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Retirement Planning Strategies 1.21.14

Jan 21, 2014|

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    we'd like to invite to stay with us this hour word during retirement planning strategies. My name is that are -- and you can reach me anytime at 91376889. We office and always -- just talk fire 35 on Santa Fe. As the east on -- FAR Merlin road. What are our show is about it is we work with view and try to give you some ideas. That could help you. In planning for retirement. Because some retirement planning is really all about having the funds available to. He use them and retirement for income purposes. As she won't have most
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    remembered give us a call 9137688090. We'll continue with our tax and retirement planning strategy. In just a few moments. Thank you. Yes I can suddenly. Yes I cannot. Gee I'm afraid. I can see me. Welcome back to Suzanne Arlington. You're listening to retirement planning strategies. On 166 CA MT MBC's business channel. And work currently talking about what steps the person should take in the mid

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The information and opinions expressed on the following -- commercial programming are those of the hosts and their guests and do not necessarily reflect those of this station. In around me. When -- All. Yeah. Now there. You're bad. And -- of the program my name is so we're guard -- you've tuned in to retirement planning strategies were hero and KM BC's business channel 1660. AM. And -- -- monologue community the program. Our. Our program basically just talk about various strategies that you can -- news. There can be recommend a ball to you so that you could. Take charge. Having a fruitful retirement. And there are a lot of different issues that come up in these regards and follow Paul referenced want to start out. In a moment that I wanted to say that we all addressed several other issues some of the forward segment so we'll have on our program. And weeks to come this time. Going to have gone someone to speak to you about a local clubs that a lot of you might want to take advantage of and it's called. The Kansas City ski club. Kind of an odd thing to bring out there it's a group of mature people here in the area. For the most part it's people that are enjoying going out as a group with others here in the city in -- we're gonna welcome Nancy Cochran. Who's the president of the club never come on and talk about some of the benefits and some other points and enjoyment to come there. We've had some it's a lot of time -- on the trips I've been for years and it's it's great to meet people and get out and exercise and it's cost effective. Always see Colorado. And cost effectiveness is so important today if you don't wanna spend a lot of money that don't -- otherwise in retirement. We also -- welcoming Bob -- on he's the president of canopy. Can PK EC dot com here in Kansas City. He will talk about some of the impact it's. Going on in our local business culture and with. People here in town that owned small businesses and even individuals. As to how the affordable health care act is so actually. Affecting. The decisions that they'll make this year on how to use their budgets more effectively and what options you have. As you plan. To take care of one of those. Real liability issue face in. You're lifetime and that to be the cost. An expense of health care. Primarily paying for the doctor and hospital when you need their services. And he can come in and give us some feedback Kilby aren't in the near future in -- and Entrust last week. Where apparently I did my basic -- for though than a month end. Carried on about health care and maybe some of the problems that that I'm seeing my clients and businesses experience. And I wanted to point out that we had -- fourteen total calls. That applied to the health care. -- more antenna went on last week we had actually thirteen people call in eleven of them. I made appointments. Two. Two. Talk to us about things that we can do to protect them etc. and we did have somebody Colin that was quite disappointed literally. With my opinion. Although I didn't get speak to the individual. One on one I still invite everyone to call with any of your issues that 913. 7688090. We did hit a nerve with health care last week and it seems like a lot of people are pretty scared about it. And then of course I well make note that at one gentleman called and thought it wasn't. Appropriate to be so negative about health care cuts the best I can summarize at this point. Now our. Web site which we recommend everyone Unisys called safe and that's SA FE safe money stock car. How that's another point I get on some phone calls apparently people think and saying save you. And I am saying is safe so we'll have to mark set off to my pronunciation. We wanted to talk to a little bit today. About. The IDF -- for health care are planning for retirement in a different way planning getting a strategy in line because. You know frankly I've worked with advisors around the city now since 1988. And when I go in their office I pretty much share the same. Car Madden who quite