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Entrepreneur KC Radio 1.21.14

Jan 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and do lose it out of visualize playing -- and be very clear about it the money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and try not to hurt anybody along the way -- the nearest paved the way into the future of the industry star. -- college and -- plug in and turn on. -- entrepreneur George Casey your voice more entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back. It was one of the best decisions I ever made -- your host Jason grill. Still Kansas City and welcome to the onto their Kansas City show I'm Jason thrilled to your host for today alongside. What are my good friends and a desk goes through there air cool slayer what's America now must idea man good to see you back and headphones that it. Casio. How things are going. Are excellent and I crazy busy and everything on with the -- for accelerator but this is an animal is on -- quick to Jason Day open house here recently and we had 400 or so people there -- hundreds of high -- city residents to return check on the space beautiful design on this aren't sure who had white more walls -- is right and aren't places on funds. I'm expecting a private tour. That's -- -- nine -- finish off an asinine thoughts. I was sick tonight I'd probably show that about an hour left us very attracted yeah I dirty and -- people out Yang resign is obviously really supportive community here how much you wanna come through says fund has Catherine there. -- sure it was awesome and appreciate you. Joining me again it's your second appearance. Because it cohosts of her time becomes a cabinet and yes so for all AirTran -- listening out there. -- -- after this is number one number -- your hearts you know the world excited to have you and a got an exciting show today we have four guests coming in Syria today and send it we have our first segment today will be -- The folks from little -- they launched a -- yoga campaign recently they're gonna talk to us about that in our first segment -- -- we can in fact I'm excited now and get an update from -- and I am too I'm -- it will be joining us here shortly. We have Chris Harrington and he is bringing on some friends he runs -- West Side Story to shop in the west -- area kind of close the crossroads. And also we're and have guys in from second life studios to do it's really cool stuff with reclaimed wood and really cool to India. Furniture or whatnot so was great stories are great story to Florida beat Kansas City. If Kansas City year in for a lot of startups are usually including -- who don't want -- -- on. No one time and aren't sold out of their fur shipments are on the second so much wholesale bit. You know. Chris is and give partner some excited to have him in studio today for sure. We are going to you have an -- BR our third it's our fourth segment are. Second segment actually after this first one is with OJ -- -- Jason matte finish from. We talked tech news we talked new products we answer questions of people that have. Maybe it's in front of the computer and there are other gadgets on the -- to talk to him and see if there's anything -- out there and wasn't on the show our second segments ready to geek out a better better have some questions form. And a third segment prior Chris Camaro and have anti -- was CO do you easily it's an educational start -- and I met with him. Over a year ago and I think they've done a lot of different things in the -- in the recent time that expanded they now are. In the digital sandbox element should talk to him in season under interior painting grown and see other companies go with their -- in with their exposure that's -- Lisa that'll -- on third so. -- like Kansas city of migrate Kansas City companies on the show today and while a lot of fun so. Picture come and generic and -- and guys you can find all of our podcasts on came easy dot com. Under the entrepreneur KC show he can also connect with me via Twitter at juicy -- And at -- turner Casey. Appreciate you guys reached nineteen hitting on there and thanks rules seem to show every week we've had a great run of -- and it's going to be a great few months Marty booked a -- shows through February your schedule early yet it's going to be great its nuclear -- and -- national people on as well but. Let's get started with a shelf Erica let's bring in the three lovely ladies to your right we have -- Stephanie lastly -- Ellis and Kim Flaherty. From the little -- are you guys. -- and and. We just got done taking some -- peace -- They all turned out very well I think I did that girls absolutely. Aware until. Yeah. So I want to tell a little bit about again and what little pizzas and then we'll get into kind of what has changed since the sort of -- in activities. Are little -- Is an application designed for busy parents to help them capture. Three an archive. All the great things that they can say. So you know that moment where your kids or something great in new fear that you're gonna forget it can pull it -- happen quickly. Record it. Style it. Designing it there's our memory tiles and -- and Nintendo essentially a little scrapbook pizza -- and then archive it for ever seen never lose it. To truly is a mobile application to kind of remember history -- there was like a text -- and Steve Graham almost on captured -- child quotes ranked. And there is -- and -- and polity today and that it is instant whenever you add. Quote -- your contents. Your template instilling populates it instantly becomes beautiful Sedaris some similarity. So tell us about this this campaign years launched -- Stephanie actually connect with me about it a few about a month ago you guys are now on Indy goto. One tell will allow which -- trying to raise there and what -- will go towards and to tell me a chose that platform. -- -- -- We are and we have a goal at 101000 dollars on Indy goes down and that is going to help accelerate the development of the app. Our goal is to launch in April 2014. And and we just need does dollars to help ads in key features that scan and make the app. And really great whenever we want -- a couple of months so. And it's annoying really well so far we've had a lot of people reach I'm really excited about the idea and we just go to specifically because. And we just really like -- platform. And -- the waited a place to me and your company campaign in an elated to have -- structured as a lot is really friendly -- In comparison to the competition out