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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Express Employment Hour 2.21.14 Segment 1

Express Employment Hour 2.21.14 Segment 1

Feb 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In this. Work hard every day. Favorable -- -- -- -- -- -- There today. And it's. Hello and welcome to the express employment hour here on 1660. Came easy to business channel. I'm your host Jill -- thanks for being here with me. Well and thanks to -- -- for throwing it over to -- and featuring my husband who is an express employment professionals. Owner. We are going to be here every week at this time bringing you a lot of information and a lot of -- work is not a four letter word. And we're here to make it a great and joyful thing we're really talking to business leaders here in Kansas City some national folks. -- refocusing on jobs when I hear from you is going to be an interactive show and it's just going to be a great thanks so thanks for being with us I'm your -- again Jill Hickey a little bit about me seeking kinda meet the host I am a mom of four. A mom blogger what does that somebody once asked me and that somebody like an and in Kabul it editor of the cool and he said. -- -- blogger before what's -- -- -- many us and certainly not so that's what brings mean also being a small business. Small business owner and mother for a wife of nineteen and a half years and I am currently -- Missouri international which. It just sounds fancy it's nothing more than I have -- a beautiful sash and crown and I get to lord -- -- my kids is that the queen has spoken you need to go over there and do the dishes so I will be your host each week for the express employment hour. And will be featured -- has a great guest will be having. All add on this very premiere show let's talk about who we're gonna have this week. Pleased to have -- -- Malik on its superhero leadership. Text -- is an express employment professionals it at international headquarters employee he's a senior human resource manager. And you're gonna wanna hear Jack has to say and his. Superhero leadership is applicable not just to the big boss upstairs with the corner window it goes all the way down to the guy on the floor. Whose the whose move in the forklift or whomever so you can tap into a lot of things about yourself by hearing -- superhero leadership which is coming up. In a second segment in the fourth -- that we got -- Hampton of the clay county economic development council and he's gonna talk about. The work keys readiness program which is put on -- the ACT yes number of those tests had to take that back in high school. That AZT people -- come up with this unique tool to see if people are ready and to see if the markets ready for the skills that people had so that's very very cool hey. Who wants to help me this show needs a tagline. We needed tagline anybody wanna. Anybody wanna count okay so for now well okay we're going to be you're gonna find this on our social media. On Twitter -- at express radio show on FaceBook. We are. At the express radio hour so -- tagline we need some ideas are right so. Start with fine now by you but I'm all about fun I work hard play hard so this premiere show we're gonna talk a little bit about. But let's fine -- art fund. And a top five list who doesn't love a list and since we're talking about. Work and staffing and jobs. Why don't we just start with a little top five of the top five songs about work now sits as the premier show these are much these are my picks and in her time that you query. -- the audience but in future weeks here's what's gonna happen you're gonna get involved with the fund because every week we're gonna throw out. What the pied piper next week is and you're gonna talk to us via those social media outlets FaceBook and Twitter. And you're gonna tell us what you are voting for and in your name will be mentioned and maybe they'll be a lovely prize -- They express. Employment our buys lunch for your office if you have one of the top by -- No I'm gonna say maybe embassy were gonna do that because people are prizes and people are getting involved so and you get love hearing your name on the radio so. The next week's top five just so you know will be. Analysts talk about food I mean come on. Next week's top -- his top five Kansas City food institutions. So RD start talking up. You got -- you got everybody and you're on the plane coming up from somewhere you're believe and it's like he got -- here or -- and an intensity that he here when us surrounds what about the someone ruckus -- what about. An -- Jack -- so next week topped by Kansas City food institutions. At this week. Top five songs about work. Or jobs. Coming in at number five. Mine does any one of these are now. It's working at the car wash by rose Royce 1976. -- That's like that would begin not a good start. Working at the car -- every snap their fingers during hearing during the one hour great show. Next song can't not do this this shows my old school throwback -- The next song is. And tell me if you knew this one because I sure didn't but a guy goes like Cuomo. Wait for. Behind this two weeks. My mr. -- has a really tight song any takes pride. Is called I go to work. Don't see me back a couple things to make Eagles fan so I can credential that it's still coming everything's okay. We don't often they'll make a couple of minutes until the until all the the yeah until -- -- -- -- no -- Bring him in effigy it's like -- drink -- -- let them -- my right hand man Mike Smith and the microphone that I hold in my game plan and that's pretty neat angle. There is no reason I hit it to death and I want and it's a matter. And I'm going -- about to -- -- go and get them but I think -- deep -- that they jump wasn't around. What -- -- that you hurt pretty bad enough but -- the answer -- give them a lot about what around. And everybody -- down the block and probably enough plus. Thank you all Hondas do -- for that. Everybody if you're ever at an at a cocktail party and they have a random trivia game. -- that the -- and -- an -- if they taught you nothing else they tell you Nickelodeon at whom Cuomo. Fifty years old -- I'm next -- up up -- songs about work or jobs. How about this song was originally entitled child bride if you listen to all the way through which I'm sure if your child in Asia probably have. One -- by a thousand times because it was on. Born in the USA is working on a highway by Bruce Springsteen. Okay have a you have a top five -- List about songs about working. If we don't include. Her majesty herself Dolly Parton you knew it. The little piano and then didn't and didn't some -- that iMac in a singer let her sing it. It's Dolly Parton with nine device. -- -- -- -- And yeah. That's done. Yeah. But -- Yeah. Mean just want to show at. Just stay on the -- And yeah she's a company. Then again. Funny story about nine to five not them the movie this song and it did win the nineteen cannot 1980. As anybody else in the Casey mantra felt and it won a Grammy in 1981. -- Easton remember she Easton song my baby takes the morning train. That song was called nine to five everywhere but the US so and kind of fight has a sister song but it's about the morning train. And not some into the kitchen number five had to go really really old school on this -- get proper respect words do. They song. An idiotic -- you know it on the chain gang here we go Sam cut. Soccer fans. -- -- Working on the staying. Working on the change. -- -- on this thing him. Working on the change. Okay. The sound. On the saying. -- -- You know I. Let me. So what do things on the top but folks are we ready to start every week on Mondays at 1 o'clock talking. Doing business but also have a little fun with that yelled down for that. Are right it's still -- I'm not post that the brand new so tickled to be here loved station -- surroundings -- elect. -- Roz on Frazier here and -- for being with me this is great and we're coming up on our first guest Indian on your best on the express employment our jacks Molly's gonna teach us how to be superhero leaders how to be superhero anything you're gonna wanna. Tapping ended up by key competencies that -- gonna teach us. And we'll be back shortly with Jack's -- stay with me through the break and don't forget to connect with us on our social media outlets. On Twitter at expressed coast. And on FaceBook find the radio show.