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Entrepreneur KC Radio 1.7.14

Jan 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the startup universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and do loosen got to visualize playing horrible and very clear about it money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start up. College and should plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur word Casey your voice more entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back. It was one of the best decisions ever made with your host Jason -- So Kansas City and welcome to the entrepreneur Casey Sean your post and Jason -- -- -- We. We had a great Christmas and -- great near we. We took a few weeks also fleet enjoyed our best -- -- idea I enjoyed seeing and hearing my for an air -- slugger. On the show last week he was a great co hosting and we will have him back -- -- -- He's already reached out to me about coasting -- self. I'm very excited to be back in the studio it's. It's not a very pretty day outside though the temperatures have been very cold in Kansas City part of me wants to go to California. But I'm here I'm here today and it's going to be a great show today we have. A pretty touching show we have Christina Larson who is a personal trainer and -- female fitness extraordinary entrepreneur. Who's doing all kinds of cool things I thought to be great to have her on the show. With -- -- just starting to talk to us about her life what she's doing with fitness and also hopefully give us some. Potential recipes if you will and some interest seeing a fitness advice for 2014. We're gonna have Jon Kuhn who is one of the managing partners and founders of the cavern technologies. In studio that is a data center in the Kansas City or one of the largest I believe in the United States. He's a insisting entrepreneur and he will be on the show. At some -- -- and probably in the second and third segments that we NC how -- phone calls you today and we are going to have the co-founder of mine -- calling in. From Omaha nick Bowden. And that'll be also very exciting and interview nine mixer is -- interesting technology and they've grown by leaps and bounds in 2013 with. Public affairs and public engagement and tried getting people together. Two or form action on the part of city in policy makers are based on people speaking out loudly about those things and that's instinct company. And then finally we will talk to -- -- Kate who is a business development extraordinaire as well. He's an interesting guy he's he's kind of a mentor to many Kansas City business leaders. Young business leaders and entrepreneurs and going with the role of a new 2014. I think he'll be able to speak to ways to kind of streamline your business tips. Things that he's on his life has been successful and really kind of breaking down more of the minutia of of how to be a successful business first an entrepreneur and also. You know and enjoy your life as well soon Sean Kincaid will be on the -- well today itself. Those are the four guests you can always find all the old entrepreneur Casey shows at -- BZ dot com. And actually for acceptance for stuff the intercom came easy web site. And listen to all of our shows are posted promptly on Friday is -- following the show. All seek and find me on Twitter at Jason grills and at entrepreneur Casey. Also on FaceBook at our trainer Casey radio if you interact with the show. Or if you would like to maybe be on the show or you have any people they think could make a good. Interview on the shelves so with valid it's our and we have Christina Larson in studio and she Syria next -- scenario. Wonderful it's great to see I -- -- I will say that. Thank you for the gifts he brought in the -- today you brought me back into -- -- -- -- water all. Along with AE protein pancake which. Some sounds like some you know like I'm Heidi and I did like pancakes. Mr. pancakes I probably aren't the healthiest so. Thank you for that and very excited to have you on the show it's in the year and wanted to introduce our listeners seeking -- resolute about. You're background in fitness and kind of what you're working on these days. And that basically I started my business when I was 24. And now looking ready to turn 33 on Monday. That I'm I'm exactly. A year and a half full than you because I turned 35 this year which scares us. That means a halfway to seventy which I never look at things like that until my friends -- this Christmas parties it's scaring me ever. Yeah -- glory years beluga continuous. They think seventeenth NBA great each yeah. And so and they literally and infinite faith. Very it's a young. Industry so you know not to bring Aaron -- his pain and Justine -- relaxed Aaron 1112 years. And dining. So yeah really got to -- after you got word schools are regularly and you went to school in the new look analogic courier and and worked in kind of the health professions and fitness profession since college from. And -- new you know and in business and I was then I. High school but early. So my mom's always been an on to renew our personalities. So I thought again that direction. And -- and it's just fond smile Latin he has. But make hasn't suggested it because I was doing and are ready. So I'm training several people make great grandma was my first client -- though she was 99 years golden while and now. It means. Cuisine is so so tell me about kind of what you do as a personal trainer and I know there's all these new fitness techniques and then I mean it seems like there's a new one every day -- -- died every day in and so is -- somebody was to call eons ahead wanna. It's a new year wanna get in shape. Where would we start and let's say there. In their thirties I guess in somewhat healthy like me but not like super healthy like he's. And basically most of my clients and my first question is -- on the phone when I'm getting interviewed by and it's -- Do you really -- -- -- ten minutes pretty blink and tone and knowing that they say his debut and as and then if they iron then and I can definitely get on the tools you may. And they hit their finance retail and focus