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Entrepreneur KC Radio 1.14.14

Jan 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the jury -- reason to loosen got to visualize playing -- and very clear about the money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start up. College. Should plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur George Casey your voice more entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions ever made with your host Jason -- Both Kansas City and welcome city entrepreneur KC show us. I'm your host chasing -- back Freya as my am bored out places say another exciting episode of entrepreneur Casey. We have all big show and soared today held a lot of difference community is -- today. Minutes kind of highlight the show now we're gonna have the first -- do it right O'Connell firm influence -- -- Columbia Missouri they're doing work all over the country. Ryan's gonna talk to us about. Thought leadership. Publishing content. And everything you need to know about growing your base for more of a content marketing media standpoint says he's gonna be on the show in the first segment. We also are going to have -- Lewis and Jared Tyler from those slabs talking about growing your business. They do a lot of different work with startups in Kansas City to help grow. Your company you're technically handle people's tech needs entrepreneur needs and what not actually have not met him yet so I'm excited to have him in studio. Individuals from new slabs. We're gonna have -- remote on the show for network Kansas he's a great guy. Many people thirteen casino for his involvement in the start Cheney and network Kansas did a tax credits incidents deal where this sort of village at the end of last year so it's going to be inching to have him on the show Yeltsin is a former political boss he it was actually worked in the White House ugly the year before I did some excited talking about. So they'll war stories about Washington DC and we're gonna. We're gonna finish the show with. The guys are -- -- Perry it's a law firm in Kansas City didn't getting a lot of attention for the you said -- -- -- can hear it's. And his partner will be on the show. Johnny I've known Johnny for probably. Oh gosh five piracy -- years maybe five day years he went off to California for awhile. And is a extremely experienced attorney. And doing some really revolutionary things and growing his business in the LCI entrepreneurial business organizations face some really should talk to about declined. And also talked to him and his partner about what their practices and how they help startups. Couple housekeeping notes you can find us on line. At on Twitter at entrepreneur Casey and you can connect with me online at. Jason grill. Also -- Jason real dot com. We have all of our podcasts on came BZ dot com there's a publishing page there now which is. Pretty cool they've they've revolutionized it so look. -- -- -- For making us look pretty here. And then you can find us on FaceBook at entrepreneur Casey radio. Appreciate all of you that a fall that connecting with me. And continued to grow the entrepreneurial space in Kansas City and throughout the country so. And just that is what we have going on and I will mention later in the show. We have a new class of spark clouds. Start ups they -- ten other -- sure we'll highlight those and kind of get that information to you as we go along today bit. Since we are short on time in his first segment I wanna bring in. Different mind who is on the well we call this mark we should call this the three new media sponsorship for this Holland we don't have one yet but if you like to sponsor a phone hotline. Give me a Twitter message -- we have Brian O'Connell who is in the vice president of business development. At its influence in Cairo actually I think he does the vice president archer Ryan. -- Half half half full look -- news show and I you know the many people in Kansas City know about your background little a little bit and just because you've been doing so much to kind of work in the entrepreneurial space in Kansas City and throughout the country but for those that don't community sure self and tell -- about what you do it influencing -- Yeah I had absolutely I mean we. We started school at cal about two years ago four point gains additional talent agent and two. Really -- -- on the idea that you know there was really no look -- -- organic way to. Certainly regarded and create an online presence and increase you know highly quality educational content. To be alert to grow and not traverse -- influence and credibility on the line we you know without going into -- Major PR firm major marketing firm typically on the coast. And spending and on and a lag and so I -- -- natural progression are being obvious they're a wanna be involved in. And the growing in the city market we have a remote office. -- -- listened to actually get up and tried to announce that that makes source out. Even more repugnant and can be outward outside a couple of employees work out posts I think they're partners they're crossroad and yeah I'm just excited to be a partner under the crunch you'd be. We typically out our hands and act all couple all across the country and we're proud columns -- at home and and trapped you reclaim our Kansas City -- -- -- like it calls the speed. The -- in I really appreciate you guys are opening an office we we work together guys on different project trying to hire friends and he totally understands the media space that I work in actual understand with debut on line so. Brian tell hustled about the process that you go through it influencing -- win you know he prospecting new member and then they become a part of the business. Sure well you know that the biggest struggle. First start -- is it gaining credibility right obligates. You know how these these startup again to -- accelerators work. I'm just slogans and starting and you wanna deal with the game completely and condition of the day gain. New paint irons in being quietly actually won't be working and you know struggle -- -- getting this high quality content now. And you know. People