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The Radio Dish 2.16.14

Feb 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know yeah. Small but yeah when puzzling visual problem when you don't need a hero and yeah. Don't go away and call will be taking your heroes in bombing to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order to keep also -- brings water -- -- call your blowing me it's all a bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Signature funerals dot com. How Darcy here and a fabulous and it this morning at the -- should be you know I just came back from my investment analyst. Gillian Smith and Christina Lomas and financial solutions and eccentric a plastic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. I like it is this statement and the man recorder now it's too bad you know when you remember those days. A statement that I didn't understand -- investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those Condit realized losses mean really -- was that on the out. You know exactly when -- on through why can't do well in advance financial he'll be an it help you to. Now at face to face quarterly review I understand all of my investments. We like retired. We -- and where my retirement income will be coming from. How much here you I think I -- -- them how to -- in touch with them online financial pants down count until the tension. Securities -- the securities company -- member Cameron's epic doesn't kill. Kind of leave -- dishes in the sink and dish about something. It's important to you. And now three chicks who think they ruled the roost it's through radio dish. And welcome welcome everybody -- people like -- in the heart Mary McKenna. And you at the radio dish dot com and here it is Valentine's weekend inundated with red red red red red red all we hear about is rich but today we're going greens. And it's not easy. Being dreamed. Remember the spending stayed. Color. -- -- When I think it might be nicer. The -- under yellow curtain call a I don't know I'm no. Obama for that too harsh critic now we're going greens today since you don't think he is cute and Maria holiday pretty cute cute she is here today to talk about the green initiative and the green affair this coming up here in just days. And thanks for joining us today. Green -- is a nonprofit organization founded by a rock feels barge and Ed Begley junior out in LA. And we are starting -- a launch we're launching a chapter here. And one green wish does is it looks or green initiatives in the local community that they can help support so we specifically. Ticket applications from a wide variety of people and looked for those people who we're doing a lot of good with a very little. And -- we knew with a little bit more support. Can do exponentially more in our community so we've selected. Five nonprofits that we are going to support. For the next two years in our launch event coming up green affair local dishes supporting green wishes will be. Art initiation and we will be presenting the first text of these organizations may you've got some pretty heavy hitters as far as restaurants and and venues that are supporting you got casa Summers that too good Julian you've got even now ain't. That's just part of the list so we're honored at the quality. Men star power of the restaurants that we have coming and matter fact we've had to. We had to cut off and we hope to have twice as many next year but yes we have great ones -- IV in bakery. And -- 39 and the farm house are some others that are coming and we have fifteen. Local area restaurants have a very high caliber that will be there to surreptitious -- cool that is all coming up on the 27 if somebody wants to get involved how we get tickets. Well that's right tickets are -- -- sell out because we've partnered with the center for sustainability at that she'd go and Johnson County. And you can go to begin to bright and you can type in green affair and that is the French spelling AF FKI RE. Or just Overland Park and type in green and you're gonna find you're gonna find it and tell us about the worthwhile charities because I am just bowled over by who you picked. -- -- are charities are done great work Kansas City food circle. Kansas City community gardens -- -- And that lot Martha left feet Thompson nature sanctuary. Jerusalem farm. And bridging the -- An excellent and there are so many other charities people are gonna go hiking she picked him but you really you're right these people do a lot with very little money. And you know we nonprofits are busy doing good and sometimes not great. Act getting the word out about what they're doing. Or spending time raising money and so that's where green which gets to command and we also have our unsustainability. Education that we do. That this is just one of the ways that people can support green wage and no. Bit they're supporting five charities -- -- cents of every dollar is going back. Into the community that is. Cost some. If you wanna find out more about it green wish dot com of course you can -- green you can -- typing -- and our FaceBook -- green flash -- their FaceBook -- yeah absolutely -- holiday we -- thank you for stopping in and visiting with the radio -- thank you so much for having me you know it's so important to get involved in -- green initiatives a friend -- -- was speaking recently and and college. And they used when he something's really get green initiatives in wave better than us well I'll just say baby boomers had no doubt about it I've never quite understood. The car I mean I know with the carbon footprint is spent on the strike by intuit to that extent but I do recycle and you know take her glass to ripple and and three of the curbside for the plastic and cardboard. Only you know for me my mom -- mixed. Pine sol bleach ammonia all of the same time when she we've cleaned. And what we now know is that's half of my asthma issues than the other half of that is that my parents smoked when I was a kid. So it you know being green is about what we clean with what we what we do with them. Products we buy it's about all of that in we don't understand how some of our health issues are impacted. Just because of those types of choices absolutely and you know Karen Adams at the mop bucket has lots of great green alternative choices you can if you. If you're like. Wanting to clean your house and if you -- then please come to my house because -- make it means some cleaning as well I'm sure I'm gonna be able to make it I'm hoping a lot of people do. February 27 again Thursday. At the -- they're on India Johnson County community college campus and a lot of great food. From the very green restaurant's great great organization great organizations are going to be -- now -- in a lot of great food that's there. He and and switch gears two seconds I watched everybody's faced with video. I did -- little fun with the match. Wanna pick him picture which I hate to IC -- there are heating up -- -- When it was like really who -- them and that's. It took us so that I might take it and they come they shared almost 100 million times that's how many people got into this it was of course to celebrate the company's tenth anniversary. Looking back it's -- highlights and top moments and things that you shared. And I know we three didn't come. I have to admit that I have a friend who didn't. Get a little in buying on it we just felt like she wasn't cool. Drake was like the only thing at temple and listen what you didn't post for like the first three years yeah. Up up up up. And you know and I even post and -- said is there a support group for these people who -- -- video and he's a photographer. He would think he would posted -- my little million pictures well I'm blessed Belinda -- I -- -- just on the coolant. And then everybody started -- her time and then she got an invite to do it and says she was excited says supposed to want to but if you had a chance to do that what a great idea. You know case that there's some things that we -- they spoke about it on some things we don't -- -- we share things we don't like to pick but before you go there have been in question where did this so. Throwback Thursday cripple a start now I'm finally know catching up I think that originated in Twitter. Oh really wasn't because I was gonna take a picture myself doing a shot of whiskey and call that's let her. Yeah. I didn't throw up Thursday night after dark Friday and actually I really think he came from because you have to have staying. Yes TT and so I really think it. Originated on Twitter instead that can be it began as a political thing -- going on right now one point five million FaceBook fans have a surprise for ten year old. Interest can be that surprised because we're talking about every -- I'm sure he's listening continual calmly march -- well you current. From Kalamazoo Michigan on his mom. Didn't wanna have a party this year he end and he says I don't wanna do it his Asperger's syndrome in and so cannot accept a class sometimes in thinking they would come. And so what she did -- she treated FaceBook page repeal around the world could send him posit -- encouraging messages. One point five million likes. All kinds of great things coming in on this page a great thing that's cool I do feel sorry for my thought you know it's like to have a party mom know that he'll come anyway you. Naturally said you know I used to work for station where we did an annual Christmas wish and this is for for true for real. She we we got a Christmas wish card from mom who asked for an talking bird because her child no one talks to her son on. -- for real can you believe that. Com and we were able to cut and that wish. Just you know you know our friend Jennifer Bertrand has says has a little play at Princeton and went to kids you know but at the playground and kids -- appointed ten and not wanna play with him in. And she's appalled that the parents don't take that opportunity to educate. Yes and. There it'll hurt and it hasn't feelings to him even that they went to a church -- -- some of the kids at the church did it so I mean like folks come on get real. We've got more great things coming up here at the radio dish for gonna talk about hotels and how to -- hotels and stay out of those raunchy ones -- tearing -- Garcia usually usage dot com. All of the yellow brick road to the Kauffman center and experience The Wizard of -- like never before Thursday and Friday February 27 28 watched the 75 anniversary remastered edition -- the wizard of bonds on the giant screen in -- -- -- with -- Kansas City symphony performing the entire soundtrack live but -- tickets start at just thirty. -- streets to available now at Casey symphony dot org sponsored by the request 529 education savings program. If you -- 27 28 at the conference center this Casey should be dot org pretty tales. They're engaged was founded in 1873. -- heartland principles of honor service trust and value and is committed to serving clients in the same unwavering -- today later engages 320 attorneys practice in the eleven offices nationwide allowing the -- to respond to clients' needs at the local state and national levels information contact -- -- engage. 