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The Radio Dish 3.2.14

Mar 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know yeah. Small but -- yeah when puzzling visual problem when you don't need a hero and yeah. Don't go what -- Paul will be taking your heroes in bombing to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order for the deposits flood brings water heaters and call your blowing -- calling me. -- -- -- It's an important part of planning -- care is no we have options and signature funerals take the mystery on the process owner -- boomer says pre planning is the keys and -- taken proactive approach to -- explaining -- cleaning -- for your vehemently at the end of the -- your family members have confidence they're doing for you we want them to do whether it's cremation -- traditional preparation whether -- -- service -- your read them bring their own church may feel better knowing that this is what you and. Signature funerals dot com. How Darcy here and a fabulous and it this morning at the -- should be you know I just came back from my investment analyst. Gillian Smith and Christina -- and financial solutions and eccentric a plastic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. I like it is this statement and the man recorder now that's too bad you know when -- remember those days. A statement that I didn't understand -- investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those and realized losses mean really less -- on the out. You know exactly when -- on through why can't do well in advance financial he'll be an it help you to. Now at face to face quarterly review I understand all of my investments. We like to retire here we -- and and where my retirement income will be coming from. How much here you I think I -- -- them how to like in touch with them online financial pants down count until the tension. Securities aperture the securities company ink member Cameron's epic. It doesn't kill you. Kind of leave the dishes in the sink and dish about something. It's important to you. And now three chicks who think they ruled that released its ingredients DS. Hey how are you -- radio initiating event ship where he Harry be ready are you ready for this is a great -- -- Blake and Mindy heart Mary McKenna. If I do say so myself and I did at the radio addition to hunt. I feel like we did have -- feeling that I got out of my mouth buckle up and put helmets on because it's going to be one of those red front does -- do your. I know those mere reference because Canadian. Exciting -- Oh they're -- like Michael worlds of fun right yeah all right. But the I man I don't like -- are there to -- -- I'm not -- it's scary I'm OK with anything the songs it does that. Go round and round and round in a circle a C I -- I am just throw my socks you know where you would go around and around. You -- go around and ran an -- Kia went along or are these. Favorites CNN analyst yeah did you know that they are on track to open in the fall of this year and that they have just announced that they can hire 300 people love you IKEA. And of course we love our best his buddy from -- key idea -- is that he's gonna give me credit for that just a fraught. Hello going to be back yeah it seems like you were just share. Yes because -- my home away from home the last time you were here in town you gave assault I'm -- cattle -- we remarked how it was. Similar to having a Sears Roebuck catalog when you were a kid and I -- -- so many pages in fact I'm not sure any of the pages aren't. Dog -- we appreciate that and soon you can see the products in the store. And you have a special -- she didn't come Maloney EU came bearing a store manager. I brought reinforcements indeed I'm pleased to presents rob Parsons who is a -- I've known as they Kiev for more than eleven years. Who'll become the storm answer at -- Merriam. Yeah actually I guess he instruments are now and the store opens on track in fall 2014. Very exciting welcome to the radio dish drop very happy to be here telling you need -- Kansas City. Two and a half months OK now that's sounds like an East Coast accent where you try to come from a New York -- Announced that the sun is stupid when I didn't say you've already acclimated did got a place to stay air is still looking for a house married let's discuss the whole nine yards. Married with two kids in the -- Tom we're all settled already came out here about two and half months ago. To get settled so that I can get everybody kind of transition and a good way. That's that sounds like a great idea because you're gonna have your hands full hiring and NL what. Is the timetable that we're looking at as far as when you're gonna start taking applications. -- another -- people that want to accompany discount. But I get to work their part of yeah that's. And their -- very soon so the recruitment process for management positions begin shortly. We could visit -- dot com for postings. Management positions you would not bring other people from -- stores we do and into events so though the manages our part of the process monitoring on the co workers. The -- steering group for the store essentially is existing -- -- co