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Entrepreneur KC Radio 3.18.14

Mar 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the -- universe you're having fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and do we see -- there's -- -- playing hardball and -- very clear about it money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and try not to hurt anybody along the the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start up. College in our nation plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur George Casey you. Police were entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made with your host Jason -- So -- Kansas City and welcome city on turner Casey showed her house chasing growth driven a great day today. It's good to be back in his studio and hopefully -- via. Where it ended March Madness here basketball some pretty pumped some excited to see some good fine weather coming on in Kansas City and New York to. We're gonna do a really exciting show today we're gonna focus really purely on one major key issue that a lot on -- and business people struggle with which is marketing. Which is content marketing which is. Digital advertising on different social media channels all those types of things I've I've enlisted -- Some of the finest experts in Kansas City. And in our digital a media capital the world here have been in town to talk to us about those issues. On the show today we are going to you have. I'm Mike Wilson and -- -- -- and our first segment from in geology and some erratic. They are exceptional and gentlemen. Five people and no but ton about this industry and so I've got -- them over the last eight months -- so. And they're doing great things in the crossroads area of Kansas City. We'll also have on the show of Blake Miller from think -- who is. A serial entrepreneur I hate saying that that I have to do with him because he's involved in about everything in Kansas City in his. I don't really get things there there in in his started a company called body fit which has done really good on retargeting ads. And on PPC -- Edwards as well so he's gonna come on the show today we're also gonna have. Good friend Nicole turnaround firm the VI marketing and branding she her company is actually out of Oklahoma City but I've worked with her. On some occasions they have an office here in Kansas City and she comes out of Barkley in his extremely skilled account director -- senior. Level individual at the united talk about marketing and branding and then we're also gonna have on Lindsay Steiner. Who'd just left Greg advertising earlier in the year and is now act Linda Evans and I've known her for a year to. And she's a great girl and very involved in Kansas City as well an extremely knowledgeable on. I'll Google AdWords. Website development PPC PPM as you know what not so. We are going to have all this gets on the show today it's going to be exciting and I think you're listening to show. You can find us online I came easy dot com there's a link to our podcast. On the right side of the screen. You can listen to old shows and also he can find me on Twitter at. Jason grill and at on turner Casey. Thanks for reaching out to media Twitter and also thinks rescinding guests via via FaceBook page as well he'd like to see on the show itself. Without further ado let's get started with to find Kansas City and in studio today. We have Marco Redick and Mike Wilson. From engine Knology and celery and it kind of co partners and in crime over here guys but those agencies and groups worked together and it's great to have you on the show. Mark you have a great looking suit on today and -- thank you very very fashionable I was impressed with your own listing of acronyms. I think yeah I was remarking says he's got this off like you you're talking about probably darling in an -- for growth hacking means so dizzy on our work -- VHS thing and I'm still very just honored that she called -- so that really has -- honor I can get guys are modern gentleman without a -- -- guys we had a we had you on the show back in in the Fleischer talked about the semester she Casey tournament which is a rousing success even though none of us want. But but I wanted to kind of talked our listeners -- -- mark with. What actually -- and does and what engine Knology does. This -- some erratic has been around for. Gosh almost twenty years. Came out agency roots our focus now is interactive content marketing. Which 90% of companies do. Marketing through content in some form or fashion both from the B to BBC space. The other side of that interactive side of it is triggered by the fact that 90% of median corrections are not screened based so. We're looking at things on our television or Smartphones computers and tablets. And so out of that we launched in geology as a digital engagement firm. I'm about two years ago and have been working with Mike Wilson. On that in my can fool you a bit more about what conventional -- thanks for the wonderful -- -- That and technology is the digital arm a salary and can we really focus on. Some very good horizontal expertise in the digital space of web and mobile digital campaigns. I'm really everything in the digital space so it's exciting to be there I often explain our companies like today. Big -- firm that just knows how to commercialize the things that we come out so. It's a fund innovative kind of placed -- Let's got to talk about that's what kind of client -- work with over there. You know we work with. Fortune 500 companies and financial services and life sciences. We work with smaller manufacturing companies ought to midsize. Two all the way up to fortune 500 and what do you would do the occasional start up. And and small business that that is really interested in investing in marketing to grow I think that's the key you have to it is an investment and -- you willing to make it. I need to be done the right way to to pay benefits. But those are the if you if you wanna do good work we will we will definitely listened and see if we can acquire chops to help you get there. Yeah and in my kind of tell me about some of the things the youth. He seemed kind of the media marketing space advertising space on line these days in what. With things you've been impressed with with ways for companies can sell product or to get their name out there that's -- -- never really been the most impressed with is. Never