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Life As You Own It 12.26.13 Segment 2

Dec 26, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right we're you know we're gonna say who's gonna go first you -- who's gonna pull the trigger this is my -- -- -- mark ridiculed. He's Greg Miller community each and every weekend and we would like to. Welcome aboard are at new affiliates KO KC 93 point five FM Parsons Kansas and KH ST 101 point seven. -- them Pittsburgh Kansas so while welcome Parsons welcome Pittsburgh. We hope you enjoy it which you are going to be hearing let's hope for the next ten to fifteen years and that's when I'll retire. And Craig crashed in fifteen years woody now 4550. Ya know you'd be right now because retirement age and hopefully folks if you pick up some of the wisdom we. Hope we're laying down. Then in ten to fifteen years you -- financial position will be one -- you too can consider retiring and it doesn't matter if you're 253035. Or 75. Hopefully. These this information we share we do you find an official and most importantly you take action on some of it guaranteed you'll be ahead of the game. Okay credit. Are we were on number four with color let's just keep giving gifts this community given some -- again thanks for our friends at kiplinger's magazine not firm would we got this information remember random but there -- some really good ones -- -- some. In a mediocre ones and I thought some dispute. -- so hot but that's OK but just you know that's why it's there and Arlen is what I wanted -- fifteen maybe you'll find value in some of them that that we didn't find as much they. Here's another suggestion -- Well actually it was not just got a savings and savings account. SOB to keep the recipient of the potential guillotine beginning from is going on below -- some cash. Instead it's -- -- -- little online seems accounts set up there and give them a little and potential start either beginning or start to savings or add to savings. And you've you've placed you know motivating young recipient of the gift to start motivated begin being motivated save money so. Here's -- out of the box one. -- -- -- intended a warehouse club the membership by giving our membership to a big box stores such as BJ's Costco or Sam's Club you'll save the recipient money on groceries electronics household wares and office supplies. Year round now remember. Craig is not everything it warehouse clubs are a good deal and yes that's true aim at being urgently go up by applicable stuff they don't need is gonna go -- on the shelf exactly only -- for your big box store shopper. Smart about it but people tell me that they learn after -- a year to go after the you know taking an assessment now on this now -- may not actually be saving money. So you get a buy your toilet paper paper cal stuff like that you can always use adult players watch it. I cranked it fashionable and I think that you probably yeah. Reusable shopping bags is that we usually get in -- I did it usually is stocking stuffer com. Gary's -- shopping indexes eco friendly -- folks in a wall for me too because of certain -- get nice little reef under a debt discount on your grocery receipt if you bring your own shopping bags so. If you're winning -- Not such a sentimental gift for that frugal recipient out there to appreciate every little eco friendly frugal. Saying did some re usable shot meant I hear that from me rather let -- -- -- a coach reusable shopping bag for 83 or 400 dollars don't do it folks. OK -- I like this one. An appointment with the financial planner. May crewman to the treaty for your financial plans and there you know crisscross the legs under the trees are hunkered down in the morning like hey folks at Nielsen. Yeah so is -- a silly if you got a friend or ideally a loved one family members there that does not work with the financial planner. Make you know make an appointment with -- for -- you know if there's someone that interest. -- it just set the appointment. -- care about them and -- -- and I would recommend if you're just sent an initial point reform you can even use the services of a fee based recommend for this. He's a fee based financial advisors can run anywhere from 175300. Bucks. For them to receive an initial. That initial consultation and with for the money they should walk away with something to include some structure paper of a basic financial plan and basic. Basic advice as with any -- who understand what they're gonna get -- bad investment you make on the behalf. -- -- amounts of take notice about the next one I don't know I just think about the it'll do it hit an expert -- it -- again as you get the next like just -- -- -- and thanks a lot markets the other is working out. On the rotation here now programmable thermostat folks I mean that they -- as I love you or your special to me or I needed to just be cheated. Gift that will keep on giving and make you smile for weeks in years to come as a programmable thermostat so. But it you know but he can't save a lot of money if you get somebody with a little bit of it in equated device that's controlling the temperature in their home give him this help save some money to appreciate it down the road -- -- A community college gift certificate. That's a fan you know a lot of those Harvard students out there yet there's a lot of fantastic courses at your community college I mean everything from. From cooking to -- college credit courses that you may want lot lots of great course that your local Community Colleges. What is it that's I think it's fantastic gift I'm at the cost is gonna be anywhere from it -- across that might be more from a under 52 and a box. All the way to 456700. Bucks or more for media. A college course of credit work. And so that's a good -- next practice and get my view as you can there. On how well the -- -- -- -- about it this prosecutor. -- is what gonna suggest is that per listener -- why you terminator a bankrupt our I think it goes if you drink a lot of carbonated beverages folks -- -- you know someone who does he received few bucks. -- -- beverage -- and make their own soda. In the anything about and -- when I got it and that was that that that's a strong one but there are so I'm actually ours ours is -- give myself personally -- from -- kids and it's rarely used was very was a novelty the first couple days it was like and missy you don't want the -- what if you know he could do those engaged by the two liter bottles of soda. And you don't care for gets -- -- coordinator. There is a cost savings are -- here and maybe you can buy a used to bottles two liter bottles of soda and save -- Roger editor Brit asked them but I have -- -- -- mentally are also -- college fund donation for even your littlest loved -- there's no better present an investment in his or her future. Gets them started by for caused by opening a 529. Account for them as you know folks it can cost I mean it cost really. Nothing to get one started -- starters lost 25 bucks up to 500 dollars and it's fantastic way to get a headstart on funded and junior. Or. Junior at -- what's the female version of junior. Junior hit a day now letting their college education no -- did you own it. With more if you stay tuned. -- All right friends. We're back we're back to giving gifts from back to suggesting these wonderful -- there's -- warm