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Entrepreneur KC Radio 1.28.14

Jan 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and do -- got to visualize playing horrible and I'm very clear about the money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start up. College. Should plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur George Casey your voice more entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions ever made with your host Jason. Grill -- Kansas City and welcome to the -- governor Casey Shamir host Jason grills can be with you today how I hope everyone is doing well. And a great show today we're gonna have. For differing guests and we're gonna get to our first guest here in a few seconds are gonna had DJ did the CEO of light bridge in studio to talk to me about. Some interesting news and now I like to talk -- always about what's going on and mountaineers face and he's involved with -- on everything in the -- -- is a truth -- earlier in the entrepreneurs face it's exciting to have an in studio. -- second interview we will have. Kelly are row from. -- -- C actually has had a very successful career in the wireless industry and recently well not recently but. Started DK ventures with -- fire Robin who is one of my co founders and -- 11 -- to Kelly and Kelly is a partner and suck on one as well so. Where and have him talk about what's god got for aerospace how we get involved DK ventures. He really is a really bright guy and he's he's he's all about -- businesses forward subscription to talk to him about. Entrepreneurship. We will have mark miseries. Guys that I've known for her -- about at least ten years season. Good Italian guys -- retired from TU unfortunately it's KU but he still submit kind. He is the owner and founder owner of mastery story he's involved and they can't -- the -- Has had a real lynching story can dissolve their brand it was a family business and he's. He's made it into one of the most you know look Jerious jewelry stores in the United States and they do a lot of foreign type work as well so of -- -- and have him on the show I haven't. And among the area and it's good to talk to an entrepreneur who has. Always in the tech industry and he's he's very exciting I'm gonna have a great conversation in the third segments and -- finished the show today with. Bobby -- choose the new tech reporter for Casey business journal when Anderson the community. He is going to be writing stories on the tech entrepreneurial space in Kansas City for Casey business journal and our final segment. -- few housekeeping notes before it's a good old DJ did and the Kauffman Foundation. Who I work with and some capacities is sitting mute email today about there are Kaufman scholars intern program -- over there. And -- does -- know the communications team. Andy since -- -- -- -- out it's going to be a really cool program the leaders of the -- these scholars -- are launching a program do. This summer to -- to -- trained in town in youth with local local entrepreneurial businesses. The new start -- scholars Gergen seeks to place a hundred current conference dollars in scholar summer internships locally. TSE businesses workers applied by February 15. To offer internships and it. -- scholars dot org. Check this out guys will be its forty hour per week teens on internship program. Intended to provide students the opportunity to vote 21 century workplace skills cultivate and punch for our minds think contributed to cancer community so. Going to be a great program I know a lot of startups and entrepreneurs out there can -- -- did intern in this also deals with Kauffman Foundation which is always first class so. Thanks a barbed. Par for CNET over Marshall did the -- -- city communications. And one also mentioned too that the eighteenth seed business magazine will be having the rising stars event. -- February 6 at the box theatre at 5:30 PM a lot of great entrepreneurs will be honored. It at this and then it's you might have seen the cover boy air cool Slater who listen to shows me last week. I'm glad that he's on the Jason growth plan and doing covers noticed. But in all seriousness check out the rising star event page and go to this is Casey dot com -- tickets. And for more details on the can see rising stars. And it's with TC business on February 6 at the box theater 530 congrats to all those that if won the award and are doing great things and a Christian fissures on their John Stevens. Airports like Europe amongst others I was looking into -- that in 2010 integrate event. And agreed on -- so congratulations. Let's get into the show how we got about a good nine minutes a winner with DJ good -- are you. Good morning how are you doing good to see to us so. Great seated at Thea think big space we re connected there and you've been a busy man and you got some really exciting news to talk about what your company. -- -- We raise a little over two point one million dollars this is like bridge this is like bridge Coca first at all. That's crazy that's a lot of money for the Kansas City community right. We knew it was funny I I was told I would that would not happen for pre revenue company. Technology here in the midwest we did region -- from regional investors. And over. Proud of the fact we were looking on the coast but the we ended up doing it here regionally so it did happen in this region. Which is just which people -- can't happen but it did and that's amazing. The resources are here and I think as soon as -- we both witnessed over the last couple years. Then the ecosystem is growing and the investors are no different than the start -- men are more resources. Third -- smarter and figuring out how to collaborate to. To invest here locally numb I was just in a meeting. That's for pipeline right and they had people from the coast and one of the things they talked about was. You'll find tech and tech in Silicon Valley didn't you find in the midwest. But I and -- -- are things we try to move on -- and it's you know utilized because it's huge. And so we women born on -- tech work. Where distributed data -- what are you what's a yard DJ so we're