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The Radio Dish 12.27.13 Segment 4

Dec 27, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's the radio dish and see no evil hear no evil speak no evil when you've got to admit two out of three ain't bad. Welcome back a little rest. And relaxation before. Big New Year's parties you know get Christmas some of the way and I get get ready for new -- you are back at the radio -- it is Darcy -- -- heart Mary McKenna and you what the radio dish dot com and it is now time for the Hollywood -- brought to -- by pandora jewelry and -- -- in the zone around San. The biggest names in Hollywood all the gossip and destroy you won't hear anywhere. It's time for this week's Hollywood -- This could hurt -- Well I'm not sure if it's a slow week in Hollywood or not but Lindsay -- and back in the news because she's trying to ask. Restart her career I guess. She did and you know doing a couple things and a lot of things look forward to you if your fan I guess or your entry perhaps. She's got the Oprah Winfrey network show that's coming up that's her reality show -- -- -- year. Yeah. I. Tell all. About -- I wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute we already know everything don't we. If you -- -- and -- your entire life -- but but but but but. Expected it's a case that she's got to tell all book come announce anything. And she's gonna try to make a comeback. I'm sorry did she ever have a song out I didn't realize she released disease music. She did she pretty successful one album but that back in the days of when you're doing Herbie rides again under her beloved blogger what are that it was she recording at the same time sort of started her down while she -- an outlook and that album. Did very well it's gonna recorded and -- -- for her deal with some music studio we'll see what happens. Good luck maybe she should consider retiring Justin Bieber didn't. How I retired I'll -- that in -- and doing every radio show and Angela was talking about -- -- and I were just higher. And of course and thinking that. Justin Bieber really is retiring and he's not -- just silly little jokes so we got a lot more Justin Bieber in our future. -- lucky asked do we have anymore Dennis Rodman in our future. Yeah you know I'll ambassador to North Korea yes but -- street in North Korean national basketball team. So you know ET keep taking it another step further and you know I know -- operate is assistant -- President Obama. Saying that he can help from its relations I don't know if we're really want to have relations in Korea but -- -- at least this on the basketball court you want to do an exhibition game between North Korea. And NBA all star team. That's supposed to wait is even better to commemorate. -- John Rollins 31 for it. This stuff up. Was it a basketball Michael Jordan in 2014. And a handsome -- east at PM it's what. -- -- It's been announced that his wife was pregnant. Everything you know we are -- she is I've seen photos she is most likely in either late second trimester or early third trimester -- thirty year. Before march -- to say she got fourteen up my gas. They're going to have two girls and our identity to. All other cool not that they may have a basketball team because he's already got three right two boys and a girl -- if you give it to you've got a team. Exactly. That you know he's not trying to sell it Chicago compound home and -- solid option just the other day. Nolan met the reserve price but the last time it was on the open market was when he one million dollars and 81 it. At that price went up by two. And Bruce Willis and his wife also expecting -- going fourteen. He is going to have another BB with his second wife and a happening and this'll be he's. The child altogether and I can't they get abused a child all together he had three to Demi Moore is will be his second with -- so they are. Hopefully going to welcome their new child sometime in 2014 their little daughter -- was born in April 2012. And just so everybody's on the same page I believe -- Twitter goes in Hollywood. We had the sole remaining person who was not on Twitter in Hollywood did you see that. Regis fill it. I can't wait to see what he tweets I think he was the lone hold out I -- the Pope joined for gosh sakes he joined I guess about a week ago. I don't is not out there Brad Pitt and he just turned fifty so we need to get him on it Regis can do it. Frankly. We want to reassure a very happy new year and thank you so much for being with this and when he thirteen and we'll see you more. In 2014 thanks Christian. That's -- happy new year that's the Hollywood -- with -- -- on the radio -- Well it's. Our lives are made up of many amazing moments from the birth of the child to simply being able to fit into an old pair of jeans. The best way to celebrate the moments in your life is with pandora jewelry. Each dazzling hand finished piece tells the story only you can tell your life has many moments pandora jewelry helps each one to shine from October 3 through December 24 