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The Radio Dish 12.13.13 Segment 2

Dec 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mary McKenna I barely got out okay. Mindy heart I just feel. Let out of -- -- for Sarah Brown every he adore Steve Blake and just an occasionally they -- to reveal did teach kids when I didn't. Has shifted to -- Best just like an outright lie except for the part about Darcy -- Some probably think I'm I'm I'm but it's. You're actually don't I just barely got out of high school you think that's accurate a gimmick so it's yeah I'm under -- -- I just under Missouri's you know go meals of -- art Darcy Blake. Mary McKenna and mute the radio dish dot com our next guest on the radio dish is Laura Schmidt and you may not know her name but you may know her -- Notes to self and growing company that you started how many years ago -- a little over two years ago a little over two years and take us through the progression on notes to -- she's been. Not making Sox it's not like she has little women weeping Sox in her back room. But you started very very small bright and now where you today and in two and a half years. We're in over a thousand stores nationwide and online. Wow. Now and that his notes to self dot com correct tell us what notes to self Sox are all out. Will marry I -- I've always believed in the power of positive affirmations. Phrases that we save yourselves to build confidence and train our mind. And I eight was reading a book about. Positive thinking and we were actually on a road trip. With my family on her way to western Kansas. And we were and crossing that. Sign on I seven need it says welcome to the Flint hills. And IE had my feet up on the dashboard in mice shoes were off I had socks on and the part of the book I was reading talked about how -- tying to say positive affirmations was first thing in the morning and last thing at nine and that half awake. Half a time when sub conscious mind is most open. Because the conscious filters are quite -- it just hit me what if I put these positive affirmations on the toes of socks. In at least twice today the person wearing them with see the words and be thinking those thoughts without even trying in training their subconscious mind. And then I thought what if kids too young to read and I am Smart on their toes. And what if that became one of the first races they learned to say or -- -- when they. Were in uncertain times -- -- how that might impact their entire life especially the underprivileged kids so that's kind of how the idea was born in. The Sox are made in the USA and it's it's going great. How did you know you made it you related a story to media today Laura and I were talking and had something to do with one of your sons and his bedroom. -- about the Sox in the badger yeah we'll so we we really worked this business out of our home until just April of this year. And I had. All that everything that happened went on in our home in -- two of our boys are already off to college now all three kids during college. And so we took over two sons' bedrooms. I'm -- -- I mean there were -- boxes everywhere. Organized you know picking stations in their rooms. And my -- just recently said. Our UN aid still a small business so what's the difference between a small business than a medium size business and I said you know I don't know I think it -- you with a number of employees that he said. Well I think since there's still a few Sox in my room that -- pierce still small business and there are just a few still stored there but most of them are at our warehouse office -- -- of the warehouse is no longer his bedroom that's right. So what do people tell you what kind of stories do you get back from people who have purchased yourself. X I get the most amazing emails and letters and stories from people in that is the best part of the business just how the Sox have made a difference for them or someone that they. Gifted them to you know women going through breast cancer. Are calm those those women are common recipient of the Sox the I am strong socks with double pink words and people told me they've given and to their sister -- getting ready to go into surgery and she wears him into surgery or. And women had sent me pictures of themselves during their chemotherapy treatment -- with a strong socks on. And -- my sister runs marathons and she wears. The I am strong socks and having the time which he's always shocks all the time when she runs they needed I am fast -- Uh huh for a player and the marathon. I just. Gave a -- of your socks too dear friend of mine who is having surgery in Louisville. And then she has the Sox I'm blessed because she talked about. All of her friends who have rallied around her and all the prayers and all the support. And she said. No matter even though I have this hideous disease. I'm truly blessed and so that's what I wanted to courtesy energy policy right before the anesthesia kicked dead. Definitely. So do you have a goal. Yes and we have set a goal to get a million pairs of socks on people's feet by the end -- 2014. Either through. The sale of the product or through donations we donate a lot of Sox TU. I nonprofits and underprivileged kids that also I have -- a goal to connect with philanthropist he might be interested