804764224. Or visit www. Later age dot com so he's tired began hot flashes those mood swings no energy for well anything. Still suffering from -- upon us it's our saint Blake do you kind of held start pharmacy in the menorah medical center. Stocks helped me get ten teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that a policy has. And understand your options. -- recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from sewing and wild -- And it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that need her unique needs. And all the same and neither is -- pharmacy. It's time to get have -- yourself again upstart professional pharmacy find out what your options are for healthier you. Get this straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices. For information call 91334. Or 53800. That's 91334. Or 53800. Or go online at stark pharmacy dot com. Women all across America are falling in love with your skin again with him in house foundation and their minerals is the only foundation I would every. The surprisingly someone and still -- -- -- yet -- slightly and now offering full sized risk free child that's right every woman calls right now can get risk free trial and a free fight -- accent that is exclusive radio only offer call 1805031657. Is seen -- secretary -- health foundation on its complete transformation. It isn't noticeable difference those really nice to. Have their minerals have tea and then -- thank you to -- -- of different complexion. Famine now stands behind everything it's just a company and a product that is so full of integrity. It's my new best friend. Come out of find out how you can -- -- risk free trial of our award winning foundation and a Freeney gets it hurry don't miss this exclusive radio only offer call 1800. 50316571805036257. -- -- He'll cry and you wish to show. It's no radios did. The radio is at the radio dish that come -- -- likely be part Mary McKenna and EU and glad to -- have with us today the hotel fixer. Anthony and supernatural last -- -- curious is that right perfect right out of the box first time perfect and never happens for me so this is a good day. Rarely do people get right to thank you to -- beyond what you. I've got a right because I've caught the show a few times compelling forced to see Saddam hotel impossible under -- -- And I'm sure it was like I am mad house. Try to get hotels booked for the Super Bowl. The when you have that type of a situation where everybody in their uncle is trying to get a hotel room is there a way to get a deal. But there are borders Kabul where he's won the best in oak hotel sometimes take a -- in the immediately put to reach up -- six months out in the -- you have to stay at least three nights. To stay in our hotel that's close to the stadium. And so you have to pay through -- and guarantee the room and at least you get to -- And -- targets or let your money what happened in this it since last week. Is that all the hotel rooms actually had dropped your rates because people didn't feel up all the hotels because -- 150000. Rooms. Just in Manhattan alone but little New Jersey Connecticut potentially yourself. Unfortunately couldn't -- -- enforcement for the fans. They were actually able to get hunter at 99 dollar -- Saturday night rights which the ball so other person that may twelfth 2000 actual room if they would waited they wouldn't -- logic I learned out for a. So flexibility is a key. It's about -- -- it also would fuel to a smaller market and you have a Super Bowl it plausible hotel rooms immediately reached. New York we can handle the Super Bowl Stanley Cup in the World Series in one day and Yellowstone national city. Record they are located CRA I spent five years Kansas City in -- -- their first page so in my first job was and she's regional park so I'm a big Kansas City person. So as a hotel fix or someone who's been in -- hospitality business for twenty plus years. What is the biggest. Problem right now as far as cleanliness. I'm here in about bed bugs and at the hotel staff that don't necessarily clean everything the way. They say they do. The pre pharmacy owners don't take it seriously tactic employees about the don't have. Get -- quitting right or about having the right materials which simply. The orders don't get the Norton which euros to the right training actually going to do the best they can they were very hard so independent hotel owners are coming in the big board Lucy -- made their money -- -- in the -- -- -- The American people proper tools -- that's really the biggest. Problems when you're looking for an independent boutique hotel you need to lower -- and you really need to do your homework and pictures and future good but I Qaeda number one problem in the industry from consumers Specter of these bed bugs that people see. Bed bugs as a major issue -- you know it really you know it's like anything else to -- you know you -- if you -- heavy machine a Russian hotel room. And on a long time right exactly and there aren't that. Well -- -- hotel somewhere sure -- bed bugs and so some -- situated in the hotel. You don't see them so it's really up to prevention which really have to do do understand the educational learning how to prevent tax. You're never gonna stop answer or cockroaches were mighty short bed bugs they secured a diligent human being. It's floating hotel you'll be able to prevent. Well let's talk a little bit about to travel agents that used to be the way everybody booked as their vacations or their business trips say with three agencies they put your air fare than of course your hotel stay as well everyone's become their own travel agent now. Do you see that reverting back because of all the things that are available online where you need to find somebody who. Actually has been around the block a couple of times -- knows what to do. Europe's great question and and travel agents are actually seeing. They're actually -- resurgence in the last couple years I think you're a BT percent year over year last year. I'm looking eight trips from like Stanley two Turks and caicos. And outplay usher out I was trying to call in favors is -- presidential eager