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Retirement Planning Strategies 12.17.13

Dec 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The information and opinions expressed on the following -- commercial programming are those of the hosts and their guests and do not necessarily reflect those of this station. In around me. -- -- Or. Yeah. Yeah there. You -- man. Okay. Good morning and welcome to the program today my name is Edward aren't doing you can call me dad. We are bringing you retirement planning strategies. And I want I don't give -- a website here later in the show that you can login to sleeping confidentially look at our information. If you desire to reach us you can call 9137688090. And we wanna start out today by discussing some of the call so we've had. Responses from the radio show -- And we've had many questions regarding a couple of different things one is. Indexed annuity strategies. And we -- -- throughout the program. Come back to this. So that we can tie it all together for you give you moral lesson conversational. Approach to this a possible. And what we're hearing is and some of the questions I'm getting even. I've got them verbatim here to go through with you one as a gentleman from Lee would called saying that he went to a seminar. And the percent -- says that he can put his money and what's called a fixed annuity. By doing so he can make the money safe. And if the stock market collapsed. He would not lose a dollar. They also said in the seminar. That -- earning interest on the money. By linking. His deposit his premium. To the stock market index. And he indicated he'd taken one of these products and Ernie has a link to the S&P 500. And there are several other choices he's able to make. Now in response to Joseph moment from we would you know he was right. If he had us -- haven't looked at this contract but if he has an indexed annuity. He will not have losses some times and downturns and stock market. The way it works is the annuity company has options that are linked to external indexes of the stock market. And when those index's increase. The percentage that the market in there goes up over time. Will be credited to his account as money. And the money itself is deposited into his account and it will never go below. What he put into the annuities and what interest he's been credited. This is somewhat different than the approach that many people use was mutual funds were don't have a great year you know go up 20% 25%. But then suffer losses and the following year what sheets and to heed to the money they deposited. Or. Perhaps the intrastate previously earned. With the annuity the advantage in this is particularly important I believe for folks that are close to retirement in the red -- And people in retirement. As you can participate in the upward movement of the market. By having interest credited to an insurance policy. Rather there and putting the money in a market account like a mutual fund or stock account. And seeing the money go up and down like -- -- Leo. As we have. Various. Offense affect. The performance of the overall stock market. -- second question McCain meant. Was that a gentleman again also from -- we would area. Set I understand now I don't lose money when the market is down. But another concern is that even though I don't lose so I think. Five years of the last twelve this is his statement I made next to nothing. Because actually during those five bureau -- the stock market declined. This or any way to improve dust. Yes most likely. But we have to look at the contract to make sure that were all on the same page. Originally of these indexed annuities. Debuted on the scene. Around 19941995. The first two companies I saw that had a more sun life fanned out key port. And when these annuities were first offered. They worked as they still live today they have they follow the market on an up turn. But -- all. Credit zero actually if the market has a big decline so the advantage there are sure totally safe. You're not going to lose your money in such an accountant an insurance company it's not in the market so to speak. Only the interest itself has determined by the stock market. Not your own money -- you're your own money is not in the market to be lost. But how might we improved that how what conversation could take place that. You know live between two of the senate table confidentially. You always will have a option with an annuity. To maneuver you can. Lateral your annuity if you wish to a new contract and you can do that without taxes. For a non qualified annuity it's going to be at 1035 exchange one of the old tools of the insurance business. And for a qualified account we might do a 402 for a way to exchange that would be on your IRA. Why would we do that we wouldn't do that just to change shoot to a law like contract. Yes it would have the index crediting method. But we may also build end of that with your approval. Need. You know a new feature which is really I'm going to guess now 567. Years old. Which is an income account writer. And with an income account Ryder you have guaranteed growth in the account every year. Which is there are. So that in your later years should have income to receive. These