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Retirement Planning Strategies 2.18.14

Feb 18, 2014|

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    Yeah. Yeah there. Dude man. Okay. A. Good morning and welcome to retirement planning strategies my name is our didn't. And what we do is we talk about. Issues that can affect you. During your retirement.
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    us now my name is on our -- and you're listening to retirement planning strategies. Yes I can suddenly. Yes I can. Gee I'm afraid. -- -- -- Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us through the break my name is an -- in your listening to us here on retirement planning strategies. In this is -- MBC's business channel 1660. AM. We'd like to ask you at your convenience give us a call
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    we'd like to invite to stay with us this hour word during retirement planning strategies. My name is that are -- and you can reach me anytime at 91376889. We office and always -- just talk fire 35 on Santa Fe. As the east on -- FAR Merlin road. What are our show is about it is we work with view and try to give you some ideas. That could help you. In planning for retirement. Because some retirement planning is really all about having the funds available to. He use them and retirement for income purposes. As she won't have most
    this problem coming up from -- I bring up -- up and retirement planning strategies because wryly. The landscape in which you operate the landscape in which you live in retirement. Could change. And it might
    remembered give us a call 9137688090. We'll continue with our tax and retirement planning strategy. In just a few moments. Thank you. Yes I can suddenly. Yes I cannot. Gee I'm afraid. I can see me. Welcome back to Suzanne Arlington. You're listening to retirement planning strategies. On 166 CA MT MBC's business channel. And work currently talking about what steps the person should take in the mid

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The information and opinions expressed on the following -- commercial programming are those of the hosts and their guests and do not necessarily reflect those of this station. In around me. When -- -- or. Yeah. Yeah there. You -- man. Okay. A. Good morning. And welcome to our program were happy to have you with us today -- to India and on KMB -- business channel 1660. AM. And and you're listening to retirement planning strategies. We have work with people in the Kansas City metropolitan area. To help them. Build a predictable and sustainable retirement income source for their years and in the golden time of life when you're supposed to enjoy things are not as burdened with work. We also. -- very heavily with people that are approaching that. That threshold. Probably anyone fifty and older. Primarily what we're trying to do is help people understand a safe. And sustainable. Methods by which they can plan on having in town that will take care of them. As -- age. Often on television these days she sees things there were there talk about how many. Dollars you should have -- ads where people walk around carrying a number under their arm. We want to flesh that thought out because realistically. It's not necessarily a dollar target as a lump sum we're concerned about in retirement. We find instead people are looking for a way to have. An ongoing stream of income something they can work with to pay their bills. And to adjust to their needs as they age and have different goals and different items on their mind. You can reach us any time at 9137688980. My name is our doom oh GD in like Ogden Utah. And we have a nice website free to log into which is safe. Money RX dot com. And I'll spell that because apparently I can't get the pronunciation come out real well it's SA FE. MO ND YRX. Stock car. We do encourage anyone to call we I have five no obligation planning and there are no fees or consulting costs to work with us in order to take a look at what we might be able to do to help you. We did have a number of calls last week that he -- actually. Two were from CPAs and there appeared to be some are questions. Relating to. Taxes. Roll over planning. And we also did receive some inquiries about you know how to gain in come from for example an annuity contract. With rollover planning. Probably a good. 70% of our business comes from people who say. I have a 401K at work. I've -- close to retiring or in some cases they have retired. And there are concerned about what they should do should they leave -- -- news. In their current plan should date flipped it over into another set of mutual funds somewhere they certainly can do that. Or they're wondering is third just another approach that might give us a floor. The protection against how much money we've built atop the reason that comes up this. After a 2030. Even forty years and a 401K. Or an IRA. A lot of people. Have sort of got that whole -- breath. Reaction everytime they get their statement that an author's accounts gonna go up or down they don't have their finger on its pulse every day. And what they come and they are really have an idea that if they would visit with us we have some techniques we use. Which can insurer. And insurer. That your money will not decline in your money will not erode if there's another market downturn. I think that's really important to take a look at it's not her only strategy it's not the only approach tech. But for many people I find just hoping. Just praying that the market will do well. I find that a lot of times that. Well we've experienced a lot of people a permanent