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Entrepreneur KC Radio 2.18.14

Feb 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the jury -- to loosen got to visualize playing horrible and very clear about it money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry star. Are now. Apology and should plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur George Casey your voice more entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions -- made with your host Jason grills. Both Kansas City welcomes the entrepreneur KC show thanks for joining us I'm -- girl inside my desk -- today -- -- you are many are in kind and wonderful this morning. Tell us about your background -- our -- kind of can get connected view for -- show. Well IA is spent twenty years in the nonprofit worlds in program development management and direct services. And started my first non profit when I was 23 years old. My name is sort of my first business with my husband when I was 25. And have always been in the innovative space in both for profit and nonprofit. Currently I'm the associate director for the entrepreneurial leadership project at mid American answering university into. Which -- -- -- and fast track affiliates. And have this make aspirations their -- the project four or where we're going to be telling. Very cool I appreciate you coming here obviously radio veteran little bit Agassi does a couple other shows saying I do I have there's so not I'm came -- FM. I'm -- -- one called the radio tennis. With me McCann and Darcy Blake and and and I also on an Internet radio station cost -- -- review dot com and very cool walk. -- to have you on the show today what kind of preview our show before guitar first asked to we are going to be. Having some great guests join us that. And we're gonna have an effort -- Chris -- the founder and CEO of page technologies gonna talk to -- his company. Talk is about culture and talk to us about what companies and employers so look forward in their hiring. And what employees and now future employees should look for when they're looking for a job among other things we have Alec now live food is with and -- controlling -- Third segment yes and it with actually NB gaining -- what it's -- now all right and then our second segment today we will have policy able. Who is from reach Tre Kelley we're going to be talking him in Chicago. -- guys all about and social proof and -- startup deals with. You know coffee and whatnot and helping out their rogue countries and in all kinds of great things he's. Going to be exciting to talk to -- -- in Chicago so reaching the top -- absolutely. And their final segment we are going to have. My differing Courtney Lewis over the Casey public library set us up with. I -- focus on me but her who's the deputy director of the -- public library and we'll have Chris Lawrence. From Mozilla on the line as well to -- and about the -- of a challenge and all the things they're doing with. And there are software lending are lending learning at the library which is amazing because when I think of Mazzola I think in Firefox I think as my search engine that ninety filed suit every time and I get frustrated when. My computer changes army I'm all right but what it's much more than that and we'll talk to them and find out more about that a guys you can find us on line at on Twitter at entrepreneur Casey and my Twitter writers is that chasing -- is yours -- It's -- Davis al-Qaeda are now so you can find you can find many there and then also you can connect via FaceBook at partner Casey. Radio and online eighteen -- dot com for all the podcast really excited. To connect with any entrepreneurs like -- on the show and also -- -- some feedback and appreciate you listening in and -- us on the podcast -- -- One other really quick note I have to image for its Chris is the -- foundation I was over there this morning with partial T. There has seen a the hosting the first quote -- night on February 26. It's no secret that people are more willing to share the successes and failures and lessons learned and if it's made -- businesses to provide valuable insights entrepreneurs. This hole and it will be to extract those insights from can't see founders. And this'll be -- threat Kauffman foundation on February 26 I know that. I'm Danny candor and I think Kurtz. It's -- open Mike night it's from six -- eight at the foundation it's going to be pretty cool Linda. Wanted to make sure listeners knew about that because everyone at some point fails or changes there the start of April and absolutely. You know only take people through the fast track program that it of course Kauffman Foundation developed. One of the things that we always talk -- no go is just as important as ago by the time they get through that whole business feasibility plants so in the paying attention to failures really helps us avoid those files. I agree enough I'll leave you with this Mindy. One of the all time favorite -- failure quotes skis millions. Via a little -- person might have heard of called Michael Jordan I've missed more than 9000 shots my current laws about. 