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The Radio Dish 1.5.14

Jan 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No yeah small but limited when -- major problem -- you don't need a hero and yeah. All along the way and call will be taking your heroes -- bombing to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order for -- deposits flood brings water heaters and all your blowing me. -- -- -- -- It's an important part of planning -- care is no we have options and signature funerals take the mystery on the process owner -- boomer says pre planning is the -- and -- taken proactive approach to preen cleaning -- cleaning up for your vehemently at the -- -- the -- your family members have confidence they're doing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- whether it's commissioner traditional preparation whether -- service and -- for freedom -- in their own church may feel better knowing that this is what you meant. Signature funerals dot com. How Darcy here and a fabulous and it this morning at the -- should be you know I just came back from my investment else. Gillian Smith and Christina -- and financial solutions and Kendrick a plastic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. I like it is the statement and the man recorder that's too bad you know when you remember those days. A statement that I didn't understand listing investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those I'm -- -- losses mean really less -- on the out. You know exactly when and on through why can't do well in advance financial he'll be and they can help you to. Now at face to face quarterly review I understand all of my investments. We can retire. We -- and where my retirement income will be coming round. How -- here you I think I mean -- them huddling in touch with them to online financial pants that count tell and -- Securities offered through the securities company ink -- -- septic. It doesn't kill. It's time to leave the dishes in the sink and dish about something. It's important to you. And now three chicks who think they ruled the roost it's -- radio dish. Today welcome to the radio -- gosh I haven't seen you guys since last. I -- aren't funny and well whatever it was gonna like -- yeah it is three dish in a brand new year 2014 dance star seed Blake -- heart and Mary McKenna what you hear the radio dish dot com did TI has some on niceties over India. New Year's -- and can I say weekend it's in the middle of the week which has some screw with my week going now it's been very strange -- with yeah. We had few friends over which is very nice and Newsday injury that New Year's Eve thing I had a couple of neighbors over didn't do a whole heck of a lot which I have Italian. The Reagan didn't wake up with a hangover so that felt even better. And we didn't do a darn thing. Well I think I went out with my husband and the girls if you saw the pictures on FaceBook camp we went to -- to Staley farms and those -- those -- the puppies. Yeah whatever anyway the four of us went to a party its daily farms and had a very nice time and then -- we left there early. And went to yet another party friends -- church and right. I like. The party was nice but you know most of the people and I like to be with my close friends. When are ringing in the new year so that's exactly should be -- you that you're sick most of the time everywhere in an out of sickness. The whole family and unfunny tacked on -- going to the doctor on New Year's EU's home and so and he has RA was acting up -- he could barely walk and he doesn't score -- detrimental sudden. Is an island and he's feeling good now bed that night he'd -- he was -- probably by 930 your time. And we had fireworks Carolina neighborhood it was crazy you know and I was reading a post from a friend. About -- they didn't really ring in the new year they said we didn't have to set -- -- who can tell by the artillery fire in my neighborhood it was new years. People those bullets land somewhere I don't care if you fire them into the air they're coming down. Him and then people have been hit chances are it's gonna land in nothing are on nothing. But there's always that chance that it won't I don't get that I never will. It -- yeah absolutely completely and totally have you made a New Year's resolution. Yeah not to make one. I'm tearfully keeping them yet you know here -- the whole thing I wanna eat healthy and wanna be healthy this year so far so good -- -- Almost a week I'm doing well at the -- gives. The beginning of the one party and went two for New Year's Eve they were talking about doing it -- that a toxic clans and and that you have. From merely different clans in the morning and then -- so green you know the greening -- stand today where you have to kind of -- Alice in order to drink it I'm not. I can only story give the group on the make up for common. Clinton now that's okay -- I think it will pass Billings 50% off I am -- I didn't open is just hours at 50% out and I have -- bad -- so (%expletive) it and I'm sure that death. That's how our next guest doesn't really gonna join us now really I'm sure he does that doctor Russ Headley of course Casey smiled dot com it's where you can find him. On line check -- his Greek practice. But he has a program called big gift to give back a smile program there -- got it right. And he joins us here at the radio dish to tell us more about what's that program all about documentary. Get back a smile program is a program through the American academy cosmetic dentistry charitable foundation and it is the organization that helps survivors