there and -- -- world sound but generally happy with it. Stephanie cannot tell me a little bit about that net fee structure because I am not as aware of -- -- -- a price should be the you when you guys -- gone through that process that you you get to keep whatever you -- is that right. Absolutely could and the difference and meet people like kick starter -- -- And I'd like night and the players and between Britain. Ends at the biggest difference was indeed go go let cheap seat that they greatest amount of funds that that was important to last. He starter obviously and has been around a little bit longer than -- can't go man this feature is really helped us make that decision -- she is indeed go go over kick start. RBI. And I eat you guys have a great video appear. And some great and some great awards are perks if you will keep its also about some of the perks that you receive a few. Join up and give money and the -- campaign. Ask us some of our lower loan perks for our only five dollars you can be part of the VIP early access. Group where. When we launch she'll get first access to our -- end. That allows us to -- some really great feedback right out of the gate so that we can you set going forward to improve our wrap. -- and then as you arguing at around 45 to sixty dollars you've got some great chocolates. From some artisan chocolate tears in the area. And better selling really well especially with Valentine's Day coming up so that's been a great. None of her son all the guys -- -- if you're listening. Didn't go to the well it's -- -- campaign and -- chocolates for Valentine's staying at the wife of Kansas is that I think Valentine's Day is about getting your wife or your girlfriend or your female in her life guests. We are usually do it gets to wrap up through there I you know I am I received flowers -- Alex -- is a great you have some Valentine's Day related gets on there and it's actually a lot of photos on -- to what is Leo the little who Powell thing that's ten unique is is that resonating with PGA senator. Alan thinks this is cool idea that the easiest to hear that. Kids sign online and we thought that it. Raising needed length. R&R. Let go and our brain dean send that's why alien is included in our -- Looks great. If you have a lot of it is just the tears owner as a and a scroll down further what is -- you have a donation for five dollars. And then at the highest slowly -- is 8000 is that true. That's channel because he had two of those that will be able to be claimed. Yes and 8000 dollars is for asked a customized keenly documentary eat and now be shot by a professional to biographer. And so we thought that really fits -- well our concepts because we're all about keeping memories in about keeping track of the special moments. So how -- India had a video ardor for clean your house and and that -- challenged as little things are -- says and just some some really authentic life moments and just how that is I'm sort of a treasure forever you know really got me here. And -- -- we have other -- that are very matter it doesn't matter elevates you have to intern says it's meeting memory tiles so. I think it's a 75 dollar level if he contribute eighteen get a clarity if you have a close turning Cano in your life it's very special TO. You can send in and test and we'll custom design euphoria and the next level peaking at trains mixes it. The news shifted and -- succeed you have. -- gift package is a memory book from a little bits you have. Purses are now bags and -- at all here. -- at all for your demographic it's sounds like you're really keep being parents and mind as well as status offering some things that are relevant from a timing standpoint to being Valentine's Day sadly a lot of great stuff -- Very cool it's all like capturing trading in archiving guerrillas are those are the words a year. You really kind your mission I guess your vision here those are killers and then long term we're really memory. Keeping company so in the beginning it's for her parents it's a it's a tool for parents to capture those comments quickly. Because it's not easy we know parents -- opposed UNICEF on -- that -- they're -- -- you buy it. It just flashed an -- nights and that's really the big problem and so within apps. You're able to capture that staff and keep it right there you can go back and present on hard against very quickly and easily. Aaron you can making your -- at the end of the year easily. And as captions and as moments as where in -- become part of your photo library so to speak. And then eventually we'll have functionality allowing parents -- piano and photos in the children's artwork and all this things in -- be populated online and in a timeline. So am it's elitist about keeping oddest moments organize and making it easy for parents so. So in April when you guys launch it is they entire application and that's the storefront everything coming out remaining years starting with. The application and adding -- some later -- has gone without. Yeah how we have we have a plan to run in phases so when -- lines in April it will be did -- six quote capture functionality within the app itself. And senator beyond the scrapbooking elements where he can bring your puts the life. And they'll all BC's that the desktop will not roll out until later and that's a face your face three. I am and that in a mesa -- and increased three is that a yes or a -- hitting. IPhone and android and the iPhone is where we're -- for this excellent new. Kim tells about a little bit about the product domain user experience a little -- feature. So we know that mom is our primary audience so we definitely wanna make sure that this is super easy to use this when you're driving down. The road and junior says something great in the backseat it's you just got to be on their caption that. -- quickly an easy way so are definitely focusing on making the functionality very quick in intuitive if I'm right now word developing. And BP. And soured focusing on some of those primary functionality and not trying to get too lost in the weeds of what this could be. So that we can get mom in there are using and it loving it and then use those early users to give us feedback and help us evolve the functionality. I'm moving forward. And -- So Stephanie. Got a minute left -- again where we can find look it's how we -- equity and -- go and what are our timeline is on the campaign. Actually at least so you can get to our FaceBook page little hits. Or -- -- gets a little hits dot com. If he style little hits with