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Express Employment Hour 3.5.14 Segment 4

Mar 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the express employment our happy Monday. I said that last week on last week's show and and I said tonight mice in studio psychic or Mac McCaw -- Overland Park express of assistant who says that says happy Mondays so. Negative next time we have to be a drinking game -- I do -- no we can't drink we can't drink at 1 o'clock Tammy can we do that L 1 o'clock and Monday I can be at 131. Why why is fair game -- be -- about -- wanna bring back that mad men type. -- no matter where you get out until -- a high balls at them again over the big business lunch. This is the part of the show that gives us such joy -- -- because we get to. Teacher is somebody who is really turned the corner and become exemplary & Associates profile I'm calling from lack of a better term. And this gentleman is named Lawrence -- Lawrence Harry you. Are you aren't we are great they got Jamie in studio with me I think you know her Lawrence. So listen Lawrence here's somebody that and you really do deserve the the props and snaps that you're about to get here you've got a great story. And I tell -- little bit about you and when you first came to express employment office. Well I K church correct about two years ago. I would that people -- job and they started me out. The job it was created. And now I've been working here for. Rescind it it is to get it to become commute to work for. US ship bumped from Wichita. And how would movie into the area and they tell me. How did you find expressed in the first place Lawrence if you don't mind my asking did you did you Google search -- did you did you know on them from the Wichita. Area. No no no I'll actually go Milwaukee. Are seeing a sign you'll see it now aren't and I'd be excited argument shot. I had been -- -- job I had that I'd. Like -- that -- YouTube recently moved to low -- area. And that I needed a job so that's where I want it. If you are hearing my voice everybody in the Kansas City metro or did you just hear what Lawrence said. They do you eat it -- and its staffing agencies are not just for. This guy or this guy anybody can use a staffing agency to support there there needs -- for their business so you know do we take care of -- -- your employees so you can take -- business. And that's -- everybody jobs so good for you I hope everybody Kutcher perfectly ascent -- Lawrence on a gimme ten dollars later okay. Ray is so really what what what. Do you think I mean from that day one where you first went in there. Ten now where you're at a supervisor level and you know making a great living enjoying what you -- and really making a difference in this company. What do you think it was a number one thing that that got either. Well. They're diligent. I might say -- billions to children at every day you're doing. Basically what I need to do. It's not hard you know. People born. Out there you know they can get a job all of that -- -- to -- -- himself. That that's my main focus you know. You know I tell everybody that you know he wanted jobs there's jobs out there. An express let you know one you. You know one of the best site is -- you know around the world who are -- Not -- temporary war when I was an average state. Experts there a they really cure for their employees. Well that's that nice to hear and I'm glad to hear that that is one of the things that is so. Key and as it's a foundation of express employment professionals as is evidenced last week that we heard from the CE OMR Bob funk out of Oklahoma City. And he really believes and I seen a man cry before or right can really sing and cry yeah passion helping people to work. And really changing their lies the Lawrence you know good on you you EU did what you had to do you don't come up with excuses you showed up and and you're trying to share that with those people out there that might be hearing our force are now on saint. I wanna job I wanna go from here to hear it changed my I've changed my famous I think they're changing company's productivity at the same time. I'm besides that showing up let's talk about some other skills that you've developed and learned while working for for this company that -- with now. Who. Ever thought I -- more than idea. I -- I really want them -- computer literate. Did but as they trained me I've became more and more comfortable with the computer. And I exhaled it was. Basically -- now. Just couldn't you know but that's put forward. They say Greg and I'm reading here where they they they're got a little brag book on -- in front Meehan says. It's now what he dead more than how you did it. So they they just money you know that the complexity of the job he did overall distance and everything. I'm that it was key that that you learned a job and plugged in and and it was great when -- studies like I didn't have this proficiency in this computer I think. Hopefully many businesses we'll take that time to teach somebody -- and they'll do their part they listened they show what. They show I wanna learn this is it do you agree that that worked in your situation -- benefit. -- that's exactly right that's what happened you know they showed me -- And I wouldn't comfortable at first but then go wow obvious so -- -- -- -- -- and and then you know art you know. Children -- a lot of other people you know different techniques kids and how they can you know maneuver around with a computer and you know -- You know they call -- -- because you know I'm you know I'm not I'm not. Yeah you know and I'm not get old either right you know I -- it's. Would more or less who role model and -- and basically I just. Exhaled it you know I would like they looked to me you know we got that was here all the time. And you know they ask question and bits and all of the brightest person you know but. I didn't have a few answers now column but I -- -- How awesome I -- just that I mean perfect. Every -- the answer now make it -- right you just you go to somebody else and then but she'll learn on the job and again people are gonna give -- that time to learn on the job if you. If you plug in and you show up but you -- combat role model how many people do you have reporting you know. Right now I've -- yet purity but I had one time I had seen. My goodness my goodness take. Lawrence they and asking a -- question okay we had the first part of the show we talked about spring break we're gonna do this thing where we where petition. -- Washington DC where adults should have spring break kids only get spring break now looking at night. What's that about -- say there was an adult spring break likely everybody gets this week got this mythical magical unicorn a week off in March. Where would you go on spring break. -- I go to war. That's why Lawrence -- -- exemplary associate. Are right there. On the -- are you for president next time if it. Color code word retard you know they're you know you guys even you you've got time do you know live your life you know. Let you know you -- have. God of war yet you know -- put them in their rights respected. And you know when you get when you get a job you know you try to enjoy it you know and -- -- -- a better job you know that -- and I -- what you -- you know I am I doing what -- -- It's not that you like and that's one reason why you know our politics here on his lucky that I did because I do enjoy what I'm doing. That