of domestic violence get their teeth fixed after they've been. Assaults is in one way shape or form by either their boyfriend girlfriend whatever and had their teeth broken. Knowing -- -- a clearing process that can say this is -- of people -- same Augusta to Atlanta act -- you if you could help some of -- I know that there's obviously clearing process that they go through. You either go to the ACD website which is a CD dot com and there's a tab at the top it's not too hard mess since I give back a smile -- call 1807734227. And that's the that's through the charitable foundation that way as well. I know you've been able to help a woman through this program and let's talk a little bit because obviously victim of domestic violence goes through so much your able to help. What perhaps maybe with some closure by helping her restore her -- Yeah we've had several and several people that have come through the program. To see us. And like -- said they go through screening program with the with the ECD to make sure that everything you know that how much and their need for for that sort of thing but it really does you know restoring smiles for. People often bring a sense of closure for the abuse that they survived. And you can increase their confidence in life and increase -- -- possibility of obscuring employment because sometimes that's the thing is you leave today and abusive relationship. And knew you were in their relationship because they were kind of dominating in in keeping you down and to get out and get a job can be a really great thing for a lot of people just to get out from under. Wanna change topics just a little bit because one talk about cosmetic surgery -- -- dentistry sometimes we've had several interviews with you and I've always am amazed at the number of people come through here and say you know what my smile -- that they can the deal wasn't that big of a problem. After they've come here it has become. Such opening of their lives I'm always -- and look at some of the before and after and I here's some of the stories you do great work. Don't we try. In its not just you know I imagine -- changing the smile can change so much for some and that's a survivor of domestic violence but it's the same thing for. Now people that haven't had that sort of thing and as chief. You've -- entire life with a big space between your teeth and I mean you're just a shame to smile or you've got broken teeth chipped teeth you know decay or crowns all sorts of different things that you're just not happy with getting in there and in getting those things change contain change sure. Sense of self worth and a lot of cases because many people just get there in and say OK I feel better about myself I felt like they can. Get back out on the dating circuit I could get back out there and look for that job that I. Was laid off from or something like that and really really can't change a person's -- whole outlook on life. It certainly can't and you make it also easy coming taking -- call here again coming in you've got to the process because in a lot of people -- same -- -- -- related electronic. You've got some amazing technology here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a much different situations and looking at a whole bunch of pictures of people that of other -- then. Where it is opposed to having an actual smile. Placed on your mouth and you consider it a little while that's slick could look only guy I can I could I'd like that so yeah it definitely makes a difference from that standpoint. We've talked to -- your patience and they sent so many wonderful things to me is it's true it's my smile I can back and I can mount an account while this is what I can look like and how great I feel about it I think that's that that's so nice and yes I can look a million pictures and of -- and really -- into where its mouth and her smile that's not gonna -- my mouth. We've had people throughout the years -- command with a picture of somebody. And that's all I want this person's teeth and you and you sit there and you go now I'm sorry that set of -- won't work on you but this well. And many times people to come in with a picture and I want this you say yes that'll look great with view. Your facial features so we work with everybody to make sure that we are getting them. Both what they want as well as something that when they're done that they look presentable for lack about it -- opening. If someone else wants to finance more information and I'm about to the give back smile program coming at me and get the phone number -- the web -- as well. The website is a CD dot com there's -- at the top that says give back a smile. Com or call 1807734227. And I get in touch summit there across the country there's been over thirteen million dollars worth of dental services donated by Dennis it's. And labs and and other dental professionals. -- over basically what fourteen years that can backed off foundation has been in business -- it's just a great thing to be able to help somebody out that's that's down down on. Airline thank you doctor -- and coming up on the radio dish we're gonna find out why New Year's resolutions are for suckers -- he -- suburbs will join this year with the radio -- dot com. Spent an intimate evening with the top selling instrumental musician a part time Sunday January 19 at the -- And center in Kansas City symphonies -- series presents Kenny G. His easy style and smooth sounds will captivate and -- room. Tickets -- skinny jeans starting just 39 dollars and well now at least he says he -- -- -- Sunday January 19 Arctic Kauffman