always just wanna go -- for our that it eagle or -- Or whoever -- content exchange obviously it was really valuable but people misunderstood that and are creating contact. Had a great. -- -- -- -- And they weren't so concerned about the strategy behind the contact. This -- that's why I'm back on and then. And how do you like the conference will be dreams and want and we really wanted to sit down and and figure out what they're currently doing term marketing what they're doing church. -- is how. You know in about strategy. Further marketing and and really hold in -- you know what -- at least in the program Lester cancel stands for. And really equality carpet coming from the -- around that. And so my biggest suggestion there in the first founders and entrepreneurs and CEOs and companies as well as start small and start with looking Keating -- contact. I'll talk a lot about you know talk about your car working well let's talk about your arms talk about obviously mean Jason he read a lot about. -- accuse each actually had. Not from the way to look at your kitty church community and opened so -- doors for you out for the -- start ups or. The mayor for the governor and there's some new doors -- opened and that type of quality content that you like it appears. With all our members and partners funds. I got to point this out to our listeners everyone knows it on the big music fan Ryan isn't easy graduate and he also is simply tie which. I also on the submit guys -- there is they kindred spirit here on this interview but. You might have seen Ryan rocking some sock on the ones that Truman if you see you in Kansas City or. You know when he Kansas suck when ones as he's a supporter and has helped -- growing growth -- in Colombia in that market -- Thank you Brian for that Ryan. Comments I know you wrote an article for Forbes Ryan also besides generating business and in leading as vice president of influencing can also. Does his own content marketing his own thought leadership his -- You know writing and that's one of the things he practices what he preaches you're an article about common misconceptions and -- leadership. Dumb can you kind of just kind of highlight may be potentially some of those things that you think are kind of misunderstood. Now in that marketplace. Sure absolutely I think you know wanted to dig into account some earlier that you know it's not that it's not you'll like. You know you're gonna spend time the CEO or soccer and -- don't catalog aren't. You're gonna spend -- -- sit down. It's not about growing your ego yeah how we wanna grow up your personal brand to get you any more doors and and you gain more visibility both -- to understand that part of bigger picture part of your sister company -- so once you kind of stepped it ego aside and actually be chopped meat. Any kind of an Oscar exterior that close torched. Quote success. It's it's tougher operator Tokyo -- let. The deal that I didn't understand that you'd be writing about things that are going to motor company or. And and on the other side of that there's a lot of customers that cultures don't election period -- and they don't wanna be -- -- you know it's almost. It is it's almost self restraint that your your extra -- if you're successful company. It's opposite copyright and not not be getting back your community and are beginning to. Are your clients and prospects because. -- -- obviously done something right while partners don't stumble on the success. Usually you'd be right about how -- got there what you know what the tricks retreated traders and that's why. -- this this console world so huge. Because startup option errors are coming one after the other looking up you don't who have succeeded in that. What's in the interests. Couldn't agree more I think it's very Smart media person you know let's -- to give back it's to do that helps you grow your company and also to. How she continue to keep her name out there no matter what you're doing whether it's this physician working on or another business I think media PR. From both a when I handle what is due amount on line and also some radio and writing that trauma you guys into which is surely our mind. Targeted audience del -- On -- with some leadership can you tell us quickly here -- you know we obviously know you work with startups you've worked with different sort of -- -- the country. What -- you guys doing canyon talked about some your client you work with. And on and on a bigger scale and even working with some beer corporations and growing the company and that way as well. Sure -- in the way that we kind disheartening that I need increment venture backed start up and and I don't mean does that. Alienate bootstrap starting -- leader of the church and up put that venture backed our founders and -- The but the scale would be fortune 100 grants used in the recently started working with. Christie -- actually help them connect with all the parents it's on you wouldn't think of that. Eight you know one of the Kyle Parker sixty commerce sites in the world. How much trouble truly reaching all the disorders -- there are pregnant or what coming in and being able to. Helped develop an overall strategy. And understanding -- contact again not about just pushing out content and left to right. It's about creating meet important and also content to be able to engage the audience slowly comes -- call it. Exactly we would we be equality. Two network that branch here but. I'm really hit it's so important that you can stand and that at a time one on one piece and really get a lot out of the -- you. You know like a civil war -- -- your children need to shout in in three years for our peace not a -- and they're trying to spinning their wheels so to speak until I'll -- -- the first example out of one of the larger you know fortune 100 brands that. We're coming and helping. I kind of diet now -- it reached -- -- very highly targeted. Markets about -- the next steps for. Apple are companies working with those the larger plan. I will say this to if you guys check out influence. And code dot com that's where you can find out more information about. What Ryan doesn't what the