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Express Employment Hour 3.12.14 Segment 2

Mar 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Zooming in now I get home the guys over. A moment. Welcome back have a Saint Patrick's Day how is everybody this afternoon. It is a wonderful. Saint Patrick's Day and a favorite favorite. Second favorite holiday of the year I mean host I'm Italian and the that they were holiday in a minute I am your host Joan -- and express employment our remembered that up with us on. Twitter at express radio show as H oh and on FaceBook at express employment to search express employment -- a finest. So my first they -- holidays cinco denial only because it's never they -- -- bananas. But saint hats as an Irish person is the second favorite holidays I hope everybody's enjoying their day. And it's it's only 1 o'clock in the afternoon people so at your party at the bar patient self okay -- -- so we have we have great guest in studio with me today and thank you so much Cory Johnson and Adam keep plea for being here. Nine out of her -- to be here well it's exciting to caddied as we have to start with a real serious business of the day as we always do with the express employment our what are your Irish names. In sort according mixed John send end and at amount Heatley. What do we -- -- network that's perfect that's we've yet now you guys -- Honorary leper cons here with the -- bonanza -- they're here he eat great backgrounds -- ink as a with lab Congo. And -- a -- energy issue first on human resources. Field for over 25 years specializing in employee relations training and development risk management talent management. Benefits and compensation -- you need to come hosts the show seriously yet. You know until that that is exactly in an crystallized moment what the show is about and so again thanks for being here is her -- -- you where so many hats and and you say your greatest passion is to hire exceptional candidates that aligned. With business strategies and leadership so everybody's gonna wanna listen to Corey what she has to share. Business to business whether your job seeker in the market at this time because shall have some awesome things force additionally we have Adam keep -- He said that some Marty is nothing more is not. My eggs are relative -- -- you know a bachelor of health sciences from University of Missouri two years and microbiology lab assistant and three years working as a board certified. Medical technologist for clinical microbiology lab accent art center -- And for that -- excuse me past fourteen years even involved in the marketing and manufacturing side of laboratory industry including technical. Roles and product management roles I should say -- Congo is known obviously for. At 1925. Here in Kansas City storage company highest quality lab equipment and furniture so thanks again you guys for being here on. Adam went to start by telling us a little bit of the company history. Sure the company as you mentioned was was founded in 1925. Here in Kansas City were were proud that we've always been in Kansas City the company was actually started around the agricultural chemistry. Industry. Back in that time. The farmers. And the -- -- -- in their grain down in Missouri River to the board of trade which which was located here in Kansas City and and it was there that the grain. Would be analyzed for its protein contents and its nutritional content and that's having -- how much to charge when there was some great market. So there is a there is a a acid and and acid digestion distillation process that you -- -- -- through very highly corrosive. Unfortunately type of type of environment that you have to work him -- -- boiling NASA best part of this analysis and determination process. So our company was was founded around manufacturing of those. Those large boiling -- distillation apparatus and man. When your when your boiling NASA do have a lot of hazardous fumes. That you have to evacuate from the lab and a doctorate from the building. Right after that we started manufacturing what we call chemical fume hoods to remove the toxins are remembered hazardous vapors from atmosphere and allowed. And the company has grown into. About an -- who's counting about sixteen different product lines over the course of the almost nine year history that we that we had a. So basically solve your own problem the -- the initial thing that the company was benchmark to do. And traded at not a problem you know trying -- say an opportunity and opportunity right there's our. Am I I'm looking at the website besides lady in the go go boots which everybody its lab Congo dot com. And there's a goldfish that extractor which is one -- first. Things I -- the died laughing and I saw that and no no folks this is not like Telecom they're not able -- -- out -- -- on your thighs and extract fat. That was one of the founders of the company mr. goldfish and that is correct -- -- right I just thought that was funny and Corey Sherrod does and obviously crucial to making all the different things that you guys doing business on. Are the people that talent human resources. I'm -- with us what types of positions that that you're in you're looking for a while. In Kansas City we have a location in Kansas City and in fort Scott Kansas and both of those locations manufacture the product we make it here in the United States in Kansas City and so we have production associates we have a metal fabrication department that takes a metal raw metal and been Satan well exit into debt pieces and parts we need. A symbol -- that put that together. And everything that goes along with that material handlers. Then we have the inside department which is our sales people and and our customer service suite we pride ourselves on serving our customers first and foremost so. Currently we have available and a network. Engineer to position. We have a cost accountant position available. We have a couple of similar to positions available. -- so so we -- -- we have means catching engineer position open in our fort Scott. Kansas location so were growing and we're looking for her patent for good people. That -- can fill skill set that can fill those jobs. I'd love your -- me spoke on customer service. None and -- as the beat the gate keeper of that because it's the person that you get the impression from an and you indicate keeper of the human resource department obviously. How do you and in your -- years -- and coach us that are listening out here. How we really tap into that person that's gonna have a customer service