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The Radio Dish 1.12.13

Jan 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No we didn't. Small but yeah and plus my usual problem when you don't need a hero and yeah. Don't go and call will be taking your heroes in bombing to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order for leaking faucets -- brings water heaters and all your blowing me. -- -- -- -- -- An important part of planning -- care is no we have options and signature funerals take the mystery on the process owner -- boomer says pre planning is the -- and clean taken proactive approach to -- -- -- -- -- -- for your vehemently at the -- -- the -- your family members have confidence. They're doing for you we want them to do whether it's a nation or traditional preparation -- -- service here for freedom or in their own church may feel better knowing that this is what you and. Signature funerals dot com. How Darcy here and a fabulous and it this morning at the -- should be you know I just came back from my investment down. Gillian Smith and Christina -- and financial solutions and Kendrick a classic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. I like it is this statement and the man recorder -- that's too bad you know when you remember those days. A statement that I didn't understand listing investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those -- -- losses mean really less -- -- -- it out. You know exactly when I'm going through can do well in advance financial he'll be and they can help you to. Now at face to face quarterly review I understand all of my investments. We can retire. We -- and where my retirement income will be coming round. How much here you I think I mean Agassi them huddling in touch with them online financial pants down count tell -- and -- Securities offered through the securities company ink -- -- septic. It doesn't kill -- It's kind of leave -- dishes in the sink and dish about something. -- important to you. And now three chicks who think they ruled the roost it's the radio -- welcome to the radio dish. It is Darcy -- community heart Mary McKenna and you add their radio dishes dot com and we have these superb. Associate conductor with cancer he symphony who is with us on the line right now. And these are two of my favorite words -- demeanor. I edited it Arum. And Bergeron thank you that's what -- that's what I wanted to say every -- but what I was trying to get through my teeth and out. Of my mouth uncorked and he will see their -- that's the problem you get excited about a party to get excited about wind you get excited about a lot of different things. And it's it's nice to have her back with us. Hello ladies it's so good to talk you into good and happy new year. Near its review was well butchering your name and since our. OKU pageant flying colors supply. I was even practicing -- win on the EC in court that's that's a daughter son and I will tell you and it isn't mayor may not know. That many knows well -- so no one -- sewer so. Our let me in her own mind -- yeah well. What that this is perfect and I'm actually I'm actually sitting backstage right now. Backstage -- -- all at the conference center for the performing arts and next. Wednesday January 15 at 7 PM in the Kansas City symphony conducted -- I need is going to be presenting. The second concert in a period that we -- classics uncorked which is just. I I think the the most -- period that the complete plays in any in my in my humble opinion. And the title of this concert is the. -- that -- the concert. Featuring music from and inspired by Spain and the Spanish culture. Now that sounds great and will you have a temper neo served afterwards CIT know my one Bangladeshi Spanish mind. And you may have even have to translate that. -- I mean look you know yes so crackling court is I'd uncork the theory that we started. Last year and -- just got such wonderful feedback about it what it is it is. Casual concerts with great music if they happen. At an earlier start time at 7 PM middle of the week Wednesday it agreed to meet week diversion and night out after work. A way to a -- that kind of fend off the winter blues a little bit concerts are shorter in length they'll be about. And our from when you walked in the door to on the concert over. And afterwards. Afterwards with the price -- ticket 25 dollar ticket flat rate general nation with a -- your ticket. You get to come hang out a lot -- enjoy it freak -- wines champagne or. Predicts one Contra special thing Korea and hang out with your friends and I in the orchestra will come out in the lobby and spent time with everybody there to. It's just it's it's such a fun experience we love putting on these concerts and we just love the chance. Interact more closely with all the people who come out support and that's not to adapt to touch and actually one of the hallmarks of -- uncorked his. It's really. It is designed to beat. And intimate. Concert experience for everybody no matter what your experience with music -- is whether you go to on the concerts a year. Or you just curious about it the concert at the team. Spain protocol yes. And during the concert beat we keep delightful little bit -- York extras dressed down a little bit more are we encourage people to dress down. And I'm talking to the audience in between every keep giving you sort of yet any sort of a reader's digest -- guided to where the program to give everybody a little looked a little insider's look. So this would be a great introduction. For someone who hasn't. -- -- -- -- Absolutely yeah. Is that it is -- being hurt gateway -- these are did it because it is a great opportunity he'd never been to -- any war. Are curious. To try out may be a different type of content that you've never been to date is the perfect opportunity to stick it to little sneak. The little tasting and you know it's an hour long in the new. Get to socialize along -- it. And it's I I just I can't encourage people not to come come to the counter. And and -- to be looking at at some of the Spanish composers and music involved without. Yes absolutely so there a couple of Spanish composers like I mentioned -- may not be terribly familiar names because -- partly. The music of composers from Spain. Not all that widely spread but we have a piece by indicate an -- called on the beat it's been very. Tension with productive piece is another piece. By an anomaly in -- is it's called the Internet will come. Apple cart did me a -- so. Which is a kind. Spanish alcohol but obviously I'm throwing out all of these words. You don't remember these words it's a wedding debt and it's a wild and great against. All the cabinets and all sorts of other. All sorts of other energetic and fun percussion instrument. And then there's also lots of music that may be a little bit more familiar by not Spanish composers but composers were really. Inspired by Spain I think when we were inspired by the state but -- the concert. -- KeyCorp -- to preach you know at. -- -- -- And and yield all play people who did. French and with a little bit of German nick and he wrote that -- -- based on Spanish beans and it even more to go adapt our associate principal cellist. He's the Yang who is a phenomenal. Young child is going to be featured at the soul plane movement from. A cello concerto by mockery unique discount Italian that you actually lived and worked in Spain from the entire life so there's a little something. For everybody on the program. I think it sounds like it's going to be just if that is -- as you mentioned a great way to get involved if you've never done that it's before war. Absolutely can be and they don't let even whether you've gone the Sydney before or not. The concert has something for everybody and you know it's a perfect way for somebody to try applicants need to also if you're a veteran going to counter that the Kansas City symphony. It's a deeper way to experience. The Kansas City symphony cute experience music it's just a different perspective and we think one the people really enjoy and I do I wanna make sure. That I let people know how to get tickets you can logon to the Kansas City company's web site DP simply needs. Dot org and purchase tickets that way or you can call our box office. 816. Forest 71. 0400. Talked to the wonderful people that worked in our box office and they walked right up. This is absolutely going to be fabulous evening and even now I don't like -- in Korea. And I very rarely to -- Darcy size Pollyanna and other area I think an if -- they don't like Reid doesn't like them tiny hole I do I don't mind. To act on them but just another music's on their for the music he commuted for the whining you can be there for the -- area and I don't think. And the best part is it all comes in one package for only 25 dollar to get a phenomenal concert you get a free drink and you get. The chance to have a night out with some friends and the members of the Kansas City and. It's such a pleasure for you to join this year on a regular basis and I understand we were commenting on this -- a little bit before. We went on the air in regards to we talked TU a lot I think we've talked to Michael Stern wants but it's -- work or frank frank -- in the executive director and according to the marketing director. You two are actually fighting over who gets to do the interview. Well you know what there were some question as to how will work out my. -- scheduled to be able talked to you and it may have been and that frank -- executive director was going to do that -- but it says I can get go to law. Totally be done on radio yet so I I I managed I managed to send him off and I'm so glad to be talking to you all again. And once again in next Wednesday January 15 7 PM casual relaxed on. We hope the we hope we see everybody who's listening at -- all could join us for this wonderful -- Absolutely and Europe terrible life -- thank you so much airmen shot at -- time again it is classics uncorked on the fifteenth. And it sounds like a great night and think about going. Well maybe and I'm thinking about -- and a commercial break you start seeing indeed Mary -- of the approach to come. -- -- an intimate evening with the top selling instrumental musician a part time Sunday January 19 at the Kaufman center. And Kansas City symphonies -- series presents Kenny G. His easy style and smooth sounds will captivate completely ruined winning tickets -- teen -- to just 39 dollars but well now at least he -- he -- -- -- Sunday January -- -- -- center. Warm up the win tonight with any team and the Kansas City symphony this BC symphony dot org for details. Our lives -- made me uneasy moments from the birth of the child. Being able to fit into an old beard -- the best way to celebrate the moment in New -- That's what you're doing Julie substantially hand fashion -- tells story only to -- up. You're like this many moments pandora jewelry helps each month to shine and I really don't we have did you -- to -- it tells you story and reflects you personal style sessions onerous for directions and store hours go to. Already done -- Casey does come court palace -- 81650555. Tend. I'm a Georgia -- at heart that this is nothing