewhere around a million dollars in revenue by September of Tony fourteenth. Or how many can we help kind of get their first real round of funding. Garrett standing it's interesting to see you getting the corporate community is -- -- education -- and the government. Industry arrogant they sector sees any kind of involved with us that doesn't happen very often yeah it's a unique partnership I mean Uga Uga public public. Entities and funds you've got private corporations you've got universities. Research you've got saint Luke's research involved so this -- is involved. On the University of Missouri system KUK state rocker switch tossed it right keep me -- I'm probably forgetting. That's that's leading that was really comical I think that's what really made this project standout -- for the EA when they're reviewing all the different applications. This was the only one had support from those instincts and specifically support from major corporations like the ones we mentioned I mean this Sprint's of the world. Hallmark is here in his company's those brands stood out and that's the funding because you when you involve yourself in that program like this if you're startup company. You the money is what entice you but really I think what we found Jeff is that the the relationships and connections that we can make are extremely more beneficial sometimes -- just. You know the microphone in debt the. Program provided yeah absolutely Jim you know a couple of differences in in the -- program is. Because of the federal government. Restrictions -- we don't invest in the companies so there's no equity is some alone it's it's basically agree that -- -- to meet and targeted at a specific project. So we're starting with -- early stage folks to say you know what's the project they can move you forward in many of those projects. On it helps to give validation as well as some feedback from experienced companies I ease the sprints and hallmarks and you Beason of emails and sort of been involved in and many others so the opportunity and -- the really met some of these folks. Up with those companies. You know I'd be remiss sprints than terrific job of Leonard isn't a mentor program and we've got -- -- several companies assigned. To a mentors sprint which. You're their mentor may come from a discipline. Across -- whether it's marketing or operations or AT whatever but. It's it's really providing such great comfy -- experience connector. Two of these startups that just really wouldn't get these folks anyway. Where is the digital samba. Well we're we're hours listening -- play and here I am I -- again and I should -- mentioned already -- frenzy Union Station I'm we have space there's a sandbox base it is. Just down the hall from the largest. Extreme theater in the world. The 53 and extreme theater they have down there so -- we have our space down there which really kind of up. Presentation. -- you know kind of current collaboration space we do a lot of we did events through the summer called a summer in the sand we bring in. Experienced entrepreneurs are folks in functional areas or expertise. And get a chance to talk to maybe 101520 these companies Ontario -- the other differences was. We didn't set out to run a contest. You know and and -- ten companies in and then help those ten. We've touched a 160 plus early stage companies thus far on and our goal was to give each of them are recommended next step. So now all of them are ready for any kind of project funding but there are already for some help and guidance and and maybe get connected to some folks and we've seen it that. On that such a gap for folks that don't have the experience in the Huntsman -- That's huge resource I think for some companies justice appealed to get that guidance your. You're your -- early but they're still resources in Kansas City for -- and even if the trivia Primakov today was they were ready for the as a -- she still looks. Guide them along that way which we hear from companies all the time that. But it's not a process just knowing where to find resources so. There was issues value ethnic community. Yeah and I tell you it's been really really funny is is we've seen enough now that there are even early stage companies have a real value in connecting them. The Euro idea is somewhat similar. The someone else's but there's no conflict of trying to develop -- you know what what they're learn what they've learned or what they're learning and building can be beneficial to use so why reinvent the wheel. And the other is his -- you mentioned. Everybody thinks they if they just got into a major corporation and that that I've been home run for them. And what we try to step back and sees what do you think a hallmark cures France are one of those companies to do for you how do you think they can help you. -- puts a structure around that then we reach out to see his there's somebody there that can even be a sounding board to me when you're talking about creative ideas. -- homers one of the most creative companies in the world and -- -- mobile applications from France one of the largest in the world so there are people there that have some great insights. Do you -- and I title of this all the time if you can't -- on Turner's. Kind of coming up with solutions to problems that. Some of our bigger corporations are facing. And as a way tennis did it. Funding or start your company and one not mean do we see a lot of that are there companies here that are. Really focused on. You know what's what are bigger corporations are doing what solutions. I think I think what we see your -- Trying to find solutions to problems that that may be any large company of war or industry may be facing him if you look at the health carry to space rate and mean and it it's in its infancy of of what we do outside the hospital walls -- obviously that's a place that the cerner has much interest in and and would love to play as well. And so I think most since there's approaches. You know what is the mobile health care space eventually I may have a need. Sit sit down with someone -- -- or share ideas are -- remember they may -- a viable distribution channel forming on. But you know I'm not sure they look at it is boy if -- -- just only the top five things that they can't solve the Sergio lost more people to. The -- they look at it