really understood life FaceBook was so successful. You know we think it's just because they got a lot of you users and a lot of funding that's not the case of making billions of dollars a year on her ad platform. I'm not been very very surprised with how much success you can actually have from a business standpoint on FaceBook does not suggest. Consumer -- you can really reach people that are hyper targeted. And for us I've seen that as a really really good model for driving growth. And of from a variety of companies especially if you're selling something online is being able hyper target ads. Genuine stories to be sponsored on FaceBook and -- change it really hype that up lately they have they've really focus on they've really hit their stride with. The amount of success which can -- out targeting and we I mean you can peak heating -- someone that likes -- on issues to. Whatever food yes ballistics are Cuomo on for example there -- SR 101 -- and displaying and on. FaceBook that is a genuine -- sponsored stories on the eve actually post on your FaceBook and you can target people. Because you sell Sox more than likely they're gonna like -- hunch user Allen Edmonds or maybe even GQ. You can target to people with concerns and age groups certain demographics. The saying you know let's target someone that's 25 years old it happens also like the magazine GQ -- that's just something you don't get through. On SE a practices or CM or even any the other ad networks just not that -- -- And we're seeing I think and become a companion to that is not how you reach people during the buying. -- decision making cycle FaceBook can be very targeted near the tail and it's I'm ready to make approaches. Will we see opportunities for for companies as well and what's called evergreen contents -- from content marketing standpoint. Early in the buying cycle people were evaluating options kind of trying to define with the media's. You can write that. Content that is specific to that from an educational standpoint thought leadership standpoint. -- really drive search optimization. You know it's not uncommon to see two year old. Continent you know hitting the top ranks of who organic search results which shows you that there are opportunities to put fresher content out there and really own that space so. Would you recommend is a good avenue -- I know you guys these medium. Is that is that a -- avenue to produce content -- blog. Or is it better news on your website it depends on what your goals are your goals are to share information across yourself social networks for us medium has really been a great platform because it makes writing so easy unit takes way the burden of I'm writing for the lab. If it's something that you're looking for more search results I would recommend rather it be specifically on your side or some type of blogging platform that is tailored to search optimization. And that is really boils down to what year -- end goal is. No -- and get traffic to your site where they can follow through purchase of that would be the best recommendation would have you seen with the engine Knology with some of the people he worked with and entrepreneurs and being in the last few years I know it's relatively new. In Kansas City and in in. Exciting project she might have been working on lately. Watching a lot of and there's been a lot of experimentation on what depending on no matter whether you're a fortune 500 client or your start up. One company that we're just artists are working with -- -- from meals which came out of the data blocks into -- yeah I've I've actually was that over at that deal I think I spoke to that class and that seems to be a good idea and it's going places is doing well. Yet and it's a good product I really liked the team behind it and it's a fantastic concept and were working with them. If we want a meal plan to be able to offer our employees and they've worked with us on that but. They've experimented a lot on line -- social -- search and stuff like that's so easy to be smalls a start up with a you know delivering food people's doors. Who some of the financial brands and life science Brandhuber present a lot of experimentation going on who. I wouldn't say there's any magic bullet but there's a different mix for everybody. So speaking of -- people he's worked with let's talk about this SpaceX challenge because. I think more people in the area need to know about it what it is and what it's taking place today you've done things with. With NASA and the pastor talked about that a little bit. -- so last year. Was the second year of what's called the international space -- challenge which is primarily hosted and sponsored by NASA and it was really part of Barack Obama's open government initiative to get more people involved in the government data that comes out so. I'm terabytes of terabytes of information is produced and it's never used. So they created the world's largest hack A Thon which is forty plus countries 8000 plus people probably double that that he had I think is seventy plus Deming -- it's. The biggest -- a domino -- absolutely it really yeah it's huge. And people from all around the world three days which this year is April 11 twelfth and thirteenth. Get together and their own cities. And produce solutions that will be used worldwide and why you could save you know on a galactic scale as well. I'm last year our team here in Kansas City people attain. Developed a solution that took data from rover on Mars and real time. And captured up into an application that got downloaded several thousand times on the App Store. Which won the best use of data and was recognized by the White House so this was a an opportunity you know event that we put together we hosted. That was one this one piece of a very large. Organization large event. And we got people together and really work with them to project manager and build things and so. It's not this is not a Pakistan where you and one of the person show up in a two man team tries to build something we put people in teams of up to ten. -- to build bigger solutions we help you build those were really look in the and really create saints are going to be used on on a national scale in -- and -- what is that again. That's April 11 twelfth and thirteenth the is the of that there's typically not the a good time to party -- -- -- to be working all the time so. The Friday before that on first