have had pain from that sort of approach. When somebody's a professional investor. Very highly trained in certain elements and investing. They can do really well in the market and -- Clients so we have come in the door and speak with us -- don't tend. You know speak with any -- -- Confidence in their ability to judge. Market trends it's not sure. So that's were we -- and what we're trying to do is take the risk out of your retirement. We want to help you have a predictable course -- sustainable course and at all. And all our focuses on reducing anxiety. Because if you ever known anyone who's. Just got into the retirement years or maybe they've flipped the switch and their now. Out of their job and then they have severe market generation cost some a lot of their retirement money. While they're terrified. Because it's my -- said that the people are terrified. And it creates a market for us because our approach is just diametrically opposite of that. I find that our clients come in and they say to us. We'd really like to get off the rollercoaster. And it's that she knew we'd do encourage you to call that's at 9137688090. And will most likely offer you some strategies. She may not have have have had offered to you or had explained to you before. One of the things that the accountants are asking about when they've called in this week. Was to understand. -- all for example an annuity. Can provide their client within come. And do so sustainably. And even they ask about. Items such as some home health care or long term care try to relate some of those issues to the income strategy. Well if you go back all the way historically and to the beginning of the term annuity. In my schooling we were taught that it comes from a Latin root word that means income. And essentially. Annuities apparently. Go clear back to the time of Aristotle. Where he mentioned such a product such a resource for retired people. In writing said he did in ethics. A book called ethics. Any talks about how the government of the countries he lived in allowed people to set money aside into an account for use in retirement. Any advantage they received was that they didn't have to pay any taxes on what they were. Gaining an interest. Now they had. They had us senate handcuffs with that -- hand passwords that the money had to be used for retirement needs for income. And that was a certain age before people take money out well that's why we focus on people -- 506070. Years of age. Because in this age group. You're able to access sure monies from an annuity at age 59 and a half just like you would from an IRA or 401K. Quite frequently those -- the dollar so we might deposited. In such an account now we would deposit. Dollars in an annuity if it suited you. For the main purpose of protecting your principal. For growing that principle with interest that is not taxable until all the time you spend the money. So you get to determine when to you know pay taxes on your interest. And also. The third step or the second phase if you prefer it would be to distribute money to you. So you could have money on a steady basis to live on -- that quarterly or monthly. These accounts will guarantee. The payment made to you for the rest your life and you can do that on a number of different steps. One way that people access money. Would be like let's mention door -- who's up in north Tampa. She's going to wanna do some new windows and how she's decided it's -- And after analyzing things she wants to do some new windows so what -- She just calls into the office. And we find out what the budget means to be to take sure the windows. And then we in her case she doesn't want a steady stream in country just test the single purchase she wants to make. In this case we'll take withdrawals from her account. The to the amount that cheating is so needing to buy the -- windows. Now she's still working and I expect someplace down the road. That when she finally retires she may instead prefer to have a monthly checks sent out -- these accounts are really designed with that purpose. The benefit of using an insurance product to provide this income especially the steady stream of income. The real benefit is is that when you begin to take payments from the annuity. Those payments. Can be opted in a number of different ways it can be for a specific period of time. Or could be for your lifetime. And when this happens the insurance company calculates. The total dollars in the account and your age at the time mere request. And they'll calculate a payment that will be made to you no matter how long you live. Regardless. Of your age when you -- war. So we can do that with this client -- at the time that she prefer naturally the older she is when she starts the income payments. The larger of the payment this. Because the insurance company expects to pay that for a shorter period of time on an average life expectancy. Now when he CPA is called and they often ask about a new ties and we're very quick to mention that in new advertising and annuity. Is the standard that's the old rule of thumb it's that it's always been available that a person could take the money that they have. And traded to the insurance company for a lifetime of income payments. We wanna be very specific here though that there's a new. Addition to these products that. Probably a fine if my memory serves me correctly started in 2006. Or seven and the user income accounts. -- income account rioters. And we often suggest using an income account writer for two purposes. The first is is that will guarantee that you have a certain increase in your account year by year. No matter if the stock markets up -- down. We