an ass or -- -- -- both ways and the timeline on the Indy get the campaign is gonna run through if February 14. OK so -- announce just in time for on time zones of Friday it is greater time to Freddie assurance -- you'll be a big night for -- restaurants intensity on the front of the -- really appreciate your coming on. We had -- Ellis founder and CEO. Surreal actually time project management team player in the product development and use your experience from little -- I think this is a great idea and it's you guys are doing great things it's moving along very quickly so congratulations from from myself for Americans. We can help out guys check that out you know hopefully -- that 101000 healthy do better than that aren't. After. Having nastiest yet no problem Communist. Think you we'll be right back and Kouchner Casey sure Red -- Jason from. Welcome back -- -- KC show I'm Jason grow alongside airports slayer power. Wonder if cost and a great show so far show little bits is great our first segment were and his second today and now we have our. Our friend Jason -- it's from a NJ techies the president. What's a month or so and give us updates on new technology new updates. Everything tech related gadget guy I'm sending you -- and I don't -- time and Jason is kind of a celebrity when it comes to this area in Kansas City so. I really appreciate him coming on the show and you can find more about. I'm doing great. It's great to see there we got New Year's resolutions you know it's early in the year and when to talk glow about sit bit idea purchase one of these from my dad for Christmas. A belated Christmas gifts yet and I he won the Nexus One so and got on the Nexus One which is but 12995. -- force yes that's right also about that it. And say yes today it's one of the latest things and now wearable technology and you'll want to get healthy they they -- way to accurately track click the towers -- friends and some movement. And so today it kind of frustrated in order to do that they have different wearable technology the force like you're tired about is trying to best one on. It allows you checked your calories burned out for whale Osce that you can also check what you eat and -- water consumption. That -- a little bit weaker I think personally. So I recommend the idea my fitness -- app alongside that C contract is it has mark. If you eat out things like that has all the restaurants what's the name of that -- it's my fitness now. And you can use that with your fifth yeah you can -- -- in conjunction with that. The nice thing -- about the -- at how technology can actually share -- some people you might notice some people's news feeds on FaceBook. They can I share their progress which is not a way to stay motivated and the you can also share with just private individuals -- just tried to friend her trainer to build attract accountability. It's kind of a cool thing and won a big thing I think it would it has really -- -- from Spooner is as it treacherous sleep I am -- a unanimous and us are gonna sleep so. And that it's kind of a cool feature -- -- -- -- kind of wake -- up when you're in the natural son cycle of REM sleep so. I don't you make him more refreshed and everything incidents film groggy on the right side of the man yeah I size -- I don't know yes kind of cool feature. I'm one -- -- things -- that they're gonna be adding this comment of vacations because wearable technology people I want to be able to do a lot of things I think the Smart watches friends since. So they're kind of trying to incorporate that into it as well. That's coming Santa. I will be coming off an article in Huffington Post about wearable technology is nice this week at some point Oakland resident expert -- together we talked to the end it was a man behind it. No yes so don't check out that some in the world technologies even though I don't wary. I'm always so well let's talk around on both feet with what's gone -- now. So excited to commute Consumer Electronics Show a few weeks back and they released their new product it's public space packed. Anderson I sometime in finance and what that says I'm just just kind of like if you're familiar with most his products. It's an extended battery and they've gotten slimmer over the years to the older ones for the four's are a lot bigger. This one actually not only. I miss the battery it's on the skinnier and everything and provides more battery life but it also has fixed storage so you can expand your I found stored so. Let's see about the sixteen -- I found and without it apps music you download it's too much in pictures it's a common thing with our clients. And that this allows you had kind of the best about that's always been a disadvantage of people if I sounds as it has six torrents out. If you think you're gonna need 32 gigs off about you have to buy it at France. This allows is the first product that allows you to have it. There are other things that are out there but this is Constance on my case so it doesn't feel clunky like where. What's this guys are seen -- the juice pack and the need this has raised taxes -- is actually a little bit -- looks almost like he can barely even tell it's a case other than just at the bottom it says -- proprietary connector and everything so. I'm and that it attaches and says is the and just some minor things his bracelet actually sent a crank and it comes out I believe it comes on just a few weeks which. Love those are -- itself myself less a southern down there last year at the trade chip yeah that was fun actually bubble but I still haven't yeah charge these phones all the time now and -- -- I need to do that play any deal once he -- them how halfway through the -- gotta charge since I was a -- -- text messages mess. Is this those things yeah that's my friends I'm on like for violence now and -- ideally if -- Busy day yeah -- -- dollar ignite 10 camera what I am you know like 60% your phone must feel like. And this text Jesus changed this desert thing it says triplets are usually so -- slow -- about Microsoft Internet Explorer eleven. I'm Yasser Microsoft Sam as a lot of people know if you're using Windows Vista Windows 7 or windows -- am. You're probably affected by this Microsoft released Internet Explorer eleven it was an auto update typically. When does that -- checks after it you know either ill eventually catches suffer this pharmacist Christiane automatically we found him most computers. I'm is kind of created a lot of frustration and issues because a lot of web sites don't work especially