would the vary widely so we have to match them carefully to what unions are. Many of them these days and just to mention a couple -- -- -- that I was looking at yesterday a seven and a half percent that will guarantee. On the income writer that the account will -- seven and a half percent a year. We have others at six and a half and five. One that I have found to be popular clients. Is what's called a stack growth income writer. And on that particular approach what happens says the client. Will receive -- for a year guaranteed interest rates. In many cases something around three or 4% so regardless of market performance. Though he gets this saw three or 4% growth. However when I say stat growth the advantage there is on the years for the market does perform well performs positively. You not only get the guaranteed amount but added to that would be the growth in the market. Now the word of the word to the wise here many other companies offer the -- growth option. But if you're gonna do this I would recommend a company that doesn't have any limit on the upside of the market. We were called and -- in cap strategy is one way to put it. Because most indexed annuities will have a cap -- limitation on the maximum interest earned. That your trade off. So that you can have on the other side complete protection in down years in the market. But the -- growth option in many times. And many environment swell generated double digit gain in your income account. Now -- third question. Coming up this and another gentleman mentioned that they were concerned about the nursing home that really they had their own affairs in order. And that they could financed their retirement comfortably. However. If they had a nursing some of them were here his wife had do would be confined essentially in a nursing home. And and if they had new health troubles. What could they do that may be would protect them when gives them some leverage in that situation. The individual went on to say that says they had a long term care or that they did not have long term care excuse me. And let's just taken on another -- let's say somebody has a long term care that they bought years and years ago and it seems like the benefit might not keep up with today's needs. As of course the nursing home costs have. I accelerated. Well that that the answer there -- Can be tied somewhat to one of these annuity products and certainly to the life insurance products that are newly on the market. Just point being announced finishes entire thought he said by parents. Paid a fortune. To be in long term care and they passed away without having to make a claim. And their -- really a lot of money went into an insurance policy that. Did not end up positively benefiting the estate. But. He also has friends that are currently in a nursing how many can see how it's eroding their financial solvency. As time goes along. While the one of the approach assistant and remember you can always do this with an annuity that you currently own or you could go to the bank can and take money from the CD and a positive and an annuity. One on the approaches is that if you were to choose an indexed annuity. Which could follow the market it now appears. And protect human down near a 100% protection. You -- including the income greater should have your advisor. Offer you one with and long term care benefit brighter or. Many times considered in termed. A chronic. Illness benefit -- In this case if you did access sure annuity for income. And that money was paid deal when you were in a nursing home many of these new contracts -- are for you -- double playing on the income. While -- in the nursing home. Why would this be an advantage well of course. If you had income coming from here annuity and you were able to double it during a time when your bills -- sky high. This could help offset. -- is the cost. Or in the case say he had a small or. Older long term care policy might supplement that somebody to have substantially more income to help pay the bills. Of these questions. Are very common. And there he is solely. Approach when you talk to somebody who knows what we're we're Dylan and the way that you would do that as I would suggest you call 913. 76889. -- And confidentially. We should consider your. Your personal situation your own status. NC what we can do. To give you some peace of mind so he could sleep at night because these problems that come up are very difficult. When they arise. It's important to plan ahead. And take some steps to do so. You need to get out finance from the file and pick up the phone I should say and Collison. Let's analyze where you are what you're doing. An analogy comes up pretty commonly. If you're if you have grandkids around are still children and home about. You know trying to relate things to. Cartoons have -- well on one of the favorite ones for me is the roadrunner I've always been a fan of the roadrunner. And it caught my attention the other today that's. The roadrunner was up two issues -- tricks. Running around the desert -- course. He had his menace on his tail trying to catch him for dinner and of course that menaces Wiley Coyote. Well Wiley Coyote had a new plan and what he did was. He was building a