were looking at one this week with a gentleman. In a restaurant in Kansas city Kansas City owns. By the way let's let's mention a good place to get lunch -- every ever heard a city fish over on. State avenue and about 27 and stayed avenue what a fantastic place that is for good. Good serving of fish -- we were talking to the gentleman and that there and in during our discussions. You know we looked into given him an income writer and those are available which will. Consistently give a client 7% gain. Urine and year out and contractually grow -- money by 7% a year for at least ten years. Doubt that's half of what's in this pie though the other half of the -- is that. We will also sat the same amount of money it's spousal confusing I suppose but it's accounted for in two different strategies. The same amount of money goes into an account which also tracks the stock market. And should the stock market go up you capture gains from the stock market credited as centrist. They're well however be year Ers were the stock market goes down. And when that happens. You are not in play you're not directly invested in the market. So there will be never a lost due to stock market volatility. Please I I can't. Influence sure enough to just come in and listen to us about this because this is something that very few people. Have explained to them or if explained to them frequently. It doesn't take root the actual thought what you do is you win by not losing in this method. You never have a loss. Because the stock market decline -- don't pay fees. To risk your money in the stock market. And on top of that in your separate account. You have growth that's guaranteed. By. 7% in the case of the product were mentioning. Now that should raise a few. Points of interest to you there again my name is set -- And you can reach us at 91376889. -- I would think when you hear the term of a guaranteed 7% for ten years at a time when many of you have. Thousands of dollars sitting in a bank account trying nothing essentially. That could be something that is worth investigating. So we helped that he would give us a -- at 91376889. What your performance would be. Further just now many of you are turning in your 1090 nines on bank accounts and having your taxes done so after earning very little interest. Guess what the 1090 nine's a little love what are the says now you know what you did -- at least some of that to the government taxes. -- have more on this slot on the other side. Like to save little money on taxes make better interest stay with us on retirement planning strategy. Hadn't suddenly and yes I can. Gee I'm afraid. I can see the. Thank you for staying with us early this morning my name is -- our -- you're listening to retirement planning strategies. Let's just. Change -- the title up a little sense -- -- for pulling forward from our last segment call it and come decisions that you can make. And and incomes -- the critical point when you quit working I mean why did you get up all measures and go to the job. Why did you get up all those jurors Integra stone a business. Essentially. You were doing that have been come to provide for your lifestyle. Now when you get in their retirement. The need for income does not stop you may not need as much in some cases. But you know you're you're in come. Is our responsibility. Throughout our lifetime. And it's really important to understand that when you're working with us. We're. Focusing primarily on making sure that you're not you're going to lose your money first. Then the second thing or an illness were making sure that your -- luge or money. And the third thing we're doing this make you sure you get to keep all your money and you don't lose all their money here that that's the the goal. The second point is -- how to we've become more tax sufficient. How to we help you avoid. Legally. Paying the taxes you don't need to pay currently. And then third how Kenya efficiently use your money in retirement so that you get the maximum benefit from that. And let's do that in a way where you don't have a lot of anxiety. In fact let's just X out the anxiety and get it paid to you in a way that's gonna benefit you. That going back to what the CPA -- Had died in get their permission or I would mention their names are you forgive me gentlemen. But that one of the things there were asking about was the income more later in the payout. I think these are terribly attractive to people and and listen if you may have an annuity that you've got. In 1995. For 2000 or 2004. And you know you might you might not pay a lot of attention to it you notice every year what she's made. I suggest you call us because you may want to. Of switch that contract out to one and includes an income pay out writer. You can do that. You can do that with the proper paperwork and have no taxes due to switch from one team to the other you sort of lateral foot ball. And that's legal okay. So if you lateral the football from one annuity company from XYZ company to a new company. You can at that time initiate. An income write her which will guarantee growth in your contract every year. Going back in time in the ninety's when a lot of people took and annuities from me. And years gone by we didn't have these income writers and the reason they. Took a fixed indexed annuity in those days was because they can get. Interest that was linked to the stock market when it went up and they were always safe that was zero. Affect on their account when the market collapsed. That in itself is a very compelling thing to do. To protect yourself in retirement get the interest -- its link to the market when it goes up. So it's. You