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Retirement Planning Strategies 1.28.14

Jan 28, 2014|

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    we'd like to invite to stay with us this hour word during retirement planning strategies. My name is that are -- and you can reach me anytime at 91376889. We office and always -- just talk fire 35 on Santa Fe. As the east on -- FAR Merlin road. What are our show is about it is we work with view and try to give you some ideas. That could help you. In planning for retirement. Because some retirement planning is really all about having the funds available to. He use them and retirement for income purposes. As she won't have most
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    remembered give us a call 9137688090. We'll continue with our tax and retirement planning strategy. In just a few moments. Thank you. Yes I can suddenly. Yes I cannot. Gee I'm afraid. I can see me. Welcome back to Suzanne Arlington. You're listening to retirement planning strategies. On 166 CA MT MBC's business channel. And work currently talking about what steps the person should take in the mid

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The information and opinions expressed on the following page commercial programming are those of the hosts and their guests and do not necessarily reflect those of this station. In around me. When -- Or. Yeah. Yeah there. Dude man. Okay. A. Good morning and welcome to retirement planning strategies my name is our didn't. And what we do is we talk about. Issues that can affect you. During your retirement. And not only does that come into focus with people that are in retirement but those nearing that stage of their life. And very importantly what about those of -- that. May or may not have taken steps. To build what you're gonna need for retirement so there's three different. Different approach is based on what church ages you know as you're older. You most likely -- intend. To keep more of what you've learned. And protected from losses that's a standard thing I hear in my office all the time. We're located in a -- them right off of 435. In Santa Fe. At 533. Mile away and -- so if you're in the area stopped and it's 533 Berlin road suite B. AM when we talked to people about retirement it depends on their age group and what they're intending to do now the last. Show. We were talking about saving money into three. Buckets. And the first -- it was taxable. The second was tax deferred. And then we had offered you separate pocket called tax free. Can be tax efficient and be tax advantage -- I prefer to think tax free as the best way to express completely. But yes we are discussing these topics I think appoint a focus might be interesting. To those of you listening in that. When we're talking about the early stages of accumulating money for a -- men and women were talking through. The working years. As she tried. To. Wedge out some money out of budget and get it some more world will grow. I think it's really a more appropriate. To draw focus to that third balk at the tax free bucket. Now the reason I'll mention that again and put it in focuses your taxable bucket. Would be the bank account a savings accounts CDs. You know anything like that that you might -- because every year whatever you burn. You have to settle up with the taxman and you get a 1099 and you -- taxes on what you've aren't. You have to have that taxable bucket because she needed. A liquidity base. To help you handle life's ups and downs the surprises that happened when they. Washer and dryer goes bad when the transmission falls out of the truck you need to be able to access money in that taxable -- And normally those accounts are attractive for the purpose of liquidity. If you're thinking about the tax deferred bucket. That is where the ball. Of American savings seems to -- At least with those ideas -- worth. Again this is retirement planning strategies. And you can view our web site pets safe money are -- stock com. And I'm adds I've had some people suggest I highlighted that that is safe SA FE. Money RX star com. And our phone number should you wish to call us 9137688090. Let's talk about that tax deferred bucket -- why is it mart doesn't seem that most people. Have. Focus store loaded more into that -- stretches they handle a lot of times on the bucket. The reason -- that can be convenient most companies offer some type of 401K. If you're a teacher a 403 B. If you worked in the city -- the police department fire department you might have a 457. Plan. They're all basically. -- contribution. From your paycheck. And automatically occurs. It comes right out this convenient. You -- up in your human resources department. You really don't see the money. Their pay comes and you pay some taxes. And some portion of your income is deducted. And it automatically swings out into the 401K bucket. Now self employed people might have a supper assemble. And what happens because that's convenient and people get used to run and they don't tend to -- it so to speak like totally HR department do paperwork to change things. The money gets founded in to that tax deferred pocket. And there is an advantage to that you don't have to pay taxes on at the current share. You also will be able to left that money accumulated. Through the -- should work even as she changed jobs. And you'll be able to accumulate that any cheer you won't owe taxes on the games you have when you have games. The problem -- is when you get to retirement. And you want to access that money. I hear many complaints and that would be because when -- 401K. Becomes a source of needed money in your later years. There's just no way. To get across -- the cross hairs off of it. From the IRS. -- -- is set up you get an advantage not to pay taxes currently. But there's no wiggle room when you decide to access the money it's fully taxable. This