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The Radio Dish 12.20.13

Dec 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No yeah small but yeah when plumbing major problem when you don't need to -- -- the it's. All along the way and call will be taking your heroes -- bombing to stop the -- blog and get your house back in order to keep us strong brings water heaters -- call your blowing me calling me. -- -- Holiday traditions continue its -- address at the streets transformed into a downtown from decades accounting Kansas city's Christmas crowns in joint course drawn carriage -- every Saturday night in December and discover a new tradition of giving this season to support the Zona Rosa community foundation just an exclusive fourth edition collectible -- for just ten dollars guest services shocking I mean getting tis the season and don't forget -- -- gift -- -- -- -- -- -- for more information -- -- -- dot com. How Darcy here and a fabulous and it this morning at the -- should be you know I just came back from my investment analyst. Gillian Smith and Christina Lomas and financial solutions and eccentric a plastic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. -- like it is this statement and the man recorder. It's too bad you know when you remember those days. -- statement that I didn't understand -- investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those and realized losses mean really what was that on the out. You know exactly when I'm on through why can't do well in advance financial he'll be -- it help you to. Now at face to face -- review I understand all of my investments. We can retire. We -- and where my retirement income will be coming from. How much here you I think I -- -- them how to like in touch with them online financial pants down count until the tension. Securities -- return on securities company ink member Cameron's epic. It doesn't -- -- It's kind of leave -- dishes in the sink and dish about something important to you. And now three chicks who think they ruled the -- it's -- radio -- and welcome hopefully take enough. An hour out of your day of Christmas shopping to spend it with us because sever its. To 6060. Minutes that's that's all we ask. And in fact we could go with you while you're shopping you just with a little earbuds in and just take a little walk down at the shopping -- But it is a special -- Mary McKenna Darcy Blake Mindy heart and you of course at the radio dish dot com. And it clean play little blue Christmas from. -- -- -- Of course for in -- of our guest who's in studio at this today who his here in his visit coincides with the big blue walls going up in Marion Kansas Joseph -- with -- -- is with us today hello and -- -- to have here. Great to beer and you came bearing gifts of sorts else. The catalog for 2014. If this is reprinted wishlists for Christmas at her it is like when you recant. Are you thinking you're a robot and it's going to hit ads in the paper I own a gun through and -- page fourteen when everything on page 250. There is I -- through I like that couch on 1730. You know if you've not if you've never had -- -- to -- go to -- you are missing analyst. -- pretty soon what this all work I have a key here in Kansas City. Absolutely Merriam Kansas fall 2014. Everything in my catalog and more will be in the side. The 359000. Square foot store going -- but I 35 and Johnson draw any. You've been motoring past that here in the last few days you've noticed that the iconic blue balls are going up -- why we played blue Christmas. That is very identifiable with IKEA. Certainly that's what I -- -- known for the blue and yellow colors of Sweden and we're very excited that the construction progress that's going on that. And are thrilled that lesson here for now I -- Merriam will now be open. And -- movie broke but well exactly I very affordable prices have to. Thank you and me and I -- Biden called catalog you have to understand because when she found that the two are coming in she was standing her kitchen going I need I need that any of that sound. So I know what -- -- you know in the ranking cattle -- now all -- exaggeration. All I have in my kitchen that's from IKEA is. Is a dish subscribers. -- it was all that would fit my suitcase -- I know you have a catalog to. And don't have a catalog and I think it's very cool you guys to notices but each of our catalogs. One page has been dark here by Joseph because we can get anything on that page right Joseph from the movie a foot hook up is this Christmas coming up for April's. I'm not. I'm like. -- IKEA is such an affordable outlet when it comes to it is looking for everything from from top to bottom in your house you know we talked before when you're here. I outfit my daughter's unwed dean everything aunts and beyond. What each -- we have everything from my key and when it came to class where to the -- at the tables I mean you guys are affordable. And it it's wonderful. From from top to bottom. It's certainly very unique shopping -- we have put the furniture and accessories and we can provide the inspiration and then. The its affordability allows things are actually can be purchased and Smart solutions for storage and are. We're thrilled to becoming their intensity we want to -- resident driving to lots of other states -- Us now I'm a brash -- there Democrats hope I have. Plans in my kitchen remodel four times online is not online planner. So yes improving in every time yes is yes and and I was amazed at how cost effective it's going to be my husband's like that can't be