more from sometimes I think. If a big company is even trying to plan a space there is some allegation that there's gonna be a marker -- now it's you can solve that. Faster more efficiently. And and get that to market and then that's where we end up with acquisitions. -- -- frequency from a from a big company standpoint that there are more than willing to mentor and give advice to start -- And a beautiful thing you know programs like his San marks and others is that you get that access and you know -- using sprint as an example. You know if there's a startup that need to customer service expert well there's about a thousand that work in Oakland park and you know they've become very one of their customer service or -- couple years may be happy to share best practice that I mean that our long coffee meaning can provide -- -- a ton of of knowledge that is difficult to get another markets. We I mean a real example of that is you know we have some of some folks working on in the 3-D printing stories right with -- Really in its infancy when you know -- been in that space for as long as anyone who -- president -- and has some. Some folks there that are really experts in. Only three praying that the hurdles -- gonna face and so we set up -- an opportunity to take. Take the coming down and and there's probably ten or twelve folks from homer in the room it was fascinating to watch. The hallmark folks ask questions like have you hit this roadblock. Have you did you find this problem because. And here that you does start -- we know we got that okay that validated that your on the right path. Well they know that mean that they they fought their way through as well so those kinds of opportunities. You know. Without sandbox it's often deal often hard to make those connections and and I think we're hoping to give as many -- possible account option Jeff what have you seen from. Out of they can't -- community you know there's all the -- Work going on right now and there's there's the downtown sector there's started villages all their replacement obviously. We want can't seem to thrive totally what has been the response to as the digital sandbox and how you guys have exceed your goals the first eleven months. Well when we launched in February 2013 we were doing this with the rule we don't we do the traditional hover around people will apply we said boy you know we got to get the word out squared. We don't -- -- time this kind of low against this has very little bit on our schedule I hope we get you know of 253540. Applicants. Well after -- the first 94. And we're overwhelmed we realized we can't. Take that all human all the time so we've opened and we open it up shortly thereafter and it's a rolling application process. And so then the thought was okay at some point this'll this'll trickle down will be having to find people took -- to come and present. And I'd say what we've been seen for six companies every Thursday for the last. 345 months as regular as clockwork and there are still many who wanna get -- and get on the on the docket forced to see so what I found his. There's a tremendous component creative bright onto -- minded people and I don't think that's not or about the drying up in -- I don't think so. -- and I have to say it is -- did you did you tell Jeff to Wear on Tuesday caller today here. The -- purple sweater on and a black shirt underneath he -- I thought Ryan when I looked in the -- studied this amazing and it's always tends to come -- -- -- just -- you -- it's like. You proud of the bigger case Safin's I know. That's -- right I would agree will and just show you -- again I am I'm probably one of the bigger -- basketball fans there are analog neither -- a yard and like a good entrepreneur I know my audiences. Yeah you prepare but that's right that's right well just how we connect with a digital sandbox -- -- and -- stars that haven't played in the same logic get involved and can. With you as well the vessel is through the website that does -- send us Casey dot com and we have an application process. A pretty short and and and -- would try to keep it easy form. Is the complete that and then we reach out to them give them scheduled to come and NC -- And then also your questions I ask. Any started that I mean since you work we do for you. You know we've we've done things like -- people if there's anybody that in the world that if we can help you meet soon to be in -- crazy you get. You wanna meet Ingraham rubber goes comedians do can give you Warren Buffett -- the latest are talking you have lots of us to both suck all that extra -- and I'm just crazy enough to believe that we're all really are only you know five or six -- steps removed from those guys have -- a challenge. To help them get to the right people but that the vessel is -- website and then we will a Protestant won't give them what we thinks of recommend the next best that formed to keep their businessmen for. Well just think you're gonna show it to address our success and we're happy to have -- senator Casey should pay glad to be here and now we're purple and next time if that's really adults audiences -- will be right back on the entrepreneur -- -- Welcome back to the entrepreneur Casey Sean chasing grill on site. Sosa gets us for the digital sandbox show Ryan whoever the president Casey next right -- Good thanks in this year we also have Geoff Shackelford the executive director of digital sandbox in studio for the show. Into our right we have power -- the one of the co founders of nota. Who's up -- on the show before but he's just you know one of our finest entrepreneurs and has been through the usual sand box and -- to have a month. Catch up with a hard today Kyle dual thank chairman honing in good to see him -- so what's been going at first off you know. Written recently and he had a big deal with. -- us we had me in a -- user correctly predict. Who would actually win the one point five million dollar giveaway that he should instead right after the suitable. Karen took over Twitter. Dan. Somehow figured out who is actually gonna win the one point five million dollars put in the -- a whole body was crazy of course. And he was right so big bragging rights in Hammond is awesome -- you guys get some bug oppressor and you're in the star and also on the Huffington Post -- -- yeah