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Life As You Own It 3.8.14 Segment 3

Mar 8, 2014|

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    paradigm shift here. Obviously for the past 34 decades if you're tracking interest rates on mortgages you'd notice that in general taking -- as at five every contain year. Average window of time decade over decade mortgage rates have typically. Trended lower lower lower so when moving up and home or. Refinancing your whatever has come along -- been -- the benefit at a lower interest rates usually it's is an additional motivate her for people that are looking at moving like -- you know we're. Seven and a quarter and my first home loan for example was eight and a quarter. And when I bought my is my next home I think I got seven or something so it was a huge. Different generate over just a couple of years period of time was when rates dipped down I was able to buy another home. For not a whole lot more money. Even those more expensive house because my interest was so much -- well. That's typically what we've seen. As a trend and people of enjoyed that now that might be changing so if you look at the Adam average rate of the past few years. Interest rates dip down to a record level on the low threes on a thirty year mortgage November 2012. And it took till about
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    but to others survey that shows. Virtually everyone who lives above the poverty line has the ability to -- twenty bucks a week saving. Is a habit. And it's something that if you develop at a young age. That it can become a part if you were financial DNA so you do you have the ability to save regardless how much money you make and that's when he dollars. On if you're -- just above the poverty line is a big chunk of money that will make a difference for you if and when you needed. I'm not people that play the lottery -- chances went in the water. Sitting him lynching so -- it's getting hit by lightning. Vending machine -- the Wall Street Journal analysis 95% of gamblers Li use in the end. You gotta know when to hold them and pull them. And what went on -- -- on -- -- of -- -- said they -- well I just -- that -- half truths to -- kind of -- and the dogs vet her for buying on credit folks don't get in the habit don't use this credit cards if you pay cash in your cognizant of and you're only spending what you have and I am not as much as
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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our friends we are back at life as you -- it wrapping up the shows a final segment of the show. Those of either just. Salivating over all those big cities and his neighbors and I love the little one of those big cities you might have the opportunity to make she do that math. Those places are expensive I've been some of those places and just hanging out for a few days you look at how much you spent on. Lodging and food here wow that was not cheap but that can -- time probably good place to visit most of those. -- -- there's a good place retire to each I don't know I don't discuss were small town boys that mean that a lot of our listeners are sophisticated. Urban dwellers fact we know a lot of remark that's right -- -- -- -- we will tell you this when it comes to. Stepping off that topic and into the next topic real quick market -- a touch on. Don't believe the hype when it comes to interest rates I'll tell you the most people right now are very nervous. About rising interest rates -- talk to people daily think well I'm a few months away six months away maybe even a year away. From building a homework. Relocating or whatever may be and they're scared to death rates are going to be 8% or something and they're gonna you don't have to pay double the interest and won't -- to make the move. That won't happen but they'll also tell you what else is being hyped up by most mortgage lenders out there. Well two things one all the sudden now they have such sweet. Soft advertisements about our company's huge help -- who went for that are can be hear him talk you into something to make it sound like there than it is to repeat cannot. It's just kind of played here is that police say a total -- you're you're you're unseemly to perimeter drop is always -- years and people criticize and call everybody that's yet they just didn't do so hyped up -- give -- -- what may be mean the ones alike. We're gonna save you thousands upon thousands but millions of dollars into use and his yeah whatever. All that stuff that that was said before is shifted now to you were -- we bring you home and we help you with this wonderful adventure of buying a home or refinancing hump. Anyway here's the deal pay attention distinct in fees and engineers -- commercial. So that was good it was kind of relaxing yet a voice I'm seeing all these lenders trying to talk people into paying points now to buy their rate down. And eight convincing and it's a good long term investor I would say that it's rarely get a pay off to pay points in binary down and also make this prediction. I don't know if that these three years four years five years or what but sometime within the next ten years or less. Will be back to another super low rate cycle are Connell will go back into another recession. The tactic of buying mortgage backed security bonds. By the government to submit interest rates to some degree will be played again that that worked well enough this time around I'll do it again so. Folks don't buy much -- thinking you'll never refinance ever ever ever ever again. And try to buy your -- way down to levels where they were six months to a year ago. It's not gonna pay off. Don't keep talking to the silly stuff if anything paying no fees at all. So that if rates do drop in the next three to six months or three to six years you didn't go backwards with a bunch of -- never recouped. That's my little preaching lesson for today on the updated. State of affairs with refinancing announcing. -- -- -- Change gears is a little bit on a per capita basis you know the number one state if you wanna have find your millionaire future husband. Wasn't a question necessarily not per capita. Down at Texas Maryland now that was number one in fact in the state of Maryland to almost seven point 7% of households. On had a more than a million in an intestinal assets. Pretty impressive isn't it but the reason I mention that is because the biggest rise. That the state didn't move off the charts the fastest. Was none other than. North Dakota. North Dakota where the of the land is flat you know why there's all the all the oil is gone all the lawyers tried it in gold and oil and -- -- -- Northcutt moved up to 29 from 42 -- followed -- don't -- a wide Louisiana. -- -- will cost her all natural resources and natural gas some South Dakota. Following on the heels from 46 to 38 and Iowa. Apparently quote prices inside and actually there's natural resources there to that have driven up the percentage of -- number 25 almost I would the biggest losers. Guess which -- what kind of list. Event from a nineteenth and now 39. Funny money. Goes down in value quake and -- -- that's right OK folks we thank you for hanging out with -- as we hope you've enjoyed another installment of life as you own it. And come back in check is out next weekend. Police and remember to its stake lesson.

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