center warmup to win tonight with any team and the Kansas City symphony this BC symphony dot org for details. Our lives -- -- the meaning uneasy moments from the birth of the child. Been able to fit into an old fear -- change the best way to celebrate the moment in New -- That's what you're doing Julie looks dazzling hand fashion piece tells a story only into your life -- many moments pandora jewelry helps each month to shine. We don't we help you decide to -- it tells you story and reflects -- personal style sessions on arrested for directions and store hours go to. Already done -- Casey does come -- palace in 8165055510. -- a -- PGA aren't that there's nothing like that it was flavor. Being busy mom white. Working full time. I it's really determined. How it's in the grand Dickinson and I did my and a healthy balance. -- was the first university. But good experiences grant them in my adult. Being able to attend -- university with other until. -- the greatest difference. It made plan them memorable for me. It's also. Opened up a lot more discussions with. These guys use terms that. And I'm confident. That those discussions but never taken place. Sharing with the -- To hear more Adrian story does grant them dot edu slash. -- So he's tired began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. Still suffering from menopause it's -- Blake do you kind did call start pharmacy in the menorah medical center. Stocks helped me get to -- myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that a policy is. And understand your options. -- recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from -- and wild -- and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that meet her unique needs hey we're not all the same. And neither is start pharmacy. It's time to get to have been yourself again upstart professional pharmacy. Down when your options are for healthier you. Get this straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices. For information call 91334. Or 53800. That's 91334. Or 53800. Or go online at -- pharmacy dot com. Women all across America are falling in love with your skin again with him in house foundation and their minerals is the only foundation I would every. Surprisingly some women still haven't tried it yet that's why we are now offering full -- risk free child that's right every woman calls right now can get risk free trial and a free five -- -- accent that is exclusive radio only offer call 1805036257. As soon as secretary of health foundation on its complete transformation. It isn't noticeable difference those -- really nice to. Have their minerals have -- Famine now stands behind everything it's just a company and a product that is still full of integrity. It's my new best friend. Come out of find out how you can get your risk free trial of -- award winning foundation and a Freeney -- at -- don't miss this exclusive radio only offer call 1800. 50362571805036257. The radio dish three ladies in waiting. Waiting for the call from Letterman Phelan doctor -- And need money. Like waiting for. My self to give up on my New Year's resolutions could happen any minute now it is Darcy Blake in many hard Mary McKenna and you at the radio dish dot com welcome back. New Year's resolutions are for suckers I try to never make any because about six days after I've committed myself to a life changing agenda. I'm already abandoning ship those -- words from our next guest. -- in the suburbs she probably eleven read her blog -- not why not and she doing it is here in the studio today is miss -- near me is. You know I'll go by -- and what everyone caught. Nah I -- are chuckling smirking royal highness. Over thanks for joining us today I you have been on. A roll of late at least FaceBook wise I can't. Open up FaceBook without seeing something hilarious from start in the suburbs where he's getting used to think hope is hilarious house again -- Doctor gimmick grammar mistake because lord knows -- -- on or. I just put something up about like trash day and -- time to to recycle a police judge me by my sentence FaceBook post that makes my day. Oh my god. I am asking -- family wise husband kids what they think about you being -- -- in the suburbs. They could care less. As long as they're fed and I do their laundry and drive them places. Date yet today they don't care -- an embarrassment to them regardless ha ha ha I don't know a are you anything like your start he self. Very much so okay so your husband probably is going. Welcome to my pain this is what I live with yes and I will say and if -- divorced this will be item number three in the divorce agenda he's never read my book which I went out plug now starkest numbers back to school. Working in my second -- starting this summer struggled Texas he's never ready and I go back hurts my feelings because I've lived it why do I have to read it. Well I say with -- with -- I get it so yeah pretty much truth there. Wow so where do you get your. Inspiration I mean. All can't be happening in your life maybe it has I don't know. It depends one of the very curious person and I don't trust people who are curious to I think it goes back to being a news report very curious I ask questions. I don't get that that people to -- which -- then don't follow up on information they find out so that's my Achilles he curiosity and and as I've gotten older especially. I don't -- people that don't stand up for themselves or don't say this is wrong we need to do something and -- do something I'm in mean an act of revenge. Com I just think we put up with too much or fishing in the midwest pay it's