signed weight training that's -- Kraft says so. We start every -- now -- they think even if their professional athletes I have. Several unprofessional athlete they change and that. Normally money and power lunch for new hires or and CEOs executives of companies. And so they're really just trying to be healthy and when he -- developing -- -- consulate. -- we call it creative carry -- its staff that our clients can hear from a hotel around corresponding making dear -- The comfort of their home because times things to be the biggest issue you have witnessed people. And -- aren't doing -- -- focused on meals cleaning. And that's specific every single week so if my clients trampoline and them or something like that which Hamas so. I travel quite and they and in sponsored. And so without traveling. And playing some tips on how to travel late term plus things I don't like to -- Carrying a bag like a lot of girls relate to do. That I travel with all my feet for the week and even travel with my parents and modeling competition staff. OK so so that's interstate. I wish idea. Hung out more girls that traveled like anyway this show so tell me about the sponsored athlete. So -- -- working on and as I know you men making the rounds and seasoning Kansas City and that the country and in different media outlets in -- MacKenzie star earlier this week with the rest fee and you think I cut you on fox hole earlier this week as well but it tells about what it means serious -- athlete isn't around schooner. And basically. I was asked to get -- out of competition it's my hobby to compete. And I feel -- athletes are not healthy when there and height and their competition. And we're only healthy now for weeks out and every other day of the year who aren't so. I was at a competition in my manager came up and asked if I would like these -- and now I think 2009. In and then sponsored since I'm -- And what does that mean that means your just your celebrity than you they are. You like you gotta study -- shows across the country and like learn sign autographs is though that means he has not. Last year I am in 2013. I hang over 50000 autographs for them well that's. So I guess I'm not really big deal anymore yeah man he. Hit. And it's it's really an honor we basically we get to get out and to competition and everything to help them honest and so. With that company and sponsor -- its optimum nutrition info largest company in the world. So and we really focus sign and teaching people that supplement chairman to supplement. Which goes on nine to play -- her fitness as it's well colleges. We try to develop a healthy lifestyle. And you only supplement when he needs you you only skip your work outs when he needs you saying you know you try to develop a lifestyle not just let off some of eight dollars something via you know say you really try to field and. So I see you user is what you're saying something -- doing now anyway TLC on so tell us. Tell me -- quickly like what how -- should be working out per day obviously. I I'm a business person I don't have much time how how many minutes -- time -- it tonight working for that. And minimal time for weight training would be twice a week and now would be a total body work out. And witness my clients and especially the man I focus more on the post Syria now. And the last inning and just he can't and that's and and her singing and a task all they can so that's a lot of and rotator cuff injuries and things like that are happening because there. Browning their shoulders for earned and then not so I took a thought on includes Indian -- CN need to focus more on the -- is well -- -- -- -- Because because I feel like I can run I can do all these things but it's the hardest part to as a guy is he kind of did a six -- keep the suspect I think is key especially for most guys I don't know maybe I'm crazy that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 55 an up and there's a lot of their goals this year are tune -- -- -- six packs. Since. I think Christmas is different so me and hit I think Sammy Allred lasted -- -- honestly. It. I mean eyes you know that it really comes on how you -- I think at the end of the day and how many how you work out and what you do and and my goal this year a mineral merits Paris marathon half marathon. So -- certain that's an April the one and a -- Barkley on sun and have to start and I'm never start. And training that I guess someone of being called training that maybe your. I've never in over ten K you know and a race where it's time one not to. And I -- it is hard but the biggest thing I would say do you wish -- in guys' -- we have a lot of runners up. And if you're -- gates did and then you're gonna need to make Sherri -- and probably about six meals a day and then staff and that's hard. In a balance of protein fiber and starts -- and I stand runners tend to lean more towards the carbohydrates. And and then so. He definitely on anti Larry too when you have -- long round and that day before have a little bit in our carbohydrates per meal Luka. I don't reduced to thirteen. And ten. Don't increase Fisher and. It tests we got a couple minutes left thome who briefly how people can connect -- you think mean it's -- listen today and that's and I really wanna get in -- in 2014. Pan Arab faith has an -- tennis on -- And then we ask that I have blinked and which is how naturally -- yes and in ninety days at casino are saying. And then my Twitter name is Christine -- are saying moron who. And then and mr. Graham is can they cleans it. That's a good one that's right dusty yet so it's okay so -- we where we work out the united -- do we. What do what -- how does that work and. Eighth nationally -- her tennis is at 532 when he last iron to 81 street -- we can't this. -- also come TEU whether Richard their names or home or. And melodic and people haven't even come across the country and to different cities and stuff like that -- very cool. What is your top couple things -- -- would advise people to stand -- on as we start new year. But there's no resolutions go out the door after you know before spring break against. The fear stick to your goal and -- with