Friday April 4 you can come now have -- Art exhibit and not a -- cardiac kick off party for SpaceX challenged I think it's I think people don't -- they think if they if not a programmer that they're not welcome and Hackett on certainly we need we need guys that can code and build. But we had a great marketing team put in place last year and our site Kansas City was recognized by NASA. As the site doing the best job of of communicating during the challenges in putting that out there -- shall we got a little Twitter fight who with mascots. For Tokyo they had a hey I had a mascot there all the you know the Tokyo Japanese mascots look like Pokemon or something so. They put pictures out there are so well -- lying around the office and the known became formats got so they were the mascots were kind of -- out each and -- I put herself there's a lot of fun so if you want to just participate. You know what we need writers we need designers we need count people we need marketers social media people will put a full team on this. On this project and you are -- really hit the it -- and yeah. Slash no. So like Kansas City you've -- be the best side internationally well I appreciate it Geisel of Michael Sim Margaret thinks -- go on the show today. Can assure you guys at engine RG dot com and congrats on your success -- space helps Kasey dot com okay straight sets Casey dot com guys make you check that out. We'll be right back and dot governor Casey should think soliciting. Welcome back the other trainer Casey Sean JC drill your post along side. One of my former -- -- coast entrepreneurial extraordinary isn't. -- a heck of a lot of -- -- marketing have Blake Miller in studio a partner to think big and really I think get to see anybody it's going to be back and you're you're also obviously involved in other companies you're. We didn't Agee you know body fit and -- and inbound and whatnot and we. There's so many analysts goes on out. Yes Cisco we do -- we help entrepreneurs those companies so we find ourselves you know deeper that deeper then. -- and companies and a lot of lot of other people get involved with that -- we like it that way and that's how we provide -- That is so seat as we did get I know you're accelerators -- and don't think big yes -- -- -- some -- them about a month then we got five companies. On the device its actually one of and they weren't there is it to be a part of this for sexual. Well let's looking great by the way thank -- we just re launched you know really focused on. Onion and I guess an -- and we talked about today and it. You know everything every brand that we that we touch we really we really think that people aren't network you know I think your cells is like ABC or NBC. And you just are producing high quality content getting now and that's how people find -- and then that's how you kind of spread because -- people share high quality contents. Mary Paterno let's talk about actually you're an expert with. Marketing growth target you know mostly Internet you did you use that word very well I -- -- -- These are all experts today public you're one of the finest but it's you really are become kind of -- a trends leader and -- thought earlier when it comes to. You know advertising kind of growing your company whether it's regarding on FaceBook. In all different social media retargeting kind of talk just about some of the things that you've done anything convince. It's fairly successful for body fit and -- Yeah you know you if you -- your body fair one of the things that we serve that we. That you know we're certain about a year and a half ago and we were just providing daily work outs and and that was going really well we're growing it and we launched an app that had you know do works out work us with that as well so you were downloading apps to gore signing up to -- come Barbara newsletter -- So -- ask their questions -- that question of you know why else would somebody come. Device that whatever whatever it is and so we. Can really took a step back and realize that you know -- if it's really realized silence you know I think it Eric it's not about losing thirty pounds it's about you know. Doing these workouts and eating a certain way they're just eating clean. And so really this whole concept is really just more -- -- how -- how we portray that and yes I tell us how little minute little bit before but. You we really looked at it like. Your body fit it's this brand is this lifestyle -- lifestyle brand. That people want high quality content from how to do things why should I be doing things how -- think about things if you take a step back and look at it it's really like. Your network and I think every brand is a network every person's and that. Work how did you get that exposure mean what kind of growth marketing -- use because. And it from what I understand you guys are heavily easy melting of they're very very having email vote will work out how do you get all this -- the stands I guess well you know. We have focus on in your attorney Adam Adam Griffin and cover their opinion of the really found her body says I'm I'm just I'm just along for the -- helping -- -- -- I've seen Adam he's he's got a shirt -- love my website well how are just so I'll say is that is that his girlfriend consider somebody -- actually that's actually in the Emily is sister so Adam's sister in law but. You know way that we he's definitely attractive and easy on the eyes since. It's it's -- -- is -- fit people. Giving advice how they're doing things and they're not perfect you know their. They're traveling they're they're trying to eat the the way that it is but it we're all realistic people as we kind of took a step back and Adam and I over Beers over during Christmas break. We're kind of like. You know dude I think it's time to just take your shirt off this gets impatient every -- and we're gonna make you late mr. health. Internet celebrity -- and you know he's been doing that he's been killing it and we've been. Going after getting him he's been writing on a men's fitness now shaped. Self. Live strong I mean he's writing everywhere to include also producing content for bodies and actually we just started writing for. You're on a daily workouts for her greatest and so. Our form of growth marking -- whatever it is it's not about going on spending this ridiculous amount of money. On ads and stuff that obviously works for some. But we want