all I think -- really passive aggressive like somebody say something -- smiling. And we'll talk bad about him but I didn't I didn't play let's not talk bad about -- that something could she possibly be talking about Darcy now truly. -- I think not to do anything wrong -- -- passive aggressive obviously I'm just aggressive aggressive and I. I have to say before we had a chance to meet you -- argued we knew Mary -- this nor'easter and you she was the queen make you take became. -- now I I've met Marion act I think he she's. Above me your vowing now is yeah I'm battling down thank -- could see I don't find this is a problem. -- made it. Wow so you've got another book yes indeed coming out soon. And by soon I mean when you're done when I'm dying thank you thank you very much. Do you get writer's block. EID's it's it's a time factor in actually sitting down and be able to write in any guy that's worked from home or any human. And by human I mean -- are. On your teenager in Iraq -- your husband I mean no one respects your space is like if I'm sitting down then it's like all hands on dad let's ask for something. I swear to god my husband and son suffer from the worst case for mailer for -- implying is that they're -- to go to rehab -- I'm not saying. As soon as I sit out. Where's the -- thirteen people from I'm just -- here -- to patent peace time. So yeah it's bad. I think a rehab is in the future for -- fourteen from our for dirt balling it it's it's horrible so I think that's the problem is it's never my thought I don't accomplish anything other people's. Money I think the next thing that needs to be addressed with that. Specifically men and boys is the inability to turn on the -- it doesn't have pushed buttons. As a nod in have to learn how to use it that and replaced the term paper and the bulk of cooking. At the house. How my choice -- -- -- and I -- he cuts kind of an agreement we have significant but I do believe about the refrigerator blindness and I also believe that women have there you they used their uterus has to divining rod we can find anything and obviously men don't have that so that's probably -- Which you know well I go there. No I -- say they were a friend with one day she's she's not to they have a hot -- in that respect they have a pointer. It is tough to replace the right thing that we want to. Tell you witnessed serious -- in the suburbs and love when I look at start in the suburbs and then look at this and middle age and cool and not bringing sexy back and if you know me you're like. You know I think I can describe yourself perfectly. I think a lot of people would be happier if they embraced a little more at the -- side that they have I think some people don't want to admit that it leaks its. -- you very liberating but I think you have to get over. Not having it when like -- Is is another thing that bugs me as we get older as women we hit middle -- there's still so many females up at that feel the need for everyone to like them YE. Dark dark day. That would be her picture in the hearing me I don't imagine -- we try to get along with everybody coming -- since the -- and only -- yeah. I'm just going let me -- -- I doubt I mean it's very liberating not to have the desire for everyone to like. You know the great. Compliment I have had recently was -- and high school friend of mine. Posted on face but that she pulled the Mindy. -- that yeah I think it's excellent yeah and she proceeded to tell the stories says and she's pulling them more and more frequently. Think -- got a problem. What is what is amending that I I have several times for example and Chris Chris shopping if you have children that are misbehaving in and being -- ruling in the store you know. We might. Say something not to the parents that to the child. I'm done and a few times. There you can think that would be in the Indy has been re. -- against him handing come with a mom who thinks her little snow. Lakes or how dare you. Yes that's -- him. Last time we talked to you you mentioned something about a television show was censored or lean on tourney starts in the suburbs into a sitcom -- -- television rights have been purchased. And let me just take at a day long and winding road that I have actually -- to control over I can write a sitcom. Nor Ivy League about it but I need to be their Writers Guild of America. I am not a member of gee I wonder why. Com sound unloading the dishwasher that's why sell I mean it's just it. Even now I can say is it's different to sit back and watch what is your life have other people. You know say hello exchanged at this let's change that so it's hard my hasn't integrated -- -- -- is is very unexpected. Enjoy the journey get the most out of the camp that really -- everyone's gonna put in used to -- extension its -- understand -- They're gonna take their life experiences and throw -- in there. And it's -- -- it's going to be very different from what you ever expect to end. Come he's very Smart -- -- how to -- correct I went into it with that you know it's been -- -- -- it's been a wild wild ride for -- so when you envision themselves who would tune in this -- me yeah that's what I was you know people ask me that all the -- and even when I'm in Los Angeles they -- who he envisioned playing you let me tell -- the people they envision a Los Angeles -- like these skinny -- -- -- like. Would never work because this Turkey character is -- every woman who like always needs to lose ten or any parent on so I. I don't know BK is it's hard to find you know an actress that need to lose twenty pounds so. I think it would be an