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Express Employment Hour 3.12.14 Segment 4

Mar 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon NT express employment hour welcome back I am your host Jill Hickey. I am inn express employment professionals owner in the north opens at Kansas and am also not so soccer moms. Just go Google it -- I'm not gonna explain and take -- time on the Mike it's -- and -- onto where I'm at not so suck man you can Google not so soccer mom and a mom blogger. -- Collins is in studio with me today Brad if ever met a mom longer before. I am not -- my first yes well you know I started doing this in 2000 by doing -- mom blogger thing before I knew it was a thing. Another like thrown mom bloggers in the middle of the -- the ladies' home journal they get to do on the ads for the ponds cold cream on like Al -- have been -- assistants before I knew as a bonafide thing. So anyway I also do my own podcast but I. It to be the host of the express employment hour and talk about respecting people and impacting business and how about the businesses that we just featured today how corn -- Are they some awesome local companies. And really really tapped in and felt passionate. And it's it -- an interesting because yea your from Oklahoma originally I'm from Nebraska originally so we're not Kansas City -- but and is same with. Mark Anderson who had moved your fourteen years ago from Pittsburgh when he said that about Kansas City and -- -- -- -- -- style of communication I like the business to business aspect here. I really was picking up what he was for now and I got energized. It wasn't a huge culture change for me from Oklahoma but you could tell it Kansas City just gets it it's it's great to be here ever want. A lot of activities. Of the business community is involved it's active it's just a great place to be right now. Absolutely and in the middle of and we talked to today is that out last week showed no ad -- logistics about obviously. But on -- that's and that's the coolest part is why we have the shows we get to feature people's businesses. And go behind those doors you never know how many cool things are happening in that factory. Or that even Nick Collison and you can -- a while there's a call center for you know blow blow blow over here. So -- that we do here in the express employment our Greg Collins owns the normal office. And he and told us about the jobs that he he he puts people to work. That's what you do basically everyday -- right. Yes that's the basics we put people to work -- great companies. And that's what we do every single day we open our doors that is our. That is our goal every single day. It's edited -- -- -- people put people to -- to not just my kids hey don't go to the dishes dole go. I'll get the snow off the driver a that people don't work too and it is is it's been a blessing and and mark used that term. And it really is a blessing to be able to put people to work for your job so you're hearing our voices and you're looking for job obviously you know where to go expressed pros dot com. -- looked at you know and -- Congo that was really cool talking about the business of of of creating all these these I mean you know you never knew that was the thing is just take those things for granted. Right exactly you never know what direction. As things are gonna lead to you I love that the two organizations that are well established in Kansas City that are. That have been able to grow it for decades in Kansas City and her current growth mode as well also assistant. Every day is incredible and and I'm so fortunate to know about these companies and so fortunate they're located MacKenzie but there are hundreds of examples. I'm thousands of examples in Kansas city of great organizations and companies that are. Really leading the way in whatever it may be where -- laboratory equipment or insurance on whenever there industry's tendency it's a great area and exciting so. On yet so let's talk a little bit about in this segment we like to kind of put it -- based on somebody that has. Come forward and and been part of a the temporary staffing com and through an express office. And ensure their journey and these come from on folks that you have employed through the Arnold office -- -- share a little bit about our folks and I. -- we have been fortunate to meet some great people since opening the express office here in Kansas City. I've more than many many examples elected chair but I I did think of some ones that really stand out. We had -- a lady apply with us Xia bin. Working for an insurance company for thirteen years so she is very administrative. Had great clerical skills she had been unemployed for calm over a year at this point -- her office looking for hope. Looking for a position. She was very flexible which I think is important key to getting a job. To widen opportunities may exist for her. We have an opportunity that was not really in her will house it was. Manufacturing. That she thought I can do that we're like well you don't have any manufacturing experience. Are you sure you would like to test out this opportunity. We connected her with this position. Turns out she loves it so we've created a completely different career path than what she thought she was gonna be on. Every day she knows what she's going to do I can clearly see her being promote Obama's position with bringing the administrative and professional aspects of her background. To the manufacturing side. This company loves -- in fact they bought out her contract with express early. I'm she's there now. And she's she's she's she loves that change that she may not knowing going in if it was gonna work for -- but that's one reason to maybe try out a staffing firm. For employment is to you've yet to try out different industries. Whether -- administrative manufacturing but it's a great way to get a lot of experience China watcher looking for. Especially if you don't if you if you haven't had a path yet it's a great time to meet with staffing firm especially expressed some opportunities that may exist. Another example is -- Stop you right that guy ironically doubles and advocate a prank that. Yet you said buy out in -- and remember on the office when Michael says pretend like I'm five years old and talk to me like I'm okay. So average -- listeners listening and don't have any knowledge of what the staffing industry looks like. It does it cost it a I want him to John -- office an it does it cost me. It cost snaps did nothing to get a job to keep a job. I'm an absolute costs nothing to get a job. That is determined with the -- company and they love her work so much they said we need to bring her onto our course staff immediately. OK and so then they came and then that that the client who -- -- -- customer then you as the small business owner of the express office than. Is contact with you and they paid a certain steer whatever to quote by her out because they were so. Feeling great about this fits exactly awesome awesome I just wanted to make sure just to clarify that -- people work Clinton -- -- -- launch of a what the staffing industry does and what it provides. Continue on please. Yeah no problem another example is there's a lot of small rural communities outside of Kansas City. And there's a lot of great employees that commute into the city. But we had ladies that says decided that she wanted to move here. She didn't have a lot of experience. She had a little bit of that accounting and her background. She was. Trying to continue her education when she moved