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Entrepreneur KC Radio 2.11.14

Feb 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and do loosen got to visualize playing hardball and be very clear about the money and the do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of industries are. Are now. -- -- Should plug in and turn on an entrepreneur George Casey you. Police were entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions I remain with your host Jason grills. So let's Kansas City welcome Suzy on trainer Casey show thanks for joining us today I am chasing grill your host of this. Glorious show alongside my guest -- today -- segment. The co-founder of DHQ and founder of rocking creative group are you I'm doing well -- -- youth youth youth. You've done before I have as a guest in as a co host so you know I get lonely sometimes in the studio and very excited to have you back bring you obviously did well your first time I appreciated it's glad to -- I'm glad he shouldn't bomb too bad the first -- and so we -- and we would not -- invited -- -- at the bottom -- -- a lot of the people that I work -- in the -- unity. Are pretty bright. Anger and our radio scenarios that you think the diamond vision that still up for indoor Arab and our interviews today I wanna kind of highlight who we will have on the show. Brock we're gonna have in our first -- me coming up you're gonna have. Shocking case who's out there on the show before a firm aspire business development is gonna talk to us about. Different tips and influential type things to grow your business and honestly -- a same lifestyle and he. He came -- -- a year and talked just about those issues as we started a new year and I thought it was fastening someone has him on again. And and try to have -- -- more regularly and -- know that you know Sean as well so will be coming up up in our first segment after that we are going to. He calling Omaha Nebraska to get the CEO so comparing his rating carries all of us are on the line as well as will have Fred doubters and the a managing editor of silicon prairie news. All in studio and we're gonna talk about kind of what they've been working on what are some of the upcoming events in highlight some of their. Feature stories that are happening -- that should be exciting we don't. -- chance to talk to them enough on the show. Third segment today we will have a Conor Kelly and Nate in jury see from the ETF store Brock Rick talk about. A financial investing there -- a very successful company that you featured nationally. A -- I went to college together it's English diversity might have heard of -- in west for a Stanley owns that and he is a great it's a great guy and so what times people don't think about investing when there are startup and entrepreneur so. They're looking for you looking forward to hear what they had to say I'm sure it'll give us more information what NE TF story is and I think it's been resisting talk you don't have any financial folks on the show itself. I'm glad to have them on Imus and here and then the -- a minute we're gonna have met Wilson who is. Adventure in residence at under thirty as experiences and under thirty dentures this guy assessing he's from New York City we're gonna have a on the line. He founded under thirty CO dot com which a lot of people heard about. And also now he's running under thirty and dentures and he's gonna talk disavow these places he's gone and travels all over the world and I tell you what IE I I know one of them is Costa Rica. And it's fascinating. To talk of him because he's basically run a company in. See in the world man -- I mean really isn't helping entrepreneurs so I mean. What a fastening guy and it's good to have a national individual on our show who's been kind of a thought leader not a prayer space yup that should be excitement for them. Guys didn't connect with the show -- team BZ dot com. And also act. Me on Twitter at Jason grill and at entrepreneur Casey. Will be connect with the they have new ideas for the show thanks for following me on Twitter. And real quickly Brock I do wanna get an update from you on the your company did VHQ. Yes so I appreciate it though so quick update I think lessons on the show back in December we were talking about your -- -- on DB 2.0 with more for over a year and her getting ready to launch our -- data. Well happy to say that after all this time we have. And I would working hard we actually lost that a couple weeks ago and it's been great so far beginning. A lot of great responses from that and good feedback so we're really excited about the direction of our our our next platform. And now we've also been adding to a team as well listen and they focus for us really Q1 of this year so. We just actually had to strategic account reps that law will help us with. Business development here. And it just started yesterday so we're excited about them ranks in key individuals. It's really gonna help us out quite have been very cool and I'm sure you're talking to some big companies do it's we'll -- we'll hear from -- and our new partners we have been yet and that's been really exciting again we are a big focus for us with -- B 2.0 is truly go after the enterprise level. And clients in the force 1000 portion 500 companies. -- that's really where. We'd be best and who knew and and they have the biggest needs so. That's a big focus for us and done so far we've had a lot of great conversations with these organizations. Well appreciate commanders Syria and we're -- -- -- keep updated on data HQ and now let's bring in our first guest today he's. Back in studio we have John Kincade firm aspire business development -- -- -- Great thanks for having me great to see you get how you then got a good busy tire winner but. I can say that and we -- the got the windows real the snow or me talking to Matt later in the show -- now from New York but we'll talk look at history -- thankfully. Matt Harris easy Sean pound cut you know -- listeners don't know about -- just give us that's a quick elevator pitch about what you do yeah. I and I work with our prayers and small business owners then I guess -- the best way to put it is album