know working along with inflation a few well. Then -- avoid the losses -- goes down. That's fine. And those who work I think the added feature and it should. Motivate you to give -- call. There's and this added feature of a long term care benefit built in to. A in come -- -- Give shoot many extra features that are worth investigating. So if you got an annuity that's three years old or older. And certainly if you got it before. Say 2007. Or eight. You should. -- that up and stop by NCAA third innings items available now in a more modern package. That are free more. Then FS and on the money you save for retirement. So the income writer if you take in come out of it start taking payments and these can be set up as you -- -- early. Quarterly monthly whatever you'd prefer. When you start taking the money out of that account you do not. You do not I knew it ties the annuity. And -- emphasizing that because that means the money that's in your account is still there to be inherited. By your errors. Each year as the payments come out third downloaded to your account balance that you also have the benefit. Of having interest added. Due to the performance of the market went into positive. Further should you start to take income payments from these accounts and you wind up in a situation where you need long term care. In some cases you may need home health care. We can have this product actually double the payments to you. During the time when your getting care and it it is all triggered by the same. Rules the same requirements. That come in long term care insurance products. Now I am not telling you and anyway that these writers are really a long term care policies they're not. They're just to name Tom rider which will double the income payment should you need care it sure does help people -- It sure does help and for those of you who have put off buying the actual traditional long term care insurance or find an unaffordable. Or the scores of people that called me this year and saw fifteen to 30% increases in long term care policies. You know this is a nice type of product to have it and what happens as it just comes along with the annuity you have already. All right so. For example say you've got a policy from. ABC company from. Minnesota new one at. You want to add this long term care feature. You already got an annuity you're not unhappy with it. Let us see if we can show you and new -- that will perform better for you when the stock market's up. Still give you the guarantee of no losses one that's down. And let's add ride along with us a guarantee ever earning. How about six and a half or 7% compound. Guaranteed. And if you need income from the product in the future. You can do that knowing that the unused portion of your account is still going to be inherited by the -- Pretty good idea. Then well -- -- dog -- you end up with a long term care named. By submitting one form signed by your doctor the actual income payment would double -- These are very useful. And they just give you more leverage. More switches to full up. On a product Jimmy RD down and and you can do that by simply switching one to another fits qualified annuity like an IRA. We switch it was simple paperwork. If it's a non qualified immunity meaning many you've previously had paid the taxes are. That's just simply had a form with another number on it it's it's. Inherently simple. What someone has some experience to help you with that. So we wanna look at these in and suggest to people that women -- customer uses. There annuity I like for them. To have not only the option to take free withdrawals. But also the option to. I knew it ties for high payment if they don't really have someone name and intend to leave the money to. Or the income writer seems to suit many feet many people with their nice features in their additional guaranteed roll up. Now why would we go back to this fixed annuity contract. Why would we use this type of product. Particularly with seniors. Well let me hark back to some of the older programs we did and what should say. That we did some research and we booked up various sources and we found that when people were. About 55 years of age they got considerably more conservative there were more risk averse with their investor. In fact they wanted to be safer with their money. The number came out to be two to three times more risk averse at 55. At 65. Sometimes people were five to seven. Even ten times more rest reversed has 65 than they were at a younger age. So what we're trying to do here when we use a fixed annuity is were saying. Let's take the money off for the gambling table let's not suffer through any of the downs. Let's not go through any of the courses. Of stock market decline and how it can affect your account lets put an -- something where we guarantee the principal. And let's start from there know what land -- trust each year when the markets good and then we'll have no losses in the years that are bad. This is why we often bridge over when we talk about people in this age group end of this type product it is not at all uncommon to speak with. Ladies and gentlemen who are. Very conservative with their money. However. They tend to think in order to be conservative they have to go over to the bank account and put money in the bank. And then they see the interest rate of slow so people tend to feel kind of trapped there's either the bank. Was miniscule interest or the risk in the stock market with some good potential on the upside. A lot of fear in that risk where we threats in the middle. Now this sounds like something that would work for you don't if this approach sure some knowledge about what