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The Radio Dish 2.9.14

Feb 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All of the yellow brick road to the Kauffman center and experience The Wizard of -- like never before Thursday and Friday February 27 28 watched the 75 anniversary remastered edition -- the wizard of bonds on giant screen in house call with your Kansas City symphony performing the entire soundtrack live adult tickets start at just thirty. Honesty rates to available now at Casey symphony dot org sponsored by the -- 529 education savings program. If you -- 27 28 at the conference center this Casey should be dot org for details. They're engaged was founded in 1873. On the heartland principles of honor service trust and value. And is committed to serving clients in the same unwavering -- today later engages 320 attorneys practice in the eleven offices nationwide allowing the firm to respond to clients' needs at the local state and national levels for more information contact link your engage. 804764224. Or visit www. 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Just one little hour of your life for instance you could. Like to be too but. The management of the radio station doesn't. Look highly confident I think they don't know yet we have the keys to get into the -- -- of course it's just a mini hard -- Blake Mary McKenna and you that the radio dish dot com. The biggest challenge in cardiology is making women aware of the risks of heart attack and stroke. And we've created awareness with men now that we need to do the same for women. I sound Smart but it's only because I'm quoting our next guests doctor Tracy Stevens. Is joining us today how argued tracing. I -- out. Where wonderfully we are worst super. I was gonna go through the lineage of -- -- worked for who you are who you're connected with but we only have an hour -- well yes she's a who's who of everything which we love. Currently she's at the Merrill like -- women's heart center at saint lives and that's the most important one for right now. Yes absolutely Tracy army -- some hand rose every -- time to which you probably every year finding out if women are becoming little more conscious of our heart of our health are you CNN or making some inroads timely. I see -- progress in medically looked at the death. Rate in the past that women I'd say look to your left but you're right -- -- where the woman excuse going to be one -- a two women would die in their lifetime from heart attack or stroke. Now we but that up that debt to. One at three a woman for women is depending on if we includes stroke or not. So where you can compare you know one and thirty firm breast cancer they've made great strides in. And more women are living with breast cancer that. We're we're raising the awareness that heart attack and stroke is that number one -- threat to women and our country. So the awareness has raised but my frustration. Is that we're not do anything about it. As women. And we think it's gonna happen to everyone else but our policy and I -- -- stressed once saying that. We need to really make get an assistant change is. That we have to take ownership of our help in this that the disease for the most part we can prevent. We just needed noted that shift the responsibility Q and that every adult woman in this country. So after our last interview I went to the doctor and they put me on the heart monitor for a mind than they did the KT and they didn't really find anything they set I was OK but I still have symptoms from time to time that are on your list of the symptoms to watch for. In every so only heard about the heart scans that some of the heart the hospitals here in Kansas City are doing unique and very inexpensive. Cost. Is that something that they can have done here at saint Luke's. Yet it's called the party -- -- -- and it's fifty dollars. Many people take it out as their health savings account some insurance companies cover it in those that they don't have that access either one. That it's fifty dollars it. The department coming up what a better gift to get yourself or as someone else. Yeah I I did mine at saint -- south and it was amazing easy process. You know what I was really happy with the results of the drills and I was -- how often should you haven't done. I've had one and it was the months ago so I mean I mean I have a base for them to go back and look at it was you know there was -- plaque -- when you have a compact. Shame on me. And I know it you're you're on track you're taking care you're not it depends on. What you're scandal looked like at that time what was your plaque score we all want to be a big zero for four and zero. You maybe not five or ten years down the road provided one on top of their risk factors. If there's plaque maybe it's not something you wanna keep repeating as part -- it's -- But maybe some other type -- that -- wanna talk with your doctor about like a stress test that will. Addressed not so much now -- their plaque but is that plaque plaque. Blocking blood flow. It's like it's important to you certainly on the black Americans we think he'd -- in your heart health big about -- -- Carty at Cannes. If you just wanna know where you are no symptoms. Especially