start your pandora story with the pic of a poppy gifts that are available at -- dine soro's. This that includes the sterling silver bracelet a few choice to Eurostar clips and a shimmering they charmed -- more information or questions contact us at lucky duck dash -- dot com or -- 8165055510. Bella while supplies last he store for details. It's time to the dirty dishes rusty by the mop bucket and a twelve armour road in North Kansas City -- floors sparkling clean with -- microfiber floor stuff. Eliminate the streaking in the -- it's nontoxic biodegradable. At the mop bucket dot com. Yeah. Yeah. At this summit Home Depot the other day. In America buying some light bulbs -- replaced light -- in advance of January 1 you know your favorite. In -- and balls forty and sixty watt bulbs will no longer be manufactured legally in this country nor can they be imported from some other country in before they're ready to throw it. Barack Obama under the bus was George W. Bush who signed this into law in 2007. Parents squiggly ones still command lamps well there -- certainly -- bulbs that are not squiggly. In fact they had a display and it will they think the name of the miss creed -- that may be one of the manufacturers -- -- CR EE. And it showed how many. Watts of electricity use how much you're going to save by having this -- And it cost thirteen dollars or 12974. People one phone once I think involved but then it says will last guaranteed to last 25 years and I am I breaking. Well -- others that. I -- I know math is hard to her meek but. I'm thinking 25 years and I'm 38 now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I've got to TP once it did collect while I still can't see that -- time to start or not thinking same thing demands warmest and we had to force when you look a little yellow. Yeah look a little Joseph and funny spot. We've just come to the Christmas season and everybody talks about the virgin birth right. That's appropriate for the season right absolutely. What if I told you that one in 200 American moms became pregnant without ever having sex. Toilet -- could. Currently on USA as a hotbed of virgin births this is according to a long term study on reproductive health published by the British Medical Journal that -- -- -- yeah. And which states that went into an American -- claimed had given birth without ever having intercourse. These miraculous findings come from a study of nearly 8000 women and girls ages fifteen to 28 who were interviewed as part of a national longitudinal study. And adolescent health between. 1995 and 2009. Ever so the dad's name is Jack -- Well before the a few weeks ago on this show we talked about the most drunk pictures on FaceBook are different I -- -- that got -- all together almost always a good thing when things come together. Yet and it occasionally happens for us it's kind of -- happy accident -- -- you know we've created two and a half years are we there are we aren't like wow that's. Amazing and we want to thank our guest Andrew Ward and Dave Thompson a retirement expert and we also wanna sit at thank frank burns with can't city symphony. Austin yesterday yeah a lot of stuff coming up for him in the spring with the Kansas City symphony that we should pay attention to. You know take a bite out of this is really really huge for us it's that it is a great segment of the show where we can actually interact with a little bit and get some feedback from me on face but. Please. Pay attention please Rebecca and yes I have participated on some time with that that's that's what this is all about and we got an event this coming up for power of the purse. It's at Saks off fifth out at the legends outlet on January 16 from six to 8 inch in the evening. 5% of the proceeds will be given back to charity. Of anything that's purchased and the charity that we've chosen is American heart association's go red for women because. Believe it or not American heart association's -- heart month this coming up very quickly on I eight. Couldn't believe the number of sacks that went out the door at sex. Last year I mean a lot of women get a lot of a shopping -- so much and the prices are great -- -- you know like portion of it goes to charity -- -- -- a summons us and we had thought about doing it at the Christmas season but you know after Christmas time we need something to pick this up and -- dated January doldrums and this is a great opportunity to that end it's for -- at getting -- -- -- -- up on -- on that very soon so you'll -- a little bit more information about it OK so mark your -- yet. -- sixteenth. And then at 6 o'clock night. Stomachs and ladies it's redundant to say happy new year to people police say -- be safe on this New Year's celebration don't celebrate two month tour -- kind of designated driver of the CU in 2014 they're sick like -- heart Mary McKenna and you with the radio dish dot com she. -- provided by Robert McCain now with the new lady looks -- -- in what sports fans dale they look good on radio.

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