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Express Employment Hour 3.5.14 Segment 2

Mar 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the express employment -- how is everybody this Monday. Thank you and remember in studio with me today is eleven they can mean Neil Burger King Amy thanks for being here. So exciting to have a sidekick I don't know -- seems so I'm. Subjects it seems so like belittling so I think there there may be president of the bigger kick -- the bigger side dish because I'm I'm just little army but I'm your host -- Hickey. Pleased to be here posting the express employment hour. We're talking about respecting people impacting business and how we really do that and today with me. Is Temi Seaman she's a businesswoman with expertise and talent management and human resources she's a senior professional in human resource -- certification. A former -- former society for human resources Kansas City Council director held numerous volunteer positions with the Johnson County Society for Human Resource Management. -- basically you are mrs. human resources can -- -- -- that. Chara and not letting your match you know. Is it. I mean it tell us a little bit I obviously just read that the top -- bullet points about you but. But really tell us about your passion for human resources in a little bit more about about you Tammy. Sure that caption for many organizations were -- Working with the talent and the organization que me married surpassed the goal of the organization. Et Al OK I got asked not to let's start with a hard question how because. That's that's really what everybody is trying to do no matter what you businesses -- the year. Met the fabulous run more producer behind. The end of buttons here or whether your your canned meat or meat or the -- down the street is it taking the talent they have an organization of pushing forward and really doing well and making your business -- So the key the key question is how do you do that. I think it's all true relationship building -- of the right people in the right age and makes things happen. And I'd become a national recruiter for my organization how many people. Throughout my journey in my into the college retreating from an organization. And we don't have an opening right and I try to keep and then mine so we constantly have the right people on the right it. It your bio says you did -- -- your career through experiences and retail government insurance and manufacturing. Can you kind of extrapolate out about at those different areas of your expertise. Sure actually started out end. Retail back in the days of that -- -- toward change and so that's a very structured Canada and organizations. Is not very many of those collapsed. And that's part of the country anymore. I -- -- to teaching -- a very organized action a lot of people came into that business -- -- Japanese vehicles backer negotiate source who worked their way up into the new -- area. And then in government -- everybody's favorite. Everybody's favorite energy did an entity to talk about what about isn't that how did you apply here human resources skills and the government area. Sometimes county government. And in that again that's fine and right people are making -- and the right. Clijsters in county government have a number of different organizations that really are running their own business. And so it's interesting to keep the right people in the right place -- make sure that you understand each business and help them to meet -- call. It it do you ever feel like you're like -- that the millionaire matchmaker I mean basically it we call it human resource of fancy word that sometimes just. If you -- -- and you just match making the person went with the job right. I think so and I think in that tight economy. Even more important to have the right compensation and then you can attract the right I've been spending a lot of time in that area every week. Well and he says the key wherever they like says -- is when they're not bitching about the government that like to bitch about the economy. Do what you're on the front lines IDC at the other talking to people you're out there talking to the businesses that need people. When you're really at that grassroots level out around Kansas City what are you hearing is the economy coming back in the let's talk about the local Kansas City economy what do you think. I think the job market looking better all the time. A lot of human resource and -- people that -- laid off because we're non revenue producing -- having -- to come back into the workforce. -- a job opening what happened ancient pequot. They're looking for people who can put together those sort of reward packages that are gonna bring the people back at you need in the right it. So basically you're kind of -- that that they human resource professionals roll over the past twenty to thirty years has kind of been redefined. And the economy pushing businesses to return to debate to basic skin -- -- richer and -- sharing. I think that's -- I think a lot a lot of non revenue producing types like human resource professional relayed not wearing a hard times. And now that got the job market opening up the need to bring that people back to Hulk and the other competitive compensation package. Obtain the right he's going to keep people that -- keep them interested in working. There's so rape case study I go into place I'm not gonna say where but. I'm guy is running at a large corporation you lock in he's got a front desk nobody's he's got another side office nobody that it. I locker in the -- says hey happy with this that the other -- staffing can I help you you know listen solutions he's like. I'm no different -- person I know the bookkeeper I know that HR person I am now the marketing manager. I'm as a human resource specialist where would where would you park north tend to have and start building that back so. I mean so he doesn't have to do all the work and so we can have people that are specialized in those areas really grow those -- I think when you start putting your budget together or -- year. -- need to add them as HR professionals that can help you know you have pain right talent to put together the -- salary package that you need to get those people pack and get him back in the right -- the -- and I think HR professional in that important to account encouragement or on the budget. Absolutely and it when you say eight HR professional it's kind of on. If -- as I