like that it was flavor. CNBC com why. Working full time I had to really determined. How some random -- and I did -- healthy balance. Ransom was the first ever seen. But this experiences grant them in my adult. Being able to attend -- university what other adult. Meet the greatest difference. Aid plan them memorable for me. It's also. Opened up a lot more discussions with. This news terms that. Yeah. And I'm confident. That those discussions would never take place before. Sharing with us. To hear more Adrian story does it grant them dot edu slash. -- So he's tired began hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. Still suffering from mental -- it's nursing Blake -- I did call start pharmacy in the menorah medical center. Stewart helped me get ten teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that policy is and understand your options. -- recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from -- and wild -- and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that meet her unique needs hey we're not on the same. And neither is start pharmacy. It's time to get to have been yourself again upstart professional pharmacy find out what your options are for healthier you. Get this straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices. For information call 91334. Or 53800. That's 91334. Or 53800. Or go online at stark pharmacy dot com. Women all across America are falling in love with your skin again with him in house foundation and their minerals is the only foundation I would -- -- Surprisingly some women still have a drink yet that's -- -- -- now offering full -- risk free child that's right every woman calls right now can get risk free trial and a free -- peacemaker accent that is exclusive radio only offer call 1805031657. Is seen is that the very health foundation on its complete transformation. It isn't noticeable difference those -- really nice to have their minerals have the -- and that's our -- here to -- -- of different complexion. Famine now stands behind everything it's just a company and a product that is so full of integrity. It's my new best friend. Come out of find out how you can get your risk free trial of our award winning foundation and a Freeney gets -- -- don't miss this exclusive radio only offer call 1800. 50316571805031657. The radio dish three ladies in waiting. Waiting for the call from Letterman -- doctor ros and need money. Signals not god does -- please thank you and the door let's just be honest it is democracy in Indian Mary and you with the radio dish dot com. And our guest now is a friend of the radio dish. Mind strategic shopping dot com -- gal behind that who's saving you lots and lots of money we love saving money when we're shopping US marine Welsh and hit the. How you doing. I'm great I'm Daryn great it could be in the air I. Non English it's -- the new year and we wanna save money. And we have to grocery shopping we got to talk about shopping Smart saving big and -- that's what's Europe all of that out. It hit especially now I think into the -- -- electric that credit card on what that I. Hume and now and so we are looking for money. And that you know there are very few items and -- out of respect to that are flexible. Work -- and Mercury. You know approach it like he can you have to -- it. But if you're Smart about it and get -- budget. And you work that bracket and you -- aren't actually you really can't you know I mean. A lot of money it's like toward other -- expenses trying to catch up. Not only that you can eat healthy and nutritious Lee at the same time you don't have to sacrifice. Nutrition in order to have the money. That that is exactly it and that is why I love you know my key is shopping it around quite matching where you grabbed. In the mail from grace hopper and check out and high end all be allowed -- that's great pretty. I couldn't help. Can get them out Wal-Mart. And though it's a great -- to our past our time. They're great way to save time and that's where my shopping -- our local programs at your I mean that I'm immaculate chipmaker are in Tokyo. And made you know how to -- match slipped up right there and saved. -- immediately actually checked out to. You -- that the perfectly. Around 40% so you know the biggest near declaration is saved money lately. OK so what is it. Average savings you -- produce 40%. Credit around forty put my percent and the average and then the entire cart like an entire group. Carpal it would be am 30% -- -- right smack a hundred dollar with the groceries which you know I have -- -- six so that ED I usually don't elect. About thirty dollars per 100 dollars. So let's go back. Each week. Each week that's and that's amazing. Is -- I think so many of us think that it's not convenient to be able to do this you have made it so easy for everybody to be able to to go on eating your web site. Or should mention mobile to to figure this whole thing I love that aspect. Yep well -- and lack a hate each Nikita shopping church here I just which Turkish you might strategic shopping at say the web site is designed around my. Members he's back in the lap she hears what they really wanted to make it even more acute being or has. -- -- -- -- -- You can create your shopper profiles are only there -- specific stores that you all right -- -- our. -- its mobile market and shop with your -- -- Internet arm you know it's just a very easy. And being late each patient wait and what I love about it consists -- Saving many tank we've got a handful of part one we can save that amount and then next week we're. Chart summit where each week -- stayed about the same amount of money which is wonderful. Are people who -- it and depend on the saving. You know we -- that we. And you do this just out of the kindness of your heart right it's free right product street right. Now -- tell you feel that -- thinks. You know I did Arabic teacher art. Doing it like come from a lot online at teachers I do I really want people but it'd membership base the first four weeks -- And that after that it's at about 25 per week you get a list he basically can't directly aren't we but it list. At a dinner they use an hour to 30% to what I -- like -- like -- -- Is that the arm rest or calculate your meeting export and want to that making it right at the bottom Saturday how much space. How much he can and they were the regional right and into eight and you know get being amateurs meeting like that Alec eyes. You know payment for outlet. And we've talked a lot about how much percentage wise that people can save. What are people actually spending per month on food for May be a family for a family of six like yourself. Mean wit like on average are. Price matching or not quite. I'd I'd like to compare their guests. What people are are actually paying without price matching and and then add let's put a dollar amount that. You know I guess I have I have not seen the latest figures. Are what the average. It and being I want to say it's Iran are -- are they. 900 I don't quote that. But you know I think it because. And it -- a lot of people happy allergy issues coming up. Did gluten free and Iran and and the peanut allergy and things like that electing a lot and we are happy and that's. Even in the background of being careful and watching expenditures itself and in the budget I've just been a lot on how. You can eat gluten free and build it up. Affordable. After the in the program that can bring people in the -- special right there you -- about opera I mean -- credit. What are you at a -- -- eating your priority. You're eating healthy -- also a lot. The unconventional. Manufactured put out. Gluten free products you know that -- yeah it was injured right checked in and things like that. Even if you have a special bank earnings were so many cameras are coming up on. There Italy to eight -- that just by being very carefully in an. Do you note I have. I noticed on your website that you have a list of all the policies of all the participating stores. If they wanna play nice in the sand box or not. Well absolutely because we get started at 8 or am I went I actually like ten point program. I'd argue that what might wanna teach teach people how to -- -- regardless what aspect they wanted to really -- so I start I actually. And then I go to Ku. Get a cute I'm buying -- and we're minding your start. All the way to by keeping you -- -- in knowing our policies because you know that's very important act and restored light. It's you don't understand that at ten for ten dollars -- It's not required by the and I don't you leaving money because you're you're thinking I. Yeah I want nature may act at their anger at the will be novel that -- and restore our. Every local stores. They'll circular each week right there at their figured it -- reached. Resource for anyone want statement urging ready or not. It's on -- not -- I I like cigarettes opera like it or keep -- quirky. -- with just ten for ten months after only any use one in the next three months they just wasted money. Right. In Matt and I are great I think -- the technically. Are seeming far away are around you thousand dollars a year. In and we did not estimate oil on things like that so that another -- Egypt really are all. About. Making sure now you know. You know acting well organized in your entry but things are going to inspire -- -- overshot like in Munich and -- at Bangkok yeah. That that love to get it upright acting at all concerning sales are great respect and I get and your right knee and the quantity that your. You know -- didn't concede -- averaged eight. -- -- our -- issues with my strategic shopping. Case I apologize it's my strategic shopping dot com. -- little bit more about that. The only seal a circular -- -- out all these ticket sales we always think that this is the time to stock up and you talk a little bit and one of the points here that the marketing things that go up there. Just because they're sane that's the best deal in the world doesn't mean that's the case. What exactly you know I think people are shocked when I'm in my classes right -- That coupons and that they'll regulars are advertised. You know it's not the metal act on the part of the -- right up -- ERR I. The what you have to do you have to educate your what. -- it is really part of -- -- like a cat in the net. Sales circular and so when I meet my price match grocery list -- my member I put any percentage at eating. To show you be on Wal-Mart retail price show you exactly how much power that mail it and hat. And don't eat eat something that is -- 10% -- you're probably not great but it CE thirty or for that I mean now I'm. You know it's kind of disgusting you were talking about it how much we waste food wise I've gotten to the point now I go to the salad bar -- -- it's inexpensive way to buy -- but. If we feel like a salad that night I'm by lettuce for that night I have thrown away so he won't bag -- to -- -- it's criminal the criminal. So in in the long run I'm saving money Lisa that's what I'm telling me so. A -- stuck it up and -- -- right. Yeah anything could keep me from buy and that gallon jar of olives and next time I go to stamps god bless you know yeah. We just got to drink