in. Donating the Sox to their favorite charity to get more -- out there into those communities. We can have a sock -- sometime maybe next year in and that could be like a big gala. With all these folks coming together to get -- for folks who not only need him to keep their feet. Dry and warm but also maybe to send -- message as well I think it's a great idea where can you find notes to self sucks well. Online notes to self dot com but there's also a store laid low Peter on the web site he -- -- your zip code it'll show you where the stores are that are closest to either all over the Kansas City area. At many hallmark gold crown stores and then little boutique hospital gift shops here in Kansas City K units that are children's mercy saint Luke's. And again online and for men or women that's right and infants infants as well yes very cool Laura Schmidt the owner of the CE oh. As she does like -- said everything but -- the Sox herself. How of notes to self Sox I think it's a great idea and I hope -- hearing catches fire and I hope you find those million feet. Sooner rather than later thank you so much thank you for being against hear on the radio -- You know it's such an important thing to be able to have the affirmations -- to pass that on to Q did send. And even each other. So I have a question for your okay. What was your favorite. Christmas gift that you never cry when your kid who. 2.0 run out of the box I'm going into Malaysia and it makes sense considering what what we do. Was -- Sony cassette recorder. Really didn't have a microphone with that I had it mean -- condensed microphone what have you but you know I recorded radio shows and when you could happen within and I had fun with it it it was kind of either tossup between that. Or I'm John Denver that I wanna particularly bad when you don't look at me and -- Nine that went and it was that when yes you find that's -- -- tenth birthday attack I really am getting my favorite. And I got that didn't end up not working is -- easy -- -- and which weeks. I don't get replace study explains all I know it says is that not a very well and I -- hasn't Linda had one. I wanna when really bad and we -- -- -- course and went chaired my human they had orders from Billings Montana. He and we which is still out in the sticks -- we went to open and then didn't the most effective -- didn't come with the -- now until Apple's always been often. I was excited when I opened it. That's a sore point for me easy bake -- billion hole Suzy homemaker remember that Suzy homemaker line of now. Because that. Girl that block got the entire kitchen and the entire Suzy homemaker kitchen and I'd ask Santa -- and got squat. And had to sit down and get to talk for mom and dad that year known Nieuwendyk -- it was dense media outlets you. It's a tossup for me and that when when I was in first grade and my parents we couldn't afford are being so weak that Cindy. And there was all of these mean -- literally got us all of the furniture and stuff to go in in a doll house. Which that was chemical. And it appears later. My dad Abbas job and he spent about a month and a half. Downstairs. And he built us. And I -- a doll spleen and a bassinet firm -- and he handcrafted all of our Christmas presents that -- Who comments heat that was that was fun and is very neat Weiner they came out with a list. And I think they shared it with you guys on the top. Toys over the years for boomers and the number one from 1963 was an easy -- up and his two runs and then Christiane Joseph was in there and 64. Of our -- operation which I think we probably all had twister had that you. And battleship had that hot wheels chemistry sets like writes never those O line worry had one of those I had a friend -- hot wheels. Said but he was used mostly SF. Set I got whipped by its limit I had Mattel in -- in the cross my Botox or truck yeah Hillary increasing things sister. But together and of course my son's favorite from 1990s teenage mutant ninja turtles so my senators -- collections just. -- -- Well marry you anyone have avoided. My gash or Cabbage Patch Kids I -- 11 of those from Lexus in fact her first. Solo airplane trip to Saint Louis to -- on -- Her camp know why sorry wasn't a cabbage patch -- it was Teddy -- been well and all and asked Teddy -- -- -- -- remember their albums that they cabbage patch dolls and run around -- yeah yeah that's ahead. Some. Say hey can you tell -- weaker -- -- mistakes in Minnesota and they are hanging out with Cindy. That -- she got around I. Hacker space hoppers. I don't know medical and his family here I was born connect for camp when of those Dan Simon did you have a Simon. Ran the light to go off -- had to follow them matters its still haven't of those now. If it costs money it's and to you know say I -- and marked the ones we got and I think Gartner expect. Now it's just gonna that again that's why these Sony cassette recorder with such huge state big hit for you because I probably didn't even to -- It is that we've got. And don't agree with me it's -- -- hard Dicey lake Mary McKenna and new and there's more to come here at the radio did that come come on back. And this half -- -- -- by the Kansas City symphony music PC symphony got bored.

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