absolutely thanks -- -- that could shape hear her work on that is -- -- -- -- -- you don't notice that ability go back and say I told you so and to really track things when normally someone would have just at all yeah of course she said that there's no way. -- -- and now you can go back and actually some two point that really prove it and so that's it was so cool to see that happen in you know pretty early in our life cycle the company is well. Was of the guys that one from Kansas City do yeah you know I found out after the fact zooming in real Alley north -- of one of the -- -- yes. He -- California now the end user or -- story there indeed. They just literally had. There is guys predicted this brand of person was doing and yes -- doing an easier to Kansas City which is the waiter -- Yes totally blind James -- and are my co-founder he listened to Colin -- yeah I took him into reflects this or else he's got a bunch of -- Mostly notably -- north as well so yeah. I'm Johnny optimist basically was just watching Twitter that morning to see who eastern followed because he -- have to communicate via DM. And this is one of the guys that they followed and the rest were either people who had sent to hash -- thousands of times or were verified accounts from famous people also. He kind of figured it would be this person and started following him on Twitter. And that individual sent out to treat this they'd been contacted by -- company and then almost immediately deleted it. And so Johnny optimist as well it's gotta be this student says goes to -- end. While he didn't get as his name is Johnny optimist you passes this and serves. Talked just a digital sandbox your experience there and how at all Paula happened. Yen it's a brilliant program we were fortunate enough we actually applied really early on one of the first I think batches of the applications that. They guy's dead and Matt went out when we certainly were readying you guys realize that and that's honest drew. A couple other programs went through the -- fast track program which was really -- did you do that that's the foundation -- you outside you know I had to Kauffman Foundation. The detect pitchers. -- it was in fact yeah I know you've had some of the people kimono with that program as well so. Really good program got introduced to use that authors -- in -- Jeff. And dads and after that they -- recommending that we apply for a spark that Casey the accelerator which we also ended up getting into. And so goes through that on -- alone living great and then we are fortunate to come back with a plan that made sense for projects -- sandbox. And there -- to provide some funds they got us a prototype in you know an -- Running -- cents. -- funds from the sandbox and then you also got fault funds and all right Jeff. -- yes we young you know it's a great story in an intimate collaboration and in using all the resources that we have here in the city in the -- mineral system if you're so. You know when they came. After the -- and after being -- a spark plugs that are really defined. A much more -- business plan and an approach needed a project to get funded to actually get prototype built. And the -- to do that. They were off running with that and then shortly thereafter fortunate to have close on the first round of of Angel funding. No early tee as closing your first round and in. You -- and hires and oh yes so low as they grow the product obviously and they say yes so we're on. And urine will be out here and a couple weeks so that will be out in the spring time. -- not -- available now. And in iPhone apps or as well also really covering all platforms we've been able to use as seed funds that were able to get. Last November and now hired two people to developers and in a designer will rejoin the team pretty soon as well very cool. Eight. -- how much would you credit. Your experience with these -- programs like digital sandbox to spark clutch your ability to raise capital terror attacks the Hudson Disco kids see I'm not that bandwagon I've spent in the -- it's not on that -- I'm not either -- dissing people look under the little more. -- getting this yet you user surge strategy and I mean I was would you credit that to. I think it's a massive help and in our kissing our funding. In large part came through connection that we had their sparkling Casey the accelerator that we are and an individual that they knew that group really well and are able to get a connection through that. -- I was great in that you know you go through and and you get a chance Andrews in ninety days really refining. Not only the product and then also kind of pitch and you know we need to dominate in that. And you know that that practice and and that. -- -- kind of the idea of lots of people throughout the ninety's the under the -- -- couldn't get you ready for when you go out and start to have conversations -- people -- -- eventually invest. Well Justin did you send -- had a good relations with spark -- you've really partnered with most of the other -- considerate yet their first class of affecting her call I think probably partnered with probably seven of the ten. And then if memory just filming here most of them have gotten Angel funding. And then they've had to have another class beyond that and I can recall at least two or three as well no one of the things we've always said at the same boxes were collaborative. When all of the other programs. In and around that's very doesn't really matter state line is irrelevant to us. East dollar. You Casey's. To think pigs to many others that you you know -- SP TVC -- you mentioned the Kaufman the -- fast track program I was Jo Myers. Teaching courses SB TC. On her -- making references and and refer people back and forth. You know win when you use all the resource I think brats -- Ryan's point. It gets easier it's never easy but it certainly is less hard if you'll use all the resources available and and I called the sort of hard to try to point people to the right places because they think just this year. You're -- came from a single individual do you think you would have met that person -- you not have been involved in some of these programs. No I can't imagine Sarin which I would of -- stumbled upon that exact percent -- and even though I've known guys for a long time that wasn't me that Canada