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Entrepreneur KC Radio 2.25.14

Feb 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the started universe -- have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and do receive better visualize they had -- been very clear about it money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry startup. College and -- plug in and turn on -- -- Casey. Your voice more entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made with your host Jason -- Thought Kansas City and welcome to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host is Jason drill folks are having a great week hopefully the weather will get warmer again. Here it's been very cold lately it's kind of stinks but -- hopefully will. Albright you're dale little lit up with they unbelievable show today we have this is probably one of the best shows. I think. Just wise we've ever had on the on turner Casey shown almost a year and a half. You on the show today we're gonna have Katie Miller the founder of the cautioned. She's been featured on as tonight's show which was pretty awesome BCA Casey startup featured on a national show and on different avenues like the early show and has a very successful company and I wanted to doctor but obviously she's a dog lover. And her company has grown very quickly so Katie will be on our show in the first segment in the second segment. We are going to you have John Cook the CEO and president of the amount and John mole -- The director of marketing services. -- and our second segment today they're gonna talk. All about the company obviously it's one of the the best digital advertising and really on media digital media and all around marketing companies in the world they've expanded greatly and really going to be excited to talk to them about their growth what they do in the community we're gonna get into. To Ted. The ten accident they're gonna have some exciting news on when that will be in Kansas City. And really given the culture of the company and talk about some of their exciting new projects. I didn't know this but now they do all the work for. And the Premier League which isn't in London and England and they also will be announcing some. A new clients on the air today that are are pretty day and so. Very very lucky to have them on the air today we're gonna have them on the second segment. Amid try to convince him to stay for the third segment and both hopefully both John -- in John mobile Blige because I think there's a lot of interesting things going on at. The ML and obviously in Kansas City having -- as their base we're very proud of them as they've grown and it's it's it's a very it's an honor and a pleasure to have the CEO of of one of our best companies and studios Wallace John Bolton of the director of marketing services. And finally really really big get for our show we will have on our final segment. Rebecca suffer in the head of media relations in programming at SXSW. Film. And south by sports. We will have a on the line from Austin's SXSW starts on March 7 thing goes through the sixteenth. I know a lot of people from Kansas he'll be going down I went down last year was an amazing event and obviously the ML have a lot of stuff going on there as well. But on she is an interesting story she came from Los Angeles where she was publicists and now basically is. A running all the relations program for SXSW. Film and recently constructed these south by sports. I'm targets and big names in the sports world the will be giving presentations and there'll be happening. During the interactive so if you're going down their for interactive. You wanna check out the south by sports there's -- -- a lot of big names and within those and how that whole thing kinda came to be and our fourth segment today so it's very exciting. Lot of power players on the show today if you missed any of our shows you can find the McCain BZ dot com. There's a link to all the podcasts of prior shows which keep posted. -- the day following our show life and then also you can connect with me on Twitter at Jason grill. And -- on turner Casey. Appreciate you connected me on there and also on FaceBook app on turner Casey. Radio. Thanks for sending me great ideas and great future guests and you know we really like to highlight new and emerging companies in Kansas City and throughout the country so. Delve further -- let's get into our first segment. We have Katie -- like the founder of the Paul -- in studio. Arcadia aria and doing good thank you to ask you for being patient there as -- -- on the rundown of the show I'll. In time I appreciate you coming in today obviously. We met. Not a year ago I guess yes you very active with the entrepreneurial community here in Kansas City with. Production in the median and video worker right yes I also worked for outlets worldwide a Kennedy did the whole series of startups meaning Kansas City that's right an end the radio shows on there and oh yes we are very thankful to have that on there and that doomed them working guys and on that show was great I think it does look great sound great things you. You know -- you know if you ever need to -- amino. Well I ask him questions and maybe you know at some play on that show it's very good show so thank you keep that in mind but today. We are talking about you're other company that you started. And I mean obviously have been very active and it's called the Paul lost. You can find more information about it at the Paul washed dot com. Tell us about kinda how he got involved with this and what. It dust it. Well I first invented the Paul wash when I was twelve years older and adventure I I. I am sorry I didn't say that you know you try and get -- I was twelve years old and is my sixth grade science fair project. Well yes so like a lot of kids I didn't know what I was gonna do a solid another assignment. But I always had the daily tour of cleaning my dog CDs -- And a group of cutting your dog or small the date she has allowed German shepherd mix al-Qaeda. Mean -- that have the whole thing with small dogs big dogs you know oh yeah I love them both but yes she's a big white lab that. Would run off all the time -- is in the field and get it completely money and you're you're you're here in the in the