frequently and the point right here pretty much is that time we. Or we're looking at your account here bill and Nancy -- As our generic client. And -- Nancy you know you save this much in your 401K. And you saved this much in your mutual funds and we wanna congratulate you because you've done a really great job of retiring. The problem as we see that you've been down the road here and XYZ company. And it XYZ company last year he made about 5% on your money. And you should come over and work with us because we think we can get you sex. So you should come on over and then we noticed they had an IRA or 401K. That she rolled over in the past and that's worth DFs company down the road over here and we see on that that you actually earned four. And we think you should come on over us because we think we can get you five on that account. And so the standard bill affair as is trying to say you know we might build a -- another point out of here. Retirement income. For the future we might build on May kill little -- interest and there's nothing wrong with that but that's not tolerance to it. One of the things that I think -- is very. -- important for you to consider. -- to consider how much of the money you have saved. And how much money it has compound at how much it has grown through the years. This is not the only target on the board. Another target another consideration to make consist just of that money how much of that we get to keep. When you access that money how much of that money. Will be your worst to spend. Four car a new washer and dryer the vacation helping her granddaughter are college. You take out X amount of money. You're gonna have less of that despair and because you're gonna -- income tax. Why when I bring that up today because over the last several weeks we've tried to reference and that in current times. We're facing now -- highest marginal tax bracket of 39 point 6% that went into effect. On the first of January of 2013. And that replaced. The tax rate that ran. Up to that point. Of 35%. And so Texas went out to about 4% in the highest marginal bracket Daniel C if you look at our rate cards. That perhaps some taxes have gone up and some other brackets have been added so. I'm I'm bringing this up because it's not because. You're going to make one more percent changing your brokerage company. I won't have the highest possible impact on your spend double money in retirement. Could it not be worth your time to consider what happens. He -- taxes indeed go up. And go up substantially. And and what's the likelihood of -- mean are we gonna have. Taxes at 35 and 39%. In the highest bracket forever. -- the IRS come along at some point in time. Along with congress' approval. And change the amount. Of your money that there are due in order to pay for all the bills and expenses and expenditures and remained. For all the great citizens -- our country. For example. If we think back in -- And this is sort of record as a few well so you don't need a pad and paper this time that. If we had a bit of requests if you thought back in time. And you were asked why it is the highest marginal tax bracket. What's the highest rate that's ever been charged percentage wise. On income tax in the United States. What would be your answer. Many people. Have thought about this slightly because I've been asking them that question. And I get a lot of different cancers 1 this morning from a police officer in north town he estimated it probably was about 50%. And he falls and a norm most people would -- in that range. The let's go back to the last two years a World War II. Did you know that at one time. In nineteen. 44 and 45 for example at the highest marginal tax bracket. And the United States of America was 94%. 94%. How did that come about well of course we were -- a war. The great. Then the World War II life changing in many ways. The World War II -- have two effects on the taxes on the speak about today first. In World War II taxes cut to 94%. For every dollar you earned. I was above 200000 dollars. That's -- -- demarcation once. So can you really think of anyone. Back in the forties who made 200000 sure there were planning. But most people aren't 20000 dollars a -- the most -- but in those days. They're planning a wealthy people ran businesses companies. -- what's trial one group for example like. Movie actors. Entertainers. Many of them had high -- in terms of such. And let's think of an actor for example who later became a politician and -- governor. Later becoming the president of the United States. Who would that be. Why am referenced saying Ronald Reagan. And Ronald Reagan in the forties. Earned 100000. Dollars per contract to make a movie. And so in his day. He would put two movies a year in the -- And pretty much bailout for the rest of the year and the reason why us. If he made a third movie. He really only guts takes home six dollars out of a 100000 that he -- Just a terrible. Terrible penalties at 6% I should say that he got to keep. Six cents on an hour. Who's present at the height. Of getting people and enthused about work. To take all their money right now on and I can't quote the rape there's quite a stir in Europe because France while all armed. The