right. -- but it is I get a redo the basement. When we went OK we just -- new carpeting in the basement we have a little washing machine issue again so now while stop it anyway so now when they reset up the pool table in the pool table they did not put it in the spot where it was before so now is really pushing up close to where the media center in Los whatever media center at the white spot there where the tedious. So now I'm gonna have to gives marquee match or something that's a little more costs -- space. Officials to -- -- as a things table. Yeah you just you can't tell lone television has -- my views are perhaps for awhile we had -- -- -- fifteen years thank you very much when hundreds of Swedish home furnishings store come in town and if only my key was here they are coming from becoming the -- There's a lot to our US and -- carrying points or are you a schedule. Yes we're on track to open fall 2014. We found. The parking structure that's one level below the story is on making progress the steel is going up to as a frame and it's Mary observed to the blue pills are going up write notes along the I 35 part and it's very visible. The -- so for those that have never been to IKEA you park underneath. When you go in the doors and it really you have a past that you're guided through the store so you experience everything. Right that literally from the minute you I'm entered the store in the lobby there is an escalator that takes you up -- what we -- the show room. There's a natural path that guides you through. The showroom thumb which it's really through each function of -- home. Living rooms dining rooms kitchens bedrooms. Children's area that the Arabs and the bathrooms of course link him and that until the restaurant where resource we just people young -- plates. And then downstairs through all the accessories departments which again are. Our functions of the homes have cooking and eating sleeping home organization and lighting etc. I -- heaven when I go there that's on the saying I love it everything he could possibly want or need except for maybe fewer single a significant other I don't think you're selling to. -- I don't know I think you any sign that. Maliki unlike some kind of significant others while shopping and -- winner in the store for 23 hours you never know agree you can bump into today need to do date night once again you'll find someone may be a feature wedding in IKEA. That would be something that I think Kansas City that actually has happened themselves stores yeah. But no so not only and not here are the be great way to -- -- in -- conference -- of the store now. Now we know that aren't well in honor review coming here in bringing us gifts we have a little gift for years or to right well you know what. We have an opportunity to give certain great things away from time to time and Mannheim steamroller. Has been one of our favorite artists that we cannot have time to time you get that you get a wonderful CD you get a month. And they got some wonderful hot chocolate that your gonna absolutely love. I love some of the hot chocolate -- you know it's been cold in Kansas City lately yes and a course there is the red. Glitter -- isn't a -- -- -- -- -- itself because I'm in Kansas step is that when you travel do have a tree up at home. Bomb. I barely have fake plants that. Well. I. And they're dying for local exit. Of the Joseph Roth. You know keeping us up to date on what's going. On over there in Marian appreciate the opportunity were very excited then we appreciate your excitement as well so you'll let us know we can take the first tour through this sore right absolutely -- continue keep you posted on progress and as the -- -- -- closer eventually you can make it inside the building and -- some media to know. Everybody else in radio we are now women lose there aren't -- and they let this go behind the scenes in Minneapolis snow well and we didn't do anything wrong come here and later on as I was concerned about and Kevin and just have got a center that -- -- -- been allowed -- since I. And I was worried about a maybe they'll give us the second team. Maybe maybe released the first chance leader and camp. I got there we don't it's a fresh start -- and a fresh start at the IKEA store here in in Kansas City in Marion of course in the fall keep Cink fall September October what are we talking about. Will win this fall here. -- allies wherever it's not an hour. Yeah. Winter hasn't begun yet so we have a lot of the building still -- constructs so I wanna play it safe and not commit -- fine and well we'll find out later this week. Why are often -- I don't know what I. -- don't get complaining catcher something like that just erupt from -- thank you so much for joining us and we'll see soon thank you ladies -- feel happy holidays. Enjoy your. Yeah I'm a Georgia PGA -- That there is nothing like the midwest flavor. Being a busy mom. -- Working full time I it's really determined. How Sydney Brent Dickinson and I did -- a healthy balance. -- was the first university. But the experiences grant them in my adult. Being able to change university -- other until it's made the greatest difference. It made land them. Memorable for me. It's also. Opened up a lot more discussions yeah. Six times news terms of and I'm confident. That those discussions would never take place before. Sharing with the -- To hear more Adrian story does grant them dot edu slash. Time for yourself and have a smile. 