ability lasting brand that people trust in so that takes putting content everywhere and all these other distribution channels. When you're everywhere. Then people trust you even more. Yeah you right into sort what have you guys -- me DD the email campaigns is that the daily email. The daily email provides you know the daily work out than Ian -- if you will work out of the day -- -- that's impressive because. You know. If you are seeing an. Hundreds of thousands and really yeah we've got about 40% opener it and which is pretty awesome I mean -- -- that's -- a year and a half. You -- that he -- finished yet. I mean it's it's too caught Adam I mean the car the constantly does and is that such a different approach. On you know working out but it's -- high intensity -- training it has a lot of the kind of fundamentals and auspices of the -- process but. This has fundamentally it's not all of that data with you crust traders throughout -- or I thought I. I -- that where I am fitness wise because about him he got me in across two news assistants and it is a well like the lighter version of cross yes it costs but it and this is what advice that is that is nothing no -- minus of minus -- there's just with the equipment that's around you. In you know I've because of what marriage and got me across then he got me into the these have to work -- And I've remained healthy sense -- -- you know fifty pounds from Dell venue is -- guerrilla leader but portly. I think is the word and who -- this way. But it's. You know that's why gets on both fitness and it and I knew that live healthy lifestyle and it's. It's only way were able to work with -- much -- is because your -- machine and then also TCU he's taken a lot of things you've learned through body fit in and work with other companies that you work with the accelerator not just everybody remembers all the companies that I that I -- the opportunity to work when I had to learn so much because they -- same problems through a lot of different lenses season and so when you see that a lot you start to see a lot of trends. In -- in what kind of sidestep problems before their RV you're also kind of it would get ahead in certain industries that aren't seeing those that type of that that type of work -- you know an animal in a marketing sector in and go farther and it and it industry that doesn't see that so. What are some of the didn't you know we've we've you guys have been very special and done great things what are some of the things you he'd given entrepreneurs are businesses that -- TSE. Like what what are the best seven his via social media. Or ads or whatever to. -- your message just. Our industry and some money yeah yeah I mean is it whether it be so. Yeah it's all of it it's all about -- -- -- -- your always gonna have a website or landing page you always meet gonna be driving people back to you. But how are you gonna get them there -- -- generally through social somehow you're going to be you're putting. Getting there but when people in a nearly any page not all the time where they can be ready to -- that's when you gonna do -- you you've mentioned retargeting. That's when you can actually your page in news like I'd roller some of these other retargeting services out there. The thing -- put your ad on other web sites that are carrying that -- that add that I network DM when you do that then people -- to see you everywhere and so. When you're driving traffic to just your -- it takes it takes. Getting somebody actually onto your website to gambled it gives them that cookie but once they are. Or as they're gonna kind of you know -- we followed them around them then that night kind of sounds a little bit creepy but it's the same. -- had sockets on era for the last year and a half yeah but -- Jason if you take a company like cure and done that yet they obviously -- candidates we need to have a few Beers and talk about that absolutely but if you talk about a company like yours. -- 101 built into the video you could be teaching guys or girls you know how to dress and extending your brand that way but they're going to be finding you in the meego. Oh wow I can buy these great Sox -- -- and they found he because I learned how to tie a tie on your RR volatile on your deal because your teachings. You know something of the dapper gentlemen as -- -- and so when you spend the time to create -- contents and you tweet about it whenever people into your page and are ready to buy yet. You're going to be able to to contract and and remind them about what you what your -- is. All about. -- external -- we appreciate come on the show today -- migrated information is always in. I love having you on and eat in between -- hang out more because the retirement talk just like filler substance and I think I appreciate coming on the show edited -- an earlier -- to -- -- partners and body fit in amongst other things that conceivably have your. We'll be right back and our trainer Casey should think -- Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jason grills. Sixteen shows so far today we've been talking all about marketing. Content marketing. Advertising. Basically all the different things ago part of dating your brand out there in the three informing forming your brand whether it's BD BBC. And appreciate you listen to the show you can find me on Twitter at Jason grill and yet at entrepreneur Casey's so please reach out to me and anytime you have a start up or a business he'd like to see on the show or influence there. Excited about our next segment we have a good friend of mine. Nicole turner in studio she's the group account director at via a marketing and raining here in Kansas City. And is a expert when it comes to all things marketing so Nicole -- yeah. I'm good thanks for having me it's good to sees that this is your first radio Syria itself if they are double make it easier onion and yeah. I appreciate that so -- tell our listeners I know you if you got a long history in. In marketing and account directing a -- not in Kansas City since our listeners first off kind of about your background and let's get into a what you're company does. Okay -- I'm OK state grad. And and then I worked at Berkeley for a number of years in sync with some big brains obviously yet the experience and Mike sonic. And big O tires held for diamonds. The other brands. And then I joined VI about two years ago. The guy is and and full service