is -- I wanted to emphasize that. Our suggests. Very strongly talking to us because we're portraying to people that there is a value. There is something to be gained a value at that you can feel and sense. That can be accomplished by making a conscious effort to Fonda. Eight tax free bucket the first place should do that is with a Roth IRA. And depending on your age. You can put 5000 in perhaps sex as a catch up provision. And when you put the money in the Roth IRA you do not get the tax advantage. Of deducting it in the current year. So that's. Lost that you have currently. The money in the Roth IRA however will grow without taxes. And win new access it. Specially if you're after 59 and a half -- won't have any fees charges are taxes to pay. At the time you need to usually running. So. Even at the expense. Of reducing the amount of money that goes in to. Your company tax deferred plan. Your 401K. I think there's a very fine argument to remain a case to be named. With redirecting some of those funds at least into the Roth IRA bucket. Now people that try to depend on this for full funding of retirement however find. The constraint. The low contribution level. Can be limiting on what they have the potential. For growth -- limited to 5000 dollars for younger people. Further. If -- you deposit money in the Roth IRA and you have to be employed. So he wouldn't be able to. Do that post retirement you wouldn't be able to save their retention don't have current income. And then as a further restriction and I suggest you talk to your accounting professional on -- Around a 180000. Dollars -- you say it out that provision and it won't allow you to deposit in a Roth IRA. And again I'm speaking of the IRS rules and I suggested all cases and accounting professional. To help you with that decision point. Now on the other hand if you're using the 401K. You may be able to put more money into that account. And what's the plus side you may also get a match you may get some money from your employer. Up to a percentage of what you've deposits stood. I've recently been surveying people on -- come back often saying they get no match -- very low match. And so many cases here we are suggesting. That you fully fund the Roth IRA. That you'd deposit into your 401K. The precise amount that -- shoes and matching freed hours because those free dollars. Will help you pay the taxes in the future -- compound along with your own dollars. But at the point where you reach the full. Compensation. Level and matching. There is an excellent case to be made for redirecting that money to a second address within your tax free pocket. And that would be -- perhaps. We often use what's called a life insurance retirement plan. I'm with a life insurance retirement plan. You won't have contribution limits. They'll be able to deposit there. What you feel you can afford. Those deposits can be flexible you can change the -- thirty year. And as you deposit money into a life insurance retirement plan. He'll have the extra benefit. Of the death benefit of the life insurance because if something would happen to before you ever reached retirement. The life insurance and essential leverages how many dollar should put in America into a higher. Death benefit. And again there's good news on that higher death benefit. If that -- your wife for children. Whoever would be the beneficiary. That would be tax free as well properly structured. So we try to explain. That instead of just following the sheep headed across the field and dumping all the money in to the 401K. You need to at least. Target to more places to deposit money. And it's a little hard to do without some help. And that's why we suggest if you have time give us a call 913. 76 say 8090. And we can. Show you. Graphically. With pronounce. How are really enjoyed. Two more targeted methods to save money and retirement. And thus fulfill a better retirement planning strategy. Remember first find the Roth IRA and then consider. The life insurance retirement plan because there are expenses. Data are taken from this account to provide the death benefit in the life insurance plan. That also allows a provision. Which again talked your accountant but all tossed us out to accountants that are listening I believe that 7702. That allows the person in retirement. To access money that's -- -- -- the cash value of the life insurance. They take that money from the policy's cash value as alone. And by doing so they can avoid. Income taxes. So we wanna talk about that. And and -- really express. There are some beneficial way to do this now there's good ways and bad ways to do this in this life insurance retirement plan. You could choose to use the stock market by investing in variable life insurance but it'll go up and down with a roller -- of the market. There are newer types of plans that are indexed to the stock market which only. Make a change in the cash value if it's positive meaning that no market event. Cancer -- from your cash value. It's a very positive way to work because with no contribution limits. You're able. To find an appropriate amount and of this account not limited like -- Roth IRA and not taxable. On its usage by -- 401K -- an IRA would be. So I'm just suggesting no one here that that we would none of us would suggest using one tool all the time to fix every once certain means. But in this particular case. We wanna recommend that because this is a very under utilized approach. And when you talk to somebody -- specially trained in this field you can find a lot of creativity available. My name is set -- Emanuel listening to retirement planning strategies. Our web site right now is -- safe money RX dot com. And the telephone number is 9137688090. To speak to us confidentially. Just give us a call. Will be back on the other side and we're gonna talk a little bit about those of you that are in retirement. And protecting what you have