the hearts of all those you loved. We're really leave off college -- -- like -- like a lot -- -- I -- that -- now it's -- turn -- way out there are good for these -- compliment this not a kiplinger's magazine so we sometimes you -- we pull information from very credible sources and use that to share with your. We think there's some very good -- here and then we think that is one Christ and -- have cable TV substitute so you know cable -- and it'll pricey. You get give the -- such is like wrote you broke few -- roku or apple TV do cloak room cast any of those kind of devices that can help is well there's all sorts of yeah Netflix and things like that so anyway we'll cable TV -- to cut back on the cable bill for those -- TVs -- average cable bill is sixty dollars a month seven or 44 bucks a year I -- apple TV you can purchase for nine in a box it's pretty cool even if you have cable those either don't haven't checked on apple TV it's not someone apple TV for -- I can't afford a share. But it is what it is pretty neat and out candidly I'm I have three kids a lot of holes -- him to watch TV but if I did that. I'd be watching these. TV OK another -- that it is I like this a lot and I consider this last tournament to local farmer's market the brook side market did not Kansas City -- Far this year beat your friends and family long after the holiday feast is over. This duty friendly get subscribes the recipient to a serving of the season's harvest. -- is simple fruit share offers 36 and nine month get subscriptions for the fruit of the month club. Each monthly deliver he doing this really months that I realized I was also district I was I was actually it was actually I was. A mob present war I was -- correct I was the grapes on the Fruit of the Loom commercials if you come which were you the banana. Some. OK so one and includes. Each method of includes 68 pounds or 1215 pieces of fresh organic fruit from family owned farms located throughout the country. He'd rather stay locally -- searching near you for a community supported agriculture. Program -- Local harvest dot -- local harvest -- org that is cool could be as low as 215 bucks all the whipped a three or fifty or more for your subscription. I think it's pretty -- don't you Craig yet and you know what what Jeffords ordered tour office to office for salesman with a truck and all that we get and then another ship. -- micro financing opportunities the next gift on our list here folks. If you got someone who -- re gift for a good cause. Keep is one nonprofit organization -- people around the world were looking for -- for -- with individuals who are willing to fund small loans. To keep McCarty and your philanthropy. Philanthropic rather English so that. I told her entrepreneurial been started by providing them. The initial seed money. For a micro so you know to about I think it's Britney go well it goes 25 dollars go to go to keep a KIB a a dot Oregon. Increments from 2500. -- 25 dollars to 2000 dollars. And if you've ever read about the micro loans in underserved countries they're. They're pretty cool yep I'm madly and chickens or whatever -- -- it might be buying the the material for someone that's living in a hot in Africa too to Lama. And create a you opted to create a L piece of -- just weren't born tapestry yet that that area itself potentially in local -- and actually -- language mark was using. I can't -- stranded he's going to show would be like crazy though -- reality something that ordinary guys if you could spin -- are adamant that ran for their limits and are like it's been website -- issued -- spy -- right of your mouth Ares I would. I've been hitting FF and then last but not least is. Purchase a friend or family member of kiplinger's personal finance magazine subscription. Usually your analogy get for having us use your stuff personal in this -- like this should be -- we should take therein -- their -- your personal finance wisdom. Actionable advice and clear explanations the are these were a few of our favorite things this -- kiplinger's Thanksgiving leaders okay. Music means it's time for another ship -- stay or should you -- scenario folks you call us with the details we'll let you know. If you should stay where you should go. All right we have Alice in Nashville Tennessee he says the following question the email. Hi guys love your show I've heard it on my podcast collection my husband I want to -- retirement home. To move to and a few years we plan to retire in the smoky mountains we are afraid prices and rates will be much higher in three years when we retire. Plan to sell -- current home for about as much as our final retirement home should cost. We're in very good shape financially. Should we buy now at better rates and prices and just use the house's second home for now or should at least just what you -- out and see what happens. By the way you do do you have any big guess coming on the show soon I like Mike Holmes I'm like Mike Holmes and a lot of other. Folks that you have on wow hey we appreciate that Alice and that -- how much a segment. Yet they don't get a look at not just now let's hear your question in suggestions were were fantastic say one of the of. Like this you only child coming to stick my neck out for Alice who says that they're in good financial shape and say go go go look for their home in -- smoky mountains now. You may find it you may not begin looking process now take your time and making sure it's the place and if it is the place and you feel like the price is right. By use it as a second home if it qualifies for second home if your mortgage that property yet to tax deductibility benefit potentially there but. You may be able to even part time rent here in the air -- you can't do it too much in my disqualify you as using as -- second home but Jeter and a little bit east fame members use it whatever. Let me get investment in Dallas the one thing I'm gonna say is cite you an Abaya and the smoky mountains make sure your financial plan is not smoke and mirrors. So what again you may think that your in good financial shape. Like get with a financial advisor to determine get their opinion as to whether you're really ready to do this -- not I'll go Craig's advice if you really cannot smoke and mirrors. That go for what a great time to consider investing in the area. And that retirement home we get that question more often and just Alice there I mean people ask us all -- to -- to be moving in a year accuse judges you know I know moving that Stater remind our final homer terminal or should I mean the go ahead and get that done we've been here this question for. Several years now with the market being down. And a lot of people have not been taken advantage of the opportunities in some cases you're paying cash or if you can stomach a slightly Harry complied as an investment. Property and make an appearance. Take Franken part of the earlier story -- read from realty track was that the the states with the highest foreclosure rates -- Florida Delaware Maryland South Carolina and Illinois. Active -- -- -- was down 15%. From the previous month and 23% from one year earlier that vacation elect talked about you needing immediate now. Slowly slip into your seniors like to see and on the beach life is you don't stated. -- -- Here.

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