marketing and branding company with offices in Kansas City Colorado Springs in Oklahoma City. So in about sixty people and why ready client. Yeah and you guys are located kind of on the where the new streetcar will be on main street in the crossroads -- -- aren't -- yet location. We have an awesome location the office this. And because they're actually -- it right in the heart of the crossroads so we've. Developed some great relationships with local artists and have been a part of street our development and so we love it more passionate about this community what is the kind of Tulsa hot the company gruesome fastening and you were -- Oklahoma City and you go back and -- -- -- What are some of the things that you see that. Then a close and Oklahoma City maybe has that we donor. How does that well the so Oklahoma City is whether it's in our company really -- and and -- two owners you. Had a passion for true marketing and branding and the fact that we're developing business plans for our clients beaten so. Not only Harry doing great creative -- also focusing on the return on the investment for our clients which is very important especially when you're -- -- a bit of a Smart client base so size wise. Because every dollar to this very important then and the other thing I think that we've done really well as embrace digital so we are. We're great act identifying and service group or a group of service is needed and bringing them in house too early XP and then develop our team so for our clients who can pass find efficiencies and great work by hiring this people and house -- an offering that there. And guys and an expanding Kansas City recently having him -- better have more people onto the office is growing but it's still has a one of the reasons I like work with you guys do you still have a dead boutique Philly and you have a full scale agency it's you get the job done but you have been adding to the -- office. We have so I joined and two years ago on May and we started to people now we have ten. So we've added and and SES division and to complement our SES services and Oklahoma City we have in house web developers. We have digital strategy and we have account management. What was that experience like for you kind of coming from a a larger agency in Kansas City and kind of taken over at an office here in Kansas City. It was different and that I love it honestly I think that with a smaller agency you have the opportunity to. To grow and and -- it. Challenge yourself a little bit more -- so where growing together. And in Oklahoma City VI it has a great reputation and that honestly way China team I think that their culture is something that. Many businesses here possessed but it's hard to find and its humble. And they they care about their clients and there's a great relationship filter on the work that we do. So my goal -- translate that from there to here to. Gain a body of clients to do good work together. That's true and it tells about some of the clients you've you've been working with the FBI and they even excited it is in a really good results for. We have so in Kansas City office specifically we have a number of -- beef up its clients and digital that this client. So one of the kind that we work with as eloquent and that's relations there and insurance exchange provider. And they market to employers to offer insurance services and voluntary benefits to employers that and pass on -- savings and individual plans for script plans to there. And that it takes on both the of the to be a broker relationships. Yet and employers work with that with the customers which of the employees yet. So it's it's that's a that's a big growing organization is and it's a huge and crying organization and there are consumer focused organizations around that you would -- -- kidding Kansas City and -- -- it's doing great for our Kansas City economy as well because they're growing very quickly. And our other client as a BB -- client there called examine addicts so they're the nation's largest provider and occupational screening services. As they travel the nation to bring efficiencies to businesses by offering health care solutions at the building. And an abrogating all of the different locations. Screenings and date into one platform for their corporate. Owner says essentially you guys have a lot of industrial experience to a leading body you work with some you know utility type groups we also have some startups I know leave. Been working with their talking to work with so yak you've got to run the gamut there slowly up. We work with and -- -- public utility so we have a lot of we also -- -- springs utilities and a few of it utilities Oklahoma City so in a broader range of utility experience we have brought -- -- banking experience well then and then and we work with quite if you start that's the tricky thing started says they haven't. Launch publicly yet so we're doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Very heavy digital web application development that's steeper deepen and digital strategy health care strategy and web application. Focused developed development and database management. We're talking in -- -- turner and the group account director and kind of the the head honcho if you will in the Kansas City -- -- -- marketing and branding which is one of the coolest these spaces in Kansas City. You can find more information about them that the guy marketing and branding dot com. Really cool website and you've got just different information about your expertise culture how to engage with you guys and there these are doing Nicole one of the reasons I want to have you on the showed not only because era. I'm very. Outgoing Kansas City and -- Smart when it comes of -- stuff but also -- to educate our listeners on some of the things maybe they should be looking forward they're trying to. -- into the marketing world or brand their product or is -- -- you know types of things that you think have been you've been successful with whether there on the Internet advertising on -- kind of share some nuggets. With a listener so. Is there anything you read up about you think is just as you have to deal with your -- a business whether it's -- -- beat this. The biggest thing that we're focused on right now that is somewhat new I'm not entirely new for rest but. That a lot of people are picking up on a search engine marketing and so a lot of people caught