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Express Employment Hour 3.5.14 Segment 1

Mar 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In this. Who work hard every day. Favorable -- Two days for a it's. And there today. And it's. Hello and good afternoon it is time for the expressed employment -- I'm your host Jim Hickey thanks for being with me. Thank you for Christopher -- thrown it over to me from the power lunch love listening to her -- she's so good on air when I grow up I wanna be -- -- okay. I'm Kristin you're listening you come on come on the express. Is it can miss -- Neil burger hello Tammy how are you idyllic bad well this is a nice to have a fellow partner in crime with me today. That can you tell listeners a little bit about you. I am looking younger I ain't -- -- -- -- express office. Have been with expressed or three years started with them when they opened their doors on July. July 2011. I think Kansas City for about twenty years now. Back in the day and -- little and staffing for nursing. So that's my background -- our staffing goes. And your mom of three kids -- speech and it's OK -- an anti black girls on the night today we got seven kids between us so we can tackle and I agree that anything in the world. And that's why we had the dubious privilege of putting people to work respecting people impacting business we are the express employment -- -- but this six express offices. Across the -- the goal of the show is to off. Really be a resource talk business to business talk about helping people find jobs. What what that looks like right now on how we bring beat Kansas City economy to the forefront which in -- hand. When we hear from Johnson county economic development council and a little bit Tom. That does dad at that he sent me is beyond like how many billions of dollars are being invested. Isn't just impressive it is. I -- that whole area is this growling I love it I love -- I happen to be a live in the north lens and it's growing up there just. It it's a shot in the arm because you -- that Kansas City is doing well and and then you take that you put an end to the holding piece that finally US is doing while coming back talking about. Manufacturing. Interesting came and I were in and a meeting recently and micro from dirty jobs spoke. And I I was very touched by -- you know whether or not but if you've read up on the controversy micro voiced a as an ad for Wal-Mart and it was. Used to they should -- least factories and other factories are. Are empty and they showed the working class man announced he's not there anymore he's like let's bring them back let's make America back to the great manufacturing place that it was. And that. So when we talk about this is this kind of -- like the boots on the ground right right. Isn't it totally it's totally inspiring and in and it helps the American economy in -- Osama. Had the housing bubble go back up and everybody lose their shirts like that in 2000 seminary in history. So in addition to a long walks on the beach -- what else that let us get elected -- and your free time and I'm actually from -- -- -- of course that's where my hard as we go back to Blake a lot my dad still lives there and the kids and I go down and we vote. We also -- -- -- here in town so that's a big part of our -- my daughter shows you on a horse we do his own -- like more work in kids is a lot more we're really playing absolutely. These people you have to glamour defeated -- ninety I don't even do that's my kids up after -- yeah he can't go to the -- events that's -- oh my gosh which of course has named Jeffrey just. -- is a -- they feel like this that concern secretary is in our eyes don't flash me now know ask me. No way. And my third annual magazine day or nine out. -- thirteen year old loved you minister name came because she's that I got like paparazzi don't like nobody in the stands is thinking pops or paparazzi when you say don't -- me IE it sounds like. All done don't stop me now the -- old queen -- at this. Wow OK so -- busy and a little bit busy lady today helping run the show so. Where we've got the burning question of the week we I was throughout their we've got a lot of input from the crew this week. Good there's the burning question of the week because obviously we -- does it had been a resource we've got. A real great human resource a specialist coming on in Tammy Seaman and a little bit. It also got hammered her as we just talked about -- was chanting Tony economic development council on what's going on in south was Johnson -- But we -- like to have fun brake work hard play hard and it's spring break time of the year how spring break for adults I now but we have to ask. -- -- grind grind grind -- -- makes a lot of things have been our producer I feel kinda makes all the magic in all the sounds and Alden. Weird it's ordinances I'm at my nose LA -- and a but that we've got -- Lincoln national mandate we said I I think we should march on Washington I think we have to take and I not to do so there's that spring break trip death bridge and road trip to Washington so where you're do you spring break this slick videos are. Usually that's where we -- We are down for a few days you can't it usually take totally time there is now but that's the best time sometimes there's not a lot of the traffic down there has not all bad. That chaos of the terrorist. And so it's peaceful and we enjoy ourselves then. Yeah I saw friends and there's though it's finally going home for the weekend right but it's beautiful -- recession. But now I would much rather go you know. Broad -- -- yeah well that last year went airs on my parents live in -- Arizona movement you know kids and I can't keep the city just -- into the airport really quickly. Go to Arizona and what who's on my flight well all of Kansas City that is exactly where the royals' spring training is. Barely barely made the flight ally and then I went to and -- Arizona's that there my parents kind of because it was forty degrees and raining let's get worried days on their -- to catch some rays. Literally that bad luck follows me around -- history of spring -- can I do not well. I I that you will I didn't know it -- you know anybody can do a Google search in target and a print it out. This really cool so well it -- started with the ancient Greeks say -- on the spring would come -- they hired an agent you know they would have their big. Festival because spring is coming so that really is like that the original origin but. And -- What year was it in 1938. Colgate university's same Ingram brought his team down his slinking down. To Fort Lauderdale to trade at the casino pool and it was the first Olympic size pool in Florida. So it was like OK I I got attorney Olympic sized outdoor pool so then from there they sensed a marketing opportunity the city hosted the first. College coaches swim forum at the casino pool and according to one source by 193 more than 30 in 36 started my bad. By 38. To 2 years later morning and three and swimmers were competing at the event and a box and all was born -- and all being be. Like -- said Dubai tree on those hedonistic inching Greeks and Romans button is innocent and anytime you -- off kennel. President toga parties are -- must be like some sort of you know. -- lineage bear mountain and in other -- So yeah I started with -- -- off and on -- what you're talking about it started