company does there's a great new website. And they also having eight -- guide to thought leadership that you can download through web site. Of Riley got a minute left. How can decide the -- and how can people connect with you I know you. Will be coming to Kansas City. Obviously you go to all the different events throughout the country and give speeches but what is the best way to connect with the -- to learn more -- -- and and -- some rewriting that you've done. Yeah I mean really just to visit our website influence -- cart dot com need we wanted to be their main -- of information when it comes to. I content marketing and partnership that country's resources on merit. A whole lot of -- and social media links you -- can check out. To follow -- and yeah would you encourage you to to reach out and especially being here and should -- -- -- -- support -- -- -- -- overcome so there's -- that we can help I'll whether it's coffee or talk or. Enabled -- topic that you. I'm happy needed to do an either or approach that -- and city. Brian thank you very much one quick thing before I let you go what do you think music is gonna make turn this year basketball. Cash I don't know like I -- who actually spoke to us that I've. I'm just. -- how can we are actually art every year and so it's always to try to I think an eight. No no I -- I -- if you -- turning game at some point in the near future. And but you know Ryan I appreciate you come on the shelves year round soon buddy and have a great week seeking grads are you working on. -- -- We'll be right back in the -- TC should. -- Welcome back to the -- -- KC show I'm your host Jason grills. I think Randall -- for coming on the shelves and the first segment from influencing -- the VP. Great to have him on the line from Columbia Missouri and great place. Very excited about our next -- guess we have these two great Jensen studio we have green gore in these CEO. Of -- slabs and and -- dialer the chief technology officer misled here today how are you guess and doesn't disagree sudden sound great to see Iran's program I know a little bit about your other company and I know. This company if you read the web site which I've enjoyed looking at today. Came together with two friends talking of an idea and we now have misled so -- also on the side as the way you guys do. Well that's right time. When we first came Monroe is with Solomon consulting group which is still thriving and doing extremely well you're not for her Bible there -- and -- could not Jarrett and I have from. Several years Backus stayed in touch and the two massive but that is entrepreneurial flair and one day it was -- out that's -- -- just having some noodles and decided that you know -- Russia put our heads together. And the way that this kind of stormed into movie slabs is our clients from the Solomon slot kept asking us to you. Take on app development take on some. More season programming. Challenges that they have head and how his policy missiles to a lot of our entrepreneurial friends -- -- -- And then giving away the business and I had a lease references from our current clients that need the help. Serve Jared and I chatted and have me slabs those born -- -- Some noodles and a good idea. Talking about you know how we can solve this problem a little bit better than that we faults though that Kansas City had seen so far. And Jared you have a wealth of experience obviously in this world as well isn't CTO of the company and on tell us about your kind of experience in technology. Yellow what I've done has been known software architecture I mean that's that's really the kind of the dirty list of the nerdy types of of software work. You know my my background has been in them some larger companies and his city and early in my my career and they gave me a really great. You know kind of experience in the what is now considered like software as a service and so that's something we try to offer that that kind of knowledge and background something we try to offer our clients. And IE I you have an onto her entrepreneurial bug. And about five years ago or so. I started looking for startups to get to get -- -- to start being able to do some more entrepreneurial things and and that experience. Is what we really leverage when we're trying to help other startups in Kansas City. Now I've had a chance to work for some really cool little shops and and startups and -- In when we work with customers. You know I've I've seen a lot of stuff and I've seen mistakes and I've seen successes and and didn't you know Mets. If we can cut down on the learning curve for startups. And for small companies. Or or any of our clients. Around technology mean that's really. That's really benefit -- minutes. Definitely competitive marketplace and you sit there is enough business to go around -- I work with three or four different companies. But so you guys. The main three capabilities that you look at with a client the startup are consulting designing and building kind of take me through that process of if I'd -- -- started a a tech company not a sock company. What -- we didn't -- I come dealer I say it's not just about a mobile app but it. I need help I need sits it to grow -- business and to starting to go on here. Yeah I mean. I I really like seeing things from holistic point of view and so that's really where the console design build. Kind of approach came from is that we we know when we go into. A company that there's a lot of stuff in lesser technology executives or something like that there's a lot of stuff they don't know and so it's. Trying to educate and trying to I hope that. Person realize all these other points of view are all these other things are gonna have to think about who and and so. We try really early on to -- to do that so that they're coming from a much more. So that they get to see that broader picture of you know -- -- billion after building a whole product set a set of products a suite of products potentially. And you know there's a lot more to it than just you know build my -- Yeah and great graph on the website as well at new slaps dot net. Yeah this when it's kind of expand a little bit to -- around. Jared mentioned about the consulting decent and well I think we've really made good who could mean fantastic inroads Jason is that. I have -- background is software architecture so. He understands from the ground up -- how to -- an application. None of the pitfalls to look for and how to manage the project teams if we leveraging people on side to -- shall do and -- I think that is what sets us apart from now the competition because I mean we'll learn and a lot of our friends that are in the business of doing messed. But I think there we are set apart is the fact it was -- Jarrett and some other folks not team with just deep technical background. Don't -- managing -- destroy arms and managing the projects themselves it's not people that are. Coming into the job in trying to accomplish some things I'm coming from a different Korea cost. Mean Jared is deeply rooted in net so I think from a broken perspective. Our understanding their requirements and development and then delivering it on us on the customer sees it that's the products extremely well -- at that point. I'm and then to talk about the consulting where we're really fit in well what start ups and which aren't in the team has done a brilliant job so far -- We done you know off from as a -- is when we know that a T other growers gonna get the job done a station a startup world. So that analogy is we we don't know cause people to spend money where they don't need to. And -- has a really good handle on what tools sets. I'm are out there to get the job accomplished so that people -- take a look at the product from an investor's perspective. And help them understand how to scale I'm without having to spend a lot of money up front. So it you know one of in our -- our district mentioned a couple of clients and when you guys excited summer top secret -- yeah I was alone but yeah I mean to anyone has a great deal like but one of them I'm here as of -- to -- we worked with the folks maverick -- and an espionage who we've helped them with their e-commerce science and as a result of doing that the Iraq way you -- now obviously didn't forging their relationship -- helping to -- you -- additional work in working with him once a really cool things that they developing. So that's our goal is their relationship peace and I think when -- -- to even with Solomon's background this relationship which ties the businesses here in Kansas City. And that's what's growing so while they said everyone seems to be helping each other and it's word of mouth. And when Jared and I put the business plan together a full -- slabs I'm relationship again is. Is always at the top of the list can do things right -- well do it brought the first time and guess -- They'll knock on your door. And keep count anymore more and and we are so inundated right now we've we've hired a project manager on for a team. We neither creative person that we are planning on hiring within the next couple months and probably another another business analysts are. We growing group we gonna grow like gangbusters could be very -- maybe 1215 projects and we can't handle them all. Yes sounds like dear media -- Don't know it's it is true -- I mean you guys have men in this business for awhile but your company's new hear Freddie you know after years or two you're like man I -- And they're really steal this and grow the business and are looking at some a year. Your clients on your website which lets say I need update mind I don't know dumb and -- but if you got some ones obviously I've I've heard of and I I know. Personally thank the guys are truly up plenary use -- -- and one of the things still as e-commerce is a complicated it is so he can me. Does that -- OK so guys we have about a minute left told us how -- connect with you or more about how they can get. Touch. Well our website is probably the best places start it's new slabs dot net. And we have a contact form on their -- get a hold a civil sinister message. We also have all -- the contact info so. As probably the best place to start come you'll find a sit lots of networking events if there especially in the entrepreneurial. Activities think big and and down spark labs -- were were purpose of our clients are there are so were were connecting with people every day as chosen. And that's -- that assignment he will work with that's great Israel and start -- small businesses agencies nonprofits. There really just ever. And it is about the relation to -- I will now it's for that merely hundreds so I liked you gradually you guys on. Jumping out there at the other adventure and a grand it's always great to see you as well thank you -- your tennis game. That's struggling yeah I've got a lot of console looking at it that's a lyzard. Backup for afflicting fox and time do best efforts it is the great seeing you guys that was -- Tyler yeah. Called amendment -- Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host and Jason -- For the third segment today. Barea and stick to talk to our next guest before we do. I'm going to you fall -- a promise -- the issue today I mentioned that sparkle that Casey revealed his ten starts further second accelerator class. And Kevin -- of there is -- public with these companies Sony to mention them to you or you might have heard it's on the second class begins. I'm junior -- I think there's 3 April 11. We have unpleasant you do. We have coupon club we have crew krill Leo I think I said -- correctly do easily. Which I've actually Poulter talked to many times Anthony over their d.s -- he regrets to him. A life equals lucky orange we've had on the entrepreneur KC show. Minute -- meant one cap app and toasty our -- one -- that toasty -- to which successfully. Created a kick -- to campaign we've had them on the show. Mary and staying around five and one -- which aggressive them. And you check which old mission to see what they do so those are the ten a second class. Companies that will be going through the sparkle -- TC accelerator program here in Kansas City so congrats this company's. And -- congrats to Kevin Fryer for all the work he's doing in Kansas City and his team with the -- -- C accelerator. Our