country at this point yes I was a group and -- -- OK I've heard that the does found. Decider knows easily later on Foster CU you've Burton sixth grade and this is the science project exactly and down. After -- is tracked in the mud I thought it instead using hoses and buckets and beach towels to try to cleaner. I can't invent something intent fix that problem and use it for the science at Boca and the lower you -- your family thing in. Well my family's always been really supportive -- I first thing is using like two goals and trying to LA. Keep them together and things like that and then my father and I went down to the barn and got PVC pipe that's the original one is made out of PVC pipe and we used it and I sat actually looked at -- -- Katie. This worked you know you get this talented so. It's you know he went through that process for you -- been great still so when you did that are middle schools middle school I had it. I want to Catholic school is a -- yeah I I it's all the same to me of the Ayatollah. So -- did that and then when did you actually certainly. I selling. Selling it would be the first time was active blues spurred senator fest they do Leon. After -- process of you know getting manufactured and all the different prototypes we finally had her final product. -- and we just went out there to see you know how it would sell it that would sell only unit so selling like a hundred. And just like a fighter fest that he's you know we got really excited and Alice probably my age. I would say sophomore year high school man. Yes. So that take its suit I mean you're obviously very young person I'm. Yeah I guess strays but a year year -- I believe you're in your twenties he had to -- there I -- I think -- there is so on tickets from that to where you are today. And that point I mean. While I was quite the journey we had many ups and downs o'clock entrepreneurs. Plenty of being -- -- have held us back but we always pushed forward my dad and my mom and my sister really supported me movement in any without their financial -- it's so it started business in getting -- at twelve years old you don't have money to start a company per say -- So they were really my. My backbone and the way to move my product forward. And it. I looked to your website obvious I don't have a dog but I have a lot of friends that have dollar it's obviously a promote this because if you nobody likes. Dirty floors threading your house and Gannon in one Nazi you actually have. Three different sizes these large polish come with a small polish combo and the paw wash Mitt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the make me sold separately as well but. It works better if it all comes together in one piece. The head doesn't you have video appear that kind of shows you what it actually doesn't hide it you know it's in the most effective culture. Tell me about. You know as a -- person myself an entrepreneur. One of the things that is this is tough is coming going on -- nationals. -- and you seem like two million you been featured on a lot of local TV stations yes but also on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno who is now. Retired but he's -- and here intensity. I think next week and with the ought to show with them children's mercy so he's still. Working hard lack anybody and you were on the early show I mean you've been on the other national shows how does that happen than not foreigners prior to simulate like wow I. Any idea on. The Tonight Show was. Literally to be on as a surprise is the latest three Justine in this and we need to we have -- that dogs that are well aware. -- any reach out to me I had no I did. It was gonna be on the show oh well yeah we sell through Amazon all right. And that's on their producers who -- leader had gone through and tried to find some the most ingenious pet products. And had seen it and bought one in music and then I had a friend Colin from Florida going. -- I was like 39 that he. I flip to it and sure enough we were on the act that is -- -- and then they were on the early show it to you yet and I CBS on that came through on and it going to trade shows. -- got picked out by one of the producers as well as the top ten. Best products from that -- -- went in so did you a lot of the straight chose you out usually get a three year we go into global pet -- in Florida. It takes actor backer in Chicago and then -- -- -- So has that been effective for you this church's yes on this year alone we opted out not to go to Florida though we are gonna go to super zoom that's my favorite it's huge and you need a lot of connections and -- does your with the whole room of entrepreneurs still and you get their advice and you give advice and it's good networking area. So if you have a good product it's it's really helps out to current national and yeah I agree this so. I mean how many of these have you made over the years to mean six -- like out of thousands and -- and. We're just getting our next shipment of our small all options were down two. A couple hundred left so that's exciting and it should be here next week. Did you start off with a one. One product thirty alleys are Alice one prototype and we kept tweaking it for a couple years until we got the exact design that we like the bass and the Tampa plastic like the -- So. How much time do you spend on the polish I mean is it still -- -- pretty well at machine at this point no decision yet. As it's Carolina I getting to spend more and more time on it -- were really pushing up the social media aspect of it. I also work for outflows of nursing company and across -- yeah and the custard so I do that is well so. I do both and then on to renew or you do. Many you are never had -- some people understand and I try to tell people every day like you do we're got Blake at a big company here where we have grown businesses we work exactly where entrepreneurs we. We if someone's gonna make pay us money to buy the -- -- we're gonna do it right yeah I it. I just do a bunch of different things and that we have on one full time personally -- do have a full time yet it just. Hired -- about a month ago with. I'm very cool now I'm excited exits announces the crowd to I don't take the spotlight here but I have to say we hired to -- -- -- wanted. All you have