at that Stanley -- street cloud hanging over him. It's a based test that and I think in we take ownership for the results before you leave you have the results that your hand. With someone to -- Q on the next step. Now you don't have to have a doctor prescription -- into this you can call the hospital and and and set the appointment. And then after the scanned the results go back to your primary care even if they didn't order it. Yet -- -- where you would like -- results to go it will be happy to send them. Could you go through and I know the list may be -- is long but. Women's symptoms. Do not shadow -- part of Texans -- the symptoms I mean we have nude would. Different type of sentence I don't think most women are aware that. You're right it you know it's a little creepy one where are kidnapped these horrible stats but I'm saying you've got to take ownership that you're out. And then these symptoms are real helpful it can be a Hollywood heart attacks elephant on the -- That and women in May be a little more to the treaty it could be indigestion. Shortness of perhaps. Game between the shoulder blades even -- to date. I often say in the news sent them there cannot be explained from the waist on up. As well. Overwhelming fatigue. They could this be my heart and don't hesitate to get it checked out. I just had a lady her only said that was. I'm an act of Wendy and I just can't do anything anymore I'm so tired -- only easy. In that -- just to read that my spine to -- we've all heard those stories. Someone I loved ones usually around the holidays aren't -- chemical -- down. And went -- that to check on them. They've died so overwhelming fatigue. In that said the -- mentioned I know it's not very helpful because they're not unique there. Think they are these new cannot explain them what -- virus actors and get it checked out. You know the crazy thing in the setting -- a heart attack. We still as women show up to the ER four hours later than men. We tried to rationalize. What our assistants are we don't want to worry anyone may be vocal way. And were stubborn creatures in time -- must all get it checked. Are we Googlers symptoms. Like I'd do it ocular symptoms you and I -- in time I went through big bout with Mike on the latter had removed the meet the symptoms came on thought I was having a heart attack and I did I waited to see things go way. Wheelchair because that's the best news possible right they're gonna go away and I fine and I what a mistake that we dominate. But by waiting you can't do -- can't do that and please if you don't wanna listen to -- listen to the expert who's with this today Tracy Stevens. At the Muriel -- Kauffman women's center and we know we interrupted due out doing rounds -- able to get back to the patients today. Well I sure appreciate this opportunity and and I just wanted strike -- stressed that. In this is not a disease for old women is the leading cause of death in the age of over thirty side so it's never never ever. Too late to start you're never too young or too old to start. Thank you so much for your time here's the radio dish we appreciate it. We let you guys have a great February. -- is happy heart month. You do. Gotta love Teresa she is the best of Tracy Stevens I would say -- not just shouldn't came to city. In the United States and I can't say for the world but I attain the she's -- person and she has spoken so many wonderful events and she is just really. Really good person but really -- staff and and she said many many times to the three of us talking about making sure that we are heart healthy as we've had been. He had to choose -- healthy lifestyle the American Heart Association who talks about eating a heart healthy diet and that means no saturated fats trans fats don't want that. And enjoy at least 115. Minutes a week. Moderate intensity aerobic physical activity. I'm gonna get one of those thick -- have you seen all of us agreed and do you have no but -- want to and you can have -- you can actually where it and it will not only attract -- activity contracting calories -- week based on what you put into it and I only had a -- sleep today. And we'll also record to win your sleep it will let you know how healthy you are -- harsh -- sleeping habits I disagree an idea and and really. Getting a lot of sleep I think it's good for anything because. -- -- But that's when your body repairs itself and if you're not getting enough sleep then you are and you know you short. Circuiting the rest of how absolutely of course this time of year it's always difficult when -- -- snow here let's see what physical activity we all have. -- shoveling which of course you're using muscles -- we haven't been using for awhile. It's hard because I love to lock. I'm you get on your Ronald that you can't do that now I've got a little treadmill and I work on -- hatred and I've got one out now and I have one of those Memphis I'm not gonna say it right recant for cal -- it. -- -- That I advice and things yet. -- yeah. You get a day maybe and I'll I'll pedal along and then watch some television what have you but I don't I don't like it should I have the gazelle. Which is this slider thing -- -- really as simple yet. Well I mean you know sort of kind of cheap. We're