so stay with us we'll be right back. Yes I can suddenly. Yes I can. Gee I'm afraid. I can see the. And my. Welcome back you're listening to retirement planning strategies. On KM BC's business channel 1660. AM. I'm your host today are there and and we were giving earlier some tips to people about. Saving my name. Putting money away for retirement in ways that won't give them a tax free. Access point in retirement it's it's very important. If you're younger to take advantage of this particular effect it can be used in any ages but it's highly effective. I've done this many times. With. Grandparents stepping up and doing certain projects that will help their grandchildren. In ways -- will be beneficial for a lifetime. And we can do this of course with those that are fifty and sixty is 65. It said -- definitely something that is within the clever of arrows. But I think I'd love to really target the tax free bucket more. At those of us that are -- well I'm I should be done but those of us that are raised in a family. I'm kids in college that sort of thing because he already need to have life insurance and no jurors anyway you may as well just make -- life insurance. Work for you instead of you just pay a premium. Because it'll be something that you will use in a life insurance retirement plan as income. If not to death benefit. So that's something that slides through the radar screen sometimes being an observed. -- switch during this segment. More toward those of us that our. In the red zone for retirement or who already have retired. And in this case. There's a difference. The first point of difference between this and the life insurance retirement plan could be your health. When you're young and healthy. You can now be accepted in very low cost for insurance. Interact. The majority of your deposits to growth. Inside the life insurance product. In retirement. We're happy to approach that and work with that. Sometimes though we ran into the road block of people that are ready have had meaningful. Erosion to their health and and it's not an appropriate thing for them because the cost of the insurance has high. By comparison to a 35 year old or 45 year old. Now what I've run into all the time now on the office basically comes down to two different things that I hear. Mamie Moore and try to find some more while I'm going through my notes all mention and the first is is that many people. Approach and say. We're just not making any money in the bank. And it doesn't matter what bank you go to the interest rates -- -- Wednesday it is not a scam there's no sources. Problem going on there or anybody has some leverage in this against the general public it's just the interest rates are terribly alone. The government has attempted to stimulate the economy. The same time they lowered interest rates. And as that came to roost. With the people good people that serve you at your bank. It's resulted in they don't have a lot of spread. In order to offer you much in the way interest on your money is matter of fact last week I had a very nice ladies come and sit down and she thought she might be earning. Oh save point 65%. On her money saved at her savings and loan. And we're not naming any savings alone here but let's just say it wasn't very difficult it's a prominent. Savings in one of Marietta organizations so we just picked up the phone and called her branch. Talked to the lady that she spoke to there and we were surprised to find out that are interest rate was point. 15%. She was making half a percent blouse. And she thought. And she was making point 15%. And it just so happened when she calculated -- tax bill last year that she ended up to about 400 dollars. What into higher tax bracket in her area and her in her tax bracket area by 400 dollars. And there was just enough interest. That she had earned. Between a number of bank accounts and I'm collection -- CDs. To makes a difference. She was earning this abysmal interest rates which is not the bank's -- She was earning a very low interest rates but the interest the actual dollars and a tour in -- putter and a higher tax bracket. All right so. That's pretty tough because if you have a CD and it is an IRA. Where you have a savings account or money market account you can attend 99 and then your. Having to share a part of that with the IRS each year. The second group of people are those that are concerned about the stock market. And I see a troubling trend right now. And that actually people. That I'm running into are seeing that the stock market has gone up so high. And so fast. That some of them are back in the mindset of 1999. Perhaps. Or 2006. And they're saying it's so good I've got to get in there because. It's just as a panacea looks really really good. And the problem as is that. We will have some sort of correction I'm not call on a day wouldn't assume that I would now. But what's happening is very are not considering the risks that they take being in the marketplace. The dollar 60 and there's no guarantee you get him back. So it is a bit like a casino. Bite -- if you're well informed you probably can do better than the odds and -- you know but. In a casino but the point is is that it's a bit risky especially for those that are 55 and older. Would you agree. If you do you should call me at 91376. Say. Eight Sarah 09 sir my name is out -- and this is retirement. Planning strategies here on KM BZ. 1660. AMP. MBC's business channel. What can you do about that I mean. Would you perhaps instead enjoy a guaranteed approach for your legacy. -- -- Like to save to have the maximum amount to spend in retirement. Or is your goal to say -- to have. Money for the people that come after you -- children and grandchildren. How do you leave the maximum amount your family. And what missile launching pouring in your future for you win you'll actually start to. Systematically need money from your