president of France has a similar tax rate on the high returners in France. And so what's happening in France these days. People that are on the topic and they're moving to Belgium. Switzerland many to London. Just to leave the country and not pay their taxes and France are giving up -- citizen ships. Not everyone. But there's a sizable number. The people that are now -- that time. And moesha and Dante and they've moved to Belgium. In order to avoid these taxes -- how would this affect you in the future. Does it matter really if you make one more percent on your investments this year. Or two more percent on your investments this year if Slater when you need to access the money in retirement. If your tax rate. He went from a current level par saves one me thirty or even 39%. What does that went up over fifty. Well surely. Surely that 94%. Tax that I quoted as an aberration. When you think. Well let's flash forward to the 1970s. But we're the taxes. Most days. Well did you know the highest marginal tax bracket through a good part of the seventies. And this is easy to remember. There was 70%. 70%. Income tax. Very important point to make sure though is his -- kick stand. When you learned over once again 200000 dollars and income. Now that's a big change going from 1945. Forward. In to say 1975%. Thirty years. That's 200000. Dollar. Threshold at which you -- tax you learned. Money enough to fall under the 70% bracket. They still use the same threshold. Of 200000 dollars. So I'm gonna ask you as you think about this a little bit more gonna come forward and give you a couple ideas. I think today we might keep focused a bit more on those reviews that are younger. And you might wanna take some steps today to mitigate future liabilities. Because today. When I talked to people that are saving for retirement most of them do so. By just mindlessly dumping money into a 401K. And when they put the money there. It's convenient for them. They don't really have to do anything once it's signed up and human resources they've got to taking care of. Could we have a few minutes for your time here in the next couple segments to talk about some changes. It could be beneficial to you we promised their worth your time. Stay with us now my name is on our -- and you're listening to retirement planning strategies. Yes I can suddenly. Yes I can. Gee I'm afraid. -- -- -- Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us through the break my name is an -- in your listening to us here on retirement planning strategies. In this is -- MBC's business channel 1660. AM. We'd like to ask you at your convenience give us a call 91376. Say CD ninety. Commanding confidentially -- discuss some ideas with you that could help you be better equipped. Better framed. On a more sound footing when your retirement approaches and you -- ready to step away from employment. And no -- -- to live on what you have. What you've saved. What you've learned. How you've done in the investment world. But don't forget folks. We have to be concerned about. When you access your money how much of that money. You get to spend. Because in your behalf. The government is spending a lot of money all the time. And they want to help themselves to some of the horse. To pay for the back pills. Essentially. When you signed up now with your 401K. Now work. Knowing your own business and have a simple or so up. When you signed that paper and start costing money there it really does sound good does net. Yearning. For conversations -- 800000. Dollars a year and you put 101000 in your 401K. Isn't that great he only have to pay tax on nineties this year. That's a big advantage. If you put ten in there. No tax right now while -- That's kind of -- the rule of thumb. The advisable course. And in a way it's beneficial because. It's so convenient. You don't really have to do anything it just. -- tracks from your paycheck -- you did netted out. Your remaining -- Net of taxes social security and fight -- Medicare taxes. He hit the net amount in your check -- you know have to worry you've already parked the money in the for a one care. And that's pretty convenient and you did save some tax dollars. However. If we look at what's going on with the government and how they're spending money and remember now. The government. Is spending money for a lot of useful things defense. Roadway is transportation. Senator for disease control lots of lots and lots of good things that are beneficial to us. But they're also inherently. Very wasteful. And they seem to have no budget on the top -- -- what they'll spend if if you think about it in these terms we have well. Well over seventeen trillion in debt now. I remember it was a big big topic when seventeen trillion came up we were gonna cross that that was around the time the government shut down. We're not many months later -- majority 717. Point 35. Trillion in debt now. Well -- not come up again until it's eighteen. I think is going up like a rocket ship and we know not only that money but the interest on that currently. So. In the future. Will taxes go up. Or -- taxes go down. Or do you expect them to stay about the same. Let's think about the 1990s. Those are sort of Halcyon days throw a