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Entrepreneur KC Radio 12.17.13

Dec 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and -- loosen got to visualize -- -- -- -- looking very clear about it. The money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry star. -- -- -- -- Should plug in and turn on. -- entrepreneur George Casey you. Police were entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions ever made -- your host Jason -- Both Kansas City and welcome to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jay -- growth. Looking forward to another exciting it's almost mark. The questioner KC show us and our producer here. Got some big -- report today. Not only am I gonna have one of Kansas city's finest entrepreneurs and business owners in studio for the first interviewed him Aussie and have him toasting their we have -- segment. And seated today is more and heads and everything I feel very official right now. So I'm trying to figure out there and ground rules we cover this what words can you cannot get -- and I say -- -- is say I'm not a word because thought you should -- big red -- should push the cough button okay sounds good but but anyways so Brock is can join us. And he's gonna show before its -- sign it kind of did his take on some of the entrepreneurs are gonna have on the show today and kind of talked to about. What he's been up to with his own company and the growth pattern so very very looking forward that Barack -- refinancing Stratton did get bigger show. Let's get off those -- we're gonna have on an obvious there were a start the first segment stay with Brock stacked men who is the owner of DV HQ in. Attracting creative group obviously comes from the agency space in the first segment. In our second segment today we are going to have both see here we gonna have on the single gonna have a Jimmy -- and James likes and for you all that didn't really know Jimmie yeah. When he was with the TSE wizards and sporting KC and power Rogers. From -- they recently received. A big funding round and then they quit thirty jobs and they are full blown into notre which is a prediction engine. That I think has a lot of potential and obviously they went through on an accelerator and -- city called spark clubs Casey and receive funding very quickly after so they've been hiring people. They've. Had there you know there out. They're apps put on out on the store and they're ready to go says he's in every day. This their -- -- isn't this -- wanted to talk to them about what they've been up to and did catch up with them as well -- be in the next segment after this first month. Third segment today we will have. A bit Rendell who is a longtime family friend of mine he is launched at the mighty handle -- this is a cool new aerial it's more bags one trip no spills its its of them basically lived in a Condo and was very tired of carrying out you know hundreds of and hundreds but -- company has tens -- twenties of bags up the stairs. And -- really thought there had to be a better way so he he kind of decided to like start off on this journey in this. The bills today very successful product that will help people carry their treasuries. Very very easily genius is so simple so simple once they're just so and I wish I would have thought to myself -- -- right and I didn't death. So we so he's gonna come on he's never been on the show four bit. Actually funny enough -- and that was him almost a year ago and when he was kind of -- -- kind of moving out of his since its full time job and working concluding on the mighty handle. And so he's going to be in Syria on our third segment today and began to catch up this media catch up and I know he's expanded into a lot of different markets and different stores Hershey store split. This is a very good gift and somebody has to pick up locally so we're gonna get into with him and talked to him. And then our final segment today we're gonna be having me could -- phone conversation with. Sarah Granger he's kind of a -- all -- she's going to be colonists. From Silicon Valley where she's resided for about eighteen years -- she's -- Kansas City native. Growth in the can see here she is a you know world renowned. -- thought leader on technology women in tech. Online -- security digital security digital media and -- NBC she just took a trip to Kansas City recently were she visited. Many of the hotspots is sort of village. She talked to people over it think big accelerator the Kauffman Foundation a block school. And and whatnot it's commission to talk to her about her trip to Kansas City and also kinda talked here about some of their her future endeavors she has a book coming out and spring of 2014. And is really just day. A true you know thought leader in the technology space very well written well renowned -- Sokol now from his sleep she -- under anesthesia is a family and she's been riding you know she's been writing serve everything from the Huffington Post to the -- Cisco chronicle to. Fourths of the Harvard business journal so it's a very -- very very Smart person and does have its gonna be great to have her on the show I connect with her. When she was in Kansas City and now she's. Given us the time today so we're gonna be talking her and our final segment of the day so we have a full lineup today gonna have some great entrepreneurs and some great thought leaders in studio and on the phone and guys if you miss any of the entrepreneur Casey shows he can find them online -- Can be easy dot com. There is a link to the entrepreneur KC show which -- recently been revamped. All her shows are posted the Friday after we air and you can check them out in their entirety at came easy dot com you can also find -- on Twitter at. Jason grill and on at entrepreneur Casey on Twitter -- like to interact with people on Twitter and if you deputy company or an idea. Entrepreneurial success story of business leader or someone who can you know give our listeners some really good content and we can help your product up please please refer to reach out on the Twitter and we're also on FaceBook as well entrepreneur Casey radio itself that's Salina today that's the that's there that's going on Brock so let's -- UN here this country so glad. You've been a busy man and for