is fantastic. And you know when you talk about the you'd go to work at it at at at not to make you cry don't have that Oprah moment which -- Lawrence Garrett and I think it's listeners were docked in Lawrence and he is our our associate profile he's really. We're we're trying to put a face on that that person that isn't gonna work done the job. Made a difference in the productivity for the company at which they work. Lawrence how would you like different from when you got here from which tiger walk ministry -- big blue sign with big acts and you go into. And then you know -- a couple different things and finally found the one that's the right literal career for you. How is your life changed. Our -- it's -- it's -- dramatic. It is it is more and more relaxed the end. Did back in because I was so worried about whether or not that have a job or what they are not out lights yeah you know. There is it it's changed so much as you know this vehicle Gilbert you know I've got you know -- -- procurement -- my job because you know. I doubt someone who you know like I say you know -- out. Four people now you know that look up to be you know and at me you know a net supervise. But -- and you have more. But you know they look at me. And it makes me feel better because you know. I am a role model and not the way in and it still makes me feel good. And it should make you feel good Lawrence thank you so much -- -- -- any questions or is one clapped for and I sort of at least it's clear there. And he was our employee of the month in our office and then became we nominated him for employee of the year and was 2013. Employee of the year in state Kansas and. Annie Lou Christie got a big that you got a big bad your day like it like Stanley no doubt throw it fearlessly. What you do walk around and slash your marriage I am play the -- park up front. No no no not -- corporate. That got enable attended and are off at that they have that is truly impressive dog all the people working in Kansas you're of the Kansas State employee of the year that that. That just says so much about you about your character and and so thank you for sharing it yourself to say we really appreciate you sharing these kind of best practices so to speak. Great. View you are to be applauded and it's nice to BJ and calling any time you can motivate a lot of people are on the metro lines up right. -- -- -- aren't married Mary equal enhanced. You know on SO UN dues but that's based on that person and -- -- when it has won a cool guy but you've known him for how long. Two and a half years wow -- Well Kaman and he did he went to work every day content positions he showed up every day he worked hard he started. And it is that the door until this position came on we offered him because it was so reliable such a hard worker he just excelled. Absolutely love it actually -- -- pot calling us from work this in by Monday afternoon practice and that's. Okay Hughes is very eat it don't worry and has his supervisor because he's gonna work on vacation you can take that -- -- be on the radio show -- but we want to you know like it's interesting else wanna share kind of well we do it is a ship propeller when you're back in an OK you're listening to senior motivating you wanna be the next warrants how to get there are so. I'm found this little interesting article assists in a step one in getting hired is to look at what's hot not cold guess who said that. You -- cowboy hat. But -- CEO of express some planet professionals. This is the five hottest fields hiring the five hottest fields hiring the most non college graduate so. You know you not give college graduate and be -- -- the the next great American novel and there are plenty of places to excel and and make some you know nice -- to right. -- and that it -- on to say. The tough economy means job opportunities for non college graduates may be limited but some fields are hotter than others. It just can be found there the five -- carrying the most non college graduates number one industrial so just right there and those are where the jobs are you just got to go out and -- them. You can grow you can do so much with it provide for your family that I mean it just. Opportunity the jobs -- their Lawrence to set right. And it it's it's very very inspiring so. Folks if you and if you want ideas if you're hearing -- -- like OK I want to be the next -- -- go to expressed frozen read the movement on up blog there's all kinds of things -- go Google search how to. How to I've been an excellent. Matsui right that spirit of life there is a nice all right so tell what jobs right now do you have opened just as long as we're talking about literally helping people. What does he have opened right now at a late office. -- right now we're looking for welders. General labor. Just anybody that you know I was looking for maybe add to their income we just -- general -- We are looking for ad men we have project management anybody with -- for engineering was can't stand for. So that I know you're like out the fancy computers and things. Computer. Aided. Iran -- thank you mr. Ron -- -- -- genius producer behind the buttons over there helping the Cuba girls. And then the grain that's gonna harming things OK so -- -- -- if that if -- there in that part of the -- how -- they implied -- expressed -- dot com fill out an application and -- the -- -- office. Or your welcome to walk in at 701 north Merrill and only -- Kansas. Made that Kansas came email Berger thank you for being with us saying I am hey you know we need to do we got about two minutes -- show's over. We need to think about next week's burning question is started as a top vitamin a kind of morphed into burning questions this week we talked about spring break places and it will be saint patty's day -- So we -- let's redo your favorite saint patty's day host or your favorite -- Connor -- -- But. -- everyday just because doesn't -- What are we did -- burning question yeah Irish drinking song your favorite Irish drinking some. Our favorite Irish dance. Boehner understands. That's OK so -- something Irish look on our face about the fifth and on our Twitter so that you can understand that FaceBook -- and you like. Express employment hour in I think it says 1660 AM or something on that if you speak Twitter which wet by the way you don't -- -- you every week and tell you speak to her because so -- going to be on their and you get. So much insight and make friends all over the country and literally have. Made friends with three people my husband's like let -- that's a winner and you really an hour -- meet them in person and and you add expressed or radio show and it we and out spoken on the -- it's yeah we definitely -- -- thank you. We wanna thank -- reader. -- southwest Johnson county economic development council. And we want to thank Lawrence who we just heard from and we want to thank Temi -- for all that HR insight tune in next week where we will be talking in addition. To an addition to something Irish will be to. It will be actually say how -- on saint -- all day all -- around we're gonna have Beers in the studio we have Beers green -- -- eight years in the studio. Heidi is gonna have fun when next we heroes Joseph like he's learned just can't do well also was gonna continue the conversation. Talking about. Impacting business and respecting people right here on the express employment our thanks for being with big thanks -- had a great week.