bomb out of the kit and of course what -- was that well to chip right on the box I can always is in the road runner -- asked me. The company that supplied him with his bomb. And as we look trauma far down on the road runner was running by we could see -- even the shad was built by acme of course. Well here -- the oh here that coyote mr. Wylie coyote was in the shed. Actively putting together his weapon so he should make that road runner and a dinner. But he didn't notice the roadrunner and snack captain was slowly sliding issue -- right onto a senator real road tracks. And he was diligently working on the bomb in the road -- sped away instead upon a hill while train was approaching. Well Wiley Coyote what he did was as he looked up and looked out the window he sees a freight train burn in about a hundred miles an hour. And Ali did. Was he paid attention to the bomb and reached up and pulled down the curtain. So he couldn't see the train hoping that that made the problem go away. Well naturally it all ended and -- very bad explosion. Materials flying in every direction. And of course although the coyote never. Preaches his demise he was limping away and really bad condition. Because what he did was instead of taking steps to fix a problem. He ignored it hoping it would go away. Now we would encourage you give us a call if you can because some of the issues you may have with an annuity your life insurance. How you plan your income and retirement even long term care needs. We can help you personally and privately. And we can bring 25 years of experience. And to help you. Now we're gonna break away from senator to and I wanna remind you we're going to be addressing these questions about long term care. About how to get income from annuities. And we want you to stay with this if you will to segment to. Will be back to draw some things together thinking. Yes I can suddenly. Yes I can. Gee I'm afraid. I can see the. Welcome back to the program again my names that are doing -- listening to retirement planning strategies. On -- BC's business channel 1660 AM. We invite your calls we often respond to them here on the radio. And our phone number is 9137688090. And we have an excellent website if you'd like to login and I've had some clients actually call and say be more careful about. Spelling out the website so that it makes more sense so. The website is safe. Money. Our tax dot com in this is intended to indicator prescription. We offer you our prescriptions so that you can make your retirement -- safe. And that's safe. Money RX dot com or please just call 913768. ED ninety. I -- return to the questions that we posed in the first segment. And one of the things I wanted to bring out is that part of one of the questions a gentleman had I don't think I brought this up in the first segment. Was that he was comfortable because it in the downturns of the market he would never had a loss in his annuity. But he also thought. That he was a bit surprised I should say that on the Goodyear Ers. When the market really took off and and performed. He noticed that he was limited to about 45 maybe 6%. Meaning if the market was up quite a bit he could still count on 456%. But that was the the upside lemon and -- When this happens I want to refresh your bed and say we want to talk there are. About. New offerings of annuities have -- available when many of you took p.s out in the ninety's were. Through the 2000 -- till I'm gonna. Speculate about 2007. And all the products. We're using options that's what they do they put. 9597%. Of your money that you give them into interest bearing bonds. The remaining few pennies or use. A purchase options which course and insurance company with its large buying power can do quite efficiently. So the options what are credited interest. Up to a certain percent mentioned when the market is flying high like it did in the nineties. These. Options offered. Pretty good return you know -- somewhere -- I remember some policies I wrote that had a 12% caps I remember some that had. Caps of 10% that we can put leaving credit a 125%. Of the market gain. And I won't name any companies but they were they were you know a little bit more rewarding a few well. Throughout them late two thousands. Especially when we had the big market downturn in 2008 and nine. We've seen the cost options fly through the rough. And when that happens that means that people that had annuities offered to them in those days had lower caps the higher the option cost. The lower the potential game. So once again and we -- have bring out TO that you could call us you can come and we can have a conversation. There's nothing wrong most likely with the annuity company that you have pitched just perhaps -- -- the design of the product was stuck in a period. Where the caps were blow. It might meteor benefit. In comparison. To offer you -- a product which would offer you a capitalist return. And in this way it more closely mirrors. The performance of the market very simply done it's just a conversation. And once again. Alluding to a football play you generally can just lateral one annuity to another one. There wouldn't be any taxes due to lateral it. If you had your contract told 345. Years. And