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Raining Men

Mar 14, 2014|

A new rendition of an old favorite by KMBZ's Bill Grady as heard on Dana and Parks

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    I got two more Soria. Guess that's why they called the blues Elton John . Downward Santo. I once took part in the lip sync competition to this all too I'm not entirely proud of that. Rates
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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But there was some good ridiculed -- lonely girls and Liu goes on borrowers -- hole. All right. You may reduce rising. -- workers getting -- according to all sources. Which weeks ago. Restored for the first tour and well -- and for the first time in history. It's almost -- It's raining live that long ago. The training live and human. -- -- mother nature as a single woman two. She took off to have gotten good which to do. She told him regarding school re arranged story. So that each and every woman and picked. It's raining and training them in written. It's Raman live we -- It's raining million. This evening he -- -- -- stormy weather William about to begin here -- foundered -- lose your head to rip off the roof. -- and published a picture. She's a single woman to. She took off from heaven. And she did what she had to do. Who -- every Angel. To re arranged Moscow. So that each and every -- under perfect bill. Training them do. You go to you rising rural voters going low. According to poll sources. The street. News the place to grow.

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