Martinis like. -- Seen in Canada where if you -- that absolutely after Earnhardt. My strategic shopping dot com marine Welsh has been our guest -- thank you for helping to save money as we enter this new year. I'm I'm I'm gonna save us money so thank you if you consider our. Guarding the entity that might -- my Chichi shopping at Ali enjoy coming on these -- -- it out there are -- mark I appreciate it. Well you're always welcome here especially with that martini -- So much if not I'll. Darcy Mindy -- used the radio dish dot com we're gonna go cooler monies go to the salad bar in just a few minutes so stick around here three he's consensus. Spent an intimate evening with the top selling instrumental musician of all time Sunday January 19 at the Kaufman center. In Kansas City symphonies -- series presents Kenny G. His easy style and smooth sounds will captivate completely -- -- Tickets for Kenny g.'s started just 39 dollars and the -- he -- Stephanopoulos. Sunday January 19 Arctic Kauffman center. Warm up the win tonight with any team and the Kansas City symphony this BC symphony dot org for details. Are seeing the mop -- -- a lot of copies to run through it does take. One the not like it has every product you need to clean your home your best you could argue everything from -- and -- -- -- care chemicals and equipment quality -- will dusters. Can't -- disinfectant and advertisers. Arctic -- equipment and cleaners pet stains and -- dirty or staying out all just a micro fiber products not buckets extension people's natural element to -- care took stammering -- paper products vacuums trash can liners. -- have -- what floor care products commercial window cleaning equipment. For a machine pats cleaners go to control squeegee extension balls scrapers Amber's web -- explored machines and tools you just by the time -- that there's a whole lot more you think about. The month -- make clean up a lot easier check out 812 armour road in North Kansas City they're easy to find. Some -- quality cleaning products for quality results little store. Lots of cleaning staff. -- if you're getting closer to retirement. I have an important question is -- retirement income on track. Dave Thompson a featured contributor for Fox Business will -- how to keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime in chemistry and find out more online -- Dave Thomson dot net that's Dave Thompson dot net and be -- analysts and today 930 Friday mornings on the KN BC business channel 1660 AM so. He's tired began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. Still suffering from an upon us it's our state like -- I did call start pharmacy in the -- medical center. Stocks helped me get ten teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that policy is. And understand your options. Stock recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from sewing and wild -- and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that meet her unique needs and we're not on the same. And neither is start pharmacy. 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Instead let's provides powerful and effective joint relief for your knees hands and even your hips. Proving to yourself by calling now for your complimentary sample. It's a -- is available at GMC Walgreens and vitamin shop we can only do you complementary to each sample by calling 180608996. Call now for your two week is -- sample 180608996. Marty -- -- the name sounds familiar she's been with us before friend here at the radio dish dot com and shadow buddies. Is her claim to fame and she joins us on the phone now -- Marty how have you Billy talked in a long time. Well -- -- -- -- -- an ion dealing -- -- and and a meeting here I'm doing good and think again -- have any act of -- -- we love to have you back I knew you were busy over the holidays you can do to toy drives and other things now -- in the new year you're. Of course there's never time for you to stop and I know that if people are just joining us I'm Phyllis and a little bit about shadow buddies and the foundation and how you guys came about out. Well I started chat about eternity on my own personal interest I had -- -- who was born that your. With deadline -- not -- he acts -- you take your hand and start your heart in everything all the way out from your colon and kidney. Everything that eager not to former formed right or it was you know Jeff. Didn't -- -- delegates in on the way it's he was the young man that he would spark Brad that was -- by accountants. L after having it at -- coming home from school he can't you know mom I wish I had a grand that was just like me. Erica time I -- checking out breeding ground it and I think I'd really made me be able to relate to act. He was talking about for so many kids go back and have surgery and procedures are mom and -- can always come. So we created IP China buddies. How about -- can relate to Batman. Oh yeah it's an enemy injure me an option journey Ian you know -- joined the apple and sheer heat turned on -- -- -- -- every out being become quilts are well. Now what has he started out with a one dollar you how many condition specific. Ones do you have now. We have to when he buddies now on our general ban we have request error every year CUNY. -- -- ID four. Hospitals and we basically will go -- -- on their leader what parents are doctors schoolwork. You know what what what whatever we can do to help these cells we start of a heart -- you know we need a little body. Our kids looking at oncology at the court by the end -- and regular date territories Korea ID cards. Our party because in the