unknown and I mean my agent to meet his TV makes stars out of people's silly I think it would be like -- casting call of women who were not. Perfect well you know that had lopsided breasts would you consider kind of thing. Would you consider playing yourself oh my god no one week to -- because they're making her younger than me which no I totally get what they're making her you know and I write her younger like in my book the children are younger. -- my current children so she's written younger. And no one wants to see me on TV car. I wanna see me on TV ever -- I don't hear but I actually have to lose ten or fifteen. Yeah. -- match up well well well. Look. I can be a whole new book. Know and I think comic is an amazing talent that your blessed you know. God bless you with the you know the act of funny to be comedian and that's not me at all. You've got the books that are out there how we all of them -- you can get the digital versions of Turkey on. I Amazon's Kindle than not. You can buy them online you can get him at bookstores so. I like the Kindle that I make more money comes through when he got an Amazon you can get a hard you know a paperback or and the digital download. Okay networks thank you so much -- in the suburbs of course you can. Read her column by column hello Mary -- newspaper reporter you can reach her sports content I've heard books. And help support her in her effort to bring -- to America and the world it's -- mission for 24 to share. Coming up Mindy heart I had the chance to sit and chat with -- this is called what. She is -- Miller she has an event coming up called no excuses. Just results and we're gonna talk about. How we make that happen now and pianist and it make that decision I suppose that's one thing. Yes I can yes I can't and we'll also have the Hollywood Blaine. It's brought you by pandora jewelry and we'll have the dirty dishes it's coming up as well. Christian berg is -- got the scoop on what's going on with mr. de dynasty. And -- more and more good things from him today and we'll find out how Brad Pitt did not help. The folks in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hits Mindy Marion thirstein you have to refute this stuff. -- intimate evening with the top selling instrumental musician of all time Sunday January 19 at the Kaufman center. And Kansas City symphonies -- series presents Kenny G. His easy style and smooth sounds will captivate continuing doing well. Tickets for skinny jeans starting just 39 dollars available now at least he says he's got a live Sunday January 19 Arctic Kauffman center. -- to win tonight with any team and the Kansas City symphony this BC symphony dot org for details. Are seeing them up two spots a lot of copies to run through it does take one. The not like it has every product you need to clean your home you're not that you could argue about everything from Josh and -- not support care chemicals and equipment quality -- will dusters. -- -- disinfectant and advertisers. Arctic -- equipment and cleaners pet stains and owners dirty or staying out all just a micro fiber products not buckets extension people's natural stomach -- care took stammering over paper products vacuums trash can liners. Types of -- what floor care products commercial window cleaning equipment. For a machine -- cleaners motor control squeegee extension balls scrapers Amber's web -- explored machines and tools you just by the time resident but there's a whole lot more you think about. The month -- make clean up a lot easier check out twelve armour road in North Kansas City they're easy to find. Some -- quality cleaning products for quality results. Little store. Lots of cleaning staff. -- bucket if you're getting closer to retirement. I have an important question is your retirement income on track. 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Instant -- provides powerful and effective joint relief for your knees hands and even your -- proving to yourself like calling now for your complimentary sample. It's a flex is available at GMC Walgreens and vitamin shop we can only do you complementary to each sample by calling 180608996. Call now for your two week is -- sample 180608996. The real dish yeah. Three hot chicks who aren't afraid to mix it up. Welcome back. To the radio -- dot com. It is the Darcy and Indian Mary and you like -- give myself balanced -- keys in the studio you know our previous -- and I feel intimidated. Our next guest mark -- Miller CPA and author of a book called. Face -- movement founder of no excuses. And Mindy had a chance to sit down and speak with mark heat up let's listen in now. We can talk about entrepreneurship. For hours and we probably well over the coming months. But one of the things that's really very very exciting. This is actually is important here is our or ear others is that Saudi. She doesn't events no more excuses only results this is the is results don't just happen and you are one of the featured speakers and one of our mutual friend -- Davis is going to be speaker this year and I'll send you a special. Larry we do every year we have actually work your three of those years we have tried Q what are some room. What with what we call me -- -- award. That can be -- Newark new leaders in the business and is willing to look into this year. He's going to be keeping. -- gates barbecue she is. The dollar and the founder gates but she's also the director in court here -- training facility in training programs and -- Technical school so we're excited. And as you mentioned. Okay this with a dynamic. Lady comes -- financial. Principles and