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Entrepreneur KC Radio 12.10.13

Dec 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the -- universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and do loosen got to visualize playing hardball and be very clear about the money and the do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and try not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start up. College. Should plug in and turn on -- -- Casey you. -- -- entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie but looking back it was one of the best decisions ever made with your host Jason. Grill -- Kansas City and welcome to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jason real. For another exciting episode yes I said and it's exciting and I save a lot on this show is there's a lot of great things happening Kansas city of the entrepreneur KC show. Guys -- for get into our guests for the day. I'm right and sold today but I have a lot of great guests I wanna get into ways you can find a song mind. You can go to a team easy dot com there's a podcast pays for entrepreneur TC case you missed any of the earlier shows they're posted. On Friday right after the show which is grade that's really been a stickler on that. Making sure that those podcaster posted immediately because. A -- wanna hear the great guests on the pensioners KC show -- can also find us on Twitter at on turner Casey can connect with me at Jason grills well if you have. A company that you work for you started that might be in there reaching for a listeners of love to connect with you and you can also. Find me on and the show on FaceBook app on turner Casey radio so. Got those things out of the way very excited about the show today we have a full full hour. I'm gonna start the show with two very very Smart gentleman who will be in studio. We have any Olson and Tom Graham and from hallmark and liver plus -- tool. They're gonna talks about the kick starter experience in the things they've been doing. At hallmark and kind of talked to -- their product that they've recently launched that is successful kicks her campaign and believe they were over a 121%. Funded. That's another exciting kicks her success story for Kansas City. We've had a couple of those recently so. You know it's it's it's a really cool to see companies especially with Smart people doing well in the city and then launching cell. We're gonna have them on the first segment. I want it to them in the second we will also have on. In our second segment we'll have Jason from. He's a tech guru and with Christmas coming around I wanted to have him on to talk about. Some of the products out there that are should be on your Christmas list for your family and friends. So we gonna have a recurring segment with Jason to talk about -- but he's also gonna talk to. Answer some questions about potential problems you might be having with your computer with -- You know your electronics out there -- so Jason is candidate a thought leader in the tech space and some very excited to you have him come in in the second segment today. In the third segment. We will have on. DVR Ross and Bruce I Downey did -- is a serial entrepreneur and -- as well from shot tracker. Dot com very exciting new -- Basketball related entrepreneurial. Endeavor they have going and they're gonna talk about how they got together about shot tracker -- and just presented at one million cups. A few weeks ago so we'll have an in studio and then finally on our last segment today. We'll have former Missouri State senator Jeff Smith he's a public policy professor at the new school New York City he is a media darling he is on in this NBC CNN he is launching a new organization called second -- strategies which I've actually invested in in a -- taken Roland. As well and he's gonna come and have normal phone line from New York City. Talking about his experience entrepreneurial. Background and some very inching experiences. That can change his life. -- not heard from former Missouri State senator Jeff Smith. You really wanna listen to this segment that'll be the last segment of the show today. Very interesting talk about entrepreneurship some of the speeches that he's given across the country and is gonna talk just about. Second act strategies. Dot com in new really exchange. Speaking engagement types in a crisis simulation for businesses entrepreneurs and four major corporations of will be on our last segment today so it's a full show. -- it's a full hour. And hopefully we can now. Keep you warm out there as a -- it's really cold in Kansas City these days with some great radio. So first off let's get started we have Nina Olson and Tom Graham -- both are very influential people at -- mark. And there in studio today to talk about and some of the things they've been working on in the liver plus by tool are you guys -- -- for having -- on the -- -- great to see you guys and you know we're gonna have a -- I'm Bruce and later talk about shot -- which is another sports kind of team entrepreneurial endeavor but for -- let's kind of first of generation self to the listeners again even on the show in the past week. When on the tech -- together with us think big. There it is your cells for our listeners who don't know you what you did -- it all first of all you