done a lot of the sales experience in managing so -- things -- it's always it's -- scary. You have a full time around NASCAR has. It's I mean literally -- -- -- to make sure you're taken away money. Down the road that yet to been on the benefit of the person -- nonstop on that project exactly that's congratulation so you know about a minute left on. Katie tells about how people can connect. With few and with the product. On the you can go to our website and daddy daddy -- adopt the -- plush dot com we have a word prestige that. Is kind of more like a daily blog of kind of what we're doing and where we -- Our face that pages just Apollo auction and we have updates steely and Twitter is that underscore -- underscore wash. And we just keep those updated all the time and I love comments and I love to hear from people so. They also have. Your retail locations listed your media your process the journey you've been on. And -- views on how the Nepal wash works and obviously you rule but people retired John wholesale. Of course well Agricole will Katie Mueller and thank you for coming on the show progress higher success you've been entrepreneurs in sixth grade and we're very proud you're in Kansas City so keep of the new work thank you -- -- the support in Kansas City and we continue to grow very cool well we appreciate coming -- -- sunrise will be right back on the entrepreneur TC so it's John Cook and John -- health from the amount central us. Welcome back to the art turner KC show I'm your host Jay seeing growth. Great first segment today and we have a very exciting show coming as well down the on the pipeline we have in Syria right now we have. John Cook the CEO and president of the ML and John mole hill the director of marketing services for. The ML one of the most successful companies in Kansas City and throughout the country and now I guess the world as well because -- expanded and greatly the last few years but one allotment of Michelle thanks for ravenous thank yeah thanks for being here I'm. You know I really kind of wanted to start out because there's this you as a grown so fast. A lot of people obviously are aware of the name. I really wanted to kind of talk about what Joseph actually do -- the -- I know it's digital media -- -- -- -- it's much more. So John Cook why don't we just start reviewing cutting your listeners to stay. You know elevator pitch if you will about what you do and how you help people against sitting throughout the country each. Her yeah no it first of all we're still trying to figure out what we do you -- -- they. You're joking about this morning what is -- we do know is it simply it's it's it's were and a -- different things at the heart of BM now -- that started as a as a marketing company people who love marketing and we got really digital over the last ten years has been one of the keys to growth. But you know I think it I would I would I would think that's a little limiting just -- of digital marketing company I think we're just take -- amazing marketing company that happens to. To really have a good understanding that digital channels then and then how replied at the overall marketing ecosystem but but yeah hopefully everybody. Who myself that it's -- you know got into because of marketing weapons -- technologist over the creative and so -- -- I hope were amazing marketing company then you've been there for quo while. I think -- -- just -- eighteen years eighteen years as a month they were you went from account manager to CEO that's like. It's telling you if you hang around long enough of the pick this up somebody's got to Vizio. Yeah yeah yeah. Now I guess is still a time it's been great. And you your background -- -- journals and yeah once you and is there really did you I have to point out that that's why John is the successful -- -- -- to go to the zoo or which hopefully. Not a word. You know the main thing NCAA tournament this year -- we I had had this quick -- we had them. About twenty kids from the university Missouri journalism school visit our London office this week -- a big day long thing there but this is pretty cool full circle. Feeling it is to -- company you've been part of the school we -- meeting in London. And it just like what this is the school lunch scholars from the University of Missouri obviously they're -- we're. -- for product is pretty rather -- and they are just like in depth so circles a John jumbled. -- also about what you do at the company and we -- -- with chair what are my key roles as director of the the Immelt foundation. So we were lucky to have days employee funded nonprofit Sunday. Foundation and in now and more than 75% of our employees pitch in a little little money with every paycheck and the money goes into a big pooled resources and then once month. The -- decide how the money spent so it's really -- -- to aspect to kind of employee like that in now menu now you're throughout the whole country as well -- you do all this for though we are yes foundation covers all of our offices on what was that like what satellite because you know we have a culture in Kansas City. We'll get into culture regulator in the office but. Having so many employees. And how do you kind of round developing get them on -- well you know I we have that we have about 550 employees here in Kansas City and another 500 and other offices around the United States and really a lot of our kind of traditions employee traditions -- emanated from Kansas City -- Those of kind of organically spread to other offices throughout the US and and now globally. And it really helps because you know there's kind of change offices all the time it's one of the cool things about having a beer companies that. You know you can dear tell you spend time -- in on -- -- -- and at Seattle or new Yorker answer one of our other offices so the culture kind of goes with them -- billion dollars kind of spread out so that's kind of a cool thing. Yeah I I every time posted on social media this morning about this and bug. I had about three people comment personally a private message on FaceBook like a lawyer with those guys see if I can get a job with him -- I got trailer drove a and I think -- girl and Heather they're very obviously culture is very good and that's really important. When you're