figure out the best way to grow their best and he you know we focus on success and I think you know I talked last time. The definition of success. Sometimes it's making more money sometimes it's actually freeing yourself up. You know give giving yourself a chance to go to go streak of. And they -- by Tyler I take the -- I felt like that happen yes I'm serious Brock. So can't tell us how you help some of the key tidbits of how you can help in how people and really kind of connect with you on these things and we have a book review. They you do I do I do under those about once a month. And those are their cool events where I am sorry to cliff notes because it's AM Brock and I like I've done in Kansas you know on the north lenders so. It is very. It's only your guys' accounts from liberty almost every month so that it can happen very cool he's a morning person. Yeah they're they're they're great events are about an hour and a half server breakfast we you know I've basically picked out -- business look that I think my clients probably should've read that I know of Allen's. And you know basically coverage just as summary form make -- a discussion. You know so hopefully people walk away. Learning all the key points in the -- and hopefully get some more out of it and getting a chance to network with. You know some other other business owners who who were into learning new things -- ritual -- if you're going to be successful I think you have to be. Constantly trying to learn things. -- advance yourself for sure. I gotta say -- you've been fantastic resource for me so. I know I knew it. Four for quite awhile now I knew that she's been my my business coach now for about three years. And I gained great resource -- I mean of course and always sad and in fact we just met this morning that. But it's kind of you are a big thing for me is that it really and in rehab is scheduled meetings rented it allows. Me about an hour and a half to two hours. To just sit back and talk to you can get a fresh perspective on my business right but if forces that that can speak to that a little that. Yeah and and and that's what's interesting entrepreneurs just by nature are. May be a little bit ADD I don't know if there actually classified that way but -- yeah we are I. Does it. -- probably squirrel no. But you know it and so by nature as as -- -- lord or business or either one year just busy there's tons of stuff going -- yeah you could you could keep yourself. Busy 6070 hours -- -- just fighting fires in answering emails and endurance stuff. But if you don't ever look at the big picture if you don't pull yourself back out of that and look at the big picture how do you know where you're gone. And an -- unless you're doing that intentionally and it's it's hard to do -- yourself and I'm not saying in the you have to. Use me or use a coach but but you need to find a way to do that and that's a big part of of what I try to do -- -- -- -- market that big picture. And constantly challenge or more if OK but why are you doing that or have you thought about this and and where you're going those kind of questions. And L -- adding somebody along the way as well. Absolutely and it's not just look at the big picture -- think a big value provide just taken a look at all the the you know marketing aspects and how to build it at your organization. Too early to reach these big goals and that's that's really very valuable for small business got us there. Absolutely -- open -- -- got to give -- -- wasn't today there was less than what we need to know what's going on the world you know we we've moved past now on New Year's resolutions you have ever in February and it's still a warm yet. You know or if you -- them. You know I was thinking about that senator earlier this week it you know kind of OK what's -- something to share. And I'll I'll share quick story ahead with a business owner a discussion I had. The last couple weeks. And then this is the guy that I don't work with regularly but I we check in every you know three or four month stay -- thing. Sharp guy he's and he's had a successful business. But he's always really focused on revenue growth and so I've I've probably talked to on the last her for years and he's always talking about how he wants -- gross revenue base. And he told me our last meeting just couple weeks ago and had a great year. Actually the first time in a long time that we have some profit and well like you're kidding me didn't you right now is the first time you're profitable after talking about in all this revenue growth is like -- You know I usually just discount things are given way to get more revenue in the door and I have a really worried about profit. And if you think about it that's that's actually probably one of the worst things you could ever do because you're working harder and -- making less money. Right I mean I -- it to like. BC's multimillion dollar companies. And -- like a hundred employees -- 200 and right so what actually bringing it and all of that and if they're lucky they have money left over at the end of the quarter -- the year. Which I don't think about right away and that's the problem is that it's easy to attract gravity -- that's the first thing you know you get that from quick -- get a firm any report is gonna show you revenue. And it's it's going to be I just it's simple math right yes. It's fun I can just talk about how much money I made. It doesn't matter how much you made it matters how much you -- hall. And that's before obviously taxes and that's before our -- expenses and everything well and am sadly there even some business owners who don't even pay themselves. And so they're they're not even getting anything out of their revenues strictly goes everybody else who and they are just working really crappy job for no money that's what it boils down here. So that the whole profitability aspect of it of focusing on profits. Before you focus on revenue it it may make sense for you to raise your prices. And lose 20% of your business because -- the end of the day you probably heard in -- you do the math it's not that hard to raise your prices by 10%. And you could lose 2030%. A year of your work and still