those of people who don't know about your business. You know give our listeners of brief overview of what -- Q does he -- -- your background yes yes so co-founder -- Q with my partner birdied -- editorial and is not instituted not could couldn't he might get a call to the major leagues are these days to coast is -- -- he should. She definitely should. Yes we lost DHQ. How old. September 2011 we come out of the agency world we would work on a lot of how marketing campaigns for our clients and and we found this team we're developing strategies and in creating that plan of attack. There were having a hard time Mexican now with our clients with social workflow and find the right tools. So it's it's pretty common out there are so a lot of large brands agencies media companies and publishers are producing a ton of content from social media blog post info graphics videos. Gosh press releases you know campaigns etc. And DB is that one tool that helps play in this contents facilitate the communication and establish the workflow with their entire organization. So essentially it helps that the marketing director of the designers that copy writers the editors freelancers the outside agencies were over the maybe. Get on the same page -- and see this need is is really important especially when you have. A larger companies have a lot more people that are helping to develop its contents. And publish the contents and prior to -- It's been enamored of public and I'm an organizer. And that's very very new and start. You guys have been growing you're going to be lots and -- 2.0 in next -- pretty soon he up a few weeks and you know you work with some major companies such as Toyota Wal-Mart. You know 3 AM. Unified communications yeah end National Geographic and Nokia the list goes on and on -- an interest in right -- president and recently you've been kind of touring the US if you will with with your partner. On cartels not that I -- even to a lot of different -- yeah what are some of those and tell -- the experience from voting -- Q and also Kansas City anyway. Yeah it's it's exhausting and we just wrapped up -- harvest or did he Rochelle I mean we've been all over the place stuff from Boston Atlanta Las Vegas Cleveland Cincinnati. In this kind of big component for our marketing strategy. We'd like to go to a lot of trade shows and it's a good way for us to get in front of people get in front of our buyers scan the front a lot of these A Lister is. And make sure people are aware of what we're doing. And stands. So it's fun and what's great is that we actually get to meet face to face a warmer clients -- console typically go to these shows. So it's nice opportunity to get up -- up to -- -- then what their needs are and uncut diamond a little bigger than me any. -- -- kind of sneak peek of DB two point now we have coming up -- -- Yeah is also receive funding we talked to a better earlier we have seen -- year. Yet investors and we have investors yeah it's. Another. Part of the other fund right -- we've had so that was kind of a big focus for us early in 2013. Is he wanted to seek investment to. Basically give us a little bit a rocket fuel to do the things that we need to do up our marketing -- PR. And increase our sales force and it's and Dillard. So big focus for us the first part of the year we actually close with Don TVC. And in July. Which has been fantastic we also where we didn't the digital sandbox -- helped us out quite a bit. And so really -- focusing on. It in the right pieces in place building -- team -- we just. We are standing here -- so that's been that's been pretty fun and so we've hired me a customer experience manager to kind of help us -- our. Our customer supports. Tools and procedures and especially as we're gearing up for the launch of DB 2.0 that'll be essential. And as toward dev team hand were currently. Looking for cells reps so it's anybody's interest and. Don't plug that right got to play got to getting out there and sell sell sell. And so to be an exciting 2014. For you guys and obviously year. The other ventured that you started brought to create a group obviously is surviving and yes doing well -- clients and yeah. Yeah and that's that's gone Graham and luckily we have a fantastic team on need to see and that's that's been a little more established it's going on -- -- your business. Got a great client base and again phenomenal team so it makes makes my job a lot easier. It's even have -- fun and doing things with your family here your friends lately I know you you. Obviously enjoy the Missouri football season this year. Well and wins -- that right now yeah a little little little heartbreaker last week in fact so all you got I had neglected I -- -- landed with a couple buddies and a wouldn't exchange that experience for the world you know I never really is visited Atlanta much my first time there are really outlined -- for about 36 hours in you know they. Undo and some up projects and we've with the Atlanta firm with Kaufman in and -- -- actually. And I met their chamber congress senator Schumer congress is that the foundational. And the mayor is very entrepreneurial tech or inside he was -- down there. But it was just such a good experience and we actually Stater -- saw -- -- to the Delmon. It was cold though which is trust frustrating bit I mean it was. It's a cool city you know it's very. -- you know. I corporate FL like where we were released it it takes you -- channel -- we're by the Olympic village and that's all in one space if you guys haven't been there it's a CC headquarters. Coca-Cola. The -- up. The basketball arena. Their convention center I mean it's literally all the Olympic -- Olympic Centennial Park. All that is like the right there yeah the largest hotel in the in the Western Hemisphere like the highest. Room in the western news isn't all that yeah I have learned a lot and had a Coke the Coke factory Iraq you can -- tell -- it was the best took another yeah. I thought but any USPS so you've been obviously even you travel -- and yeah but. With about 25000. Can't they're Missouri alumni were there president open thread a different outcome bullets you're excited still thought excited about the new year. Sat in the holiday -- -- have a great holiday isn't -- I can't