is not enough. Love this idea into engineering and more and more and more -- you didn't predict that you need to. I if I would've approach have been through his predictions -- to me. So you guys are one vertically either -- your focus on sport season and you know -- us you know all -- entertainment type stuff and yeah we -- still make predictions around really anything that they want to -- we see a lot of -- around sports it's it's kind of an obvious one but you know world where it's not certainly not the only thing that we see and that's really our -- anyone who's tried this prediction. Sort of concept before is usually stuck to one vertical and it's usually been sports. And that's really been a looming factor I think on their ability to scale events entrusting our demographics. Right now we're actually 5050 between male and female. If you tell someone that your prediction that there would probably expect the ski 6040 or -- thirty -- And so far we're not comment I think it really is down to the fact that we need to completely open. And it is up to you whatever you want to talk about. Predictions happen every day about all sorts of different topics were really just the place for them to live in and tell me how that feedback opportunity that hasn't existed before. And so I think by and by doing that by not being specific to vertical -- great benefit for us. Yes. -- if you since yet the Mike here and here predict what does not a looked like it if it's -- -- fourteenth they threw -- technologies so -- -- the -- this is on the record at the end usually fourteen I think you're gonna see note on a bunch of third party web sites website that we don't control -- -- using kind of -- -- technology in the system to you embed predictions. Within their experience and and drive any type of interaction for the continent are exist on the sides. About thirty seconds left give us the information how we go about making predictions and how we connect and you can't awesome -- -- go to notre dot com KN OGA dot com finest in the App Store or on Google play here soon in in the spring. And I'd definitely give a shot makes a prediction of anything you want to give us feedback follows a note to future KN ODA feature on Twitter. Like to start develop the great everything's great -- noted it is yeah. And the colors and everything now. Very cool cop thinks are coming today we'll be right back on the special edition of the -- -- show. Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show heroes Jason grow on its exclusive guest host for this week's show Ryan whoever the president Casey next. Ryan thanks for joining me today it's -- and it shows so far end. Where he talked a more more about the digital sandbox in this segment some -- -- company that actually went through the process. So I'm glad to have your body. Thanks get them excited about talk about this company we have here in the same. Yes yes we have Joseph Terry and Tony coddled from the is he called an aerial mobile. It's now called aware 30 where history is written in remaining brick and mortar retail districts third. Army channel and digital experience was like is that that's that's pretty that's pretty important to me it's Leslie Peter it's a great work so -- Why don't we kind of you guys and on the show before about I don't know about 67 months ago for our listeners to might miss that show -- -- you. Go to the Mike here and tell us exactly what you're doing and how you can assert your company. Yes order you judge says I mean we're really focused on helping physical venues. And real platform that we call where and is usually the way we leverage that platform as we help those venues too quickly and cost effectively. Launch -- a multi channel digital presence so to kind of put that real world terms what that means there is. A good local client of ours is the country club plaza. So for the plaza there are currently running their entire digital footprint. On our platform so we're currently powering. Another what their website their mobile web site native apps merchant portal the whole thing is running off -- our platform. Which is great for them because it allowed us -- quickly cost effectively. And it gives them one single source of truth. So they go into one system updated and it. Propagate across our footprint. That and that's a win and you guys just getting involved with a -- -- especially. Has also taken a role -- restaurant -- -- we did not just the Kansas City won the Euro also. Expanding throughout the country now we've got I don't know probably nine or ten different restaurant he first saw how they go on the -- -- a very united in January remarks now that. What was that like this year. That was great this was as easily -- our fourth year running cancerous -- with the world's clients. And easily blue numbers on the water from all the others minds I I like to partake in that I enjoyed it and override probably did as well give back -- -- me. I think editors at Stewart three it's like him because our friends you know ability to zone. They don't they'll know that out. Yeah the and OK so let's get into your guys is experience and how you're connected to Jeff he's also joining us adjust Shackelford in the studio to. With digital sandbox and when that take place there you know we we applied to sandbox when it very first got announced. And we were pretty early stage at that point sort of figuring out you know we've had some early successes but we're trying to figure out how we get it over that home. Joseph has gone full time on I was actually my day job at that time. So we were just you know we applied really with the idea of looking for some mentors to say -- Okay how we build on this early success and really can't take it to the next level. The one -- the -- -- also important for internships and it sounds like them funding. Yeah exactly yeah we actually we had known -- that's where things we we talked about was what great relationship Camilla be individuals and yes it's it's it's if we had to give our number one thing even above we've ended up taking funding. Above the funding just an unfortunate precedent and is. So we got introduced to a couple local guys who had a very successful recent exit. Just become mentors of bars and just really which is a lot was that a lot of time with them. And building out