300 games -- six times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed I'm filled over and over you know life and that is why succeeds so. That's Michael Jordan quote and that was that they'll be on February 26 at the -- punished for its. From 68 and speaking of good -- both players let's let's bring in our first -- -- Chris -- from page technologies Chris aria. Great thanks for having me and I Amy terrible less -- and he's he's a great athletes -- Chris you're you're you're you're you'll be too humble well I'm not give us. Yeah I missed more shots of Michael Jordan I can promise that so Chris first of all I think to come on the show tell our listeners all about your company -- technologies. Page technologies has been around in Kansas City since 2002. We are primarily focused on match seeing. Technology talent with the best and brightest employers hearing Kansas City we do that on contract contract iron a permanent basis. So. You're really all that culture an area that's correct that's that's that's kind of via the code word right now and you really become a thought leader on that. And I think that's important tell me why you've got involved with the whole cultural. Movement here with hiring. We've found over the last eighteen to 24 months that there's really been a shift in the local market. And that shift is is moving more more towards making sure that people fit. -- technology can be trained technology can be learned and in this day and age it's pretty easy to to pick things up but what doesn't. Come across as easily is is this individual a right fit for our culture and for our environment. And we're seeing more more clients focus in on the individual vs the resonate. I was talking to someone very recently who is in the hiring process. And that she is very much in the mindset day you can show up at 8 o'clock you leave if I begin a certain amount of time for alliance. In and it's not necessary unless you need it for your job so very much a dated. Hiring process and says she was interviewing people that worked for technology positions. And they wanted different perks they want and don't think there's things on their list of things for the job. There were more important to them then the pay. And certainly some flexibility in hours and stuff is that what you're finding across the board and. It is what we're finding out I will say that. Each. Company's unique Kim and what they want but the bigger shift is away from that industrial age stinking we show up at five. We pull a lever for eight hours a day with fifteen minutes for coffee and 45 minutes for lunch and then at five the whistle blows and -- we go and we don't think about it until we come back. We're more in the age now of the knowledge worker with a knowledge worker really wants to apply not only their technical skills and also their thought processes. In the way that they solve problems to what they do wanna databases. Clients that can't match that are having a hard time attracting talent and they're losing talent out the door all -- Totally totally agree with totally losing. The any. Any opportunity to retain those employees because they get they plays get the satisfied pretty quickly. They get dissatisfied and they feel like that they're not working for something that's important to them their just their punching a clock in in this day and age. People don't punch clocks and who. Chris clear at the -- of -- about a month ago and you sponsored with -- bit. You just Dexter double was that experience like I know he's. Kind of a leader in India and the cultural slash jobs as well Jason it it's an interesting experience when you when you move. -- down the scale in size from these large enterprise companies that we work with that that pay our bills quite nicely into the entrepreneurial base that's. Got a lot of opportunities to grow and turn in some of those bigger companies because. Once an entrepreneur in in a technology company has a product. And they're ready to move forward and go to market with that product the next thing that they look at is building their staff. -- And as an entrepreneur or in a small company with one or two people. Hiring the wrong people. Could be the equivalent of tying an anchor to your neck and jumping off the boat because those people have the ability to bring your company to grinding halt. The converse is true if you hire the right people in your small organization their force multiplier. And those companies will take off and that can be seen in you know while -- cuts tomorrow at -- you see that the companies that have. Denigrate job and they tell it's because they hired the right people at the right time. I run as -- its -- that to him and whatnot I read an article the other day and Mindy ten ways company straddling talent. In one thing I came away with was Chris in the price speak obviously more about this is the process. Talked to smell like what people do wrong I guess in the hiring process. The hiring process. In general has been broken for quite some time -- -- Most of the larger companies. Implemented technology. As a way to help facilitate the hiring process and make it easier and and really. From the start it turns people off and I'll make that simpler. If you wanted to. Get a job at the employer of your choice and the way that you had to do that was submit. To a blind system where you upload your resume and putting your name and then you sit and hope and pray that someone calls you back. Then they may call you back eventually but by then. Your excitement your enthusiasm has already waned because you're thinking well this is how they treat people wanna work there how they treat people that are hard inside. So from the start companies are already driving away talent in the process but but let's say that. As a candidate you're lucky enough -- to get in the door and get that interview. Process started. There's some fundamental issues with. The way in this age we're interviewing people. We see this all day every kid -- will go in for an interview there's no structure to the interview. The hiring manager might be late if there's -- -- 45 people and in the interview two or three of them might not show up. There's no feedback after the interview so the process really. Unfortunately has defaulted to whatever works for the hiring company. That's what they're gonna do. And most candidates get turned off somewhere in that process and then lose interest because unfortunately in that isn't indicates indication of their corporate culture as a hall. And that's their first exposure to