be making more money. That's the hard part -- -- in Kansas City it's tough I think it is an innocent people people -- you'll lose some clients based on cost. Yeah you know you could charge more it's it's like a lawyer you know -- but are they good clients I think that's the question you have to ask yourself be having a bad clients. Is not always worthwhile -- our clients out there that you wanna get enough that's true that's true -- not brought in creative group for a DHQ there abrupt. I. We about a minute thirty left Sean can't tell us about your upcoming book review the guy and tell us how -- we didn't didn't touch you because I think you're valuable resource. Yeah I think they can find me online either on Linkedin under shocking Qaeda or they can find me at my website aspire Casey. Dot com so lots information there -- lots of blog posts and stuff. The next book review is on Thursday the 27. Early in the morning eight to 930. But there. There's literally utterly entirely in his hands or have you gotten out for Bob or that by zero I think Hillary's lies and I had a meeting and it snowed. It's tough for him to sell -- stuff that this this carriers is hard. Anyway the book is a book called traction by a guy named Gino Wickman. And it's really all about as a small business owner -- -- how're you. Basically getting enough momentum in your business to be able to have to actually grow and be successful. So it it kind of boils down to a lot of stuff that we talked about even in the past couple months of get the fundamentals right. You know you got to give give the little things right before anything else is got a map. And so you've got to be looking to focus you've got to be looking at you know. Profitability. You know do the little things and get those rights he he calls an entrepreneurial operating system which is kind of uninteresting way. Variances and we'll check that out guys Sean thinks -- come on the show again. Shocking case for misfire business development Brock will be right back thanks for joining me today I think you. Do -- -- entrepreneur KC show will be right back. Welcome back to the entrepreneur Casey Sean -- grow alongside -- second rocket to see in studio and great just supported it's been a lot of fun great show. Very excited for our next two guests we have Fred doubters who is he managing editor at silicon -- news and -- Reagan cares cause the CEO of silicon -- on the entrepreneur Casey hotline from -- what's up Reagan friend. Hello -- -- this is technology at its finest some very excited to have you all on. So afraid you've never been on the show before which is just shocking to me so -- -- does it in is quite the radio those ladies and -- But none of threats also -- about your what you do for silicon -- news and how you kind of started working -- the prince. Yes so what I'm -- it's a -- news is a little bit everything right now I'm trying to you who cover Kansas City a little bit. Com which is a difficult task when you're also trying to grow a newsroom we're trying to bring on more and more folks to cover the region. So it's guiding their content it's guiding the kind of stories we're gonna take on it stating your vision for what we do how we can -- you need to vests. -- way possible end and so now we got a couple editors right now I'm working with then. -- are all that but it's been a lot of fun and -- this number is actually amount moderator for a long time worked debts TC business magazine before that and that's where -- and Fred meant. With these this season he's a great writer and managing editor Murray goes -- that -- is and Syria met met this this guy over there and just had always I was following it when I was there at the business magazine and solid job opening in Earth's history couldn't get them turned down south that's Ahram. Well guys I'm Reagan Europe and Omar right now -- switcher and up there and what's going on. Yeah well. Current climate I would try and yeah I shouldn't have should I keep talking opposite -- here in a master at other awards top fishing industry teach. And we are actually very Edgar springs on and you hopefully he -- for the first time will focus on each. Charter Communications and marketing international media aspect. So contrary to a very exciting our track. Very exciting very exciting congratulations on that guys. What is going on right now I mean let's before -- a year -- going to be coming up what what news we need to know about Fred. It's the exciting that's happen come on look at the what's there right now which is -- -- -- news.com. What's on the -- prayer. Where do we begin this. Again. I actually saw that youth you've posted a story about a fast company innovative -- were too. Vocal start at strong they're touted Nate Jones obviously spoke this morning congratulated him -- it's -- some -- nationally as well. Right now that's you know let's but huge win anytime we see something like that we try to spread it and so that's not. Our story necessarily but the fact that. Publication like that is recognizing to our company's I think just shows. How far we are become and I think there's a lot more to that and so story today are learning technologies. Raising a million dollars. Dare blowing out there are now -- will Iowa. -- I think that's another great story that's going to be along those lines where you see. More more of that where they'll be recognized in -- they got. A lot of great investors behind them. Similar to do all I think it's sending is a -- good good activity right now. Yeah really isn't you guys have. Me your grade website to get to you for news and events as well and am looking through the through the feed here and it's just it's not only do you -- late you know. Breaking news stories with. You know investors in in an immense and start -- you also have a lot of in seeing the stories about people. So you guys have there's some launch Merrill entrepreneur spotlight which I think is inching and talk about that. Yes -- then. And I you know you don't get to see everybody come. In this scene in the community so. I think you're talking and I'll -- portraits of these morons yes it's a fun way to get to know those those folks that -- may not