our vision of how I would take this thing to the next level then and so since then. I've left my mind full time job for both full time on this now it is really exciting we've had an amazing six months. On a kind of through that process we ended up going through defining process -- got a project funded. And it's it's been just really great experience. Yes it is since finishing to watch. You know. The couple couple of guys came to similar -- saying you know we've kind of wandered around here with his business and we think we can we think there's opportunity but how we take it to the next level and then have the opportunity either. Team come up with some couple successful guys who'd -- at one time been in that same position. And pounded away and built their business. This fun to watch both sides of that discussion. The the mentors we. We look them up with were really excited about what these guys have already built and what the opportunity was. And I think. Tony Joseph we're excited to hear. That a couple real successful guys and and we think you're onto something but now you've really got to look at the competitive landscape and uncle who can you move and and what can you do to accelerate things and and they've taken all the heart. And really just started to blossom I think the future -- especially phenomenal for. And what is your key young vertical I guess. Just focus on a notes restaurants obviously at the beginning yes sort of so it's it's more a little bit we've we've learned a lot over the course of three years -- I think like every once more -- this -- earlier this part of it right. But we really got three that we go after right now so one has regional districts so again a great example as a mean we've we've also just recently launched operate village shops and or square as well. On the result districts -- Damon for us churches -- the second vertical that we go after. This is actually were really focused on churches this year we just signed. Area really key strategic partnership there. With a company called church community builder. On who's who's gonna really help us to cover all of the next level and the third residents so that's that's tell restaurant weeks in Athens. I'm but other events we've done apps for like Kansas City Irish festival. And that's the -- isn't something you did in -- -- -- symphonies in him performing arts and one I got to. You know we've kind of done the whole gamut -- has shot and at the beginning which is one thing that. You know are meant a lot different and help -- nail down you know they did they notice are doing really well a couple of Oracle's massaging and hone in on those. And really become experts in those and yeah Jason it's always good fronts there's a gimbal churches causes a lot of praying on August. I think you guys are on every Sunday at -- right. We got a big man on our sides and all right. And is a very competitive area man yeah -- development he got you know find your niche debt that's our enemy and we we were just your spread -- -- we're trying to be all things to all people in and as just had some great feedback we Dallas really focus in and do those right and that's that's. What was the experience like and you've you've -- also. Talked to people -- bigger corporations here in Kansas City viewing comments some of those early should she built. Yeah sandbox yeah we've been but you guys have a great story about this -- One of the one of our strategies for how we scale the business is actually through partnerships with agencies so one thing we know is that agencies have companies coming to them. Who won the about the great digital footprint. -- -- they just they may not have the budget they need excuse. You have an agency and so what we've tried it is approach several agencies say hey instead of losing that customer. On let's let's run their platform and their their digital footprint on on our platform. And so. We've been trying to get into the ML can have that introductory. And we had -- -- CEO on the show a couple weeks ago and acts young coach -- and we had a -- on the show it is four of them are friends of -- but that's another company -- -- -- -- cool so we we we had that discussion with just actually lost were short -- connected them to the amount. Got a foot in the door. I had a really great introductory meeting with that are the guy that runs their mobile. Division. Canola they're going great meeting not sure what comes of it got a call we always entities like that -- -- so it. Gotta call three weeks later he said yeah I think I've got something for you and so we actually ended up building and happen running our platform for one of their very key -- Southwest Airlines. I'm so Southwest Airlines had a conference in Denver internal conference. We don't Fiat -- and our platform. When the really cool things we did their app was. The NA scavenger hunt feature. So what they did was with an -- to define twelve different chicken locations throughout the conference. People went in and checked out checked into those locations and gave away prizes and its drawings. And we have -- just awesome quote from the account manager VM -- saying. You know I've gone to on eighteen different conferences I've never met this many people my entire life because people were coming up two earned and trying to check and choose one chicken occasions. So does his it was a really really great with a pretty big climate. -- I mean it is good as a dancer at a minimum is like a great Kansas City story of the -- partnering with a local start and that's ties back -- digital sandbox. With just an awesome clients though. And I think that's kind of undervalued is I have a small company to his consulting in its. I work with different agencies and tiny really can partner up with them they always near resource and whether or whatever it's a mobile optical benefits. Media since government relations and there always is an agency that needs and expertise and so if you can partner with them and get all the back in the they have. Then you have to always hire someone on your own and and network that's critical project. Does that -- -- -- -- the table does does -- -- very able for us because. It it's. Yours so. Does does it integrates real ground. That your. It's also -- the rebrand. -- Yes -- we down. We used to be known as -- mobile. In