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That's what -- -- -- substantially hand fashion piece tells a story only -- into your -- -- many moments pandora jewelry helps each month December. We don't we help you decide to leave it tells you story and reflects -- personal style sessions onerous for directions and store hours go to. Already done against Casey does come court palace in 8165055510. So he's tired began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. Still suffering from -- upon us it's nursing Blake Dylan and I did call start pharmacy in the menorah medical center. Stewart helped me get ten teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that policy has. And I understand your options. Stock recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from -- and wild -- And it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that need her unique needs hey we're not all the same and neither is -- pharmacy. It's time to get to have been yourself again upstart professional pharmacy find out when your options are for healthier you. Get this straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices for information call 91334. Or 53800. That's -- 1334. Or 53800. Or go online at -- pharmacy dot com. Look around. Holiday tradition returns to the conference center -- six performances as the Kansas City symphony and chorus presents Christmas festival December 19 through the 22. Cherished Christmas carols and songs of the season plus exciting special -- including Santa adding to reform it's looking away at gasoline and some jewelry from hell's for diamonds. Your entire family will love the symphonies Christmas festival and tells her home December 19 the 22 ticket program now. Casey symphony dot com or. There's no such thing as too many shoes for a week without the real dish here they are. Dorsey Mindy and Mary. Welcome back to the radio dish that the radio -- dot com. And many had a great opportunity recently to sit down with author she's also via. A chief cook and bottle washer at red book or at least used to be and Cosmo magazine the name. Kate white and Mindy had a chance to find out what keeps all without. I'd written -- a book in the ninety's called why good girls don't get ahead but gutsy girls do and it set up book about strategies for success that I gave to offered to women in their twenties who are just starting out. And also women in their thirties and forties who might get a career crossroads. And not realize why stay lost an opportunity. But after -- -- tick has smoked for. Fourteen years and slaw all the lessons I learned I thought I there's still some great strategies I'd like to offer. Because we we do want success we want it matters to us. And yet sometimes bosses aren't gonna sit down there and spell -- out TO and I love offering women younger than me. Some of the lessons I learned along the way. Things like the importance of knowing you must ask for everything is sometimes we tell ourselves alone. They know I'd want that opportunity they know I'd want that promotion. They know I'd I'd want a raise but you do not get MIT asked there's no guarantee and you get this squeaky wheel gets the grease. You know one day concept that's in the and to create success is that hit -- in the vault -- me. Hunt. -- by that the ally. So. -- Mindy I think their their people like cute that's who live by but I think for some of us. We start out being a little nervous to go paid because we think someone's gonna tell us were too big for our britches and that's right. And when you wanna dousing your boss and that's the only way you can get a promotion. You have to do more than you've been told to do and do that well you have to go big yet to take on a project. It debt that you may just scrap and say -- love to do this. And when the mistakes people make is not knowing they have to do that and I think he should go along in your career it's easy to get -- that sucked back into doing just good enough. And I recommend that women stepped back from every project they're doing and ask themselves could be bigger. Could it be bigger could it be bolder. Or could it be more bad pass I caught the four days of it because. You. Often have to break the rules with the project two different than it's almost been done before let's say your boss has to do PowerPoint presentation for something. Don't just follow last year's model used start thinking how the box hello David -- we do it that he was gonna do it. And that's the way you really start to separate yourself from the pack. So. One other one is used bitch and be tears -- into the Zoho. From -- let me in yeah you know I -- a few interactions that I I need to address and and this that -- people wanna emulate has a few people like dolls yeah Ali. Well here's what I believe and I've never heard someone say this the force so. It's a little bit different but. There are certain people that really annoys the heck out of this at work and we found that find ourselves particularly this one. Woman she's really you have to like turn -- and she's got this job someplace -- and you find yourself saying. Why we Chico there that's not a good place but you realize she really annoys here. My theory is that sometimes people annoying here. Those bitches network annoy you. Not just because they're big cheer Brad the year mean it's because they're doing something that deep down you realized you should be doing. It may be that she is raising her hand for projects and not offering to think if somebody else might want that. In May be she's cozying up to the boss -- bosses like to be stroked. And you may find it. On the surface she may think -- patches