lot of people. You know if you went in and put a 100000 dollars in the S&P 500 in 1990. And he just pretty much went away forgot it took a -- Sometime in there about 1999. You would have had 600000. Dollars in your account. On a view of what would happen on average. Beautiful growth. And of course. And we had a correction. And where it had overshot we saw people lose. As much as 47%. Of their account. So they went from a hundred. Over nine years. To 600. Manning had a 47%. Loss. And they found themselves again about 350000. That was a big shot. The other point I wanna make though is this what if this happens at the time when your 6065. Or seventy. And it's the same time it's a time when the government tightens. And they need to have more money to pay on our debt. To pay on all the services that we offer. -- was part of my rant last week was not. Mean I was ranting. About health care but really my argument is is that. Medicare. Is in real trouble the Medicare program. And -- when we bring up Medicare we really have to raise the second element of Medicare Medicaid. Where people are being covered that are in the old days they were considered indenture and especially if they should get Medicare the rules have been. Relax there. And those two programs -- in trouble. Medicare and Medicaid but also Social Security. Why would we wanna worry about taxes going up let's talk about generational -- what we have. If we go back in time if we -- with we talk about the current. You know five groups five generations. In America we've got the last people around now from the Henry Ford generation. -- people didn't start with much. Put an eight to twelve hours a day break in their back in a factory. -- didn't spend more than they took him. They didn't eat. If they were worried about running out of money. They took it cautiously and carefully and they lived on what they had and they did the best -- should. I remember my father used to say he just hope there was some money left after you pay all the bills and you could save that -- Little different than today -- with our credit cards. Then we had the Silent Generation. Most those folks were. Really great. They've saved our rear ends in World War II years all around -- of the people an angle on the Australians and Canadians the French all of us. That stood out. Had a time. When. We really may have had a double on earth NN NN our filler. And the Japanese leadership and they stood there. And fought for freedom for individuals around the world great people they gave their lives in droves. And they live modestly. In order to support the effort to turn back tyranny. Then something really. World altering happened we won the war. The World War II event ended in oh at home came all the troops. And there was a phenomenon. Something it isn't talked about that much. The phenomenon was sustain set records doing one thing. And that was. Procreation. When the people came home. From war when the boys came home for more and you have several women too when they came home from war they started -- babies on a level that had never. Never been seen before. And I don't know what was in the water in those days but there sure were a lot of children born. And if you look at the scale of how many children were born in that period it dwarfs. The generations before and after. It's an anomaly. And this is coming home to roost now. The people on that age group have been productive. They've increased the value and the style of our life greatly but now. There are due Social Security. And there are due to collect on Medicare. They paid and now it's their turn to collect. And the generation that followed the baby boomers. There weren't as many born in that generation. Much smaller pool of people from wedge to collect the money. To pay the tab on what was promised. In Washington. Now with social security. And effective program when it was announced. That was. We had 42 people paying -- so security for everybody collecting a benefit. -- program when and to force under Franklin Roosevelt. 42. People paying in for each person taking a benefit. And then just what. In 19351940. The average person only -- to. 62 years all. So on average most people never collected Social Security. And if they made it to 65 to collect Social Security how long on average today left. A little over two years. So what Social Security as a was designed. A solvent program. A -- There was bulletproof there was a diesel. A lot of things have changed. A huge anomaly of people are coming on the -- Social Security now a smaller population behind them was forced to pad. And now you don't even have to be 65 to start your Social Security. There's a storm on the horizon. It's going to affect your retirement with taxes. Stay with us as we continue. My -- -- didn't see you in just one moment. -- -- -- Your notes sixteen times -- it's. The U. Didn't say feeder zone economic knows my game goal of 505 sold to the company's. Through thank you for being with us this morning my name is set aren't in. You're listening to retirement planning strategies. If you wanna have a sober prudent stable. And say own conversation considering some of these topics on how to fracture money and how to affection