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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Express Employment Hour 3.12.14 Segment 1

Express Employment Hour 3.12.14 Segment 1

Mar 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon Kansas City how are you happy Saint Patrick's Day this is Jill -- -- it's the express employment our thanks for being with me. It's shown number four are you get Nancy are you tune in and -- set your clocks set your watch to people stop. People stop watches or did -- just used their phone with me and studios gonna answer that first burning question Brad consulate -- cons LRU. I'm grade -- I do not have a watch -- did you did you look at too fond of -- I -- yes exactly. Exactly -- cons if you if you have a phone you can Google express employment professionals and buying bread Collins is off this. You are an express in color professionals owner -- Yes my offices and 8423 -- on the road in south Kansas City. We specifically staff the plaza area in south which includes all of Cass County so grand view -- Harrison bill also. Got a large stretch of territory that we staff and specifically on for express. Well awesome and Brad will be with me today to do that to ride the very fabulous show and say -- say okay -- need an Irish name let's we we gotta give each other -- haven't did you know Hickey is an Irish name. I know Hickey was -- -- Collins from what I understand can someone have an Irish. Little. Like a call and so call and Tom Collins is because the drinking reference anything that makes sense to me so I have heard that before so I haven't traced those -- back but I'll I'll count it for Monday with that. Brad Seamus -- -- Collins here in the studio and behind the Mike may very wonderful run Mick Mars. Thank you producer run for being here and it so it seemed to understand and it's again 1 o'clock in the afternoon people so a whole hold your liquor until later he hit the first. Stinks and it's on a Monday. Yeah and I think there's an inanimate. I think you should be on the weekend every year. And for either Friday or Saturday seed you have a day off for -- Exactly exactly so that we are the express employment hour we're here every Monday at 1 PM. At which we hope it's an entertaining and fun show obviously we're -- -- business and businesses serious that we can do it -- a lighthearted fashion that's why we always have a burning question. We have a little fun with the guests and we are you're -- what the status of local job market complain employment issues current events in human resources. Interviews with local business owners hot leads -- -- -- if you wanna go listen to old podcast if you hadn't heard the last three shows which by the way were off some. And just 'cause you know I was on -- because we have a top caliber top shelf -- again. Drinking reference top shelf maybe I'm thirsty Brad and I and -- makes sense to me gently yes tab -- guess if you wanna go find the shows -- can go to spur reeker. SP RE a KER dot com to search express employment -- you'll find the past guests and this week we had. Even at a bigger batter batter in the good way show we have with us Cory Johnson and Adam keep -- of lab Congo a local Kansas City. Business since 1925. And they're going to be sharing with us all the cool things that they do a -- Congo's supporting. Making. The challenge is how would you phrase that they make it equipment for labs -- Brent. Yes laboratory equipment very scientific. They were just commenting about how their equipment is being used I'm so very important and then in the scientific arena. And also dampened than on TV shows -- DC in the background like gotten Hannibal and CS say some -- Congo equipment in Kansas City. Absolutely it's impressive yet and they're gonna share with us a little bit of -- what goes on there what they're looking for your job seeker and really and again. We appear at a human resource strategy -- I Reese are human resource resource wears a human resource on an information -- that. Is what will be doing -- additionally we've got the CLO and executive vice president of locked in insurance Mark Anderson will be with us shortly. And but okay -- I wanna ask you does your office the express employment office at it. Is it worn collar worn all. I pronounce a moral. I'm -- and neither of us are from here so now I I was told morneau is -- street that everyone knows in Kansas City. That recently in the last few years had some upgrades to the roads and so that's what decided. And a factored into me putting my office there -- Warner all wrote everyone seems to know when we say we -- -- road they know where they're going to remain there problem. -- -- main drag for sure so when asking does your office -- celebrate Saint Patrick's Day will you guys be doing today in addition to fining people jobs and respecting business and and impacting people. -- -- creating a special in house on the luncheon for my staff and I. So that's one way to celebrate no Lauren Green for sure maybe some beads and green beads bad. Any. Traditional saint Patrick's day's festivities we'll have to wait laughter ours that's for sure on Monday. That's right because we have to do do business do good work -- aftertaste it's his sixth the percent of adults who planned on celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. When he -- Dagestan. Probably depends on the age group. I'm thinking 60%. 