the company is through the hiring process. Yes that's true and it's interesting because it may be indicative of their corporate culture and it may not it may just be a broken process that needs to be worked on. But nobody knows because the candidate loses interest. And let's face it. These people are interviewing her pretty brilliant at what they do and they have choices. They have more choices now than they've had in the past it it is truly unbelievable. How much opportunity is out there and how companies that are trying to attract this talent. Refused to change the way that they go about their process and they keep wondering why they can't fill these positions. Now Chris stocks as an element you're gonna be real onto your website here in the near future. And it's going to be really cool. It is not going to be its tentacles -- Roland I mean everyone in this tech industry you know it's all boring but this is going to be fun yeah it's almost anti technical. We're really trying to drive home our emphasis in the market on culture and how important it is and how. That in in this time. Culture can be the driver of revenue for the foreseeable future and actually helped make company's sustainable. For for that as long as you can 100 creek there's always you can keep running a company. And it's less about. I have a job and I wanna put you in this to -- it's more about. We have some great organizations here's what they're all about let's find one of those or two of those that might really be of interest TU. And then we'll worry about the technical piece as a secondary application -- it's all about that the perfect fit. And at that page tech dot com that will be a paycheck dot com correct -- Chris appreciate you come on the show obviously Iraqis and cool socks it to -- -- that. That is stand out man they look great I -- -- money where your sock of course they are as it as a -- in the city entrepreneur rallies like see you wake up in the morning and put on clothes. From Kansas City entrepreneur -- on -- line Tom -- neat you know I can't forget that didn't know woman's fine for you got your size eight to thirteen if a year after. Seven have to wash months and I don't think you do they tied it late summer maybe it's arm and has. Chris -- are gonna show obviously you're great resource thinking is he takes technology vendors exodus on foreigners so guys make you check -- page tech dot comments. You do the real launch thanks Travis. Well many are great for segment today we're going to be right back after the break with Paul Siegel from the reach trade count. They solicited entrepreneur KC show will be right back. Welcome back to Jeff -- KC show I'm your host Jason -- -- -- make. Told us today many are many -- sign in ten minutes through one segment the other police -- -- were we're going into the second segment today Arian. I'm excited about our next guests and everything that he is contributing to the world this is really cannot -- Yeah yeah I'm excited to we have policy ball. On the line from the reach trade tell Paul how are -- death. And not think you're much did a player who might not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh really see you're it's at sixty here in Kansas City this is not normal revenue in the senate -- as you know we've got the snow too on the ground and started to melt but. Make sure you stay warm out there excited to have you on tell -- slowed about first off tell us about your background briefly and then. Tell us more about what the reach trade countless. -- ensure. So. It is it's somewhere between college. Whatever and it's very broad. Much to semesters. One and Japan are simply -- Japanese language in economics. And am another you received Capetown South Africa. On some Richard you're abroad I really noticed -- in an -- -- For clean water on in the global south the crisis started that it -- I'm that's really kind of -- come here and to I'm the demand the water. Actually both here and abroad. I decided that this would be it's all the way to go on so I started on importing beef from India. Arguing for more small co -- that I and it started. And then eventually go to coffee and so we are coffee -- Importer are now based in United States with all citizens India and Peru. And around the YouTube are companies that tried percent of our gross sales it's -- profit. Goes back toward water development and around and near the area that we are what are caught -- he. In your 43 is that right. Oh Durham and I expect Tony sixty now though you're still young entrepreneur maybe in South Africa -- 34 policy you know it's. Especially 26 is two years ago but that's really cool man -- I've always respected people that travel and bring back great ideas and help countries that that need help. And your business model seems pretty Unita -- -- double bottom line it's explained that to me just a little bit more. Sure I'm so as and then you people popular model. Laughter. -- to grow our armed guard investors and our shareholders. But I am I don't believe -- the social values go up there. I'm actually you could play electrical bottom line and what they teach at -- and that in school -- and I go to but does that the social capital. Which -- could be. People in their environment so laden. The bottom line this is now I'm going looking beyond just. Profitability for our company. I'm in the value internally. I'll also give me I'm not been seen how. Accompany him can actually impacted its own community and a greater community at large are approaching social issues. That's -- the workers. And you're not just saying that that's a good thing it's actually you wanna learn about the individuals who -- your coffee. And you wanna explain that to people and it's not just the buzz -- sounds like. Well yeah yeah yeah. You have to do direction you know and then now it is exciting