talking it about. Tech jobs in marketing jobs and advertising I mean. That's when things it's becoming more. Important employees and whatnot that John -- What did you -- your start I mean and you come out of more of civic space well I I'm not a -- you grab and I'm and any fan all the glamour Ryerson university -- -- we got there I there's no way a what does slew underground which by the way we're in the top ten basketball with my friends are still doubters them endlessly play anyone but -- I'm ready I'm really excited hopefully for the Indian in the same breath -- K you and for salute to BK units are in doubt that would make fun and exciting night here. But I had a whole series of different types of jobs and I did trade show management for quite awhile for sprint international division which is kind of a fun experience and we do so many events in the NL it was great great experience that I pull through to what I did today it's now. Does that's got my back I went -- -- very dedicated to Kansas City Council early charitable. With your. Your involvement with different organizations your neighborhood and I've done some some grassroots political work in the past is well and now we've got -- left I don't have a -- -- -- got out of that space and I had DR -- had a guy yesterday John it's a -- message a -- sector and AM. He's running for judge in northwest Missouri he wanted some PR help for media open like. It's so. After -- -- because -- just sell holds out in with first of all I'm against judges running for office. 90 that's against our communities that. The man it's. It's funny once you start thinking about he didn't back in it's like you know things are bad where they are yeah. Yeah I don't blame you -- -- yeah at all. So on so John Cook talked to us about kind of an eight travel on. With the company and yeah I've -- you in airports before you married there but. What -- where we you know where you explaining I mean houses houses really ground because it's not just look locally nationally it's now gone international. And -- have offices across the country think it's become. Yeah yeah I mean I think that -- the interest -- to me as we've spent a lot globally last five years so. Most recently and China we as a couple hundred people in China in Poland in Japan in South Africa all last year's is a very busy year. Have all that global globalization of our brand -- -- the most recent thing as a place he'd. Wouldn't expect that's Kalamazoo Michigan really actually just acquired a company called Biggs Gilmore. In Kalamazoo it's about a 150 people in Kalamazoo and you'd say why Kalamazoo and it was a a really good thing for us we're one of our larger clients as Kellogg's we do all the digital work for Kellogg North America and what do you agencies we competed with a lot for that business was big skill mourn their base twenty minutes from Kellogg's home base in Battle Creek, Michigan did so by teaming up making and having them become VM now we had a lot of great resource amazing company we added. In added a foot piece our footprint that's twenty miles from Mars climate and so it was really -- -- just interesting to me of all the globalization. Or maybe the most important thing we've done is is expand Kalamazoo Michigan of all places. Antenna that's today that's critical I've never been there before. Missed you know enough you have had a bit alike. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That have yet to put as a as a better positioned to do better work for a agree client but now we're not. I think you'll see a slowdown and acquisitions that we really do everything we Desmond first very specific piece of geography that we feel like we have that geography now will there will be some things that happen and we did you like to be in Russia we might be in Mexico. A great group of entrepreneurs that want to. Russia and march. -- the coffin foundation and some other entrepreneurial groups in Kansas and Missouri for a global congress that got invited self apparent they're going to be in Moscow march. Haven't sky. -- -- -- -- we've -- about one degree -- we don't they must warn that we were word word we're of this now growing with what we have once we do that some. We're able guys thanks for coming into the show -- a minute we're gonna go into a commercial break here in the grass for the next segment. We'll get in the kind of culture kind of what to do with the -- as many Kansas City and -- here -- you have going on in the house. We expect an entrepreneur TC show with John Cook and -- bill from the -- -- -- Welcome back to youngster can see shop here post Jason -- We decided to bring Iraq back the Johns for this next segment of the show -- -- so great in the in the second segment where -- we brought him back for the thirds and we have John Cook the CEO and president of the ML. And John Maloney director of marketing services and you know here. We just scratched the surface -- first before you gonna wanna. Congratulate you on winning a top awards at the AA FTC Annie awards and John -- you were named advertising professional of the year. Brought some hardware Hamas did hit us. All the creative guys get to our -- my -- my wife mattered advertising she's in our directory -- creative director it was fun she's got. A stack of those from earlier in her career is finally nights ago and got my mountain now and then they had -- he'll never catch up with me these speaking of old time media and the key is these are they had a whole section of the winners. Yeah I was -- -- -- this Sunday newspaper so I was very nice so was nice and it's obviously well deserved recognition of his fun night. On let's talk about -- that jumbled because you are we've talked about this when we last met bit. -- this is become a big deal in Kansas City and throughout the country I'd never early and heard about -- except for one video I saw with a guy from India. With computer fingers like drawn maps on walls like -- years ago yes and then you all had the big event -- -- very involved with pat on -- performing arts and yes it's easier on August I've been twice now. But now it's kind of my first interaction with attentiveness and now it's it's grown obviously. Continues here rather it's amazing so that. The national ten organizations that holding