grossly overstated might influence the hallmark stuff I've. I doubt that -- that I. I'm in the corporate innovation group I work with. A number of businesses that are trying to come up with new products new formats there's a lot of traditional formats when you think of -- market. In terms of greetings greeting cards are or party or innocent you know things that you think of when you think of hallmark in the number of businesses. Working on new format the slightest sort of help them as they sort of -- new ideas and down. Inappropriate in the market -- And now I'm not Tom Raymond -- backgrounds and industrial design and I tube where that hallmark cards but I don't hallmarks -- man engineered so like in the my job is -- all the new stuff that hallmarks coming up with that might not be a greeting card. But it's an exciting place to be with. A motion staying at the core and while the hallmark and intuitive but great company great people and I'm very thankful to have that job and Omar. You've got to you know it's moving in Canada -- directed to attending to school as a obviously a very large corporation intensity we've talked about that in past hopefully that will continue. With corporate innovation and with and working with -- entrepreneurs and startups in the city and across the country absolutely. So guys -- so host now move forward into your -- Venture into the entrepreneurial world with. Lever plus -- tool by Tony syndicate tell us what that is what does that mean. Okay well we'll tell recent can actually Q around -- two or three years ago. Mean a couple of other guys started a -- team knew we were just looking for calm you know. Some guys -- went together get together and race counting meaning local syndicate -- you know and the group a collection of hoodlums. That's down we had done some brand identity work in an anatomical years ago when I started at hallmark we both have -- a passion for cycling. Tom far more serious here actually race for -- back in the day. And am so we sort of kicking around ideas. In in the cycling world and that's an industry we both have a lot of passion about. And and that and they're sort of a nexus between that passion. -- on site clean energy jobs where we both how are somewhat responsible for having and an external view and bring -- that in the hallmark. And so were paying attention to things like kick starter then and at indigo -- no other sort of crowd. Funded projects in innovation in general it ideas that we can bring into the company as we thought well why don't we try to do something a kick starter and to see what we can learn. There's really more of a learning experience and anything and it just. Happened to -- the third day jobs as well as a missionary of personal passions that we came up with this product. May go -- Tom script. Exactly -- prosecute them. In the studio I say yes they just a player but -- the fun part for Indian anxious because this is an area passion for us is things that we wanted the army any genuine use in sport you're doing it as -- they love it but part of where Indian as rules come in is that we're always looking for how do you make something a little bit better. And nationally with things like cycling you can find a lot of faults in the products that we use in cycling. And so we actually came with a long list of products that we're like I think he -- better version and by a combined self. So we started to do is let's prototype a couple days and make some. And we we made a couple of different products and actually landed on. You know we have a good one that we should put on kick starter for a variety of reasons on low cost of entry. It's a low cost the consumer it's a good one but it's not our best ideas of a completely. Crashes and burns were not enough for the baby out with the bath water as they say. So we we -- Atlanta -- good product that was a good way to learn about picks up because we all know that the first and you do anything you can -- get it right. We wanted to have one that we can make minor mistakes but really learn as we go on so. During this lever -- cents on -- a good product that most people need in when he gets on a bike is probably gonna have a flat tire and -- changed it. And they're like hey this is this a great idea we've got here in net. What to do it let's give it a try. Lindsay did that and October November he did at 25 day thing they're cracked he's definitely better for like 26 days I -- I kick starter will likely back up request. That lever plus system it's a bike -- that you carry with you when you go out on a -- right so exposed to have just the basic tools you might need and if anything goes wrong why you're out on the -- -- -- see need to put in the tire or you get a flat you need to put a new and -- -- then you can easily do that with a stool. And then there's you know -- Phillips. A flathead and two different -- -- and all of us fits into a really small compartment can literally just go in your back pocket to get rid of that ugly. Saddle bag -- taken off the back of a lot of really is you don't want saddleback television never gonna. Well yes because they've left they're spend. 