all over him. With her praise. But deep down something is telling you -- need to do more of that so when you find yourself really annoyed by someone. I think it's good to ask yourself is there's something she's doing that I can take a page from so it's really about self reflection and yet also valuation and high wet maybe we haven't been willing to do I would give us the yes and sometimes we just. We letter annoyance cover up the fact that. There's something that that person's doing that Smart and we have yet it ballots because it's a little over the top that maybe we don't wanna do it as over the top that she's stealing but still we need to do more of that. And we mean in a better comforts and he willing to do that it's something that's all of that's not being willing to do. -- out a comfort sounds interesting and you have to be careful when you find yourself saying I love my job I love my boss. Sometimes that's a reflection. When you really really love something that you're not being challenged enough. And it may be time to. Get more responsibility. Move up or even moved out. You know that's that's heat that -- because sometimes what we're doing in point this out in the year but which should tell you one more time is a shouldn't be telling you this success secrets every gets across is known as the name of the black. McCain light so many times what we can manage our top and -- have to manage her career were afraid. You know. Blowing relationships where you know that old additive -- -- -- you -- on the way up his commitment. Exactly and a -- I absolutely don't what do you mean by manage your career and not your job because so many domestic product in the. Here now you need to really ask yourself in -- being the architect of my career or my so caught up. In do my job well and I'm not thinking about my career. You need to be spending a certain amount of time every single week managing your career it might be just going on. YouTube and watching a great inspirational. YouTube message there's one Ted talk Amy caddie that's so great she talks about the the power of certain body language in making -- more confident. Or it might be -- networking and -- that we tend to let networking slide when we are really. Busy and more establishing our careers but this is where you find opportunity. -- that old expression winning isn't everything it's the only thing I like to think that networking isn't everything it's the only -- all sell many opportunities come from that. So if you're not spending an hour a week really thinking about your career and sometimes doing the math. Ask yourself how long have -- been here. How long are people usually in this job before they hit the next mark and is it working for me as it working or. -- is that right church wrong pew where. You were in the right field that this isn't quite the right part of the field you wanna be dealing or you may not even be in the right fielder might just be time for a change. -- that's. That's really it. So many times we women especially with the economy doing when it's done and we have had to reinvent ourselves yet figure out where we're going next and what our next plan of attack is. So that advice about really evaluating their career. Doing that professional development that introspection. -- throwing and I actually did some of that while I was in the magazine business look. It's very hard to be in your fifties in the magazine business because they bring you out then now I was lucky I I think it probably had a few since mark some might but but for the most part I've managed has survived. But I started writing mysteries and thrillers. Back in my late forties that was going to be my plan B. And my ninth I just handed then it's gonna combatant -- eyes on you. But that was my plan -- and I didn't needed in the end pat when I felt it was time to reinvent myself I already had another career. And what you can do you're let's see your super busy you've got kids. Hardly time for plan B but strict thinking about it one -- attraction here. I think it's also great to spend an hour week thinking about your work life balance to and that's at the time to ask yourself this are some girls would dream. That you have an attack yet they -- like to bring back and put on the table and for me -- -- a big Nancy Drew fan. And as so many women are and I realized I wanna write ministries so that's what they did. It may be something you tryout and your volunteer work he kill two birds this down that you think with one stone that you think you know let. I really wonder what it would be like to do this. Maybe you do that with the PTA. Or your church group or something to test the waters NC -- romanticized it. Or is it really something that you would like once you've tried it. See your timing that I need to go back and reevaluate that in Nashville pop up up -- -- -- -- I can tell by the sound of your voice that you could do that so I got gas so line I don't know if I could make the -- been moved to Nashville at home when we get -- you bus ticket we -- that we can be managers you know what how much 2530%. -- -- -- definitely -- did you notice -- the bus ticket not a plane ticket yeah. We get prom night I can -- van we could drive down. But what about my family that's the hard part and other American and manner and I think. Look I thought well I mean you don't have to stay in Nashville not -- six he goes to national -- rank and Carla Power we had her on she does the same type thing lives here in Kansas City so. Yeah man and what would you do if you were gonna pursue