you'd like to have an -- in inspection to see if you have more potential in a more modern product. I would certainly recommend it. And you would call us just at 91376889. Contract with -- we can compare but only if there is so and you know it can still you know very. Definite benefit to you would we recommend changing. Because. You know you're not just changing. To get a different name on the contract a different company. Were doing it. In order to get cute anymore mod -- -- more rewarding product design. Now many times when this comes up when people come and we also find that if they've had their -- more than three or four years they may not have the income writer. And go without that is just going off half baked I've got to say. You need to have an income writer for most of you so that every year whether the markets suffered down you have growth then. The by a twin account that goes with your indexing. So that your income value increases each year. This is a Garrett entry guarantee a contractual agreement. That the insurance company provide June. That won't pay you interest and we're not talking about half a percent of bank. They'll be offering you between three and seven and a half percent guaranteed year by year. And you need to have that in your contract I would recommend. Further if you had that benefit it might be wise to supplement that. With C a long term care benefit rider that can come with an income writer. Inside an annuity so conversational. Way. We would discuss what your current plan does for you and you won't hear from us that you've done something wrong with what you've done nobody will do that. What we suggest though is if you're going to have one of these products does it not make sense. To have the very best product for you. Now if it does not give you -- substantial increase in your rewards. And you're guarantees. We won't recommend it. There's no need to do that. So I'm asking you go back to our last segment. If you're in the shed right now. Working on your retirement and you see a train bearing down on you. Don't polish shade down just give us a call. And we'll speak with you about it won't help you get off the railroad tracks. If there's a way to do that -- benefit shoot case closed. I 10. Do something here -- common throw something in a -- personal endorsement. I wanted to tell -- -- right now I'm still hearing people having quite a different cult. Anxious time dealing with the health insurance issues that are going on since the roll out a far. Fabulous health care plan. Designed and implemented by your representatives in congress. And of course. Moral lasts jammed through with the approval of our leader. Mr. Obama. So. That -- is it may if you would like to have a place to go here in Kansas City. That should give you. The truth. Gives you options that are rational and prudent. You need to contact can happy because we can't appear covered. This is a company that's an overwhelmed parked just stock for 35. Unquote hero to the south. At canopy. You can call and this is a company that's been in business since 1970. Sex. And they can help you understand how to find the right health care plan in today's environment. And it. We know that you don't have time to sort out all the options that are out there I can appeal received a personal consultation. From an agent on your health insurance options and that's all at no cost. Canopy can be reached by telephone and I hope -- -- that he heard us here on the radio endorsing them. You can reach them at 9135633500. To speak to a -- if agent who had represented you. Because with canopy you'd be covered in a way that you understand. They can find you the right plan determined financial assistance eligibility. Choose a plan through a reputable -- back carrier. And the -- enroll you -- the plan. If you're a business owner. Would you like to have -- needs analysis. On your health care coverage. Market analysis -- carrier and plans selection minions. And I Health Care Reform review. All of these are included at no cost to you and you have an access point here in town at 913563. 3500. They also can be found on FaceBook or you can visit dammit can -- PKC. Dot com. NCA NO. PYKC. Dot com. I highly recommend them there -- the pros here in town. Now let's let's go back to what we were talking about just a little bit. What happens when you're using an indexed annuity issue are allowed to participate here contractually participating in the upward movement of a stock index which keeps you out of the fray. Out of the market. And out of the casino that might be open you know one way to. Consider. Wall Street at this point. I would recommend to you that you look at the news. Plans and please do so we're not tied to any company you can give us a call any time -- 913. 