5000 dollars on if it's a road -- it is as light as possible and I'll throw this to pound bag on the back give it. And we thought that was ridiculous that's ridiculous you guys put yourself -- there on take cerner. You had 443 backers now did you get a lot date more friends and family mean obviously. He said there's lots of them might need despite tumors are very dedicated. Group of -- up there across the world and I you know we did have a slight -- credit beginning for friends and gambling and -- we had we had a lot of people who knew about this project before we went live with that I had seen the via video preview on the texture because impressed you know thanks -- busier as the great and a high definition. Yeah I think we have a -- Shot out to Matt bloom it take to and not the takes you folks for helping us out that another great Kansas City company that is interested in me takes outer space and they were amazing at donating their time and helping us out. With getting MW and trying to figure out and so. My hat's off to take too and thanks for helping us out. Yeah I mean they were asking questions like are you sure he wanted to kick starter vs -- get a dose of -- the basement and the space and then I am. So it was more would you get a lot of Gina organic -- on there now. Well you out of the backers yes. You know it's tough because kick starter gives you -- back report like where it was worst in them but a lot of times. You know the ones that they show was our gimmick I think we're just two clicks away from a lot of the sites -- we actually got coverage and it's hard to be clear minute -- I think. The vast majority of folks that and a mine off kick starter. Now I'm here either were specifically searching for something bike related our kick starter or worth. The following one of the blogs that alternately picked us up over the course of the project. And Allen are back -- specifically the part that was present to me was if you just start benchmarking okay we're gonna -- tool to search bike tools on concerns -- out there. Look at that we sort of a look at their break down. And we sort of the notice was that cycling is an international thing it's not just the US -- in many cases it's larger in Europe and never will be here. And that because of that we needed to do international and we just heard I'll read and advertise in Europe and all but 40% of people look back -- campaign. We're from outside the united through an international shipping on there yeah. Yet yet originally we were when we looked at fulfillment. Because it was hard to guess how much that was gonna cost -- to ship and all over the globe we said we're not gonna do that. Then we looked at some other similar projects write -- cadets 40% we got to do it. And it and that's when it ended up coming -- and writer and 40% and then in a later -- that sort of window we actually did get picked up by a couple of UK. As sort of influential bike blogs and and boom had an Eads and you -- threat of yeah. Spike -- -- twenty orders which which was great. Yeah so you guys he gets a media coverage is just did and I with. I know we only have a minute left -- 101 did that in I actually paid work for the group. That I connect to us and they had gotten great press for people and didn't work out for us like they couldn't lose to lay in the process -- and everything is is you on your own stuff I mean really it's just a grind isn't it. Now you -- the sooner we we had a second shift every day literally would go home from her day job and we have a couple hours at home all we did was just -- and look for more influential folks online this reach out and and reach out to them and them we thought that we -- that all figured out at -- at the front -- -- and we found more and more just looking at other similar products that did well. In finding out who covered them. It may be -- and a reverse image search for somebody else who did had a good kicks -- project we find true reform more blogs. Reach out to them with a genuine story and you know literally get picked it -- looks into that if there's. Anyone piece of advice they give anyone. Thinking about doing -- that are its don't underestimate the marketing engine yourself as and that we found that. The best for exercise and it's about being personal people attach our face with it and if we sent out personal contacts and said listen I vote for your help. But people say is that they can't help us at least they come back and say you know I can't but let me give you some other names -- Very true very true -- -- one other piece of advice in what one thing I think we did get right it was wood way up front we send the video it's huge. Getting help from -- tune getting a good video out there help tell that story I think made that -- it. Help us cross the line. Towards the end we'll congratulations are the dollar deal and end we can find jaw line that Tony syndicate dot com as our industry. These -- guys checked god it sure did your -- tool today pre order right. Now I -- syndicate dot com guys think for coming today on the show have you on again sometimes there's. Thanks Trevor thanks -- we'll be right back on the outskirts. Welcome back to -- turner KC show I'm your host Jason grills. Stakes of the great guys asked. Tiny syndicate Indian Tom for coming in our last segment we're gonna now move into the second segment today we're gonna have. Jason Mac units from in. Products Internet -- be great to have him on the show to answer some of the questions. Other people