the first question anybody ever asked us was there and can never say the name you know I think there -- others like this is a mistake it ever start up makes they're trying to find a dot com that's available. And then immediately grab onto whatever dot com that is because the Docomo is available. I'm which is kind of what we did. And and so. An -- spelled differently it was -- a high yeah out while we try to play off the air in the real and but that's the most important part of the rebrand was that we had mobile and our name. And like we just discuss this we kind of handle a lot more than mobile mountain so we wanted to -- into something that was a lot more consumer friendly on and it didn't really relate into just one thing that we do so with -- where -- To -- with a where three number three but to say there right here is Jeff. It's not spelled out it's just where -- -- I'm right he -- it was a -- explain in the name has come up with a where three because this is always -- fascinating process for companies on the -- it's that's it's like band names yet and yet they had to go through the whole thing right and it's way harder to change your brand name you know re branding is tough process goes through. Yes the media ware for us all about. You know what we're trying to do for our clients is drive traffic engagement and loyalty. So that's of the theories out and we're trying to drive that awareness across all of the different devices that are out there. On regardless of where the person physically is a lot of our clients out there today they have you know website it's likely probably a little dated. They typically don't have any sort of mobile presence on and there's not getting creative with how did they drive engagement and traffic to their property. That's -- that's that's sort of the back story. How we got news alert. And once he's a really thinking about those 32 it kind of ties together to remember Rickles who think about regional districts and churches and one of the first things people always ask us is. How are those two verticals related. On the you think about those three colors and really community is something that surrounds both of those areas pretty heavily. And so you know we time together pretty well there there's a mobile presence. My gonna get India passes next year for some free Beers at the end -- I look guests are beyond pathetic about the tokens there -- -- it and -- will will meet today especially now. Oh yeah yeah that's a cool that to work on for sure and plus you get to work -- great things like that teensy mainstays I mean restaurant week alone and the other are a lot of us a lot of can. Surprise and and that's that's why do things and -- -- -- -- boxes that the community here in Kansas City is just massive rates of the ties that we've gotten into that communities through this program have been awesome. You know you think about the you know restaurant week and the -- stuff we've gone and then Irish fest and all these great camps and organizations that. You know it's -- they -- to keep their business locals well. Is happy I'm I'm I'm happy to hear this story because our -- -- -- reps in the technology industry we -- company's own country their interests in -- in Kansas City and we -- on this disgraced great place that's so different than maybe look at Omar Chicago bit. You can share this story I think it's a specific example of how a community really helped. Connect you to where you need to be connected to help you get from point -- appointee. And that is that that is very. Unique -- city that's not something that you see in larger markets and it's a huge idea for why your business should be here. Yes I couldn't agree more and one of one of my best France's. Has started in Dallas and so I talked to him once a week in. You share a lot of these stories that you disliked. These things don't happen in -- -- read your thing in Kansas City and it's an issue that we all hear that's so much and we see it so much that sort of like. And people brushed off as we say it. But it's it's legit I mean -- you know story would not have happened without you of this network and this group of people really. Supporting us getting behind us and making it up and it's -- exciting place to -- now. We'll judge Terry in Tony total coddle -- we appreciate you coming on. Formerly aerial mobile now where three appreciated and definitely stay in touch and congrats to what you do with your company and for what you've got out of the digital sandbox on the it's been going great. Thanks for having a surprise. We'll be right back and got -- Casey should thank Phyllis. -- Welcome back to Geithner KC show I'm Jason grow alongside Ryan Webber the president can see next for this special edition of on turner Casey. Ryan great -- apart today excited far -- segment today on the show. We are to be an exciting guests on the yeah we do we have. We're gonna be a Geoff Shackelford a stone's idiots are still here -- awareness and is purple if the sweater for your -- but we also have. -- calls the CEO Chief Executive Officer of venture 360. -- the show thanks for having me -- so you've you've gone through this program and it's also about how you got connected to. Digital sandbox. Charm I got connected to digital sandbox their Joseph Meyer who works at the small business technology development center she's fantastic give -- a chance to work return him. And the center Adam and she recommended that we have tight -- as -- -- -- -- so what what is in your 36. So let's say sixty is the technology. That powers my other company Angel capital groups I started out doing Angel Investing and a -- us I had the -- also raise money have invested in companies. So I realize that both sides have some unique problems is people think that your money raising problems are solved once you cashed the check can really that's and they start and so I. Mentioned B sixty picks up cutter but he also living off so their lots of companies help BM. Get a pitch ready are you ready to raise funding but when it comes time to actually aggregating those funds communicating with investors this funding that's that we do. And when did you involved with semis. Involved as an apply it -- -- London area is asking us let's go through the trauma is a lot of our listeners obviously your -- thing about getting