so easily no it's -- -- -- Helena whatever his name as but it doesn't can have bad knees. Still he doesn't affect my joints which is really nice to use the problem is that we shelty wants to try to -- it as imovie oh that's -- that I -- yeah you gotta love that by the way work. With your doctor this is something that you can go and do off on yourself more by yourself you should have some type of some type of medical person to make sure that you're not doing more harm to yourself and and good. People between the ages of forty and 79 have their ten year risk calculated every 46 years is what they suggest. And and people ages twenty to 59 should receive a lifetime risk assessment. We've seen it absolutely was I don't wanna find out you should have been death last year they. Are a they always seem to try to eat healthy bank. You got to work a little harder on American Heart Association make that when your goals if you haven't done and your -- to laughter that'll help your heart to and that's what we're here for the radio dish Mindy Darcy merry and you with the radio station dot com. All of the yellow brick road to the Kauffman center and experience -- -- -- -- like never before Thursday and Friday February 27 and 28 watched the 75 anniversary remastered edition -- the wizard of bonds on the giant screen in -- hall with your Kansas City symphony performing the entire soundtrack live but the tickets start at just thirty. -- streets to available now at Casey symphony dot org sponsored by the request -- 29 education savings program. 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You can always buy your tickets their online so simple and -- at Casey symphony dot org Mary Mindy Darcy and you add the radio dish dot com. You know love is blind sometimes it's death and down to you know it's as if you can throw rocks ages you'd just don't pay attention to the signals that's right. Our next biggest is that an expert and author on finding mr. right to and we welcome debt commitments to the radio artists hi Dan. I love the title love is blind only if you are and no doubt about that's when the questions. So different things you talk about in your book we got Valentine's Day coming up we've got women that are out there that may -- have found mr. Ron. We don't wanna find him we would find mister Bryant. How in the heck can you figure out who mr. -- isn't and how do you learn to choose that he's the right want. Well one of the actual backed let's start dating. It could get comfortable with breaking. -- and you know dozens and very fun. No no like breaking up. The fun part of dating -- actually it you're comfortable knowing that not every and you -- is going to be your match and recognize breaking up it's part of the -- that. It's a lot less scary and her lack. I can remember my daughter she went in with this guy for ever and ever and ever. He broken off and she was relieved because she wanted to break it off like months and months and months before after he was mr. he'll do down out young and she just. Couldn't do so at night you have to get used to that idea that's great -- -- advice. -- -- -- -- A lot of strength but it absolutely -- lately you know you know. Well having worked with domestic violence victims that -- a relationship because he does -- You know being comfortable with that idea of Beano with a -- a way that's a huge huge prop you know progress in how ways how we think about ourselves home. Very much that. And really wanted to keep that deliberate dating it knowing you get summit that many women and and then -- -- -- -- I call it taking up your loved -- -- -- -- and and part -- picking up your Babcock -- and recognizing. That allow you may love probably smelled. And hit this really offensive line at all and he can make you giggle in grand in weaken unions completely. Ignores the fact. That you really couldn't make a life with this. All right I'm I need to know how did you become. So. Gifted in this field did you do is surveyed did you. Run and test Ted's using to America put a lot of people five -- relationships yeah that's that's my question. Well some -- it is up practice. With its recent that's -- And my -- lab -- then and a lot of it is. I -- on -- are practical wisdom and the level headed and my whole life -- So I literally insert thousands of people in interactions that and -- personal. And we knew immediately start paying attention. To them and their notes. But really when you start paying attention to -- now recognizing that the other there. And you cannot excuse to -- them or ignore it. Anti think dating sites help you with any discernment -- all or are we still. Getting introduced and still having to do some of -- filtering. Are -- -- -- it still see you know -- secure online dating there's some maybe some people deal breakers might be out there. Let can you know you wanna know -- they have is their god and maybe some people have religion -- -- deal -- in the -- an indicator. That but and and tell you really like dating mining experience how he lived. And a peach -- view you really don't know particular that you. At the end of the -- It goes back to -- with Deborah commits a local Kansas City author of the book love is blind only if you're. You mentioned when