next guest is in studio -- on the director of statewide programs for network Kansas wants a Koran pages and -- Good to see and transparency is always Corey and I had coffee beginning of I think to the Indians are end of last year and we. We got to talk to an end. Mean it was amazing how much reading come wasn't of course is. I kind of creepy actually -- -- prize in what would get to that a little bit bullets are -- theater view. By telling the listeners a little bit about. Your background what you do it network Kansas Ian what exactly is network against her. Well it's interesting I I feel like I've found that. The nexus of a few worlds that have come together with this job that I have a network Kansas and my background is. It's art for newer by nature or start a business. Right out of college in Saint Louis. I call planning initiatives and did some work with small communities trying to help them. Develop property. Kind of get the hope that they needed to take on projects -- mainly real real estate related projects. And Saddam. Transition into a couple of different realms Saddam some of which were. A little more political in nature of that and now in a place where I am serving the public. Now with this nonprofit network Kansas and we're helping off for Norris connector of the right resource at the right time Tom -- affiliate of some your listeners may be familiar with source link means. You're in Kansas City where an affiliate of source links that we use the source like model is kind of a foundation for what we do in Kansas that. But we've kind of layered additional resources and including some funding mechanisms. Loan instruments and some. Equity instruments as well. And then -- you know we just do our best to find new ideas to pilot and try in Kansas com we. Take on some export calls them minor small experiments along the way we like to test things then. You know I kind of consider myself and I consider organization. Now on different orders who are in the public sector. That's great and that we need more than actually I think we do then. We've got to re calibrate how -- Calculate risk and reward but yeah. Who you had the exact same majors that I had in college I'm an economics major and minor in political science a -- English university and he went to washing her series obviously is a more. A bigger name school I guess nationally. Although slew was very expensive school yes I brought that up very expensive both very well thought out there there are so Lola. CSC you do a lot with development Odyssey entrepreneurship. A lot in the economic and entrepreneurial sector. Tell us a little bit about I knew you had a partnership with Sarah village last year Yahoo! was that part pilot projects like yeah we -- we call -- a pilot project. Absolutely so it totally it absolutely was a pilot projects. -- it's something that we have a network Kansas we have a the program it started as a pilot and called the -- for ownership community program and so what we did was we worked with communities. Primarily in rural Kansas and offered them an opportunity. Two markets a portion of state tax credits that we have available are made available by the state of Kansas for us. And those communities there were able to market and sell those credits com created a leadership team and a financial review board and essentially had control of local revolving loan fund to support entrepreneurs and their community. Lots of other. Services were layered -- to those communities and our layered and we currently have 44 of those partnerships communities in Kansas and quite a few. And so this was eighty. Kind of -- experiments off of the experiment the the -- community experiments with a very successful. We were attempting to and see if we could. Do this kind of activity support these -- for Norris and more of an urban setting and also more of a start of cluster type setting. Which we've never done before and so we offer an opportunity to start a village. We are still in the process of kind of diagnosing. How that is all going to play out -- what it will look like can but I'm confident will continue to have ongoing relationship with the start -- village and looking for ways to support them along with other partners here. Kansas City share share down one of the things adding is it seizure vision and over Kansas it's. The whole organizations to -- devoted to establishing growth much ownership and small businesses as a priority for economic and community development. I'm do we have a similar partner on the Missouri setters or is this very unique for Kansas. I think it's pretty unique you know right I don't know all audience announced Jason you would know a lot better than I would and I don't think we did OK I admit maybe they'll be this is something that I'm talking you out there in media. Government space that we should duplicate. -- tougher sometimes to Missouri to fall Kansas lead because. We're bitter rivals but as we're trying to build one Kansas City. Now and I'm no longer in office anymore so I can say that what Kansas City tennis be a successful -- -- -- should be yes so. I just think this is a really. Cool. Be unique really seeing a government. You know. Endeavor and an idea I just I like now get I think it's unique. One of the reasons that I think it works is we are we were craters and nonprofit kind of a quasi governmental entities so. We're not officially tied directly to a state agency that's good which I think lends itself to being more entrepreneurial because you have a little more. You know little more closely rope but you have a little more from you -- -- and try things and you don't there's does and it's red tape. Yeah it's indexes were able but he -- -- the be flexible and nimble and try things and we have a supportive independent board of directors that allows us to do that -- and I do you think we are unique compared other states you know I don't know what Missouri exactly com there are groups like source link that are tied to state government that support Missouri that your but I would say. Broadly looking at other states -- there isn't really. Anything like -- you're you're really just run around