76889. -- will be happy to review with you. Your concerns and how we may be able to help structure you in a safe money environment. Thank you. On this day. Slot it's. Not afraid to. Then it's either don't economics knows my game goal of 505 sold to the company's. Welcome back. Thank you for being with us this morning this is so retirement planning strategies. I'm speaking Q today in my name has said are then and -- welcome to call us at 91376889. Did any time. I wanna try to pull some things together here we were talking about some questions -- clients had concerning indexed annuities morning and now. What they might do how they can maximize their gains may be improved their situation. What they might be able to expect in terms help the -- of long term care. But let's free child a little -- let's -- conversational lay off and say. How did it come about. That these people chose to have an indexed and -- I mean why didn't they drive to some store that says mutual fund or something on -- or. Or some. Company that so that advertises stocks and bonds why did they choose to use an indexed annuity. Please consider this from your point of you because you see many have you out there have already saved enough money. To retire comfortably. And there aside viewer on the verge of doing so. Now why would people man I'm asking you know conversation and why would somebody and then are why would bill in Nancy. Want to move to something like an indexed annuity. Well the point is system that negate the risk of loss in the stock market dissonant. I mean if that's the number one thing I want you to get out of this particular segment. The reason people choose an annuity -- -- money is no longer paper. And Netscape stock. It's no longer a statement that comes telling them the ups and downs of their mutual fund. Rather him. What they've done -- they've taken money most likely from those accounts. And often from the bank core learning no money. And they buy an annuity and it's an insurance contract and it's a contract. That contrasts surely and tried -- Sheryl Lee guarantees -- a return on your money every year that you have a so. Why would they make such a change why would you bill and Nancy makes such change well if you're the type of person that is concerned. That if the market takes a -- up. Or if it takes a real downturn. That you really can't stand to go through another one of those. This is of really fine option it's an entire marketplace spokes people are moving to fixed annuities. To avoid the risk of loss. To avoid the pain and sleepless nights. Of market collapses. Now we had a great market run up in the ninety's. Then had a collapse. Of the dot com bubble. When I'm Mr. Bush was president the market went up to 84 months in a row. But you know it just briefly got back up to Worrell was at the end a 99 and then crashed again. In fact the second one in 2000. 789. That was actually worse. And the one after 2000. And what happens is this if you look at a real graph for real chart. Of what's happened with the market. All of has done is recover from most losses in 2002 and 2009. And all both things seemed pretty rosy today markets been hot. That certainly does not preclude another downturn doesn't. So if you're a person who feels you he'll hold a bit from those losses. And if you want to case closed. By contract. Avoid any more losses. That's the client that -- use their money to a fixed -- do they have to move all of it of course not. But a prudent percentage just makes sense if you're getting close to retirement. That would be my conversation with here. So. We have a number of things to talk about to give you some. Images if you were all about. Market trouble market volatility if you world or corrections highways love that word. How many of you -- Las Vegas. Everywhere you go lights action shows. Things are very luxurious. And the casinos are over the top with entertainment and facilities. But folks they did not build that amazing place out in Las Vegas. By paying out all their winnings today. All of their customers come in. Many of them play. We always hear about a few winners. It. Overall those casinos and all -- development down in the middle of the desert didn't happen without the casinos. Winning most of the time. So what happens us. Is that I'd like you to take a picture that and compare that to the Wall Street casino if we can college that today. Did you know that over time. Historically. There have been repeated collapses on the market. Most of the people I see your 506070. Even eighty years of age. It we tend to focus a lot on the collapse of 2000. And the dotcom bubble and then of course we have to sub prime mortgage disaster which happened. In 20078. And nine and those are those are. Fixed extremely painful events for sure. But let's talk about the history. To genome. Speaking of the now. From 1901 to 1903 that the Dow Jones fell 46%. And when it stopped following. It took over to your trip to recover to its previous level. In 1906 in 1907 the Dow fell 49%. That time the most important term as it took nine years for people to recover. If they stay down. In 1916 and seventeen in the Dow fell 40% again. That time it took two years to recover after World War I. And in 1919. And through 1921. The doubtful they actually fell 47%. This time it took three years to recover. Now the big one and was 1929. -- 1932. And this numbers amazing the Dow actually fell 89%. And it took 22 years to get even then 22. Years. In 1939. In 1942. The Dow fell 40%. Three years again to recover. In in 1973. To seventy for the Dow fell 45%. And this time it took eight years to recover. So we can go to our current date and the experience