something. I would've gone. Into finance you guys are laughing British and I hit a slow no I wanted to be I wanna be stockbroker. You could see doing that because he's not at. It's more than it. The analytical and he's planning to Pennsylvania with other people's money he can -- The are coming -- you know what I was immune defense attorney elect argue self. And I do that moment with you guys regularly so -- no. Now threatening to check what's gotten what what what if he asked. Those triggering dial also wanted to be in meteorologist. But that I found out how much this that she had to take college innocent and physics and Mary sorry yeah same with me the economics it's amazing how those deficits. -- -- Dictate which direction again and yeah definitely does -- you -- -- Morgan. I don't get that you know what we're gonna find out whether Richard Romero totally tripping game each followed her -- she's our parent per segment. She's going to be coming up next and a little bit later it's the dirty dishes and the IRS has changed a deadline. Which deadline that is here in just -- to the -- this stuff. The ground holiday tradition returns to the conference center for six performances as the Kansas City symphony and chorus presents Christmas festival December 19 through the 22. Cherished Christmas carols and songs of the season plus exciting special -- including Santa -- -- performance will give away at dazzling and some jewelry from hell's for diamonds. Your entire family will love the symphonies Christmas festival and tells her home December 19 the 22 ticket program now. -- symphony -- or. The cleaning up doesn't have to be hard mop bucket in North Kansas City makes it easy with great products owner Karen Adams has a product's unique -- laced stuff I know -- you've used at my house is built in 1920s and it would work it's all old Missouri as gorgeous woods but it was dull and my girls and I have gone over every inch of this would work and it its shiny it's -- -- just gorgeous. 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Dave Thompson a featured contributor for Fox Business will she know how to keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime in chemistry and find out more online -- Dave Thomson dot net that's Dave Thompson dot net and be -- analysts and today at 930 Friday mornings on the came BC business channel 1660 AM. Time for yourself and have a smile. You always wanted with the help of doctor -- -- An accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry doctor Headley is highly trained cosmetic dentistry team is ready to help you achieve the beautiful smile you have always wanted and dreamed of after all you smile can be your greatest asset. Both professionally and socially. And it all starts with beautiful teeth that exude self confidence as well as health and fitness that first step and your journey to a gorgeous smile -- simply calling 9134916874. That's 913. 4916874. Or. Go online. At Casey smiled dot com for free consultation with computer imaging doctor -- Headley has been designing winning smile -- people just like you. It's never too late to have a beautiful smile go to Casey smiled dot com so. He's tired began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. Still suffering from -- upon us it's our saint Blake -- I did call start pharmacy in the menorah medical center. Stocks helped me get ten teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that policy has. And I understand your options. -- recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from -- and wild -- and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that meet her unique needs hey we're not all the same. And neither is -- pharmacy. It's time to get to have been yourself again upstart professional pharmacy find out what your options are for healthier you. Get this straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices. For information call 9133453800. That's 91334. Or 53800. Or go online at stark pharmacy dot com. It's -- real dish you're mid morning caffeine free pick -- Safe new years resolution not that I. Dislike the music that we use on the show -- the voice -- yeah look what it's like I've been promising that I would have new stuff right this morning fourteen you will hear some new music here at the radio dish I pro does it starts to Blake Andy -- Mary McKenna and you this half hour brought to you by the Kansas City symphony. Get two tickets online -- Casey symphony dot org. Okay -- married you know that women rule the world. I want to corner something else. It's all about the power of the purse and it's time for our next -- the -- Nazis certainly is only to engage has been wonderful sponsor and we wanna. To somebody wonderful again formally -- gauge and it is Bridget Romero rigid it's nice to have you on the show. Hair while I am looking through the list of everything that you do and you have done and your honors professional affiliations hokey smokes. You know when you're talking about power of the purse that is you know. -- -- you do a great deal with -- -- -- but you represented. A lot of the responsibilities and in handling the charges employment discrimination. Yeah I get so I kept it and I ate my practice primarily and -- patent. Labor and employment while it can be everything from talking on employer about it. Handbook that they -- roll out our policy they wanna change all the way up through a Q&A including. Defending. An employer and a lot of it filed by for example a former employee. And everything in between. There's a real -- topics. Yet -- never