regular customers on the make -- Still far removed from -- you know in the -- are reserved for Marriott where armed. People it is quite apparent that people lack access to -- drink -- water. I'm nobody. Just simple market sources where we -- going in I think consumers today extortion United States commute or more proactive. Than ever before. Don't maintain that despite some really great challenges that -- -- -- -- are in the 21 century. I'm really well -- This is great -- boots on the ground. Upload it people with incredible story is a good thing except maybe just every day -- -- really the consumers out there that I'm making resources. On the making large -- ideas realities and so we can never forget. The support of the market in the event. So -- that you have available for consumers to purchase. It is it available nationwide where can we find the coffee so that we can support your mission. I don't I'm Gloria Borger it's so picture or farmer. We don't know that some volatility. We have a small business. We hope everything in Melbourne behind. And I -- reached trade dot com. We outside of gross hypocrisy we have we actually imported back up its act which go toward took popular posters. I'm one of them actually local media critic in the city of messenger coffee. And I -- your unique opportunity it would be -- for people in the area to complete without we're actually going to be you know. Event -- a about the coffee. Which is it intensity in New York made aware of them. I'm will be coaching the -- where messenger coffee. But we're really looking forward and extend the city get this weekend Saturday and I am in need some support salute our. Where where is that and then going to be held again. -- Well that's interesting so what what time is -- BS this weekend. That there are a group on Saturday. Saturday and I am certain of who are torture and is the information about that and end up on your web sites. Yeah you can try to read straight dot com. And a messenger coffee and about the coffee will be credential as well. So. When he talked to is of people in the communities in Peru for example. What has the feedback men from the community members there about this initiative how does it impact to their community. I'm that there really interest norm and I am this year Louis dispatch cheerleader habitable artist. For Peruvians. Among many farmers around or number of the global south. On the country where -- their -- -- That I got approachable -- being here market prices dropped dramatically. Jerusalem. The spread of it and infectious disease Korea which contributed to clock keep us. August -- what our crops and and weeks. Yeah and spread very quickly and then also we had climate changes last year. On YouTube in its own personal account. We need more complete almost booked all he enjoyed being in that equality is a great opportunity performers that -- direct market access. The reason being is. We had and other companies offer premiums. Actually farmers they go beyond. Well beyond -- certification organic certifications. And these types of market licensed and offer them. Particularly related to -- you just in general sense of what do parking lot out here. A -- doesn't -- up about now 21 certainty that pound. And -- battle it out about ten cent per pound below our cost of production. And I'm he really became dramatic with a three factors that really accrued and among other farmers. And you know about how elusive is so typical -- succeed. -- -- it's certainly great challenge and followed all of us from eagle media had been planning with it's almost. Our coach and among other group or these throughout this either I came back to rule on -- hopefully contain her. To them everything ready for Cairo where we export from. I'm out of actually the we will writing workshop and I would grow being developed an apology because actually I mean these people -- the worst I've been you know what people are lots of 90%. Of the yield from Korea. -- -- If people had no idea what to -- The kind of you know I -- to conclude. He could go on -- about that but include about that Al. -- Support people that are paid on its web pages and really there are on the sidelines informers. Many people could even imagine. That -- that man who it's it's fair prices are granted for quality. -- and I guess. -- believe it -- the -- album. And actually it's Saturday were hoping that Serbs guys obsession with our farmers -- people actually -- in New York automotive them and I'll translate. That's -- -- -- some you know. We would love to have you come back on the show at a later time -- -- a bit more and more specifics because this is fascinating. And I am unfortunately ticker running out of time for today. Check out -- straight go and policy able thanks for go to the show will be right back on turner Casey. -- Kansas City welcome back to the entrepreneur Casey shot -- Roland said Mindy heart for a third segment stay in the Indy. And we've got a pretty good show for the -- struck and its the other half well I disarm I'm excited that you were able to help me out today while. I'm glad that it worked out that we can make this happen this is a lot of fun. It's it's a little bit different talking about entrepreneurs and talking about business startups and -- of these great innovative ideas tech industries. There's a lot of stuff going on and we. We just talked to mainly involve the coffee. Now world and in charitable organizations and that's kind of a buzz word right now in the entrepreneurial space is how to. Give back to the community to know not just -- -- startup it's a big deal because the entrepreneur community as a whole is very Philanthropic towards its itself it's meant to each other. So the fact that they also running back to the communities is a really good thing. I agree well. Speaking of -- Mets team being