a clean singing TO I'm Kathleen focus on your nutrition needs to be specific to you. Normally each maintaining your -- and if you're an endurance athlete is still -- amounts of thirteen tyrant starch you only a little bit more carbohydrates with each meal. And don't reduce your parent teen. And they here focusing -- just mean healthy. And you just need to bounce high meals and painting piracy charged. And focus on how you feel and not it's just like someone else as a -- the grocery stores telling you about. Variation Christina Larson. His or her fitness sponsored athlete. Pretty much the fitness extraordinary entrepreneur. Thanks for coming on the show today painted. We'll -- since we'll be right back on the on -- Casey should think chosen. Hello Kansas City welcome back to the on turner Casey -- -- chasing real great first segment today is great stuff fitness. With Christina Larson second segment today we have John -- and the president of tavern technologies in CDO. By John -- -- -- did a great going to be here. I a lot of mutual friends years I've never actually got to meet you before I don't believe it's great to have you on the show today. It's also about cavern technologies and what you'll do I know it's one of the leading data centers in the country so now we're excited to have you on the. Again thanks ravenous. With Karen technologies we have Avaya underground days and around it 95 in Renner. What we're doing is providing you know the most secure reliable efficient power and cooling for companies to run their their mission critical -- is -- It's -- 120 feet underground is that right it is and -- and saying. How to get into this and I mean he has status sinners it's like. I always wondered though I talk people that have been him all the data centers is how they've broken of that industry. It is funny is but you know my America actually was insurance part of this -- had to make the transition from insurance to use the data -- world. And really it's very similar because they're both transfer of risk you know companies are. Analysts compared -- card sharks were here -- her. A backup solution or or in the event of a disaster. Which is very similar to on the data -- side. Your pain and insurance really for the reliability in a time. Your your equipment in today's world. A funeral I have to be point 47. You know that's what's required. And our our respective -- got involved and it's you know prior to this files with who walked in the union in one of the companies there that we rivers and was services was. One of the world's largest. -- -- provider in the world means -- the luxury of kind of travel around the country seeing what they were doing. I invests in her prior company that my dad was involved in. And really had no. An owner's computer business over there but not really what they were doing. So what -- Dennis took the look of -- what are companies looking for right when they've you know search out of their mission critical facility. As -- travel around him. The first seems pretty obvious you know it's. Protection from natural disaster. Right at that time back in 2007. Barack Hurricane Katrina so you wanna be near the hurricanes you -- we are earthquake fault lines in here in Kansas City. Really are because exposures ice storms in the rain. So -- 125 feet below ground has hardened facility right which is an extreme competitive advantage rent. You know it is it is competitive industry Q isn't this century you know from what you know from a standpoint of competitive hand. You know when we get involved in this in 2007 was right when you know that the capital markets were far apart right. The best senator -- -- capital intensive businesses out there. And so. You know you put those two together. And had the days of back during the dotcom era when he knows the bill they'll come model. You know banks weren't lending and so. Through this. You know we had to go out and acquire you know partner with companies like sisters of charity hospital in large. Or to middle sized enterprise companies. Either secure the deals and build out their days. Search and so you guys. That this is these -- innocent and he said you know what has happened with and you guys are very entrepreneurial company for everything -- I mean you've. You've been highlighted by Bloomberg News which congratulations on that's that's great thank you gotta give public affairs guys and then and their business not a -- I mean you tell me about kind of what you all do that its entrepreneurial maybe differ from other data centers. And -- and we'll get into how the industry's changed since she started. Your it -- you leave -- capital market and it is far from a standpoint of one of the things that we never did was take on you know equity outside capital into and so with that has come. You know. What a federal ours it's the growth is this going to be slower. And at the end today if you can get through this period. You know full control. You know. We're a better place today. It just takes longer and sometimes harder to get done your -- -- you know when people are. You know bringing on bill under million dollars and equity capital verses. You know -- -- contracts and -- now morally it just takes longer and -- yet to do more with less. Right and that's a lot of traders have to do I mean. So but it's a it's always funny how like somebody on fears that do you get funding. Are the ones that give the media exposure. When they have -- profit yet so I mean I think the way you guys do it with entrepreneur with. You know with with with document on any equity investors with doing it you know bootstraps and make it happen is is. It's quite cool actually and I think that easy -- more in the entrepreneurial world in the tech world so. Congratulations on that what are the changes you've seen you know in the last years. This is far from from a company standpoint you know we've -- -- -- starter off both out you know 5000 square feet diluted 5000. Than we did you know another 5000 last year we did thirty. We've got 60000 under construction now. And it's pretty quick growth and the if and when people's you know look back and they say man you guys