really just engineers -- the getting all this money. I've always seems you faster than the I have to as well so I know we are distributed data storage we target enterprise level customers. So customers. That -- back and so we actually. We have 5000. Micro data centers throughout the nation. The gives us a more secure platform. Then is what is available on the market today so we compete from head to head with companies such as Amazon. Such as salas. Such is rackspace. Such as Microsoft. On the lacing his is that who we're M commerce solutions with most of those companies. To do some mobile partnership -- because of our cost production is below. All those companies we distinct. Data storage as a whole is a huge industry business and I mean -- -- -- multiple people full Forster one of them pretty -- -- will grow 800%. I'm in the next five years we're talking billions and billions of dollars yes 80% of that is an object storage and what is leveraged objects stored so object storage meeting that we put on Dropbox -- percent of -- -- these shows on my. Our sincere in my shows are on Dropbox. Until witnessed are using your your -- -- service is I guess but it did seem to me because honestly like. I don't this is this is pretty past my pager a lot of the stuff this data source tells us try to go to do -- -- I know it but it is utilized not it's. It's important especially with the amount of data that shared. Dana. I'm we've we're working with a lot of big data companies as they do -- Linux on there. On on the date of the comes in -- times with the data you don't know all of the questions are they ask you don't know the answers. So they -- a store that data well in the past it was very expensive historically we've given Marie small costs do it so that when. They meet two weeks later they can actually go back and use the original data. To run the additional elevates asked different questions again sensing data set. And so we're doing that for multiple on companies when did you us start kind of trying to raise money. This this two million dollar around two point one million students who yes actually a little oversubscribed so have made it I mean civil nicer -- You know there's always know we start working on my average about two years ago I remember you are rumors and it seems like it was just yesterday. Well it's I'm really just shows around since 2012. Yeah I don't know you I don't know while Jose and your great example is Al this is this ecosystem this community has grown up and there's so. Is that your show is expanded we've expanded we've limited and some guys most jaunty as most entrepreneurs do is most. Startups do you got a committed to what the market. -- -- me because it really comes down to you can -- a great idea but it can executing key Acela. No win nobody buys it then you really don't have company. Right right right what is the F -- -- -- city TD Tutsis in the -- sixty reacted towards. You know everything you do with life church busy design you've been active in health and a lot of other entrepreneurs and you're Europe's spokesman for overdoing here obviously. So I think you know I was just in in. Some moral and think -- gonna talk about culture. Yeah and one of the things he said was the author of the book. So that everybody has an idea but it takes a community to make an idea. Into reality and so without community you're just not unite and go anywhere everybody has ideas but it does take. A community other people to put in be invested whether that's money whether that's time whether that's just believing in yeah. And that along with it most successful companies. -- there's always going to be the figure and number I I guess I I am that person for my British but there isn't a lot of people not only. On how big my company is the team right now we have seven people and few engineers are on contract that are about to go full time. So. It just all sorts of we moved north from the space. So we've got a nice offices now. Fully furnished them and as the CEOs start a -- everything from column under Nesta who gonna computers. You pictures on the wall so long and now we're at. That's so fun now this -- and does this fund deceived. The the idea come to -- wish and come to reality. And but I candidate done it without these -- community. Were reaching across the nation reach across the world and without context I mean there's there are. Quite a few contacts -- being a great resource -- -- Connecting connecting us as well as a team. Two people throughout the nation throughout the world. And you got a lot of sales experience -- shall grow the company aren't they yes and then I mean that's what really makes is different we we Erica. Some in my relationships with carriers. And we get a gained access into facilities that no one else has them over 5000 micro data centers which actually is the the Internet of things evolve slum school to spot nest for 2.3 billion dollars while that device that was its considers Smart device but it really is a sensors that talks to the clout. And what doesn't what leverage does is where -- actually able to. Is close to the sensors in a commercial. Deployment as anyone is able to do right now closer than anyone in the market today. And so that's one of the things is. Distributed storage is our first product and that our products called arch I'm Melissa it's our platform and we've actually had many discussions -- many people. To put their equipment indoor facilities. On whether it's our quiver whether it's our equipment we mean Egypt. So I've been it was some. Really crazy ideas some really good idea so whether there is that's a hundred sites. Whether they need a thousand sites now more able to have deployed geographically diverse across the nation. Unbelievable so. So let's let -- get about a minute and a half tell me how we can connect with -- -- bridge first. Www. -- bridge Dina dot com and we ever knew and when you get caught up like you all I expect for you to take me to Cayman Islands with you. Ox or so or warm message near in -- one degree wind get out of that house and it's cold about a month. -- electorates data dot com yes indeed you are you