companies. I have Internet web sites and I am a lot of those connections are broken and so employees' jobs had not able to do their jobs on the -- simple update. So I am to do I actually been having people check if -- is they're noticing issues like viewing certain web sites around. A lot of cameras haven't had a chance to implement the changes that will fix that. So the best way to do what we've been doing people is temporarily on installing Internet Explorer eleven. If it's been auto install. And did you can just do it and add remove programs on your computer. It's not affected by a windows XP users because that there actually dropping support in a month or so here for XP so. They did they will no longer receive updates regardless but. Tom that's kind of an issue that we've been noticing its compatibility issues -- web sites on what writers like you can attach files things like that just. With web based applications so. It's been kind of frustrating thing for people. I guess now -- Windows eight point one at that launcher yeah it's it's an update for Microsoft as well winning in a lot of calls for its parent it's an auto update but it's it's different with Microsoft's. This. We'll have latest version of windows. They still they're trying to get the windows eight point one have to it's a little confusing it pops up on a computer randomly intelligent and start -- a lot of people can ignore it. Eventually it forces you install it but I'm. Well yesterday's action to go under the Microsoft store which is kind of like if you have an Apple Computer it's that like that App Store but it's totally different and it's confusing to people I'm. It's amazing to me unless I get a Microsoft about ten years yeah yeah yeah yeah. -- shows and sit -- boy Miller there just -- -- last half of -- I I've I just got hooked on the apple product I don't know. Yeah and I ask for the android and now this other stuff is better but I just can't leave it I don't see me in on the same land on its unhappiness I think we we work on mostly out of it I think they must have present cons for sure that from and then that we talked about LogMeIn to the president and as soon as as I. Tuesday this week I am my arrow LogMeIn effort people use affirm our support so our screeners that maybe you have a work computer Franzen send remote end to their computer. From home as they're using the free product actually dropping that you have to pay I believe it's fifty dollars a year per computer now. I'm that is -- -- is -- a lot -- -- does actually it's actually the solution that we've used for years -- and then we've had says sense changed. It's easy to something more affordable as we have. About three or 4000 computers on our count and so. We hadn't switched to mark cost effective but the -- a lot of people use it just hurt remote access for their you know one or two things are friends or family it's. It's gonna impact them and their ability my house. I don't where 88 taxis disliked. Jason to work on my computer now -- from anywhere he's -- the mousetrap now as these -- emails Amanda. IOS I can't do I want to tell us well we got a few seconds left Jason how people connect -- you again enough. We obviously like prisons to utilize your company did you sense knowledge in this area. Sure I'm the best way I am we have our website which is the G tech dot com. FaceBook is also an -- awesome way to get us. It's just asked as the dot com slash the OJ attacked. And then you -- -- greater rise in you do great work in actually about a MacBook -- and an air because of the advice of Jason over here and have been very happily happened very excited about and it's worked out well so far sound advice Jeff or anything else saw Eric you're an astronaut I -- -- -- him as a corner him and all yeah. The other is that its critics are so yeah any second I -- I think. We'll Jason thanks Sergey coming on the show we love having -- -- no regrets on your success and appreciate all that advice think he's. We'll be right back in the entrepreneurs KC show think -- Still Kansas City and welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm Jason grow alongside. Air -- slider from spring excel or better. Guess us today his second appearance national -- communion -- a second and I like the -- Arabia -- -- You look good to -- and not get ahead. So it's a rocket on the trade that -- a lot of I'm excited introduce our next guest. And that the CEO of this company probably year or so ago middle more than a year ago and we got to reduce and had coffee and die at that point I kind of knew that he was. A very Smart person whose -- taking his his idea into a lot of different areas and was hard workers so we haven't had him on the show yet or is company some god didn't announce that we have Anthony -- the CEO and founder of news leak. And also we have Jesse shorter -- director of community experience and easily as well as the new intern. Who is are going to be on Aramis she's sitting here as well -- and we wanted to recognize you as well welcome to the party. I'm guys -- Dirt dirt thanks for Herman as -- he's rock and a cool -- today against Oscar Rogers is I. I'm not that's just the have you been doing awesome to -- -- guys. What -- are often tell our listeners a little bit about do you easily and and what it does. Yeah and so do you sleep is really honored and porn are saying that every kid every student deserves an engaged community around education. So by doing that's we fill that there needs to be something Mets in terms of community and education coming together so that we can. Hope the students thrive and engaged community by providing technology tools and providing different outlets outside of the score the community. Supporting arm all the students and teachers being more involved with the everyday life of school. You know take me through that process because when we met I mean. You'd think it just it Cheney's old it has yes it has -- -- you know well is a -- -- always does the other one thing I've learned start apply if it is our everything evolves and changes every single day so be ready for that to happen I'm. The one big thing we really saw an education we did go speak to superintendents principals to teachers and every single day it -- -- -- market. We didn't know how to connect with our community but we want them to support to score means students were spending seven to eight hours today in school but once they left. What happened to education knowing. I -- so we really felt that education should be 24 hours a day in the