to -- them -- -- calling in favors and systems calling. And finally got the room and we get there airplane and everything. We -- we take who knows that I know we will surely get it local solutions group we're -- actually stage sort of researcher took me which Kirsch national so. I have a big believer travelling agents I don't have any really good challenge -- my -- you have to get one. While because I realize that these two which informational -- sometimes or travel agents are making. A comeback accomplish our mission value and -- travel agents are very important. They know where to go where not to go it may well in the end -- people so they can get cheated and they can ditch you special deals and maybe you can do in general. And I've always heard tell me if this is just a crock of beans. That a three star new hotel something that was built you know in the last year is better than a Forestar ten year old hotel. -- restarting -- -- -- -- questions and you could start to believe that you're concerned library. And what are we won easily answer their questions in order to answer their questions and I can't. Agree more I would I traveled for the show I stayed true star hotels liberated from star hotel -- you don't you get exactly -- you going to you know which you get -- and I stated a four star hotel in Niagara Falls about two too much broke out in the late. People in the dirt road dirt there hotels too big it's -- -- teach their oath they take too long it takes twenty Michigan Rick Horrow is the outrage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fairfield manner those type of hotels especially if they're have been built just recently there. They're actually pretty nights. Rip my favorite tolerate expressions -- this show is on Monday night's tell us what channel and what time. What I like 10 o'clock on the Travel Channel I'm told of possible candidates eastern time so. Of course 9 o'clock AM here in central time and to and we appreciate your time here and Canadian dish dot com thank you have pretty much. Yeah I think it was so would've liked to talk to this guy right before we went and chemistry and the people if we look at this kind of cryptic message from you love me from a about a hotel -- that some guy screaming what is going on you when determining. First off he went to her Cinderella well. We don't date trip and we decided that we -- we were gonna stay overnight a mile. Actually want it we're gonna notice the Dalia. But we. Missed the exit to civilian ended up -- Harrison felt would you we have you have to -- she has children still at home so -- when you can get away doesn't matter if it's serious and it doesn't matter -- I knew it Harrison now. Well it's -- as the epicenter for Applebee's I mean it's it's that's at that's the only game in town I grew up. In the adjacent little community Pleasant Hill which is still small and quaint and nice and even though we have sonic now I think with McDonald's. But now I know I gathered up but so. We always felt that way that here's who are part of a little rivalry part of -- was rivalry because say it was the wildcats we always referred to it is dog down. If he if you talk to somebody from Pleasant Hill next and you ask ask them about the community down south of Pleasant Hill on seven highway as stomach to really got you. And you would have no well it was hot -- on the at -- -- and I say that loosely in the next around. For four hours. Yelled and screamed he is obviously inebriated and so was the person he was visiting -- moved -- and they we're talking about gun. And in all sorts of stuff so it's not like we're gonna come knock on the door saying hey you know pat it down was another guy. Yet they weren't -- -- -- I was staying upstairs -- -- and markets here's the afterwards room and this went well until well after midnight. Their front desk he was too chicken to go talk to this guy's feet. It's unknown how well I had a soda and then at 6 o'clock in the morning and -- back it -- this site. OK I don't signing more rested than when I left the house this morning and we just had -- -- gonna be the biggest problem here that we're not out our entire back. So I'm not -- this as a as a three star four star hotel as pretty ventured to Jonas and I really wish him to -- until like the president or someplace in downtown Kansas City and -- had a really good have a nice weekend you know it was their anniversary you have to be careful and because sometimes you don't -- sites and a great lesson that chestnut -- failures -- -- I don't know I doubt that's a shame on you sorry that set -- planet and man until -- you know can't you tell an anniversary on our than. Day after we got married we moved -- to Kansas City was -- south Sioux City. I'm Dina I'm South Dakota I'm just gonna say it not even Iowa know no doubt in my mind like I have no idea it was a truck -- it was the -- worst. The guy with even they had a bar inside that you could get drinks from I don't know how they did -- don't think that's legal anywhere. And there is a guy sitting underneath the air conditioner that was stripping on his hand in against hashed out hit me really was textile within its own content so as -- -- So aside it was awful I didn't take a shower is it looked tenants in there well. Don was joking that they're talking about guns and if we'd had our concealed carry -- the you know it I would have been a formidable. Opponents. Yet hasn't seen shoot and you can but if you -- -- out in the hallway at a hotel make sure you drag him back again. -- But who. Now and I know I do not mean we would never do that. 81 my biggest beef about hotels and come on and on web sites. Just minutes away -- -- which means you're in a really bad part of town and it minutes means a cab ride but they don't. It's thirty