retirement. Not just the percentage -- at which you currently earn money. You can call us pleased at 9137688090. And more available for a private. Cost free. Consultation consider some options. On Libya like up. More than that -- Because. If -- were in a 0% tax bracket. And they doubled the income tax. All of that failure rate. Two times -- this era. Now why does the baby boomer. Population. Why does that have an effect. On the future and our taxes. I have repeatedly and made mention of a book that I think all of issued by and I don't think it's more than a 150 pages long. And if you're gonna read something this year and -- this is not. A romance novel or anything and they have a place it's not a Tom Clancy book but I mean. Hero battery discipline for some sober thought and it's called comeback America. And it's written by. David M walker. And it's very credibly done it's very organized. The man's an accountant. They've made an effort to be accessible on this printing. And what it talks about is that. The government is on a course where they're adding approximately three trillion dollars a year to the debt. And somewhere in the next few years we're gonna across a level where the debt. And the cost to pay the interest on the debt can pass. The amount of taxes collected. And thus without paying for any other services defense Social Security Medicare highways. Health insurance. Nothing can be covered. Because all the money was absorbed paying for the interest on the debt. And currently. We do spend. In our budgets when they've managed to get a budget out three dollars for every two dollars they take canned. And mrs. irrational you can't operate your house that way. So how can leadership say that's the right way to do it now the baby boomer situation and how it affects us baby boomers started being born after the war in 46. And the generations counsel anyone born on the flip of that number 264. And what's happening is they're starting to just take their Social Security checks. And if we go back to the original picture -- so security when it was solvent. We had 42 people paying in for every person taking a benefit out that number now folks is three don't want. There -- three people paying and for every one taking out because there are so many few -- people in the younger generations. Generation -- And why are paying and and they are following a statistical anomaly for a -- need enormous number of people were born after the war. So. Social Security. You do not save your money in the so security and get it back what you and I paid. Went to the generation that proceeded us. And we are counting on the people that are younger than us to provide the funds to pay us. So there's -- let's to have no illusions about the money -- somewhere please. Money is coming from current. Workers. That historically high unemployment rates we might as well. So. Does the tax -- keep me up at night currently the highest marginal tax greatest 39 point 6%. Guess what that actually was the highest tax rate that we had during the here or sub in the ninety's. So the stock market there really was really in a good -- in those days even though we had a 39 point six bracket. But I'm going to tell you as a man that stands in a room with Boston thirty to fifty people listening to me. When I speak with them if I ask how they feel about taxes today people think they're just brutal. That attack I mean they just can't be any worse. It's never been any worse. It's horrible. You know after all I like the definition of words like I'm always mentioning correction to you insane what does that mean. You know the reality is this what is the word tax mean. It's a burden on us. There's some of their required yes of course. But we've become the Japanese. A society that expects. To have government do things for us. And that's where my rant came from with. The Affordable Care Act. I just happen to believe that we ought to influence. A positive business situation a positive business environment to the point. Or person has such a chance to get ahead in life. Such opportunities in their future. That they themselves can earn enough money and have the right to be able to purchase their own health care I believe in that. Let's forget health care they they show the right to get around insurance. Because. Then they can insure against the perils in their life like when they buy a house state don't buy it without warning to have insurance on their home one of the bird count. Him and cars we have to have insurance would cover cars. I would think health insurance. And supplements to that for those of you just took out high deductible plans are an excellent choice to half. Because the definition of insurance and I'm gonna give -- in my own. I have read a very similar definition. In in testing for different license loses that you take a small certain loss. That being your premium. To prevent against a large unsustainable lost one you couldn't afford. So that's why we have health insurance and car insurance home insurance. Now why would taxes go so high because we're spending. Like drunken sailors. We've really added. To my dismay in others certainly do just great. To my dismay and other unaffordable program. The affordable