that most of -- there there -- 5060 and seventy have experienced. Is going to be. Defined by the years 2002002. When the S&P 500 actually fell 47%. And it took from 2000 to January of 2007. To recover. All those losses look at a -- so in all it did was catch up to where it was. As soon began to fall. And then. We had another collapse in October of 2007. Through march of 2009. And this time it fell 57%. They're recovered again right now it's peaking over you hear new -- It's peaking over the rim now it's caught up to where it was and it's heights in 2007. So here's the point here's the conversational point with you. Do you need to be in that roller coaster. If you find an exciting. If you find it -- motivating. Perhaps she should. But why would we offer you a fixed indexed annuity because you will not participate in those heinous losses. You can stay out of that fray. And you can use an indexing tool which just credits interest when the markets up. And in times where the market goes down. There will be no loss if you do not understand this if you haven't been offered this you need to call us at 913. 76889. This is not for everyone for those of you that have some particular training or experience in the market. In your just gonna write it regardless or you know how to make money when the market collapses if -- that savvy. Then you're really not who were reaching out to hear on the radio. I find though that when people hit 55 years old. There -- two to five times more conservative. Then they were in their younger years. And I find when they hit 65 -- sold their seven to ten times more conservative than they were in their younger years is it time for you. To get off the rollercoaster. The stock markets back an all time high is. The concern is is the Fed gonna quit printing money. Mean what's the reason the markets so high as it is anyway. This that the government printing money. This is the fact he can't make anything on interest in the bank so you're forced to try to seek out a return in the marketplace. Don't be Wiley Coyote. Don't stand in the Chad. And hope. Hope PM will not pay your retirement needs. Don't reach out and pulled down a shade. If you come at CES and if this is concerned. We may be doubled to help you position yourself in a more comfortable. Position. That will help you sleep well at night. Now we're gonna continue with this aspect on the next segment stay with the school. Right up next -- Q let me. Welcome back to return -- planning strategies my name is Edward garden. You can call me -- in. Please do call me we can help you. Get off the railroad tracks if you think things are a little rosy right now on the market. We also can help you if you've previously taken an indexed annuity and you'd like to take a look at. Whether there are better options to new inventions. Which have better features for you I assure you many. Companies are hard at work. Coming up with ways to sweeten the pie for you. Because what an annuity company does is when you make a deposit there. They're gonna have to buy a bunch of bonds. To satisfy the requirements to keep the money safe and their connect eke out a small spread on that game. But because they're making that game on other people's money. And they have hundreds of millions of dollars -- that that's how an annuity company works. The gains from the index are totally errors and I suggest he is that you consider these. Are very prudently. And soberly because. This. Point Moran in the market. When I talked to people that I'm most. Pleased to talk to about stock market issues they say -- it's. Quite frothy if you wealth and it might not be a real. A real position now or end -- a correction could be due -- correction has been a big topic since July. I wanna bring up and personally endorse. Company hearing Kansas City because I'm totally happy with them. I'm the company is called infinity of Kansas City. And you. May remember infinity on a 103 street in write off of -- all. I want to announce to you that they have a new facility. Infinity of Kansas City is now just off by 35. At 67 street. On the west side. -- gleaming new facility state of the art. In every way. They have a wonderful business senator for you if you have to do some business were all -- perhaps perform service. There's a kid's room. Social mothers out shopping for Christmas and need something done with the car. The kids have an actual player -- toys and wall paint a -- truck. And you won't find a nicer staff in town to my opinion. The owner is Richard well but he is the owner and executive manager. And I'm very pleased to state that he has hands on in this company and the company shows it. I just flew in here and -- QX 56 a lock sugary as she V. And I have to tell you that it is posh. It's capable extremely powerful and has every technological feature anybody should ask for. And although that's probably their locks so space ship. They have some very fantastic. Karzai even hybrid type vehicles that are fine fine vehicles. My bottom line with Infiniti business and why I'm I'm expressing my. Confidence in them I've had three cars. I've had three cars and I've driven now 250000. Miles. And I have now replaced three light bulbs. An oil went on a one about