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The Radio Dish 12.13.13 Segment 4

Dec 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Style sophistication. And glamour. It's the re do you dish. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the school you can. Here anymore. This week's Hollywood can play. This could hurt him. It's been good for -- tension Diana. And faith in him an -- let's see who else will Celine Dion of course but they went and did the biggest deal Billy Jill is now planning on doing something similar but he stayed true to his roots and I love that. Yeah even in new York state of mind at a press conference in New York. And Billy chill is going to take up -- Madison Square Garden he's gonna play once a month. And it's an open ended run as long as there's an audience for his concerts he will continue to claim there. The first court date and the first eight is January 27 2014. There aren't sold out in January February march April -- don't even think about getting tickets. There is going to be an 88 which coincides with a sixty hit Earth Day. And those tickets go on sale later this week. Fifty shades of green has started filming in Vancouver. And one of the recent says folks to sign on. Is Marcia Gay Harden she will play the adoptive mother. Of Kristen gray who is of course in the book she was very mysterious in the book. At and it except for her let's see in Dakota Johnson I recognize that name I don't know anybody else on this list to art these people. And yet they are looking at a lot of unknowns is because it's gonna be easier to startup franchise -- with. Lesser known people especially in the iconic role of Christian grey and and anesthesia steal because they're gonna grow with the franchise remember they are all signing onto the trilogy of books. But -- Marcia Gay Harden is an Oscar winner so she certainly not unknown. She'll play Christian -- adoptive mothers -- said. But Reno or and a lot of people may know read or she's a singer from the UK. She's in her early twenties that -- the DJ. Robert Kardashian and at one point you're not going to be a part of the great family playing action -- sister me yeah there's one person -- still unaccounted for and that is Christians father care great that. Casting has not been announced yet -- heat every week it coupons sort of like. Dropping -- name telling the fans like who's going to play which were also it's really ramping up. For the excitement but remember we have to -- -- to -- and 8000. -- for the -- Michael Jackson Freddie Mercury duets I heard that they had some material when it might get released -- interesting is you know where we -- Freddie Mercury years ago we lost Michael Jackson -- 2009. But there are some US that may make it out and trachsel. Back in 1983. And Robert hi Michael and Spain and that -- legends recorded the -- gathered. They were in. Stored in the balls at queen's I'll actually so. We're just discovered to have an expert for decades and it looks like -- a queen's former members Brian may and Roger Taylor. Had finished mixing it producing the -- isn't ready to listen to the public. Woman could be interesting looking forward to the applicant Ford to the blacklist I Levin and I hear it's been renewed also alone you're not the only man at that excited. You gotta say it's finally getting renewed. It -- that may get hit starring James Spader. It's the number one new show this -- in its gonna get up. -- twenty -- episode second season as you're not gonna have to -- like. Well it only got thirteen episodes you know or more so it's going to be made you know that for next year in a couple order -- to senile. And George Clooney has finally opened up. About the love of his life who isn't he hasn't mattered -- XX. Why you don't get the -- you lose it back -- -- has been married once or that it never get married and I don't think it's gonna happen is that he hasn't met the love of his life I think he's just got that is where loves his friends. It pretty lady on his arm but I don't think we'll ever be married any time he's fifty years -- -- may be confirmed bachelor. All low we do now that Annette Benning certainly got more media. Some point and he was probably the hottest bachelors in Hollywood back today no doubt about it -- we appreciated as a police and we'll talk hitting streak. Fantastic yeah. That's the Hollywood bullying with Christian hurt on the radio did. And our lives are made up of many amazing moments from the birth of the child to simply being able to fit into an old pair of jeans. The best way to celebrate the moments in your life is with pandora jewelry. Each dazzling hand finished piece tells the story only you can tell your life has many moments. Pandora jewelry helps each one to shine from October 3 through December 24 start your pandora story with the pic of -- -- gift set available at bloody -- Soros. The setting clue it's the sterling silver bracelet a -- choice to you're a stark clips and a shimmering they -- for more information or questions contact us at