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The Radio Dish 12.13.13 Segment 1

Dec 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It doesn't kill you -- Kind of leave -- dishes in the sink and dish about something. It's important to you. And now three chicks who think they ruled the roost. It's through radio audience thank you lady radio announcer it is the Mindy heart and -- Blake Mary McKenna and you -- the radio dish dot com. And it's time for Kansas city's grandest holiday concert returning to the -- and performing arts center. The Kansas City symphony in fine form with all of your favorite Christmas carols and joining us on the line is the associated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's not talk about that term demerger and Gil is joining us here and I can't wait for the big. Carol festival at the -- performing arts center how much fun is that. Well I think it is. One of the deep desolate actually I think -- Perhaps the best way you can celebrate the holiday he'd been in Kansas City the holidays are. Upon us now and you know as as you were saying that means the candidate that it's time for the Kansas city's -- to renew our annual holiday tradition we will be having. 6 performances of our Christmas festival concert next week they'll be December. Nineteenth to the 22. They'll be for evening performances in the evening performance on each day Thursday through Sunday into Latin days. On the weekend Saturday and Sunday and indeed married RC I can't tell you how excited I am to be presenting at these concerts. It's it's one of the most wonderful things that we get to do. As musicians to be able to share in the celebration of this amazing -- and with so many Kansas City and. Not only with the Kansas City in -- you have some great performers that are joining -- you've got the Kansas City symphony chorus. Absolutely yes we get to Kansas City symphony chorus to. We we work with a lot around this time of year under their director Charles brought the and they're going to be spreading. Holiday cheer bringing out loud and clear we also have we we also have a two of the finest. Two of the finest ensemble. In Kansas City who are part of our extended and any family. The angelic. Voices of the Allegra children's iron you're going to be as though impressed. When you hear these amazing amazing it stayed young musicians. And making a bit since. Renowned hand -- on top tier one hub the preeminent and -- ensemble in the country and we also from outside of Kansas City. Will be welcoming again upon -- -- to recent Gomez. Who will be performing a couple of per signature songs and she performed with orchestras and other performing ensembles around the country and beyond its. And then you also have joining you on the court in the fabulous Jim -- bill. Yes well you know. We are so fortunate to have a concert hall as amazing as help -- call right here home in Kansas City it is one of the greatest if not. The greatest concert hall. In the country and one of the crown jewel of that space is our organs that Julia I know Hoffman after that organ and you'll. It's amazing prominently. On the program and cheat you can't find a better organist I think in Kansas City then -- No you can't find a better organized than Jan and you can't find a more generous musician and generous human being -- either. I would -- do I know Jim personally she's a wonderful wonderful lady I'm always amazed at the amount of talent that we have here in Kansas City. Yes and it sold so much that it's going to be on display in this concert there will be. Approximately -- eyeballing that they'll be approximately 250. To 275. Performers. Involved in this country it will be used for the years apiece for the eyes and. A beat up for the spirit as well the program is a mix of traditional Christmas carols. Popular modern hits and other fantastic songs in peace and music of the heat and and you know it. You can come and experience. Some of the greatest performer for the Kansas City has to offer for a great price you'd tickets. If you want to bring young people started just fourteen dollars adults start. At 29 dollars I just want to make sure everybody knows. That tickets are still arms sale on the best availability is on Thursday Friday and Saturday nights right now. And the best way to get your tickets you can call our box office at 81 pick from. 471. Of the bureau 400. Again 816. 471 Euro 400. Or visit our web site Casey Anthony -- pork. Parent parent I know we've got all these performers. On the stage but you forgot to tell us about the special visit from that special jolly old elf. Yes well you know I mean you're not not to spoil the surprise that I play my sources in the in the -- Community. Have have had sent me a little worried that we might be getting. Very happy appearances by our paper man in -- to -- Well and I understand if if people haven't done on their Christmas shopping. You'd be giving away some sparkly little things from -- Burt -- Yes indeed it. You purchase the tickets to Christmas festival you'll automatically. With the parts bigger ticket be answered in a drawing for eight. Giveaway that dazzling necklace that had been generously donated by health Burt diamond. And it is just it it is it is just the star on top of the Christmas tree. I'm quicker queen of saying the wrong thing but am I correct in saying you have they -- -- diamond give away at each performance and it's not like everybody's in the pot for one giveaway. That it absolutely right we will at the beginning of each performance -- be doing it trying pretty necklaces so that is. Six necklaces that have been donated by Kohlberg diamonds and we will be giving away. So am is this the highlight of -- here. Yes without a doubt this is the highlight of my year it is. It is -- As a musician. The greatest thing that we can do is spread joy and inspire people and at this time of year -- -- there's no better way. She's great joy and through the magic of music it is what brings us together it is our universal. Language and that. It is alive. And well and writing your intent. It definitely is now there are different times said depending on which performance you want to attend. And the best way to look at that is to go online at Casey symphony dot org has some of the evenings -- at seven and some of them start at eight to -- wrecked. Yes that's absolutely right you can did -- Casey Anthony got -- and they'll be at scrolling banner at the top of the home page and you can just look. For the Christmas festival the program called Christmas festival. Icon and you can click on that or you can. He explore all of our content offerings further by clicking on the concerts have been scrolling down to Christmas festival. We'd love to see all of your listeners there. Well -- what a great time of course with everybody having a family everybody having friends in what a great way to get together to celebrate the holidays in -- people haven't had a chance to come down and -- to Kansas and symphony. While as you mentioned. All of this -- you can't put the star on the top of the Christmas tree on this is like turn on the lights on on me because the Christmas festival it is unbelievable if you haven't gone before. Make sure you go it's all coming up next week. Yes that it's it's it's the grandest. The holiday showcasing all of Kansas City. So don't -- tickets are still available Casey symphony dot org airman demerger and thank you for joining us here three edition. Thank you so much ladies it's always great to talk to you and Merry Christmas. And see you Merry Christmas. There are tickets available mr. availability by the way I believe it or not Thursday Friday and Saturday evening now. That's awesome I have goose -- I'm so excited in anticipation of us and groups of ten or more you can save 20% so -- -- Stanley. Most of us -- even if I can just bring the kids and everything that's put up -- Seriously wondering time tend to get involved get go to Casey symphony dot org. Get your tickets there and get them soon not -- attempt yeah you don't wanna put that off too long we've got to a lady was socks on her mind really tell you White Sox are special. And that is coming up in just a couple of minutes I mean. These are cool socks Laura Schmidt will tell her story it's Mindy Darcy Mary and you as a radio -- dot com.

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