SEN and that's comprised. Paid efforts so PP CB -- -- Those types of investments paid. An -- counts for TP -- FaceBook didn't. Set in yet so yeah I thought well I think that there is different terminology air around it but I honestly am SCN I think it SCM as an umbrella and under that falls paid efforts. And then the partner to that is organic effort then I think a lot of people are starting to understand STO. And likewise in a separate segments and a lot of people are buying PPC ads on -- and that's my Twitter is getting into and out and -- letter to attend trance stepped into Wednesday and well. Pat answer grand Nash hasn't paid component and so all of -- -- compare and contrast fit under a pain. Digital media -- so we have had an in house team of digital buying complaining. Experts and then we also have a separate team and search engine optimization experts and so what they do is they focus on. And organic growth and what I mean by that is you're not paying. To elevate yourself online your optimizing your website on the page and then your doing things off the page like back clinking. Contributing contents of blogs and optimizing your current website like entry forms and things like that so when people are searching for you. As keywords are pulled through Google or the search engines -- -- and your naturally elevated. And so those two things worked together and that's something that we firmly believe and is that. UK and do one or the other and that will probably work out for you about your efforts will be much more optimize if you integrate both of those in the strategy and. What do you think about -- I mean obviously it's good for you for your industry used digital media -- And with advertising on his team draining but I feel like Philly these people really are I mean not these people with the social media outlets really truly are becoming. Advertising. I mean I know him from a suck on one perspective. We're doing a lot on -- now we're testing that we tested AdWords. But at it just it's not so I mean it's like they're promoted as a sponsored -- there's there's a things on the right which -- know what they're called on the their ads and it seems like. It's almost like a pay to play now for business on FaceBook it really is to grow to grow your base. Yes to grow your base it's very important to invest in paid. Our slammed into something that you have to continue with long term I think that if you wanna continue to gain more followers that the army is because your traffic on natural increase because your. More visible and but. If your brain and at scores scenic percent saying. Then people are ultimately gonna find you and you maintain your your followers which is why it's important to focus on your page -- with as CEO and organic efforts. Yeah I continue to optimize your page so when people see you happening ING they have a great experience. And paid efforts are great to start out -- but. In some capacity should be able to narrow those down overtime. Sent -- -- and I continuing to -- a large amount of money. And it's like you're afraid to invest on a first -- company. Because it's yet to test everything. You know show you know and others more avenues out there there's a little bit of testing of all these are things may be AdWords works for you for not and that competitive in the industry. But maybe FaceBook -- true because you have more visual or product at a BC I think it's pretty and he is so different. -- is very different so. Dot. Assay results are you guys -- you got your your your clients that are you know in the major industrial industries here well. I think that am from a stock when I'm standpoint that's very much BDC and so it's important that you interact with your consumers. From BB standpoint it's very complicated because the products not only -- the products and services that you're signed by nature are more complicated. So what that means to me is that you need more time with your people with your audience to tell them about what you're trying to sell so it's not a three seconds and it's not a sock. And it's not of cool socked with an appealing blood it is a service that's complicated nature that someone is probably seeking out. And you need to clearly explain to them why that service is valuable among all others available the other thing you have to do with B to B is. Provide him tangible information to take to their leadership team so this isn't being indicted by one person and I'm not saying I want my -- and I got diet. And saying I need to gather information and silence my management team and then I am accountable for that decision so heavy decision to make and you need to. Consider that when a real -- communication. Because you have to cover earlier basis and so things like YouTube videos are very popular in the -- blown -- I didn't know that. Well quality content is so important so you developed since -- -- marketing hunts and asking if this. But it to develop a quick video that explains processes and and that explains. What you're offering and a very engaging way and then dragged into that via a link. Yeah I think that's really popular is linked and so Linkedin as a powerful sales tool you and regardless of popular reaching out to you on your website weather filling -- former things like that they're always. Checking you out first they're always looking at -- linked to NC have to have -- Bethpage in you have to. Inform people of years. Not only on personal page and also a company page. Absolutely caught up we'll we'll have you on again -- talks this this flew by you obviously have great amount of information to regrets when you're doing in the Kansas City market now. And it's competitive here but I think you guys are really carved out a niche and they're doing really good work for your clients and appreciate you working with me on everything -- can't the show today and did your listeners some information about marketing and branding and and what not to think circle on the -- thank you I appreciate it. -- you're listening got turner KC show everybody will be right back after the break with Lindsay cider from Linda. -- -- -- Yes so -- Kansas City and welcome back to the entrepreneur TC show I'm your host Jason growth thanks hosting -- the shelf. I'll tell a lot of experts on the show today and -- really learned a lot about. Growth hacking her -- growth marketing. Advertising. You know as CEO as CN. What