community should be much more and also we saw this huge opportunity that. Once the students -- the school what was going on an education power people supporting them in terms and how are they communicating exactly right how were they communicating armed how did the -- know how to communicate through DR. Community you don't support all the activities organizations to teachers and students and arm. You know when this happened almost right after we met I went to a conference and heard from our teachers and parents speaking. And a lot of parents were pointing the finger. At the teacher is saying that you're -- are communicating good enough you're not teaching the students the correct way. And I really set back and started to think you know what is the big problem and armed. They went dark to I think we need to look at the community aspect of things insane that you know let's quit pointing the finger at. Every teacher every principle let's let's hold the community accountable you know for everything as well. And so. But how do we get the community involved with education we knew we had to build a communication tool than I did that there was simple. That you didn't have to bounce through eight to ten different silos to find one teacher's web site the other you know organization or clobber activities web site. The school website we said we need to have -- central location where you can pick what you want to hear about. Follow that and get the community engaged with the. Whether it's sports whether it's you know we've talked about all the different ways that people post their information to with those meetings and though the social media channels and you really kind of trying to find a one stop hub and also to another issues. Getting schools on board I mean because of all of the bureaucracy that that's a lot of different. Educational system itself yes. This -- this is like hey that's social or web platform and that's the school district -- individual school went by in order. -- to engage the community around her took her. Absolutely I'm kind of the same tolls as a -- FaceBook and Twitter but we needed to provide that safe and secure environment for the education and armed. You would see a lot of schools they would have FaceBook Twitter Google+ YouTube and all these different outlets but. We were just never doing wanting great we're just in a lot of things okay. You know just by providing a million different outlets doesn't mean you're gonna hurt your communications going to be so much better we just need to have one place where. Everybody -- column caught in Iraq and was built around the education environment. And I think they're really goes back to interacting with the parents the parents not receiving the messages -- schools in the first place of the parents. Just had to point a finger at somebody. Because they weren't receiving information this way parents can tailor what information comes to them rather than going on trying to find it. On -- six different platforms or searched through a four page newsletter that your fourth grader brings home or maybe loses on the way. Okay -- just how did you get is key to -- you and Anthony. His and I you from the government I guess world. Yeah yeah I would -- -- I I kind of came from the government affairs at fairs or old for about six years and she threw rocks are now ruler to -- done. You know -- just the high praise from this and think yeah I I I appreciate that I know that -- as -- actually one of the co founders Jake was B is a -- grad and I went to William -- and -- came up into me a couple of months ago and just kind of coming up and what was going on asked if I want to get involved. I'd been doing my -- things started my own act. Your parent company actually. And our entrepreneurs and you'll -- and you'll be and then -- so wasn't just the right time but then they came back they'd done. A lot of things in a few months and made a lot of progress and asked me to come on and kind of lead this community experience as as this growth is about explodes I'm on an -- ten. A part of it. So what -- take -- that what does that mean from your perspective have continued community experience are you engaging parents. The teacher community it seems like -- got to have a part of it. Yeah actually well my job really is to make sure that that. And the message. Getting all of that information and one in one place is. Is relayed to their right to the right people so they understand why. We're not just having another communication tool at them but we're actually giving them a tool to make all of their lives easier. Something that were finding when we especially when we talked to teachers is that they get a new system. Thrown at them a lot you have to use this you have to use that you have to go here. And they're posting on -- Twitter interface that and trying to keep their each of their school pages updated and nobody can even find those -- So it's trying to get that message that. This is something new it's something different and it's something that will actually be useful for everyone and can actually work rather than just be another. Saying that they have to DO rather him make it -- easy am. And -- take us through the the process of duty in the hands of the schools. Yeah our -- you -- you're traveling all around Missouri man that. Every time I talked to this guy discovered talking about you know what's going on in house the company you know it can help cut. It was like I'm in Saint Louis examined. You know wherever you -- -- We always talks about how we get. Schools sued to engage in 22 to use the product is really comes down to. Yeah our facility and it's one of her biggest things we did was we brought on an extra for an attendant -- they help us build those connections and we realize that. You know we just didn't want the business relationship we wanted to you know personal relationship with the superintendents on his name's Jeff -- came from. -- -- school district where I graduated around along time ago. But -- we brought him money he's been wonderful on opening the doors to. The superintendent and -- the community -- -- were taken meetings on a daily basis. Were listening to kind of their wants and needs and so once we meet with the school we -- walk through what our system is. And then we kind of opened the doors to go with the communication department the technology departments say Harkin we all work together to build a solution is what you guys need. And so the cells process on an education takes a little longer than you