never -- -- day in the outback. The production happens that'll work like that it's pretty you know they thought it looked back. He can't make out. So what's hottest topic in employment -- Amy what is what it what Kenny Kasey getting in -- used to be just. You know female vs male but I am sure that there -- other demographics that are coming into the discrimination suits unemployment states. Cat shadow. You know there is. Whether or not for example sexual orientation or gender identity should be protected class on the federal level is something that amendment is a bit. Some state and local communities protect that as a as a protected class. Let Al background checks companies that want to do background check either credit checks or criminal history checks. There are the federal laws that speak to how you're supposed to do it as an attempt should be receiving Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has an opinion. On that seems to be changing maybe becoming a little more about about. -- -- literal about it what are they have a disparate impact on certain groups including minorities. What about social media is that becoming a big issue. It is very much so any -- you know its employees spent on and off the job -- engaging and participating in social media matters. -- -- -- that can potentially get him and located. In terms -- -- poking in and Lincoln and then to you know to put her. Is becoming really active on the topic employers that are trying to establish policies that. That provides structure and perhaps restrictions on what people can point employee can he can do in terms of social media and the federal agencies are are expressing their opinions about -- those policies and and and holding probably not be acceptable. Back influx. A great deal and I expect it will be sure -- for the year the year Qaeda com. I was gonna save them return with Richard Romero with lathrop and -- one of the key things you cannot faced look at him and about the social media even surprised how. That it's taken so long for so many businesses to come out some of these policies. You know I have I have. And I think and and summer guard though it makes sense because there. Kind of waiting to see what other companies do it -- -- -- court then agency -- -- say about it before they wanna get their talent in the -- TD so. But -- you know it'd act I feel like to marketing and just -- immigrant in general adopt and I had as head at what what we in terms of policy getting developed some that the management level. Absolutely a few years ago my daughter was in seventh grade in a student teacher. Posed as a students. On face back. And the school had no policy. And in this city he had broken the laws with the city you know through the city police department to get involved. And says it became a big deal because as someone who worked in child abuse prevention. There was a lot of red flags that we're playing for how he interacted with students and yet the risen to literally nothing we can do. It's that it -- that it than ever changing area and I'm I would expect that over time. You know there will be. Didn't increase supply -- statutes and -- and that and whatnot that attempted -- some of these things but that takes time and of course people. Why don't feel that there elevator liberties are not being in their freedom to construct and thought of not being infringed upon. Absolutely. One of the things that we like to talk about with the power of the purse is what made you get -- to lie and specifically into your area of expertise. No as a as a young girl IE Adam. -- would argue. Maybe argued case on the board but I would debate with my parents you know they would they would give me and structured nominated is something and I would. Right it allies Britain debate packet further and about it and -- that -- -- is failure and daily or Sunday night and I can't believe that I would deal. And dance at some point and and I think quarterly holidays that stack desire dropped out -- that and it wasn't until after college as a couple of years I was doing a refugee redevelopment work happening Columbia Missouri where. How where I'm from -- and largely group of Bosnian refugees. And during that pat do you become familiar with immigration law. End and it sort of rekindled my interest in life in general and I. After having been out from. Undergrad four point five years I applied to local. Yeah. Any advice and we always SS for the women that are in power of the purse advice to two young women -- to perhaps two women who like Mary -- and I have pretty much. Recharged in and change career -- a little bit of ice chipping it ten to women right now. Which you know I think. It can it and keep it it just to follow what tally your dad I think -- men. You know I think it's located stated that women really our soul are so good at being in touch with they're got and really get. Get a lot of messages that have a lot of instinct kind of firm went and about what to do or what not to -- -- aware ahead. Can't can't get too you know really elected to act because nine times out of ten Mexican taking place. I think there -- great -- I think that's so true. At the same time -- where I was looking for somebody to tell us that we made the right decision and reassuring as. You know in the richest app for affirmation. Junkies like me. We we can't we can't -- certainly would act out what in Dover area piper over generalize but certainly can't kick back decades and but we are we are so intent and -- thanks so much -- the time week we know exactly what