involved with that. And how they should and it's a fantastic resource I don't. Kind of worried as I mean and start but I think we. Past staff went and I pits you guys is by the way is a terrible pitch with the addition of Matt publicly. And he never summing up -- -- I -- -- -- no longer and so I would guess it was. Probably mean. -- October. Yeah as late last year is -- in the year forward with the policies and and I think you know what. I just reject. You know as she mentioned -- the SB TC which. You know is terrific in that a lot of the folks figure referred to -- are coming from sources in and around the city with all the -- for our resources we have an SP TV season. Two minutes organization but we also work you know with with the incubators and and and and you know the program more collaborative and everybody and so. Imus started really terrifically and Agile and said hey I think you advocate for these guys what we love. Was Rachel's expertise in the area that she's building the business says she knows it backwards and forwards and so we signed. Those people tend to design. Solutions and products that are that are very very dead wrong and so it was despite using user. It was not your best cash. We certainly saw somebody got a great expertise in that in this field. -- thank you I appreciate that nice to -- In the year it's always nice to see companies that are solving problems you might talk to -- specifically that the problem that features 360 sorry. Short and then also an -- about the parliament -- also -- thousands of -- unique to the south start may be an additional Sam mikes and talk about what did you think oh pleased to complete his dad always did. This is this is an bustling streets -- Tucker had a scan he's not. You know additional Sam -- the investor side of it it's a chicken and yanks are after all these entrepreneurs out there because. -- had a really good idea and it costs thousands and thousands of dollars just to get anything sort of to a workable point where you can show investors what you're doing and they can touch see and feel or you know in the technology sector play with what you're doing and understand it right. So there's a huge need out there really for someone to fill hey I have an idea and needs and they are concerned masters not that I think -- a sandbox does a very unique and valuable way so inviting people wait -- How what they need to confront ambassadors. Now when she get in front of investors and raise money. Am with a -- additional sand box and other companies like into a couple of grip it comes time to Palestinian Ali Tebow that committed money to deal. And you have to organize wiring in the finds X acute in the transaction and who invested wetland -- all the organization does that -- 360s actually saw it. So then once you know close the deal comes time tears communicate with these ambassadors because they can be huge asset or huge liability so you don't plan. Now investors we have twenty people invest in your company they don't all want information at the same time when information different times so you're having to service all these investors plus on your company so what we're trying to do is make that easier. On the investor society you know really our portfolio and nine a couple of groups -- 36 companies to date and we sort of heard from them and two very. Polar -- situations on a bush has everything is going great whatever you do don't look behind the curtain everything's Assad -- -- And the other situation as. I don't know leading money like you know yesterday right we did hear it we didn't. Here a lot from company is on the progression of what happened from everything's great to why you need money. So giving visibility ten passers. Is also what turns them into your greatest asset which is. Helping you to raise more money. We -- -- got through a little bit of the features of the 2360 votes on -- and is more. You get a great website personal adventure 360 dot fellow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He brought in there now are you personally I yeah very. I'm with you. Maybe you're destroying her thoughts. This trader is you're telling me is likely drive feel better this purple sweater. -- they -- features all the sit out here. You know interactive module will prepare for raising capital -- trek you're reading from news transaction. Tracks it's easy to change in capitalization to -- -- also do. Quick books and all kinds of like accounting tenths of a friend home rate known -- -- to do that -- I didn't -- -- and it's. Takes a while and and getting an account and it's like death paint fall yeah it really is a youth you kind of integrated that. Yeah much so again I've been around us scientists have a guys I know what it's like to -- about companies that information I need from my portfolio companies and -- it's like raise money from people and feel like you wanna do a good job in communicating with them and just not having the time to do it particularly well so. One of the things in communicating with investors is providing them timely financial information and nobody likes it could happen now so we have full time staff federal deal all of your but keeping payroll and taxes for 500 bucks month. -- Why am looking at that pricing structure right now none. It -- there that. If so what's -- source -- we integrate with a couple of different service for writers bill dot com quick -- dot com where our staff does and must do all of your record keeping and I can pay your bills for you organized by the transactions rights and he paid and how to aggregate your books and now a monthly basis we will apple proposed pension to sixty so that you're investors can have more visibility into what's going on their company financially. And then when it comes time to taxes if you're an Ozzie are masters are going to be. Very irritating that you don't get -- once in a timely manner. So being able to do your -- keeping payroll and taxes allows us to do everything seamlessly. For unions -- that is kind of annoying. It and even from a -- to solve business -- really. Begging people offered only nines are firm that miscellaneous income K ones and I have a bunch of different companies so it's kind of the learning process yes. Anywhere -- -- that stuff so it's 25 dollars for the software yes. But to the first