health care -- -- added that to Social Security. He's added that to. Medicaid. We've added that to Medicare. And essentially folks if you're happy with any program in the congress comes up with you have to decide this first. First decide. It is the plans something that you think we ought to have as society. And if you do. Is -- or just taking one. In every three dollar spent on that new program from China and on them interest forever. NBC in the -- hundred dollar bills. Pretty amazing technology is not. You know why they have a hundred dollar bill just for a joke. Has this new multi -- hundred dollar bills because we don't have and in the old ones left China as a mall. I mean there there close and then on four and a half trillion dollars of our death. And -- growing interest on all of that event. That is a seismic problem. How come to us in the future now about the health insurance about I'm sorry about health insurance and taxes etc. One of the things -- we're gonna have to do here -- focus. On how can you set money aside. And have it grow where it is and attacks bomb in the future. Because when you signed up for your 401K. You have to go back in and find out are you being matched. If you're not being matched. Meaning that you're not getting eight. Contribution from your employer. I'm gonna suggest you have to call me in months talk about an alternative. Because if you're getting a match. I endorse -- please put the money in their 401K up to the match because that free money. That your being Yemen. Well help offset the taxes when they're -- impossible compound. But if you're not getting a match let's consider some other alternatives. The first thing you might consider is to have a Roth IRA. You'll be limited on how much you can put in their course. But she should consider. Putting five if you're older 6000 dollars a year and a Roth -- You will not get a tax deduction. Verified this with your accountant I'm not -- your accounting advice I'm giving you advice on your money in retirement. Put money in your Roth IRA. You won't get a tax deduction. But I will argue. That taxes are on sale. Compared to where they're going to be in the future. You'll accumulate money on the money you deposit there without taxes. And if you take the money out in retirement. After 59 and a half he won't know any tax to take the money out on the money you put them. Or the money you've -- on your money. Or the money you turn on the money but the government what it takes in -- way and taxes on your growth. Stay with us we've got a couple more ideas for -- this is retirement planning strategies. You're on KM BC's business channel 1660. AM. Thank you so do -- Thank you for me. Staying with us this is an -- Your listing to a -- BC's business channel 1660. AM in your tune in to retirement planning strategies and today. We're talking a little bit about strategizing. Not to make more Entrust. But what strategy should you apply. What thought process should you apply to current taxes. And what could taxes be in the future. Remember I told you I was in a room. And be in a -- a 304050. People and I and asked them. How there opinion. Was so eighteen that day contend a concerning the current tax rates and everybody would say there were terrible. That's why I did research to verify it. The reality of how high tax rates can be. But the other thing that I find has said people. Don't really consider. What Texas could be in the future and how that could affect the spend ability of their dollars in retirement. And we wanna take a look at this an -- tie up the Social Security thought because it's important you keep this alive in your mind while I'm considering. Offering. Steps and solutions. Can help you accumulate money for you be using your retirement. That can avoid. The tax time bomb. Originally with Social Security. 42 people paid in for every person taking a benefit. They could not take the benefit and told they were 65. And life expectancy was 62. And if somebody lived to 65. Very likely as they only left two years in retirement. That was the hard reality of 19351940. In those terrorist now. Trash flash forward right now. There are three people paying in for every one person taking money out. Three. And arguably. In the next decade that will go to two people paying and for every one person taking out mathematically that's an enormous enormous change -- not. Secondly you can now get your Social Security a 62 you don't -- have to wait -- 65. Hanna and although people argue that the age to which we will live will probably be 77 to 78. I'm gonna argue that includes infant mortality and if you take that out and you'll have to 62. The average personal lives near 85 your salt. So in the first case we had 42 people paying in for each person taking money out. And the maximum once they were -- a -- about to be Arista -- Social Security. Now we can get Social Security three or junger there's only two or three people pay and then for each person -- and the benefit. And you might collect for Tony three years. Does anybody hear or see any mathematical issue with that. This does not -- require an app on your I found and it doesn't require a calculator it's irrational -- won't work. Why won't it