have come a long way. Really always in -- scratching the surface as far as what's going on the market right now. You know currently. About 7% of all enterprise companies are looking for additional data center space and so we're we're in this period where. Is supply and demand is someone out of of check. Going back to use the you know. The market kind of stop building back in no way no nine credit and a typical day is senator takes about 24 months to build out. Was our underground facilities are speed mark is closer to twelve to eighteen months. Which really gives us a Lago is it. He's hence the name right out Kevin technologies then. That's instincts are you guys work with a lot of fortune 500 companies is that true and and also some -- this is I would -- exactly nearly. -- you know one of the in benefits -- -- what I enjoy most about doing as you know all day I'm talking with different companies and so I see a lot of these you know be seeing companies that start off with. You know a single rack that now have grown to you know -- doing our companies have you know of thirty to forty cavernous. And so it's. You know every day your meeting with you companies are either. And but both from a but there's two different types companies that the startups credit and they hit the enterprise -- the technology does and that's what's fun is here in their business model. Really on the bigger ones of its amazing how people make money. You know that is Vietnamese blows me away ever since -- -- has seen the show working as much for myself it's like. Did you meet some interest in people some interest in companies and it's. It's a -- ever thought about growing up the thing you never I mean I know you US. Men involved -- community it's like. -- you know -- appearance there's professions that you know. I you -- you that you are always yet produce a product you know knows this you know law school you do this and and it's it's -- -- really has that the technology's changed. With the job forced dozens there's a lot of ways we successful they're such great I mean. So if I'm a business in Kansas City how to get in touch review and how to. Really get more information about what are your data -- can do via. Our our web sites -- technologies dot com. A phone number's 913227066. You. You know feel -- as a call come -- -- -- -- but you're having unique product. I -- and being able to offer these private dedicated -- for our customers. You know it's almost physically impossible for someone put together more cost effective solutions. Because our bill that cost. The lowest cost of power. And really -- the difference between underground and above ground and equipment gonna be the same. Sort of joy gives us about a twenty point spread on the market. Well. That's very -- I mean. And even if you haven't into a data center I mean I would say you know if you have -- -- into a dozen -- seriously does one turn out because I had never been to one for. Told us a year or two ago the mama who want out there and since -- is definitely check that out guys John thanks for coming in the city address. Appreciate you it's on our listeners more about cavern technologies guys check out -- technologies again -- tavern. Technologies dot com others a great page of why cavern in. Through great things and helping out to grow the entrepreneur community here in Kansas City in technology as a whole so thank you very much thank you will be right back and hunter Casey ships. -- Kansas City and welcome back to the entrepreneur KC -- I'm your host Jason grills. Great -- so far today -- touched on two different types of demographic -- fitness and with that data centers end. In this segment I'm excited to have on the co-founder of mine mixer. Which is a better way to engage on my mixer dot com that's the headline a mine mixer builds -- better communities by involving people and things they care about. We have nick bowed and on the line -- from Omaha Nebraska in a car you. I'm doing logistics governments. No problem bonds. My -- -- came on the scene a few years ago we still need. My and in the on -- facing Kansas City -- for those who have not heard about it or. Sterling noted continue our listeners say overview of the company and what your goals are. Yeah for sure so we started the company a little over two years ago. And that the trick or permit system. Two buildings and software that enables city's school districts and other syndicate stooge to better engage their stitcher. And so. Part best picture shall determine what we're doing equipment addict so it is -- -- at the predominant. Net are everywhere gathered in Karachi park which are traditional out albeit it's. And the reality of -- topic is that. Very few people shopped them and that district -- the -- shoppers typically it really really in sports bearded orbit representatives. And yet -- -- the minority there the vocal minority nick I used to be elected official or Missouri and we used to have. You have your one town hall meeting -- T town meetings when he got back from session and you sometimes you get fifty people -- most blood on. You know he really didn't -- many people of those events those new way to point that out. -- it's it's it's pretty trade -- I think some recent stats only 11%. Of the country it turns one count all -- per year -- also constitution that our country -- a picture of Kirk. Yet it should be in school region that artists at the primary way to ultimately make decisions based on seat backs are are kind of RR or -- is what. If we can put processed mostly online and copilot the tomahawks. Give people what can we can all that they would have it turned out -- cheaters they're not. Most of most of that. It is kind of proven. He works out of power 600 little 600 cities and schools and universities across the -- US and our. And those those kind of individual application -- shock or her ever actually engaged. About a billion -- people want to be years across the country so it's been it's been a right. Sure sounds like it and in 2013. You guys had a lot of growth I know you've you've come down to Kansas City area recently. It's also about what that experience is like just