are responding to about tech problems and also talk about. As some Christmas -- potentially for UTU. Get your loved ones as the Christmas season is coming around to work he'd like to buy me a gift you can you know or to find me at Jason grow on Twitter I'd love to have a gift so. Jason how are today -- generality of great man I'm so let's talk about first -- some of the questions. That you senior in your business and went to address some of those for people that might have some tech questions chair. Yeah of one of that one of the biggest style once we get a lot is when people have windows updates or just something pops up in the bottom corner of their computer. -- asking that date on our clients announced that say legitimate things have date sometimes those are viruses and. Yeah I do those all the time and I'm I used to when I had him I had tea. I guess what is and Canada's not not a Mac -- PC enthusiast he's -- and I have to let out yeah I used to get -- I get there sometimes -- that's not too though. Yet -- -- Mac account doesn't and the background -- cannot just not disrupt the user is much. With PC ones that they they ask for -- -- user intervention as those called so what's your advice on that. And -- typically we teller may or anything from Microsoft is okay Adobe is okay and then -- those are the three. People pretty much sees the Java one constantly so because I was -- and updates out who but those are -- anything else this kind of can be questionable actually sound. Look let's visits did get information -- get into batteries now yeah so it's a tell me what is a good external battery powered device for iphones ipads eccentric. A -- traveling or need. And we've actually reviewed a few. Over the years and that the best -- I've found are the most fee if you have a nice on you might have the power. -- that goes on the back. They also make one now that's it's I believe it's called -- good juice pack Paris station so those are those big. They're not they're not -- and there are smaller than that that I found on the as far as I guess and then they usually have TSB ports he can charge multiple devices depending on how big it is. I was at the how was an Orlando last weekend for the SEC championship enforced in the zoo didn't win if they can stop one of the runs they would of one great great game and the atmosphere is amazing that we all. Packed charters and or back -- one of the guys I was with had -- A unit that we had to have it one of our chargers in -- to plug in there and stuff so but yet that's a need that is in need especially when your some sort of and then out of town. Yeah -- traveling you know we have a lot of clients that are out of town are you know some people even do missions trips or they're going to be out so I'm where they still -- charged -- found -- camera sometimes take pictures. That's a big thing and this is that that allows you to do that which is also the same thing for -- tablet so that is called mostly yes -- and so did you I am -- packed Paris pretty reasonable yeah they're under a hundred dollar settlement -- -- a great Christmas defeated. -- have -- stocking stuffer I'm sure that Europe. You're low home would appreciate that we -- deal with that issue on. Okay Jason what is a good way to back up all the photos taken over the holiday this year gonna have a lot of -- in town you're gonna have a lot of people that. Are going to be taken photos how do you back sent back that up do you. What is it external hard driver for clouds and yeah you can use some of our clients prefer the external hard drive just because they have it physically there. I'm with the cloud service that if they're awesome because they're automated but the only downside as you're limited here Internet connections that you have. Like a really bad Internet connection your upload speed we'll take a long time to upload those or to recover materialism. But there's a few places there's actually a company and called my shoe box and you can back up your photos for free on my hair which is kind of a cool thing. My stocks yeah EMI -- box and that's that's a -- service and a lot of our -- Dropbox of course he can use. There's a whole bunch of cloud basements or -- is the one that we recommend our clients use. Current and ideas that in the past the hour forcefully took a long time access free trial yes. It was a McDoogle fibers yes it does take a while the first dent in cycles out of -- sort of village translate guys just pick up through this drew death ten minutes at least -- it's it takes a while the first -- -- a lot of stuff sound but it is a good thing -- because it only does the increment -- -- -- on so. Two months the other questions that you you've -- daily the only above the other thing that just kind of happened a few weeks ago Microsoft and general windows eight machine they released eight point one and it's an update. Doesn't show up as windows update you actually go have to go into the windows store which is located on the computer nor on the tablet -- the tablet was when does it. And that gives you a little bit more features they kind of realize that they had some issues with. With the compatibility and things like that -- they push that update out and want to -- even know about it because it hasn't popped out and let's get check your updates have so that's