believe. Chris misses the rhetoric and coronary. Wolf. Me coming up soon hopefully -- at the Christmas shopping done. My you can you can buy -- -- -- send them to the launch sooner Casey radio show -- intercom if you wanna. Now since I have all your Christmas shopping done our duty Iraq I I hopefully they're not -- -- so does the thought both baskets a soccer stuff everywhere now on but anyway itself. Great to have you here today Brock can welcome do the pensioner KC show excited about everything you've been doing congratulations on DV HQ success the end. You know guy guys if you wanna check out DHQ you just -- do you -- Q dot com and and check out what they're doing they're gonna be having a lot of different news new iterations -- yeah -- always albino you can connect within their Broxton Twitter is well. Is it as deviates -- Yeah and then you're on Twitter person what is your Twitter handle tour analyst Brock -- men have BR OC KE ST EC HM AM. We'll drop very very good afford having you on today guys we're gonna have and our next segment we're gonna have. How Rogers and Jimmy flaxman from nota. And then after that didn't Rendell from mighty handle in the third segment in finishing up this Saturday were Sarah. Granger. From Silicon Valley calling in today. To the entrepreneur Casey should talk about technology in all different sorts of things so -- can be a lot of fun. Dies you can find us on Twitter at. At entrepreneur TC and on the Internet at WB to -- Dutch team BC dot com you listen to the entrepreneur KC show on the came easy business channel. We'll be right back after this break thanks for joining us. Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show -- chasing grills. For excite truck segment from DHQ in this. Destructing creative group Harry -- good have a lot of fun enjoyed the first segment -- -- -- view Linda -- deported talking do you and an old friend who -- in studio. We have power Rodgers to his beef co-founder of nota. Do like making predictions like review your friends -- wrong about there's like -- trash talk about competition. You'll probably like nota so Brock. -- mission to talk to know what's up Kyle I don't do nothing German -- -- -- -- CEO -- just wanted to near you're either co-founder. James Watson is like com Jimmy flaxman. He apparently is sick today and wanted to congratulate him on his baby and make fun of them a little bit but here he is not with us today so. So unfortunately. Jimmy -- Pedersen and you wanna -- the end of the whole crew -- -- -- say well he -- -- and that was very nice who met with with with the holidays coming up I'm sure that. We're very happy that yeah this is and so Kyle even on the show before when milieu kind of -- thing about this idea bit. Now you actually on full fledged wholesome a little bit about what noted is an -- let's talk about kind of via what's happened the last team. -- is known gasoline so noted is an application that allows a user to make a prediction about absolutely anything they want so we can predict about. How what's gonna happen in the men's basketball game -- key basketball game -- -- game or something out socially like gallons of body gonna propose his girlfriend. We were gonna try to get down meet the -- the last show Jason -- get married before forty. Which I think that the problem is very cautious and long time from now but -- look for that it's so we need to win in India now attract them and Vanessa without the so see you gotta do it this idea when you're watching T -- a game in years ago all right. -- knows -- 1999 had a incoming freshman class of Collison -- and Heineken and after the first -- last season rental amount paid these guys are so good when they're seniors we're gonna win the national championship so fast forward to 03 and were playing Syracuse for the for the title and I -- bacteria in the run up to a game and see him I'll remember lasting lesson for years ago and of course she had no idea -- and so -- to -- as insane and so at that point but I thought there should be some way to record -- sort of statements in and come back to later on. And eventually. Decided okay well no one has done -- -- I always look for a way to do that in the meantime and so decided to -- given a shot do on our. And you've since last year fulltime job yet and it flexing as well and now you guys have. Receive some funding having yeah we have we were fortunate enough to cause a Seagram the funding about us is Michigan now. So we've got about a twelve month run away we're actually hiring to developers to also work full time with us was going to be kind of a four months. And the -- -- contract designer working about halftime I would say on the project. Really really folks I'm killing user experience for us. So I've recently gone through a grazing around funny myself this year so I'm an accuracy of your perspective what do you think of that. Yeah that's it's uninteresting piece for sure we're pretty fortunate we went through the spark clad Casey accelerator program and ended diesel -- -- -- -- -- exactly so what what we had going for us was. We're just kind of these two guys with an idea. We we had a prototype that we are getting built based on getting some funding from those two sources. But probably more importantly than that even was. We had can -- check marks a validation in our corner coming from those two different programs and so. The investor that we we ended up partnering with he was actually introduced -- -- Kevin Fryer from -- that Casey program. I'm so we got to an initial introduction from someone who who kind of trusted spark Latin and the way that they look at things. And so that was a huge help for us and were able to you know go through the process and and ultimately secure the funding. The script and so he -- hired to developers and I noted. -- does some of that as well. Doesn't -- he's seeing on knowledge in the Jack -- -- decoding southern near us are our developers are slow so fortunate enough to. To work with a couple of people that we actually. Worked with from the past that are very talented. All the way through the technology stack from you know the front facing Iowa last. All the way down through APIs in the databases and things like that so we've got these two guys that we saw in full time January 1. And