make the stories motor kind of behind all those companies so. Our recently we had only lever with think big partners and we love what they're doing over there. And she's you know she's a huge piece of what they do but we're never gonna write a story that says only early bird. You know created this company here this but she's huge piece of that puzzle so. Awesome that's kind of what we're trying to do we're trying to call with other ways to do that so people understand the full. -- -- of the community. Then that's just a small way -- very. Orchards is pretty cool and I I get a yeah. A -- the other -- Brock because I have made a mention in silicon for in his -- for -- prayer will -- from spreading really I believe he looks like Johnny Knoxville -- -- how to protect -- He had longer hair Indian beer -- acted as if he was Johnny Knox saw at the Santa Monica. -- waiting for the -- in the -- -- -- -- -- He did these just these two people looked at us and they can't it was really ends I've always -- take on and on so -- -- -- in the -- portraits on the big and it's very -- -- I'm Reagan now what big events we have to look forward to you from a so comparing news and when those dates. Yeah -- which. We are other region -- are behind you are right in the middle cleaning up big -- much. Arctic super excited about that at may eighth in nine era and ouch. Actually a pretty big week because these are weird and now. A speaker on -- and -- cooker you know all of army app on parity means which. And then and then Arctic it does -- -- -- go live on diet which. Earlier this Friday prayer -- -- -- -- -- all -- are spreading our conversation already clear what its intensity or. They can see it going to be efforts not terrible urged and they're right now we have only need. I can't help but I'm looking at. That edit it together out. That's lot of fun. In and those who can't miss events. I mean tell me from people who have not been too big Omaha or -- -- can explain what -- the format this. Let's let's attribute that. Outs against Andre -- firstly SS -- and I can jump into. -- I guess the best way to describe it is it really is a big gathering of similar minds you know it's people who they -- have the same focus the same drive. And they wanna be connected and they wanna be inspired. So we we get a lot of them. We think a lot of the best speakers from around the country and we try to bring in diverse group of individuals so. They may know ways via tech entrepreneur may not always be. I'm someone who is are they really -- space but somebody who's gonna get she's thinking. Differently and and so isn't really an opportunity just. The in the same room with a lot of the same kind of folks who want. The same things you know so it's that's kind of tied at some out. Boy that's great news here about just the networking opportunities of these events and you always hear about another startups that you know. Met their their their future investors there and that you know I can attest that happened to us. -- -- Tony -- so hot here I mean incurred in your. Yes so they don't spoil our zeal to me Brock. Politicians -- -- here is completely legit if yeah nobody it was great you know in and so I can definitely. A test that it's it's a phenomenal networking opportunity want to -- the business owners and death. He can hear what they're going through but also to meet the investment community is well. Yes and for those there's you don't know -- -- you guys are and Nebraska Iowa and Missouri and Kansas correct. Is that right or is it just its audits for State's rate right now yes yes now and then yes that's great picture yet. We get about a minute left -- -- anything else you wanna I didn't tell us from the great state of Nebraska Omaha. How much out of it a -- a lot to the detriment greatly -- it counts where we're cheaper exciting my age. We turn it hit the ground running into the new year and -- -- apron on -- upcoming events in the kind of what to teach are able to end. Yeah I think the current law firm client ballot accurate wrap up. Yes for a stretch wrap it up how we connect with you guys. -- connect with a sense or not a lot of meet ups -- at the -- I think that's going to be a bigger presence than we've had any year before so keep an eye out for where we're going to be Kansas City Omaha and the more rain. And so you know we're trying to get down about more. As an editorial sass says that this is the entire teams though. We just wanna see you guys who wanna be out there. Networking that also hearing your servers so. Choose a lot of these two folks Reagan. Here is dollars and straight batters are two great people and connect them you had already guys and thanks for coming on the show today thank you very much for us. For right back on senator Casey shows thanks guys. That's beyond turner Casey showed her host chasing girl inside my special all -- coast through the day. -- -- -- -- -- Two all star amongst and don't tell us that the other two people are three people had on the here and also are the -- tell us how the jaws non. Thanks for coming on the show this to Dave Brock can help me out here it's slow and insidious and times well I appreciate having you back has to be back with mr. Kim sitting I. Congratulations a mean named what does the top ten Twitter accounts for currency business. I was arsenal finally that's great what they got to put me on that listening come on the show here in the near future so. Outsmarted and put me -- what it's helpful I returned the favor yes so I'm excited to talk to our next guest. We have Conor Kelly and Nate. Jury CI a said the right right now you did you have an Italian must name that's correct OK okay. And Conor Kelly -- are from the ETF store here in Kansas City I think we I think it's good to talk to entrepreneurs and also business owners about investments because it's something that. That we tend to forget about. Because we're putting all of our efforts into our business. And I know from my perspective I just and every started investing but it's tough to do solid have you guys on -- case you were a lot of individuals in -- a lot of businesses to help them kind of secure their financial futures to welcome