a good on the deal and that's hard to do when your busier and actually as good as I said Jason let's have a question for you throughout computers. And the iPad or the the MacBook Air yes and the Newton a MacBook Pro -- they are. Competing for a purchase for myself we talked about this in the past. I it was all set on the MacBook air and then referendum on this weekend said. You -- the MacBook Pro -- in the cosmos is now on it's much more powerful in the -- it's not that different what are your thoughts. On each of those systems -- -- computers is -- The the best for it depends on their MacBook Air was designed tablets has just be -- -- -- and travel kind of friendly and so. The only downside is not very credible so whatever you violence has pretty much what it comes with the stars hardware. I'm not -- all the memory is built and sold them Flash Memory as far as a hard drive it's like with ipads and iphones used. So because I you'll -- a little bit faster performance but you won't be able upgrade. With the MacBook Pro it uses like standard hard drives and and has a credible features there's the Retina Display -- house has or -- despite a little bit better. And so that that's kind of the real big difference with people on one into the and you can also storm Marceau. You can get -- 500 gig hard drive on MacBook Pro for allowing vs. I'm I think solo and I'm here is 64 gigs and it's like what the iPad but didn't here's a thing the MacBook pros like. Not very different sizes are yeah it's really not had -- -- couple is -- a pound or two more might be a pound -- so you -- I'm much more so really small and its jets are smaller and it does -- -- a lot of the same things that the -- utilizes that has better and better battery life and -- teams so the Mecca and he had does the -- The air has -- -- better just because it doesn't have many moving parts says not hard drive that spins around so. And it's also really quiet you won't easily ever hear the fans come on or anything but am. It's MacBook Pro does it does it have that that. Our drivers like -- chip now. And with the MacBook Pro it's still hard drive okay I'm -- time it -- CNN hard very easily and sometimes -- solid state image is kind of like Clinton somewhat -- the MacBook -- to. Is doesn't have any moving parliament and the metric -- -- expenses -- -- yet as easily as all that mark is it it has a little bit more features as far as that have credibility and -- -- and and then more storage so because some have to make a tough decision that's that's our that's -- -- mean it's expensive to an idea over a 1012100. Bucks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that we have a lot of people ask about that no one cluster that is it does -- -- Microsoft office of gas and they uses those type and applications. It's a good idea and also has an external. USB port and a micro SD cards he can upgrade it. Vs the iPad as a once in kind of what you see -- that you get with that. So great utility for anything -- the Microsoft servers were those youthful and I think they start at 349 right now and and they go up depending on the storage -- they're they're good investment if you use a windows and not sure if you wanna do the -- I am iPad etc. We're very core can people find -- and our well our website is that damaging tech dot com go. And so you guys tell people how involved with computer needs no -- Brasilia all over so yeah and we're very exciting guys check out go. You know Jason I really appreciate coming in Jason -- an inch from the co-founder founder of issues with Tak Ing Christmas is for 2013 no problems and we'll have you back incidents. Guys thanks solicit DR turner KC show will be right back after the break -- service. Welcome back to the -- turner KC show I'm your host Jason -- It -- shows support Daley got two great guys in studio here for a third segment today. We have to my ride DVR Ross and to his right Bruce saint Johnny the crickets and Aaron Bruce yeah me yeah Yani you Italian. That's -- OK okay I'm happy giants up three fouls and a double constant how did you know navy and -- -- -- just look at -- -- out of you actually co founders of shops tracker right. OK so. Yeah and of course is 67 Boller you know function and -- to buy I'm from you know. Cleveland 59 and a great day so we go and introduce ourselves its -- and -- and -- and his brother Bruce rock. I I. -- have you guys on the show today one because I've I've known Dave young for a year now I guess in these. He's a guy he's very well known in the entrepreneurial world in Kansas City Nara. Been very helpful to a lot of entrepreneurs and been successful -- sports entrepreneurial arena in the past ember is. I had met yet but I did go to the one million cuts presentation a few weeks ago. And you were sick that day unfortunately so I wanted to have UND your take on shot tracker Bogota called a shot tracker in the segment. Yet they smoke partner in crime he that is smashing jab at one thing -- social -- it's great to have a co-founder and accompany. Yeah that can now pick up the ball well enough. -- -- fionnuala and it it's you know co owners and entrepreneurial companies -- just crucial. Now they are and I was there at work with coffin on the mayor's conference help out -- them with some consulting work and we had about forty or fifty. Forty