you first started talking about knowing yourself and what you want I have friends who are with mr. right. Now. As it gets -- need -- success at that time and what about territories talked about ruling -- -- you want so many of us. No I haven't the three of us here have a world happily married been married for long time I I dated someone because he was mr. right now at the time. It wasn't for the long term goal since Hartford when to step back and and look at what they really want. It isn't hard and I actually Ali said it you're dating mr. right now and you know. -- mr. right now and that's what you want and that's what he wanted everybody on the same page then we're all adults go and do every. And it does that for years yeah. Yeah. If you are lemon who is looking for mister right and not just mr. -- you're looking for mr. right for you. That's different because Europe and fighting here -- the and it's not everybody else. And if you're looking for mr. right for you do you have to be willing to look at belt and the that I what is really important they don't even have to. -- decide what you have offered hit. We get stuck in the laundry list that 8000 things that we lock him -- And we know that no actual person has 8000 parties about him right that it doesn't happen so you need to learn to narrow the -- -- I actually have -- site and in about -- she didn't mind. What you really want and it breaks it down into your Matt Abbott and -- I. And then that deal -- that are automatic. That happened a lot and I. You sound like the people on television it help you get organized. You have to key on this man that stuff you wanna throw away youngest man and -- wanna think about a little while longer over here can go in recent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like -- I don't know organizer Ben Ali that medicine and how you restructuring -- a pop -- And obviously your love life always been about your heart -- -- really good decision in your -- and I -- -- here. Spotlight embody your head and your heart and it expert. But I can't figure out ahead when you get now are down in the Cinderella ahead that you can't see through your -- now you're now the truth is. The other by -- if you. And not what it really talk to bring in the logical part about keeping your -- to. -- adolescent eating. And their economic -- added there -- forty hours' fitness. Every different answers and I guess -- local author love is -- only if you are different people wanna get the -- -- winner out -- -- got to -- at least I got an all these things where do we find the book. They're both the probably of course you can -- at Barnes & -- you can order from anywhere you like to buy it -- deadlock and to maintain. About -- option on my website deliberate dating dot com. It would be dating dot com if you'd like if you want to recap here you can go to deliberate dating dot com -- -- streak -- and actually am doing a free one I like -- seminar that's gonna go deeper into them of these things on February 18 competitive thought about how to register about it deliberate dating dot com port but. Program but an upcoming and programs. Perfect you have been a delight we appreciate your time thank you so much I hope you sell lots of books and of course they can also arranged to have you come speak as you either part of the speaking bureau as well when. You live. Deliberate dating dotcom -- and -- so much for spending some time here. Deborah Kuhn its love that book number one best dating Brooke in 2013 really -- well congratulations their camper in. I saw this the other day and -- you remember what television show was one of our local shows here. But it was. Like small worst ago and now they have peeps that are made in the shape of heart now I don't want easily Saturday didn't suck for the most part that she you take it. Like -- A third. Other bar Hershey bar and one of these red heart peeps. And a Graham cracker you put in little backing you now has little -- -- love some damage the had a party at home. I love you so much more than anywhere else. There which really hear me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's continued keeps so. -- second and just say they'd look really good the microwave you know who -- it lose it just me -- Ariel you've done I don't remember that -- -- -- -- coming up the Hollywood -- Christian -- And it says Hollywood -- today. We're going to be talking about. Philip Seymour Hoffman and his very sad -- death this past week we'll do that here in just minutes at the radio dish dot com. 