46%. And I -- -- tell you there's no place I moved here from New Jersey about two and a half years ago there's no place more lonely than being irishman in New Jersey on saint Patrick sick is everybody there's Italian Billick I don't care about that I do not give her rent so it's. They don't acknowledge that holiday it does is hysterical that percent of adults who plan on having a drink to celebrate is only 20%. And -- That's not what the -- that it's on a boring Monday that that's just a stat. That surprises me just and just seeing the news and and now that that's a surprising stat to me yes. And in this person plans to I will do my share to bring that up all hundred -- and NY need to bring that average up per capita you're welcome Kansas City. -- keys here for you the percent of people plan on decorating their home or office is only nine point 6%. That sounds about right to me. I believe that a Stefano Halloween or Christmas type holiday. You're going out to celebrate more than like so why of why decorate your -- mark you know our office. The number of Irish immigrants who traveled to the US between 1820 and 1930 obviously does during the Tate payment that's what they'll come over here. Four point five million. Million an animal in New Jersey they're all in Boston. Don Hudson and minorities the pounds of green dye added to the Chicago river in 196200. Pounds and other stats for you. Number of places in the US -- shamrock for I can't think of one and the remainder shamrock I've never been Jewish camera now I've never had a shamrock shake. I never had a shamrock shake I heard they're 660 calories my kids talk about it incessantly and and and I thought maybe I'd give them give real world but not at six under sixty calories. No that's that's non. Table on Monday now that's -- then you can any beer because your stomach and stomachs of push -- to say. Good point -- exactly the total population Ireland is four point two million the percent of people planning on having a drink of stir that's already there where he talked about that. The percent unemployed Irish Americans over the age of sixteen. Okay now we're -- complement those you know were were were dove tailing. Job seeking an employment which fine -- that percentage. Percent of and -- employed an Irish Americans over sixteen. 80%. It's 40%. Which it's still a -- a I know I I think I and now -- I don't know what to make about. I'd like to see how -- they found those statistics on -- on -- I found a statistic -- -- -- very quickly -- for the show starts. So I encourage myself as an anthropologist by any means but. There are some fun ways is a -- like we said when we get our guest here in a minute but we also on talk about being if you if you plan to use. On and so is business to business and and I know we did this and expressed a -- professionals may -- it's it's a holiday season and and -- Christmas time do you ever reach out to their clients under the banner of a let's have some violence take a mound. A Christmas gift let's take a missing a denial flying or anything like that. I think it's it's important to have fun in that. Just non business all the time 24/7 so it. Asked specifically we do have fun marketing campaigns. I'm I've seen a fugitive -- just specifically for Saint Patrick's Day but we also we love to share -- sin. And a marketing ideas with our clients as well so where might have some fun whether -- stress ball or. Some type of spring oriented and plants or one -- but we love to bring some fine if just maybe even donuts in the morning so that's not -- we do but you gotta have ruled that a fine and the Camby business all day every day. And it's just it's it's nice to. I don't know if you found this in sharing with your potential customers it's nice to have that interaction with them that doesn't seem like a comedy Q. Only talk business and sometimes it's just hey I just struck by the ringing this little fifty. Or is in a beautiful spring day here's a Coke or whatever it is and so -- found some other ideas take -- secret trivia you could. Hold a lucky trivia contests on your FaceBook fan page or in your store for local business a quiz contestants and saint papacy -- I would not now one piece of saint Patrick's interview except for the the stuff I just spewed out a few minutes ago besides there was at our -- saint Patrick and he supposedly. Take solace snakes out of. At a violent bank. Well it's a more educated now to where I can take a trivia test at the moment but I know I I couldn't be an expert on the future. But it begins it's a good thing -- cents. Just to get out their do you does have a FaceBook page for your for your particular office. We do have a FaceBook page that is specifically fourth kept south Kansas City. Express office so I guess we need to mom Monday or maybe even Friday because some Saint Patrick's Day overs or some green on the on the FaceBook page but we do so -- -- FaceBook page