made mention she used. You don't realize that she's right here is because she's a solid track and use up all the country. But she's fabulous speaker she's going to be talking about is -- your -- no excuse so she's going to give us practical steps. In case you know that -- -- with your finances which you can move -- You -- people -- Apple's patents have a minimum next manner thousand dollars to where he. Well apple you are all right it's certainly -- act but a bad. She's wanted to meet you where your act so there's no excuses. -- sure Clinton she's gonna help you. -- or whatever you're when. You're an absentee takeaways. You could start here in by the you know you -- these days. This is the progress that you give -- I want an art you know. Where you can speak. -- -- -- -- No peace there are so many people that -- incorporate EDB two is that it gives an opportunity. He -- problem saying. What is this something that she dreamed about your room you own thoughts do you. When he told us he wanted to view our people tell you that you did not doing EBP didn't think you era tougher asking. It visually you you answer because everyone has -- vision -- designer injury. If you wanna carry out but something happened between them. Thought -- design here. And actually hear some of us carry out. Execute it maybe that messes that potentially could have been but once you're out some paper it -- some of -- will need to do our Rick -- that is different -- Played bigger and it's so I just don't hear now. In his hidden in no embargo we understand that's someone that potentially some. Why they never execute and ambiguity. They're great gift at CNET nation currency because of fear so we're talking about it's your vision no excuse. I love that you mentioned earlier how potential with the -- action status is it leading nowhere and and a harness potential as is one of the saddest things I've loved it from concept of this you have. Marquis Mueller talking about the potential invasion. The big dream. Where where you want and that what is it what is that they just sparks that passionate and you. And they -- Davis talking about the actions that's how you make that happen. If you want to start your business if you want to be able to retires specific -- Well is that actions to clean and she absolutely can take that. Vision and -- action steps to it to make it happen. And then you have -- -- she is proof let the mountain division and execution. But the family legacy of what you can leave behind and what you can bring forward your future generations. Business is to carry on they do have an impact not only -- community if you don't know the gates are -- -- in Kansas City ban on her rocker and a bubble something. But it's also part of legacy for perfect yes. Absolutely she's gonna talk about that. It's no room for excuses in the -- insult so many times the XP runs yet he -- house run and they sometimes you -- -- feelings and well all of you are an easy singers all of them easy riders went into all harnessing the team together for a unique -- is. Where it went fatally could recall her so she's gonna talk about it and it's you icon Othman and -- there certainly aren't exactly -- When I see it they legacy -- didn't house. It's really exciting to see him top rookie and here a little bit about her story in her view and are being asked. You -- appearance and a I was on -- this is going to be uneasy. A team and is it that was not and a -- there is eighty bonus session at the end of the business think tank panel. And so we develop -- this year is the first time in his -- or so excited. Because when you're going to workshops you know -- -- -- more UV people. He's great the link you see vinegar and hear confirmation hearings that you walk away like what do I do. Well this is going to be in the -- I think we're wealthy individuals and is you Rupert and you know they hit individuals that. And it injury -- -- her or for viewers who weren't here in the past the hard question because I'm -- you know some individuals. Or representatives from companies the Bruins -- five G with resource. Not just -- and she asked our question if you're -- and use. Question now we have the right question and a new moderator moderator is amazing musings of -- hatches. He is the NC you know. -- Ratner companies. But some individuals that are going to be on the -- are. The secretary of state represented to you okay. What you started -- how what role is separate your slightly when you raise our business into a major role here it is our it is. As well as we are really that he's healthy on the -- Where resource you are they are you surprised. As a resource and an army. Potentially maybe at no cost as an hour as well as we will have. Kauffman Foundation. In the EU. It's by institutions. Missouri Department of Transportation. He is recently. -- is with ads because there's an opportunity or -- or so there are being spent -- and -- wore it in and it's being worked. That your days where it you know what about iron out. Well to see immediate concerns as well as the in the city Missouri school district city Missouri. Procurement officer and as well as insurance by a mile an hour. When things. We don't realize that we need insurance or you hear construction and -- Has -- to talk about. So as well as business professionals seasoned business professionals. There are astute business professionals in speech you. The do's and don't you ask her questions and are ready to you that region their excuses in helping the move. Well the panel sounds very exciting and that's after the three speakers warehouse so there