perspective we did what else. Absolutely bridge or Merrill lathrop and -- power of the purse he certainly their thank you so much for joining us. Bummer I can't believe I didn't get to talk to her. Great interview accused him. This economy -- person we know we we had such success and then Hussain thank you so much for linked to engage for sponsoring power of the purse. What amazing attorneys -- him there. Tell my gosh even the even the one I know on a person's. When you -- Andy yeah they really don't see who I'm talking yes and he will remain nameless so. Before we go to break we have a power of the purse event coming up at Saks fifth have our sex offense out at the legends is -- He's tired began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. Still suffering from menopause it's nursing -- Dylan and I did call start pharmacy in the menorah medical center. Stewart helped me get the teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that a policy is. And understand your options. 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This week's Hollywood can play this could hurt. The rock is surprised me Christen the highest grossing actor of 2013. It's true and I think a lot of people would think it's Robert Downey junior because. I am and Kerry is gonna as the top grossing film. -- only bell. And we're not talking about high -- actor Robert Downey junior definitely is that -- highest grossing meaning. The collection of this film which is fast and furious on the GI Joseph retaliation puts him at the top of the box office. So -- movies even if it's not maybe you'd like to see a lot of the people like those action in Iraq now Mark Wahlberg. Pretty high up on that list as well -- yes he definitely and he had leaning gained. So that's another one G edge or retaliation the actors you know they meet a nice living in terms of action stars that. It is not bad at all it's not bad to be a professional athlete either especially when it comes to. How many folks watching on television top ranked show for 2013 one this. See purple horse I don't think it should surprise anyone it's usually the top global event each and every year had a 109. Million viewers but. My favorite now is what the number two show of the year was and that was the Super Bowl black out in the third quarter. I have to think I'm not a well -- I mean I I know that everyone else in America is. But I actually got the most I ever watch the super ball up blackout was so interesting watching. How the reporters were handling it because it was live television and they show. How do we fill this time and we -- nothing to say what -- is the most watched regular show that we might see on cable or on one of the networks. Of course that and I -- CBS which is spend the most popular TV show. Eighteen million viewers an episode. This is no surprise it's the top three years. Well I'm sure Nashville will be up in the ranks here in May be in this next year or maybe in a year after workers are bringing it back. And did you see -- that they've got a bus tour now. Yeah I think this is so cool at your fan of the show it to gray line bus companies doing work. And it's a great thing you're visiting his city and you love the show because it. You can go get some of the different homes deacons scarlet Lamar you can -- -- an auditorium. And spot so it does so much fun for all that really let live and every country music and the degree to show it to three and a half hour to -- cost of 45 bucks but it. This isn't that surprising because. You know what's next in the city still in New York City really yeah that's show went off the air in -- she 1005 -- The deal it still ranks up there is the most popular towards York city. And a show that was very popular that is coming back to NBC it's one of your favorites in every hotel room across America. India NBC announces. Recently that it's gonna move forward with a sequel. To the history channel's smash series the Bible and you'd have to -- though until spring 2015. But mark Burnett's going to be at the Helm again it's gonna be up twelve episode miniseries. And it's gonna begin in the days after. Question you gotta ask yourself. Since Matthew Mark Luke -- John didn't. Mr. -- and you're gonna have to wait until next week to find out more of what's going on in Hollywood we've appreciated as always thanks Christian now. That's the Hollywood playing with Chris convert on the radio did. Well it's. Our lives are made up of many amazing moments from the birth of the child to simply being able to fit into an old pair of jeans. The best way to celebrate the moments in your life is with pandora jewelry. Each dazzling hand finished piece tells the story only you can tell your life has many moments pandora jewelry helps each -- to shine from October 3 through December 24 star pitcher pandora story with the pic of poppy -- that available at -- -- Soros. The setting clue it's the sterling silver bracelet a -- choice to you're a stark clips and a shimmering they -- for more information or questions contact to set -- duck dash KC dot com or -- -- 8165055510. Bella while supplies last he store pretty -- And it is time for the dirty dishes those dirty dishes -- by the mop bucket today twelve armour road in North Kansas City. If you got pets you've got to get liquid to live it gets up more than just sustain goes down -- the -- gets rid of all the -- go to the mop bucket dot com. Isn't that bad this early in the show is that they changed the deadline the irises have a new deadline it's. April 15 this to you deadline you still