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Express Employment Hour 3.12.14 Segment 3

Mar 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to express employment hour here on 1668. Am -- and in every week. Week at this time. Set your -- set your clocks if you don't have that -- has clocked in -- DiMarco -- bring on our own would you read on the spot. Mark Henderson the COO a -- locked an insurance company the world's largest privately held insurance and risk management consulting firm. It's busy very important guys so thank you for being here hi Mark Anderson how how -- I'm great you don't you don't and good I keep telling people to set their clocks by and that the show but at a lot of times people are just carrying a phone anymore to used to have a clock in your office. -- -- o'clock mop -- thanks yet so upset about. Set your phones people -- it do it do it at an outlook in ninety yourself to be with us every week at this time. And NBC -- steady by the way mark we need to Irish up by your name it's one thing we're doing -- -- to service. From IST you right here on the express employment hours -- -- Irish by your name would you like to be mark cadre go to Chandra singer what do you think. Bob -- on my mark up Blake kids. Very good so listen you tell us about you. Well tell you about -- I am a native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The relocated to Kansas City, Missouri did join blocked and companies almost fourteen years ago. And have never looked back and have been having a blast ever since I got here. I -- Dennis that be right there. Every it's good 'cause it's on everybody's brains so I have you learned a group entities are you still steeler fan. I think you'd you'd never. I've become a steeler fan when he spent over forty years in the and that community and and the Super Bowl and whatnot but I have I root for the chiefs every day. And that the future plan that secures our historic for the -- OK okay so are -- then you may continue now a new journey that locked in companies Mark Anderson. I got the opportunity to -- the gamut -- about fourteen years ago. And had never looked back my wife and I relocated to depart so there is of the community. Display what everybody is what -- long arms says we've for the most part like the weather. We love all the goal. And we love -- -- -- And loved sports attitude of the town. And we load the friendly. Direct style of the people who live here. There is something to be said for that it and I echo what you say I moved tiered -- -- happy years ago from all of the dollar but. I live in park goes well and you read I like the direct and and respectful communication that the city of Kansas City brings so -- in your cart -- -- keep both hands on the wheel you're listening -- you know. But the shout and shout yourself out because on that's really interesting about doing business in Kansas City. You it -- calling yourself at locked in -- and again you're the CLO and the executive vice president. But you you have a moniker for yourself you are the keeper of the culture explained explained that eleven. That a lot of businesses try to make things far more complicated. Than they are. A little bit of that human nature. And whenever we get off track we try always remembered what are the three pillars are blocked and and they are associates. Or clients. In the communities from which we -- so much economic benefits of and that's -- really easy. And real simple but I would remind everybody -- special saint Patrick. If you've ever sat on a three legged stool. And not paid attention real close to -- honored your -- was on a you can end up on the floor burglary. So while there are only three pillars or culture that are extremely critical and we must they're equal attention to all three. As the keeper of the culture like constantly remind everybody of that. And I constantly try to demonstrate. Those foundations. In every decision that we make it. That's -- but sometimes Smart more often than not that's hard to do when you get into. A big organization but lots of folks lots of layers how do you you peel back -- and really do that -- how do you land. Really. Make that happen instead of pay lip service to. Well. We're where I'm very blessed in that are operating structure is really. Very horizontally. Integrated we are not a pyramid there there's structure so it's a very flat organization. For our retail. Operation here in the Kansas City location where we have. Over rural 800 associates the management quote unquote management group as myself. And two others. The Russian people that are taking care to make sure we keep that focus or what I call -- and senior due course. And they are focused on our clients and our clients' business. And my job is to keep the business of the business away from them. The doers and senior doers and throwing all of the business cards out that are in my office. And I'm going to I'm going to steal this from you if you they very much self mind mark Andersen CEO of locked into. Do we I would be the keeper of the culture in I want doers and senior -- and I love that that that horizontal. Flat strategy that you guys have implemented here and -- you know kudos to you on that. Another thing that that your passion about reading your bio says that that you're on the ground floor of the at the college recruiting and training. On calling them the cornerstone of the future now what are the positives obviously there's great positives and that the what are the positives and negatives of this Paula