people are doing to build email databases email us in just honestly ways to brand their product. And whether it's beat this year via. Excited to have a friend of mine on the show and our next segment and our last segment today we have Lindsay Steiner who is the digital marketing manager at Linda Evans. And as she is in studio -- Lindsay great and last. He was today not in the people ask -- -- I -- Don't mix that up because I've made that mistake before OK Lindsay so tell me a little bit about and you kind of -- Expert when it comes a lot of the -- types of things that people do for advertising and Internet the kind of tell me about your background and then tell me about and you recently joined a new firms that talk about that as well. -- I started off my advertising career actually adds a copy writer. With a digital group in an agency in Kansas City here. I'm so -- And during that time I was -- -- work closely with our CO team and our -- -- team. I'm kind of integrating Darren. I'm keywords -- -- wanting to target for for a CEO and paid search -- to copy reading I was doing and also. Helping out in the -- seamless reading ad copy I'm not sort of being so. And -- -- kind of the you know John and therein and figure out a lot of things about this process works is it's changing yeah I became really interest and and. And how the whole search organic and paid. World works so I am let me move over into patented oral. What was that like his it's changing obviously digital media is a huge industry now a lot of agencies in Kansas city -- -- grown. Huge revenues out of this this world and it seems like it's growing and changing every -- Yeah I definitely am. And it definitely paid search and everything that Imus involved and we're seeing more and more -- you know businesses that are showing up online to show in Google results obviously because. What's trending as the people are researching on more online then you know then. Traditional media in the past six seed just will not just that you recently started at another company and when he tells about the. Yeah higher Iowa started off an education sector are doing marketing for colleges and universities and -- moved over. In two senior living so it's very different vertical but using a lot of the same tactics actually. OK so then that's -- Linda Evans and Evans agency in town and -- the digital marketing manager. What -- project she working at obviously. What type of clients against -- verticals are you working on right now as an education Stiller senior living senior living yes so. Managing the paid search campaigns. Also managing. Local listings which is a big thing in the industry. Claiming those Google and Yahoo! human being which is kinda tedious process by. Very necessary that you -- those listings on optimize senate today in photos -- -- I. Got them Friday and then also the organic side. Making sure that our web sites are optimize Adam. To show as highly as possible on the bristles patients so let's talk about that so first off your Canada. Yours is certified I guess that's called ready the other awards for Google AdWords ending right thank different. What. What's the difference is roasters between SE image as CO burst and questioned well that you know for the show I didn't have a research. Surgeons and marketing ASEAN in my mind is can all encompassing and it includes. On the three things that I mentioned -- CO which has search engine optimization which is the organic. Unpaid. Portion. And in this paper clinic which is the paid ads EC show ominous top. Three is two or three positions depending on if you're on desktop or mobile and then also along aside. And so ASEAN kind of encompasses all of that anything that has to do with search engine. -- what is your would -- youth. Had success with what what are things that people should do like on -- lot. Is it is is it more success on fuel that is on the other search engines there you know kind of give us some examples of sir. Things that work because I know that it's. A lot of people try to do it themselves lot of companies whether there. Smaller individuals for their you know -- based service company that seems to be that it's got a more company than people think tennis -- and -- It is it is quite complicated. EE ten you can start off pretty. Uncomplicated. Using just a few of his tiny knot out where is just a few. Very charity keywords on that there's a lot that goes into a U -- Target multiple devices -- -- bit higher or lower on a mobile for a phone verses a desktop. Does that have any more these days yes mobile is growing it is huge so we're seeing. A huge shift in the -- Mobile traffic we're seeing. -- -- top an advertising -- advertisers are spending a lot harmony on the mobile and desktop. So -- That that's fairly recent trend -- yeah last year is a big year for. Mobile and working to -- to see that trend. I'm so responsibly design web sites are really important. I guess I just don't see the might go to bugle. On my phone I don't see the ads all the time or maybe it's just I just don't. To me it's -- -- -- I mean to be perfectly honest -- their listeners I can't staying demands of on the well a computer just seems different I mean it's you know I will click on it yeah I had you know. On and on mobile usually just a couple adds I'm rather than -- 380s CE RN a desktop. And it also depends on what you're searching for a so why you're researching on desktop is probably a little bit different than what you're going to be looking up. On your mobile phone so. If you're on the go and looking for our restaurant or location and you know you see the map listening at it does. It does differ and advertise the advertisers are targeting each. Differently. What -- what is like it. Decent ad spend for a NN like so you money senior living facilities are senior whatever education I'm -- vertically like. One of the things that I always noticed and you -- words is that you have to really Constance the money. To its -- -- competitive industry right or find terms that are. Not as competitive. Rates so yeah -- that. It's an option -- your bidding on these keywords and that -- the end cost per click really can range and mean anywhere from. Few cents to 3040. I've seen. Forty dollar cost for clinics and some of the clients and it worked and that's just incredible to me right that's just one class. How did so they know electoral votes there's that there's