they're both working on kind of contract basis -- -- IOS and on interest yeah that's right well -- we've lost Iowa house and I android becoming the next project that we take up in the lab as well so. As of early next year we will have every every person will be covered through mobile device are being able to -- access to. Yeah yeah. Assuming you guys are pretty busy these days and I'm curious so what's the grand vision for no we get taken -- yes so you know there there's a lot of potential. In predictions with a lot of really purchasing information. And so really our armed our -- is vision is. Every prediction that any human might make we want to flow through noted in some way it was and that's using our application -- that some immigration that we have from the services out there. We really want to realty track in and record all of those things and then -- and make sense of that information -- there's a great book -- over -- called signal the noise and in that. He talks a lot about. The aggregate of predictions always being a better indicator of future events and anyone individuals predictions even from the most skilled predictor. And so we really -- that is a great opportunity to you to take predictions that many people all around the world are making and then hopefully be able to create some new intelligence. That's is going to be able to have to tell the future a little bit better hope us make better decisions about things limits on business whether it's through governmental agencies there and things like that other. This kind of via the grand scheme of things to innate solar I've actually got to meet him before at south he was intensity a couple months gonna talk about that -- at the council state governments meaning bit. He's now I mean he's proven out that the predictions. Out of rhythms and in and whatnot and his his system his work and he started with basketball or sport to baseball actually movement and now he's doing everything -- obviously did politics in 2012 and -- is -- -- the World Cup draw. -- and he's he's proven that it there's a market. Definitely a big market and always make money doing it. Yeah absolutely. What a man and you also to not just government tech support dynamo like predictions on TV show. And sponsorship -- really I think there are a lot of sponsorship opportunities for us downstream if you if you start to think about. On the types of content that we are seeing most often so far from her release a race it really is sports. It's entertainment and and it's kind of a bucket of other things and they come through there whether it is you know outcomes of elections are things like that are even the social things between friends. But you know there are a lot of -- -- at home going to be assisting with sports content and and we think that there's a pull away for us it's happened in that so you can imagine someone like. In -- locally ivy funds he sponsors were in Kansas City. Might be interested in associating their branding. With every prediction that might be made about sporting Kansas City on our service. And so we think and -- that's something that we can tap into seeking sponsorship can be the main source -- and yeah we we look at our revenue. It's something that we're lacking internal control to women are three. Mean verticals are going to be advertising and sponsorship so. Things such as sponsoring a contest or give -- based on predictions either being right or kind of random entry into into some content area. And then some more traditional. Social media -- leniency on Twitter has really shown the way. You monetize their their content or organic content you pay channels so eyes and we've actually done this we've tested this. I'm you can actually paid to have your tweet shall and so on stream you see that on Twitter and promoted. Did as a nation that's coming out more now Yahoo! Seymour and I I -- well I haven't done anything like that yet with any of my company's bit. I do notice that first week yeah it's -- I didn't like DC that people on there that you know that you know and follow those people yet so uninteresting. I think it's actually going to be coming. Decent way to do usually brand. People live in a brand marketing has traditionally been you know billboards TV things like that yeah. But I think Twitter might end up being that way you can actually spread of branding message. On down on digital which is traditionally been a challenge. You know we're just talking about that offline rocket and a face that -- host -- Almost hate Selena yeah with the phase begins changing there really is -- nine students getting into it as well yet. Well you know Kyle thanks for coming back on the show on for people to find out more information about nada how can they find -- in the connect with the via Twitter as well. Yes listen and not come follow us at notre future KN OGA future. And then please if -- -- loser go ahead check out to us takes on the App Store download it gives your feedback we're really anxiously to hear what you think about the product. And I'll say this Kyle as well as we get phone Twitter guys and that's Actel Roger's -- I. How are but hell are okay yeah I thought this is great person to talk -- thinks lover come on the show guys. Check out -- com and then also you can check out online to gain ballot. No death KN OGA dot com. We'll be right back on the entrepreneur Casey should. Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host chasing girl alongside the special guest says today. Struck second Brock -- third segment today to do great job -- constipation I've done that -- in the rotation I think. There at -- you might make another appearance sometime in the next year at some point. We have his I have a -- that the red but yet -- -- hasn't had any bad words yeah coughing so let's get. We have they different line in Syria I actually grew up with his brother and him and he is a an entrepreneur and he actually has a product -- which I'm a big fan of product entrepreneurs you know we we sometimes forget about how. Amazing product entrepreneurs aren't it's not solve attack in mobile apps and you know the next. How many downloads you can get on the App Store absolutely it's also about partnerships in the product world and we have been -- is the founder of mighty green solutions. In studio today and he -- in that part of that is the mighty handle which is a really cool. Think he could actually carry your groceries up like tons is there is and how hundreds of bags it's a neat thing so yeah I would of said -- so what do you so simple that we wish to thought about it but death so Ben welcome welcome to the radio show and watching -- -- -- to our listeners and kind of tumbled about Clinton. My -- solutions does and about the mighty handle -- thank you very much for many years of approval -- and it's you both you guys. My background is in finance and software sales. And about eight years ago -- been transferred. To Kansas City. And while my wife our -- house up in the north land I was despite myself for six months -- and an idea. Kind of a -- downtown apartment. That was seven flights up. From the street to get my front door. To every week I would go lug my groceries which re sure everything up and by the time I get to my front door of my hands would be on fire and soaked up they're -- be a better way. Yeah for sure and -- you were working another job and obviously. And what was it last year the kind of said. I'm gone full steam ahead on minding your solutions I did the very end of 2012. I left my day job empty out my 41 K. We'd dance a little sorry I was only out. But fortunately my wife is an awesome she's been incredibly supportive of it. And we have. Liquid and attractions last year especially the last two months so while it's definitely scary -- I -- I can ask for anymore I -- love. And so the mighty -- -- guys is -- economic device that helps consumers to safely and efficiently -- in transport their groceries. Because a recycled materials. The mining and removes the strain of carrying heavily relating her she backs looks for distribution it's looking you're looking for distribution -- junger Shalit's. And 2013 how's that gone for you then I mean obviously we'll get into kind of production in a minute that you obviously would love to meet a lot of different Hirsch stars cross country. Sure we we officially launch the product at the end of July. A hundred. She looks markets across five states. We've already sold out of the product three times they put -- three orders. We're in high eighties in Kansas City. And in moron Amazon as well which we are currently sold out again so utterly fear I'm gone back pack warm body handles. Where you pretty season how did that process start for you. My -- made right here in Kansas City which is some I'm very proud of good buddy of mine a guy named Rick -- who -- -- cycle it's a large manufacturing facility. He let me work with his engineers in his talent team to come up with a prototype. And then -- in charge me thing which as a start up was amazing. And once I had that I I took it to missions plastics. -- -- two different materials different strengths. Different shapes. Until we found some of the without would really bring guys in the consumer. Now he felt bad for this yes says matter of fact our patent just issued about two weeks ago congrats saw how that process. Is expensive -- You know for. I agree -- your bag holder renews the surprising a lot of money. -- full smelly here in Kansas City which they they are very very good and you know they were earlier patent through in under a year fully approved so. I'm grateful for that. I'm just happy to issue. Very cool now you guys a backseat to mean originally when I think I've talked about this -- a different name you've evolved -- about dialed. When I first started as Carol that if -- I liked the name of the green anchor. Then I met my partner in -- Newton. In March 2013. -- need is incredibly gifted marketer. And and she said you know I'm not sure if we generally don't like that name -- -- Canada's industrial grade green collar. It looks like -- it looks -- like an anchor -- -- sense -- that's. You said look let's test out some different colors and different names consumer resonate with our target market so we did that. And we found out. Mighty Handel was something that resonated much more with consumers. Especially moms. In Canada new 22. Forty age range which is prior our largest group -- so. I like the name -- intermittent I want my main concern is that that they sell right now -- -- Does that mean I remember when you talk to me about it I was look at it makes so much since notes like. But anything about it it's an anchor so it's like kind of this heavy you know idea that they don't wanna be weighed down. What if you look at if you look at the product and in the might it might handle the perfect name in in on the brainy guy by trade and so. I I understand the difficulties. Off of -- company specifically naming a product so I defense and the challenges but. Love new name. -- removed so that tells about -- you. This is this is part of the diggers you know bigger deal for you have mighty green solutions in the mighty hand those kind of your first. Product right in the year to launch a more products in the near future or you don't you wrote we are right now we're -- now I hope to be the final stages. Negotiate with Wal-Mart to launch mighty handle. Across the US so we're hoping that while it and and we -- know that's a tough process right into the -- -- didn't know a few times I I had just it's incredibly or process that. They're very talent merchants and and they know what they're doing. They know for me me to start up you know. You know I wanted to go in I want everything to happen now but it just have to realize that. They know what is going to be the best time to launch. New new products and in the best placed merchandise miso. It's take a long time I think we're finally finally about hit -- on -- what an unbelievable learning experience go to that. It it it has been further. Be perfectly honest knowing nothing about retail before I went into the list. My feeling of being quite that acknowledged this last year so yeah an interview you know. You really just kind of part miracles these kind of made a connection with somebody and they need someone at Wal-Mart and start the process that way I mean that's kind of how you do it right and that's exactly how it worked. Especially being a small company you know just trying to bang on the door Wal-Mart and give our