are going down the south by in the -- and yes I am and tell me about without experiences like -- and what you expect yet this experience real quickly. Basically it was a place for a -- people from rackspace. From -- -- we just accepted into a program -- Let's hope a lot but that's one of the things are so many people down there sometime you know there was agenda. Probably not gonna -- how is almost go down there and just so cute in -- and and just accept who you run into. And there's so many different people down there are so. -- I'm -- got some. Pre play and so and I just say -- engine it says value NFL hopefully get a couple things I got a couple things -- really be just open to whatever is going on -- because there's so many things. Going on them. There really is I I don't eat a meal together this year -- last year was amazing on the go again next year but. You know congrats on your success DJ with some like bridge and what you -- for the -- community and we always love to have you on the radio show and guys check I would DJ is doing my -- data. -- -- yes sir. We'll be right back and Kouchner KC show think true listen -- for -- -- would mark Mazur is for mastery Stewart. Welcome back to -- -- KC show I'm your host Jason -- Thanks to listen to the show today you can find us online at cnbc.com. I'll list of all our podcasts or -- -- listen download those to be missing near her shows. You can also find me on Twitter at Jason grill and at entrepreneur Casey. Gonna go into the next interview today we have a different mind Kelly yar -- on the line from his office in Lee's summit and jealousy we get a manner Kelly how are you today. Kelly is a partner in DK ventures and we met through his partner and he came ventures Dave fire Hobson. About I it's a little bit over a year and a half ago. And Kelly is his company is one of the partners in sock when no one with me but I thought to have him on the line today. To talk about his background what he works in and out some of his ventures that he's involved with the DK venturesome Kelly. What you gotta tell our listeners a little bit about your background how you kind of get into the entrepreneurial space. -- about eighteen years ago I was working for. The company's debt was -- wireless. Agent for AT&T. Work for them for about five years. Worked my way up through maintenance and particular regional manager. And went to -- owner that the opportunity river rises I'd like to purchase some market. About a year and -- in my day. Upper management position in the opportunity here rose to purchase the incident market. And become a master agent for AT&T in the -- -- mark. We -- at least in May of 98. Stand -- proceeded to drove from forced the worst chief wish to source. And kiosk locations throughout the region state asks that we its stores in Jacksonville Florida. Kiosk and Wal-Mart are -- retail locations throughout -- during -- And and really just come on board little wireless movement that the right time. As we started into the wireless industry that wish. Two different carriers and older. It was regular Warren and southwestern bell mobile systems that -- -- As we all know southwestern -- changed -- several times come back all the way around to -- -- get. In the wireless script or was very good for very long term and term about. Ten years into -- recognize. That. All my eggs where in one basket so to speak and I need to start diversifying my portfolio. -- with my belief that funeral -- wirelessly not gonna last forever. -- that's when I met my partner in -- ventures -- fire Auburn. Who is one of the best partners -- -- ever had and everything he possesses skills for a that are not my strong points and vice ferocious. That he's he's kind of an operational. Management type guy isn't -- BA definitely has the organizational skill. But I lacked in certain areas. As well as just. -- I take a look at things very differently which is which is good I'm more. Failed and drive it and move forward they dislike school here's what it's gonna take to do that in the near the impact of those -- positions that are. So it's generate a tremendous fit. Guys unions. He had a company that sold two Bluetooth earpieces. Back in the wireless today. And I would take him and -- KL Parker would you under Bluetooth company. I can in addition to it just about everybody in the wireless industry across the country. And so we developed. A working relationship. That soon developed. And two I -- they've become run my retail operations for me. And he was my regional manager for. Three years and during those times we've explored to diversify and other companies that. Ideas presented. True true entrepreneurial story it sounds like Intel you know let's let's talk about that tell me about some of the the industry's New Year's Day offense. Have worked in after you've met up and after got a wireless industry. DK brick church like it had it's countered by him and myself and we start of that kind. Looked at several different companies we got involved -- early on Internet shortcut for a provided some funding for some of those. -- early on our success rate wasn't the greatest court for -- We knew we had -- Ourselves that is as strong right here guy. Foley hadn't found the right. The right areas where our partnership could benefit. And they were lunch afterward they. Are. Some of the businesses that grew out of that war -- new book. Back and pain -- should you care and what that is news. Specialized care using cold place or they're treated treat -- Back pain the pain in different types of pain with a noninvasive procedure. -- got introduced to -- doctors through a mutual. Partner we're Jewish mother business swift and he had developed this current treatment protocol. Used in the cold -- -- through his own practice. And state of the art taught about what was really like the option it is there let. What can help them develop their. And few if we can open our own franchise in duplicate process with a different. Right. And that's gone very well it's going well enough where we've been approached by other people about the opportunity to open -- new -- So last year we took upon the