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The Radio Dish 12.27.13 Segment 1

Dec 27, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It doesn't kill you makes -- It's time to leave the dishes in the sink and dish about something important to you. And now three chicks who think they ruled the roost it's an ingredient DS. Well I hope everybody had a -- to Christmas. There's Blake -- -- heart Mary McKenna and you -- the radio dish dot com I wish I had a -- camino real quick cam in the studio because as. They're singing our opening number there you know Kelly Clarkson music both -- Indian Darcy look at me like she can get this right this time. Now what I think we're all thinking you know -- the holidays have been self phenomenal tonight. I agree Christmas and happy institute and I can't imagine we're we're in the year girls in behind -- could that happen. You get older as the years go by sisters that's an old guy older people I've just got it right there right here and I didn't even other news coming up I just wanna know what it has -- for New Year's Eve. Who -- I hear that there conference center for the performing arts has a great New Year's Eve bash it's going to be gone on and the commitment and then who might be fun a lot of fun with us on the line right now is frank. Burn the executive director of the Kansas City sit pretty good day sir how are you Perrier -- super super deluxe and yet it's right down -- creek city. You just got done with your festival of Christmas and now you get up plunge right back into something else. Absolutely what you know we get weeks of -- programming actually you know when we started with handel's messiah always possible. And part -- after playing for nutcracker so it was many many events over the month of December and there is a little down time. Right around new years that -- right after the new year we're back into it pedal to the floor. I was gonna say you that someone we all kind of famous coming up -- -- Kenny G coming -- went. January 19. Yes we do -- -- now Kenny is on our top series and he's playing with -- January 17 and eighteenth but those sold out. And it was such demand that we added the third concert on the nineteenth so the great part about that is that because it's a new at a concert. Anders knows subscriber base there all the procedure available. -- Who love yeah we can go -- The ironic thing. In the other concert you know we have subscribers who were in great -- and we love that. But on the nineteenth -- open -- and so we hope everybody will come out and up a lot that third show -- going to be a great weekend retirement and we're very excited about. Offering by giving credit card number right now can get three good seats for -- -- the. Absolutely I'll help a -- -- squarely into the race. I love you know a lot of people don't think about when you bring an artist in on home much practice there is a mean every artist is unique. When it comes to performing with the symphony on how to set to. You know all work together. Well this is one of the great things about having a truly professional orchestra because when an -- KG that knows his material called. Comes down with an orchestra show the key thing here is that all the orchestral parts and all the church that the players are looking at don't have mistakes. And they the orchestra and play it out and one rehearsal but it sure to -- And you know play that Cheryl. -- right and that's kind of artwork when we bring in partisan about it now. -- that's phenomenal. Yeah it is that -- do -- I know in the orchestra. That's great musicians in the symphony that they can do that and it's always you know farm and that's a little bit of a hardware are on the first shot just to get through it but then the elements you know it's it's going to be time to really enjoy the performance and you know can Digi key as a performer. This guy knows how to work that he knows how to get up there and saw a -- -- going to be a great weekend. It it amazes me how the symphony I think in the last couple years has really. Reinvented itself between the pop series and you've got family series you've done things for the kids with Dr. Seuss and over Halloween it was Phantom of the Opera I'm just I don't very impressed I think other city should be taking notes. Yeah thank you do you know that are classics and quirks period. I need to do move but yeah. There's there's one of those on January the -- Just a couple of days before and it's a program called fiesta. And it's going to be all Latin buttons art music and it's got to be huge about and as we talked about six on court. -- here are 45 box. And with the cost of that ticket you get a free drink in the lobby after the show. And bring in Mindy with me because she doesn't drink -- half -- let's say you know drivers are out. -- -- -- the musicians come out and mingle with the crowd it's a lot of fun but yeah that's January 15 and you can see more information on our web site for classic on court. Fiesta going to be a fantastic. That would be a lot of fun now you have some other exciting stuff that's coming up later on in the spring here. It's really true like one of the biggest things I think it's happening Kansas City and it is a first for as an organization we are. Presenting -- only made last concert that will be given by the great Los Angeles philharmonic and the error rock star. Music director Gustavo Dudamel this guy is that maybe the most. Amazing international conductor he has a rock star in every sense of the word. Out there and LA they've called him and that -- It's and he is amazing and he will be here being that great orchestra and one of the reasons they're so excited to play here. Is because -- are all -- call was designed by the same pack installation -- there all the Walt Disney concert almost as. Now -- fabulous. So our tickets available for that show. Yet they just went on sale to the public the other day so people can call our -- up at an 816471. Hole 400. Or go online indicate he's simply got to work that this is going to be a giant effect where the only sitting there getting between LA and New York. That's amazing one night frank. -- my rest for march we'll see what she didn't get for Christmas now the new year you've got. All sorts of things you'd -- Singapore. And it takes -- and it takes so much planning to put a full year scheduling together and I'm so I'm I'm sure you already got. 2015 their in the books starting put it together quicker. I just have an idea I I talked to that crazy marketing director over there at the symphony occasionally and and and -- -- to work with I'm sure. OK we'll play that back for. -- let -- take you so much for joining us today at the radio dish and again -- Kenny G. -- -- been added to the nineteenth. And tickets are how much. 39 dollars -- find out exactly where they are because I don't wanna I wanna get. And I think they have accrued during the 4050 dollar. Andy -- statistic it's a Casey's symphony dot org or by calling 8164710400. Thank you frank. -- you're pretty happy new year new year yes absolutely you as well. -- It's you know speaking of New Year's sweetest gonna do you guys stay in -- Garnett I'm serious thinking about on the cup and senator and that I think nine east. -- -- still available I don't it's -- late day I'm not a big. Proud person I did one time because I'd never done a balloon drop never been anywhere where there is usually -- so we did it with friends at a hotel one. One year and I don't care -- do it again I really don't. We posted -- something spec and the majority of the people say that there staying in and the comments are are very varied. But. Ultimately they wanna stand they don't wanna be out with the amateurs. Only -- -- -- does that you know and -- they've been on in the middle of the week that's always tough to -- you know I'm married to the same thing the station used always to host the parties in the -- that and there are no more no thank you. We -- the neighbors together and and have. Just a great time in and I can just -- comes that's great. But there you go and yet that's that's exactly there are some people like to dress have done on New Year's thinks -- -- I'm telling you we don't dress -- the house. -- we didn't what are your we've -- it's an old -- one year Rihanna and I'll and then we did one year and peak in PGA -- that makes it a little bit keeps things interesting the dirty dishes coming -- -- Before you know it today we're going to be talking about. Your light bulbs and how. You may not be able to get any more like him ever again looped into it was three days January wind -- -- hurting him to say about that it's the radio -- D'Arcy in new Mary and you with a radiant and stuff --

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