not having any pardon office I -- in Kansas City. -- so much. A little extra metal detection equipment -- And so we so cute the speed always been a little bit the second Obama -- basically block. We are locks. Just because that electron tax records in this city it's all of a out both technical top end and not account so. Ignore it and aspirations that happened that market and we had a small just one individual. In -- 2012. Of which -- -- cheated out of our strong chip close to ten people. And probably over the course you don't Portugal -- should be. It's a double or triple on chart so. Can disagrees. The largest audience it's a little -- -- in Omaha. And it's got a little bit deeper outset and but it works -- to interpret that. Very cool courtside about it during Kansas City now what sectors of groups are you seeing the most participation knew what subject area that would say because. Obviously this pleasing great for the government type issues or you know if you're gonna build a parking -- junior you are -- this or that are. Which they do with this idea I mean how would assume that. You know. Can't become of the quality of life for the government sector would be huge but what other sectors are you seeing a lot of subject areas seeing engaged. Transportation's huge. Especially here and -- durable but bigger. For example are NPC. And beat the trip territory as the -- -- part of our. Really really great -- register station -- -- to integrate and -- the rail companies and in streetcar and other items it's about spin. Kind of a hot topic our country. And then. Quite frankly our educational sites -- school district sites are are really really good at large part -- to go to edit her interest can people's kids and their curriculum and the school calendar it's sort -- talks public audit like that bit on parks and recreation in biking. Always seems to bring not a lot of folks. You know. Interest and not any topic it has. Strong opinion on both sides as -- dressed. Tend to be quite popular. And so a -- to structure restoration parks recreation education tend to mark the broad topic carts. That's true and in your client base here you know I knew how you make money and how you grow this company obviously grown and you have a lot of new employees and obviously Kansas City offices it is it. Most your clients are they are they civic communities are they no public entities or they schools or whatnot. So about 90%. Of our clientele. It's called a public or civic institutions and includes all level government city county state federal. It includes public school institution well teach well our school district and our university clients Arab and then. I would also got a growing number of companies that are -- -- or employee engagement. Inside of the company. And then more kind of closed oriented special interest trying to groups to mute for internal kind of strategic discussions and concede Bowker looks good numbers are. Still we still couldn't lean towards. This citrix based director of what Cuba or although we are not the practitioners -- -- -- steps that I think we are ever match. What was that process like you know because does -- everyone has a you know at a process that hey I got a great product donors into this. To the you know public affairs -- -- Arena. There are always they always feel like you know it's a -- an RFP you know it's always a process and -- like that on the best feeling about it what was that process like really kind of getting your first clients in that process in you know and growing. So it's been it's been -- of course it's it's challenging. Because we. They can read it pretty deep expertise in the civic states. Our ability to kind of negate what typically instituted a real quick challenged that the big government procurement process was probably a little bit easier. Because of our our domain knowledge and they'd be so quick from a different -- in the government. And so. We bet they're huge benefit cuts that we've grown but. You know going from just a little over two years governors two of us -- and -- we are about forty. Folks in the team are going to be -- -- exports America's current. It's been really respond of course it prevents them culturally at present a lot of unique check on the record -- similar to watch the people all. Into a movie kind of target. And it. Because you got four people and that means no goals change in -- to move to crack folks. -- It's been. It's been out on -- while right. I think to got a fourteen current tension to continue to -- -- whether it's doubling the number of people and try to -- but also looking to contribute Earl. During the customers and engage in the constituents -- the most votes to get a trust urged. A year really is and now you got to have the -- -- to have the people now and what's the what's the demographics like because obviously we talked about town hall meetings and are you guys seeing. Any of the older population really canny getting involved with -- -- -- I mean you know 55 and above hers and mostly. You know people in their twenties and thirties. Actually picked a great question which restructured if you look across our. It's been based. Beat each coal or breakdown in nearly. Identical to the beach or -- our country from a Serb disperse Parker. And so actually we've got -- level station the of this 35 to sixty irons -- age range. We've got a good number of folks -- a lot of sites that are. Under the age is very artists. We -- -- write a really good number of folks there over the age should be Arctic are. At least not record the oldest first in 97 years old the youngest just fourteen. So I keep it represents. Now a lot of the strands and an Internet ticket returns that now I think what 6% of the country's sixty year old and older and I use Internet daily. And that number continues to grow so people were as pat -- grow up and know what Democrats are currently younger demographic. In large part because that huge Obama campaign and others -- -- -- all worked worked out good trips. For sure and -- know that on the Republican side things there. Reese establishing their all Internet voter databases we seek out in Silicon