intentions -- to be next to impossible for so you. Released Mia I found it's vital to establish connections with people who -- -- and in fact for our -- second product mighty handle bags. It was our connection a Wal-Mart -- got us into Sam's. So that is actually we're going to be launching our money and shopping system. Two mighty handles and for -- handled by its aims this upcoming quarters well. Were targeted in -- the founder of my idea my handle and the mighty green solutions. Of then tell us about you know. Just I mean it's just fasting you know with the with the -- -- solutions what what exactly is indeed the backs they -- would it. What makes that's a unique -- go to Sam's and get in there sure. Well if you go to Sam's right now they do not have shopping bags if you know -- we understand who care thing out in you big boxes and so. What seems like was we created the system where it's four regional bags remain out of super thin rips -- nylon admit to work specifically might handle. We -- not using them they fold up into a tiny caring case you about the size of your fist a -- you've. After two mighty -- in the system. Insular or something larger than apple and want to -- -- person and she -- -- shopping so. Seems like they wanted to build a palace display. Of -- -- and -- -- up towards. The check -- lanes to the fact. If people -- just buying things like you know the oversized bottle -- -- for peanut butter. It would be something. They can easily open right there in that right to use. Very very cool. And what are what are you retail for nine -- we had those discussions over a year ago. In the different stores sure if you were find -- handle in local Bershard stores it is -- 499. On Amazon it is 999 for Tupac and then Wal-Mart will be rolling out at 397. Just because -- mourners. Much larger quantities. Interest in and how how do you negotiate. I mean. With the -- Shirokiya yeah like I mean it's like do you. You when you -- still -- so you gotta gotta sell a lot of them to make money I mean at least for a product irrespective I mean the online. It's all different. -- easier but you obviously -- Trying to grow into some really big box retailers I mean I can't imagine like that negotiation process. Well there. Vienna -- background -- an exact -- when you're dealing with the with the more sore and I don't have a ton of experience rather than just this past year -- They're gonna sell a lot of parameters. To create power with an. So fortunately I have be a great manufacture -- plastics. That we are able to. The price per unit down cheaper here in the US and we got it made in China. Which is not always is just unbelievable we gotta give a shout out to -- for that because that is not easy to -- -- -- the aren't bullies on clothing and in. Sox for instance nearly impossible. In this your producing like. Tens of thousands and twentieth thousands of dollars of orders that time and I can talk to yourself. I think it's pretty neat that that mighty -- and in your airbags are made in -- us a salaam and I think they'll be huge too because. I think on the West Coast you mentioned back in the days the bags -- the reusable bags -- can't take it off more. You're actually you have to pay to use the plastic bags a lot different -- shores in California. So I think. Having that here eventually will be really profitable. It's actually right on the West Coast and almost every major municipalities you know LA -- Seattle Portland. Sacramento San Francisco. You can use plastic bag so we we're going to Safeway that are we -- bring her own reusable bags. Or pay ten cents per paper bag even so our our hope is that with the mighty in the system. We also had a fashion designer command and in designed to designs are going on the bag so they -- -- they looked on. We think that resonate well whether female audience. But also just a convenience. Instead the -- -- you know separate different banks -- potato sacks this is something nice looking you can drop -- in your personal take with yet. Herman can simply homers and there really -- his back pocket. We got a couple minutes left for -- to ask him how you've gotten a lot of give presevo you've obviously focused on monitoring blogs out there with. We do record demographics is kind of in your main. You know actual point is -- Correct we've been featured about eighty. He's a little over now eighty plus mommy bloggers. With in the last four months and so. Very happy that that they've -- what the product. For them. You know they have a child on one armed trying to keep. You know two other kids in tow and -- -- makes a lot easier quicker in and Koppel from the care of the pressures and you're selling them online -- Amazon what was the thought crossed behind him is on some of your own chopping her. Amazon was the quickest way for us to get our e-commerce. Up and running. I'll be perfectly honest I've not been happy working with Amazon. I I think it might be more practical to have your -- e-commerce. Online. We are featured in the magazine real simple before Black Friday in their early to know Karen -- so we're pretty happy about it that that really drove sales so that -- -- it's our solo shot twice in under couple weeks in. Deal with some of the Amazon as she uses as an. -- it is customer service and it's -- as you got if somebody doesn't like you want send it back coming at you have to really it's a different ball game it really isn't that processor obviously don't want take shape. As you continue to grow I mean. It's amazing what you guys know accomplishing here and -- the -- I mean if you wanted to Wal-Mart to we talked about all of our -- back coming that is that's enormous and -- congratulations -- happier able to come on the show today and we can find Jim -- -- dot com and I know you're on FaceBook as well as that -- handle correct and then you -- surprised at Twitter at -- handle. Very cold day congratulations and all your success -- and we -- to talk to get maybe next year at this time to see. You know what source urine now and in local -- Kansas City do we find union it. I be correct -- he struck Kansas City will guys check out the mighty handle in my urine solutions online and make sure you pick one of these things up and by the beaches or on Amazon.com -- So then thinking. I