franchise proud of -- first franchise opportunities would renew the -- and senators. You guys are located in he was that correct. Correct are like shipped all -- trading offices and overwhelmed clerk we have. One -- chopped weren't wondered Tyler Texas. And wondered Lewis still cholera. And that's happened pretty quickly too because when I met you guys. You had in franchising yet I don't believe so. So you do you move fast and furious and also you've gotten involved with -- 11 which obviously were partners in that what is that experience been like for you for an entrepreneurial perspective. I think from their entrepreneurial side of things working with sought what do -- reaffirmed my belief. And a lot of people treated the processes that they get things -- -- and I I do believe that. But the people in the strategic relationships. That we built through shock and DK. I think that's what drives the company we have. All different skills Phillips skills such amongst a group and and each one on the list. Performer that specific role that helped take quick thought from an idea to. A profitable company in less than a year and that's. That's what's reaffirmed. My belief in the arch partners since. We can find the right people. To develop relationships where it and and use our previous context. Compatible those relationships for will be a lot quicker than ten. A new guy coming into the marketplace might be able to do and would -- we have taken that to a whole new level. Asset yeah a lot a lot of growth hopefully this year as well. Yet we are looking. Probably move the company into. -- Q a big business instead of just some the world tour and where as needed to work or what we can dedicate time 2014. We decided to. Jumping in with both feet and enroll if we can move could be able. In 20042. -- you know it's it's great to talk to you have a lot of experience. But that -- -- youth throughout the last few years to congrats on what you've dealt with DK ventures and obviously doing a lot of sales in -- your past life in the wireless industry. Guys I'd advise you to check out -- -- -- in use VA health dot com. And -- 101 dot com and Kelly I appreciate you coming on the show today and I'm sure I'll be seeing you down there in your warehouse and office sometime soon for -- on on body. Thanks for having me and thank all the kids for the community for help or thought what -- -- and -- -- We'll be right back on the entrepreneur KC show vigilance -- Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jason -- Thanks for joining me on the came easy business channel 43 segment today we have a good friend of mine in the studio who is a very successful business owner and a great Kansas City and we have mark mastery sitting Jimmy he is also a cement guy. The only Canadian dollar mark is that he's the defense so -- from Clark what's up man. The ceramic like those cancer were and then you like and so is there -- -- training -- really keep up their socks cut stance and styles so mark. Further for the greens one and -- you on the show us is we have a lot of tech entrepreneurs on here we have a lot of mobile type wireless communication type folks but. I think a lot of the times -- forget about the the small business owners that have grown the business with products and one not so. Tell our listeners -- about. Mazur restoring -- how you kind of grew into this industry. Well yeah I think Obama's success stores are you here today everything inside and get away from bricks and mortar -- week. We're so traditional bricks and mortar retail with of course we deeply in social media to. We are fourth generation. In the industry in my sister and I currently. Run the companies but. The -- business are about thirty years ago here in the states and my father started and in my mother helped. And slowly grew -- I took over in 1995. And then we continued growth. It tell -- a little about you guys started in where were your first locations. The first recent location was an Oak Park mall right now and so grew from there would see you grew from there now what now how that experience work is the most kind of aren't in vogue right now are they it's more the outside shopping. Areas. Well I think I think the whole luxury market has changed where most of population was shopping at an enclosed mall especially the larger regional malls. And that obviously has changed it's still very popular certain demographic but with regard -- higher luxury I think you're seeing that expanding. In more nontraditional silences. Yeah it totally has lost fifteen years I feel like even if it's cold -- people still. Enjoy the outside and you guys were in town center for awhile there right. Your entire -- only would for about twelve years. And then seven years ago we built a freestanding store at a 135 in a -- only would -- And we continue our relationship with Lee wouldn't we're very happy were so slowly growing around us. Growing around you tell me about kind of what kind of products she guys half. I don't I had enough time hey are we do we actually have a lot of time and and I think that yeah there's a lot of competition necessary. There's a lot of competition I think what's interesting about our about our industry about special -- is status is that I have a very difficult time categorizing ourselves because. We are service where retail fronts. Service clients all over the country all over the world. And it's not just what -- we have in the case in front of view I mean we have. You know we color concierge service -- we can do anything for anybody. And we can source anything in the world. So we really are not your traditional retailer. May not the one other thing to -- twos are background is jewelry making and manufacture so. -- you know I certainly can draw will make it so there's no limits to what we can do. Is that is that having that Italian back does that help from the citadel and yeah it it does help many times and our. Unbelievable on the craftsmanship in the design that they bring to the table still in this industry means a fashion industry so. You're seeing that their leaders and all those census. Anything that has past -- design