conferences on California for 29 years. About six years ago today they were trying to find you know way to kind of further the brand and so they introduced but at the time was an experiment called ten acts. And the idea was that community's committed committed bid for a license to stage a tent like event in their community. So when that call went out six years ago there's -- the amount is really kind of totally immersed in tad Michael anger and he. He submitted for a license immediately. And that was granted a license for FedEx Kansas City. So we we started a whole staging these annual events originally they were at the Nelson Atkins museum of art which is a great partner and in fact still partner with us on that program there. And we outgrew your space and right as the Kauffman center for the performing arts open. We needed more space it was a perfect marriage that we've been there for two years and this year than the show. Will be on Saturday August the ninth. It's the first time we don't want on the weekend and allow us -- time they're kind of provide more networking opportunities during the -- so it's not just a one direction with with Ted talks and and musical performances will be more -- -- is denying them life. And that's that's breaking news here I. That. How many more of a party so you guys have great speakers it is and then obviously have great partners as well on in the coffin -- was involved last year yes with the event how do you go about like finding these the town of people that speak well luckily you know we have. Via email is is the presenting sponsors and we have people kind of out. All are all over at different conferences around the United States though we have people kind of scouting for potential speakers throughout the year. And all those kind of recommendations -- funnel -- to Michael anger and in these guys -- curator so and it's it's a pretty involved process and tell it's a tough ticket to get him. You know you and a -- authentication and ever since people that not -- -- all right Tony well. Anyway so there are guys I think its cola cup tickets you know gotten the it sells out in minutes. And you really -- find you wanna find a present or his proven and who who who you know hasn't its ideas were sharing that's the -- -- -- you want somebody who has proven -- not yet that kind of numbers on the national stage so you want the Kansas City ten X experience but kind of a discovery if you if you candidate. As it's got more popular -- you're looking to sell on that states have come companies -- You know native -- -- but it's a little bit of an angle for the company we really have to watch out that it's not not the intention Ted I think it's it's it's it's our job -- -- licensees have to protect the integrity. Of it being about -- expression of ideas and hand yeah that's that's part margin up to notice that there are never so I got a -- on that too. But I watch more videos now because of the experience against India -- that room like. Pain and I am pretty ambitious -- man. As far as your life now. I and a these people they're just incidentally an inspirational night vetted than you do leaves you feeling like what am I didn't remember I was so I was at the press out of watching football afternoon -- I was and yeah I changed world the abscess it's. There really is a great event if if if people that are listening haven't been in the rankings the city. Wolf first often beautiful space which obviously -- and actually last year we had not only the -- hall is falsely about thirteen hundred people there who had another thousand people. Next door and Muriel Kauffman -- so. Technically -- -- now stays the largest ten event anywhere in the world so it's kind of bragging -- for Kansas and a lot of -- -- this means that yes Sydney -- 12200 last year and they -- they were all the Sydney Opera House and we were kind of the split were still on the same venues -- -- capital fund kind of back and forth with -- August and I so -- -- does a great -- next -- my birth apparently a -- -- -- seventy by the informal listening. You're 35 will be hitting media inching that they'll be -- birthday per share. But on the case so we got that going on on. Wanna talk to you about at the culture -- your company because that's one of the things that I know a lot of people look for now and finding a good match. Both employers and employees and in a lot of people have mentioned you guys. Have done really well for cultural aspects of the company said John took on -- talk about how. You guys are focused on that why it's important. Yeah I think there's there's like any company a lot of things we do that are you know. Fun asked certain that things and things and our culture -- -- that some you know between social events and and if they think that they can actually be defined as a culture I think the cultures actually. Do something bigger than that and when your company's been around 22 years. Things can seem like their sacred are really working and it's. They the best thing we've -- -- said nothing sacred and if we're hiring if we're growing and that means we're bringing a lot of perspective of the company from lots of people who have been lots of great places that were hiring right. I think we've done a good job of saying let's not be too sick -- too precious about what we have let's do. Continuing to use the perspective all the growth by bringing the ideas -- has come there. And when you when you it's a liberating concept because. I think Tennessee is to have to really hold on to some. Something is literally as a way same way it was fifteen years -- or different and we were and if as long as we keep the principles that we are built on terms of being you know having fellowship and community and sharing and being gracious for your time and generous. Being thankful those kind of things are core values the form it takes. Can manifest itself so differently with with with new people there at the amount that's then I think we're most proud of a flexible cultures that and then and that's that's in I think maybe you know. People of the militant stay at him now while it's because I hope people feel like they can make an impact on where company goes next. So we just when we're company that was based in Kansas City a lot of people