lucky duck dash KC dot com -- palace at 8165055510. Bella must supplies -- store for details. And it's that time again it's time for the dirty dishes. Brought to you by the mop bucket at twelve armour road North Kansas City if you're tired but stamps come to the bathroom. He gonna get a sit alone it makes clean up a -- go to the mop bucket dot com. Yeah. Me. It was dirty dishes don't want any us for Christmas if you've got somebody on your list the -- this going to break. Someone who. -- target by four has everything they don't need any more charged -- they've got enough money milder close whatever and it's all custom made what have you. This is the perfect present for that person who has everything. It is the gift of nothing went. It is the gift of nothing and this is for real folks it's a transparent plastic sphere and tilt with nothing but air. And it is the ultimate precedent for you know. The people who have everything or minimalist you don't want to have anything -- you can get it at Amazon.com. For wait for it. Six dollars so the ball. It's a plastic spear don't -- of all I'll come on it's a spear filled with here for six dollars it's kind of like pet rock all over again. I don't quit in the packaging is I just I discovered a rhino says. Nothing expressions nothing is simple nothing is sacred opened the -- the enthralled when nothing happened to. I -- -- -- nothing and flow through and calm your soul. Save arm savor the moment soon you'll discover that nothing really is so much better. Then something. Is that -- -- -- for -- and now he doesn't have everything. But to maybe down the line you know -- -- -- company -- our company says the attack as expects have a let's spend a little bit of money. You guys have respect for a Christmas -- oh you know I use the plastic lens command of the -- every year all the lights on them the other day. And grocery store for 45 blocks and we you think that catch you ready for this and other four point six million -- million dollars okay. It's it is too much money might passionate you're telling me -- was done by the royal flower designer. Who has created the most expensive Christmas -- every 24 -- Made it to some the most luxurious flowers -- adorned with them this is why cost sixteen or at least 32 diamonds over 138. -- overall. Amongst the -- is a visit seventeen point 49 carat ruby. Can you imagine what did you do that again only do it like as the twelve days of Christmas six ruby something and I enjoy -- has -- -- totaling two point sixty Ford general iPod apps. You come here to give small mom myself. There's a little bit of a whole -- bucket. He let me. I'm just thinking about getting that ball in area throwing -- and it looked OK there are three facts about Christmas that people of Iran are you ready. -- Plants ideas are poisonous and should be kept me from children. It ends in -- It's a myth making. I'm sorry they can finally I called the -- tennis or they poinsettias are points -- -- -- -- -- at least come and bring tennis to I don't know I've heard and now maybe in Minnesota he -- -- -- go way. -- -- plants themselves are actually toxic. But it's they would have a child would have to eat five to 600 leaves to -- toxicity levels that are known to be safe. So that's a lot of leaves. And they're so better. That after the first taste they would never ever have any more than that -- -- really can't imagine a kid eating anything green except maybe voters. Okay AL OK. Going yes -- -- myth is that the abbreviation. Acts -- is anti Christian. -- -- we see that every year would get upset about it. In fact. And it's been in use as a symbol for Christ for hundreds of Europe Australia and it resembles that the Greek letter that I can move and am which is the start of the word Christ. And and the new tests not tests of the Bible was written in -- -- Makes sense that I can carry though the last -- they ready enough. The twelve days of Christmas start land. On the first. Very had married -- most people think that it's a twelve days leading up to Christmas and it is not so. It's the twelve days. After Christmas that lead up to the feast of the epiphany. -- -- -- still time to get that partridge in the pear tree I'm looking for. Yes OK good that's when I leave my tree up every year until at least march and -- I -- continuing sixes epiphany or something like that I think so yeah. Yeah that's currently on that's when the wise men arrived crack at the staple. You were listening to turn the story goes I paid attention at vacation Bible school by golly the current. We want to thank all our guests today for joining us here in the radio dish of course. Arum from the Kansas City symphony. Thank you so much for being here enlargement with Sarah notes to self Sox and the laser advanced and. Until solutions featured -- visit us on faceless and taken apart and our ticket I had this question every week we need you to be successful and sharing your. And then come back and especially factory that is -- --

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