work. -- You can't do it. Math. That's why word of valuing the dollar like crazy. De valuing the dollar means when you get paid back in the future. You don't pitcher buying power. They pay you back with a valued money and that won't work. So. What are some things you might do about that first start since I'm on that topic this is not a silly time folks to call us commander in order up. Hello better older so over you'll find a day down on the future most likely. Where that's going to take off. The values again all shoot of the 18100 level that we were flirting with earlier. Secondly. Don't put all your eggs in the 401K. No offense they're the companies doing the right thing for you but especially. Don't put more money in there and then what you gonna get. Matched four. While you have probably around 20000 dollars to ask your accountant. In standard deductions each year and while the tax rates are low war. Instead. Direct that money. To fill up the maximum you can do and Roth IRA. And then I want to suggest to you when I'm a specialist amounts so. If you wanna talk somebody that knows about this and how to make it Palma. He come to our office and we'll show you how to do a life insurance retirement plan. And you've probably need to have life insurance anyway if you're young and healthy. Very little money goes toward life insurance. We've put more in there. More premium and there. The and you need. To fund the death benefit and that money goes to work internally. And indexed accounts that track the stock market. NN gains. To your money which will accumulate. Tax free. And you'll accumulate in positive stock market fierce. And when we have years that are bad in the stock market which will occur. And they will happen about three heiress out of every ten on average. You'll never lose any of the money you've put into your life insurance. And none of the gains that you've made. And then three. When new yet old enough that you wanna take money out of this account to live on in the future. You can take it out. Tax free. How does that roll off the tongue -- Further. This tax free money. You're not gonna have a limit on how much you can deposit in this accountant. Secondly when you deposit money in the account there will be flexible. Meaning if you have a bad you're in business you can reduce it. If through the years your business increases you can increase it. And when you take the money out in the future it will be. Tax free. Isn't that nice. Now why is that appropriate to do now what you all have standard deductions and you may have other deductions but. A couple most likely will have something in the neighborhood. 191000. Dollars narrowly Tony thousand dollars and deductions. That they can take so if you plant this money in the life insurance retirement fund. Here are still going to be in a position where your deductions. -- help hold down your income taxes. If you park the money in the 401K now you will get an advantage in that you'll reduce sure current taxes. And you will grow the money without taxes. But when the money comes out. You're gonna get hammered. It's essentially like taking a business partner. When you start -- 401K. You partner with the IRS. And you sign all contract with them and it says. They're gonna allow you get a tax deduction now and they won't take action as you go along. But they promise to be there for you when you take the money out in the future. Now. If the economy. Is sort of floating on air right now and yes. We have a lot higher taxes require that two mathematically. Support. The government in the future and don't forget we just put a fourth entitlement on top of everything. A fourth entitlement program. Which is the big one and could even -- it's hard to mathematically. Rationalize what can happen with us. If the government needs to raise our taxes to 50%. And maybe you're only paying 21 between fed and state now. But if you get to retirement and 50% of everything you take out of your retirement account as taxable. You know by then. You may not have. A lot of the deductions you have today. You may have paid off your house. That deduction should be gone. Many other deductions to beyond and you could lose. Fifty cents of every dollar when you taken out. And if it goes to where they were in the 1970%. Tax let's. You know that would mean you own thirty cents of every dollar you have. Our web site is safe. Money RX dot com. And we suggests that you come in and sit down and when -- show you innovative ways. To approach. This storm that's on the horizon. This will not appeal to everyone. We're looking for people that want to. Take control of their future because if you can have tax free money in the future to spend. Even if they double the taxes. Zero times double. Zero times to Missouri. This is an interesting approach for many and it also takes care of a lot of other issues which retention and other shots. First of all. It's a fifty year on the way down I 35 opinion Diana's car wreck your wife would much rather clock that life insurance and her 401K. Give us -- college your convenience replied you were with us today. The number -- 91376889. He. This is at Arlington. Wishing you -- pleasant day. And -- me. When -- His move alone.