want you got that 120 day window bigger through. The superintendent school board and stuff and so. We said no we really don't wanna sit back and wait for those decisions he made that's why we need to ramp up this community side as well that. You know what about those youth activities -- goes on you know most parents are Baltimore kids in the district and everything going on. And so that's been a big push for us is to continue down you know meeting -- superintendent school districts walking through with teachers power system makes -- life. Simple you know we're not -- you're trying to say we're gonna say viewed on the money -- descend let's make things simple on parents and teachers and schools. And so once remarked on our proper -- now we're really getting into -- -- Jesse -- side is the community aspect of things. And so hard can we cover two tiered approach by attacking the superintendents. As well as the community and bring them both up at the same time -- -- So how you -- instrument traction perspectives and you know where your focus now is it a Missouri. -- saying he has like yes I'm beyond that worry is that. We -- We've actually had our party few people you malice or harm from dollars from Saint Louis and other areas but we really wanted to make sure that we have a system in place in Kansas City that we can mass market that we understand. Here's what you're gonna experience and other schools the smaller schools operate the same way our -- you know there are the same. -- know are indeed -- torn a grace period you got to meet with these you know it's the same steps and so. We really wanna make sure that we understand and iron out all the key Nixon problems we have and then on boarding is a big thing you know how you on -- teachers and a community that kind of scarce. School sometimes the worst really working through that process but -- You know we hope. Here by summertime we're actually going to be moving into other markets. And we're all from Kansas City saw our contacts -- here's -- this will make our hometown that. The tests and where we compared it. He's human here you come and Aaron are absolutely we're talking to Anthony ended -- from and do easily he checked about it do you easily DE EW SLY dot com. What you know what is your experience been like in the Kansas City started -- area and in the entrepreneur award I mean. It's amazing Nancy how much you company has grown since we last talked to yeah I know you had what us you know and you win. Yeah I think when we met only three people when it's here at the end of the month will be moving on to twelve full time people bungle -- I'll I'll yeah and so I knew. The wanting about the start of -- can see it's a great community to learn from our -- thing I think was the biggest success for us was -- from the failures we had you know what we're we're. What did we exactly do -- how -- we approach schools better. And I had a great team behind me are what the other co founders of a great team of investors. And our own just morning from the investment community you know we had to make a go at this so we push for big round of funding. You don't think in this regatta. That's kind of been helping us grow quite a bit on that happened. That happened we did almost two -- investments on an October and then we just finished another -- the other day actually. So and then you'll be approaching another one come summertime. So that's kind of what we're working on with a group of investors we have the very supportive. They have our great background and knowledge from other startups and companies in Saint Louis market health care and things like that so. It's great it's great to learn from go to one million tarps. Learn from everything you know meet up with people it's -- show us a great environment Kansas City is too. Listen to people hear about -- what they've done great but you know the failures they have along the way to try to avoid that because. The cost of sellers the biggest cost of anything and start appealing a one shot and sometimes when you take the wrong path. You can't recover from so that's kind of what we've learned and I'm you know we wouldn't be here without the team we are so it's great. Very cool what's exciting to see you guys. Did investments. Continue to grow your team. Bring -- great people like Jesse over here. Simply I think it's really encouraging. The on Friday -- try to give them and we were meeting -- and it's exciting to see startups that you know I've been working in this community now for a couple years and can't take shape then. And grow and there are expand our based other cities obviously we had a lot of -- Long conversations and -- You're in good this playoff how can we are there is the other -- -- you know I guess -- I just saw some very good about this and they don't be a part of -- -- its unhappy that we can have you on the show today thank you and congrats on digital sandbox all the other funny you received your team. Hopefully a lot of schools will doubtless yeah Arnold so we'll take you guys for coming and -- -- ahead and Anthony had seen that was the those -- the folks from dues Lee Anthony and -- and Jesse shorter and guys check -- -- on that dues Lee dot com. We'll be right back and -- -- KC show after the break thinks releasing. Welcome back to the entrepreneur Casey -- chasing earlier host alongside. Erica Walsh later my guess us today did a great job there can blast -- -- Little -- is on our first segment earlier in the show they also weren't so comparing news this week which pretty exciting for them what their deal with the Indy you know campaign and also want to mention a front flip. Which has been their CEOs and on the show. Brenda mine -- miles works there hit their one millionth user last weeks -- there. There in about five or six big cities now and just -- it's fantastic to see McKinsey company. Getting bigger on the national stage as well now I've sort of -- have a unique fourth segment of the show -- last segment say we have. T agents with the same name in Syria -- from that we're gonna talk about. Two different kind of businesses. In Kansas City one of which is called West Side Story it's an area store located in the west -- area downtown. Off seventeenth and somebody you know an area and Shareef eaten there before oh absolutely yeah and walked -- different area there and we're gonna have. When the guys who second -- studios on as well on considering trading socks for reclaimed wood to hand that I do some real local self awareness negotiated with him I know