very beginning for nine years out and -- needs now. It skipped training ground any ultra -- ethnic and something that I never dreamed. -- -- -- it may mean. So personal lives are -- Attic can become such a big organization in -- national worldwide international. I remember when -- -- the cost -- -- and and they presented a remedy what's happened really fast I wanna say thank you for Bradley asked me but my mom headline when she went for surgery. She -- occurs and with her. And the doctors and the nurses down in Phoenix at the time had never seen these and they were amazed client. And she would let them keep -- they wanted to you can she said no I'm bring him back. Behind me telling me let me and I think -- tell people that at our plants and starting argumentation and doing what we do to help her I comforting compassionate act comfort had -- -- one. Now not only do we all pediatrics and children and -- and -- mom parity means that we help as many seniors and that tilts. And leading children -- I think are true like at. You know they're trying to highlight -- -- a body and my -- and now it's just an honor our children and adults as well. Many have tiny buddies. How many countries have you been able to send to these buddies out to. We are down eighteen different countries are related concretely added that Turkey. And its shots. I am calling to get -- I'll call and you know they are trying to grab it's I don't think -- right education and compassion and then. -- -- makes me feel really I think sometimes we are the best kept secret of what we -- for. Yeah providing at and milk costs beats Italy and organizations and -- implantable and I think that's a big part -- -- It's just something visually and make it to crack at cor aren't what an -- he wants it on that has become yours or like time itself. It's it's early and a privilege to meet its -- a look at all the things we've done in the past years and warned the media we can't and 2014. -- Get to ninety that's our twenty countries have a beyond them. Thank you mentioned earlier that your son has joined you at the age of 26. What does that mean TU and for him to be able to join this mission that you really embarked on because attempt. How does that feel for him to be a part of it now. In nineteen -- -- I think he'd -- on in nineteen he would now. So proud to be part of that I now at mom and you know when he was sick and we never expected to make it as strong and out of lax and grow entry man and and -- be able to accomplish things act I'm not really shirt. That he still gets. He gets a whole picture. He's so -- that. It's not it's not about -- that out of helping other people and I think he is still. Think all of that he has here he can be. And he would come full circle where he states he acts hopefully ten years from now on what I'll be -- -- nine and here at. I'm told him the way it's it's late exceed that he can can you are and -- You know you'll see it it'll be here we are permanent and that's -- angle as acts. I wanna continue right he he he is a perfect urged to succeed. Lott and -- He learned a lot -- a lot calmer and eat it and that's entry comes from. Well pretty amazing eighteen years and going strong and I know that the and it Phyllis got behind you and helped with a fundraising just recently the chiefs and the raiders you know -- so Oakland at coliseum he had big fund raiser out there as well hopefully. He did very very well with that. I you know we had a conversation on this program couple weeks ago. A bounce on taking our children to the emergency room right you don't happen to have that somebody -- small buddy strapped into a -- boosting -- -- feel like a little chat I mean you only have to. He had a -- emergency everybody where. That they write an ambulance but it can't have any money there on all the talking Matt -- we've really cute try to. Should be there it can help as many of these kids out. Yeah that's I think I need to do it al-Qaeda is just to make it bigger present -- Arab community because. -- that we get a lot of attention outside our area and that's internally because I really want people ultimately your -- Properties we want our kicking -- -- out we maybe got a great -- I need a little podium. At the order. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I -- not ranks attacking kind of look at the number -- at the end of the year were sitting here you attribute your honor record get ready for. Next you're moving forward on our program and I think -- now over 960. Album he's. -- -- -- Never. Can I'll never forget executives are I was wanted to do part time and -- -- -- something not only mild to keep kids here there. You know once you get started it's like -- stopped and 960 apple -- would be celebrating in 2014 children in and -- that's sneaking me like -- well yeah. I really look for particularly because -- about. Reaching out to -- I mean. -- comfort and different little hello mom and has now that it's okay me and that it's going to be obviously now everybody stories I weak economy and now black and now that are not alone or other people in town. Absolutely beautiful thing thank you so much it's party post -- the shadow buddies dot org is the website to donate thank you so much for being a guest of the reasons dot com. So he's tired began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. Still suffering from menopause it's nursing Blake do what I did call start pharmacy in the -- medical center. Stewart helped me get ten teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what the policy has. And I understand your options. 