said you know I'd love this I'd rather be more national and so we just did that. Just when it became that would love to be more global and there was any rule books that you had a -- it was our company would be better if we do -- of people put their mind to it and got that perspective and that's just as are examples of people having an impact on the type of company rearm and that's that it gets a -- of -- culture of the fund the parties and things like that come out of that. Per share and we're talking about them than the last segment about the foundation yeah so. That also brings people together. It does without -- -- it's it's funny and we talked about the financial aspect but that's only part of -- I mean we really the -- and now it's like culture of giving back so. We do an amazing amount of pro Bono work for community partners and then. The the kind of element that we we really try to foster's volunteer opportunities though -- -- for helping somebody out by making a financial donation. That's not that's really not enough we really wanna have people on site to see what's happening at that organizations are really between pro Bono. Work volunteerism and financial contributions -- feels it's more holistic approach the and it it it just brings the team together I don't think hasn't yet seen the photos and -- -- NC on social media and you always have very active individuals at ten or. You know you're gonna habitat for humanity are these are the candidates and our visitors via ML has an all in mentality when people kind of take on a challenge -- there -- and on. And I think it's a good sign when you can't tell your and a community activity your social activity when they're all become one of the same year have as much fun doing something in the community as you -- Christmas party -- assignment and I think John John's been the leader of that that mentality let's let's not call this one of the other it's all part of one. System Gregory well until that point we have with two programs have -- -- right now we're very involved in the shape to save program which is citywide initiative where people. Raise money than had they have their heads shaved in memory or honor somebody who's who's battling cancer and emails in part of that since they -- with the American Cancer Society locally and it all the money goes to help fund hope lodge. A residential facility for people who don't have a place to stay when they can intensity for cancer treatment. And ten billion dollars or -- there's a series of events that happened this time in the air and and everybody has a great time and it's for a great cause and it's just a great example of you know this everybody contributing -- Guys talked about. The your clients didn't you work with I mean I was on your website and I was prepping for the show and I was. The very excited to see that you guys are working with Premier League I had no idea how it's like. Hero an argument with my friends on a -- -- about soccer the other day or about something and I had no idea that. You guys are doing their third but cited social media and digital platforms offer. Pretty big entity they can never married at -- -- not a big Liverpool fan bottom. That's pretty -- means you really are working with big huge brands that also -- you know you're working with -- the middle middle sized companies as well not -- big -- -- -- just about some of the really exciting clients and you mentioned -- -- John about more with Nashville's well. Yeah yeah I get yeah I can -- I think Q what you bring -- ago when the Barclays Premier League. You know I had just it's it's nice to be company based here in the heartland beauty. Agency for that he does a subpoena league gets to so world dominance especially throughout Europe and the same time I think it's needs that the same agency were now just got named as the the agency to build the new digital platform for US soccer. -- that just happened a couple weeks ago until now you know really exciting time so we really are coming they suck. FO the world we are just that you know that's just at the stadium out -- -- -- bit also. With the US soccer I mean I think eventually it'll probably will browbeat others that I would imagine I elementary yeah but that's great -- -- -- thanks it's it's just a nice set a world copyright World Cup here yeah exactly but we -- Some of the brands we work we do a ton of work for Gatorade they're based in Chicago abortion -- that around the world so Gator is get a big play into. The World Cup and chancellor involved with that Kellogg's we do all the work and it's nice to have these brands in Kansas City you know in some iconic brands like special K and you know pop tarts and all these brands that al-Qaeda or are -- brands Diego Simeone and Miller caught -- Miller course they do work for and for Coors and Coors Light we do world one of our most exciting -- turnout is Wendy's we view. Ton of work for them and that was one of the ones who won a lot of awards for the other night. -- Colgate-Palmolive. As a longtime client. We are right we work with those are the supreme brands exciting one that we sort of worth a year ago was we won the business to do all the tourism. All the work for the convention and visitors bureau of the city of Nashville -- and the exciting thing is to some did have a documentary about Nashville that aired on ABC. And then and now it's there on the BBC. And it was kind of nice example of they want and add a web site and a you know and the TV spot we said you know what let's take a step back we're trying to do is is grab some attention let's build a documentaries so we've built there we've. Wrote directed in and produced documentary has all these country artists but also Kings of Leon in the black keys and Ben Folds and other. Documentary amazing piece of content story that became their website and printing at a TV spot I think. And if you call that advertising or whatever just get the job done and yeah it's. It's pretty sexy work and and we just got and it's it's a growing city still I mean you guys out of gas price of their biggest companies ahead there yeah let's -- let's -- -- -- national -- -- -- it is and it's and we got invited release and some nice. News for us we invited the pitch to be the agency of record for the