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Express Employment Hour 3.5.14 Segment 3

Mar 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back you're listening to. Eight and ink the deal hit here how did -- expect employment are right here. Every Monday at 1 PM where -- -- people and impacting business today we're gonna impact that that. And talking about how -- impact. Our country Britney right now I'm reader who is the president and I'll -- -- County developed count -- well -- not how we pay agreement Saturday. Lol -- you know -- have -- beauties. -- -- Adding a nine iron you're buying and I'm enjoying that they are hoping that -- spring is indeed right around the corner here we are in our new. Going to be later -- And it will be a -- It is that it and they have to tackle we add on to talk about change and growth primarily if you add the pregnant out on county. Development palpable -- after big title and you know that that I'm I'm I'm. Well that's big title but it's big area end we've got a lot going on out here. -- her political. Your background and what are being -- -- -- -- well. Well I've been in media Kansas City metropolitan area were about 27 years and economic development. In. Leavenworth county and the next independence and then came out here. To. Basically. Work with the development. -- the LP Casey logistic or inner city the UNICEF intermodal and also works to. Really. Start new -- help jumpstart growth that will be built around them are. And an intruder at the investment. In that area is up to around half a billion dollars. That's correct you know the last couple of years we've had. Investment that's either been announced or completed. In -- over half a billion dollar and you know we have. 250. Million dollar. And I'm investment by -- so -- -- intermodal. We have Unilever. -- than me yeah. Is this resident Eleanor your prolonged time they just -- not a hundred to two million dollar expansion. And now you have bad you. The buildings that are being built in logistics are in the infrastructure. New roads sewer. Water all those things and we really have the makings of of -- It is exciting out of the primary mission. There upper arm and kind of elements -- to stimulate economic growth by demonstrating. To new and existing business that he -- a candidate. How I am really grass root level GQ how do you go to -- Isn't that that might be movie parent I come here and her life. You are are. -- will be used to work where everybody from a start a business. All the way to a business that's looking to locate your -- time and what we try to do you -- -- that are neat to resource no longer available in tablet count and count. The end that might include. You Lieber making sure that as they expand. They have the enough sewer capacity water capacity. Problem goes through planning process. Is -- need to get up and run. Of the units out. Huge huge project. So many people involved but we have our -- You know we pitching and where we can make sure that we can add value to. To their experience and and help them be successful. And you know you're talking about economic growth today you know producers want to be closer. To consumers and thank you -- ago I had a plumber I look at a commentary on my I don't use that and I really feeling okay actually. Edgar and he can't be in order to -- political work on. And it really does make perfect Angel can you kind of partly an parallel that into. Let them look like -- -- -- on county that produces close to the consumer. You're the you know -- just a whole movement groups in the United States has changed over the years. -- Yeah its interest aimed at trying to hit Burrell really opened the way out. And now the rail is coming back as a very important. Increasingly important part of the distribution logistics network. Han -- yet. Through the -- here. It's an expansion and an existing facility. The existing. Facility that was handling this service in the metropolitan area. Their measure. Or activity. Is number lists. They were they had an aide who sold you that -- -- Over 300 all of them -- a year. The new facility. News 300 men fifty acres. In it and the opening day capacity. And a half million last June and build up capacity of one. Point five million. Lives per year so. It intends to do -- you sufficient. Movement of goods in as you do risk not only be containers. That we see but also domestic moves. Caused by. Every -- from me yet. You know in the trucking industry they have challenges we're we're are -- operation in just a whole -- -- -- -- good. 2 more central location. And then moving them shorter distance. Makes a lot of sense. We're hungry here. That development a think tank development council on all the things are grooming I'll end up with something -- -- the that there web -- think outlets something county dot com. -- -- a little they have -- of retool existing good at that and growing them and and Lauren to it at that and it is a whole package I'm -- if you don't see the cool it -- higher -- -- that -- of an -- population. -- 108 and that you can you know great demographic area averaging 31 point eight. And don't panic in a natural average. Well very very track there on I think we can and -- are are -- Your your state how do you get -- and -- go along with you know I'll look at her. Well we can mean he's not calling a lot is very important out in this area and lose in the hole at all. Area and -- -- conscious of it sucks. The schools here are rated. I believe it slopes -- Graham -- called schools and were -- -- -- number career or you mean that's called an area. Garner knows some. -- -- -- And did they do all our parks and recreation program. Very. And her duty another -- today. The infrastructure. To support the development not only you know we see that recreation school all but also speak all the life issues. And are being addressed people working together to insurer. You know we have we have -- little boring. Only goes so does that people who worked in those businesses. -- people who live in our community. Not -- and then additionally have a new century air that are 2600 acre facility located. You know right there and they tell us my friend from college Callan Mickey overtly that what you guys on -- talk a little bit about air -- and what kind of impact that'll happen. Earlier senator used. Also -- Greg development and has unique features. We never in short line railroad here we have about. Tomorrow international -- -- -- -- You know we have -- care -- usually over time we have a good. Cross section of business we have four million square feet of develops patient and we have room to grow. We you know. Good industrial infrastructure. -- much more out and people were. You know century -- solely out here and there are in the process of moving -- 175. More employees out into order so. We're really robust point. The good news or. You know names like -- and you know and entry -- and in those. Everybody knows air quality does mention her -- What kind of impact period. Happy happy in a. -- -- -- -- -- That is what kind of impact that the acting industry. I want all of these going. Not -- very important. We have businesses. That use. Staffing industry can chew. It may only work extremely but also to. Do their primary. Employment churches. -- the -- it's interesting the different companies. Are moving away from. You know green. Do trying to do everything. To being more. Allowing businesses strategist at the agency's. Do you. Zurich her he's. So we don't have at all in house. OK -- I'm like well Planned Parenthood so they'd crashing and burning question is. What's your favorite spring break play. Well my kids are grown up so I have grandkids. But it's our choice I would just -- my grandkids in the kids to view someplace with warm water and sand. But employee in the water and -- sit on the shore and read a book. That's fantastic and thank you are. Preview of what your group is doing it let let the development council is doing firm currently rolling out where everybody can connect with you they like. We changed our web site in new www. Business moves here dot com. Thanks I'm reader -- being at the expect employment our back we're gonna do an associate they -- me through the break.