minded hearts to come work for. You know it -- Jackson. Index an interesting question. Eight it's sometimes it's difficult to find. I think if you have the right questions when you -- -- I think if you have good partners in relationships that she -- together. With your recruiters in your agencies that you use in even internally. And you can get -- straight people it's just tapping into the right questions in the right type of thing you're looking for. I'm one of the things that I pride myself finest that agencies that I work went along with the express in the other agencies that I use. Is building that relationship first and foremost in having them understand. The business they have to understand the business and how that works. To find the right people. And and when we higher on people. We give them a full tour we give them a realistic tour of what the atmosphere is going to be like if they're going to be working and for them to understand that. So that their passion can come out and they can grow. Well that's it thank you for sharing and that's feather in Brad cons cavity and he's gonna come back later. Owner of the express office on for an all out for for really being that collaborative partner with you. And peeling back and knowing instead of just you know. We were -- in people across the street now we've got a partner with you to make this right and make it fruitful for everybody so re absolutely love that. -- you talked about all the different arms of the business from the welding to this to that what are the most difficult things facing and the manufacturing businesses as it. Relates to -- Well IDF to say at this point in time I'm so many interesting statistics out there are you know we know many years ago a lot of the meaning fracturing companies were offshore. And and interestingly enough. 30% of those companies will be -- -- coming back to the United States by 2015. Because they could not. Get the quality that they needed in their products. Along with the transportation fees have just become astronomical and it it it was -- and a good return on their investment so everything's coming back in. They change that we found when it comes to mean you fracturing is the fact that and back when they off shored there used to be lots of low tech schools that -- those skills are severe specific skills. The skills -- gone those those text schools have gone away you don't see those anymore. And so where do we get that skilled labor where they are learning these techniques. I think that tends to be one of our hurdles right now. I've worked with lots of the local. Community Colleges. Here in town and some of them are bringing some of those classes back into play you conceive their offering welding course. Is in brazing courses. And blueprints. That some of the things that she learned in the vote tech colleges how to work the big heavy equipment. Has been lost it's it's a lost art actually. So. We have to figure out how we're gonna get that back and how we're gonna do that and I think some of the ways to do that obviously. Are working with the local schools. Looking working with the educational. And some of its in house training that we're gonna have to do to bring everything back in -- get it get that skilled worker back where we need. And that kind of -- it's interesting -- conversation kind of echoes what the blue about caps are doing. And also a little bit with ACT work he's program we heard from -- Hampton from the clay county economic development council couple weeks ago on the show. And it instead of here I here I am I get out of school -- via college or high school line and -- OC what jobs are up there. It's kind of the reverse commute to let's look and see what the market has forming an I'm gonna coach up to that I'm gonna learn to do that so I'm invaluable in the workspace. And so we'll we'll see where that takes -- spent yet thank you for Sharon and got. Back to Adam and one with Cory Johnson and hadn't cheaply a -- Congo it's -- Congo dot com. He called him on Twitter at like concrete this awesome job with your social media group blogs and pat summit between Fauria -- ended up and it of that ad business to business collaboration. And no one asking you are the markets eat your you know marketing manager Eric. And year overseeing market researched what are some trends what are some ways that it's going in the space. But what you're what we're finding a lot to is. There's a lot of investment in and a lot of activity going on again. Bioengineering. Biomechanics. Viral -- pretty much into a bar researched and nano technology is another. It -- technology has been around for a long time but it doesn't really gain a lot of steam a lot of momentum in the last. Five years or so people working with the material at an almost molecular level where they can make things. Faster but lighter stronger but lighter those those type of things if that's and that's a real key focus area for us -- So young people that are listening to people under 25 known nano does not refer to an old iPod my -- and -- -- technology we're at the consumer growing Rainier on the Shelly admitted until 1 o'clock don't be at the -- people -- it's it's say that's that. I give you guys and tell everybody where they can reach if they -- -- you know continue this conversation. That we can be reached at lab Conn co dot com. And there's several ways three there are Twitter cider face that are and you can send emails through our web Conn co dot com that come today at the appropriate. People super super and just one less thing in about forty seconds celebrate what. If you could crystal -- and a couple census -- -- great. What do you think makes -- Congo's stand out to potential work seeker. You know one. Jamie is you talk about a passion everything that we make and we build touches people in some shape or form either through research. Cancer researchers are working on our equipment. Through forensic crime solving. Things it touches every Betty it's a very exciting industry to be and and the company really takes care of it it's its associates. That's awesome and at and a storied Kansas City company since 1920 -- thank you guys for being here and for sharing heavier cells and have your expertise will. Expertise with us. If you're looking for position you know where to reach them and thanks again adamant -- for being with me we're gonna be right back after the break and we're -- continue talking about. And it respecting people impacting business. The stay below the job market employment issues current events AM this veterans day stay with me.