entire state of Tennessee because of the work for Nashville. And pitched against -- our business a lot of pitching new business and we -- a lot of companies in that state and it was nice to have a company outside of Tennessee win the Tennessee business -- heck yes them. There ago definitely not guys who Leo right at a time appreciate John Cook CEO and president -- nine jumbled all the director of marketing services for coming on the show today congrats on your success and I love to have you guys in kind of maybe around the Ted's intent is about to go on talk about some people speaking. Though I think took on the show and guests and thanks Jason. We'll be right back on the entrepreneur -- -- Kansas City and welcome back to the entrepreneur Casey shot your -- Jason grills. Great show so far today I mean we've had an all star lineup and it's it's very exciting. To hear from all these great business leaders on foreigners and the tech advocates here in -- across the country. You can find us on Twitter at entrepreneur Casey you can also connect put me on Twitter at Jason grill. Very excited for our last interview today on today show. We have Rebecca theft from an on the line. I believe for taxes she is the head of media relations in programming. For SXSW. Film and SXSW. Sports sports excuse me and SXSW. Is. -- may be no is -- great event with interactive film and music and it takes place in. Austin, Texas every now and again around this time every year and I had the luxury of going down their last year at. Really enjoyed it for the interactive session and a lot of people be heading down there next week so whatever back to come on the show and talked is about. South by south with sports and every that's going I'm sure she's been working really hard and is up pretty Fred this points I appreciate your time are you Rebecca. I'll -- this stuff nothing since so see you got an awesome right now right. Oh great it's a great place I highlight what does that street called off of downtown bribe over the convention -- is it has all the house is never instruments and of Rainey street. I love rainy street -- will get a decent like that here reaches its its so unique I've never been in the seat and had that that that's set up like those real Arnold. Some at some point they passed through some great rebounding legislature and that certain that battled it the Internet and can't come part the -- well today. Light on it on interrogating hectic and other residents. Who used to repair probably left but itself but it's it's it really thought that the -- -- out. If you're going to SXSW. Guys listening you make sure you -- street have a beer at the the -- house -- the German beer garden it's pretty cool -- that. You have -- is that Rebecca tell us about a little bit about yourself first and how you kinda got involved and you have a great history and in media relations and public affairs but. Tell us how I got involved with south by. Well my pack added an experiment he actually I am. I edit the number of years in the in LA working -- -- a movie studio and I -- Republicans are actor. -- our permanent C and I. IE well they're not loving the balance -- life and work I had an LA. We're learning LA -- part of it. Contact -- -- an -- -- I mean I would silence there I'd try to see negative for summer in San moniker Braylon but I know that's expensive. Yeah yeah I think -- I think for me it was like that in Central Park and it popped proper paperwork. You know it really I was fortunate I had a really that worked -- company had -- Really count clients and people who work I believe and it economic scale that it. How personal public speaking to -- I don't really had a lot to get. But it became. The grind and letting you know re working entertainment. It is very -- that car and that. Look so glamorous -- to the people on the outside right. Since you're apparently. Time but and we need can't ever stop talking about the same thing. And normalcy in that more than one topic of Asia now. -- Yeah so I ultimately I had a brother was living off and added I am content editor part time Alex on a very comfortable it. And it's kind of act upon it thinking you know I think the life that I want. And not in LA -- it might be not I think it's gonna go try and see if that's the case so. I left our way in October. 2008. Let's let's -- pretty recent and I mean it. That's his secretary not. Flat tire plus it just -- -- I don't know like 2008 out now. Trying -- Adam. That so yeah I'd like both Conakry you know I'm expected to change my life and make that you know make -- it didn't. I had not really expected to be able to maintain a career in entertainment what I thought I hot and I actually. You know that's my -- LA and and came out here without. That. That's pretty unique event that happens a lot and -- and I think people totally there. The clinic now I now. Great -- everything left LA an economy that I don't driving and I do it later economic -- crashed and it was just. -- -- But I -- about pretty fortunate that they -- Thank connected but -- an -- number people out and certainly tried to get a sense that. What the market -- in my experience that the lights. You know out hearing and create opportunity for myself and I'm a couple of people like Matt. One lives. Woman named a -- can't run the opposite from the -- in an otherwise. Lewis Black is one of the root out and thought I -- flat and editor not a -- on. And a between man and you. A woman again here's an -- helper running. -- -- I am like down by -- on my apartment accurate but they mean -- hearts our current mean arrogant and CNET top group. Which she did nothing to do it felt that the quality arms. -- report it and not to kind of like it. Happy happy to into the timing as our first year and you kind of up apparently -- -- I -- I started for that started in November at -- o'clock -- night at all I'm. And working on a publicity. And act and it was that it was Democrats -- so I'm not at that. Ended up and I expressed our current. And I'm sure happy when it's over but it seems like -- yet yeah I get the outreach from south bison as it's over. Like connections already started so. Yes we work our -- out -- You -- together. It's an incredible then obviously if if you haven't been it. You have to go at least once you know and it is neat to see to people that view the actual. The sessions and there's people that just done their for the networking and for the events. On Tulsa about SXSW. Sports and other filmed. Has been around now for -- actually was funny last jury saw. Matthew McConaughey hey -- walking around the expo center in at a coffee shop so. Internet that's pretty cool you know he's he's killing it right now that your detective and -- shows. But our tell me about the south by south of sorts because. That's for unique in your lineup this year is pretty stacked. Thank you out like at a Catholic accidents it's that it got -- export right. Now replicate -- I I you know I am I am a great comment coming out and act. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm thinking. By book without exports is. It's not and a lot of that so it is that the origin of it are. For some time now we actually as significant crack. I have not but not infinite amount -- -- programming but -- the thought that an attack on the film side. We had ample -- an expert in sports related pretty pretty regularly Iraq. But it means and -- on the active tactic and have I think. Edit panel every year and fortunately it and last year. And not get it stable for a -- At the -- act court -- I'm a huge sport and winds -- stable track and all happened twelve. You know we have to be in on what -- what they expected and the heroism. And a triumph and tragedy in the storytelling aspect export filmmaking. He pioneered are so intellectual and so I am -- are hot. And I together last year at critical little pet projects. I -- aren't -- -- what are making. Night you know Scott. At. Carter shout at the PP at -- -- acts that it yet arms and I got. I -- rock -- Erica ready yet sport for. A decade and -- And the great and intent rocker here I added that the pitcher -- -- dot com now. And that response I. Are not and they they act and it really cool compelling conversation about. Eric what some I was just got here it is -- -- of the year but last year and that was like out Arctic. And I might bring down a little bit and -- and part of the conversations that -- -- people are putting Matt got Eric connected with Mike hall and act them. Mentally sports media yeah without legendary creator and really equity partner articles -- contents. In in the new banner and I am Mike with -- -- a couple kept talking affect at all about. Additional ways to -- Mary albeit it's gray areas that thought I thought what I'd seen -- terms of born in the digital space than an evolving concept models and storytelling. And it's entertainment which has sports really and active kind of sparked that spot that like -- while we're operate dealing here you know when we just. -- actually technically been getting for sometime and have expanded it repackage it disconnect that and brand. Though where. In previous years we've had a pact that just that it cannot export related and we now have -- by export -- -- a -- a footprint of three days and we got about forty to 43 all. In south by sports is when exactly is -- taking place it's during interacted in film right. Correct yeah so it's it's -- accept that you're not -- -- expected the first eight out of the act and where it convergence at that track which means. Converted -- a concepts that. We feel that uniquely out by outlet and that. You're getting -- -- minister overlap that you wouldn't have access to -- -- so that means the -- and urgent it -- conceptual and contact and also mean act as a industry event and that'd. Attended by people who I registration and -- -- -- open what went. For topic or convert and it opened to film active. Both public -- practiced. You know all of a conference programming all our panel you know you get into -- they'll get to the magic quality. Films that are in the -- official film -- -- program we got five features and -- short. I'm export related and rent apartment -- actually opened the actual the -- shall. Very usual answer this will be taking place at the beautiful Driscoll hotel in downtown Austin Mets a cool tell. They've got great week the most bulk of the court -- export terror and it will be -- call I'm. And then we have one major speech -- per day it will be taking place. The not that I -- an acre or so Friday that seven week how are opening featured speaker Peter Cabrera. Two days. He's at you know terrifically interesting local start to. You know. Pretty topical movies he can run on action McCain met. I -- now a difficult state warriors and minority -- doctored. He's got to check it mentally entertainment and mentally or meeting at -- tolerant Q arms to get Peter here to really expect. I and that on Saturday art featured speakers are built and and the competition so our. I've -- -- -- -- -- before it last year and he's great in obvious several snub Bill Simmons and his writing. Well it's cool I mean obviously there are I think that perfectly expect this week or trying to do the export of neat guy. Cultural and active out. Sport in terms of what they'll. And that he'd gotten eight in treatment at a at an analysis and bringing it to export to other sports fan and it's everything intertwining overlapping. And then calmly and then you got we got about a minute left for beckoning yet ignoring Klinsmann and Roger Bennett. -- Got to be very cool we we have a lot of soccer for in Syracuse seemed to sporting Casey's our analyst team and they want the cup and of the players. It's beautiful you become -- US national team so. And understated since I can be there and two hear about how that goes that's definitely big yet. Yeah at what I really throw out Roger Bennett after it went pretty and and crucial in helping secure that would you like soccer. Very critical tremendously funny funny I'm happy. Or Rebecca I can talk all day long -- really appreciate your time. -- brand head of media relations and program at SXSW film and south by sports. Guys if you're down at south by make sure that we -- down their for Barack today you check out south by sports on its gonna be amazing event most the units we had at the Driscoll. Hotels -- Rebecca think your time and end the beacon equity -- news. That. For sure for sure. I think he's. You can listen to the entrepreneur Casey shelf we'll see you next week have a good.