we're doing could help. We invite you to call us at 913768898. My name is -- armed and several of us in the office can be of assistance. Please stay with -- for some more my -- yes. This game. Your notes sixteen times -- it's. The U. Didn't say feeder zone economic knows my game goal of 505 sold to the come from ball. Combat we're glad to have you back with us. Came up and a discussion here at table on the radio station. You know -- as forest -- indexes go on what that does is when the insurance company. Receives a deposit. From a client it's technically called a premium. When that hits the insurance company they're going to take a very high percentage of the dollars ago when you put it into high grade bonds. Government treasuries high grade corporate bonds and they're gonna earn interest all the time on the money. Okay now. Be indexed -- provides that a small percentage. In case all use as an example five cents of every dollar. Is used to buy an option. And the option is not on a stalker mutual founder and ETF. The option is on an external index of the stock market so what's that mean external index. Up there are a lot of great companies in America but you know that some of them are pooled together. And together they. And generate information they give us an idea the overall. Performance the overall health. Or disease within the marketplace. And you know for example there -- thirty industrials that are in the -- and undersea -- and 500 which has. The same companies that are in the Dow but S 470. More. On a much broader measure of the economy enters the NASDAQ. And of course -- number of NASDAQ account spent. We thank him that often this technology. Financial services. And then the raw soul which are smaller companies that side tracked these indexes. Will come as an option for the client. And they can take. Of the dollar they invest in the insurance company and they can put twenty cents against the best of the Dow Jones and twenty cents against the S&P and twenty cents against the NASDAQ. And they distributor out what caped. They're deposit their premium -- across these index has not the end of the year. The index is measured. In at the index is up 6%. On the Dow than the last 6% on the money you've allocated to the Dow. Maybe in that same here in the S&P 500 is down. So what would happen is there would be zero. Added to that money. OK then it each one of these indexes. Would earn interest based upon the actual performance. Of an external measurement of the stock market. These. Indexes such as CS and 500 that's easily the most. Commonly available. Index. We do have -- which include the -- which is the English Dow Jones. Model we've got some better bond type accounts. We have others and include the Nikkei in the hands saying markets overseas. And it just depends on what a client first. And will offer them products that are or are gonna suit there. Particular flavor of choice if you will. Now all of these accounts though recall. What you get in this account issues get a possibility. Of earning above Bankrate. Interest rates. I mean. In my in my office the other day I work with a gentleman. And we went through a bunch of accounts and you know that we opened up dozens of them and they were all 1215%. This year. Okay. Excellent returns. For this year. Now what happens though that's different about an index annuities and a variable annuity or stock market account. Is that once that interest is earned it's added as money into your account your your account value goes up. And then next time the market goes down. You have no risk of losing sides of the money you put in and you cannot lose the interest you've earned. So. You get to banks this money as it's added to your account. Now the next time the stock market and earns interest he or an interest on the money you put in annual earn interest on the money that you've gained. So it's a very. It's a very positive. Type approach. Especially for those of you who don't want risked. I also shouldn't say that all of these accounts will have some type of minimum guaranteed interest. And when I say that the insurance companies. As I recall from taking tests and going to school the insurance companies. All must include. Something of this statement and an annuity and that is is that an annuity guarantees of return of your money and a year early game on your money. Each year. So because the money goes into the bond accounts are able to generate interest that's added to the money. That is not providing you with the index benefit so there's always some interest being paid and frankly. That compares quite favorably to what you get at a bank as a guarantee. Then the the -- turn your motives and for you accountants out there I think for any have you that are. Working with clients and their little disappointed with what they're paying in taxes. All you really have to do us look at picket line any day -- be in the tax return. And you can show people exactly. What's causing them to pay taxes. Those income accounts and in some cases were folks have just edged over and paying a higher percentage of taxes under Social Security. Wouldn't may be better per term for better are prepared and better advised. To have him give us a call. And maybe we can help you thereby deferring some income. Thus lowering the taxable amount of income and you can see it every wanna view this month when you get your tax return back look at a day in May be. That's generating some of the taxes you owe the government every year it comes from those love letter CI RS sends out called 1099 it's. And what that says this you've been able to make some interest -- -- some of it. That's flat