account. While. Why would we do a radio program about that particular subject because many of the people that we talked with them many of the people that I've worked worth five. It might be nice to just -- give you a rational. And standard. And prudent process to work with. And so we've listened to the needs and problems of many of your neighbors here. The ones that are unhappy with their interest rates and the ones that are concerned about the stock market risk. And one of the things that we started to offer people. Is that in some cases we may offer an annuity to help solve some of their. Needs. Why wouldn't -- -- help. Well it will not fix all problems that's just the fact but what an annuity is this an insurance contract it's between you and an annuity company and insurance company. And you should always have a highly rated company. And I will further read that you should have a highly solvent company. There are solvency ratings which indicate how many dollars they have for every dollar they know. And you might fine. That some of the higher rated companies. May not be quite a solvent. You can't simply look at what the M best NSA -- S&P reports have to say about the annuities. But what you might be interested in knowing is that for example there's certain there's a great company called prudential. And that's available all of -- know presents credential rocket Gibraltar. And they have a good rating now and I'm fine raining which is a plus. However looking at their solvency. They come in and about 101. Point 57 are they have a 101 dollars and 57 cents. For. Every dollar they out. And that's. Not unusual in the business. However there's another insurance company we might offer you in the office so it's rated only B plus. India its stead so its solvency is a 105. Dollars. Solvency ratio to every hundred day -- So it's quite a bit more salt and in this should be better medicine for you and we'd like to draw those -- comparison. Now we're gonna break away in a minute but I wanted to. Continue this by saying one and a new and he will offer for many in my clients this peace of mind. That their money is not at risk to rapidly in the stock market. And secondly. Even the minimal guarantees of annuities. Even the bottom line -- out perform the bank CD these days stay with us for more on this subject. And we'll be back in a moment. Thank you. On this day. Sixteen tons -- it's. Days -- Didn't say feeder -- economic knows my -- -- -- 505 sold to the company's talking. Thank you for staying with me my name is Martin and it. This is a program called retirement planning strategies were here on TM BC's business channel 1660 AM. I wanted to continue with the thought about how an annuity might work for people. To. Perhaps are underwhelmed with the interest third inning at the bank. And the taxes -- paying on -- and then the other side of the coin the folks that are in the stock market with mutual funds stocks ETFs. And they really haven't seen another option. And so what happens is that they tend to stand that came and ride the ups and downs and periodically it feels -- and periodically it's terrifying. And that's just the real fact of the matter we've very seldom. It well it must be that people solemn look back. Over their shoulder conceive what history has done with them in these markets because. They can be quite erratic for somebody. Who has particularly educated in that failed some it has specific skills in that field and does it for themselves. They complain that game and win no matter which way -- house. But for the majority of people that are just living on hope PM. I don't think about. I'd love -- for you an opportunity. To look at a different approach just an opportunity. To see that you could grow your money without the rest. And gain fine interest that's much better than the bank. Avoid some taxes in the current term. And when the years a really -- still being linked to the growth in the stock market and you can do that wasn't with an annuity. The third part of talking about why. I am. Enthusiastic about showing you the use is because. There's a third point that I don't think people really grasp. They tend to think. The average. Lady who comes to see me a couple. Single gentleman they tend to think about money in the terms of how much money do -- half. This is even evidenced with very very steady blitzes on the television. From. Insurance companies someone that I've seen is ING you can identify that. By eight. Seeing them the individuals in the commercials walking around with a strip of Orange numbers under their arm that's there number they need to reach. And realistically -- ING first officer fine company. And I fused them myself and my business. But the point of the commercial is is reaching a number in that satisfies all your needs. I tend to disagree with that I think -- that miss informs people. Just from my point of view and I encourage you to come in and discuss it with -- the point is not how many dollars there are it -- it is most important to consider. How much income. Can you expect to receive. From those dollars. You could receive. In come that was set pretty fancy pretty. Exhilarating. For a period of time but if you had a market collapse would you have to adjust your income if to the downside I should say on the other hand if you wanted to take a modest amount out of money that -- protected in banks savings. But she found that your account balances were declining rapidly because. He frankly needed a lot more money than the interest would replace. That should be quite frightening. In fact I'm gonna refer to something that I think many of you could look up if you wish. And it's in the web site that I have recently was reading. And it's from Forbes. And it's on -- address would be. Forums dot com. Forward slash sites. Forward slash ROB. Russell. And so this is rob Russell. And one of the things he was talking about was retirement