suggest some straight weekends beside. Thank -- then we'll be right back on the entrepreneurs cases. Dave Brock stick in Brock did show so far today -- have you enjoyed your time here. It's congressional our thoughts are insisting folks and it's just amazing to hear of people working on this and is it really is and there's a lot of different things on we know lot of fun on the show. Today in. And guys we have a great call on our on the on the call and right now we have Sarah Granger who is an award winning digital media innovator in Ryder. She's also a speaker advisor investor connector in the social technology ventures Sarah's took on a three companies and advises a wide range of organizations. Focus on issues and topics like on nine culture social media. Blogging online politics electronic privacy women in tech open government and cyber security. She's having a book come out early next year or next year skis in the spring. Call the digital mystique and recently Sarah Granger came to Kansas City she's a -- see native. -- the kind of look at the start of culture here and talk to some of the key players in the space and so. We're very lucky to have Sarah Granger on the line today from silicone valley in the great city California Sarah are -- -- at. This year looks good to have you on the show for a listeners who maybe haven't read -- worked youth. Your contributor and lied -- for media spaces. Can you just -- tell the group listening today a little bit about your background and how you can you got to where you are today in -- Silicon Valley. Sure well I group in Kansas City as you mentioned. My child had. There and then went out to college here in Michigan I you know I was thinking about it before this interview I realize that. Growing up against it yeah it was really surrounded by -- -- -- -- there and I think that. -- who I am as a person and and and it got my outlet to understand there are entrepreneurs. Can have a very rich interesting life and do while they're calculating Hank Aaron. I think that's. Part of what let me just Silicon Valley out of my -- also -- Stanford Law School and so I would -- traction out. California. Once a year or so and my sister went and -- up. There is very definitely that element. And then I ain't my dad gave me my first computer when I was nine. And a blow to the future you have to learn. Yeah and you know I that's part I would parity. I mean he didn't make it very -- -- it -- that the very much to get me. Entered it and than -- -- -- it -- I think at a programming class and I was the only kid in the class and it's the only. Now in the class and street and I was helping on the adult -- We assignment I. About how I got into. Introduced to technology and it just. Grew from there. And you've. You recently -- you can see now you you told us off the air that. You're crossing that trust threshold now you've been out in the valley for eighteen years or outside Kansas City is easy for eighteen years and you grow up here for eighteen -- so. You're kind of your your midway point here are yet. Well right side and and I'm American university in Michigan but I'm not carrying out a partner how bad out here in the Bay Area now where we're just over almost nineteen years now and yeah -- -- it's kind of it's kind of and saying. It's sort of look at. That perspective. As you may even do it that much time how much things can change air but it also really great to come back to Kansas City once or twice a year and really -- growth and how things are changing all really interest thing. Development that are happening both you know at the crossroads area -- Dickinson innovation and -- and you know I come back partly because of tablet that partly because I'm I'm really fascinated with. With what's happening there. Well I think it's amazing. It's a key in the city is kind of goals is big start a boom as you can imagine and someone a lot of civil cities around the country. But woods I think a lot of people this -- -- the key in the city's been very creative entrepreneurial talent for a long time with a lot of established companies some curious. When you came here lest he trip. What do you think of the culture here compared to what you're seeing in the Silicon Valley. Well different. Not in any. Negative way like NCI I I really like -- a lot of the similar energy. But are here and Silicon Valley and it's hard established norm at this point. Whereas in Kansas City there's a little bit more of a fresh energy Letterman or no energy in Silicon Valley but it should. The pressure a little. I don't know it it just it. Have a lot of potential all and I and and you can just see it in people. I had and you could -- their -- -- when -- talk about their company -- -- the -- and the city of and there are a lot of the thing about it and the committee is that. You're Hillary people -- their figured -- Of the city or there are in the middle. Something that -- and there's typically other than just technology. They don't just love it. -- -- because they wanted to be there to start a company -- -- for the hunting and they love it because they. Ever -- there. That's true center. Yes there it is -- one of the things we've been trying to work on here is getting people here you know I mean you have a a great megaphone with all the media were to do -- bit I think once she voted here and see. The different he's going on they see how easy it is -- around they see there's a lot of these offer that maybe don't know about. You know they're kind of the kind of love to be quite honest with you and one of the things you do is you write a lot down -- listeners kind of how you got involved I mean you've written for a lot of different national publications but. You know you -- -- person to give an honest opinion of Kansas City kind of put it out there more on the map I guess you would say in the tech world. Well I'm definitely trying but I and I'm also very -- ultimate passage seems like you'll judge we like -- list. But it you know what happened was I started writing about technology in college and com I realized that I have a knack for communicating. The technical with a non technical. And you know retirement. It it became clear in the -- that was actually a rare skill. I didn't realize at first I thought OK well you know you