here. And we were able to use staff her with south Kansas City company. There were it was going to be able to you again on the job experience with accounting terminology accounting procedures and policies. Two -- she had a great personality. She was a room go getter she was a hard worker former references. And she was able to get on there she's made a great employee she was hired on as a core member of their staff so when we go visit that company now. She's there to greet us and so was a great fit in great opportunity for her and she made a great employee for express. That's that's awesome -- and it's great that these folks out what they did and at the word hope. So. -- it's it's. It's really what it is somebody comes in it to an express employment professionals office sent. And that you know the other looking for job a really good job pitching so many other things and and that's what we really want to -- To share that -- -- respect. So we command and we don't -- -- -- go away I would rank your care -- what was your what's the song your resume it's about hope it's about respect it's about working forward together to to get somebody out there and and creating their career at the end of the day. Yeah that's the ultimate goal that that expresses foundation has built upon this as helping people do we east. Are we want employ a 100% of the people walk third -- not every time that would be an ideal situation. But it's giving them resources. Or it is connecting them to other. -- community members that may be able to help them our goal is to get cute. A position whether it be a temporary position if that's where you're looking for right now. Or if it is to be good the -- become a core member of the of the staff of the employer that we -- -- -- The goal. Both as to just satisfy whatever they need is at the time and to provide hope and opportunity. And that may be not as they exist is so if you've been unemployed for long term I highly encourage you to apply. If you're looking for a career change I highly encourage you to apply. There's so many different reasons why a person may come to express employment professionals to find a job and and and I and and we try our hardest -- more recruiters in our offices that you meet with on a one on one face to face interview with. It's not just setting down at a computer and that's deciding. Your scores are gonna determine your future now we get to know the person. And then we we matched them up with. With what we think is a great opportunity for them. But just so perfect these these two folks that you shared about that you know that they're they're doing the right thing. Temporary employment is at -- near historic high in terms of penetration in the labor market. On an -- it employment in temporary help services reach two point seven million in July 2013. That's a 170000. From the year earlier nearly a million higher than in 2009 according to a report from the bureau of -- -- statistics so. This is business model of going to an expert -- professionals office to create a career for yourself it is is just going to expand our crack spread. Yes is not going away it's a great way to get -- an indoor at a company is going after assessing firm like express employment professionals. To. It's definitely the flexibility that it can give a person is. Is why it's wanna buy a lot of job seekers right now and I think it's just a great opportunity to test the waters of what's out there right now what's happening. In the market what's happening in the field and express employment professionals as our best for to seek out opportunities for a job seekers. And it's been out am now I ask you -- -- DNA any crystal moments of somebody that was at a job seeker. That -- that you remember just something that that touched her heart her story beat besides he's -- that you just shared. You know I think the best example in this kind of sums it -- this this wasn't a core permanent position that we put a person on. It was around Christmas time. And a lot of that's assembly a lot of warehouse. Really ramp up around that time. And we were able to provide a lady with a position where her husband was employed. I'm she was looking for extra cash and we offered her position and she was very professional during the interview but she. Actually started to tear out once the job offer was made and accepted in and we thought we maybe had done something wrong and -- share with us was. The kids why didn't they had the core basics covered because there was no extra of this was the extra. So we were able to her right opportunity. I'm arm -- my recruiter coming back to me they were fairly new with express and in actually staff seeing and and that was the reason they said that they love this industry so. It did help the employees get that paycheck she turned out to be -- long term unemployed force after that assignment was finished and did become. According poised for another client company of come full circle during that moment. That and I got a little tear in my eye that was the until Christmas story like there's going to be presents under the tree literally because it -- We thought we had done something wrong we're like oh my gosh I guess okay it's. And what happened this is yeah out their orientation and now that that's what it happened after whom we -- -- we've asked what was what was going on herself she referred all her friends and family after that and and in it was a great relationship. That's it we had a guy -- our office once and he did a little a little hop skip and a jump out on the street needless and you can almost see the heels -- not in the sky like field he would be old -- and he was he was thrilled to death announced that. That's that's again the the beauty and the blessing in the secret sauce of this is is finding the folks that want to work and when Corey said that about. The manufacturing jobs and the skilled labor jobs that have gone away but hopefully are circling back. And that's you know we're on the ground floor and floor of that -- -- boots on the ground doing that right Brent. Yes we're seeing in every day in and that is sick complete accurate statement it is coming back. And they're coming back stronger than ever with better wages with better benefits I think companies. Realize how important their employees are with their success. And it's an exciting time right now that's one reason I'm -- and express franchise it's it's just an exciting time to be. In the employment industry right now. It's an exciting time because it's almost 2 o'clock and that means we're getting closer to that. Lifting that pint at the end of this fabulous Monday some grant award winning -- -- -- later tonight to celebrate saint Pakistan. Oh I don't know we're having a traditional Irish mill and and we'll see where that leads us Simon no set plans yet bad. But there's always fun in Kansas City apparently on that saint -- went through one year so far and it was always it was great so maybe something new this year some figured it out. Mary good thank you so much for sitting in today and being ninety. My little -- -- in studio it was great to have. Cory Johnson and Adam keep plea of -- Congo additionally we had -- -- you heard mark -- CE OC 00 a little locked into this they express employment -- remember if you missed a shouting go back and find it on in podcast format -- -- SP RE a KER dot com. I'm Jill icky I'm your host by me again. This time next week 1 PM 1668. And have a great week and join us again it's where we're gonna be respecting people impacting business -- friend. Thank you.