workers for each functions customer service sales through service. Was just six human resources. But there's about fifty management positions up the store 550 and 50 get on -- just a little bit more you know better just don't look at me just look at -- -- five. The fifty management positions at the store so once -- his immediate steering group -- fill the positions then later in the spring. -- we'll have the full recruitment for the rest of the co worker base. Very cool. And as you mentioned earlier we are still on schedule yes on track for a fall opening. Fall opening we still haven't -- that down like to September or October we tried to get just have to your millions -- during the -- weather's been quite Jones and a all my guys -- no kidding this is not a typical Kansas City winter although the last three winters have been. Atypical so I'm beginning to think that any kind of lenders are winter anymore rob actually had to go to Sweden two weeks -- to get to warmer climate. That's a it's true sad but true well we welcome you to the radio dish looking forward to the store opening from. A 2014. Rob Parsons new manager thank you for joining us thank you great to be here in just a pleasure as always that you're still come back right. Absolutely I I just thought maybe -- meant no more Joseph. No it just means run slowly gaining in numbers to meet with Q3. -- and he's bringing in reinforcements I get it. Think it's amply meet thank you again for being in the radio dish -- clad in -- that there are intact because I need them to get open quick and need to get my kids and started homework. You know -- and we teased you about that and a two years ago with first time we went to Minneapolis went through IKEA. That he was. All taking pictures of everything what we are lower but yet you have some ideas -- -- about the kitchen and I've gone on and done not on my main. And drafting of what it's supposed to look like in what products and you know but appliances everything and got it all planned out I just need then began here. You know. I don't know how many people have this false idea in their hands what I key is because I did. I thought it was just a notch up above cardboard furniture I really did I know I answer yeah I did it and it's it's really great stuff on these. -- and no you don't have to put the appliances together don't -- -- I'm -- -- if you look at anything you really need within your home they're going to have and that's one of the neat things to protect after the story about with my daughter's wedding. We went up there we got all types of the glass where everything that for the tables I say -- ton of money. I mean it was onset and got some great ideas in every room you go through. Authorities designed -- you can go. My cash back as with that Pakistan that's where I get take your notes yeah well and with a 1920s bungalow it's a small kitchen I don't really care to have a very large kitchen because I don't spend that much time in except three days out of the year. But I want it's a nice amenities -- wanted some of the wine -- so one at some of those things that you would CNN upscale. Home in a smaller kitchen and they have the ability to do that and you'll see it used to you'll see some of their items used differently depending on. What room you're in and they have a huge selection -- not just a wind cracks me up well you know multitude disuse for. OK I don't wanna go and commercially here I don't really. I'm excited about the store coming to Kansas help me to I don't get all my birthday and Christmas presents there I mean I got a lot of great stuff. And you know I had the talent I -- to Japan hit a hook up. Yeah everything and now it's an exciting and you know with some nice to see -- a company coming here in hiring people and and you really becoming part of the community that's an IQ really does they do become a big part of your community. One of the great things about that company wasn't the Minnesota location their first store in the US. -- from western I want to give I don't remember I'm pretty sure Lance because I'll be on the site I -- really wasn't on my mantle wasn't on my radar. Until I heard they were coming to Kansas City cast. Out there who -- you when we went up to the Mall of America and I said we gotta go across we got to go to -- And am now I'm kind you're that I can get two guys out there and many said. Where the race suits because you can spend some time. I didn't I didn't -- the right she did not want you don't trying to push as I knew he has nothing to do it says she knew I was -- that day they are. And strange little wheels that they had was shot link they are singular type of wind so its apparent but he is where -- -- current apparent bid circular of the real turnaround plan is a blog just -- -- -- -- -- -- sideways. -- at that diagonal yeah they counted how we ran high and my eight. Every hour on the planet should have these carts now with Mary's involved well then I don't have a little class on how to put. I'll stay in green. I get any music that with a straight face our young -- it was you know I'm not -- you -- You -- you to do everything in nineteen you can have lunch and