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Express Employment Hour 2.21.14 Segment 4

Feb 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome accurately express employment hour. How'd you like can you show everybody. Every week in and be here at this time talking about jobs. Talking about work work is not a four letter word let's get everybody back to work going to be featuring. Business owners thought leaders in the community where you have a big old time you heard the music in the first segment you heard -- to be a superstar in the second and third segment. And right now it's time to talk to Jim Hampton of the clay can only economic development council that's mouthful. On hey Jim I got really scared. I thought there was going to be a test AC -- or anti drug AZT work keys program welcome Jim how are you. Every well when I heard this word AC TI it's a dipping back to high school bad flashbacks. Well -- died July bridge needed wonderfully -- test that you probably should -- through or not. That's what I tell my kids to and that's what I -- We tell us really what this -- -- thing is it's very intriguing. You know I've I really been impressed with the work he's it's a product DC she developed a hole it's. There around for a few years I think people really be getting better understanding utilized this school. Eight CT looked at thousands of jobs. Throughout the country and it -- we're educators and labor unions and -- and that -- It is trying to terminal for their key kittles that people need to assessed to be successful. In their jobs. And it by looking at all those jobs that they really boiled -- three key areas. -- -- should read and understand that you know what they're reading it and go from there any person do mathematical calculations. Can a person locate information -- you stated commissioner got. So by doing that they had this is safe CPI in -- -- urged you'll. They've developed faster around there's. And it personal couldn't go to the curse sugar and -- -- which ACP worked -- because -- -- and they'll look at those three year. And you'll actually be given a scorer. He can score from a 1277. -- Almost test. And metal correlate to the skills that you have and they've also got a wonderful job. About lying. Under his job and he scorers that would. Indicate that a person has a core level competency should start -- jobs -- really well thought out program. So instead of just walking out the door saying come and go get a job today I hope the job that I get fits what I do and it fits their needs. It's awaited and taken more from an -- to a science correct. Well absolutely Kyra because not only does it tell you where you score it also will give -- -- -- -- what you need to do to. In -- score levels plus it'll give you use some job descriptions -- -- -- the idea is that manager's skill set. That's just for the employers prefer the employed now for the employer. Feeling when you think of going getting that job you wanna go to someplace like that maybe expression. -- their professional that you guys do a good job but most folks. Walking and and say GM a great person. You know I'll work hard Al -- create. But there really isn't any any thing to qualify what their skills -- So Barbara bullish you could walk into -- company your choice in here and -- here. I'd been tested by ECT the major national standard I think at this still -- that bad employer -- That's that's very intriguing now. I can imagine this -- -- matters a lot to businesses are our people picking up on news. Well you know I think -- they ever small businesses and it cannot sleep. What 96%. Of their companies in the world I have -- or -- few people. Working for them and most of them do not have -- -- -- -- testing facilities especially because there's somewhat like huge deal. But. For these for the average all businessperson -- it's kind of up pot luck when you're trying to our -- -- in -- This did this really an issue shed -- a -- or science suited to -- to the art of fighting it right him police for your company. So tell us about taking the test by the way have you taken -- -- I have I've taken the sample test girl blind and anyone can go to he's seeking -- -- web site it takes simple test. It you know. So -- the original question I felt were fairly easy but when you are low got towards those -- further level I felt those were pretty challenging so. It really breaks down there person's skill levels -- a -- good idea what you need to do person. It went companies wanna take advantage of this program what does that look like. Well it it proportional would go to that helped negotiate peace seeking work he -- web site. First -- -- their job leadership for murder or some job descriptions -- -- so I encourage companies to go to the work site and look for work. That occupation or occupation which similar to that. In the ACP website they had that you've already got a job description bear -- -- most of the duties that person has. And the -- would be here also tell you what skill level that person needs to be yeah. So you know who. Where person beaches score all the work these weeks they have been kept the core -- of course killed that you -- For your -- a reporter so it's just a great way to color tie those two things up. In a lot of companies haven't seen him more or do bad. Quite part of their job description bad it is day eighty years they give better considerate -- our consideration -- people that have taken. The ACP work easy thing yeah. Folks were targeted Jim Hansen of the clay county economic development in mice in -- did that click on county economic development program. On the HTT work keys program the three things that you have to be able to do most hotly are read. And understand what you read and find information and do basic math you going to take this test it test out they have these competencies from one to seven and it kind of makes it into a science of what you can. Dude this is really. This is that this is this this term that we hear career readiness what isn't national career readiness certificate religion. -- it's a great tool like when you take PCP work easy can't you are issued a clear we're ready certificate. So would you walk into the effort I walked in killed -- try to get a job would your company. Instead of walking and -- male or just you -- again going door to door just talking to companies contribute -- job. He can walk into -- I'd been just space CT. -- eighteen years like national Korea certificate. And certificate there's certain size the skills that I have that you eat. So for the job seeker I think it's safe dig it being -- to have. And Castro regime chief information he teach. That certain pressure worked skills I mean there's one Trevor auditor Jill for person seeking a job. First of all you've got a better idea girls skills fit Angel -- you need to go to improve. For the commercial that thinking about hiring an employee. You know. No one looks like a bad hire. But unfortunately that happens but I think this tool would -- help you. Cut their that their burgers which they can we talked award. Large companies typo or to -- a great job that they sit up. -- -- harshly at about 30% turn over all the