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We'll give you this news of glowing sexy skiing you want at European -- and there were the world's whack experts we've been doing this nationwide since 1975. -- -- -- From an impeccable treatment rooms to the polished professionals of our -- specialists you'll be in great hands. We want you to watch him instead out with the incredible feeling that only the smoother skin can give you. European -- senator for -- -- serious waxing at prices that won't make you raise an eyebrow. Yourself a little pampering at European -- an -- respite in the leeway as a black senator dot com to schedule your appointment today. Grab extra cookie to sit back and relax it's time for the radio ditch quarters calories. -- -- -- I'm and founding member I've outlined here in just a little bit but first. It's the Hollywood blame. The biggest names in Hollywood all the gossip and destroy you won't hear anywhere. It's time for this week's Hollywood can play this could hurt him. I still am in shock over the desk. Of Philip Seymour Hoffman what happened I mean I know what happened Christian but what's the insights to. -- this is the story that continued Lee is -- all being our our action it's not just an actor who had a huge drug problem and passed away each this story is gonna. And while many others there's already been arrest -- people that we're dealing apparently -- can't cash and see this go on and on her for a little while and it's so tragic because he was incredibly talented she hit three young kids but I think really what it. Drinks at the table as the fact that addiction knows no color no gender still social class no religion no race which anyone can be a victim and when you think someone has won an Academy Award they're -- top of their game but -- addiction is -- -- and it's -- dark demons and I. Unfortunately he was not able to see the. Outs and I heard. While back insect that -- Caroline was -- huge comeback. Which it is and we've seen heroin deaths increase we see Hollywood celebrities come to that we talked a lot about this or at my stats last year. And you know she's young and and that's another thing you know like young kids are getting all this and it's not good and on the East Coast especially they have found a lot of early in supply. It's laced with other. Other things that are causing fatalities and each at the East Coast 55 desk within a -- from the same back at least here went so much this was not a part of the Seymour. -- backs that he was found in his house but. It is is really big issue and something will be talking about probably more unfortunate. -- mean Sarah has taken to her Twitter account to making claims about what -- Oh boy this is another story that is entrenched in the media it's talking about. Heard daughters on these claims against -- challenge and I. -- her daughter wound up writing. A and in New York Times talking about the alleged sexual abuse it is is put people in different camps have cash -- -- -- -- a lot of her family members -- watch this is true and this is exactly what happened but there's -- supporting Woody Allen and he's aged father he's been married a lot of time this and -- which remember was -- parents adopted daughter. -- Are all just went on the air and went on record supporting Woody Allen but should tell you. If there's one thing about -- Farrow and her charges against Woody Allen which ever. Not that it's actually -- -- -- it there's a lot of embarrassment shame it's very private saying it's very -- same age and to be lying about it in public would be a very strange thing. That would be very strange Jay leno's got ready to call it quits at least on television. Is it a bittersweet moment for Hollywood I think a lot of people at least in Hollywood like today it it -- Yeah. I hate to say if he's ready and I from the same town and you know he is bit of comedy she is not every. One and I would say -- and Hollywood is people are ready for him to go however. Other parts of the country are at -- retiree each and she just speaks a very specific Democrats picture but NBC was like how her. -- is Jimmy Allen. Although -- or they thought Conan O'Brien should but I think Jimmy's gonna be a better exchange Jay Leno gets along which Jimmie nine. And he is he's graciously stepping aside he doesn't want to step aside he's graciously stepping aside it's time cash and Seth -- it's -- spot. And it's just a younger man's game right now really only like old man on the on the block now is David Letterman and CBS is said we're not pushing him out whenever he wants to leave that's when we'll let him. He's that old -- on the black he's ancient man on the hot cup. Ultimately. Like that and so and also in the news Charlize -- I didn't realize she is John Tanner hooked up I didn't know that. Is hot and heavy. It's really interesting because. And December we started seeing and then. We're seeing that there are just friends and then she showed up to date to a and it stated that there are spot that each patient in Hawaii each but this to be very very serious and actually has -- -- and -- seen it on ten. I get out does she still. Think if you're introducing them to your skid it's pretty serious and fact Charlie's is sisters that -- and she -- him get -- it is 65. Guns -- minute how many. Six sides call. It says love like getting rid of 65 Ganz threw the woman in your life all my -- I don't see those two together I'm sorry. You -- an odd couple and but I think people to come. On -- very intelligent. They've known each other for a while they're both Oscar winners so I think we beatings sleep Wear shirt and big Sean -- little ball yeah it happened. And we appreciate the information as always thanks so much -- Netscape Hollywood playing with Christen bird on the radio did. Well. And it's time to the dirty -- -- by the mop bucket at 812 armour road in North Kansas City if you got pets home man you need liquid alive it doesn't just