dinner and that's the bells and her now mongering that's -- you know I have to juveniles were amendments and believe it or not we have more gritting my answer. Road trip. I think and while we only have to go to Mary makes it not that far -- opened yet and they can't wait to people saying when he noticed they are not divulging went to sleep in the fall it tastes. Follow in Missouri is went. It after summer. We more great stuff coming in May and October mister tax man himself Peter -- he'll be stopping by and hope you can stick with this -- -- and be married but say more about square wheels preview this. Experience Latin passion and the story of star crossed lover. -- -- Kansas City symphony presents drug -- Romeo and -- commitment -- will -- time actually 29 and thirtieth after Kauffman center guest conductor perilous Miguel Prado returns for a program that includes price winning young -- guitarist John Young -- performing the most popular by Spain's -- tickets start at just twenty dollars available now -- Casey Tiffany dot -- from Ewing junior march 20/20 ninth and thirtieth the details the symphony on FaceBook or visit Casey simply don't work. Saint Luke's was first to make -- unique issues affecting women's hearts part of a broader public discussion. We created the nation's first center dedicated to women's heart health. Since then we've made it our mission to educate women about the risk factors that lead to heart disease. We invite you to schedule -- heart health assessment and identify your risks and Cole saint Luke's Muriel I Kauffman women's heart center at 8169325784. Crime stoppers has received nearly 128000. Anonymous tips has paid out over one point two million dollars in cash rewards spokesperson lieutenant Kelly -- so as a reward amount is now growing since 1982. The crime rewards has always been up. 21000 dollars -- the -- -- and we made -- decision that we need to increase that amount we decided -- -- -- reward -- up -- 2000 dollars I think -- really exciting people who call crime -- are motivated -- different reasons some people wanna just do the right -- some people wanna do the right thing but if it involves a friend -- family -- they -- to hesitate if they happen to -- struggling having a hard time financially sometimes money can be -- -- we hope to -- over the next few -- -- huge increase in -- -- -- getting criminals off the street and we're getting -- community to be safer if you have information to. Help solve a crime called -- tips hotline at 816474. TI PS. 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Welcome back to the radio this does come. -- compare -- to -- it didn't Mindy I distance telephony -- circular wheel and I was yeah you can't get me out of the united account. Omni directional right well now we didn't. Only did not know that this is something that makes most people break out in the in -- -- some kind of a nervous rash I don't make enough money. To really worry about it but I do I freaked out when it gets to be tax time home I -- and I don't know how this is but. You know I make no money I mean -- I'm just wore the days of being a rich radio person that was in the end it's it's now and yet I still always have to pay I don't know. Well you know what you may not return to the right person and on the phone with us is came BC's Moneyline specialist. Peter -- and you can you can catch Peter show Saturdays from one to three right here and came easy. -- I I collier the taxman -- you're the man to save us all nice to have you Michelle. You know. Let it be with you because obviously it's that time of the year where individuals are going -- you said nuts trying to figure out what to do -- Jason -- We should do we work out a deal that will will put Peter on our show and he'll do my taxes is that he's got a -- That's illegal what I just get -- -- -- out of I'm -- Peter we'll look at the internal revenue -- it's a hundred years old what's your response good bad ugly you know. Don't hold dog down my plans now. Well today as you indicated we celebrated and I don't like to call the celebration commenced -- -- event -- gears of taxation. 1913. Only had sixty commandments. To the government there and at the bottom line is we now tax income it's -- get worse and worse and I mean every year it's another change it's another headache. And to be honest with cabin in this business probably twice as many years you our goal to be again and -- subpoenaed to headache they internal revenue code and are referred to that as the internal revenue code is -- net. It's it's it really is not always -- -- -- programs even the lord in this most income wisdom could not come up with anything more stupid and ridiculous and the internal revenue code. And every year they all add something to it how do you keep it all straight pretty. Difficult to do really difficult internal revenue code is about 80000. Pages long Bob -- at million words. Constantly changing tax cases in regulations coming up literally every single day that's what people get confused. If they knew all the things that they could do all within the law. They would -- left tackle but it's too complicated and you go by the -- same it's