a 157000. Miles. I think part of financial planning part of financial prudence is getting a vehicle. That you don't have to waste a lot of time and money on. When you -- an infinity it's quality first. And the services next tonight -- that you need to go see them they're just off I 35. At 67 street bumper to bumper traffic can often sharp. And their website is infinity of Kansas City dot com. Fantastic place now. I'm gonna go back to tie together the segments that we had we had customers asking. About why in index annuity. Perhaps had a -- we did address that we had on on the interest -- we think if you have a limit on your contract. There might be a better option. We addressed that if you end up in a long term care facility if you've had your annuity 567 years they're gonna provide you money than. But wouldn't it be wise. To get one that would double the money to you if you had to go no long term care. We also addressed. How people said. I've got an annuity and of course it's never lost money and I'm thankful for that but my goodness with the volatility in the market. There's been 45 years out of the last dozen more the market went down and I didn't make any interest. That's where we think you need to get off the railroad tracks. Don't be Wiley Coyote don't pulled down the shape and help come on in and we'll talk to you. How about options settling include guaranteed. Growth in your contract every year. So it's there -- for your income when you needed in retirement. And then he says who is it that should look at this well I think it's a pretty open marketplace but primarily. If you're fifteenth. 6070. It should be true because -- and you take another downturn in the market. If stuff but a good example was if the market went up 20% this year. The clients that I have in my files or worse they're not gonna run out if the market goes up 20% this year. And buy a new car. They're gonna keep driving their Buick. They're gonna keep driving their she needs are not running out and buying a Porsche. Because the market 120% this year they would they take a trip they might. But they gonna do a 147. Days of world -- not likely. Now on the other hand I said if it went up 20% are they gonna do something around ostentatious. Post my attempt. They're not likely to people are. Prudent. And mature of the people that I'm dealing with. I will tell you on the other hand. If the market goes down 20%. This year. Some of them will have to make changes. Some of them all have to do more than tighten the belt. We wanna protect you from -- we want to make it where if you turn on CNN in the market crashed. You don't have to wait amounts future mutual fund statements find out how much money you lost. That cannot happen with our approach and that's why were popular. When the market crashes in my office there's no having no no increase in activity on the found. From. Customers concerned. About losing their money we have established that they cannot. Would that studio. The bill Nancy Bob Carroll listening. Would it suit you to know the next time and there will be a next time. The market crashes. Would you rather have your -- Secured. If you own a home you have insurance on your home. If you own a car. You have insurance on your car most of you have insurance in case she died. Does it make in any sense at all. To use insurance. To protect your retirement money. This insanity. One on one. If you've got enough to live on. And you've been inequities to do vests. I'm proud of he had to do a good job -- had good help. But if the market goes the other way. And your close to or in retirement do you need to stay in the same tool at one point in time you folks. Soldier 53 should be. And sold juror a 65 impala and you moved on to something that goes better in the snow and gets better in my which. This is -- I'm when you may consider. A break with your own family tradition and find something that. We all truly serve view and you -- and send retirement. Now is a -- best option. It could Dave. A question you. Because I hear my clients say it all the time does your advisor call you when things are going well and advise you to get out. When things are hot. And -- making money do you get a call from your advisor and they say let's get. Out of some of the things you've made good gains and put it in cash just -- -- goes down. I don't hear that from my clients. You know if they did that for you when things were high. You can brie -- or later opinion get a better bargain price. So I don't ever remember hearing this from clients. And I'm not calling anyone out and fault I'm saying. You have to take care yourself don't stay in the shed like wily coyote with third. Curtain pulled down he need to open up the windows and see what do you think there's going on around you. And take steps to improve your situation. Clients tell me instead they're told when the market -- hold on. Pulled on. Thereafter they were slammed the got moved over in the bonds. We are different option that's available to you. When you need -- my name is Edward. 9137688090. We're through old you were with us today we'll look forward to seeing you next week combined. And -- me. When -- It's.

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