mayors and town that day and so that was like great because it was during global entrepreneurship week when you presented before and into like we got to showcase. One million cups all these different mayors and hopefully will. Adopt them bring that to their own city in the Odyssey the presentation the data input on Dave -- was -- experience like man. It was amazing and I felt like doesn't resolve. You know -- -- letter US logo on there exactly do we were trying to you know -- -- previously would be presentations we actually do. A live show and tell. Between Bruce and I taking turns one presenting one shooting -- of it was an amazing experience the NG from the crowd was amazing. For me it's exciting to see where one million cups. It started right here in Kansas City is today yes the number of cities stinnett and GD tending to think we're almost up to 400 people. The questions are great. It was it was just an amazing experience. Amazing experience a let's get -- shot tracker. OK you know. Let's just got to -- -- go through the elevator pitch first in -- -- kind of nuts and bolts of who wants to give the -- let the -- and I had one million. -- Bruce -- group we have a lot of listeners out there but it's not as intense as 400 and -- tell -- -- -- so. Such -- best describe. As a fuel -- and a Nike fuel banned from basketball shooting so it's a fit into -- basketball shooting or I had -- feel bad for basketball. And it automatically tracks shot attempts makes and misses. And provides the shooter with real time chilling statistics. Into. On the it. Your demographic really here is it is it high school students is that college students what is it -- just -- our primary target audience. Are the competitive players that play year round basketball between the ages of seven in seventeen of which number ten million. -- in the US -- go to China that number actually jumps to 300 million. That's a distinct as you did talk about China to date nine your speech from what was that was that -- you give about -- courts in China. Here I think I tweeted that out immediately because it's fast and I've been to China it's fascinating the -- no bomb. You know Bruce I think verses from research and I think you found this but there -- I think they have a mandate to build 800000 basketball courts in China -- I haven't had the luxury of being in China but the company Bruce you surround. You know was global company and -- -- -- visited there quite a bit and you know just doing our research and stuff we saw all the Nike courts all the indeed escorts in China so they do have a mandate to bill. By 800. I was like jam is coming out of their British coat well -- of the agenda we modification. -- come out of my program also thereof rely on precision shooting -- -- right it's fascinating because. China discovered basketball early and it would tighten you know the late eighteen hundreds just after me Smith didn't invent the game of basketball -- he did dead. When he was at a YMCA. And then the YMCA was under the first sort of speak organizations corporations to. And go to China then and so it's to the liberation of the YMCA. A basketball. Mean its way to China into the Chinese culture so it is -- national pastime sport. Unbelievable and I've actually been there to south against south eastern China want to go on June oh yeah Hong Kong and I wanna go back to Hong Kong as I can I -- is rich enough and had enough and three time all without get a Condo and and central business district in Hong Kong and just. Over their for a couple months there really doubt it's pretty cool place it's in seats made the president guy ever there OK so so tell us about the case a daily on used play basketball in in you've obviously -- all tested the product would what is it like -- and use a mean. You see those basketball count her machines I see that on Twitter all the time with college players put out there and you know what how is this different I know this just time has tracker doesn't changer shop. Right also and especially diversion you know so to answer your question I mean and as a basketball player. In doing college in north side post a thousand jumpers a day during the summer. And in our wanted to -- -- shots but it was just wasn't efficient so. The technology that we're using right now is Bluetooth -- energy so from an experience perspective once somebody fires up. In our product and minimal laps the connection is instantaneous. So do you experiences is really quick release sexy. Now we've designed to chipset -- it's unobtrusive extremely light because as a basketball player to really critical thing is to make sure that. You know once -- shoot a jumper when you take this off you don't feel the difference music you know that was one of the things that Bruce and I felt you know very adamant about we had to make it's that it was like they didn't obstruct. He uses jump shot. And then we had to make it so that they can use an in place of think about all the different algorithms that were writing to get routed to drivel to get rid of the past that. From what closest into the shot and so you know right now on the Eagles fans did pump fake. I'm so you know we'll work -- and we've been successfully eliminate all these things and -- -- -- -- -- so no you know the experience is great it's instantaneous I think that. You