you take the same situation attend from prepares to propagate twelve different -- Yeah I was gonna ask you them because I was in your office and you and I were talking about that. You know depending on who's doing your taxes we always assumed that everybody that's doing that news everything that's going on hot or -- and that's. Like that -- the page you're right now is a -- isn't. No in fact is rarely the case I don't care where you go. It's you know like everything else in life you learn by the number of years you're involved with the and to the extent that you laugh or don't want something. You learn by doing practical things and you gotta keep up with the changed since they're constantly -- like for example this past year. We had a major tax bill went was enacted. A year ago and talked about January the first. A year ago if you recall falling off a cliff you remember that don't January 1 we got this tax bill. And -- both years and it had a major effect in the current year. So but there are a lot of good strategies and bow out of summarize let say it's just real quick. In my opinion. We should get rid of this internal revenue code that the honestly -- we had a woman commissioner. A great commission the first one with commissioner ever pretty surely Peters yes I can tell you that this you know a woman definitely that's always better than me. By god. You didn't look that is why we -- -- -- yeah yeah total agreement here so are you let. Are you had to shut the Charlie creation basically -- boss says when it comes to the working our taxation system I've seen the ball. And that experience -- let me just conclusion that we should repeal. The internal revenue could put the commissioner of the internal revenue code after she's. After she's of course retired Washington that they were replacing the current system which groups the Lou the FR percent. Right -- with the flat tax so is Steve Forbes is. Did he have the right idea. No I don't think so at all I think the flag -- -- government it's Phillips. At the flat tax. And that's still requires Internal Revenue Service I'm a believer and a lot of demand in the nation's economists say the same thing in -- consumption tax. You do. When you gonna pay that tax not to. The internal revenue code deciding when you should pay as you spend money you pay taxes. In effect it's printing of clinical that this storm -- product you pay sales taxes do you ever look at that sales tax figure violation particular items. Yeah very -- Yeah Peter Neumann is our guest Peter -- tax time is coming -- the clock is ticking are -- some strategies right now that we should be doing that perhaps were not. Well absolutely and let's first start with senior citizens. One of the most frequently missed tax benefit. That accrues to senior citizens is -- -- but it's made by both Missouri is an instance. And it doesn't even -- in reality it's filing an income tax return and not be required -- which you can get money back immediately is simple example. In this state of Kenyans we have the -- K 48 each. And basically it's sense that anybody. Who has -- -- roughly 33000. Dollars of income which includes 50% of -- security not all -- Is entitled to a 750 dollar rebate from the state of kicking into irrespective. -- whether they paid into the state or not we got a lot of seniors especially generally speaking those in long term care facilities that don't have a lot of income. And they never asked for this money. I see all the power Powell. Senior do you have to be. Yeah. And not really too much aged 65 or older and stated teams in the state of Missouri it's 65 years of age and older I'm. -- -- you made the right move for. Us. But truly in in this state as Missouri. We're talking 65 years and age. In the state of Missouri you can either -- overhaul will be renting either way the state of Kenyans he must inspect -- home. So in the state of Missouri. You can and income as a single individual -- 30000 dollars. As an older he could get up to 11100. Dollars. Barack from the state of -- it's estimated 60%. Of all individuals who qualify. Never ever ask for that money back. Well. Unbelievable -- if if some wants some information obviously they can listen to -- ABC's Moneyline on Saturday from one to three but if they wanna get in touch with you what's the best way to do that. Well they simply called 9133814141. And we're always glad to help violates. Anybody who has a question that's what our radio program for 28 years been all about. All you need to do is called up got a -- questions don't give me your name we'll answer that question any time that you have a question on any. Tax -- of course -- financial planners well but. There's so many great things that can be done. On on taxes to read decent individuals with just. Realized that there to do and don't do this quick. Take a little bit time at that your -- together spend a little time to painful job but do. All right and death. And do with Peter if you want somebody who's in the know we appreciate your time for joining us here at the radio dish have a have a happy tax season mr. know it. Well thank you so much -- glad to be with you and have a good taxis. I'm