to show if we could. Just a little later induction about the company and about you guys background. Sure pleasure being here Jason thanks for having us. No we found the firm several years ago and what's interesting was back at that time I actually came from outside of the investment industry. And we were looking myself in the other founder of the firm were looking for. Areas to invest our own money so we were interviewing investment advisors around town. And it was interesting because it became pretty clear. That there were a lot of advisors out there that we're trying to sell product then then it seemed like they were more interested in their own financial future than my financial future. So there seemed to not be an alignment of interests in terms of the compensation structure around investments and that was one thing and then. The other thing was there just does seem to be a whole lot of practical. Investment solutions -- an offer to somebody like myself and we kind of sat back. We use something called exchange traded funds in our own accounts. And we thought they were very compelling for number of reasons compared to other investment options are very low cost. They're very transparent you can really build a diversified portfolio. In any advisors we were talking to were mentioning needs Yeltsin anyways shape performance -- we we took a step back consider it. You boy there's an opportunity here to build an investment firm. Brandon around exchange traded funds. And to almost be an anti Wall Street firm in the sense of be very transparent on fees focus on the low cost. Make sure the client understands exactly how their invested -- -- and -- of the way they are and who and so we found the TS or change traded funds. They've been called -- next generation mutual funds. It's phenomenal they've grown -- -- 2530%. Annual rate there is actually a a study that came out last week this exchange traded funds. At some point -- seniors may -- mutual funds. In terms of total assets and so. We just thought the marriage. Exchange traded funds. We have what's called a registered investment advisory firm so -- RI AA. Was a a great start for for business. -- and -- you you and I know each other from Saint Louis University. Connors and a well educated jesuit -- that's right and how did you get involved this -- you kind of came out of the another investment space and out of college yes firm from graduation I've been at an investment advisor for eleven years now on the first seven were with the firm. He originally at a Saint Louis on graduation from slew and laden the -- in -- other co-founder of the firm. Essentially recruited me from my previous farm and three and a half years ago. I was the basic first advisors that was brought on at the TS -- They'd they'd worked on the branding and and the website and copyrights and getting all the back office part of the business rate -- in the end and injured -- a very good job giving it the business -- a loss before trying to occur recruit existing advisors books like me. Inching inching -- -- yes and now. So right now we have four full time advisors stacked in we are aggressively recruiting for more great thought process there and a growing granite. Yeah you know we are it's been we we had a great year last year we to really increased our assets by about 50% year over year. And you know I think we're paralleling what's happening just on the broader investment industry again we look at the growth of exchange traded funds. If the market continues to move to reach yachts and I think that's because individual investors. It again they're starting to focus on investment costs the starting to say. Is there a better way for me to build an investment portfolio and our opinion ETS are that answer -- the solution. So let's talk about its you know I'm a young entrepreneur and I don't. A wanna put away some money -- we had -- we get started and is there any fees initially get this -- set up. Yeah Jason so I wanna expand on what -- said earlier about us being an all right today now registered investment advisory means you are fi only. Meaning -- charging small flat percent of our clients' accounts we've managed this is totally different from the old school commission transaction based way the money's been managed for century in the US where. The brokers paid. On the maritime c.'s trading not is account -- are not in the fee based model of of managing money. Aligns the interest of the advisor with a client because we want our clients' accounts to grow. Just as much as our clients do because meter race and if we perform poorly it is a bad year in the market. Client account values decreased we obviously correspondent we take a pay cut so the dead date the alignment of of what I thinker to massive. Ways in the investment world is money leaving. Expensive actually managed mutual funds to ETFs and clients getting tired of the commission based transactional way of doing business. To see only toward their advisors compensation is directly impacted. By their performance. Are too massive waves and our industry there were able to be part up so you Jason -- cast second point of your question is. How does that a client reach out to us. There there's no additional. Start up fees or cost right like a sentiment we basically have our flat management's feet. -- custody our client assets at Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade it's a two of the largest. Brokers in the US you always thank god there's just because they're on they're there on the names of stadiums. It was nice big names undercut them all the time with sponsorship base the advertiser -- some you know because both of those companies have rolled out these massive list. Of commission free ETF trading. -- and they are making a huge push for assets so really Schwab and TD Ameritrade you the advertising force -- there you know and it in halftime -- -- the football games or Sonny talked about their 120 TS a trade for. Interest and we're talking to Conor Kelly the principal at the ATF stored and Nate too racy -- the also the president there in the and the -- so. So guys on what took the money we talk about is investments here. Because. You