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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Peter Newman's Tax Tip #28 - Bank Of Blue Valley

Peter Newman's Tax Tip #28 - Bank Of Blue Valley

Mar 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Peter -- stacks dips what do you by bank of blue valley. The place where you are no -- bank of blue valley they treat you like family their local specialists have been working for 45 years to help those in our community with all of their financial needs to experience the difference at bank BV dot jobs. Thank -- blue valley a place where you are known member FDIC's equal housing lender. If you're in your car right now you may be driving a very important tax deduction part of the cost of your vehicle may be taken as a deduction if the -- used for business charity or even if you use the car to drive and a hospital receded out. For business you -- you can take 56 and a half cents per month plus you can -- the business use percentage auto interest and personal property taxes. To the standard mileage rate. Well you -- got the actual cost of operating the auto gas repairs insurance and appreciate automobile also need to business use percentage for charitable -- you get fourteen cents a mile for medical -- moving the -- deductions 24 cents Peter -- for can be easy. -- -- -- valley relationships are more than just business here's Jeff Montgomery -- city royals alumni and broadcaster talking about is spanking experience. -- -- bank of blue valley in 1993. Had made the decision to move permanently Kansas City from Ohio where I grew up -- upon -- trade from the Cincinnati -- is -- Kansas City -- my wife -- and I decide to -- -- here full time home and we decide to build a new home pink and blue valley was -- construction -- on our new home in 1993. And they were very -- to work with -- at a time when we start with baker -- they -- working out of the trailer overall 419 and -- bank -- blue valley is really like a family they -- very good at what they do they were accommodating tell me in my family they really went out of the way to make things happen. Bank of the valley has been supporting families for over twenty years. Experienced the local community bank different city any of our five locations -- bank TV dot com thank the blue valley. A place where you are known -- FDA -- -- housing --

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