ready thanks -- comes home and have a good taxis -- -- in that there's no such thing -- a good what of course there's a good taxis and for Peter because that's when he's gonna make all of this money will he is -- it's it's like. He will not -- bloody day between now and any profit only passed them because -- the fun extensions of the goes on and on a good thing. For him yeah it makes little bit it. -- securities what that's called. I don't think -- of he owns his own company so I don't know if he's gonna fire in -- I'd probably not everybody doesn't science that are coming back to you for their needs because they -- those extensions then -- sit there through you know. Com's sister sustainability. You have something that ten. He's proven year after year after year you know identity Texas year after year after and we know that how many of us procrastinate till we get to that point where we panic and go oh -- oh gosh totally different from me this year. I changed jobs in 2013 twitching and the year and -- never got my area. Whatever but to be two of them thank you -- that went and they'll form that they send it and I never got it so I. Contacted debt HR their their -- pretty darn I was like oh my god. The have a website I've always had them snail mail to be re always not to go to little website yet code word now and not condemning it got it. I know isn't technology wonderful this has been around for awhile hesitant yes and -- Is -- -- where -- currently -- on bag epic cart has been around her while tea. You didn't know that hit -- shot and if so Mary both of us are going went -- a lot of companies now. We'll give you the option of having direct deposit are having to put on a debit card. Ray because it's -- straight draw from your bank account shrank in people end up planning at the Democrats keep abilities so they're. Their companies actually make money out of interest in mind and elect me to not doing it yet that. No but the -- positive chart -- -- -- and I Italy and a student that's in Kansas City this started to do them enough I have to -- enough in Texas I wanna pay and banking company whenever. Some more money for the privilege of putting an -- -- or. You don't pay for the it's something you pay for it. Right who pays for them indicating they can't get money out of every transaction need to do with the Democrats won last transaction then I'm gonna pay for okay. Look at somebody who has set paid a lot and -- into the coffers of Kansas City, Missouri and will talk to mr. first Berkeley living legend of sorts in just minutes here to Reagan dished out. 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To the symphony and Casey symphony dot -- It's awards season yes it is Oscars. And you know before you know -- they'll be the People's Choice Awards well in Kansas City. It is also awards season for entrepreneurs and small business owners. And the big awards ceremonies coming up in March march 8 and they are still tickets. I think bigger dot com the web -- you can go to to buy tickets three gentlemen will be honored that evening and they are legends. Not in their own mind but in ours here in Kansas City we're talking. The man who -- is head of -- construction for many many years built and senior Donald Paul. And joining us in the studio today the CEO of attention envelope for many many many many many there's none of many years. -- -- -- -- -- Nice to have you here and and may I say it's an honor congratulations. Thank you very much appreciated and and thank you for all your service that you've done to cancel senate. Now he seem special and and I was told that you just don't really care about although attention but. What you dead along with bill done and along with Don hall back in the day were talking in the 1980s was to develop. On a minority supplier development council. Why was it important and why was it important at that time for Kansas City. Come back with -- in 1986. At that time minority companies did not receive business from majority come these minorities. Sold to minorities but. Around the country there was a strong movement among manners. He -- city governments to get mainstream companies to -- from minorities simply because that would improve the economic health of the metropolitan area. And let me add. At that time my first cousin Dick Berkeley was -- Kansas City. He was a strong voice in the US conference of mayors to increase purchases from Lima -- minorities. Thus he ordered BCA strong movement. Here in Kansas City. Did you get a lot of -- I mean you and and bill and -- went to CEOs and said listen. This is how we need to do it this is how wished me it's got to get done did you get India. Sorry let you know that they slam that door in your face. No it's a very interesting story and I can't cooperation like -- hard to believe. But the problem to put -- in perspective was that the purchase -- -- department and their suppliers. As suppliers who had taken good care of them for years. And they were reluctant change and for good reason for supplier does not deliver a quality product. On time a company's operations could shut down for us. There is a logical reason to be concerned about