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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Express Employment Hour 2.21.14 Segment 2

Express Employment Hour 2.21.14 Segment 2

Feb 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to express the climate our parents thinking XPK and TV. It -- yourself any time to start with our premier cat eye and you're not guilty by the right are we are gas. Is it. It's somebody that is no -- It by -- -- -- and and leadership and job and work and work not a matter where shell out. This settlement act not a direct working in every -- learning and development are expressed -- -- -- national international headquarters. I leadership acumen very frustrating and consulting work harder to crack up and -- -- that you are in Canada. The last thirty years Jack didn't Kurt healed up leadership and here -- picnic areas that include -- exactly what level made it. Any number of oil chemical packaging and an important in any act -- getting -- it. Name it he -- -- our national leader speaker and 2010. Act has had over I -- When are you ever object why hundreds speaking engagement including humor state and local -- there's. And most recently he has put together -- very very. You are -- hot on how to be incurred -- hello back -- You listen to honor to be here to talk to young didn't gradient in a lot not a home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you're -- lawyer Jack and for that we appreciate you because you share a -- aisle shape air. -- -- -- -- bring the best out of people and after all that how I'm Eric and great company either bigger -- -- and and everything all felt like -- so. That's wonderful I'm not exactly didn't irked that we talked about all about work what are your finger on how. Do the work. -- result it is important this is going -- supplement each. That is probably you you'd hate is take this job each other. Our candidate that -- -- up a secret for years ago not that I've ever done it and not that irritated by -- -- for me but when you. You have a long week long day. That we're into just happened -- you -- to -- it is it to music. I I love that directly out of it which again if you haven't got it not work and you know I don't wanna show that but sometimes you -- take that -- credit at. And you -- -- After international eager and leadership that it -- entitled how leaders become deeper you. Can -- a little bit about that. Go to orchard it. The this section do business -- very popular -- the last three it's relevant. Interest but all five top of this city's supply companies exactly almost all super U leaders. Or accountability. Ownership. In it looks consistency. And then they'll obviously the most important -- the evil leaders some equity. And I want just -- at a I'll build the polls I think. Yeah it is he talked to see that Lieberman Jindal a lot of leaders struggle yet. They're very high homeownership proposal it is basically saying all right -- take responsibility for every day of my health -- sort of -- department but accountability. Sometimes you can at least he will lead. Other -- what we do an atomic. Crisis there what we do -- back is to rule project -- it is be that -- secretly. Built the same people over and over we always built it 30% of the people. Now want. And and hope -- -- in almost liver but the problem is that 70%. Are people who we don't know. And we don't go the polls mean you're not sure that they can deliver. Will leaders that do that all people. Holes in ones -- They can live great that it delivered in the makes a decision whether there. They in Newton group or or or the world of directions well. That's all we had to do we can the student being cast. By one point to him over and over and over and warning. The worst human. -- -- Indian media. Ownership the ownership of compassion. People live action with the they love what they do they take. -- -- question and answer one question in years. -- -- -- The ball about forty pocket we that your speaking engagements social or typically on the street is. That tramples on us to hold tiller read. -- -- belly slide slides. Local Clinton. I'm truly loved it it was people. If they take what you want to planes -- -- That's what drives me so so action should note the other. And also ownership we know that stops -- What we -- You'll you'll you'll read it. Ownership of its natural leaders but accountability. Doesn't. And we're usually high ownership. Lack -- little -- -- -- because of his relationships. Holy people. That a lot of these Frontline. I guess people couple questions -- say yeah when they can -- -- a hard time keeping yourself alive do. And millions of people who. Are last in the war when you walk away from conversation. When you say what you did so. Yeah I do. And the don't take constructive criticism personally visit the problem. And -- -- the top of this means politicians. Fail to technical. Ship to present him with the facts. Don't mean you don't do this we know there's still the best two people there. -- -- Great thanks force but the -- is in trouble. To build take ownership of tax or resentment and then also. It's a little bit better. Incompetency. -- talked about his influence. -- People ask me no one war. To some leadership law. That would use would be influence. The ability to influence others. -- -- They never reached. An elective or hospital people are asking people were victorious people we know would influencing. And surprise. Usually they. They took -- -- -- great. Yet these are influencing the support. You know that you -- -- smiles. The implications with the cardinals they they'll have to. User agent immediately. And we just don't have it they want. But it comes to leadership there's certain types. Of influencing a year. -- -- directive approach. And is told the wherever the approach. At a ball at the very successful. Leaders in the assistant direct external influence hide accountability. Vehicle -- accountable also urged the equally personally have a personal with these issues. That -- Leaders who were harmed in the clear. You know slopes are high and ownership. They make sure that they hope the civil war Campbell anybody else. They pay their subordinates -- -- -- -- -- totally that they are Italy. And there are also in the restaurant or rather we -- handle issues. And a good example of -- this object will. Don't know blatant his -- a year well the best leadership alters that we have today. And Jack Welch is very -- in direct. Everybody it's worked for him. It is great but what are the Asian -- They know how -- illegals expectations and and they know what the results should be. On the other. And it'll Al Ellsbury are you where startled. During the later. All these pictures people -- first. And it never tried it and it told me not to -- -- -- we're successful. Completely different stuff. But you won't be careful what you can also be able to know so this is accurate he's. -- -- player. You'll elect told people that. It will be -- Whose policies. The support to. Make -- -- this war on expectations they edit it while. D'antoni colleague or appeared admire -- relationship which is to look into. That -- -- -- uses -- -- Know there always are starting to talk about it. Losers in your people are distorting impact there -- -- -- in their war. Now they have disappeared June -- looked -- and make it -- these -- time what does this situation. -- your address. Probably characteristically bullish picture I don't know -- -- dresses also. A little bit and build. Samples was -- The developer here you don't. It and hopefully it will. Hand that. It. Very repeat basic common. Place they have looked at this situation as we don't lie I'll -- -- that might -- -- through your area. And about her it will -- -- it needs. Situations. It appears so people have a right influences a pistol. Basically what we do the levels that we respect. That we have similar values. Influences. Burst personal that we bill. A a great example -- A recent brown university's. Steady. Smokers. -- -- distances most. Teams are more likely to slow. If they can't they were pursuing history to -- Percent war smoked. If they certainly history that was missing. And -- I -- -- 14%. Or lack smoked -- history depression. 3% more likely to smoke will work to smoke. Here's our. 1000%. More likely to smoke in congress created their -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they're you know follow are there being a follower and we're talking about being tempered their leader -- -- we're already seeing your -- after a professional in human resource that. -- -- -- -- -- -- He confidently accountability ownership and -- it in an integrity how to get RK. Whether we're off letter -- our coordinator elect absolutely do you know continue. And India. It will an excellent as a consistency. Every bully wants consistency from the leadership. And they -- willing to take a period typical winter demand. Leader -- directly leader. Islamists are consistent. And hit it society don't just let us know what what the expectations are so we can predict. It's inconsistency. It creates a problem. -- the results of our historical consistency has really done a great example that received consistencies are sort. And apartments where we don't deliberate. Product every night but he was the lowest in the -- -- -- Making it means that -- a terrible year Whitney no one games. Only games -- Put to work and send it -- with the Acela. Not just the polls this Reuters the you're making the best effort in BA. But the policy that only very consistent show every night. And people obviously. Jackson now is with us talking about how to be a superhero leader we're gonna go to break and come right back and continue talking about consistency.