income there's only really one right way to do it. And it's what we find is that many retirees and those that are soon to be retirees. What they'll end up saying. He has survey showed that the number one fear that people have his. They end their work career and they fear that fell outlive their money. And he indicates that few financial advisors -- money managers. Really know. What to do to address that problem head on. Just they sit there. And make rational and prudent steps to take care of it. So why is this a big issue well in com. Used to be pretty simple and straightforward in in. Former investment circles. People would use a balanced portfolio. Which often was considered to be according to his article stocks and bonds. In a 6040 split. And only withdrawing a reasonable amount of 4% a year to supplement her social security and your pension. Unfortunately. His findings were. That. That wasn't in a sense investment god gospel. And now it may be called investment lore. Because apparently the 6040 strategy. When extrapolated. And using a 4% withdrawal role. Proved to be quite an effective. And I am not sand -- dead could be dangerous. So this recent study and he takes this if you look up -- and his name is rob Russell at Forbes. Has. Comments are taken from a recent Morningstar study. And they recently underlined the fact that a portfolio. That was balanced. Was ill equipped to resolve the fear of today's retirees. And what was that fear again. Now living their money. So. A 4%. Initial real withdrawal rate. According to Morningstar and there are studies. Resulted in approximately. A 50%. Probability of success over a thirty year period. So essentially. You're just flipping a coin musing that strategy that you might go broken retirement. Go broken retirement let alone leave some. -- the family which most people have on the table. Now let's consider this point and -- pull back earned sixty years old now. My father was sub. 27 years older than I am I mean think about that actually he was 31 years older than nine. And when he started retirement. This entire thesis was based on taking out 8% a year that's now been cut back to 4%. And still. According to Morningstar at 4% using. Real. Back tested. Rates of return. On stocks and bonds at a 6040 split. About 50% of the people all have enough money to be retired -- for thirty years. That's a pretty tough. Pill to swallow. So why am I bringing this up now. That's what an annuity does the best that's the best part abusing an annuity because people tend to say how much money can I -- on them. Because. They're concerned about their number. And they're concerned about how much rest -- I have which you can completely. Make yourself feel a lot better using a fixed annuity if you weren't. That will protect your money. But the third -- says is where -- still playing. A casino game with how long your retirement money will last. The annuity will guarantee that return pre retirement money to be paid to you for your lifetime. Compliment is that they -- with a number of different avenues for access. If a person has a fixed annuity. And they decide they need to take money from the account. They can withdraw. In most cases 10% only account value every air. That would put the balance at rest of the to have that for liquidity if they -- it. And further there are two different way news. Where people commonly take money from their account on a systematic basis one would be to a -- ties the contract. And that sometimes. Is appropriate. But if they knew it ties a contract they give up the money. In return for a lifetime of payments. More recently since 2006. There -- new vehicles inside the annuities riders. Which are called income account value rioters. And those can provide a guaranteed lifetime stream of income. Even in -- indexed to inflation if you life. That would provide income to you throughout your lifetime with no rest of the money running down. So I invite any interviews that are listening today give us -- call and even if you do have an annuity. You might be able to find one that will perform better for him and if you had one for three years. Then we would consider protect potentially looking. For one that could outperform your current policy if akin to -- performance. We won't suggest you change that's for sure. But you can reach us at 91376889. We'll continue with this topic in a moment of fear and harass and then having money to spend throughout your life. I suggestion hang on for the next segment thank you so. Q let me. Welcome back. There were discussing. Today retirement planning strategies my name's Aaron -- And throughout the program we've giving you know listing of how to reach -- -- 913. 76889. He still found in the office. And I really encourage folks to a log into the website. If you're. Like to do so privately and that is safe. Money our acts dot com that's SA FEM. ONE YRX. Dot com. Intention was it would be a prescription for save money. So. We were just talking about in come from the annuities and that you can have a guaranteed stream of income. In some cases properly chosen you can index for future inflation if you like. Berrian arresting there are certain products that will index shoot for inflation against what's called the CP IU. Which is a more inclusive. Inflation factor than even the government uses when calculating Social Security. It's not limited to CP hi but the CPI you do well include. Food and fuel which. Astonishes people that inflation. Has reported by the government most likely does not include fuel prices. Heating prices. And food. That's sort of amazing his net. But that's a little bit of the mr. action we get out of Washington. On your retirement money we wanna emphasize this how important is it for you to have your money be safe. If you are in. -- leave mutual find or 401 today and you can't name what company that is. If you can name the company and you