successful launch for young entrepreneur we have. Alec Matlock on the line from -- controllers sees also. Was named the entrepreneur of the year and you and JC I believe last year he's a a young entrepreneur who actually spent some time with we office together at engine -- in the crossroads. And now we have him on the phone -- -- card today. It we're doing great man first of all want to tell our our listeners a little bit about your background and entrepreneurship and how you got to be turned the entrepreneur of the year and how that process work. And the we'll get into NB controllers. Yeah that's right so I've been. Working on -- Indy which is not indie gaming. I notice that I apologize for that and you rebrand its indie gaming. Yeah we don't (%expletive) which that your apartment later on. But I started out bit -- aren't almost so high school. And just kind of slowly built fit. Basically -- a web site started. So -- painted -- controllers. Other hobby. On the anti entered. And -- business school. And 2000 and and I just now about to complete my undergrad in entrepreneurship. Here and it. -- Casey Anthony's mom. Picky picky. And company figure out and. So that's. You already been doing it. Actually it's it's really -- this past. About six months and we really they're ramping up. Does -- and not been on myself into it. 100%. I'm going to kind of typical -- in school of business and time com. -- last year -- so there really get involved the entrepreneurship program. Some professors over there. Comment that senator -- that their program which has been then. All done an incredible. Realize there's a lot of opportunities. With the program. Especially for myself so I started. Putting together a lot of -- plant and you know I've had. The working on in the for a long time partner. -- most of my spots into. You know a business plan and strategy and how we're actually going to implement. And grow the business. So the program can help meet put -- brown paper. And really look at the other plan to. Or new tc tennis one of the best schools for that if I understand -- crisis injury block school and entrepreneurial school. Yes just registry planets that are near NC at our church and. And innovation this past year construction of the new building and I believe they are -- Number eight or immigrant currently at number eight in the nation for entrepreneurship. So you went through this programming going trillion -- how did you. -- win this award did you through that -- the judging process ought not to get the entrepreneur of the year. Yeah aren't so that a couple saying to our ears as independent award or scholarship if you well. That they award Q any student. Com within their program. -- -- essentially just com. Application two where you kind of go through your your activity does not turner. On and what you've done thus far. And it was interesting and I didn't realize that it's actually open Q. All program not just for their undergrad or grad students but there's students that are going through the there entrepreneurship program which it actually open to. Can anyone. See which essentially that you that you get access to a whole lot. Mentors and it's a really long armed. Accelerator program a few world yes that they help you kind of -- launch a program so it. The first undergraduate student to -- the entrepreneurship. Earlier feature of the SLA on there doesn't so you started this whole company back queen you weren't high school. He had the screen idea that you -- and the controllers to look difference. Today function different. Did it did its function they're related isn't there there is same as we would normally is not that I -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean it started as -- -- I you know so people -- What pinning their third year in our controllers and not -- into a competitive meaning potentially. Permits compared gaming where burst out of the gamers in the same room. -- same -- playing games. Until money not unlike. And you know normal sport. And saw that there was like everyone had the exact same controller there all you know either black or plain. And so our first call him market there -- people stand out there. To get bigger controller your gear it's something that's always going to be constant. And throughout the sending you all stick with Q and it's something I'd be crowd. So I -- -- With. Making them look better. And I looked Xbox-360. We -- I came up with a modification that. But I getting to adapt essentially made the controller on sticks better arms to that they can eat. Easier which we called knows what. And as the Xbox-360. Is getting treated out. As you -- -- released a couple months ago we're now working on and you. Actual performance publications they'll make the gamers better. Fabulous now a little while ago you mentioned that you were known as and -- controller. But now you changed -- and -- dean means what precipitated that branding shifts. Well originally -- only did that Xbox-360. Controllers. I mean up until all battle. Then eight months ago or so I was still -- that's in my basement. Pretty much alone so. Today zealots that is changed I've -- you back thank you chose the -- nearly all of this and it's pretty awesome. -- yeah there and play cards. So I'm hanging on the run places I think we also you know -- table truth I'm -- I don't -- -- I think cocktails yeah. Alex and the yeah yeah. Incredible structure down downtown. Arm didn't -- them -- -- the -- -- Or started ramping up and a lot of -- originally and the controllers. We just dead Xbox controllers essentially and then at the site. Or five months ago he regretted that gaming currently we can apply what we do to just about any gaming products. Or gaining year. And the static modifications so and so. I gave me -- so it's not work any much earlier than just. Console controllers. In