I don't -- -- I know solo we -- lucky to have. Chris Harrington and Chris dornin in Syria as Eric yes let's get the chris' -- Chris and I know each other from. Mutual friends from. You know handful of years probably -- fighters and and then Chris cornea we're just meeting in studio then he's he's the project director at second -- straight sets in the second light studios skis and so it's good to have you guys in Syria today. It's really funds will be fun -- -- -- out you -- -- and be -- thought rob the store system where can I word we had a breakfast earlier today and we -- talking about what's the story. So cut Telus is about the store because I'm a big fan. Got great stuff in there. Oh well thanks so much for saying that you know it's been such a fun experience the story itself has kind of changed since we know net from being. And antiques store with different vendors more so. Kind of cushion and -- he can and clothing store and accessories with antiques and kind of distant a generation fund vibe that. -- hang out and listen music and and shopper. And full of Kansas City staff come and -- it it is it is so fun to have you know Jason's got his socks in the -- from sock -- no wind and we've got some great. You know local insiders and clothing and jewelry from sand lot to Charlie hustle to. Some different photographers is just a really cool experience being -- work and hang out with guys that started local business. Not only to have that they also have me. George Brett autographed bat I'd see in that store I've seen that rookie card autographed and their -- is a newspaper from my gash in his own mind. You know -- yet there's all kinds of fun stuff I think it's fun just go around fund objects and you know if it's the -- if it's the right corner I think you'll pick -- up the more soda shop around in and find some clothes and accessories and I'm trying to think it's mother unique stuff I mean -- They -- out sneak out rattlesnake taxidermy and that's not yet they're employees let heard. All of leopards -- and I mean she's you've got a lot of cool year that it. Answers the people of Kansas City you have to get a seat historic his and we just like Chris saying. Is a placing it lost and forget our and just -- around is there's always something new or on the next court. While I appreciate you saying that but it's we were really enjoyed being in the area. And be on the west side is such an up and coming cool spot it's Fonda hang out the guys that come through when you hear about history in the area and and be part of this the really exciting -- and in. I advised you know to have lunch or something or dinner or their Tina. Yeah I mean it's you know everyone knows I'm so local yeah I mean you've got local -- -- -- got -- -- got novel but there's a lot of cool Casey -- area restaurant in place for an encore -- almost -- -- just blustery -- are you read everywhere everywhere and sometimes people are realized just west of the poor performing arts for all this. Little seeker -- the KC but I encourage anybody come checking out some really. Look condos -- over there two -- white house press I can only read on the streets here it has -- -- -- and an imminent IA. There's only so gone wrong for now and I'm not a book called out that's an that's a great area so -- so Chris. You got involved with that. Urban kind of urban designer ring gifts -- -- -- Buchanan can't do is -- Chris you're right over their correct correct and that is second light studios. Yeah so so why I became friends with Chris sit through some mutual friends like you know nine and have always kind of been a huge fan and their products and as they've. Gained some publicity and notoriety in the area I've always put a pipe near your hey I would love to be part of this the story what you guys are doing here in Kansas City. So I I represented a little bit of their line and the store and then I also. We work together throughout the week can kind of go around it. Chris and you can tell a little bit about that kind of stuff done that so I just tell us about. Think -- serious story the other house studios were actually. As we are today only about a year and a half older so. We started as a few separate businesses by friends from college carpentry businesses and metalworking. Whenever I did you collect cancel something like that already canceled it's insulting to -- -- -- religion I was so does it burn you out there got. And so we found ourselves working together so much wonder that we said. What are what are we passionate about what what are we captivated by in -- make this into letting it actually means. So we started singing I stooges than a year and a half ago with a vision of re claiming -- people places and things we we think it's a relief. Inspirational leader if honestly so we're we're captivated by space we think. You know as an -- of Kansas City goes in and you seeing people come back people captivated captivated and in trance by the grit of the city. People are coming back and things are being reclaimed and things are being renovated you know just like -- the space here at west side draft so it's the same thing like that's what's happening there and so wiest and what started as just. Couple guys and a wood shop has now turned into. Design build fabrication space where we work with commercial residential clients from coast to coast and we do. Space creation we we wanna create space for people and being community and I'm sometimes it looks like small projects with woodworking and turned it looks like -- -- -- -- nation. Yeah a lot of clients that's true you did. Clients is that he is Anheuser-Busch to boulevard to. And you know different construction companies and in advertising firms looks like kill you in. Talk Republicans on Melissa haven't -- and he's checked that as little as delicious as it -- that's us so yes so I mean if I may be you know just. A business owner or a company that is expansionist how would -- how to go about this you know I made the joke to -- my man I'm really winning today. A brand new bad friend like every claim would like cool I looked in and it's my card for vendetta that looked kind of pricing of Michael my -- -- out of and I -- I'm not going to be as going to be twelve to fourteen pairs of socks and it's ask us well probably. But yeah I mean how do we how does how does this all happened how to -- -- we get started in this process. Well we tried to -- Super personal. So even if you go to our website we have contact form -- that actually comes to me. I'm or Crist right here