weren't ten and I -- that -- briar cliff. And it tells a little bit more. I -- about how to get tickets and time. If you can -- if you go to our website FAS TKC. Dot com and at and TEC dot com. Then is -- wouldn't you -- seventy yards from sadness you know -- In the classes salute to tie it up. Twenty dollars to hear from three artists and arts and have access. All of this professionals that I'll get -- If you're getting closer to retirement. I have an important question is your retirement income on track. Dave Thompson a featured contributor for Fox Business will showed how to keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime in chemistry and find out more online at Dave Thomson dot net that's Dave Thompson dot net and be -- analysts and today 930 Friday mornings on -- BC business channel 1660. AM. You know yeah. Small but let me when plumbing major problem and you don't need to hear roam the yeah. 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Let the mop bucket make cleaning up a lot easier there at 812 armour road in North Kansas City little store electronics has the mop bucket you'll find quality cleaning products -- quality results the mop bucket dot com. There's no such thing as too many shoes for a week without the real dish here they are -- -- and Mary. Welcome back thanks for being here at the radio dished out comedy gig on about this shoes I think I've got to purge my closet when these days are usually -- heart Mary McKenna and you at the radio dish dot com and it is time for the Hollywood -- brought T by pandora jewelry and -- done in zone rock sound. The biggest names in Hollywood all the gossip. And the story you won't hear anywhere. This week's Hollywood can play. This could hurt you. Well mr. Depp called himself Phil Robertson still has everybody's tongues wagging lot of folks upset now about. His call for fifteen year olds. To get married fifteen year old girls let's make sure you're clear on that. Yes and yet this whole thing I mean this entire debacle between a C as well as Phil Robertson has been a hot -- And they had 2009 -- has been dredged up it's been circulating -- blog on social media any thinks that good women but ones that can cook blends that are Christian. What he also -- is picking ducks are becoming harder to find in that you basically saying -- you married at fifteen or sixteen year old. You're able choose sort of trained them because their obedience. If you ever. It appears all they -- a -- of our own. -- very very he got married it at about he married at 1860 at the time so you know talking about to experience. -- the same time you sit there and go over really. -- Well you know it's interesting that a unique the we're gonna ban him and then those. The family said both -- band still we won't do they show an eighty backed down. Because everybody was running with money in hand ready to offer them a spot on their network. And that's exactly it money -- this is the number one cable show out there are tons an advertising dollars. Ate meat smell that money going elsewhere in the wait a minute he's got enough support Italy right desperate. You know a lot of things. In this mess if you work for a corporation you sign a contract you have to abide by their rules. She about -- eighteen needed decision and then retracted it because it makes them look wishy washy. But when you are under contract when netware or Asian or company. You do have to understand that York first amendment rights changed he hit it you know they're not representing the network at all times and I think that. The -- thanks to Clinton needs to understand that I think they learned a little bit of a lesson and that the sun said you know we learned lessons in our astute. I'm sure Brad -- heart was in the right place but maybe he should have thought it through a little bit better when he built those homes in New Orleans. I hear they're starting to or rot. I hope it's not awful he's make it right foundation did a ton of work after Katrina down in New Orleans area which I think is fantastic. We all know that Angelina and Brad are very Philanthropic. Celebrities. -- They must have and I think. This happened a lot of people on -- decree in immediate results and have an immediate impact in the area. So houses were up very quickly and some houses were damaged. So they are starting to -- from rain do we need to be replaced. I have to worry about double that dangerous. Families that are living in those homes it's dangerous to their health. A lot of things are buckling so they're gonna -- you go back. And -- these -- yet again which cost a lot of money. The mushrooms growing out of the would -- -- -- we have aren't Britney Spears she's back out on the road and according to the early reviews its L Shiancoe at. -- beat me show opened in Las Vegas last week that Clinton highway 82 year residency so she's going to be doing ninety -- shows over the next years. Tickets are selling very well and if you look over the next couple months there already almost sold out her from the -- But you have to understand that Britney had very difficult time over the past 56 years. And she's dealt with mental illness and she's not able to do the shows that she was doing 1819 years old. She is lip syncing -- to the show. Have to understand that you're buying a ticket and the choreography and dance that we expect at her because she was an incredible dancer when she was eighteen. That's not appearing in March she does a lot of arm movements walking around stage and it's her dancers at the complex choreography around her. I can forgive an artist. At least I