elements and brings up an air sacks in a student did -- -- involves somehow or another. See you guys you guys do a lot of things that you're actual location decides so -- product is that tree evidence and a lot of things of the community. We we don't we do hold events in the story trying to always try to make it something different try to give everybody an excuse to come out and so yes. The design is the source -- laid out to have a little more to social atmosphere. And lots of room to have to mingle socialize. Have you grown accompanying in Kansas City. Well how we went actually at one time we were operating three stores in the city corner North Kansas City won in part of one. We would. And you are I didn't under the and we we are offering three stores and it got to a point where that. Luxury Klein tolls really changing and the Democrats who was changing and the the the product so we're offering were changing so we really saw that the malls the regional malls like that we're not our. Our push that that was not where we wanted to be. And we are seeing more demand on the talk to higher end more specific. Investments and jewelry and so we decided to pull back and just concentrate -- one location. That is -- because he got to make that decision I guess is any company is. You know with socks for instance we don't we have a lower price point as kind of an entry level but I have other friends who are starting. Clothes being aired T shirt or some of them are actually turning your George type stuff. But they are going for that top they're like a -- so one watch for 4000 dollars. Then I make 2500 dollars for whatever you know and if I wish. It's a different deal. But it it is -- stuff. Is there enough of that high end luxury and I guess she cities service people all over the United States in the world if you want bit. For a retail location I mean that's that's interesting to me and obviously in your story isn't what is probably in the most wealthy area in the area of this community. We're looking for we're always looking for new. Avenues. Of revenue so we're always looking -- ways to expand the business spoke we know that our window of client tells pretty small. Who understands what we do and you can actually afford what we do. Now we have we would -- Parcells we have something for everybody but we're not all things to all people you know there's a big decision. And we made the decision I mean that's that's -- we want and because we have to maintain a certain level of consistency. And you know it's no different then there. It in the mainstream look at Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes is a great volume -- -- but they have to maintain a certain level of consistency and when your pain. 151000 dollars for Mercedes you know -- -- getting you're getting you're not getting what. The 100000 dollar Mercedes test me so you know you've got to make you've got to decide where that cut office. And saying. We're talking a marked man Missouri's the owner of mastery -- -- jury and their location is. In the would Kansas 135 street. Mark what other -- you're involved but everything Kansas Siena we got involved in the America for a barbecue. Oh don't tell us about that experience I mean I know you you like doing things in Kansas City and -- you obviously have a great American royal party that a lot of customers have pride in Cuba. What what -- does that help you obviously to grow your business I have I believe this the city's -- relationships. It's relationships. You know that's more of day I like to go until things. Thinking that word we're going for the better get. Any relationships I mean networking that comes out of it is just the icing on the kick me yet you have to go into something like that very organically. I never I never draw an organizational support organization because of what I can get out of -- I wanna see what I can give to -- help them grow and give them value. Through my actions through my support. In the end you hope that you know some and did so I've noticed and somebody can reciprocate. That's itching to see because a lot of people -- It all the time -- they don't decide they wanna give back career part of the community I think anybody who's ever served on -- Porter director from nonprofit especially on non paying. Position knows who those people you know who the resonant builders are you know who's in their trying to. Reach out to it too. That specific group of people then and he's trying to markets and a group who's trying to come away with some things. Men and I think like -- and has to be very organic. -- -- You guys do a lot of advertising released I think you do I see you everywhere. How does that mean there's a lot of I had a meeting this morning with a woman knew. Missed trying to figure out how to market her her company I guess. In nowadays it's like he used to online sales to do online marketing. You prick marketing you mean so it's you guys have kind of -- a lot of different things and had some extremely beautiful pictures as well so how's that work for your company do you do you kind of work and all that stuff. I think I do and I I think the old saying is. I know 50% of -- advertising works I just don't know which 50%. Meant. When it comes to our demographic while we're looking at. We really have to have to see where our luxury client -- us and where. Our competition is and not just on the local level on it on a national level we look at who are. Who are like minded companies are -- around the country and see what they're doing well. And although digital is very big it's really the return on it is very small. The advantages that it's free. To an extent there's national news media right Daschle medium is all that's changing now that I just say look he's he's pretty much -- Pay to play -- most now with the businesses now. -- -- -- him to get the level of influence you want you deal you know I it's it's amazing to me when you look at some of these. Smaller companies also -- 101000 likes and you know. It's great to an extent and it's great for reach but at the end of the day. You can't qualify and who your reach. Mean and -- -- convert social