Valley for the upcoming elections saw -- believe that now become more tech savvy as well. What do -- would this idea that you mine and not the answer is the what is the what is the most engaging. Posting you've ever had and what city was that in. So. And I -- education trying to work with the Ohio state university and they had the thousands of purchase presence. On the city each side is actually San Francisco. -- you can imagine it is that -- replaced -- are said he started really really popular. And this city so it is it is probably our top. One neat site Serbs kind of civic institutions fifteen maybe. Species very popular. Outlays -- corporate some of the bigger city dependent. I'm smaller communities rural communities that don't necessarily as many people that we can. In -- -- of EG current people but how almost a column. China or -- site so. I think the sheer number of people certainly an important Richard charts but also the percentage of saturation that we get into that community equally important. But yet -- we see kind of numbers across corporate -- As it relates to -- to their expectations they're used to it you mention getting had 68 east fifty people are beating the they're really really lucky arch critic archer Kirk -- you our sites consistently are getting. Hundreds and how about 101000 plus people that are stated that -- Peter. And that an -- caddie do you guys monitor on the I mean obviously it's. -- when you deal with with the online culture and technology there's always -- you could have. -- not a crazy but someone that is just trying to stir a debate obviously that's that you wanted and -- the day. You really want these ideas to be taken seriously reviewed by policy makers correct. Correct and and that's. That in fact it's why. Lead you to kind of a SaaS space subscription service or are quite calendars don't give it to people. Because we think that the box in the Indian -- and and it didn't really fundamental to compensate it. So. And -- -- embarrassment of both capital and time. The -- that they're willing to respond and take it seriously and she goes through. Is much higher or aspect feedback loop to get to -- that -- air or Mike -- person or. Director Kurt kicks Gregg Jarrett is -- reason people come because it is legitimate. And -- that's our credibility and so. That's her beauty really fundamental -- we do is making sure that we -- Enabled these cities and in school districts to to battle explicitly direction responded -- deep packet back trying to keep our purpose. All its global tobacco -- Short -- and it found the co-founder of mine mixer mine mixers and great things in 2013. And what is the what is the sign -- cause for that -- for just the consumer. So I had -- consumer market citizen or not Cox. And -- to -- security institution. It's a pretty low cost option repeat it's you know from. Hundred. A couple of hundred bucks a month. And that's in the big institution -- a oracle we we try to make it. That's affordable but. But equally important is suitable spots all and so you know as a citizen it should be eager to get involved. District critic support contraband. Give -- to weigh in on a ready to issues in particular should hear -- school district. -- that we really appreciate coming on the show today guys you can check out mine mixer at mine mixer Docomo will say this to -- I checked out your blog today on the mix fought on the web site. Some really good stuff on there and that's a blog not mine -- dot com. Congrats and everything you've done and -- government planning is well so I'm very excited in civic engagements are very excited to see doing so well. Yes thank you Jason -- -- there you -- season we'll be right back in the entrepreneur KC show. Sell -- Kansas City and welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jay seeing growth thanks to -- and into the show and it's great team back in the studio after a little bit of a break for the holidays in Delaware and am an exciting 2014. For everyone and speaking in 2014 with the -- started I want to have a Kansas City based professional business coach -- Guy who every time he talked to have you will learn something and hopefully. Europe -- person -- personal life and your business life -- improvement. When to have Shaun -- came on the show us that he's in studio right now for final Cigna today Sean how are you. I'm great thanks I certainly you are you a great Kansas City and you were the president and business coach and aspire business and all kind of take me through what is fire does and then we'll get back in your backer. Okay. And aspire we were -- business owners. Who are. I guess trying to figure out how to grow their business is probably the best way to explain it. In other clients that I work -- usually have great ideas they've got great businesses. They are trying to figure out either how to make him even better or. Really how to get themselves out of out of the day to -- grind in into something a little bit more strategic. And I tell you what that is one of the biggest problems. Small business owners that there is really is how do you find. A balance how do you scale do you wanna -- Are you -- we're making now do you wanna hire more people view it to a more freedom mean all those things are west I think about what others that I did you know have coffees we think about every day it's. How do you talk how -- you define success sore right right so how did you get into this how did you start this business well my prayer is has always been consulting when I when I came out of college out of -- zoo I left and joined it was Andersen Consulting at the time in six censure now. Management consulting company kind of global worldwide you know we worked with fortune 100 companies. So -- consulting aspect that the problem solving that you know all those kind of things I've always enjoyed that and that's that's always been a big part in my career. -- -- fast forward about fifteen Harris. I got to the point where corporate wasn't much fun anymore. EU just it's hard to get things done in the corporate world it's it's one of those things were just not personally rewarding the money's great student and