your website is a bit empty suit indie gaming dot com Alec you've it's it's a pretty good very classic stylish look panic congratulations on that. And then also to governor mentioned you have a custom painted old Nintendo controller on the front and you actually taught me how to use credit through that process -- tell me about how that how that exploded on Redman that one controller. Yeah. -- and interest and -- -- It's definitely not any. The typical. Platform promotion marketers can that. It can be pretty deceptive and can bite you cannot careful but I essentially paying the controller and eat and that in Canada controlled basically chula. -- appeal to some. To create something that appealed to a whole lot of gamers aren't even if it's something that they look at -- made -- comment on an old school and -- style. And the way you read it works if you just post a link to two two somewhere else I just posted a picture they're. And at QB -- -- -- -- it looked just like a giant section. Greta that. And that just blew up to the front page I think. Within 24 hours got something like 400000 views. On that image. -- 400000. Lady and gentleman that's impressive from this is it was like number one or something for like a second there wasn't like in the whole world. Yeah I got to the major credit which is I don't know the exact stat. There visitors get -- but it's it's pretty large. And it was just it was a very uncoordinated. I was about to go to bed and architecture and just decided to -- -- -- and when I woke up those. On the front page it's -- little exhilarating. Following -- Cynthia Alec tell us about that crosses Holland does it take for you to. Paint and do one of these controllers I mean if you look to outside the gallery. I mean this is legit like. Very intricate designs that you've done. Yeah so brisk. Tell about ten steps -- controller. Which. We're trying to focus on not bringing -- -- a lot of people don't understand what goes on Q what we do. And that everything campaign. Currently. I'm loving this (%expletive) offer -- not quantity. Cure all our products are actually. Disassembled and then handed and watched. -- pronged. Painted in the clear -- all my hand. The only machines that that are being used. Course understanding. Then you know our -- precious. So everything is done by hand and that and that ensures that. I'm going to the -- aren't going to make them dislike you want. But we can get very detailed. And focus on quality. A -- Now I'm looking at the website they see day you know Europe in hand painted. And like acid wash for example. There's only a basically. Port 78 dollar difference between it and totally having it custom paint job. That's impressive. We're still working now or a -- church -- about patent pricing because. There is. We're having to shift somewhat to an automated. Processors because we can't scaled it. Carol I can't -- -- like I want to. I just paint and so we're trying Q. Creek are very clear -- that. You can get these. Like front and spread the normal decline and the long short or you are set designs. And you can maybe add your name to it. But I thought the person that the current president. Her solution you know other than not stepping up yet completely custom design. And essentially get what ever you want. And then our design team. Mark setup and we make that distribute. That's very cool you know I mean. Congrats on your your frontier and foresight here obviously gaming is becoming even bigger and -- -- team. A movie with Fred Savage have forgotten candidate when I was in grade schooler may high school that he is like. Playing Super Mario Brothers and the -- all these different people. And that was a huge deal but now it's taken its all new level and obviously. You know if you can get -- A custom looked. To either whatever they're doing it's definitely a plus so wanted to congratulate -- that and how to team -- touching the dollar to connect with you in order controllers. You can. And -- -- our web -- at any gaming dot com. And spirit where you're you're real defiant. Information working on getting a lot more. I'm content out there are so that they can kind of understand the process and helped them policy questions they had and ordering. But in the -- dot com. But congratulations on completing your degree in the coming months and so we look forward looking much much more for -- in the future. Oh thank you -- much I appreciate it. Thank you liked will be right back and on -- TC show. She should. -- she's still a Kansas City and welcome back to the entrepreneur Casey -- your host Jason were alongside my. -- -- special because for the day Mindy heart and India it's been a great show so far have you enjoyed being India studio and Europe a regular and other and other radio shows and I've I feel honored to have you and and studio today. -- thinks it's a lot of fun and you know it's a little bit different than doing something that's entertainment based it's you know being able to talk about. Entrepreneurship and and what does this looks like across the country is. Is really exciting. I'm excited -- very excited for our next -- report it to the next guest. When image you can find all of our podcasts at team BZ dot com there's an on turner Casey podcast page. Where he can find -- all the old shows and listen -- to our. Former guests. Well we had a friend of mine in studio -- is not on there -- Michener bill we have chuck so Cassini Buckner. There right chipped up its and we have Chris Lawrence on the line and chuck -- is -- from the Casey public library and Chris is from the -- welcome to show where I thank you. So we when Reggie guys in the studio are -- much on the air today to talk to you about the recent big event you had the league of its city challenge two point out. So tell our listeners a little bit about that and tells about how