town -- we -- connecting your connector yes I'm did it connector is it mostly are you mostly hear you mostly -- speaker. I split my time I stones. Probably the majority my time in Topeka. But I do spend at least two days a week in Kansas City and you're right it's about connecting and trying to figure out who's where and when they do and where their passions lie and how -- we connects. You know one of like when we met how to connect you know my passion your passion mixing different. And so we're sitting at that it is likely going to let me guess. And I had no idea that Korea over your head had been a state politics before had run for office. And it was really sing because it it it makes complete sense to me. Like your whole campaign earlier noon and and I had no idea -- worked in the White House and had worked for the same and Steve that I had in the White House which is just crazy and his cronies you're what we were like 98 I was sick outs in the spring of 98 C and I I didn't the summer of 2000. That was an election year so is always more. You know crazy was -- for an eleven. So it was more flexible you mentioned that you got to find they're forced to Missouri and a threat isn't so tell me about Sarah quick guy I think this or is fascinating for. -- -- -- -- -- But I and it's a long story so keep it short but. Essentially I was working. In the vice president's office in his advance office which is -- travel. I travel arrangements to make sure that the earth. You know it's very tough very come volunteers or -- events ready getting events ready volunteers on the ground and it's. Did Robert reasonably good job I'd say it as an intern and going -- extra mile course I was and speak about these kinds of thing must Josiah I was so I'm so excited about it that I. I went and you know I didn't wanna leave work because when else are you gonna be in that kind of environment. And got to the end of my intern ship and there is an opportunity with the vice president traveling to the Middle East for the fiftieth anniversary of Israel he was gonna take a trip and go to Israel and Egypt and Saudi Arabia. And I had this -- I'll never forget this conversation where I was asking by the person that supervised name. You know hate -- -- interest in doing some extra work on this trip and of course I'm thinking I'm gonna pack up more stuff the mail out. Amid a book more trouble death. Oh no we would like you to write on the plane. I'm -- all the bags around. You know and support the embassy when you get in town getting the bags to -- and all and I just. It was just the year -- -- did you decide. Now goes to anyone -- -- I was 21. He flew over there. Flew over on the plane you talked to the vice president I've met him a few times when I was an intern and a that's a really she stories as well which we won't go into on the shelf but you actually. That's insults and -- and -- There result there is complete accident I was sitting up with some of those staff that had invited me to be on the strip death. And we were in the staff lobby section of the plane and the vice president -- his hand out unexpectedly walks over and just starts going to town on the chips and salsa it's sitting in front of Vietnam like him sit -- -- and they're not turn -- not stop him -- I was Lebanon and he has an awful chips and a slap me on the back and it's a good work Vietnam a strip the minute walk back and close the door. Never forget that I that I actually had -- -- -- we had Tea Party at the his house. And -- barbecue type thing and there it was it's just it was so nice to have like when you you go to the office every day embassy in time it's pretty serious you know we talked about blue badges in the western you know about a meeting that. Then to have I kind of more relaxed setting with yes the media and vice president's wife of vice president had a different staffers. It's got a cool I mitigates it's a good memory that you have and we look back now we have got acute running you know and the leading and helping with network Kansas think about that experience that you hadn't. He kind of you know it's more you've had -- you know experience is a lot it's a life experience. Now remember -- John McCain and talking to him at one point NN -- people from both parties all perspectives but -- to -- and you almost felt like it was like Forrest Gump moment like when I doing here and how to get in the -- -- is just a cool thing until I had this same thing I was in the west wing with Bill Clinton was meeting with Yasser Arafat. And ID was had a blue badge and walk through the west wing nuts giving. Eminem's. For our office presidential and then I. We'll never get this I dropped. Like five boxes on the floor right in front of the Oval Office and then that's their Secret Service is just like to his kid I had literally picked -- analysts fast like it but anyway unless -- -- -- so of course there's so many great things you're working on. On tell our listeners how they can connect -- -- outings and it was network Kansas. To help. -- -- spacing is seeing it aired in Kansas and intensity sure well come -- easy way to connect with us is to visit our website. Www. Network Kansas dot com. That's all spelled out we have a free referral center of the people can utilize. If you're in the Kansas City area source link is a tremendous resource and you can certainly called -- locally. Tom we have a few additional services that can be provided funding wise and network Kansas. And might my contact information all on the website and I'd welcome hearing from anybody who had a question or thought that. He gets now promotes a B grade really appreciate coming on the show guys its network Kansas dot com. Corey it's always great to see if you haven't met Korea guys you can catch -- pride and a million cups or. One of the touch material that's Indian cities -- a lot of knowledge and wealth of knowledge and he can. He's just an inching -- -- of the subjects of Corey thank you thank you thanks for us on the show it's grown from network to insist. We'll be right back on the entrepreneur Casey -- thanks for listening -- Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host -- -- growth great just so far today appreciate all of this. Great guest come and in studio and also Ryan O'Connor on the phone line and if. -- segment today. We're gonna finish -- the show today with a very stylish Jenin an -- sort -- We have John -- hurts from can -- it's Perry which is a law -- in Kansas City. They -- business litigation firm representing clients highly regulated industries. John has done a lot different work throughout the country. Was different private equity companies and also. He is hey it worked with a lot of technology companies and entrepreneurs and I think. Wanted to have a launch -- can't talk to the listeners about how he can help you and some of the things they're trying to do in their practice -- John welcome to the show. That's not always call you Johnny site I I don't your bio official about you have jobs so level. I'll call you by John if you like you can call me John or John I feel like we're at that level John Johnny had they awesome beard guys heard as you can -- the holiday season out clean shaven. -- or is radio appearance today which are greatly appreciate it yes. I think. Clean shaven and will really the reason as I wouldn't achieve if we hadn't gone on the news yeah today still let's talk about that -- briefly -- first actually want you -- -- Tell our listeners about what you do in your law firm in the we'll get into what you talked guaranteed that. Sheer. So we started our firm about eight months ago. When I moved back from Laguna Beach which you know it innocents is tough to do I imagined. It's is that it is tough to do its custody because it's not like you open your doors. To a restaurant or something or a lot of retail shop when we open your doors to law firm you've got to have clients. Otherwise you just sit there and you know to earlier thumbs and the you've got a law firm. -- doesn't exist without without clients know that's that's the most difficult parts he may have removed from. Sunny Southern California currently gonna reach back to Kansas City you came from here correct aka. Yes that transition like for. It was. It was a little painful just. Just because Laguna -- death paradise -- ostensibly a very expensive. And -- from Kansas City and I'm born and raised here growth among next. And Kansas city's one of those towns where when you make connections with people who. ET poem right and it's just that type the town and so opening a law firm. In California as oppose opening offerman Kansas City it was kind of a no brainer right so in it was a combination of what I was doing it kind of run its course and my partner law partner is available. And we talked about opening a firm for. I don't know about a year -- and so the timing was right and it wasn't you know again other than the weather and beautiful sunny California. Didn't there wasn't a difficult choice a threat that's right will welcome back. -- Miller about you and your partner do it at the practice at the -- -- sure I guess it's on new firm anymore it's been around for awhile now you over year yeah. What little less than a year but we are. I mean were were rock and -- mean it's one of those things where. There is pressing on those and then there's the entrepreneurial. Side of it right right were running a business to. So to answer the question as far as what is would have Braden and I do. How hard time has been practicing law that seems and pass her time is spent building a business. You know some days it's. We've got a ton of work to do and there's not enough hours in the day and other days you know we need more clients and so I think that'll always be the case right. But. -- primarily we focus our -- Business and transactional law. Brings a litigator -- white collar criminal defense for our seven or eight years with us Blackwell. And then he worked as an enforcement turning the CFTC. And then worked for mariner and my experience was private practice doing insurance offense for three years that wall Saunders and in the Johnson counting. And then I worked for a serial entrepreneur here in town known for about four years which is. And education -- another thought all right so and Ohio -- you know I -- a lot to. To the company into. The owner because we did everything I mean isn't it was. That was one of the situations where somebody. Did something that we -- had hired to do for instance build a web side. Then the next day we would hire them and start marketing company right announced a reality -- and everything. You know instead us. If -- if we wanna do invest in. -- homes. You know it's -- real estate company. And then we did it -- -- -- mortgage company that's so he's. You know he's one of those things where was it was fun a lot of work and incident that led to. The private equity world because. We were doing capital raise. And I met some guys in the private equity world that's how I ended up out in California new as General Counsel for private equity firm. And then and like I said in them back here with Braden. And our and our offer. Ten years are growing too not just the clients that with other people of the lawyers hoping you. As well correct. No absolutely yeah we hired. We hired -- we Perry who's a Kansas house trapped there. And we've got to their attorneys that worked for us. A guy named -- Lleyton who does. Trusts and estates litigation. And done. That a lot of real -- work and then Mark Wilson who's a former commissioner of the Kansas securities commission -- so. It's it's a good mix so far we're trying not -- too fast but at the same time -- some pretty strategic you know partners and. Smart that's very Smart so. How can you hope about a start up or not for her that's that's one of the things that. You know I am an attorney as well guys -- don't practice obviously as much as is John here bit. Do you what what would you advise them and how how can you help them as their as a -- their business and down the road. Right. It's some. It's typical with. Entrepreneurs. That are in this sort of phase without a lot of capital right right. Because those are often times the people and businesses that need legal work the most Britain. But they're also of the mindset