exactly and and it's not measurable that's the best source -- people argue that yes it is measurable and you know sitting in a radio station notes -- measurable there. There return isn't in I think it's important that you're hitting. Your clientele and reminded them to be top of mind. In a lot of different avenues we -- is still bored so I believe in print still pretty. -- billboards I feel -- in your injured are huge so. They in my past life as a politician they're used to that out before ILR east and it's foreground bill or online will be his. People drive by every day and their way home that's realistic in my district and it people still remember that right. And and not many people do that anymore don't feel like his many people's used to be. Well it's it's an expensive -- you know and it's not something that as you learn with. We -- -- Dana and a bright but I learned of the campaign you don't it's not dole won and now you have to maintain it then you have to keep hitting that that message home. You just tired you are. Say -- you still have to keep going and in news about print TS still viable we think. Still viable I think hum we're very particular about where. Where are -- go with prince. We're also very particular about the image that's portrayed we to a full page ads. We worked with with some the national magazines as well and -- local -- into I really. Have like -- local guys are doing an end and the exposure that they give us to be able to really help them and and in return they give us a lot of exposure. -- -- itself. -- that you would see likening GQ and Esquire type magazine I mean user but these -- your mom and pop type that the right -- very well done that. So I appreciate that and yeah and that's what we look at -- we use national companies were using. Nationals Irish and that's why those ads look that way we've we make investment and that on purpose. So mark we get about a minute fifty left kinds. What you know what a foot of a man wants to buy a engagement ring does that process looks like and Mazur is. And until entrepreneurs out there the pressure that they are all their twenties a lot of them. So well which we know it. Should Baghdad be lucky enough to have that girl that he's going to propose on the -- are we talked about friends with hey have you come on man -- it's I've I've talked to you about it I -- to reach that point yet but this it's jeweler client non disclosure. I -- attorney to instill a confidence now and honestly if you're there where they start they just you know come in and we believe. We understand Albion purchases of a large purchase outside of somebody's. First car and eventually their first home this is another large purchase and it's a difficult decision American there's. There's a lot of comments out there in a lot of information misinformation out there too so we believe just like your doctor your turning needed jeweler -- you can trust and have some faith and and -- goes along with their relationship but we hold your hand through the whole thing we -- you know give us nine DO one at the one. Your counterpart once you know she likes a white metal. Elemental what your budget is what your budget is is is -- I don't know most guys. It's a little lower than brother female. The Eagles wanted to be they may go ahead and build the alleges that it's two months salary that's a good guideline is still and it's still -- -- because you want to become answer with what shirt standing in society is also so. You know after driving a 100000 dollar cars -- good 200 exceeded your girlfriend a thousand dollar ring. Very you want to be very commencement but that doesn't have to determine everything. Well mark -- pre. Should you come and it is a show of unit and your great friend and I appreciate your time today and congrats all the success with mastery sure. Thank you appreciate just we'll be right back and Geithner KC show thanks Phyllis. Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jason -- Back for the last segment today thinks who has seen the show everyone you can find all of our shows at -- -- -- dot team BZ dot com. You can also connect with me on Twitter at Jason grill and at entrepreneur Casey. -- also the FaceBook page which is entrepreneur Casey radio. Appreciate all of our guests coming on today we've we've talked to some great people in Kansas City and I'm very excited to have our. Finally yesterday. Had a member of the media. He is name is Bobby virtues the tech Telecom and entrepreneurship reporter at the -- business journal. And I wanted to have him on the show today to talk about kind of what his role as you know he's he's fairly new at the business journal I know most -- lot of people who are listening audience new Alison who has their -- A few years I believe and covered the tech scene and Bobby has been doing a great job and has sorry that he's an award winning multimedia journalist. And storyteller so bodies in -- -- volley -- -- Jason. Did you see it's a tell me about your background and how how would you how -- you get into journalism and and I know you educate you obviously but also about kind of how you got into this rule. Well I actually started out as a business. Business major and found that pretty interesting but eventually just. Don't kind of worked my way into writing and a then enjoyed my time with this -- staff the university daily Kansan. And it's just really just go on from there -- certainly serve writing for the university newspaper yeah and then you you graduated. And you into that you work for newspaper again yeah -- went into the onto a Harold I was there web editor and multimedia editor. That is a wide variety of stuff there and had some good success with some stories and and Kansas persons and will -- where you working on it. -- on to for leadership in technology -- kind of working at as a whole. When you do in the editing and when you're writing was it more -- more along those lines are totally different area is a totally different area was. Was -- on -- just about anything that would come on the desk -- Mostly politics actually Kansas politics Kansas legislature. Also arts entertainment stuff