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Express Employment Hour 2.21.14 Segment 3

Mar 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back -- express employment our year -- your host Jill Hickey were talking to. HR guru -- smiling and he's gonna continue telling us about those key components how to be consistent superhero leader. Now a lot of people saying -- consistency is like he has little know some of Saturday. So what's what and do what will we also don't know that that law. -- the war but consistency of performance is -- the leaders. I think a great example that democracy -- oh operating. Operating it is as -- does the -- -- currently in the capital. A lot of people realize -- Brady -- 200 and it. -- -- It is projected his career back up quarterback. Analysts predicted the name dale. Dale has been just add up to Britain while the games. But also look at. Drew Bledsoe got injured at the game. Tom Brady musical while the rest of the games. What Super Bowl was susceptible -- BP. And the rest is history as a superstore. So -- stories today just recent achievements speak for a year or moment. Well it's a matter. We're you wore. It as a rule. You wouldn't leadership with the sports are well whatever maybe he shared with -- Iraq. It like. Let it. It helped you at. It's the consistency of the -- there. So we canceled there and don't look assisting in the the war. But it doesn't ensure opportunity. -- Elect a citizen -- a -- -- -- citizens citizens on him about -- It just successfully every couple of ideas work. As it. If you stay within. -- -- it will cease that's another example let's talk I he can't talk about consistency was talking about the University of Alabama. Here's the last three years. At least three national championships. Despite years probably place for people. Last year the electorate that they want to help her change. Excitement was all of the field -- you've been sent to game or whatever by some corporate. Report walked in to coach. Celebrate. This great -- to. The statements were also corporate for the next hour. And morsels like console -- longer you know -- -- in the next season doesn't store well distance. Since you don't understand. He's our animals to -- there. National championships. Or pull this role is to be. He's that we could have a -- -- -- won two games. But as long as the because it would be successful season. Another issue we'll talk -- consistency. Very quickly just holding. And then it is even the most consistent. Performers to travel. Remember you want you know secret shall and so -- Organs but bill -- be able -- respect real experience. Or it was always looked it is. Well. And deputy. So -- and it has -- respect. Party united park in. East -- about -- judgment. -- -- that experience. Did participant product in. And support a gravel. You'll dismissal and our average now two years ago I was arts school. Our national football so it was a great assistant -- promote it culture. Continue to take the team to play -- just describe -- using it though. A little bit too long term mortal all that means that I like it. And papers. Probably looked at -- in to just order that rates parole on it if that ball back and -- are here part time but also as a response to seniors and juniors told us. It is here -- there. There is absolutely. School board is laughable since you don't disagree told the plan calls for public. Just needed to -- to -- -- article written missile program. The whole thing was actually reached the post did well and create a distraction to. People surprisingly recent. Increase in mind you know some -- distraction. -- did after he resigned he's 41 direction between actual principles that separate and and as a state secret -- support for two years one street awards. This problem. Our superintendents and sustainable. To but here's the story. -- answered with a universal history to -- It is able to -- Administration does the school system and now he probably -- the state football. The worst in people with different direction. Eighteen. Times as much as you would be able to. And I told people it -- -- on. -- -- -- It was one of the players inside edition which you. In which you were. It's going to be -- quarterback. And a policy leader. I would hope that this is ridiculously spoke whistle -- -- but now. -- was ready to -- To last well. The most important of all the competency. Level leadership doesn't. And the integrity is simple satellite time and all lose. Great leadership. Article but you -- leadership but they -- It's a very simple. Is it out to equity. And make his decision. Face it circuit decision only answer it -- it. And who know difficult decisions are red line. As we make them. All which -- this particular -- -- -- -- Paltrow says that it is that the unrelated it is to have that barometer. -- leaders. Politicians. Business people. Relationships. In these very old usually integrity and eat it and there it gets at what level. Now let's get to and obviously superhero leader in my opinion the world's greatest superhero leader. And he's certainly surprises a lot of people. And that leadership other. I think voters. On -- greatest super evil leader -- between one. Proposal monitors. Started. In points sickness in our upper leadership to help children. -- -- in fairness it helped make mistakes. Two teachers they find out this hot steel bowl it was -- -- -- What to do is they reprimanded does that they appeared. They always had time or stay with a -- as they were easily add -- And the -- was small but they were very instrumental. In define me. Our leadership style. And I think he also teaches that no. There's wish that these illegal Mondays we oral standard. Many leaders are two different people. We're Saturday leader rather than when he went -- little early exit leaderships in some very typical Monday noble. We should beat this thing. Person's -- must be normal Saturday Saturday leaders remain poster definitely stay active that there is alliance. Might be leadership to stay active with their support that's. And different effort to build it supports only personal places want to work. Security leaders quicktime pro family. But the -- should -- accessibility to your people at all times. To help -- -- we. Or aren't we learn more or others. That we learn it. Education -- should -- have been forced. And it -- regional leadership style that we changed and we improved that over the years that he feels bad a lot of cases not every one. The relationship evolves. And you'll I'll Google it is that I -- Barbara. I I lost my mother a few years deal. -- -- we two Brothers -- retreat poisoned by -- worked two jobs seven days a week twelve hours. And and should always come home at 8 o'clock at night -- this will be the Purdue. And history no sport -- bullies -- Simply wanted to do what. We're at our neighborhood ball -- -- -- to your complaint to everybody. And then. Don't -- today and it means. Two years signal by the forward -- volatile. Neighbor remembers asking mother what she wanted to protect her. All that -- The neighboring terms so the messages proposals will have their bunkers. And that's the most brutal super evil leaders. And basketball it will prepare. A and Arnold reflect. Leadership is basically things that we saw that they developed. Note and missile strikes. -- -- -- Ali thank you -- that in -- and I mean you are. Getting I really haven't -- and you're out of although. Look we -- on the road and every hotel we didn't say I am. Working real leader that -- A little Italy yields that are talked -- view that and the again and I I let every six weeks and I deal with their relocation I'd build some lights are still learning to -- -- are just in the time we used to be a part of this show and two. It's sure it is information. Well thank you again being ported our act and act like an hour right here on -- BB 166 -- we will be back with more after the break.