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Dave Thompson a featured contributor for Fox Business will show -- how to keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime in chemistry and find out more online at Dave Thomson dot net that's Dave Thompson dot net and be -- analysts and today at 930 Friday -- on the KN BC business channel 1660. AM -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a European -- we've given -- amounts needed makeovers we believe that feeling gorgeous looking fan isn't just the privileged. It's for every one who wants to block the smoothest sexiest in whenever you wanted. And that's when we stand by our words we say why taxing Ferraro for both women and men. Our doorsteps to gorgeous claims protect your wax on rejuvenate -- -- this mood glowing sexy skin you want. And European -- center of the world's -- experts we've been doing this nationwide since 1975. We perfected -- from our impeccable treatment rooms to the polished professionals are black specialist. You'll be in great hands. What did you -- in and struck out with an incredible feeling that only the smoother skin can give you. European -- and for like -- waxing at prices that won't make you raise an eyebrow. Yourself for a little pampering and European black center in Santa Rosa and in Hollywood. It's so radio station. But I. This is like -- comic -- but that it. And welcome back to the radio dish dot com I have lived up to my 2014. Resolution I believe I did at one time one of the many that I haven't broken as yet. I would get a some new music -- -- show in 2014. So there you have it there's there's an example of for a how I wish my days. At least some of his busy all the time it's Crist number and it's time for the Hollywood -- The biggest names in Hollywood all the gossip and the story you won't hear anywhere. This week's Hollywood can play -- this could hurt -- its own. After the other or at least it seems that way the when we saw the other night although I didn't watch it that -- Incredible -- after a number that bullet is fifty. She looks amazing. But remember that this is voted on by people of all ages and it'll have a career -- your continually Americans. Favorite movie star America's favorite comedic actress dramatic actress category she won and she won the favorite movie you will award. I'm along with her costar from gravity George Clooney we also saw Ellen DeGeneres favorite daytime talk show host she missed her fourteenth people's choice award. She she deserves it when we first set out to do the radio dish. I kid you not we put down our. Our vision board if you will and what we attempted to what we wanted to do what what our goals work. And I had the top was to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show and that has not happened yet have a. And you have to update you the main thing and remember the season she is going to be the host of the Oscars. The Oscar poster has been released and it looks fantastic actually better than what they did accept that are closer last year but it. She's on the poster again and its -- background and she's in a tuxedo. She looks awesome so I think it's going to be a fun show and we'll get more insights on the nominations are announced next. Love her Lindsay Lohan is looking for her laptop. Even if she sure is get -- got talent. When she was on a trip to Shanghai at the airport. But here here's the interesting thing they have been able to gain access at laptop. Her Twitter account they also have let her know that it got. Naked photos of her shock I respondents would be just how everyone from Woody Allen Lee got. You know they should auction it off somebody teams he would -- it. Well supposedly they are demanding money exchange -- -- laptop. Remember here's the thing they get it laptop you can bet that their back up to get all of those photos and everything else can't cool windy Hollywood Ling report with a little bit of cheating. Right around Christmas time it was a league season. Rumor mill going around -- seen it hermit I cheated on Tori Spelling while -- in Canada promoting his new show -- Canada yeah. The posting the Food Network show. And we have to go back a few years because if you remember this is how they got together they were married to two different people. We did a movie together add -- that they -- Of course there -- spouses that are not too thrilled about this and so it's almost sort of like what comes around goes around at this point. Tori and dean are married they have market very young kids a lot in succession. No matter how it started or whatever else never wanna get -- -- a lot of its car. But unfortunately it seems that -- -- are separated -- Smith to a new home in Los Angeles she's trying to put on a brave -- but she's already lost a lot of weight stressed. So we'll see what happens here because it's hard to work through cheating. Issues in everything else. And it's hard to be funny with an entirely new ensemble -- Saturday Night Live well it's not entirely new but their most recent hire. Catch a lot of headlines. Yeah you know I almost feel like -- is historic diseased or higher was done by force because people kept pointing out. It did a couple things at Americans cast her name is. She is dear the mop up. Now here's the interesting thing they have not had other female black comedian on the show and higher up in 2007. So. Look I've got fourteen -- street department. There meeting to a place -- -- They've also added she -- black writers -- the -- so email as well. They're hoping to -- a little bit more diversity with all of that but it's unfortunate that it called out in