can -- technical and it can be. Good communicators but I guess they're not that many people who can. Crossover and part of I I really enjoy writing and I discarded. Writing about what I was learning and about things I care about like he security issues and then. After college even I was working -- startups like kept writing Aaron. Work. We're very publication he started also editing and look at people and and and blogging can alliance. Well those are unintended blogging and -- and it chipped it. Built up from there on some of the most of the publication -- -- an online publication would not all. Aaron. Each one of them has and you need. Audience. It's I like I -- Pat my blog for awhile and -- still outcome what -- -- it but mostly I like your record appeared audience and about different topic so. Now -- currently -- a stolen car Huffington -- and and I had a couple post up from Forbes and are good that your viewed as Warren recently -- 2.0 -- -- -- -- Americans are into it or now and each one had a little different vibe -- it a little different focused and I and I enjoy about. Challenge in that perspective. As a predator about technology. Protagonists they're Granger she's in Silicon Valley -- was recognized as a forty under forty by in the Silicon Valley business journal in 2012 congratulations on that -- well. You do you focus a lot of women in tech com what are some of the things that you think. You know we should look for in that aspect anyhow how does that evolve and what he's seen of the last few years and has that evolved at all. Well there are a lot of wobbled through it and it seemed like people. Shoot the focus aren't flying in particular but what I have been realizing her lip and you have to pick. The whole picture of one and in -- and perspective and look at it from every possible. Angle well it's not just about getting girls engaged and package not just about. Getting high school students and college student stay -- Or about. Keeping -- and involved and going up the ladder in Asia in different roles -- There are professional careers they thought about funding the web men aren't companies of one and started companies that also. Finding lamb and doing that and companies that include -- And so. I've been trying to it to look at the big picture a little bit more. Apache leader before Arctic marvel policy stand point and eight technology learning standpoint I realized that. And many lemon -- that there are out there are no longer going to fund lemon starting at companies and talking again and work it out there. -- look at alternate. In -- Let's talk -- about your new book coming out next year I mean Brock we're talking about it a little bit it's called the digital mystique is -- OK so what what is this book can be about and when did you start writing it. Well look first profit and it's going to come out and salt and really what it's about that. Well what happened was not a bad thing you know writing about -- long time parents. My dad passed away in. An early January entered southern. And seeing additional negative. And actually actually to go on line and Aaron. Share what I was entry or degrading process and senator -- very different experience for me in fighting about Shaq or are some of the double talks that I had it covered and I. And it up blogging about agreement stated it breathing on line -- a blog. Add up Nebraska chronicle article I don't advocate dot com and the -- and after reading that -- -- a lot of -- entertaining. Genuine created actually proposed. Some people think wow I took an early on about it I've got it. Parent or someone who aren't cancer and -- carrier ring forever trying to figure out how to -- -- a little -- Aaron. It kind of hit me that is the average -- intertwined now how to get through their daily life on line and not they're not as concerned about all of these. That -- big they care about computer security they care about the pardons if they don't. One and now all of them will be held they just want to work about you and and I'd. I started talking to a lot more people are actually women who. About their concern going on line and I think that there are fearful about. Because there is sort of its mystique for those who are not digital natives about well you go online and it paid about. Universe and you can make a lot of net income now are the scary thing now particularly if you're apparently thinking about. What can happen your kids online and now. Says the purpose for the book is just the -- some of these topics and there's guide people so that they have. A better understanding what they're threatening and powder. Create a better. About her and conditions on -- legal universe. There and sing it and you have fewer denial publisher for that and that it's it's very exciting so. -- really have a minute left new kind of tell our listeners how -- kid of -- Samir published materials -- where they can find you and how they interact with you on on the Internet. Sure love but -- interact with me on Twitter at Eric ranger. Heritage Granger Jerry and ER. And my web site there Grainger dot com and there -- -- -- true a lot of Irish can work and then I also. At Huffington Post dot com slash Sarah dash Granger. On hand. I've just I've written a lot of different things that we can typically get search providing him and I got a lot of articles are published you know -- a -- -- I have her for engaging and and and getting involved. I played good and that it just -- -- -- and there's so much going on with its Arab village and Google fiber and accelerators and the law school -- that obviously -- and I -- and I would really encourage everyone mentioned that you teach you. Just keep watching pay attention and an anchor Anderson technology just -- the way it should learn about it and doing it and stay involved. Great information Sara thank you very much for join -- and and the show today. Think you're great we'll talk to you since. Brought great interview they're great show today Austin area a lot of great nuggets there guys we appreciate join us today Brock did a great job. Think you have what happened to begin sometime soon you've been listening to the -- for near KC show on the came easy business channel. We'll talk Jesus.

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