let's say you're near thirty year old man or female. And you're like me and I haven't saved anything I -- -- we talked to being a lot times the Bay Area entry is big. People like he had investors -- making money I mean what what type of cap are we talking about -- this year return. Well yeah you know it's a great question Jason we actually work we'll all different types of clients and we have. Clients and have several thousand dollar declines and have several million dollars million in certainly everybody in between. We we do think that it. You know particularly Klein said maybe have. 50000. Dollars -- more. We conserve those Klein's very effectively and I would say somebody who maybe has saved me retirement nest day. What you find out there's there's a lot of cookie cutter solutions. Where they're not really being offered very intelligent investment solutions. Are being charged high fees. We feel like we can offer. Those clients -- extremely high level client service the lower fees in a more intelligent investment portfolio so. You know kind of feel free to chime in I mean I feel like we we have a very diverse. A group of clients. We do and then in you know there's there's no large minimums for people to work with our firm -- make that very clear you know we we do you have younger. Investors -- kind of just getting going but all of obviously and -- point you know people several million dollars -- obviously you know with our firm as well. I think that's you know that's -- to -- we talked about this just -- Jason I mean I think it with a lot of small business owners they are so focused on investing back into their own business group that they loose side of these other investment channels and things they should be doing to set -- themselves up and the family of four. More and financial diversity. Can you speak to that at all. Well bracket think that's. An instinct point because something else we do for small businesses is managed retirement plans and specifically for a one K plans we that's about all again this trying to. I happens is back on that you're a thank you you got to keep -- put it in a certain amount into a an account like that's right and that's where most people to your point Jason. Start out saving is in the 401K if their employer and you know we've got a lot of business owners that. You know if that's 401K wasn't there and so compelling because you know it it saves your tax bill when you can you know say 171020000. Dollars pretax. Decades of business -- attention but if you don't have that set up an established your point a lot of small business owners. Don't pull any money off the table don't say for themselves and keep pushing it back in the business in eventually need to build up some liquidity. Outside of the company that -- build up analysts Syria a FaceBook grip frock which maybe duties Q is there one day. Call this you guys were featured on Bloomberg recently kind of tells about that on a national level. Yeah you know it's been great over the past year year and a half for so we've got some great national publicity we were featured in money magazine. We had a -- in the Wall Street Journal. I've been on national Bloomberg radio several times. -- took a couple of nice write -- on Bloomberg and and we were talking about media few good a year together so you guys have done a lot since -- let's talk -- -- so what -- was very helpful is do we also we actually host a radio show focused on ET outs and investments and you know really what that's done is is help drive a lot of awareness for the firm the reason why we started that radio show. Was to help educate people on exchange traded funds is you can probably tells us talking with -- -- you know there is a lot there it can be hard for people to get there. Had around you know what's an ETF what's an RIA and alphabet soup out there borrowing KI RA. And you know our hope is that we can kind of cut through that noise after that clutter. But you -- -- the raiders sure we have we have guests on the show every week in and these are individuals -- you'll find on. CNBC you'll find a mom Bloomberg the yes we have all last week was the head of fixed income strategy at -- shares. Bizarre show that we Solomon Bob assigning an hour later on CNBC. And I think this is held drive out awareness in and so people are finest nationally. We're having people call us from New York -- people calls from Seattle in in everywhere in between so it's really exciting because. You know we started -- Kansas City. It's interesting because Kansas City it really is not a hub for financial services there's a lot of big financial service firms here. And so we certainly had our work cut out for skin started but I think we're doing that. You know through all of these things -- we're doing here. Very -- guys you can check out the ETF storage. -- -- -- agents that ETF Seward dot com broke quickly got a minute left lower your thoughts on the wolf for Wall Street movie that came up. Because it is early enough for everybody. Saw agree because I had a fairly -- by me in like two minutes out of the show they've been locked out you know as soon -- -- center adjacent to your point -- A recent article we were then was. Being the anti -- Wall Street and that's -- we got the mentioned by using low cost transparent ETFs the author of the article Bloomberg actually plugged. ETF money managers like us and him being the anti rules of Wall Street out. But Bret makes a lot of startups in business owners took comfortable because like a -- left -- that movie I was afraid. A -- broker for anyone to kind thus for re so. We don't know good -- that's just kind of the this feeling of investment advisors in Wall Street in general and hopefully. You know were were positioned herself to be -- anti. Wall Street anti wolf of Wall Street. Guys are really appreciate you coming on the show Conor Kelly named Tracy from the ATF store thanks for coming guys in left checked acuity at some point later on this year maybe votes more attempts in financial. Uninteresting stories going on in the community in the country wolf thank you very much ravenous and certainly our pleasure -- Jason thanks guys I will say to look nice -- to be here. Financial Wear like -- like you can. Trying to -- and a half a more including right now this you are here in the start of uniform we'll be right back and Kouchner Casey should. Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show on your host chasing girl on sites special guest says today's -- segment for a final segment of the day Harry Brock grade. When Mitch and again guys you can find all of our shows on -- BZ dot com. Contrary Casey has a podcast and you can download those shows and listen to them. And listen to make your leisure a -- missing your shows in the past. Excited our next guest on the in residence at under thirty experiences. He is calling in from New York City area hopefully everything is going well in New York after the Super Bowl. I'm very excited to have -- here today Matt how are you. Actual actual picture out of me. First off Matt you have a really texting story. And let's get off first and talk about how you founded our co founded. Under thirty CEO dot com because I think a lot of our teams the scenes and people. In the entrepreneurial startup our community has obviously didn't of that website and heard is that organization. Yeah absolutely. Yeah earlier awesome -- Kansas City actually. I'm honestly 130 CO started utter necessity because it's. When I graduated from school I realize that I want to start business and you know up more freedom and take control. Of pilots instead of going down the regular. Corporate tax society. And I told me directions. Should. And you know really just want to achieve bringing people together who actually committed. Helps perpetuate that movement of young people doing due to Beijing -- and taking control their futures and so I did not start -- side you know what. That there are a lot of other people up there in the same boat and so we started. 130 CEO of the site for Oxford alerts. And you know at about after -- people who read effort bumps arms so we were yet we were on to something. Very cool that started it looks like in November of 2008 around that time is that right. Yes that birdie at -- -- full time search for anybody graduating school or or. Do now operating like. Very testy didn't he he pull up the bootstraps and started a company that's very cool. It's kind of tell us how you founded. Under thirty experiences how'd that happen I mean it sounds like it's a travel company for young professionals but as. Give us more insight into that because I think that's really interest in. Yes absolutely so of course after a few years of working on the Internet start up and although long hours -- -- -- art work that goes into it in. It's part of your computer and small prayer places. You know my little apartment in New York. I I need to get out more honestly leg. You know I'm getting. I'm pretty detailed here it's some sunlight and you know of course sector that act -- hurt tropical location but at. Instead elected praised his players that I can think and that was -- And that didn't help me with my hand. But if you help me realize that lull. -- there's where immortal life then just sitting it's sort of a computer and that there is such spirit of fun honestly think that there -- as fundamental. All with our generation's -- That -- Haywood should be sitting behind the computer all the and that's the way to success and all of this option. You know league we have the generation that wants to overtake you know over go out and take over the world. But we understand first and we will however -- Sherman act and well I would literally standing there are glacier in Iceland overlooking the volcano that erupted in 2000 and stop all the air traffic to and can America can only thing that could make my trip Iceland's. Better would be likely shared with a bunch of other awesome young people and -- this experience forward. So started under thirty experiences. Yes Tony while woman looks like. Yeah that's for sure I mean I remember it clears Palin -- actually -- eleven you have. And -- -- had not gone down yet and all the -- -- -- 200 PM in in Iceland are -- -- glacier. Are you know when you travel. You have so -- those those moments that really hits you and the start to lie under or whatever that he -- was right to meet app that Palestinians say hey -- expect. I think it's. This could be on to the next really big name and beginning until now I mean literally were trying to -- will young people. Who want to get out extra -- under desks and -- -- -- and that's why we've run short trips are people reconnect and and really experience. And that's great and she guys travel all over the world now I see on your website that you guys go an Icelandic -- -- Costa Rica. Alaska. What do you guys do on these trips me what's that was the objective forty -- trying to accomplished and is. So definitely people come to to unplug. And then kidnapped lit with a -- of like minded young people are. What really to see a police and not in -- and not sent to Kuwait. And you know just it's just -- and and I are actually. So many great things happen on the on the strips people are struck by the this creativity that comes over them and -- The day's big take away you know they have really think they've really -- ideas verdict form. Really close bonds what other people and you start to hurt their shirts -- like. -- -- country at grocery in a week. Because they expend all the time in fact it's a about about -- that we -- Really really we handpicked locations in and they're my -- like it to all over the world and -- -- -- these locations and and -- the trips and so we are in the perfect spot for people to. Nelson admits that create an environments yet. So is -- a typical day in under thirty and ventures and experiences Telesis. It what does a typical -- look like if there is. So well of course. It it struck the it's a where what we -- typical. You know over the next few months. -- travel acquittal on it become a list I mean I'm going -- about these. All these trips at the moment. I couldn't Nicaragua next week. After that I come back here and I'm going skiing in Alaska in March and then actually. And -- and headed out to go -- and -- -- at least down there are some perhaps a little