like that so there'd ever -- yeah. I learned though a lot from that job done and definitely think awareness where is Ottawa Kansas Ottawa is south of warns about when he miles OK -- very far left yeah most people think it's Canada first but that's a lot of emails that I had to respond to -- where actually. It's. Some confused Canadians so view on what were you actually -- I'm from which time OK so it's a trillion since Indians and Kansas do you so. Did you have any experience to Kansas City or is this your -- your first Newton Kansas City pretty much our first move in Kansas City has been great so far. All over the place really movement -- right now but. And met with a lot of great start ups and entrepreneurs and when did you start at the journal business journal it's been two months ago -- must feel like you've been there longer than that. I if you're right there -- Access is so tell me about like kinda how -- got connected and -- I kind of was this an application to apply for the tech reporter jarrah was it just these kind of fell in this. I kind of fell -- that I -- they approached me had some -- success with the Kansas press association awards and and they like miss stuff and I've always been interest in technology and and entrepreneurship as well so it was really great -- yeah and you kind of come and is now -- This area this ecosystem has been growing. I kinda get involved a little bit and at the beginning in if she doesn't love -- early 2012. And we've obviously seen a lot of changes. What is your experience been like first -- on its -- coming into Kansas City about in this entrepreneurship tech world. Well the first thing that struck me as really and a collaborative mindset of people everybody's working together but he's very open with their information. It's kind of a different perspective from me. Have resources that are so cooperative in -- so open with me it's it's a nice change pace. Well we take this like this forward and I kind of got involved in mainstream media really wasn't covering a lot of startups. Our entrepreneurs so when the business journals are doing it I thought it was huge. And then some of the other newspapers in town of one outer covering him more now as well some of the TV stations that. I just think you resistant underserved market place you know and and now you guys have like a full spread in this and in the business journals aren't. Yeah we have our and entrepreneurship section and yeah I have a believer in the second reporter with the the beat of entrepreneurship I think it's it's great that I have that prism and position that covers entrepreneurship and it's it's been a lot of fun. So do most your articles and today -- print version or -- online -- get online -- mostly online we do you have weekly print edition them and I cover. In that a lot of Telecom and tech news and and what -- what -- how does that process work. You know because you get it up a lot of and the seeming already hang on and about which articles we'll go on the web in which were on print because I think. From my perspective as someone that's worked in media relations and in the media I feel like. It is cool to have the lead story nowadays mr. sifford tech entrepreneur or entrepreneur of product but it is also old school. She into the print version you know did what we're on the CEOs and all the big business leaders read print version exactly and you have. Diversity of content of of. Audience. In that event. We would try to break our news on line first in the me. Attorney get a different spin on it for the print edition because that's obviously going to be coming out later and we're not going to be able to break as much news and current. So we tried it to come out of it with a different angle may be included tidbit of information that wasn't included on line. But we yes try to break the news online and disseminate that. What the what down. What -- the stories are you -- do you have you really enjoyed working on so far tells him about some of the the issues there are some of the people we've covered since you've been this journal. Well -- Very much enjoyed the recent pipeline events. -- I it -- -- was last week it was that experience like it's always a first class and I didn't go to -- what last year. It's black -- the kind of a more fun death. It as it was. Overwhelming I wasn't knowing I didn't know what to expect format but it was just a gorgeous event and had never been to them that when -- -- -- critical allowed just. Amazed I think that was the first building. The United States that make me like that that an air conditioning I heard other. About it but does he went to that it joining con -- surely could dress that lit up this kind of cool. Political address this this this half. We better on the show floor and on pipeline obviously has grown now and Kaufman is involved with pipeline and then on the city that was due humility Gunter is innocent absolutely. -- exit ritual -- feature Google fiber and friend of the show she's great great great man and mingle with tons of people suck him mcginnis there. Air from the sprint accelerator. And aspirin it's sort of snow on the I noticed you you did an article let them and about Kevin. What did you think of that state section was down there on Friday it had a few Beers and there -- Friday night. Early Friday night and Blake Miller from non from think -- Which is fund -- we like to talk about new ideas and whatnot but what did you think of the SpaceX and Jay Stevens the sporting Casey's face yeah -- to visit that's face once awhile so it. -- -- need to see the changes -- it's incredible and I'm -- honest. It's a great office. And it certainly would. Right for innovation right for collaboration saying you have that very open spaces and a lot of conference rooms also shuffle board -- both naval -- -- -- and that's -- isn't it good fit because he had his big corporation news. -- -- this innovation around with tech stars and they obviously have a -- more capital to put into their office space analyst heart and right -- now so our television we're gonna have a show lobby and march. Were gonna have some of the people who who