talent. I'm I think depositors are is that there are a lot of very talented young men and women out there that are looking for an opportunity. To demonstrate. What they've learned and apply -- faction that is rewarding to themselves. And rewarding to the people out there -- -- They wanna be part of something larger. They wanna be part of something that hasn't purpose. And they want to -- be part of something that delivers some economic benefit. It's finder's. You can find those in the -- looked out there. And give -- opportunity. They turn out to be judged energizing to be around. What did you say and that you know that -- again is this pool of people -- how do you think this looks different than say when you moved to Kansas City I'm talking to attack in addition young. Set -- folks maybe perhaps getting out of college coming to present with you what what are some of the different things. All the different things a little block and doubled in size substantial worry a little bit more on what -- radar screen so I don't know that it's just it's a truly fair comparison fourteen years ago when I first stepped on a college campus and start talking about about the opportunities and there -- to -- locked in and what it would mean film so that that's one big benefit. One thing that changed drastically when -- China's. Frame up that. How things have changed. I actually think that that the labor pool because of something -- happen in the economy -- the last thirteen years. In a little bit more potential longevity who was thirteen years ago we're thirteen years ago that the people we talked to that they were looking for a they want looking for careers they're looking for jobs to put on the road and act. -- from the next job. Where I think today people are -- little bit more focused. On the quality deliverables. All the the in order and the people what they're going to be associated -- because there's not that instantaneous movement opportunities that there was. A decade fifty years ago. They're coming user are leaner obviously -- so you guys have a nice horizontal strategy and so on it's an excellent insight thank you for that and didn't elect. Another thing and just this word jumps out of me off the page. Specialties business growth development leadership organic growth sales strategies. I love the word sale because a lot of people don't like to consider themselves salesman but really into the day everybody is whether you're trying to -- me into the next haircut or the shoes or whatever. Talk about sales strategies and your MO. -- strategies to Miami now. I think an there's this particularly in our industry but across a broader spectrum. People tend to take very good salespeople. And television get involved in other aspects of the business. More involved in the service in other clients more involved in the management of the business. More involved in other attributes of the organization. Who don't have anything to do with sales. Are our culture news. Our producers produced. And they stay focused merely -- again almost three pillars of our culture. Clients associates and our communities. We don't load them up with anything beyond that. And we expect them to be committed till it's very simple strategy. -- dozens. I like it I like it -- and locked in obviously everybody ain't Kansas City knows the name locked in locked in so much more. -- include an insurance company can you share with us all the different umbrellas of the business. Well -- I'm gonna try to but I apologize in advance because some -- point out to me and I left them out -- the crisis. Locked -- is primarily -- risk management consulting and insurance brokerage operation. Global scope. Seventeen locations in the United States today. Sixty around the world. We passed the billion dollar benchmark from a revenue standpoint last year but it really wasn't. Anything that we got all excited about him at a big deal about because we're too busy focusing on our pillars. We do. The company was started on the promise of property casualty and surety commercial surety payment for contractors. -- candidate in 1966. We have added employee benefit consulting. -- benefit consulting. For one candidate an executive risk consulting or placement. Along with expanding our property casualty operations. And continuing to just be very focused on developing vertical special relation. In all of our overriding disciplines. So when you talked at somebody and locked them. And your contractor. You're talking to someone who is part of -- team that boat deals with nothing but contract contraction -- construction risk. Same thing if you call somebody you haven't been -- -- service business and restaurant business. We're able to correct it is teams and partner you with the names that are focused exclusively on your industry. And art art and are aware of the of this. Issues that are shaping we're strategies. And your other contemporaries in your industry strategies. For broken short term and medium term. And the bottom line is locked in as about associates clients communities that three. The that the little milking stool and without it the other one that does still goes down and no we don't want anybody going down today it was -- veterans day after having too many Beers so you have to have all three pillars. You're the keeper of the culture Mark Anderson thank you for staying this time with the express employment hour today we're getting ready to go to the break folks. Thanks again mark and we will be right back. I feel -- -- great secretary you tip.