minute that oh yeah you market went to really went to Disneyland onetime gun went through a travel agent doesn't exist any more passion and why. That's the way it was a 45 minute drive by Hezbollah change while there's another minute away and another minute when -- -- going just quit quit quit I quit you know -- Who watched the show watch Michael and he'll give you some great advice on how to avoid your -- sentinel. Bring everyone has to hears that some some some like Waterloo but you can -- your worst I have never experienced that we have ever. Something you want to experiences our power of the -- segment and a lovely lovely lady significance and will join us here in just minutes past the radio dish does come come -- All of the caliber groom to be Kauffman center and experience the blizzard of -- like never before Thursday and Friday February 27 28. Watch the 75 anniversary remastered edition -- the wizard of bonds on the giant screen in -- hall with your Kansas City symphony performing the entire soundtrack live adult tickets start at just 35. Steve speaks to available now at Casey symphony dot org sponsored by the request by 29 education savings program. February 27 28 -- the -- consider this case he simply dot org pretty tales. They're -- -- to Hispanic and 1873. On the heartland principles of honor service trust and value. And is committed to serving clients in the same unwavering -- -- today later engages 320 attorneys practice in the eleven offices nationwide allowing the firm to respond to clients' needs a local state and national levels information contact -- engage. 804764224. Or visit www. Later age dot com so he's tired began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for well anything. -- suffering from menopause it's nursing Blake do you kind of held start are missing in the menorah medical center. Stocks helped me get to teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that policy has. And I understand your options. -- recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from -- and wild -- and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that meet her unique needs. And all the same. And neither is -- pharmacy. It's time to get to have -- yourself again upstart professional pharmacy find out what your options are for healthier you. Get this straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices. For information on nine -- 33453800. That's not 1334. Or 53800. Or go online at stark pharmacy dot com. Women all across America are falling in love with your skin again with him in house foundation and their minerals is the only foundation I would every. Surprisingly some women still haven't I guess that's why we are now offering full -- risk free trial that's right every woman calls right now can get risk free trial and a free five -- accent that is exclusive radio only offer call 18050316. -- seven is seen is that the very health foundation on its complete transformation. It isn't noticeable difference those -- really nice to. Have their minerals have -- Famine now stands behind everything it's just a company and a product that is so full of integrity. It's my new best friend. Come out of find out how you can get your risk free trial of our award winning foundation and a Freeney gets sent hurry don't miss this exclusive radio only offer call 18050316571805036257. Mary McKenna. I got your candy you're right here jar seem blend into making Valentine's we had to deal once or point guard one -- Mandy who are you don't. Know radioed ditch webcam and -- -- in the -- -- I have you wow I had you know I had just hugs and counts. She's got. That was really -- thing. Stop on them. My gosh. We only have thirty minutes of hogs and -- sorry about that this half hour is birthday by the Kansas City symphony where she couldn't get tickets online at that Casey symphony. -- for fifth. And we get a powerful lady on the line with this now a friend of the radio dish who has been on this show couple times -- believe -- -- Kennison is joining us now and she is a powerful woman Haitian -- how -- you. Aren't there carry. It super trying to stand in trouble but that never seems to to really have a I'm looking at the profile that we sent on -- and we have had difficult -- inspirational motivational -- small business -- small business start -- personal coach. You name it you've done it you really are one of the powerful women that we love to have on the show. Question I was asked when I look at a bio that is this long and in so much that he you have accomplished. My first question is what drives you. Lot of good conscience you know what all. Or how it all that actually. In the big gamble and it landed kind of selfish and brought them back on -- I would be more than -- And like. You know here's the thing I'm only came in the TV or at all about my husband went to great I love my husband and every kind of how would -- me it would be like -- man and he can. Happen now here. He's -- great. And I think to start at the bit that bug bit me and I started to do my own thing in business and I learned so much from the different things I was involved in the business and now when someone. -- you know. Christian marriage and a and it's not like now honey you marry me. Yeah. I -- that it. Say well in the beginning it all about finding -- Aladdin and trying to be mild person. And I think that was great respect hangs -- while I realize that like calling it can help other people these except well you know I -- partnership and not that that's allowed you to have this for him to be on and why do the things I love and it could challenge all that I -- -- gets talent to compete and need to be creative -- and then -- and then training being -- that I've -- everything from -- -- and coaching and -- -- education network