it's always the thing is stability Brent is there yeah yeah that -- -- but they -- you really you know it's hard to feel like you make as much of a difference. And so that that kind of wore on me and I finally got to the point where -- like I really wanna help people. I wanna make a difference. I can do that much more effectively with entrepreneurs and small business owners -- and so it was a pretty big change -- and try to imagine -- you know working -- fortune 100 -- companies and then you know kind of shifting my focus. Realizing I didn't necessarily have a a ready made base of small business owners and entrepreneurs that I knew. So about seven years ago I started this fire was I was kind of start from scratch Eaton. Totally now is probably an eye opening experience in law and you know the background there its -- through those seven years what is the experience been like for you. Real anchor did it was harder and I thought it would be they -- -- Kenny kid yourself figure this out this can't be that hard. It was but he has been great I think what I really likes and I'm and and maybe this is just we have a big fan a continuous learning. I've learned a time not you know not only just on my own but what I learned from my clients every day. You know they're all doing really cool stuff I get to pick up and you know look over their shoulder and and see what their businesses are doing and so I'm learning as much remembers hopefully there for me. And I'm assuming when you have a successful. And mintier -- -- -- your mentor. You know they're gonna tell a difference hopefully in our city is it is is obviously a small. Knit community. It's a kind of tell some of those you know take us through maybe some of those case studies are people you've worked with that. You know and give us some advice of what was successful with some of the company's. So I'm not naming names company Leo and I wanna I wanna profile you're you're all stars turning out so I I've got I've got a good clients a couple clients they have their -- -- Syria. And you know they've been doing it successfully for quite awhile. But they were pretty burned out and they are burned out because they they were good at their -- they're great at what they do you mean the business side of it was wearing him down. And it was a struggle you know every day every month every year to come into work. And you know that if if they can only just deal with clients that was great. But figuring out why do you make money how do you get do you grow this thing how do you get other people involved was wearing him down. And so. When I met with them and they didn't tally this up front they actually told me this later that they were to the point where they -- -- something out soon and they were probably a barrier to close the doors and and so I challenge them on a bunch of things and none of its rocket science it's not like. You know this -- took advanced degrees to figure out but it did take. Some focus and it took somebody probably from the outside. To ask him some hard questions and say what he really try to do. And what they were really trying to do is they wanted to make a little bit more money but more importantly they wanted to free of their time. And they wanted to have an environment where everybody wanted to be there. -- so part of the challenge was that they were you know a lot of their employees were contractors. And it's no surprise that contractors weren't in -- heart and soul they were -- for -- -- And soon to be able to challenge them to Sarah let's look at gradually you don't do at all why it's swapping out some of those contractors for. An employee who loves working. For somebody that can really. Scary though isn't it hero they can they were scared to death this this was a good choice that it took awhile. And it was one of those things where just kind of gradually OK let's try this. And and slowly you know over the course of several months we were able to swap out a few pieces. And what happened was that they brought people on board. That's. It was more commitment because they're now obligated to pay you know payroll for -- strokes but the actual -- turn out to be laughs. Because the contractors -- -- -- hourly basis more expensive. And so they they got employees than in the long run save them money. But who also loved being in the air because they know -- -- full time job and they are excited about it and they love the clients just as much as the owners didn't NC start building this environment if you start building around that culture and him. It Jim Collins calls it you know putting the right people in the right seats. Right and it's it's a huge difference it's hard to it's hard to explain to somebody that hasn't seen it. How big a difference that is when you come into work and people are excited to be there. An end and you're creating something together as a team as opposed to. You know you feel like your dragon people along and and in each step -- right. So that that's one where you know that was probably we started working together maybe year and a half ago -- and we just mad at the end of last year and they are out. Bottom line -- up over 30%. And they are working quite a bit last made the floor that's great. Pretty critical critical critical what are you era. We're looking now and it's a new year you know I mean what do people really need to look at what is your advice for her you know their businesses or for them personally. You know I two things come to mind and I. Don't know that it's necessarily because it's 2014. But. The first thing that comes in my -- while you hit on before. Business owners tend to focus. On growth and may tend to focus on kind of the brute force approach what I'm just gonna go out there I'm gonna work harder and I'm gonna make things happened. And there's nothing wrong with that except if you keep doing that you're gonna Wear yourself out and you get to the -- -- your your basically -- -- struggle and it's going to be painful. A better approach and it's almost a mindset thing is as much as it is anything else a better approach is to look at can you put yourself out of a job. So you as the owner what