know it's addictive. That Bruce has become -- jump -- We have a -- lab and he's always have been have shooting testing. You know it's addictive because you know if you say you're 22% this time tomorrow you wanna be 23 it is addictive. Divas like Colombian radio show to go to -- even even in shots -- -- 6 -- good -- I'm just saying give me that there's a little bit longer. I'm having fun and it is really they could use he had talent going you know -- and then. You constantly wanna shoot the next five in the next ten the next 25. To tighten up that. That that attempt to make not ratio. And you cannot help but become a better shooter. When you're you're playing this real live video game. And and you actually improving your game when you do it so it's. And there's capabilities to now two. She with your friends are from Oracle's done not as competitive but maybe like you know for fund did well I think it's you know basketball such a social competitive sport -- candidates in these yeah. -- -- -- This is a reason shot chart that came about you know we're talking about his -- is the best there -- concern there but you know is it's the game vacation components is huge right because basketball as a competitive sport. Now what we've done is we've try to not only make it fun. But make it some they give you you know the data driven athlete at passive data collection. And then it also gives you the opportunity to compete with people broke down the barriers now when -- in China we could still have a shoot out. On those Lewis is pretty excited -- -- I'm sure in the process manufacturing process was intense it's manufactured this piece. In it was you know there is a lot I think Friday night we pulled 330. Okay am all of us who have we got so excited about the progress in the testing and that's you know the whole team just set an eleven reg code intestine you know we believe the offices until 4 AM almost -- -- right and it is pretty. Because my daughter saw me in the morning is on Saturday mornings was -- doing all the attention of -- later and it like -- before and she's. So is the that I. I was I was up before the morning two on Friday night I was you know on a flight -- -- -- -- Saturday -- -- -- this big and SEC championship and I largely -- in women that was unbelievable that -- -- experience. You know a bit yeah its early this guys are working -- it was cold I'll tell -- I -- thought so -- so tell me about the costs and how few. Will conduct could order one of these new import. So. So right now that the shot tracker at three so price to be 99 dollars. We have. Pre order. -- -- except the pre orders right now and a 30% discount but those are only available until this Friday OK you know if the first tomorrow there will be there it's over so yeah exactly so you know you you got to go. School book you pre orders immediately. And you know those pre orders you know gives you do ability to get the shot tracker before anyone else get on the leaderboard before anyone else. -- itself as mentioned it's it's 99 dollars -- a thirty dollar discount if you pre order within the next you know day. So 99 dollars though I mean that's that's fairly that's pretty effective assessing your anchors to season but for product like this I mean I'd imagine. This to be a lot of people's wishlists for -- if you're gone from 717. Yeah. Yeah it's a great -- stuff for you know it's it's it's so this is really affordable any consider how much. I spent and shoes on how much is say spend any equipment and travel. You know dean and I can open the number how much is spent on an annual basis. For a those are basketball players who play year round or -- It's a 6121000. Mean that's almost parents suspending. You know get across what do you guys think about that like that movement towards. I look back in this is prime interest in ridiculous bomb like man I wish it would play baseball longer practice orcas that played a bunch of sports football baseball basketball tennis. I'm looking at these Major League Baseball wears on like. That could've made a 25 man roster and got 500000 dollar of the minimum I mean like but I didn't play here on I mean that's that's something people are doing their kids now and so is funny we have we're fortunate to be at a 68 -- sports -- and that's our shooting and I haven't offices -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- an incredible. Now it isn't terrible and Xena again is he's been a friend for awhile but he's always involved to a charity work and can't insist that he's sound in his character is. You know is -- business intelligence is is time. And so we're fortunate about a relationship with him in the you know we kind of went to him and today we -- from office space -- shooting out for -- to work on and so we're able to work -- now. But we were having that same discussion right because you have kids -- two schools of thoughts right kids that work on one sport boy you only get better. But what we think you know I think that there's some. You know there's some benefits of that but I also think that there is some benefit to play in other sports too because you were different muscles and you learn different things that you want you learn some stuff in soccer and baseball mr. prime women basketball court but those things benefit you also. Right it's up to