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Life As You Own It 12.26.13 Segment 3

Dec 26, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are back folks. Looking that market is that far right folks -- -- thereof. Connoisseurs of the finer things in life maybe he was he you know little Iraq art scene well I just happen to have kind of -- an issue an older. Part of Wall Street Journal mansion I -- of issues I happen at a couple issues but on the -- glance that it during the break and I see a picture of of artist Peter Max. Those are viewed it don't know who Peter max's or what he looks like just Google -- sometime now. That is the annual -- that's exactly what Craig looks like no so McGregor your -- may look. Identical -- it will -- what -- in there with the yet share it when team here in the OK does studio. Three ladies and know whether that quote you're receiving is legit right now you may get. Quotes in the mail will mailer low post card maybe it's a telemarketing call lawyer having dinner with kids or it may be used solicited. Mortgage up refinance -- purchasing a home you call mortgage company. And you're gonna get quote Harry you know that that those quotes are legit let's start with the written when those are the Steffi -- it in the mail first of all. First -- folks read the fine print. No fine print disclaimers should be should really be there if it's a legitimate you can really get this quote I will tell you. At nine point 99999. And anything you're gonna get in the mail any post carting off for anything along those lines assume we have he preapproved we've got beat your you get this government programs there's something. I can tell you right now if you read the fine print and have any measure discernment in your brain whatsoever you'll quickly figure out that is the blanket. Little offer that they send everybody hoping that you respond and they can figure out something the sticky so burst real. Thing. So readily gave folks read the fine print number two credible company. Folks you can research people that send you things in the mail fine or they're looking at how long and been in business don't go off Better Business Bureau alone. Not a bad way to measure but have seen people and -- rating with the Better Business Bureau that. I wouldn't do business with in a million years so you've got to make sure you have a credible company you were with the best way to know. If you've been strongly urged to call accompanied by a reliable referral source that's a great way to -- the financial advising your accountant someone you trust that work your boss whomever. Did -- get a referral if possible but if a referrals and available do little research before you. Jump in and believe whatever they tell you because some companies are. I had to say it fly by night or maybe a little bit less established -- willing to maintain -- you know protecting the reputation they've built. The number three in the most important thing folks at least three ways to notes legit is this. You're gonna get -- writing. It's gonna be complete all the details will be there it will be dated military along the offer is good for -- will be on the proper forms that's the big one. We see people send over email -- to say -- -- that I can do and there's nothing wrong with that. But if you say OK I wanna make sure that's a legitimate quote that you're gonna hope you're gonna stick to and if I decide to move forward. They're gonna need to be sending you the proper government required disclosures such is a good faith estimate treat them lending disclosure those type of items so. Make sure. It's in writing all the boxes are filled and there's no missing dates are no missing numbers. And it tells you that the offer is good for a certain period of time seeing how long you have to act. Many times these things are left blank on purpose alluding to oh no that was just a model we mocked up to show you we -- between data in there that offers an available currently. So folks please radio advertising. Junkie in the mail. Most of it no good not saying that there's not people out there that advertise on the radio that don't do good business because there are. But she can't trust just the fact is here and advertisement from somebody that makes it legit so you due diligence it writing major to complete make sure their forms of delivered. And you should begin to -- I hope. Huh huh there you go like -- your company and third opinions that's right you you've got a shot bogey got to make sure you understand do you don't his credit always says he can't explain to transaction. To your friends your neighbors. Your people your chat with around the water cooler -- -- don't sign on the dotted line until you can and folks make sure you check those out next weekend because what to do little segment on. Auctioning your home. What do you purchasing an option considering or whether you're thinking about what is a new pot strategy is sell homes. Auctioning it off we're gonna give you the details and will even have a guest talking about the pros and cons. Thanks for hanging out what is it. Make it a great week and remember as always do what state residency.

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