out the case you know and it if you want to avoid some of those. Planning around how much your social security and cameos. Is one of the basic things we do in our office. In some cases urine comes gonna be high enough there's not anything we can do about that. But many have you just by a small missteps or maybe a little bit lack of information. Often give back to the government some of your Social Security. In just are not taken a positive step to protect it. Might give us a call on that at 9137688090. And tracked. It's so bizarre to me but I often talked to pre retirees. Who have no idea they're going to be taxed under Social Security. And we should get those facts are confronting -- because in 1983. When Reagan was president they put in a tax on Social Security. There was a grand bargain made between Reagan and Tip O'Neill. And then in 1993. Bill Clinton came along and and jacked it up some more so you can pay tax on half of what you get from Social Security. And you may pay tax on 85% of what you get from Social Security. A star on your actual reported income and deductions. So. It's worthwhile to consider this. Social Security income. That we get -- very modest return on mass we deposit through all in all these years of employment. When it starts to pay out its best to take steps to get to use every dollar -- that you possibly can. It can extend. Due to some calculations akin to extend how long your money -- in retirement by five to seven years just by planning around how to get to keep. The vast majority of your Social Security income. -- a lot. Time after time I have clients come in and they have no idea they're paying taxes on their Social Security -- just don't read that first page of their tax return. And see where there accountant had to -- in either 50% or 85% of their Social Security for taxes. And they don't realize they could make a few adjustments. That can benefit them and keeping war. How can -- I mean just let's talk bluntly about that if if you have money in a bank account. And your drawn half a percent interest. Or less -- let let me be the best bank in town in -- get 1% interest for me. Every year if you're drawing that 1%. I've saved got 200000 dollars in the bank and you get 1% on -- you get what 2000 dollars an interest. So let's say for example your income after deductions let's say your total in terms about. 43000 dollars between you and your wife. If you add that 2000 dollar two year. Income that year. You would go up to 45000. You've got to consult your accountant with us I'm not are freeing accounting advice. But by jumping from 43 a 45000. Your tax on your Social Security income could go from 50%. That is tax on 50% of what they pay you. To tax on. 85% of what you're receiving from Social Security. Seriously. Now if you're a 30% bracket -- -- 25% bracket or even a 15% bracket. That has a definite. Net negative result for you. How can -- effect that that same money. In an annuity. If you had if you didn't have current use for that 200000 that same money in the -- Instead earning 2000 dollars. Might earn you 101000 dollars or more this year and guess what it wouldn't show up on your tax return. Because there's no 1099. From that nobody. Unless you've actually taken the money out you don't have that option at the bank it's taxed where the use -- -- leave -- in the account. We're gonna pull this forward in a minute we want you stay with us on retirement planning strategies. And will be back in the second so Q every time. Thank you for staying with us my name is out -- didn't. And we really do encourage you often if you look at your tax return you pick it up. Ask your accountant about section eight. AA and he'd be. And I'm you know if if he does agree that you might be able to save a little money by reducing those lines which he well. You could just column. Call us up with him on the phone I mean accountants. Are more of our best sources of new business because they know. Their clients they've known him many of them for 1520 -- They often send us their clients the armed people who are. Let's say not real -- take curse or people that are. Trying to avoid. Taxes trying to avoid you know paying as many dollars in taxes out. Using some strategies to reduce that. We often have them do that also at a time when there's a loss on the family. The accountant Maine now for a Emmy in the town it is very it can be quite close. With a client. And they will refer perhaps. -- widow to us because they know that -- conservative. -- -- the safe money people were not at all the risk takers here in our office. This is armed and advisory group by the way agree office and away third just off 535 Monsanto effect. -- what we will do is work with a client and start out and find out for sure that they wanna be a safe money person and if that's the case. We essentially well adopt -- -- that suits them all bring our men and work with them on their terms on being safe money person. If they are just. Investment oriented or they they -- I'm should commence so to speak Clark where mom and dad deuce side. Then you know we're probably not the right person for them. Where the person who's trying to -- we're for the person who wants really good gains and they don't want risk of loss. Is that a fair enough way to just draw the line right there. The other thing we can do is for younger people in this most of this meaning is and -- that most of the sub. How programs and about retired people. For younger people we wanted to show you how to build money that when you take it -- retirement you won't go any tax -- And I I think that would be quite exciting you've just got to pick up the foreign and let us explain that to. Brett 9137688090. We can index shoo it away. While you're still earning your income and planning for some retirement dollars in the future we can index -- away that in the future when you take your money out. You can avoid the taxes. Of income tax. State. -- roll capital gains. Probably greatly help your taxes on your Social Security. So this is something worth picking up the phone for believe me it's 913. 