would it take for you to get to the point word in your work in four hours away -- work an eight hours a week. And everything still moving forward without you. So you've got all the revenue you've got all the profitability. But now you're only working eight hours a week. Lot of you know I don't think not like tennis itself how well as the reds like them -- -- that work harder than what exactly my personal but -- the cash for our guests John. I'm I'm very dominated. John you're us you're on -- would you -- -- rarely but it is you can see the outside. -- -- that the reason we are immersed in -- and her family unit travel you don't. All or -- modular product right I mean you being here really. Or if you're really hardcore entrepreneur if you get them or you can free up your time your bring in your. You're strange to the table to go open up a strategic alliance to go you know start -- complementary business that runs on the side. There's a ton of stuff you can do. And oh by the way your core business that you're now about having to spend much time on. It's now worth a lot more money if you ever wanted to -- it and you know there's just a totally great reasons to get there. And it's it's not -- you're gonna be lazy I think if it's the mid western and work ethic does our got to work harder. Work smarter you know that in and that's a cliche but but it really is an element of you know figure out where your strongest what's your strengths are and find people to do to arrest. And stop killing yourself was 6070 hour weeks because it's. If if you're doing that you've you've just created a really bad job it's gonna worry about time them. Some wrong that's number one effect on the game of mind was. It is. It is January -- you know beginning of the year everybody -- New Year's resolutions -- thing and OK now's the time this is the year are gonna make this big change. The reality is when you study change when you look at people who were successful and have have created success over time. They don't do with a home -- way it's not that single one thing that puts them over the top. It's consistent dated Dade daily choices that they may. And so if you make the right choices. That are really small. But you make those overtime consistently. That's -- you actually achieve success so so instead of coming up with this big resolution. You know I'm gonna change the world. What are what's -- you can do every single day that's not that hard that you're gonna stick to your. It's got to make a real difference whether that's for health or fitness or in your business or your personal relationships. What's that one little thing you can -- your -- that's got to make a difference because that's what you're gonna stick to -- Yes here and now the -- yeah exactly and it's different for everybody you know it's the one thing right into. You really can't Jimmy resolutions rent. -- home where you can try and then and that's the problem is that people get overwhelmed by Georgia business owners every day that you know ask -- what they're working out and they'll start listing off the stuff that they're working they get down to 1015. Funny things that are. I'm like okay well. What's your top birdie all of those are their top earning the top priorities usually guys paying client. Well when push comes to shove they'll be out but but when they have some free time. Now they're trying to juggle 101520. Different things. The reality is you're not going to be able to do more than three -- five big things in a year Serbs are kidding yourself figure out what the most important things really are. And area list out I guess that would be a third thing. That's a third and tireless stuff for 2000 for nothing. We'll Shelly but two minutes left isn't an area inching up -- -- get -- have you on the show more often if we can for some your your time I'm happy you're there are lawyer consulting but on. You send an email you do all kinds and everything's how to people kind of being -- review and what resources can you offer them. If you your website aspire Casey come we we have a blogger I've been working on it for six and a half years basically since they started the business. So Watson what a great articles on there that that I ever in my business partner Chris I'm bug is Israel a lot as well. So if you just looking for inspiration for ideas. Lots of lots of ideas on the blog. I translate that into a newsletter seems silent for our newsletter there ever comes out once a month that's you know hopefully have some great ideas as well. We do. Almost every month by dual book review for a pick out -- business book that that I think my clients probably should've read that I know they haven't. And I'll do basically cliff's notes overview presentation of its. Once a month so so this month it's. Thursday January 23. It's a breakfast -- you can find more information on the site as well bless -- -- your being slighted ship might get named Jeff Folsom which can make. Kind of covers the idea that I was talking about that it's it's -- slow and steady thing that's gonna help you win the race it's not gone after the big home runs. It is there runs in the society wants the rich quick you know I mean John that's the way it is and that's the world right now as well only one person wins the lottery the rest of -- just put their money and -- lately it's been if you're from Missouri had a decent shots I I -- admit I I have still buy a powerball ticket. I don't tell stories and while I was like here's Brian Waters -- fine there's certainly commend the hundreds of dollars on a problem all right well John shocking case. From inspire. Me to expire -- Olympic circle on the show today that things are allowed to have in studio incident that's a little Louisiana. Keep summer resolutions for this year both of us that's -- and thank you very much guys great show today you can find this again on the Internet they came easy dot com. He missed any of our prior shows and also connect could -- Twitter on Twitter adjacent drill and at entrepreneur Casey. You to listen to got turner KC show on the came easy business channel. Thanks for listening have a great week we'll talk pieces.