don't know what fund you have and what they do. How safe can that day I mean is that not just hoping. Is I mean is that not a lot like going down and put money on the roulette -- at least there your if you go blackened red you've got a half and half I guess. But the big thing here is that if you had a few birthdays. If your into your retirement years. If you're facing that in the next ten years. Ask yourself a question. Have you already won the game. Do you have enough money right now to handle all the rest of your retirement life. I'm asking you personally. Hero -- Radio waves here on the airwaves. Have you already enough. To take care of your needs in retirement. If that Ian -- asks. Why risk it. Why would you put your security at risk. If you have enough. I cannot point out enough people that it could walk in my office have walked in my office. In 2000 to 2002. And sometime in 2007. Or eight. Who had enough money to be retired comfortably. And then Feld is so their world was turned upside down. That they were happy right in the rollercoaster but they found out on the way down. Track -- so to speak. So don't crash with that. Not at least without giving some consideration. To the safety set aside and what you can do to guarantee. They'll have that money for a lifetime. For your income means. Any event for your players. So if you're near retirement should you risk that money are you better off that you guarantee the money that it's there for your means. For your retirement costs. For the end expects new expenses. Isn't that something that's worth considering is that not peace of mind. Now are you on the up on your own. Or you widowed. Do understand how your retirement funds are -- and arranged. Just. Blankly asking you do you know. Would you feel better if all your money with sell the Wall Street casino. Did you -- and another stock market decline. Reposition yourself we've just recently in recent months that new -- All time -- End. We are in at least a challenge political environment. Things are. Pretty much trade. Doesn't matter which side you stand on the issues right now. The chasm between the two sides is. Pretty appalling. From either appoint a via. Would you feel better if your money was out of that Wall Street casino. Continue handle that Strauss. And is there a better option. How about linking yourself to the upside of the market. When we have good market years. And if you can do that while at the same time. I'm linking yourself from the market when the market declines and if you understand this let's see. What you've done to protect yourself. And if you do not understand how the. So approach works. That's why were offering this advice on the radio station. My number is 91376. Say 8090 and we will be happy to confidentially speak with you about this. It is something that has to be understood its -- it in some cases I find that many people. Offer some of the some more products and services that I do. I'm often however told by the general public that I have done a much more understandable. Explanation. A comprehensive. And comprehensible. Explanation. That allows someone. To. Really get their hands around what I'm suggesting. So if you have enough should you risk it now please don't lose your advantage now on the other hand. If you do not have enough right now set aside you have not hit your goals. Do you stand best serve to be risking it. If you do and if you're knowledgeable about this and you have some special -- -- you spend a lot of time studying it. You may have that he may well be it's just depends on how you feel about it. And if you feel as though you'd like to have an opportunity to protect yourself. And keep what you have. That's the purpose of my service. To keep what you have and grow it carefully. Haven't linked to the markets so you have fine years and protect you so you never have less than a zero here. And let's go beyond that these days we can include. Packages. Which will automatically grow the money. Contractually guaranteed. Right now the menu looks like something between 3%. Guarantee and 4% guarantee in. To up to six and a half and -- seven and a half. Although. If you were talking to me privately I wouldn't recommend the one that's seven and a half and I'll be happy to explain why. In our conversation. There's a median range which actually first. And remember after 2000 people had won many -- -- won the market they were hot in that stock market. And they had had a run them went from ninety Ford in 99 starting really at a steep angle in 96. And two years later many of those same people have lost 25 to 47%. Of their money. Then. We had a period a time when 84 months in a -- the market went up. After the collapse of 2002002. The so called dot com bubble. We had a great run up in 2000 it peaked in 2007. Funny if you look at a real charge it had just crossed into higher territory then -- was in 2002. I'm sorry 2000. But starting in 2007. We had the sub prime mortgage mess and it was a roller coaster that started a long fast stride down. And it was not uncommon to see people lose by it too early part of 2009. 35 to 57%. Of what they had saved for retirement folks said does not work. When you're 5560. Or seventy years -- He may not have time to recover. And why I am broaching this today in Miami handing this onto the retired the side the retired quarter of my program. Is that we are once again. We hit a great high in the late 99 ended 2000. We had a terrible crash we had a great run I've -- to 2007. And a terrible crash and we just now have exceeded it again. We have reached a new high point would you like to take your ball. Quick to gaming go home. If you would. Bring your all over Walsh put it in a different court for you where you can't lose your money. We sure appreciate your time today. You can reach us at 91376. Saved 89 -- we're sure all the best that are doing by. In around me. When -- It's.