down we're down forty dollars and -- so that's why you have to be. And very involved in an active in looking in your campaigns in analyzing which keywords are draining your budget. And ultimately you can check to see which keywords are leading to her conversion her sale if you have it setup correctly I am with the conversion pixel that -- provides. So you know. It can't bring a measure really quick -- are betting -- is really high -- terms but if your profit on converting for these really high cost terms is huge then it's worth it. Newton. So you just have to you have to kind of come up with. A set amount they are willing to spend for each sailor conversion and then stick -- -- do we see a lot of AdWords on being in Yahoo! or is it mostly Google. There's paid -- there is paid out on being -- it is those effective. Yeah they are being is growing group one Everett right I don't use it that. Google still has most of the boom market share for search I think. My numbers -- trolley turnaround at the last I checked being had around 20%. I think you're raising red showing how it's -- when I was in college -- The law school ya. -- Yahoo! Google wasn't involved at Yahoo! as the in being in Yahoo! and now partner and so there essentially the same attention and a miracle so what other types of the sides average what are some of the other things you can do to. Grow their brand. Is it is it the social media type stuff I mean that seems to me to be and as that you do more -- -- -- such stuff that seems to me that that's all becoming pay to play. For businesses but if you ever faced the page on its. You only 20% of your poster seen by your followers race and business pay -- so lets you promoter sponsored. And out of there. -- -- -- -- -- so I think it's definitely important to lifting -- digital marketing realistically you need to be. Even -- -- needs to manage your local listings. You need. You know try to get your website organically ranking as high as possible so I think that that's a question on certain are -- is that. Your AdWords and -- affect your listening. Do organic listings now Google has actually said that they are kept completely separate -- I always thought the you know hey if I advertise Lamar knew that they're gonna wrap my website to the front of the page of the century that's not -- that's our literature on the you're talking about the social media. And a holistic approach. I mean when year when he especially when you have a new brand and some foreign TO. In a brand yourself effectively and having a face a page as part of that. But the great thing about paid search is. There really isn't another vertical on advertising where someone is actively searching for your products and if you're not there when someone is actively searching for your product and your losing out on. You know huge customer base so a lot of this is about testing though isn't it. A lot of testing method I'm third in the words after yet to test different phrases -- words yeah there are lot of anti social media analysts different. Google you know I mean. I think it's everywhere and units -- every product is unique and it. -- -- -- goes after a different demographic -- the person. He kind of to see what works for itself. I have seen some success and peace that promoted post. And a little bit at the paper click ads on pace that's not as much success there are just because. And no it's not a search -- it's it's -- display ads so it. The user and it's clicking on that hasn't actively searched out -- product they'd been to CNET com. So but you know FaceBook it's all involving FaceBook scanning a lot more. Granular and they're targeting so which is great for advertisers being able to. Only displayed their ads is certain people that have an interest in age ranges in geographically. Located so now. Yeah I think that is we talked about that earlier on the show as they can really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I -- -- a new pair of socks and there's me thousands accompanies war is icing on FaceBook and saying. You like. Call on you like GQ you like happy -- -- and in it you are a male between the ages of eighteen and forty. You know any means that there is I feel like that's. Micro targeting is becoming bigger yes and now you got all these other companies getting into it I mean Linkedin does -- now and now I couldn't believe it I mean I'm like. They have to make money I am I guess there. I mean that's the Google's been doing with with ads went -- and it does is it -- some of these likely to get -- I mean maybe I'm wrong but. When I look at -- Denham I'm proud not to notice an ad on the right side about. Go back to college or whatever you know -- -- That's -- -- -- proponent. You know given limited budget I would start out on Google. -- because that's where someone searching and like you said you're not really interest Sudanese apps that might not ideal on the side come. But if you have you know bigger budget to turning grey brandy you're able to kind of go into these sesame verticals to. Advertise there it's certainly worth testing -- -- definitely it does work for some people. I think staying OK so Lindsay we have a minute left. I'm told me about how people connect reviewing your company and obviously you're an expert in all these types of things if a big company wants succumb to humans and senior living or whatnot when he your articles how they connect with your company him and didn't -- yes well he can. I'm yelling then Allen's there yeah. For the -- You can not and our company wants and we again. Primarily Arab vertical a senior living by its and -- Evans dot com and you can find them in Arlington as long. And wanted to send a year colleges in the NCAA tournament and excited about that I. I -- a car and obviously I don't bots. Pretty excited I have. I think had been losing in the first and he's a need to change that -- maybe a change -- -- -- -- -- Well I'll Lindsay -- -- governor is seated and think sure telling people about PPC and all the great things on with AdWords and whatnot and in and how they can grow the business on. And -- is Saturday. Great to see you guys think to a city on turner Casey showed today I hope you enjoyed this special show on marketing and social media growth marketing AdWords TPC you name it as CE OS -- alphabet soup. Legislator on the next show and you can always find a sixteen BC dot com. Six -- and have a great day.