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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Life As You Own It 2.1.14 Segment 2

Life As You Own It 2.1.14 Segment 2

Feb 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are you always like bringing him back to this team I do. Like -- you -- folks. OK we get a life like insurance how much do you need what the considerations again number one as your rage obviously premium rates get more expensive and it. Gotta make sure you get something when your younger age book that you wanna. He got to become even if -- I incurred even if you're single you in if you aspire one -- to get married. Has some life insurance get some basic amount when your at a young age because you never know what life brings you and you wanna have some to protect and pay for your fame in the event something catastrophic happens -- I'm okay the age of your spouse and children. Mean how many years in half to provide for support for them. On after you're gone back and determine what amount you need folks and understand that the amount of life for a church you need is not. The same amount at all stages of your life that's why we're given this information. I'm what are your overall deaths so what is it gonna take to payoff the debts. So that you were family is not worried about it keep it up with the bill pay here in the event something happens to you and your future income is -- there. -- college expenses what do you have to pay and what we recommend is also taking that those those tuition and fees. Make sure you factoring in inflation in fact double inflation and that's immediate number. A good number determine what you need for those college expenses it's. -- your current income if you retired -- -- decide college -- you may not need to replace your fully come. But you've got to make sure and some advisors recommend 50% placement as a starting point so what is your income you should have at least 50%. But that's as a standalone all these other factors that we've discussed. Also add on that. -- funeral expenses average funeral expense is 7000 dollars. Or two -- from two to 4000 dollars if your cremated Craig which would you prefer he be cremated arena will be buried in -- I think shrines in the pot maybe temple. And temple -- just trying -- model of the trying to gonna get -- Yeah so I can I think of like you know what I'd like like I think of the shrine not. So we can have one little miniature cars yet and maybe you could just be corruption wedged into that are among key right now dog. -- -- that they're a tough guy. I don't -- I know we're all confused now so anyways offending the bronze and then buried so okay so there -- there are several ways to also determine the amount you need one is gonna be a multiple income. Beat the standard industry that you're here is. Ten times your income and -- them ten times that's. That that we might call that a a generic rule -- -- 100000 dollars get the million should cover now again. Factoring your debts factory in those like expenses factor all those things and also and that's gonna drive you to more specific number and others called the shortfall. Calculation. And if you're not careful you may actually have a short fall short -- approach works backwards from Maine -- come at you would want to leave your spouse and your family. For X number of years after you decide in this target number. You then subtract all the other sources of annual income. That will be available to them such as your retirement accounts pensions savings spouse's salary it's obscurity until he numbers the shortfall you want to replace with life insurance. That makes -- Greg does makes any elaboration and her listeners we think we need to get on that now and I don't want to elaborate mark OK you're not collaborator. All right and then at the last is the income generator and these are just three commonly. Utilized methods to determine the life insurance you need. On the amount you need is some prefer to set their sights on building -- a larger life insurance investment that would generate earnings to provide a beneficiary with annual income. For instance one million invested using conservative average annual yield of 4%. Could provide 40000 dollars a year to a spouse or family into perpetuity. -- got to understand. What is it that you want to accomplish for those you -- Ayers your family members you're responsible for. And make sure the use all this information. To get to the right number for you there is no one -- there is no it's ten times there is no oh we've got to use income generator or there isn't one it's. -- you've got to have shortfall 'cause shortfall. On the shortfall calculation because you've got to go through what are the things important to you what is it that you need to accomplish for your family to give you peace of mind when you're gone the it's going to take a little bit of time and effort. At a minimum. Just decent life insurance if he -- do nothing else do that in times method if you can afford it. The plane else -- Craig. No market think you've covered all right so well mostly an article most people are willing will cover -- -- -- statistically. Now right not yet most people are way under insured and many people listening right now. Are driving -- the -- listened to your home when your radio and you're going and among those under insured many years and I don't have any life insurance whatsoever. Remedy that problem immediately folks who would you take action. It life insurance. Giants when he -- staple thing one thing I'm gonna say is what you shouldn't do is so it's mortgage credit life com I don't think that's say it's. It's not a product worth having because it only takes into consideration one component and usually a premium to pay for vs standard term life. Does not make it yeah good deal and I'm gonna tell you real quickly folks when you get those numerous solicitations with no number no name etc. -- this and for the life you need. Life insurance you need. And that your mortgage company once you to have it's not your mortgage company what she added it's the marketing company that is the insurance company usually -- the company's name on there. That they're trying to tricky and Philip so now which social. And then ultimately you're suddenly instructed the bill for life insurance that you think your mortgage company once -- half Euro mortgage company does not require. Does not. Does not recommend it any of those things specifically -- a certain amount of life insurance so may tree be where those Scott. Symmetric and all right in the credit life forget just mortgage any credit like for disability insurance -- he you know he might be buying a car. In your fines for -- we give you this. Credit life and disability insurance for thirty more dollars a month that if this happens -- yeah a lot of folks just go to your insurance company get the proper -- all right. Okay Craig so let's talk about that. What exactly is a dual agent Craig you know and we're speaking to him. -- dot spy novels were speaking a real statement would you trust -- agent. -- -- I -- curse depends on the individual their ego and and as you should get your trusting -- -- latency occurs when the same brokerage firm