have to -- I guess you yeah yeah I was kind of like TCU it's called a T is OK okay 'cause I was he's got some ground yet taxpayers though -- here in 38 your refunds this year you have to wait a little bit longer an extra ten days in fact if you're -- filed a federal returns it seems that. The federal shut down that we had not that long ago. It kind of back locked everything said the IRS came out on Wednesday at this past week. And said they had hoped to start to the refund system. On the 21 to January and now January 31 will be the absolute earliest. A check would be sent out and I would be the captain who -- That's enough is enough computers there's going to be an issue you know I really well because they've got to you know the work on the programming in and then test -- you kinda like they tested the affordable care. Yeah website we're actually gonna get refunds. I don't know I don't know that's good question to ponder for another day. Lineup again not to stand refund anyway no kidding. OK so the Mega Millions winner she came forward I can't believe it means -- hurry and she said that she used her family's birthdays and the lucky number seven when I was excited for a second. His lucky seven is my lucky number I know you always talk about when you buy a ticket it's not yours have settled their summer camp but none of them numbers matched -- you don't get to think that now many -- them down. She was innocently driving to work on Wednesday when she heard the radio that and the mega ball number was number seven and she knew that she had chosen. The numbers that that was an image she presents a Chicago daughter. Checked the rest of the number's on the ticket and between the tears. -- laughter and I daughter's part she relayed to her mother that she had. One of my cash can you mention that I'm listening to -- -- I want to -- spirit I did too you know Craig always buys tickets and I -- Were in those are numbers he I don't know. He always has a machine pick him. Nine -- how -- that to you but did you over the counter Lotto winner he is who won forty million dollars was on the golf course okay got a phone call. They told him he'd won forty dollars -- in Palm Springs in May. He hung up didn't tell anybody -- golf with and which I can hardly imagine forty dollars you know he went forty million dollars -- okay. Forty million dollars he can tell anybody nodding his kids. He lost his -- to cancer about two years ago knew as soon as he got the Kong where the money was gonna go. He is planning for the money into a family trust -- they're gonna dole out to charities that he and his kids can pick over the years. In the -- -- Now. Some interview with them an amazing man nothing for the kids but I'm thinking if he was playing golf in Palm Springs chances are he didn't necessarily need to leave money for the he says he worked hard all his life his wife did they tell their kids to do that. Ending on realized that you know they they worked as hard as they could to keep his monoline monoline they couldn't be you know what they only. The people need this money and that's -- do. That was cool -- that is very cool. That is very well when you do. If you wanna modern great and I said this many many times and I stand by my guns although it it won't be as much money now that we had a second tech capital campaign at our church on time grip. Buy off the debt. Cassettes killing our church we can't do the outreach and things that we wanted to open because we're paying interest on alone. So -- -- that -- be my first checked I was you know I would do that and I knew it was still -- the show I would be kind got as a former -- Com what you would be major sponsor. We can just do it right there in the beach I would give money away but you know what I would have some time with the -- of the radio dish for you by Darcy -- yeah. Now they're about. How can get in -- and that's one of the things and a lot of that all of us is that we do have mean. All of us like money. And -- I don't know why but we all have fun topic cards and we would all do something. Meaningful with it if we -- and I will be thinking about others and and that's a school I don't understand how people who have tons of money who don't. I -- they do we just don't know about it. You can only buy so much stuff he can only have this nice of a car despite the doctor blah blah -- he got to do something with you know you mentioned something they don't let people know and I think that if if you know we were ever looking to win and I don't think it would -- people who wouldn't get within -- because you're living in Kansas and you can if you live in Missouri area and pardon me. -- -- for is that you know buys a ticket in Missouri you have to disclose the -- If you buy in Kansas you don't -- You know what that is because the series the show me state -- -- and -- they are guests Kate Y two this year Richard Romero and Joseph -- though flight Ki young love that. And don't forget to participate this is your last opportunity to participate -- take command of this this week on face -- so let's make it count. It's in everybody's involvement by golly yes absolutely and of course want to remind you January 16 pick up the -- right yes actually -- make sure you mark that calendar you can join us now at the legend shopping center I hear -- that they have special products coming and awesome he's the -- we'll see you next week. -- provided by Robert McCain now with the new lady looks alone in -- fans -- they look good on radio.

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