Chris Harrington who has won a lesson and we do have an office phone number but. I would say 90% of it goes through our personal lines so we get to know our clients. We want to need to call us because we create what we call legacy fracture. Now which is like in nice you know artful way of saying will build stuff for -- will be around an -- mean so you given a pass on -- your family. Com it's -- because that's kind of process we take we sit down our clients. We ride out what they're trying to accomplish so if you wanted to be and we say it will. You know why do you want something -- what you know it's not just a place to sleep can be much more we talk about material choices we designed it we -- you sign off on it and then we start Roland. So in and prices can you know the materials and methods dictate price so. Somebody wants him dead four X amount dollars to -- economy. When did this kind of all come back into. You know and she didn't say -- its daily reclaim what I have reclaimed -- coffee table. And I'm on the day and I built to them and I'm embarrassed to say a word got out. But I -- -- now it will yeah how would actually had to -- I mean that is that is kind of the yeah I've I've dated. Girls before that have built her had people bill like tables like this and and I it's just the last years I feel like it's become more. Kind of popularity it's the reclaimed -- you know I. This is gonna maybe make too much of it but I think it's a response to you culture I think its response to. I'm what our parents -- -- parents parents have done you know people chase the American dream and they want the house the car with the kids you know all that such. But with the pre fabrication of much of our products and you know there's nothing wrong nothing wrong with that if your economy's got to churn. But people are returning to handmade they're turning to things that reflects. The -- authenticity of their life that they want so. They wanna buy products that were presents one of and and how they wanna lives and often to class so I think that's how we've come about specifically is almost in reaction to you. Like an anti pre fabrication. And has since Sarah sounds like he does have done a lot of different things than being branded do you have a favorite projects -- worked on resigning tells about. To you. But yes for wanna give it to you. That is what much air products we've done and we did we did about nine months ago was actually in New York with Sony music. Who worked one of their division their -- on generator studios here in New York. And the guy came to us and them. He. We never had drawings -- -- to draw everything -- it was us designing 65 custom tables three different sizes. That worry you have a huge warehouse -- you put all went to get together a specific order that would be one giant pattern. And just in looked they wanted tables that remind them of a weathered tattoo on a biker. Which like that was our design notes they can imagine our craftsmen hated me. -- -- But we -- -- creating these tables working with the local artists and Dan -- know who. Created these tables you know custom steel frames custom tops. We shipped him out followed on delivered on the air. -- we're really proud need to deliver a product there and say he's from its cells -- surprised plus there's no tables I and the world. Now nowhere now that's a cool and what was the other one. Arm I would actually say BR GR downtown. And the car like a parent I am DRG -- -- they opened at six months ago maybe and they. It was it was a restaurant that it's in power in -- but they want and everything to be very warm and you know very until memorial dole version of what's in Prairie Village. Instead they came into us and down town let us leave the design -- most of the restaurant so they need they told us what -- -- -- for an -- they essentially said trust us. And so we do we did the whole restaurant those tables. You don't go and a mini restaurants have tables with -- that's 175 years old. You know from trees are planted before the declaration -- his findings and in this way an imam or -- and all -- city -- all can see source so we find Barnes stared down deemed an album plain and down and join them and we make fresh. So yeah it's dirty and we have great workers come. Says that I'm us I'm not. But I like to look good to. I do like the second life studio's -- I think it's pretty pretty cool it's cool now -- based -- you do it I -- and we -- a local designer work on its we wanted something has really simple but memorable one. And I just a part of the history and and I think Syria and it's it's it's a hit it it's you know kind of part of that yet the tools on there yet that -- is a -- what are joke is who are logos are really big. Hammer and chisel because. We don't build anything that's light -- easy. So you can't you can't make things lightly emirates as though we're talking to Chris and decreases Chris Terry ticker story. Chris is Chris from. Westside story and second life studios. Check them out a secular studios dot com. And then what is what side stories a website is just the USA zero West Side Story with you line dot com connect -- -- Indian out down there and and say Sarah commencing Graham would. Second life and westside has both so follow us and we try to keep up composed with what's current and relevant -- -- school and it's against sampling of what you guys are working on. Yeah right now we tried to end with both companies don't always try to -- it and try to get people look at what's going on -- -- in the status is not just like finished products it's. I'm shenanigans. Boots you know foolishness that is hopefully make us in more than just a website that like complete action on our shopping it now. We're very cool guys we really appreciate you coming in the studio. Pro listeners out there and check out the West Side Story dot com and the second life studios dot com Cruces the chris' -- yes thank you under a thing -- check out. Check -- I think it's a bill -- sometime soon. As well and we found out we'd love to help us or tell us what I'm during the not that I'm not a political. I love I love it -- it -- her community as the season. -- great show today you come in the studio and -- be hosting today and we'll definitely have you on again since he did a great job. Guys you can find on -- -- -- came easy dot com all the podcasting you connect can connect with me on Twitter at chasing girls and at entrepreneur Casey's. Have a great weekend takes -- listen to Gunter KC show we'll see you next time.