marketing and -- -- -- -- found -- That might calling it helped other went inspired him -- the -- that they deserve and I love being an actor business coaching and. Asks me to one of the things that has just completely in dared me to both -- and Eddie is hearing him speak at one point about you know everybody thinks that being a football players a tough thing but you have lupus and he just totally admires you. For all the accomplish with lupus and says that that's the tough thing if so how has had having lupus impacted how you want to help other people. Well you know where most people realize that admiral Kirkland. Living breathing having the same issues in tandem but in -- in -- that they have to undetectable you know and I. I've been really blessed by that I attacked really bad days and I had some really good. You know what a positive thing -- -- -- everything what might even started to change and I I believe that some kind of like a magnifying they'll tell us you. -- -- On what what every -- it what every that you're focusing on fact what you're gonna get right to a -- -- your life now I think I could take my mind -- that magnifying glass and focus on on a positive and looked at became -- -- -- and so that's just -- all part of me and I think. Now of course there are physical things that go along with that but for me personally my experience is all about mindset and then as you know you know and everyone else you know -- and the woman say. Learn you know I believe that -- -- -- and I am and that's just got -- what is now I am you know I have mentioned about my face and I -- and really what. Yes you have been blessed and blessed with some cute little innocent turnaround house I think I hear when and how and the tiger thing I looked up a story you mentioned earlier. And I'd like to focus on this for a moment how you thought you knew what you were going to do but you've changed and that's changed and I think sometimes people women especially. Decide with their roles going to be and it's like well that's what I chose you can always reinvent yourself right. Absolutely that's the Alabama is about evolution about innovation and hand them you know when asked Lindbergh got him the ideology that is an imam in Hawaii and then advocate an option -- and -- I became a mentor. And done you know now I'm not coaching the women and consulting value that it absolutely playing it and -- -- if you're not growing band why. You know the -- out so I actually believe in evolution involving treat in my family in my statements that are collecting that. Well I hold dear to me that it okay. And he is it okay you bet I bet you know so much money on a certain education and -- not -- that now because my passion for what I love to do is. Beyond. That money back -- to do this I think a lot of times and the like Auburn that that time. And invest money and now on that -- walk after their eyes. Are about active questioner -- -- -- -- on their -- all history it was my dream to. You know -- personal organizer you know it's my dream to be a wonderful -- me home packed and call the domestic engineer. Yeah. -- beat us and our power the first woman this morning. At the Reagan in addition we we we want to thank you. Sir you know it's -- Nikkei and Eddie are absolutely the cutest couple use UC am counting on her -- Oklahoma teams haven't met you. Well. -- actually knew her sister. Who and the first time that they he interacted with her culture by the wrong name I don't know -- her sister's not. No -- it is I think it's actually her middle name call all only Karl. And yes so then he actively pursued her for quite some time and she made him go. On the royalties selling. Here is you know a bit. In -- they're so happy together and he adores her degree can't ask for more is just a nice family -- children and -- super. Fun exciting to have an -- wonderful Valentine's Day in and you know you gotta check her out because she has a business of the business bombshell and she is. Gorgeous and stunning. But she is really great it and it really empowering women specifically in business -- and like he says -- -- have a good Valentine's Day but not everybody to. -- Depressed feeling unloved. Self medicating with chocolate. All because your Valentine's Day kind of sort of -- relaxed. And -- make it all better by sharing this latest scientific research I'm CRT in the suburbs the worse your Valentine's Day the better your marriage. That's right ladies if your Valentine's Day consists of eating your children's candy chasing him with a glass of Chardonnay and who might kidding let's make get a carton. While your husband look confused that you are mad at him for forgetting that February 14 is the official day of love. You've got yourself a real keeper how can that be you ask. Years a fact finding field work show that the husband who would know a grand romantic gesture of his life depended on it he's happy. Securities -- for you and in your love for him plus is bigger things to worry about like the other 364. Days in the year. On the other hand the man who showers his wife flowers not purchased at a convenience store jewelry and decorate your pillow with rose petals -- -- eighty. Like you are hiding something and -- feels guilty really guilty. So my sad Valentine's slapped a great big smile on that pretty face of years wrap yourself up I'm talking to real cuddly in the blink of superiority for having and non remaining spouse. Because nothing says I love you like a man who forget valentines day. Oh that's scientific research I was talking about and -- -- If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement -- on track joined Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the -- BC business channel 1660 AM -- -- share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot -- that's Dave Thomson dot net and be -- listen every Friday morning at 930 today -- it's your money on -- KM -- business channel 1660. AM. 