actually you know that's. What turned -- testing and all that type thing after they want to the working system. The troubleshoot there's 25%. Don't think of that dollar -- That's that's -- -- company got the -- and all of the problem that you're gonna have in vitro work -- -- company's standpoint but also that. -- That person and that's -- -- and erratic job of her time decision ever. Right right it's let's it's like now now we're talking Turkey leg into the bottom line of the you're gonna this is how many dollars we can save if we don't have this crazy turn over every year. It seems like a great idea for the job seeker they go visit -- take the testing other company -- they have their certificate they walk in the -- what -- that would have you had situations where they walk in the door and and set higher is like well that's all well and good but that's speaking -- -- -- I don't know if that means anything how do we get the companies to speak the same language. Well ER extinction as such it's a relatively mutual Angel realistically small most all distances. Third it is there overworked. There aren't there they're very cognizant about just giving that job done today that -- time to do the research -- the -- the things that you and I are talking about. Peck and helped grow the business so that's or organization like our show destroy him and make people aware of these tools that they can huge. A core value of our economic -- a counselor cap only help those companies in clay can only be successful. If we can help you get better worker most important thing that almost every company. And it just. There's certain police -- know that -- brought a pickle our position. If you can have Korean police you can grow your business and if you have a -- good employees it's really tough. -- -- -- How long does it take to sit and take the test. Well there's the three different exams and they take about an hour -- So a person can go to Europe political more thing to do that. -- I would recommend some of the thinking about it is go to the web site picked the practiced just kind of brush up. A little bit then you can call -- -- -- for -- it's free to take after Kurd urged. That's scheduled to undergo galactic test. Wow I'm okay I'm not have to take it on the book three hours pretty hectic now. This system thing that's applicable we're -- that Clay County but and we're all mementos listening -- something that's applicable did to all the different counties is that cracked. Sure all of this is that it is not just again I think this is a nationwide certification. So if that's a great thing for -- bridge like you ought to point out. They act. If this is not aid to local standard this is this is something that's recognized nationally when you have this type certificate. -- and for the Kansas City urea. Out of eastern Jack -- a location that the overall point surge treated treat atrial want to. Metropolitan Community Colleges. Down on now -- street where. Is there any issue that test. The end out pulled on a scalpel and the certainty potentially go. All of North Kansas City -- or -- are closed and maple woods college in their client the clear. Center over complexity. There are some others are rarely you know again there's a very if you go to the web -- there's -- different locations -- -- city. This is something anyone anywhere can. Very good hate to India many other resources at the clay county economic development council. Tell businesses and job seekers it sounds like that's a mean as a wonderful resource right here what else it. He does it. What we do a lot of work on a workforce development you know what we convened to have the that businesses in the schools the educators talking to each other rebel wonderful program call -- Center for great professional studies. Are really -- young people work on real -- problems with decisions. A wonderful inspiration to young people as well also there's a change. We do a lot of financing programs in addition to be an economic over the organization. We're also -- United States Small Business Administration under so we can help -- were fine. We can help located at least we can tell them what their site hoping you probation just. This site we aren't and a patient all the sites and buildings that are credible apple pie data. Well through coach and permitting. What are local entities will help finance the building. We try to be one stop shop we -- or try to picture at these pictures. Click. Exactly and thanks for that Jim Hampton. We appreciate you being here today and sharing with us that. That insight everybody got to take your practice tests just Google AZT work keys you'll find you'll be able to see what Jim's talking about thanks again for being part of the inaugural show earlier today Jim. -- my pleasure called bank any. Thanks so much folks we're gonna -- into the show we just wanna tell you what's going on next week obviously we've got. We have with us we have and and my hand himself. The CEO of express and fire professionals mr. Bob Barnes will be with us we also have Julie Schrager of FL I really talk a little bit about some. Overland Park businesses and we're we're gonna have a little camera and beer 1 o'clock. Every week. Connect with me. On not just me everybody. This is brought to buy all the experts offices connect with us. I had expressed pros show on Twitter as -- oh OK and on FaceBook you'll finest express employment hour just wanna remind you that. The express employment professionals offices all over the metro are here to support you. Whether you're a business owner looking for staffing solutions or you -- job seeker we are jobs jobs jobs whenever everything from temporary things. Right to attempt hired to direct tire and we are full service ISO. Certified staffing agency in other words we don't to -- bodies we try to create careers for people -- certified indicates that we. Turns green and background check everybody and try to do the best work we -- and so expressed pros and dot com. If your job seeker all kinds of things available all over the metro and up please connect with us wanna -- today's -- one more time. It was Jack smalley. And I'm sure can Bynum on Linkedin is being missed -- Molly you can even Google -- Malik superhero leadership. And that was a great little piece about those five core competencies that can help us growing not just if you're the leader of the -- someplace. I'm thinking that I'm gonna make my kids plug into these competencies is more about being a whole south acts nice person I think I told somebody that earlier that. I was like if I've ever met somebody so bad choice I think it's -- -- So thanks for being with us Jack and also that was just -- -- once again of the clay county economic development. Ready to make dead development council my lord that's a challenge for -- it'll get better every week folks. Eagle on the AZT or he's brought program. So going take your practiced as they want to remind you next week we're going to be talking about the top five lunches what are top vice places that are. -- food institutions and Casey. Put him on the face that put him on the Twitter thanks to go forth -- -- being dead and have a great week.