think I -- for lip synching during -- -- those shows if everything else at all the other cylinders or are firing but if she's not able to go out and do the dance moves and she's not singing what the. Why are we buying a ticket I'm not sure you know top dollar -- just by 860 is a 150 dollars and not talking -- -- yet he seats but you're buying and regular lowers the safety and not a lot of money. And I would have a lot of expectations by -- -- 150 dollars out of my wallet I expect it and -- are because I think she is saying I didn't. Decades and you've got an update about Cinderella. I -- Rodgers and Hammerstein. Neurologist on brought it opens in earlier in 2013. Was honored with nine to meet obligations. To start leading Laura on is she's a rock star but. Here's the problem with Broadway in January February early march the box office speaks. Her contract endings they need to put in a name -- sell tickets. And they announce that -- rejects it the world and that's saying call me maybe kind of a one hit wonder is going to be taking over the role. And while partly rain very very excited -- Twitter there are a lot of people are not happy in this race is on pop singer. She's unproven in the Broadway world. And even Sarah highland from modern family was like. And spoke out and. And so I think in theory Underwood had -- the sound of music. We -- second thing. It's a pleasure as always happy new year and we'll talk to you need to play action here. That's the Hollywood -- -- with Christian bird on the radio -- -- Our lives are made up of many amazing moments from the birth of the child to simply being able to fit into an old pair of jeans the best way to celebrate the moments in your life is with pandora jewelry. Each dazzling hand finished piece tells the story only you can tell your life has many moments pandora jewelry helps each one to shine from October 3 through December 24 star teacher pandora story with the pic of a poppy -- that available at -- -- Soros. The setting clue it's the sterling silver bracelet a -- choice to Eurostar clips and a shimmering they -- for more information or questions contact us at lucky duck dash KC dot com or palace at 8165055510. Bella while supplies last he store for details. It's time for the dirty dishes brought team on -- mop -- 812 armour road in North Kansas City pitcher floors looking spot let's check out a microfiber floor stuck in my pocket dot com. -- probably heard in fact he heard me say a couple of weeks ago that the incandescent light -- is no longer going to be allowed in the United States -- not gonna make it became retorted but that's true how great as long as the incandescent bulbs can live up to the new energy standards and there are some out their halogen bulbs are incandescent -- had just been used up a little bit. And they are efficient enough to be bought and sold in the United States don't you feel much better now. Especially since -- stocked up at Home Depot course she did couple of days months and you're not alone saving money CFL lights there's they're -- I'm saving money because I wish the government start to save some money for the government we spoke for last year is all come out -- ways but twice thirteen. Get this Uncle Sam looking for romance on the web. -- don't you wanna know how what they did but they spent 9141000. Dollars. Oh my god yeah. -- but the biggest waste out generating 379. Million dollars. OK as you heard me correctly 379 million. For obamacare okay and the comparison. Is that it's the biggest marketing flops since -- acorda. Introduced new -- -- 1980. -- what's been a disaster. He's been a disaster one source said that if we took the money from the marketing alone of obamacare. We can have given every citizen of the United States one million dollars they're you know. For real for real. And blames somebody -- except somebody argued to me that it's -- somebody had to do something. To which I responded OK let's say there's a bridge and it's -- -- falling into pieces. And somebody says all rebuilt it in the used pipe cleaners. And would you drive over the bridge needed liked that they analogy. Hot hot hot hot. Actually from Minnesota Tonya -- we obviously Renault -- obamacare -- of the government know how to study that found out that wives should calm down they spent over 325000. Dollars. That's right if your wife is angry you and you don't want to say to stay that way you might. One avoid passing along the -- that the government study which found out. It really we would sentence her husband's more people would just. Going hand and calm down during their arguments that we have -- their husbands they spent 325000. Dollars. And -- got one more. The Fort Hood shooter continued to collect a government paycheck. -- 52000. Dollars almost 53 in 2013 I'll come on people. Sometimes it's our government that's still in a third -- country mentality. We want to thank our guest today of course it is anarchy herself start in the suburbs who stopped by -- to have her and make him a regular basis would that -- -- Christians aren't with the Hollywood -- and marquis -- Miller who was here as well talking about her big event that's coming up. And I'll be there as it one of the panelists next Friday evening so. Check us out there and check -- out and expect. We have LaMarcus that they only within doctor Headley as well case is -- account and we went to see you here next week at the radio dish dot com season. If they're provided by Robert McCain and Alison Lacey looks a lot in Westport stand. They look good on radio.

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