76 say 8090. Any have you out there that are dropping dollars right now in a 401K plan. And worry Europe scrambling to put some money away in an IRA account. And you're not getting any dollars matched on your account. I heartily recommend talking to us about using an account. That will help you grow your money without taxes. And will allow you to spend the money in retirement. Without taxes. It's. That's hard to be. So you should give us a call on that. I didn't wanna draw some attention to. The stock market. Are you had a lot of calls. Because people are saying. They're calling in asking. You know what sure opinion of the stock market you know. I can't really. You know I I can't sit here and be a cheerleader for order against it all right but that the bottom line for me as is that. It's not that the stock market. It is. Scary. It's not that the stock market is certain for growth that's not that the stock market. He is clear of obstacles at this time. The what we wanna say about it is this says it's been running. Quite -- high. Sense I believe march 9 of 2009. And the market has been on me left to right. Steadily climbing. Spent some hiccups but steadily climbing now for quite some time. What we say to clients. Would be desk we don't know if the market's gonna go opera we don't know if that's gonna go down from where I sit. What I would say to you though is that sometime in the future it will go down -- that's just the nature of the beast. And if we look at the history of the market and we go back in time were able to see. That if you if you think back to the periods where we've had some recessions like 1929. I think the market lost over 80% of its value there. I know that in 2000 to 2002. When what was called the dot com bubble. We had a decline. Of 47%. As related to the S&P 500. He and I know that. From 2007. Through march of 2009. The S&P from the highs of -- went down in the neighborhood of 57%. So. The point that I'm trying to stress. To clients that come in and have concerns about the market is that us. I don't know when it's gonna go down that historically of shows that after a long career. And a steady increases there's typically a correction of some kind. And the point really isn't to win what would do it and how far what code down. The coin is what do you think about being involved and I mean on your round. If you if you done while. And -- you feel like you've caught up from that big crash in 2000 to 2002. Or if you feel like you've made -- your losses from 2007. To 2009. Does that mean you have to stay in and risk your money now. Now that's just gonna be determined by you. We're talking to an architect right now named John. Okay and and you know the gentleman between he and his wife were not gonna name any names here. Between he and his wife they're nearly got a 160 years together on this planet. And I'm tell onions that when you get to be that age it's been my experience of my clients are never unhappy. Using the techniques we use when the market collapses. They don't have any. Anxious night state they can sleep. They don't worry about what they could've done should've done that sort of thing. They've got some peace of mind. To know that what they've built up through all their working years -- safe. Now. Why do I mention. An architect named John. Well the point of it is is that. He almost I think feels as though. He can't move his money out of the market into safety. Because. He -- Sumpter into an advisor. And that. Makes things pretty awkward. You have to remember folks when you look pitcher cannot pitch just a suggestion. And I'm just a guy on the radio. But I have lots of folks that come in and talked to me about this you've got to remember that money is your money. That short money. And a few would rather not take the risk. You should come and talk to us. If the market goes up will make you find -- interest. The difference however is if the market goes down you won't miss any sleep at night worrying about it. I think that's worth your time and I've got -- I've got to express this the older you are the more likely. You -- candidate to be in a account which will protect you from losses he cannot make up the money. And whether or not you needed to spend. You may have children behind you it'll be grateful that he protected and grand children. That are great for you protected the money you made the option he took the option of the safety -- Now we wolf. Be close and down here in a few moments for a few moments but I wanna say that that what happens. With our type who approach is that. Our program is set up for a parent. Or grandparent dies. These have flexible methods that the family can inherit the money. We've got the things set up in such a way that you can distribute your money as you wish if you have a trust it can be incorporated and mass. And the main reason that we are in business the main reason that we have this hobby of the radio show when we're in the business of working with people want safer term strategies. Is based on. Giving you an alternative to the casino -- Wall Street. We can help you reduce anxiety if you consistency predictability and security. We'll see you next week senate -- and thank you can count me. When you. It's.