know this is obviously you weren't school -- this is your passion you have so many different. Patsy born under the banner of human resources but as somebody's only heard the word as a platitudes like you know marketing -- really what exactly does mark a new. So explain those -- really what an HR professional -- in a business setting. The real change in the little bit depending on site of the organization. But in tally at small -- -- here looking forward should change your partner to -- owner -- does he you know. Someone you can really put people strategy someplace. Is keeps things running in the right direction. Do you have that challenge when you're speaking to -- the the dollars and cents person. Of of explaining to them and finally pulling there is saying. If we don't have the turnover. We're going to make more money we're going to cut costs is it sometimes a challenge to. To justify those those very needy and meaty things that they HR professional -- It is an on going challenge because it's a traditional and non revenue producing pollution and but it also can be revenue in shape and position. I can do it right. Yeah I gotta you gotta talk dollars and cents. When they and I love is at EE -- have. People management strategies at underlined it. When I saw this in your buyer vile people management strategies hey momma momma for I -- manage people all the time and you -- you -- have been a white. This person's personality. Does well with vs this person's personality what are some. Pearls that you could share with us about people management strategies that we could take literally -- to any level of business around Kansas City. Think they all foundation did you even know the people need to know what makes -- tech and you need to know what it. Encourages them what is the red -- and reward or or good work work work going above and aren't. Stats are currently person in the organization. And it's a real people management charity cheated know the people well -- that now. I'm -- reward them. That. And and realistic folks it's Temi semen. Amy is an age are specialists and she's sharing with us some. Some great ideas and I'm what goes on it really what at what an -- specialist is if you have one in your business and if if your mom of a failure -- HR specialist at. Mental payday for one person it's. Extra fifty dollars for one person majesty I wanna leave at lunchtime -- I'm I I want they are tiny did go to my hair done it if I have to have an appointment. How do you get to the bottom of that conversation on what motivates those individuals. I think it starts in the beginning when they're the person coming into the -- -- -- and start to learn about what are the job requirements and what you need an employer. But you also can begin to learn by -- asking very open ended questions coming about your stopped and learn a lot about the individual and what it is that they find valuable and what -- that that they are working or their job search. Interview process. What. -- if I'm sure over the years you've consulted many and interviewed many people what is your favorite interview question. More open ended you can get even more you can learn -- -- although -- your requirements and think that we can't ask the ask simple things like -- about yourself. I mean what you are looking or your next position. Tell me about how the spit and Q your career path you'll learn more about and then trying to nineteen question. So asset open ended question spokesman year earlier interviewing for a CEO Tamar interviewing for somebody work their. Drive there at the McDonald's on north oak asset opening question and you'll get you get the scoop from them so to speak. Let's talk about -- be digital revolution how. On first and I is OK I got -- major question is texting acceptable in the business space these days. It depend on the business. I don't think there is a writer along. From an employer relations or finish your supervisor ever someone. I wouldn't reprimand overt attacks. I'm that kind of thing but sometimes with the -- -- business sometimes do quick question and answer. I guess I go with if somebody has and there are on. Private cell phone number on your business cards they've opened himself up to you can call me and and and if they're text arming to -- into going to the sky but I guess. And that's the way I read through on that so the digital revolution talk on texting talking about. A connecting with people how important is that these days in and placing people in and making that special sauce of putting the right person in the right job. I think at. Using technology. I'm with a hate the business with the volume of applicants and the volume that things that are going on today. Lot of people at the technology its camera remain in charge of buying keyword on their. I think -- -- everything you can add to make it work for the organization. -- -- -- -- Lincoln and we just won't. I. I used it quite a bed and to learn more about the concerts or learn more about individual all. You know again it with a bunch out in a dimensional all that the person might play sometimes you wanted to see what -- corporate image is especially they're going to be a marketing -- wall. I wanna see what they're being out there. It -- go to their face but too few -- ran across in a bit individually thinking of interviewing or maybe consulting for. You know their FaceBook content check that out. And I can clear it seems a little more informal. Animate it somehow I don't really want and now than HR professional trying to screen perhaps. Absolutely Tammy -- tell everybody -- got about thirty seconds celebrate tell everybody where they can reach if they -- continue this age are professional conversation. Sure you can email me at PH asks. HRH. Simon at Succeeding in PH act HR. Seven act. Yeah I'm not op Ed -- east thank you so much for. These great pearls and -- an -- back in talking about the management strategies really is on an important. Role at any business is the HR professionals and thanks for sharing with us today folks were getting ready to go to the break and when we return we've got time career. It's it's but it looks a -- reared under -- but it's only -- And Tom will be talking about the growing -- booming area of southwest Johnson County. So we will be right back you listen to the express employment hour right Karen came DC 1660 AM to business channel. Make sure to hook up with us on Twitter at express radio show and let's -- on base that.