changing suppliers so. When we had to do those of us that -- minority supplier development council was to column every medium and large sized company in Kansas City. Actually go and see them do -- to accomplish that someone had to go to each company. Sit down with the purchasing personnel and ask if they -- -- to buy from a from a minority. Greg baker. Executive director of the minority supplier development council and Marilu are -- executive assistant started calling on companies. And then. They produce for each call -- call report. Every Monday morning we got together the three of us. To determine what the attitude was -- that company. If the finding was that the purchasing people were reluctant to deal with minorities then. I call the Chief Executive Officer. Explain what we were attempting to do and asked that he sit down with the head of purchasing -- explained that the company does not discriminate. And minority vendors should be given an opportunity. You asked the question. Was there -- I am pleased to report that not a single CEO. Stiff farming there was total cooperation. Re surprised I thought did you expect a little bit of -- push back. They sure did not a and I think about how remarkable it is. I'm not sure in this day and age you can correct me if I'm wrong I'm wrong many times just on the show. It's the people of your caliber. Yours and -- -- seniors and Donald Paul would have taken that kind of time to do that. What are those people in existence in our community today. I'm talking about upper tier CEOs. Yes I believe they're very definitely. On hand and willing to be helpful in the community. I find that there is a real interest in community involvement by CEOs and top executives. Just as there are by so many other people him every company. And in those companies were that is encouraged and there are a number of companies where there are. We see that kind of thing that we visions and then actually carried out in the 1980s. If there's one thing -- and you've asked us to call you -- That you are unhappy about in this day and age what kind of a change would you like to -- not just in Kansas City but in people's mindset. The problem that so many of us face is that we are so concerned about what's happening in Washington DC. If you -- to local answer I don't have a local problem. I think every one know every business executive I talked to and I talked to them around the country. They are very concerned about gridlock in Washington -- that means to business for the future. I would concur in and so -- going to be more difficult as we go along to find people willing to take that time to fill those offices because everybody's got a little skeleton in their closet in the media anymore. Isn't. Pretty happy to go find out what is ha INN broadcast it to every once. Congratulations again -- got a question you know just -- interested to see where we started 28 years ago with this whole process. What has that -- the impact economically on the community over that twenty. Years. I'm so glad you asked that question. Throw -- 98 from 28 years ago 1986. When we were practically zero. And the amount of money that was being spent with minority companies today. It is a 162. Million dollars while that was the report for 2013. And incidentally. That is just those companies that report there -- few companies which do not for various reasons so it's over 162. Million dollars today. That minorities. Are receiving from majority companies. That is -- something to be proud absolutely what a legacy. You're quite correct that this is prudent but in and I won't tell you if you ask me to -- ask how -- -- -- I am ninety years old oh that's awesome. Compared to ninety years young absolutely youngest and -- thank you thank you for being here with this today and the radio dish you two are really lucky to have been. Here in Kansas City along time I bush and not made up from Kansas City and I was very young when -- moved to Kansas City so. I had no idea. Even who he was an answer -- so glad to know this part of the history of kinda curious and attention on below. Who he has been I guess it may be can still isn't sure right it's the CEO of the company wouldn't think making more. I -- to. It needs and wants tungsten corporation now second thing they do a lot of different things and you know they don't make. And I know that it was very you know he obviously said there are a lot of CEOs that are out there that are doing the same -- things from these men were cut from different -- Amazing people I agree on that gun involved in issues of the minority aspect of attack -- got involved in charities got involved really helping build Kansas City. And other times we don't have a chance to look back and say thank you to themselves. You know I think this award that they're getting well deserved an end. Long time coming. Yeah down I think a bigger dot com and you can buy your tickets there and there are still some tickets available for the marsh ATP event. On I think we need to encourage people to take a and lesson from this -- -- to try to get involved in your community will be back in minutes it's Darcy Canadian. Hearing from you and police blame for months humble and know Hollywood reporter today on the radio dish. If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement income on track joined Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the -- BC business channel 1660 AM equal share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot -- that's Dave Thomson dot net and be -- listen every Friday morning at 930 today -- it's your money on the KM -- business channel 1660. AM. 