that they can do it themselves otherwise they wouldn't be entrepreneurs and so it's difficult to. Convince. Those types that if they spend a little money and time with a lawyer. At the start they're probably going to spend less time in less money in the future. If they're successful. I fix problems for guys that have started great businesses that have been wildly profitable. And they end up spending far more money. Once they get to that point and have you know problems with the way they organizer with there operating agreement. You know when they go out to raise capital or. Take on another partner. Or there's some sort of you know acquisition so the answer your question. I wish we pitted. Figure out the best way to get in front of these entrepreneurs that have great ideas. Before they go ahead and start doing business right. So that's that's it's difficult -- you know T cell that. But at the same time. I think we can and we have you know -- those types and all kinds of ways even if it's as simple as. Where organized in his right and that the company correct I mean there's. You know obviously there's certain benefits the starting accompanying Kansas if you live there there's certain business you know certain benefits to. In those. Starting a business in Missouri. No matter where you live. So or or incorporating in another state depending upon what your businesses and so. Knowing those things before he gets started I think is key for entrepreneurs. It's the where are you where's your office that were actually in pretty village village of credit yes only 301 mission road. Right there between -- Fifth Amendment privilege. We'll talk about. Kind of -- Thing you're doing obviously to show here entrepreneurial and and and in -- with technology youth you've started accepting bitcoin. For certain clients is that right that is -- I saw an article in the -- business journal. -- and then also I saw a media piece last week. On channel 41 about this some more about it. So. This was something that. And then it's pretty funny because I asked. I asked ago warmly as he used to work for. If you could search is in box. This was just a couple weeks ago. Searches -- for the word bitcoin and he did an about how awesome near eighty emails popped up. And as a scroll to bottom -- standing behind them. And scrolls the bottom and there's an email from John -- -- saying. Hey I just read about this then it seemed somewhat interest staying put and not really sure. That we should pursue it let's discuss some. And that was in June of 2011. Because. I also looked at it for. Some of the guys that I worked for in the private equity world is possible investment. Soul when it popped up again. People with a client of ours that makes that manufactures the mining machines it was something that. First laws entrusted in have been interest and and but I haven't pursued. So was of an opportunity to pursue pursue. Not only. Taking payments and then I guess experience seeing what it is too. Operate in the world of -- but the same time you know to support our client and quite possibly. You know as an investment opportunity and so you know they offered to pay us we got a client that's in the industry in August 7 they offered to pay us and -- corner and then we said. Yes sure right so let's try it until it happens and so it's it's one of those things where I old not professed that I am an expert. Because it is fairly complex. But it is. Gaining a lot of traction as we've seen in the news. And and it's exciting I mean I like talking about it and people like asking questions about its entry. It's a bubble up through that before our credit you know it's good there's some bigger companies doing it now price for that. So who knows you know. You know it's one of those things are hopeful of -- on here and see what's. One it's another study in thin net going up. Right -- good precedent so what it's trading it's trading yesterday it was around 902 point four dollars for one corn and and today it is. Four of us. 924 dollars for one Colin the that was it that was below about. Below was last year announced that net today it didn't right now it's at 920 dollars a coin. So so if you look at. And missiles on the the Newton the news look great by the way -- like the -- sure and thank you very much I also and -- -- a stylist her socks. Good over it so what were you saying sorry none let's. It was it was so this was on the the the news we shared with the McGrath that was in Forbes that's. If you invested a hundred dollars. On February 2 Tony thirteen. By December 30 two points thirteen that 100 dollar investment would have made view -- -- worth 5000 dollars. So you know it's while extremely volatile which is I think there were a lot of the reluctance for businesses to. Get into it. You tell me I should have put a hundred -- -- black at the casino setter for a while it's down under no I should put out -- last year well to be great if they have you know big corner that will notice. To get its existing sort of fall that's pressure yes no it is and it's one of those things where there is out an obvious risk. Two. You know to accepting. Payment and bitcoin Ortiz simply investing in and bitcoin as commodity against. Well John I appreciate you come on the show today on how can our listeners connect preview via the -- Try to -- sure yeah absolutely -- can go to our web site. Can you hurts period dot com. Getting hurt is KE NN YHERTZ. Perry as PE RY dot com best picture. And that's -- that's why you have yet to trek series your attorneys your -- your content information your about page on what's he Ghana and appreciate -- it just feels great he's -- -- You know right you're always a stylist Jen so how humble those unhappy day nonstop along well. Both -- it's more fair we should be I need more pairs and I was actually talking to bring about doing some. Can he hurts pear 'cause themselves -- -- Sox. Christmas presents to all work on things here -- -- how fluid that those guys I think solicited yachts -- -- Casey showed today appreciate you connect with -- on Twitter -- entrepreneur Casey and adjacent growth have a great week and we'll talk pieces.