have they've gone through they're starting to get through the accelerator awesome on the air -- air coast that with meanwhile have I think they're gonna have ten. People on their mobile health accelerator and it's not a beyoncé and -- will definitely continue to cover that. Another couple stories you've been you've been talking about it. Coffins foundation surveys you've done work on and sporting innovations didn't landing and -- into the Utah Jazz. You're you're getting a lot you doing a lot of detect and you. Do you like to cover will you cover pitched your editors. And certain stories about product entrepreneurs for instance to their kind of forgotten now yeah Charlotte suck guys yeah. As I heard you're -- vicious lies in where my my must classy saw -- -- It's your parents are both sides very good idea I mean is that ever cross your desk. It does occasionally I went to one million cups recently Iranian. Who's Tito was there have been thousands injured and never understood did you and -- -- very 51. Final one -- Great. It great product. Would definitely be interest in and it I honestly haven't come across him. That's well hopefully we'll change and actually cyclone was in the business journal with -- former colleague of yours did this on a fashion Friday though we they they have a a deal on their online where they talk about. -- fashion companies I guess that's cool that was that was our one little entrance and via. To the business journal -- media. Do we launch something you'll get we'll get together with you tell us how good -- so the so yes you you've been I mean how many stories you think you've written so far. In two months low probably. Around -- hundred -- so. I asked then it's been fast spend it's been fun though so the company wants to connect -- what types of things you looking for. With the story I mean when that we obviously had tons of press loses out on Everett -- for the press release I usually just. Build the relationship and then ran a couple -- -- you know one of Cuba since Isabel we're doing in our news that. I think what type -- things are the business journal find yourself looking for when covering attack. Source entrepreneur story. Oh we love to see job growth. Also it's if they're expanding into it. Different markets or just basically anything resembling growth and in some way of revenue growth. Also cover the fans and the bad stuff -- -- and as well you know when his job losses are when a company goes under but -- Love to see job growth information and if there in place and going into new areas or if there's -- a new idea if they picked up some new funding. Some. So he's Sampson really and -- analyses it's honest and she's -- landmarks. So like but now -- -- you know like. Start opening an office -- I mean and is it it's it's cool what it's like -- accelerator space but I mean it's not as important I'll feel like for an entrepreneur because as you know this whole community there's so many places. Where people can work out and have successful business and collaborate itself so I I never has sucked up whole new office sleepiness and other businesses would like. He moved to Kansas she seems there at Volvo order worth saying -- that's important that's great business news that's what you wanna hear from startups. I think as you say it's more about an interesting new collaborations new new products new. New funding for him the and so that's that's good to hear those the types of -- looking for because. Start of should be able to one of the reasons of one million shows of people communities insults me you in the in. Kind of you know know how to interact with the journalists especially on tech entrepreneur -- by these folks don't have any experience in marketing -- in media so yeah it is important. Yes if you send me an email and I don't respond to it it's not because I don't like curious thing is just because I have just a torrent of of information coming in to me via email stuff. I will give backs fronts it's -- he will end in and that's one of the things that people don't realize they forgot about that. When you work with your media. It's frustrating from the start -- -- his. Let's say you meet meet me at an event in Kansas City I have agreed to serve -- send you an idea you know respond. Well obviously you're busy and you know that can be you confront an article on it two months from now. You never know I served you know so I as -- entrepreneurs out there bill relations with the people in the media that's that's something I've only been so. So what we got about a minute left Bobbie we're talking about reverse -- -- kind of an entrepreneur a reporter for leaking a C business journal he's an award winning journalist. What kind of things are you excited about moving forward into the -- doesn't fourteen year. Definitely excited for this for an accelerator arm hoping to do some alternative story telling them that we gonna see if if these startups in its -- against -- second set and put it on fine so the idea I mean it gives you about. Two sentences I'd say so. Startups is something about back. And I know right and then work and now people find you on -- what did you find your stories and and how can interact with -- -- social media you can reach me at. Tech underscore Casey BJ or also -- Bob -- that's my personal account that you know between about. Sports and start -- entrepreneurship. On marital communications as well -- you know there -- a lot of Scranton Timonen is obviously there's and you gotta -- his style obviously guy's body is a classic dressed man and I think bodily needs some of these sites like unwarranted and I think you like K -- that's -- gonna say this so are shocked because your next game as it looks like -- who will win the big twelve in the share basketball's. Full -- it's great to see you making graphs and everything you're doing and keep in touch with his show and guys interact with body would every get a chance and circle around that thing slots. Thanks to listen -- the entrepreneur Casey showed today appreciate inequity on Twitter again that entrepreneur Casey and adjacent growth. Have a great week and we'll talk to since.