this partnership was formed. I am I think. When I'll Google five announced ideologue coming to Kansas City. The library the -- that. Did you give it an activity. It was going to be very important for our community and really wanted to be involved. We also failed to add to library was the space way out. Discussion and conversations on what I do get it means to the city was. A place where we can get convened a community without a discussion. Mozilla has really been -- at the beginning. Wind die -- anti Google fight back and on anti Gigabit connectivity who bombed and so we've been walking -- Mozilla floral almost two years now. And I'm continue to walk out of two grown up on. Let's talk about that's a really this is just an initiative the -- together to bring together a bunch different groups -- as innovators but also educators. Technologist -- leaders created education and workforce development. City. More opportunities for that is that right exactly I think what what what we feel blocked out from Dan -- standpoint. Was that DC's a way to do. Don't put their community to deal to get. -- -- to get back to make a logic impact I think we are used used several organizations just walking on data on body not authority polarized city to make an impact. In -- do we need to put our law our strategy is. -- Alla please assist again so that we can scale. -- impact of DDB connectivity and also in the nation in Kansas City. So Chris tell me about. A little bit more about -- -- for those our listeners who don't -- with that is. -- show well Mozilla is both the corporation and nonprofit. Dad. And technology based that most people associate with a Firefox browser. Who are on the outside OJ with their first grist. I'm mama Firefox users I decision is there any concern perhaps that we news though that not mean not mean. Well that's that's right -- the endorsement -- and so. But Firefox is really just one product -- initiative of -- so that large and another big piece of work debt -- -- engages in especially armed as foundational side. Is. Web literacy. And and connective learning and so what did this really is is an attempt to take a web loudest letters that she beat. Let literacy agenda -- to -- level both. Educators and students. And -- at large his ability to is sort of use digital skills to be conversant and knowledgeable about how to exist in the digital world. And to. Greater connect. Their resources. And -- people are thinking. And learning and teaching in that space globally really show. That debate that's a big addition there are a big concern because. Even going back to Firefox is the idea was that. That technology cannot be closed systems that we can't have black boxes and we need to be working. In open source or at least open standards tools and and and properties and then those things speak to the product. And put it out to the marketplace and Firefox really demonstrated was. That would you could put. -- values and you can put. -- -- sinking into product that they are in the marketplace and he could actually have a conversation. Need to show that there's a market for that revenue could have conversations around and joke. With our -- literacy work were looking decent things similar in that how do you. How people are you want to get -- citizens -- digital citizens and during which he's been going public to expand. About how they can better understand the technology that they -- a -- everyday at almost every aspect of their lives. But though that so it doesn't seem like magic and it seems like have been taken out. Agency in control and power over and so our -- literacy work -- work in learning and education. Really is ground and that and that's why we're so excited to welcome Kansas City. And Chattanooga as part of our. -- And that that's a question I had it's obviously I'm well aware of what's -- -- is doing in obviously -- sincere very proud of the -- How are those two cities selected and obviously the partnership with Casey told a clever it was very important -- But -- courses. Instrumental. Well. Mozilla and National Science Foundation and you could ignite have been partnering for almost three years and heard the first part of that partnership. We were running. PG Dayton. App design challenge which which. I've heard of that obviously that's that's been around for awhile I it's. The supporter of that and have known people who have done that so that's great and that was the Prius. And go to this next iteration of our our our work with and -- -- US -- we chose. To really focus and that focus within 281 and into the two city to Chattanooga and Kansas City where he really felt like. The community energy. And the activation from our first partnerships it was the strongest. And then two to really. Looking into education and workforce development because those -- the project that we're working on at -- so -- that resonate most with us and we could better connect to our other initiatives to have greater impact. There is. -- money that has been set aside for this purpose to put out there in the form of grants to help this initiative keep moving. Richard is acceptance. And yes days money is set aside. I think -- Mozilla announced at 300000 grant -- States -- on divided between Kansas City and not Chattanooga. And said. That is correct so it. It's so honored to -- out -- and each city ritual get away in two grand rounds. Totally heavy 5000 each end which will be released -- -- -- -- -- actually in just probably hopefully this week but in the very near future. And he had used it to get that money you know -- this year and kind of that granting cycled a sort of I don't period is design cycle for an educator and technologies that respond. McCain and sept oh what what type of entrepreneurs. Really got into this at the last event and what -- we go from here and you're going to be