car. On the feet we did talk mad because I had to I had happier with a friend of mine and he was talking about is a successful entrepreneur about getting some real estate at some point -- yeah. Fair it's fairly affordable here and it's actually beautiful place. Yes absolutely absolutely there's a lot still allowed duke to -- But you know that typical very typical -- -- -- course that -- -- is where it all started twenty people shall look at airports. And my community managers fear and I have to know and and pick everybody at the airport welcome that group. And I actually it is staying -- in the capital city Zurich the speech and or break into the into the -- Or rate -- of the back country were an iceberg or something like and and we get great Q and we have the perfect itinerary planned out so that. We still create this environment should not waste a lot of time and you have planned anything on the -- I got to -- -- Which is a great car and and people just say hey OK I want it on the strip I don't have good plant guy. You know what I expressed that you've been -- that what all these other great people and has so you really no apology it. Experiences. Is what we really like. That's so cool and in the vertical -- -- trip looks amazing considering a relief looking out the window right now is about a foot of snow outside I thought well. Yeah I I'd certainly be. In in New York air complaining about that now and well I wouldn't you know or not to the tropics -- you know every few weeks stuck without such a problem that the cold weather here. They have now what is us some advice you have for a young entrepreneur. You obviously you've had a successful business under thirty media under thirty CO dot com and now. The under thirty experience. Four. Growing your company and in and running as a lean startup. Obviously I would say. Cashed in all the years assumptions when you when you match in the league -- steps -- -- its -- To be into it doesn't cost -- can actually if I wanna try to edit future. Wouldn't you know all -- to view image. Right to our email that and that is that the real case study a few weeks ago -- -- sort you know -- and searched. Hey guys where do you wanna go public trust in our science to back and on -- where people might want ago. And I gave them a list -- actually amazed at Bali and Dubai art. To really top place on the list that they would want to com. And have there you know it and go with a group not many people are just are caught in the middle east of themselves and. To go to Indonesia and even find the island of Bali where it accurate that. You know they wanna -- They wanna go with other people where are laid out her. And and so we test -- bad assumptions and so now we're in the process of putting up for a little landing page and so beautiful pictures like this year went straight. It's a -- -- -- sleep last year and scattered all out and so went. You know what we have to do now are casting these assumptions and we're gonna put on page or at least we get more relations page and we're gonna -- -- It is that some camera on its really wants and then we're gonna say -- what are they gonna put -- money -- -- -- -- Actually patients and notes are there is casting these assumptions before we make large investments like sending that that the pop it out in oats fell. You know we keep that money we keep their money in the bank in America we are the assumptions -- while ago. It sounds like -- and I'm looking a year you can check under 32 years is dot com everyone listening Anderson. Really great photography in a great FH -- from what do -- -- keep agent says attendees normally range from age eighteen to 35 so looks like. I'm turning 35 this year out -- sunny and a I need to go to -- -- -- -- body. Yeah I would say you may not be under thirty still we yak -- Yeah absolutely want to welcome the public it's really about the the mentality and her young. -- -- I also you know you have the money back guarantee under two million. Yeah absolutely -- Actually we've never had anybody who ever have. You know region to just say -- what my money back people are much much -- permits which embody that and it's it's all the ops brewers would mean that. -- great now if you put a 100% money back guarantee if that means that the -- people that I stood by and one person. Decides that they want their money back that's what you're still get money so. So that's OK without so we're happy to -- That's very cool. Well you know I'm very impressed mat with a your building you've gotten great media exposure is well for under thirty streets is in third under thirty. CEO. Any advice on that did you grid erratic college. Yeah our league issue -- -- something that is which it is what you're saying meaningful enough. What you're trying to build as a true purpose of this true -- behind it. You're going to be able to pick up the media cartridge and awarded it is unique what is there really stories here. They don't think about how -- in the student at -- about. At the end of my life. Is what I am working on that -- when I would obsessed average sales migrate steal and then if you put that if you you know reporter Newser hey I think the storage. Then you really you have -- story because this is you know when we're when we're in the jungle goes straight to sit there -- search will we talk about things like -- What do I wanna start violent feelings and what do I -- expand myself working what change do a lot sure sure. Tell. You know -- -- -- what are what's you're sort of once it's in the world and the thing about these things and -- to have a little good fortunate that her -- and a good story overall people you know people are gonna like -- -- -- Well Matt we really appreciate come on the Saturday Matt Wilson from under thirty experience and under thirty CEO. Regrets higher success with work and life and enjoying it. Life has got to send -- love to connect with you off here at some point and appreciate you come on the show love to have you on to talk about smear other ventures in the future. For Richard appreciate it they do her much Matt. You've -- -- -- KC show appreciate you listening. We'll see you next week right back here. Have a good.