south Kansas City, Missouri like our page we do updated with jobs. We do -- a job fair notification -- It's an easy way to be notified so just going to her website to find out information about expressed. I'm by -- like it and you just get get updated -- a regular basis. This is Jill take -- we listen and express employment hour and we shortly will be having today's guests who are Korean Adam from the lab Congo. And also they see LO a blocked in that mr. mark Henderson with me in studio is Greg cons as he's just saying he owns the express office and south Kansas City. Those are the jobs that you have Obama and what kind of positions are are you guys currently staffing for. Coming out the holidays we've seen an increase in manufacturing positions. A similar. Machinist. Basic core house even general labor right now so there's been an uptick of those type of positions but professional has started to increase as well. And I really didn't -- down as much as say the manufacturing has done in the past. But engineering IT accounting it's all really increasing right now week over week. And then you're administrative in order to have increase in manufacturing here's the profession you have to have your administrative staff increases well that's June the pattern that follows and we've seen that. That direction as well. And admit it your listeners are hearing this Brad is a super super far good. Piece of on information content information second time I've used that term but hey that's okay. Hey -- eat it does little bit more about you your background prior because. You do have -- does a legacy with this this this word expressed that maybe people in Kansas City aren't aware of of expresses. You know background from Oklahoma. Why tell people I don't know any better because I graduated from Oakland stay with a degree in business with an emphasis and HR. In immediately come on board with express and in a small town comic Alastair Oklahoma. I've almost held every animal role within the company all the way from the staffing at salt and recruiter roll to the branch manager to the regional director. To the professional division lead to. Now ownership side -- five download of everything within the company I'm recruiting is all I know I don't know if I can go into a traditional HR roll again. But again you've graduated to in the HR filled. An express corporate is located in Oklahoma city's so the express offices are all in Oklahoma are all owned by our founder and CEO Bob -- So. I decide the economy was improving enough -- I think I learned as much as I could do the business and decided to jump to ownership. And Kansas City seem to be a very comfortable place to me it's a growing. Place regionally in the midwest it's close still in my family that factored into it as well. But I decided to jump to ownership in south Kansas City, Missouri in and so far so good I opened the office in September 2012. So all total I've been with express for fourteen years. Again I'd like I said I don't know anything else so. And that's what I do all day every day is hire people. Connect clients with great great employees. And over the fourteen years I've just seen hundreds and hundreds of people. Employed by express. Take -- jobs at client companies. Or even if this is that temporary contracts fill in during the time that you need to position we've done both of those. And then we can't forget about the profession division express script industrial related. But we have definitely grown our professional division specific specifically called specialized recruiting group. Where we have workers in engineering accounting ninety sells a legal. And that's a definitely a growth area for express employment professionals that many may not know about but. That's the direction. That were handed so we were full service staffing -- all the way from industrial. To administrative two professional staffing you can get everything at express employment professionals. Perfectly put red we have about one minute til the break in -- -- -- Start chatting with today's -- can you summarize for me at will what -- the most rewarding part of the position that you have now is a small business owner. Well it's still remains the same as when I was in the business -- but I think within this industry itself it's. And getting people jobs that is the core to our business and that is why I think I have. Stayed in the business so long. It because. It doesn't matter if it's a one day job or if it is a direct tire position. I think that's what keeps me going every single day. That's awesome and got -- -- in studio today folks it's the express employment hour we're gonna be back a right after the break with the quarry an Adam from lab Congo they're gonna talk. A little bit about the history of their company what they're looking for and share with them. I would they're looking toward in the market what they bring into the market and then later in the hour we're gonna have. Mark Henderson of locked -- insurance stay with us everybody. Be thinking of the Irish name posted on our -- face that tell us how you Irish a fight your name I have to say parents stay with me through the break.