with swimmers the tradition of college Summers traipsing to Florida in euros continued well into the swinging sixties. And then the then came the movie where the boys are starting. George Hamilton and the tin man George Hamilton. And then it Wednesday but floor blotter -- of all places that really the birth of spring break industry -- -- -- collagen in high school that Padre island might watch. That's disappoint I never. Won here never that was all I need it was that one year no way. Now the so that's that's it so if you're going on spring break or if you like to join us to march on Washington will be leaving west you know we're gonna have to take them up because there's no adult spring break but we. Yes a wet wet and a place to deal a -- we've trotted out her social media that a lot of hits on the FaceBook page someone at. Cite some of them but people sink how about well I mean that's our and that's a little expensive. But Chicago people other -- on the government I have not been there but I mean people that. They do -- nickel back every year they get their time sure they're not like oh you know we'd be -- -- Mexico they are into their. When and that was one of the big ones a lot of people go to the well -- in the Iraq there was this DJ am loved. Tommy Smith is hysterical -- a five point when he called the Destin Gulf Shores on that the redneck Riviera. Get to yeah and redneck Riviera now. Well and administers yeah I've been there I needed now yes so that that's drivable for -- -- to come after me so redneck Riviera a lot of people into that. Daytona as a that still -- Alex on ninety's -- into if and ninety's -- picture MTV -- unless article talks about MTV it says meanwhile the spring break seems. Engineered an MTV in 1986 launched its first spring break special from Daytona Beach. How hysterical. At a picture and TV comedies. That's that's that's that spring break his. Man that's crazy. So anyway we and other hits we have -- -- got people going -- lake we got people going spring training fund to follow the -- that are yours and in the late the cardinals are in Jupiter Florida and the royals are in autism. -- the -- city and obviously. Outside the cactus league over there in Arizona where the growth and you know the name of the town. Surprise. So -- says cry I cry so if you're gonna spring break it that you're gonna go out watch out there take let us know Canada and is up on the FaceBook page by the way. What I tell about a little bit about our guest today so coming right after at the next segment. After we got the break we're gonna have a Temi semen and she's going to be talking she is at HR a consummate HR professionals meet. She don't letters behind her name -- -- I mean and so we're gonna really be talking about what an HR professionals role is. And how let's change from maybe 2030 years ago what do you see there -- -- because you've been. In in this gig longer and I -- when you can see is different in speaking HR professionals. Inning yesterday. You know -- yeah yeah -- I don't know item that I double. And simply says don't even -- strangling it yeah are struggling and that's just that a lot of companies are going to them and are using staffing. For that purpose -- -- half that on but then and there and they're not mutually excuse explicit I've I've gone into place as an intern to offer the services Wright Express and for professionals. Offers an NHR person was shut down because they think you're usurping their job exactly it's like hey wait a minute there's a lot more to an HR professional and getting. You know -- Sally -- to show up between a button there is ongoing training their benefits package absolutely. So. I'm excited yeah I'm excited to talk to him about that and then time reorder again talking about the and Edgerton Gardiner area why I mean this intermodal thing yet potentially huge holding deity. I went out -- in -- day and I just pulled up in park and just eat is just like a small child watching an attack and the trains and I just. Here mesmerized by billions. Of dollars and that's lots of jobs coming into that part -- -- great schools out there obviously you have to integrate everything you have to -- schools you have to have. The parks system you have to have you know -- the ease of getting around the town it's all part parcels on top of that -- comes bring about baton can't wait to do so. And then at like -- -- burning question that we forgot are so -- I think it -- and we're gonna try to come up with next week's burning question but the gig is this people if you're listening. -- talked it up with us the express employment hour. We want you to connect with us on social media and if you know if you don't like what I said. You did you have a place to take that out on me say Julie Donna why you like the cardinals and at the royals are you go to express employment hour. Kind of face but it's really easy to find if you don't have FaceBook I. I don't have time to explain -- I will carry Iowa carrier pigeon you some information about social media let it -- in the show. -- -- -- -- Go to -- express radio show SHO. And that is the way that you can connect with us and at the if you have an idea for a burning question. Earning a dollar as they say in the nutty professor bring young latest you've got an idea. It would we will we like step that it kind of intertwined with the business and that and that aspect of the show. But it doesn't have to be can be just totally random we might be totally random glass and a little I think so. So as if you are -- you or you run express employment office and only Kansas wears a look at 701 north marlin rather. Okay and and but when he does not. This may make -- imagine. Make an amendment but people who work waving -- magic line that's it and -- does that is what we do -- people alert absolutely matching good people with good companies. And hit it and it really is -- it's a very important thing to make that engine currently. And that's again going back to that insight that team is gonna share with us so also if you have ideas for against. Or if you have ideas for a topic. If you have a questioning like hey there's express employment hours have been on three you know three -- four shows and start again and it start to pick up where you -- now. If you want to draw I like hey let's talk about millennial in the workplace let's talk about the impact of social media in the workplace is it okay. That is okay when you think Kim is located at hook up with some real Linkedin and try to get an appointment with them Burlington if you're accounts until person. I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am part of the express employment professionals team at the north and office ninety no -- left. And what else in my I'm a blogger on a chatter and the mother of four I happen to be mrs. Missouri international. Which is just a fancy way of saying and I mean crown an assassin. Lord it over my kids so let me get back from the break we're going to be speaking -- EC -- gonna have all kinds of insight. Online. It's human resource is that the end of the day if you have a human you can even automate anything you want but at the end of the day if you don't have human resources. You don't have a business that you don't you know -- leg to stand on and your business so. Police stay with me will be right back after the break it's still -- -- in the express employment our.