having events in the spring in the summer as well. I thought I mean one of the things that our elected titlist on that initial grants that Mozilla did before the second round of grants is it. One of the things that came out of that fund it was odd and live -- such -- creating a softly and like lending library. And that is a project funded by Mozilla. As out of the initial fine restaurants -- so that project is ongoing and we agreed to be invading that on. In not in a few months isn't a concept or does softly and then in liabilities -- -- entire idea of taking advantage of the DJ -- In -- arm. You being able to sit calmly in the classroom going you in the you also used and be able to -- -- softly use it for a second period of time. And ticketing sites and get back out of that mission. On the library is being able to v.s to digital divide being an axis to the community and taking advantage of that you give it -- so decelerated a project underway here in Kansas City. Funded the bite by Mozilla. Jennings did you give -- city we were able to bring in bullet. -- socialist took a new artists. Develop -- web developed by as odd businesses. Banks -- out -- -- talked about teachers teachers and everything else but it was all over the board and tons of people who want interest it. Including people like just trying to two. Did I wasn't what does these -- get -- what can he do for me on so but we had all about 200 people at the library for the event. We walked -- day. Are we -- we leave. Brought people into different kind of groups to look at I hollow doubt what kind of -- Applications next generation application can be developed for the defense kind of -- targeted groups such as saying yes mom -- key to talk indication. I'll -- was development as as -- -- -- -- and -- throughout the day almost eight hours straight to try and come up with something -- we will be announcing soon. What those projects are Mozilo will be announcing soon bloodless projects like what day I've come. On that meeting. What the next in applications that came out of that -- event will be. Yet it's on the -- in pretty good feedback -- on the the digital. Lending library this week we got a lot of feedback and actually one of the things that was exciting about their assault and lending library is it. We always just thought that maybe this would be an interest for public libraries. But we find had to do was inches from just not for profit organizations as well as our school districts as well. -- so again we are very proud of our partnership with Mozilla but also -- proud of my library that is scary interpersonal. That's for sure and it's exciting. To hear about a library. Major library getting involved with. Technology and learning and with -- own tech community here in Kansas City and connecting to Mozilla for sure. Kansas City is blessed to have -- public library in all of the partnerships that it has with other libraries without the threat to community. So this idea of having the software lending library. Is huge for people that are in start up mode and are trying to explored to that research. For their business this is huge. -- on -- is this is very huge and you know speaking about in terms of partnership and and that kind of thing again there's the suffering and lending library as we've talked about is that. You know Mozilla -- give us the seed money to begin -- but it's also been out in the spirit of what Kris talked -- which -- While pencils creating together. -- walking together to do to do something awful good sold his software lending library are people -- actually donated their time. They have donated stories they've donated everything just developed -- southern lab did not develop it you know we had -- ideas and that kind of -- But -- again that community building and ended a software lending library is an example of what -- was talking about in times of community building and and walking to get and idea that it's open and free whatever -- multiple. Pick Chris we had about a minute and a half less. What is the limit on the projects for puree it and how other people didn't touch with Mozilla and didn't everything on the -- the clever and -- well. It's dope I came to realistically. Did agree and it's probably be in a ten to 20000 dollar range you've really had an idea commit. The launch pilot in regard to tighten obviously you're not gonna bill. Build full curriculum and and tools sets and apps with that kind of money to to be looking to kick start ideas and really to get into the protecting -- beat -- even at that paper credit typing work. Or small steps initially. You could follow. Mozilla -- it would dot org. Blog got little about work and also if you signed up they'd let the event will be sending an email out to that he could not so. Follow Tom on Twitter which is. To -- question. And I don't I don't -- it I think it -- but some and I can you know that I needed because street -- yet but you know -- Com we got a local our community catalyst 62 is. They collecting email and will be making sure that all of the marketing and the ways in which -- commissioned by the great will be released all that kept our extra. They're nickel and Jeff do any last words from you -- Well and last was -- music is one of the things seems to always remember dad library site he had to be the digital divide and one other note on missions that we have going on -- what we called a digital inclusion collision at Clark. We are looking for -- innocent people to come and as far as to develop. A strategy -- -- dividing in Kansas. Guys appreciate coming on the show today. Chris Lawrence from. Mozilla and -- -- took his Sani Buckner the deputy director of the -- is -- public library appreciate the time today. Thanks for joining us on the show. Thank you happening. They -- governor Casey show. We'll see you next week haven't.