order action. And I hope they get to be funny again and it's not because Jason Sudeikis is from Kansas City you know we're so proud of him but has since he left and cash can't think of the other. That comedian's name or comp comedic actor he's doing the T-Mobile commercials right now a lot of them were writers. For the show as well. It's not funny now. Correct and -- and that -- Show actually writes for the -- they are writing staff no matter what but. 81 of those things that when you have so many people meet and ends on many new people on the show it's rebuilding its gonna take a couple seasons unfortunately we actually patiently districts for the cast and the writers collectively to find new. It's -- we appreciate the information has always next week we're talking Oscars right. We -- is the Oscar nominations will be in the theater. The -- not yet. Haven't seen the movie yet but I predict that Osage county will have a lot of nominations. I think it will I have to say not my game of the season but I am going to at least predicted Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts -- -- what is your favorite. Might even this year out is between American hospital and twelve years displayed. I have to say at a lot more fun with American -- obviously is very difficult to watch. But it's an incredible performance is a difficult story to tell cannot play of Michael -- for taking on several. The most evil man ever is. If it was a great performance. Haven't had the opportunity I have seen American -- which gives a whole new meaning to comb over. We appreciate it and we'll talk to -- next week -- Hollywood. And that's the Hollywood laying with Chris convert on the radio -- And it's time for the dirty dishes brought to you by the mop bucket and a twelve -- road in North Kansas City. If you got -- he got to get liquid aligning gets down to the panda gets out of the stained you don't have that messed. The owner go to the mop bucket dot com. So this is a pretty cool. List it was put together by the editors that -- mom. Log dot com I guess that's how you would give their address anyway it's that ten things that every kid should experience before. They turned ten Martins by this time they should've had a pet that pet fish pet bird. As long as mom and dad. Realize that they're going to be the ones taking care -- it it reminds the child that he or she doesn't always have to be the center of attention to earn money -- please yes I don't I think that number one absolutely. Let's aren't -- entitled addicts and learn what comes from room and goes to take a trip to Disney. Everybody's got a good sneak in joint then aspect to dialysis when she was four and she doesn't remember what -- liked it to -- can only. Now I can just have been lacking answer. Tennis I think in the worlds of fun and that's disclosed and what he's a candidate -- to Yellowstone typical places in UK. Go back go camping group absolutely IE did that once in college so I didn't make the -- quite. -- -- -- A sleepover with friends you gotta do that. And and give back to the community probably one of the most important ones on this list my favorite is still on the road trip that's what we did. We know it's an amateur it's short short or tips on her trips. Mean Michael -- who turned too -- four days later road trip to Minnesota. We had just potty trained. That's good that -- -- an accident I'm telling him an excellent thanks. -- be part of a team. That's important girls guys that matters to -- that kind of team that networking and how you can work together -- you know the last on this list that I get really can be won it's that's up front is is still disappointed. You know you've got to realize that life is knowing is the bullets series the pits are going to be there things -- -- anyway you mean you gonna see them stopping their foot on the floor and then hissy fit. And then learn that they can't do that yeah that's exactly it and attacked us in the next thing about political correctness. And a BDC yeah. New survey came out survey says more than 63% of people responded to this said they'd rather work in a political mind field. In an office that's politically correct. I'm surprised it's not higher. I really am at home because of being politically correct -- not saying anything because the person next to them. Would disagree that's right sixty you're presented a rather work with someone who does too little leaving them -- able to do. And with someone who takes over whole project in two out of five student -- right by having to watch their mouth. And avoid defending their coworkers twice my biggest. That doesn't have a -- does now my speech is having to watch the videos. -- have to know what not to say one not the sensitivities -- oh yeah no kidding four out of five would rather work with someone dumber than they aren't. So rather than someone that you know takes the credit for everything -- about two. Editor and I like Britain Simmons and his amendment Smart that's and that's where -- -- and when you're with me it's like you're Rhodes yeah. Well we are two -- and one Brunette -- saying -- news stay out of that conversation answer right. Very -- I think our guests Tuesday for joining us on the radio it is always great Arum. From the Kansas City symphony thank you marine -- and of course -- consulate. And be sure to like us on face that pick apart heartache about a this question every week and we will see you next week here at the -- -- -- They're provided by Robert McCain. Now with a new lady looks a lot in Westport and and on radio.

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