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All along the way and Paul LBK your heroes involving to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order for leaky -- flood brings water heaters -- call your blowing me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- News at European -- than a -- given waxing a much needed make over. We believe that feeling gorgeous and looking fat isn't just for the privileged -- for everyone who wants to -- the smooth the sexiest skin whenever you want to. And that's why we stand by our words police say -- waxing for offer both women and men. Our fourth steps to gorgeous clans protected get your wax on and rejuvenate we'll give you this news of glowing sexy skiing you want. That European -- senator where the world's whack experts we've been doing this nationwide since 1975. -- -- -- From an impeccable treatment rooms to the polished professionals of our -- specialists you'll be in great hands. We want you to watch him instead out with the incredible feeling that only the smoother skin can give you. European -- senator for luxurious waxing at prices that won't make you raise an eyebrow. Yourself a little pampering at European lacks an insider respite in -- leeway as a -- senate dot com to schedule your appointment today. Grab extra cookie sit back and relax it's time for the radio ditch quarters calories. They're usually pretty hard Mary McKenna and you add the radio dish dot com. The biggest names in Hollywood -- all the gossip and destroy you won't hear anywhere. It's time for this week's Hollywood can play -- this could hurt him. I always love to chat with our Hollywood reporter Krista -- because she rubs elbows with important people. I mean not us -- not Darcy -- amending we're talking about important people. He went to that nice little luncheon -- elbows with this liberties my. I did on Monday I think she Oscar nominee luncheon and I have to say is one of the great and that's what you eat and it's very tried it. It's the only time all of the nominees will be -- and together and any opportunity to really sit down have a quiet moments. And I'll honor I'll get their certificate saying that they got a nomination is grammar on Oscar -- -- one person that statue. They do a class picture. And the cool thing that they Q is everywhere and it's -- -- it's not like Ali acting nominees are one people in which the directors are on the table basically everyone -- One directing nominee will be at twenty you'll be one actor Adobe academy members -- -- a member of the press. I could be a sneak -- nominee to be able to mix and mingle and meet people from different parts of the entertainment industry. And while we're talking Oscar nominees what is this bizarre story unfolding. About the death in Julia Roberts and. Cast this is this is a crazy story and Julie Roberts did not attend Oscar nominees luncheon this year because she did lose her half sister -- -- notes -- on a drug overdose now it looks like. Now that it is a claims drug overdose on. There is a suicide note found in house. And according to a source they are seen. That there's the note -- had very derogatory things to say it actually Robert. And supposedly. It was time to respect Julie Roberts Oscar can't see her I -- each -- I'll -- it's just wild. That is wild obviously a lot of bad blood in that family. Laugh a bad blood in the weird thing is Julia Roberts really I mean she's nominated but she's probably not going to -- so sure how are she spine that. This is a very strange being too cute -- suicide around your house sisters Oscar. Indeed. I posted after The Beatles tribute on CBS. It ended at 9:30 -- in central time. And they followed it with an episode of the Miller's now why they didn't just take its its hand I don't know but I posted on FaceBook and Twitter. That sound you hear is all of America searching for the remotes to switch it over to the Olympics and now I see if I hadn't posted it then. I would certainly posted now because Roseanne Barr has been added to the cast. She sure has to -- I get -- She's gonna -- -- hyper critical mother and me is co worker and he is played by Will Arnett and and she's gonna play and Doug's mother and that gets hurt in that Andy Richter still. It'll be kind of an interesting mix I know it's not the most exciting show that it's proving that they need some locals that's like bringing Andy Richter and that's why Ramirez and -- Well you know they do need to get rid of their laugh track I think that would help it immensely. Yet it never. Know now let us less -- own police and then when I do go to the Olympics where's Bob Costas. Or I'll cop now he has had peak higher -- denied it. I and we -- first noticed it on Thursday night. Ers tonight at the Olympics he called out right away he didn't like -- the -- publicist Everett and having to deal at this but I think wearing glasses why direct. It started spreading eat I was going to be done but into the weekend but I'm Monday night it had spread to his right -- So he was inspected in people's eyes. He could barely see time late hit it I start watering at the of course it can't wears contacts. Still on Tuesday night and on Wednesday night Matt -- had to fill in Asia. And he did at -- primetime broadcast and it will tell you that. -- -- in such a -- two Olympics coverage we haven't seen another during prime time since 1988. Well and I don't think it's Matt's fault but. The zombies beat the olympians. Should they did -- -- prefer to watch the -- but I -- at the Olympics. And it -- it mid season premiere at eighteen point eight million viewers. And that could be so -- Winter