investor group account as well as the on Twitter account pressing in and -- 500 a month for the accounting service that's. Very political. -- you might describe how this is different from like an Angel list or just or just crunch based profiles as there are things that exist out there that would mean to explain how this is so different. So glad you asked that -- because. That's where we didn't do a good job initially coming into America and it was explaining how we are different now so now our Chinese do much better job -- We are knots as marketing place for you to list that your raising capital and attract and pay were really the suffer the picks up once you've. Have figured out sort of your proposition for the markets and we have a very interactive software. To help you build your an investor bull story prior -- investors that we should still use sites we prefer Angel list -- aspect. He should -- is marketing sites to market and awareness for your. You know. I think if her for companies -- -- can see they're starting this process would it would be huge resource you know we were talking today about to say -- companies and all the different. Early states startups that are in this process -- -- in full disclosure you're used to work together thinking -- after an artist -- listening today okay. -- well it was such a problem it's amazing what people say things like it's so difficult to raise money intensity -- you know I knew that the financial were -- yes. And that was the reason why they couldn't raise money and union for it was risky investor your ducks -- in a row you are not gonna get a check and this is sort of the thing that that's never talked about so. -- you know. I felt like as investors we are doing a very good job of telling us turns -- one. Right so we expected them sort of know what we did a pretty terrible job of telling them exactly what to prepare for us. So that's what pension -- sixty on the front end our entrepreneur assessment as to help you understand what you don't know yet. So you know everything is detailed to rather not -- non compete agreements for key employees are -- -- Think about necessarily on the front -- are things an investor you're gonna want from you. It's just you know -- the. Kind of a serial entrepreneur and hate were user serial entrepreneur -- everyone uses -- -- -- to -- This for this before -- -- you also -- other -- you absurdities of this is. You kind of ended as such burial. World here now I. -- for the digital sandbox you I'm not Smart enough to know any better I mean -- you think and learn my lesson after harnesses. After the first or second I don't know we're on 7:5. And I am just can't. Pass and. -- and you've been pretty wise in using the resources in this community to help advance your company's right so. These -- same box being one and you might -- us in the other opportunities that you pursued as well. Well when so I started to capitol grip seven years ago. I didn't have any resources and you know I didn't have any credibility and market nobody thought I was gonna be able to pull off we pulled up. So you know I think the success of that company was. A marriage if you don't. Just being too stubborn to quit and too -- to -- -- -- -- so. But when I started mentioned 360 I mean now we have. All of these resources available to help entrepreneurs and I was gonna take advantage up it Adam although this isn't you know my first birdie it doesn't mean I don't need. Just as much help as everybody else. So I applied for everything I cut -- and digital sandbox we applied to the Missouri technology corporation for funding who luckily. Funded a portion of us along with Angel capital group. And we you know small business technology development so there I planet that archer foundation is lucky enough to work with those fine folks for a couple of months and they really helped me and -- getting outside of Miami business it's hard to. Have true objective perspective on your own company -- -- -- -- some points I am so I think all of these resources regardless of whether or not this is your first century or seventh. They're valuable for everybody. And you actually -- -- 360 you have free trial which I think people who don't know. For thirty days is there right. We do a lot of entrepreneurs side you can have am -- actually take kind of a teaser assessment blizzard coming to understand. What you're going to be getting is part of your overall private. -- thirty to track. Starts. Try it out I mean Israel is -- lot of serves it is -- -- their fourteen -- -- -- thirty C actually you know real. Using the product there you know -- like that and test out just -- -- China and anything else you you've seen throughout the process here at the samba you know I can mention anything. You know one of the strengths for Rachel is the fact that she knows her her points on both sides of the fence on so that expertise and you know to -- she -- she's she found in his used on many many of the resources available to pretty much all partners. In this metropolitan area but the challenges you know getting wind up being prepared each stage. And then fortunately. Being on the winning side but most of that so I just look for terrific things to come. You know when she sells it for a couple of billion dollars and -- I -- she's gonna reinvest. He was sent back in the announcement repeatedly here and that's and I will look for some poignant difference there won't be -- that's that's that's the future right is the young entrepreneurs it 500 million to do and that's as first thought. Now are setting realistic yeah and I -- I mean if you look at your quote analysts say that is very provocative book on -- yes sixty not. I like the sport if making money and not making money to make harmony and enjoy this part of. Business is the sort and I appreciate you keep it like to hear about your bios yet amount traders need to connect with there. With their people well I don't know how many in my people like Britney Spears but I'm just stunning Matt I thought I sent Paris I -- -- -- got a successful. Woman entrepreneur myself. Owning your phantom Amritsar I'm just. Well what we appreciate that rather show Rachel calls the CEO and of adventure 360 can check -- -- adventure 360 dot -- faceless and got turner Casey showed today we'll see you next week have a good.