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It's time for this week's Hollywood can play -- Kristin Hersh. Well it's unfortunate for you. Christian convert could not make it on the show today she is not slacken off -- she's got the Oscars she had a fitting. She had a fitting and it's it was between two dresses and she still says she can't say who it is that they're very secretive about that kind of stuff -- your designer dresses and that's why and everything you have to be a size zero or two she she's wearing a sample dress from a design house Saturday and they only come. The samples inside his zero and two. Mine so we hate her brother and not turn up and -- on Saturday went the envelopes that they open man -- 200 dollars apiece. It'll say rip yes why why why I would baby that's the original there there's gold literally gold paper and all -- -- Just get a security on -- I mean who cares report that -- -- and I conceded only once again and because they have like five I think that that are produced and the winner gets to keep one. And a Chris Chris -- -- gets to keep one child not came Dyson. The return of the dresses and stuff I did see a little thing one of the magazines or talk about some of the designers and and how -- address everybody can -- pumps on when it -- much -- to ask her about this when when she comes back. On the they've put it a big. Black scarf around their face as it could address is on them to -- here they've done their make up. And they -- demonic so the dresses don't get make -- -- -- this course these. Have to be back wearing the one alassane educationally. He never stick their finger in between as they sit ups of the doubts about the started to dress and she said that's where we had a break in the -- She said oftentimes. We send address back. That's had a mistake made to -- she says sometimes a designer. While actually have been there and they'll be selling them -- just to get the men dressed so we can into the trash yes because a -- not a and it takes hours upon hours upon hours in this -- that was really interesting so. Well defined -- if they do rape to -- -- issued. Meaning they are these are not come dressed because I was have that white dealer it's like look. It's hard to hi -- black dress. You know I -- clear. Up I know let's get. Busy here and Christians on here we're just out of control Entertainment Tonight recently announced that they would no longer be using an authorized paparazzi pictures of children celebrity children yea -- you know People Magazine. Is going to follow that same guidelines. Double yea I think that's awesome we don't hear awesome stuff like that from Hollywood very often capped a circuit I have some awesome news was sent. Eric Burke survey. Is -- Dancing With The Stars are you don't like her -- I don't -- interviewing skills leave a lot to be desired but -- their replacing her with is Aaron Andrews just on the shelf she was she's tall blonde she is a stand. A sportscaster football and -- exactly so presumably she has better interviewing skills will say. -- it's not like it's been needy setting man. Do you know how do you know you -- -- expansion. How difficult was it to do that really don't call OK but the real neutralize their whether green areas because they think they're gonna -- a larger young male crown only ask you to show. They seem some of the professional dancers and -- yeah we're on the shelf that's not enough to draw a young male crowd hello -- male workers forgot that -- would get American on a course that's all started up again. And I I don't think this'll come as a huge surprise but at what point you finally decide that you're paying your judges too much. The -- would actually end up losing a lot of money because the judge's salary. This -- made billions of dollars in profits it has every single year it's actually lose money this year. TZ says. That's -- again gonna rent for the first time because of what their pain Jennifer Lopez gets. North of fifteen million dollars Ryan Seacrest is giving that same amount and and they spent between five and seven million dollars on a new cent this year. On the show -- five million dollars on your viewer phone calls so when you bone and to vote -- that -- it's five million dollars they're pain in the tenth for some of that stuff they have never heard of and that. Yeah I mean it's it's unbelievable centers showed that he file Keith -- I am the judge I'm sure he doesn't make anywhere near that I don't really doesn't care. Now he probably doesn't that -- he's recommending to make money sell an interesting Katy Perry. And John Mir did they break up again do we really care -- again. I just wonder -- the I'd wanna put up that morning to a young