get up sustainment it's the owner. Right down the carpet Pavelic got a live at the mop bucket dot com. Yeah. Well -- I'm not surprised. Because I don't give our government a lot of credit for having. A lot of Rhodes scholars okay who are currently employed but we find out now that many many different. Commissions and agencies in Washington use. The word password for their passwords -- we're talking about Homeland Security. -- -- talking about the IRS. And they have found both of those agencies not obviously be. All everybody in that agency but some people are using the word. Password as their -- Can you believe. Again that's what scares me I got a state to the other does not not very Smart a -- -- Smart which is very scary can you see this thing about this new app that is out. That people strangers can actually figure out who you are. By looking at two through these glasses. The regular glasses okay say if it you're like me and you go to party you can't remember anybody's name and you can't -- name tag because I don't my glasses on. These glasses and it's a new app it's gonna come out and it scans your face it gives you real time glass on facial frank yeah Danielle was named in what's called name -- And the real time facial recognition software will detect not only your face with a glass on the camera. It'll also go to -- servers who can tell you everything about your name if there's additional photos of you and your social media profile. -- you -- -- -- it is invasion of private crazy -- that freaks me out big time now. So but I mean I do like the idea especially when I'm with my husband because I will. Lean over and whispered to him I've done this more often than not go over to this couple. Yeah I'll say this is my husband Craig you've reaching out and say hi I'm great pain neck and then they'll tell you there. I do I I do that except center at breakfast the other day OK Kelly -- How are good -- you remember her remember her name but here's -- thing there's always police officers in the room. This guy came over and we don't to start talking and I did say behind our secure I knew Kelly couldn't remember the guy's name. And he -- time -- -- -- -- And -- he'll be here. I have as everybody down and of course the name of the person wearing this amp would be to work with the Google glass and that's greens IE don't like that. At all you know I also don't like. A generation of entitled kids that we have raised -- we're all guilty of yours accidentally on the days of going down to the local convenience store defiant -- hard candy. Which you will earned dime more nickel you camel I'm old OK. Because now kids can purchase like 500 pieces of hard candy they get there rolling in the dough. Allowances. New report out. Says parents are offering more than ten or twenty dollars a week all three -- an allowance you're kidding me. 4% of the families giving their children from 41 to fifty per week can't if you look -- kids. Get 91200 dollars -- And we get their names they -- done does wealth we had those classes we have coming from. -- -- we could anyone of the kids actually doing -- thing because I think sometimes parents are just -- the Dow and you know really working to get about why I was talking to somebody after this recent snow event we have in Kansas City. When's the last time a kid has come to your door and went and I can I'm -- your grass cannot -- your wallet. No one and nobody has that noon on it now they don't need two of its chain. It's get weighed too much money and way too many ways to spend it as my dad used to say yeah. We're all going to hell in a hand basket idea -- and now I'm saying I went scares me very very much. Thank you to get recruits who was here on the show today love her and she's got that number one romance book collect and get that issue best actor Tracy Stevens of course. Wonderful heart advice forest. And of course with the symphony on as well that's for a moment the entire senate -- couldn't get them into the studio but -- -- -- thousands wanna -- executive director of the symphony of course. Was here today to tell us all about that. And that'll just pretty much do it for us Mindy is not here to say it bloodless on FaceBook but please do like as her love us on FaceBook Twitter -- what have you because we we really appreciate and they treat -- back next week radiates a radio -- dot com. -- provided by Robert McCain now with the new lady looks a lot in what sports fan jam they look good on radio. We -- we do look good I agree with young man. But that -- ball going in there I mean provided hey Robert McCain have our own hair. And our enemy that can't. Thank you Robert. Tired of trying to get rid of that -- scan those pet stains and voters this time to go to the mop bucket in North Kansas City. They got everything you need. Koranic cleaning products for quality results with your cleaning the bathroom kitchen carpets windows automotive marine. The -- -- has the products you need and the experts who know how to use them. When you -- commercially or -- supplies for work church your home. Let the mop -- make clean up a lot easier. Twelve armour road North Kansas City little Stewart made products and -- dot com.

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