Olympics coverage on Sunday night. And in nineteen have eight Hun an of big name and then on another Winter Olympics so it's pretty obvious what he added over you a -- Will no doubt and I'm sure it's all because of the millers -- I just let it out. And before we let you go the new tonight show starts on NBC. I think is going to be pretty exciting I think that Jimmy now you're a great job may be the right time -- -- in transition lines and they also have. Big viewership because the Olympics so -- show is coming in on Monday Smith is the first gas. Each you'll also be there performing what you think he's pretty exciting. And then the rest of the week is just jammed big to let everyone from First Lady Michelle Obama Will -- Brad Cooper Christian legal Lady Gaga is coming -- Tim McGraw and then on Friday it all Justin Timberlake so -- -- P&G T tonight to check out. And also. Eastern -- -- that there isn't any -- they're also performing at the Oscars that was just announced today informative as always we appreciate your time Chris thank -- That's the Hollywood -- -- Preston Burton on the radio did Hollywood. It's time for the dirty dishes -- by the mop bucket at 812 armour road in North Kansas City to get your floors looking spot let's check out the microfiber floors stuff. Eliminates drinking hazing nontoxic biodegradable. All the mop bucket dot com to -- Okay. So you know I don't you girls have seen as we all have barbie's right yes love Barbie line and Wendy. I have Cindy I was -- -- a lot of time Cameron my story here I had a -- how are we got two OK RB to ever -- old black and white swimsuit the starts -- -- -- one of my original one yes -- virus can be back. And she's posing in Sports Illustrated the swimsuit issue which comes out very -- comes up next week it's -- fiftieth. Anniversaries and yeah she is what this was 1959 birdies coming back plastic that she is we stand next to the other plastic models that have been out there -- I had a cool. Really nice time about a -- The -- -- -- expectations. Let's face it we're never gonna look like that they don't look like hey there Darryl crashed sorry guys don't wanna tell you that it's more than ever -- itself. And I doubt you know Mattel saying they're not. They're an apologetic -- care. Kelly ripple in the latest Colgate toothpaste commercial and she has every line erased from her face it it's. -- -- it it is it's very very odd in -- is also creepy is Billy Ray Cyrus. Set to music. -- -- -- Okay make sure if you and I will put that in the video on our FaceBook page it is a vial with a warning so you know. It makes my least working. Seems like nothing now but then you have a great we have you talk about Billy -- You mean Billy -- circuit yes. I love that is he's from the circus has always been from the circus he must've been cut off from Miley Miley maybe not given him any more money so in came out with this new video. I think this is his way of taking his one hit wonder and hoping to get. Something that he's never out of it 1992. And it should never have gotten as -- to give them to -- Eight -- there. I'm happy I'm content to -- its yes so so you'll see the video you'll be surprised that you talk about Miley. Lot of people have 400 Europe and on the number one when it came out to you know the Arab women around their electoral -- that smacks of top 100 list. Well the newest one came out and what is it on the most desirable woman by asked me. But she's number 99 and that list. That's happened might or does it help the might only have fallen yes absolutely and Billy ray's number 100 and saying yeah. He is just he's a -- just a complete and total -- And a million Clark. From game turns and if you want to she's number one of that list. Alison -- From mad men is on there as well with twenty -- -- remember I don't know she's the one with the the dozens broad struggle an area I'm gonna guess I think it must be a agreements unless I'm Emma Watson Jennifer Lawrence. Kate Moss two people can't acutely -- yeah I kind of pattern. I'm looking -- -- to the I forensics can. 02. Techno. All of right at the going to be bigger right there may bicker but most importantly have a scratch proof screen oh about time they -- somehow somebody's got to be Smart I mean look at how we actually use these things I mean there with -- Tony for seven. And the times do we drop the -- many times I have. Android in -- everybody with their little galaxies and stuff they're like you know like a little -- just put your phone my god I love my -- -- on foot and I thought this was so cutting edge when I got an and it was when I got it but now the iPhone is -- like yesterday if if it doesn't really come out and be spectacular and switching back to -- You can. And -- and apple will be losing some more stock it's. Not. Spectacular we've got to take our guests for joining us today. Of course -- -- he from the suburbs special event -- -- may be a regular event here in the radiant and -- and we had to make you can listen we love her love her love -- the guy from hotel impossible he was amazing -- a great holiday was here as well and we also heard -- should never ever go to Harrison -- But tonight on your anniversary. Of course we postings throughout the week. And regular intervals just to get you talking and we major participants and so Texas haven't they spoken to Wear and you know. Comment temperature that would be nice -- -- if you didn't understand here's some veiled reference to. That's by the podcast isn't exactly at the radio -- dot com have a great week or she may indeed -- and you and we'll see next Sunday here reiterated that -- -- They're provided by Robert McCain now with the new lady looks a lot in Westport. Van dam and really good on radio.

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