women of Hollywood. When you date John Mayer just think about who he's already been witness any if you can count that high continued need to rush. Oh he's been through as many women is John number strain has undated. Hot hot hot hot hot or possibly what goes on with that the shades of her I know Ryan snow for DC is a great. Is due out in the movie theaters Valentine's Day 2015 just when he met out. But they have that kind of join the ranks of some of the books that are out there this trilogy units by IRA Harry Potter sweet smelling -- 100. Million. In sales well. -- have all three I have yet to read the third in the trilogy could -- play a child I got bored with it at that point how many times can you spank simply -- -- up up up up up up. Read the third what can you find that that's the Hollywood -- -- Furstenberg. On the radio this. And good. Time for the dirty dishes bounty by the mop bucket at age twelve armour road North Kansas City from soaps come to the amassing your bathroom get -- sparkling clean with a cell phone can discipline works. From the mop bucket at the mop -- dot com. Yeah. Yeah. You know he really does -- you talking about tomorrow. The mop bucket two we just had a big major church cleaned -- where everybody all hands on deck and we sat on the pews and I don't know what the people in the back row on the right hand side still how. I'm -- -- did but we took care but things Q mop bucket. Cookie monster the start things that could've been socialists so much more different then you remember as a childhood that a child excuse me. In fact it sometimes. It almost looked. Completely and totally out of place it's like why would you ever do that like cookie monster. Was green and was supposed to eat electronics. Like toasters and blunders -- the -- -- that -- he was originally known as the -- steeler. Green pepper. And a mouthful sharp teeth now that sounds a lot like Oscar the Grouch. So maybe Oscar was not to be cookie monster I don't know but I think cookie monsters she is for cookies. Is -- just the way he is institute a sponge Bob square pants. Was supposed to be -- boy in the senate and be sponge boy a hole. So a couple of games already be used for a mop. -- -- -- month I think Kerry's sponge boy -- -- the name was changed because now they just Lawson a huge marketing B Hines bunch -- chips -- Now -- -- twinkies are back on the shelves yes. Did you know that originally. Twinkies had a banana cream filling but yeah. I would have never tasted the -- I hate -- I'm -- banana flips so that would be -- now would be the kind of a banana flip play now why did what did they change when it was not bananas. Apparently there was a shortage of opinion as in World War II. And what goes along with this Sutherland three musketeers bars they also came in Manila. And strawberry. But they discontinued. Those two flavors because of shortages. During the world or well you know everybody I think knows and loves Hawaiian punch. It was supposed to be an ice cream topping. Not a beverage there was a Leo's Hawaiian punch and it was intended to be a syrup to put on ice cream. But apparently they drop Leo's and then they just decided to make it in a drink staple for can't slaughter didn't have to buckle. As well on the Delaware would -- should I pay -- back in time a little bit to the -- excuse. Me and eighties. It was never intended to be a puzzle or be able to be solved and I really yes it was intended to be kind of an unsolvable. And it was just he was just interested in making it be able to twist all these different different directions minimum insanity can make money -- I don't think I ever even got two -- Correct I'd expect to stop preachers go flying. I feel the little things on that he could make it on the other semi custom I do that and I would -- she I got -- -- like. Much as four years older and -- -- concern in put back together you break it apart yeah. We just and it's called cheating and hello yeah those taken stickers Hounsou who's so down. -- -- an monopoly monopoly monopoly still do that was really supposed to be teaching their about the ills of monopolies. And originally called the landlords game and -- in murky that it didn't work at all we get some fun stuff coming up here in the Kansas City area we do of course. Mary you've got to thinking -- Tony Bennett a 2525. On March 8 hump we have time in March 6 the grand Marshal celebration for a sneak Saturday yes and then on -- that day at 1 o'clock we still need and census of two days. -- for the Latin -- to contest that could ethnic Saturday dot com and they command on the fifteenth in China's for the parade move on I think all of our guests including -- Berkeley and Peter Neumann and our friends from Nike owned their great love -- to and of course don't forget to join us on FaceBook we have things we talk about all the time and of course follow us on Twitter you never know what tantalizing things we might have so we'll see you next week it's Mindy -- Mary and you with a reading of this stuff. Care provided by Robert McCain now with the new lady looks a lot in Westport and damn -- good on radio.

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