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The Radio Dish 12.27.13 Segment 2

Dec 27, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

To me that's 100% wrong that's not shows about people give their life everything. Toward this moment you know something -- -- me. -- -- -- zero's. That is you need a bit nervous today. Little bit but that's what's out the error when I pound -- he knew his son well beyond bill. He paused and hello. -- I mean. Promising G news. I'm I'm surprised the reason I hit my bus it was a because I didn't like the song I was afraid to voice was gonna blow out you never get the cup again. And screaming so -- I. Okay. Maybe he's saying yeah I was. The way you move. The radio dish three ladies in waiting. Waiting for the call from Letterman -- doctor Russ and me money. Anybody out there may be looking for talented women it's Mary McKenna Darcy Blake Mindy heart and you and the radio dish dot com may be our next guest looking for talented women I don't sell. No I don't -- but we do them. We can't have an engineer at talent and I think content now. Andrew Ward is a producer with America's Got Talent -- it is good to have you -- we can't she won last year with us. Yeah I would I don't uncertainty reality TV award. -- she -- and of course we've got a little bit of history because you're whenever interns long ago. Yeah not accurate with their defensive tackle on -- You know hate at -- -- and are recruited at all of the country now I like I I note on the inside. And then it kind of scary isn't he's he's actually. Done better than you -- -- now I mean he's not on the national level into saint yeah I I think that is so far so it the best part. Hey you have been running around on NBC's number one summer reality series America's Got Talent has begun again it's nationwide. Search and some beat this season nine. No there really seems like -- yesterday when he's in line. Came on and I remember watching not thinking our outlook for that circumvent the Ehrlich had record of the I'm seeing now that they're doing just as well -- didn't beginning which incredible. Now the season nine audition cities you not come to Kansas City so we can even additional as we get in the car -- halfway across the country anyway what is the closest the next. Audition that is closest to Kansas City. To be Indianapolis and we're gonna be an Indianapolis and matched -- -- I get a little bit to try and copilot Rebecca Quick and that the video how high you're really do look at it but he. There might be hope for -- then there could be again what would we do. After a quick good dates for Nationale. Does not like top Britons from. You know we're gonna need a national on January 28. And then will be an Indianapolis the week before that that it 120. Okay if -- wants to take that drive and is out there and obviously you've been in some of the cities you've done New York you've done Denver minor Houston's Kenny coming up as well. What can people expected they come out there what are we need to do how do we get involved in office and and how do an -- in place we go on a -- on line additions as well. You can pre register and find out more information or just to make your radio online -- eight GT -- -- and com. And it is going to drag out there you know we really do stay in key -- and -- you can make it about the master older Indy we're gonna take the -- -- -- He can make that picture that you know I'm. Okay now you've been in new York and you've been in Denver. Any big set prices so far. You know they're -- super fun and I. And I can tell you one of my favorite in the it's an escape artists and -- -- -- Milosevic can't change interpreted on the side stick out. -- It I heard at the end the wife of the Denver mayor. Auditioned. For you guys did you know that did you know the one of those up of folks who auditioned for you in Denver was the mayor's wife. You know I didn't come to talk about what. And if if someone knows how much time we have to present your act because obviously you go through me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it probably. Pitching wind kicked out and people. It's not like decreed -- stadium protecting you think other -- I'm not a lot of people -- Q what kind of unease around everyone actual talent. Whether to fire your objection and -- and -- old grandmother. You are happy you know you don't know what government. So. You don't have the weird strange. People who dress up like superheroes and stuff like you see on American. The American -- down. Other deduct out of Iran is definitely it. Currently we have any count on it seems you're talking on a sea of people didn't get a. Love that just because you think you -- tell it doesn't necessarily mean a -- I think she's got and I can't get -- hit it. Well I love that so when he -- a few seconds up there -- few minutes on because I mean obviously people are nervous when they get up there. -- -- -- -- I would need to review. Do you get 92. -- dependent take a look at that could be a lot of time or not. And you know you can bring that video here you're one of those bigger access. Maybe something. Under doubling or else that's something that kind of hard to. To do well click and someone can bring a video and then when it comes so I show. Oh. Okay. I want to -- -- I I drive to Nashville if I go to Indianapolis. I wanna be able to fill a niche okay sent to ten at times when there -- you don't -- twelve. -- -- So do you have anything you don't need. Besides a radio show Rosie. It's been using -- I think that that really. Hot right now somebody taking into account account mitnick together and make it count didn't know that. -- -- -- -- and Kenny G came out of nowhere and you know make it. -- -- -- -- -- But that was really important -- clarify that because we were all looking -- in the room and what the heck is that he's an epic so being contortions as a dancer at the same time. That would come out really well hot. -- You know we may be a hater that you recently learned how to become an aerial and become like an area that anger at those of a couple of time -- -- kind of things that we like Abbott in the Mac. Did you just all of -- Did you decide to Canada the bank like to have you seen that. I can't quit yet so maybe that's a great deal are panicking and someone and there are there just -- If you just doing as we got -- word who's a producer with America's Got Talent they are going nationwide in her coming up -- -- -- Houston you can Indianapolis you're all over the place. -- even wants to go online and find out more on what's the best way to do that under. They can check -- web site AG key -- dot com and -- a marker and. And this is going to be. In the summer -- it was NBC's big show I mean it was the number one summer show this last year so. We need to clear scheduled for sometime in the summer few are chosen. Yeah big time big -- in -- take. -- a little bet there's some concern that are not on that and then -- and that BAA. I don't live action. Land that -- and hopefully accelerate a million dollars and the -- career -- can -- in their career. I had time a million dollars -- I learned how to me something girls you guys can saying. I can't. Can you played piano I think Mino is slated piano and and -- -- upon at this time -- -- -- she can do the tambourine Hampshire. On fire maybe. Maybe not know particularly I know because you could be touching your peanuts but the but the timber reason. Oh yeah see I can't work honest there's no doubt about it. In her and that it's there we know and you any advice that she got people out there that they're thinking about getting involved with America's Got Talent. You know I would love to see some urgent that it can't count out are there other. Really show them your personality. And come up with your time and really want to find that people that had been meaning to do. I think you know I'm your next year except that are ninety and -- so that you got urges the senate that they are I don't check out. Do you really look for people with a great back story. But some of. You know I. I think everything important. You know kind of you know if someone that really great actor that I ever really great attitude and make cute you know wanna watch it and market you want and succeed. So I think they're you know and -- When it comes -- yet this year. Give us that. Online address one more time for folks who wanna do it and by video. -- -- -- -- in addition dot com or America's got out of kitchen dot com and that streak and a bad idea. Sorry it's Andrew Ward with America's Got Talent and so glad that you can join us today here at the reading of this stuff come.

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