and sometimes the same real estate agent. Rep for site represented both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. We're gonna talk about when we come back what might be some of the pros and cons and some of the real data that tells you whether this is a good deal for you. A deal like that you wanna stay tuned. Okay. All right we're back live did you and thanks for hanging out -- -- and before the break we were talking about. Pulling double duty. Real estate agents. Dual agency role whenever the the real estate firm and where the real -- represented both sides of the transaction that's the -- side and the seller side the first thing I'm gonna make sure that. We want our listeners to understand is that. You gotta know you know your sense of paperwork when you walk into a house that's listed did. Do you believe the you can negotiate negotiate -- to come up with someone that represents both sides the party. Our book represented that party and yourself if it can be can it be done. Possibly. Are we saying that dual agency -- dual agency is is a bad thing not at all because they're superstitious statistical. Statistical data. That organ what you interpret that we're gonna -- kind of share our opinions on it but I researchers analyzed how sales. In which a broker represented buyer and the seller the study found. -- this is from the journal of real estate research from. 2013. Two agency sales in the first thirty days of listing contract. Sell for a premium of about 18% or 288. More for the average house. So -- for a higher amounts. And if you are the seller obviously there's no downside even agreed to pay this amount. But the buyers could look at that and go. I'm paying more on average. 18% more if that sells in the first thirty days then I would be if it's represented if I have my own agent. That's one extraction you can take that dual agency sales in the last thirty days of listing contract -- about a 6% discount. Or 9300. The last. So somewhat of an equalizer overall dual agency reduces home price by about one point 7%. So overall there folks buyer looks like the buyer possibly comes out ahead in a dual agency role and the seller. May come out ahead because if -- time is shorter. There's there's the data that's -- you look at -- and if they're selling their house more quickly and for more money. Is there a benefit to me I'm okay dual agency sales occur 55 point 1% more quickly than non dual agency sales. Also about 32% of all transactions are dual agency transaction that's. More than I would -- -- him so folks the bottom line is understand. Who is represented new. What the pros and cons are. Make sure that you do your research and understand -- if if you're gonna participate a dual agency transaction and are specifically represented. By a buyer's agent. That you do a little extra homework to make sure you're getting the right deal -- concede. There are pros and cons the best thing in his hand your blinders on don't assume that somebody because -- about our our. Representing both sides of the transaction that you can't get a better deal comes in token. Don't assume that there's a fishing seasons and a and a cheaper cost you because you are working with so. On both sides of the transaction makes sense -- makes our blog and write down the middle lineup that did not yet you should do you do that don't do anything you doing. Got to do it does do something we'll always just don't do it and it had just yet do you due diligence and of course we just always looking to hire the most professional. Real treat and -- -- -- them. Get a good feel for their experience well that's what you get your top pros are gonna make sure you understand it they're -- understand here to make sure the note that the deal gives some status not legal anyways so sometimes keeping with the music and why you still talking -- plan has thinking about some other stuff here or -- should he stay or should. Go want to you know him. Our rights Alexandra in Dallas Texas emailed. Home prices keep pricing in my area and I have found a house I would like to sell in order to downsize now that my kids out of house. I think that's good strategy Alexander do you think now is the time to -- or should I hold off for prices to peak. The other issue is that my mortgage is it to seven -- now. But a new fifteen year loan would be almost a point higher do you think rates will drop oh Alexander thinks she's a two for -- What should he stay or should you go and a I don't know the forecast on interest rates mail -- I think she should -- You know it means so the house is our house -- points 875%. She's got a great raid on her fifteen year mortgage -- consideration but the fact she's downsizing the good thing about it is his -- Because home prices are now. The higher she's gonna capitalize on the recent -- real estate prices and she's gonna of course pay that bump on a smaller price -- so the gap should net her. A good result there are now as far as the -- vision real compensate for that the reality -- rates are little bit higher than that you might be a -- rate in the mid threes. Good credit it is what it is but if you wait hoping that you're somehow gonna timed this perfectly you won't know when the peak was until it passes. You'll know it rates at their best until it passes you can wait wait trying to figure that out the fact is I'm a big bird in the hand person. Strike while the iron is hot with another little. Euphemism we -- but the bottom line is you -- to go for now because you know home prices are coming up and they are selling quickly get it done. Not you know I was thinking about when every lead and is that the ski lodge easily find the peak in the rearview mirror. Yeah right so count like anybody out there and the -- to get me. Christian a month it is something okay. All right so loud Alexandra we encourage you to consider your overall financial picture and and look at it -- the big house that you don't need it and save some money because the cost of owning that house extends beyond into -- -- you have. It's a maintenance it's the upkeep it's utilities all those things. To do everything on a bigger space that you actually need. Two cover your needs speaking of which we come back from the break a comment on this because we're talking to more and more folks. Baby boomer generation generally you are retiring. Looking at retiring soon. They're talking about downsizing relocating they're talking about moving in the maintenance providing communities. Lots of options lots of considerations depending on your particular health. Financial situation -- a touch on that a little bit because. There's good advice out there there's bad advice out there in many people have a -- have a hard time pull that trigger. When that time is his right. The news visit the great thing is the conversation we're having now is that home prices have appreciated enough they're trending the right direction that actually selling your house. Get a little money back out of it and making this move is actually a possibility that a three to five year window where that was hard for a lot of people's right. When we come back critical blow on the show what and got some information rusty to enforce a life as you won't it stay tuned.