schools of thought that's too old to like you know my stuff grow I -- grown in eighth grade I was six for tall acre it. China been hiding -- another -- a -- alive so I mean. You know I mean I'm not gonna be that I'm not going to be in April you know a bit of pressure your high school team and I was towering over people your -- -- the for the live with Malkin even -- of one you know so yeah. I think that that that discussion about focusing on a sport early if it's probably. Like -- it reflects your personal. Views and opinions in and there are some different schools of thought with that you know they eat you run into the repetitive use issue. And down you know. In but there are some benefits of course -- to both arguments. So guys though got about a minute left. You know asking our listeners -- there are confined to -- shot tracker that's SH OT. TR a CK ER dot com to get all the information and yes have a great FAQ page you have the demo on here you have great photos on not blitzer looks great. Thank you congratulations. Anything else -- -- listeners about moving four was shot tracker real quick. Yeah Armonk -- is a shot tracker and every net soul if you're a ball are you better have a shot checker on your -- India is -- and now give on that leaderboard first you know on these individuals that order going to be the ones that. You know -- we get the first set -- shot truckers to. Yeah or is so if your son or -- is a a basketball player and this is this is what they're gonna wanna have to become a great cheaper. You hear that parents get on this quickly trust me. Well guys straight avenue and city of David and -- -- congrats Merry Christmas and good luck in the future saying to you -- these businesses they're going up there will be right back on the on turner KC show thinks -- Still Kansas City and welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jason -- Great just so far today and really looking forward -- this -- final guest today on the show is a he's a friend of mine I've known him for about guess Menem and about two dozen 141005. When I was in the and political arena in the Missouri house representatives. We have him on the line from the great stayed in the great city skis -- New York City. He is a Missouri and he grew up in the Saint Louis area. And we have a Jeffrey Smith on the line Jeff is a associate professor of politics and advocacy. And urban policy at the new school in New York City Jeff -- today. -- certainly suggests you're kind of tea. A not for aerial guy just you know in the political arena when you got into politics orient. Actually that he did say that I I originally ran in 2004 and -- -- national primary. I -- opponent was ninety lust are getting and it's. On the list with two term governor of course died tragically in plane crashed his mother with the US senator. -- -- -- since it's their -- secretary of state. I'm in my mom's a teacher and my dad didn't -- coached. I had to attribute a lot of entrepreneurial methods to try to that each contraction in the political arena particularly in which it will not intimidate. Yes -- an -- to one of the funny things what he went through that and you -- lot of exposure. You know you did that you you know the really hard core output and -- boots on the ground old school campaign. Raise a bunch of money in and you you were unsuccessful but he came pretty close and Harry's right. I'm I'm more than 1% in the extra straits knocking back two years later and then to insert it and I am apt to bail them aren't -- crime. Prevailed in a five -- primary and that's when I make you because you're. Your body man became my team payment Jeremiah. Second state -- campaign. And you served in the Missouri State senate for Helen was out for years there was a one term right. What about yours actually prefer had to resign in my body and actually interview OJ. You dead -- Dan -- let's get a shot I think he's he's moved on death. To brighter and better things in the adjacent grille rusty red campaign but. Tough but anyway -- you're there are. Actually -- actually they have New Hampshire for the president sat reelection campaign in 2012 so yeah I think we both we veteran of. That we did a good job of and then you you had a kind of a life changing experience oil analysts are still. They don't know about politics attendant says to talk to you about because. I think that really kind of say you -- under way in a way to become more not a real person as well to build up your background. Absolutely I'm from that 2009. Something happened which which -- sent lights change -- that we -- right. And at least at the moment not get wet I'm. Back in 2004 are deserted during that international. To look my aides had net which may and may -- a decent coach aren't. About -- quoted in the last week of that campaign and the postcard that accurate by. Don't it's not that coordinated this which indicate that they're law. They're on active mine. But -- impact on one -- to complete the percent election edition I'm responded to an affidavit. -- I didn't know anything about as far as the that is true. Thank you -- -- didn't you guys. Responsible for. I groups later I would later in mind that send out. And who -- out -- I sat next in on the council or just and -- and got me to get out there -- something about that has earned its magnitude yeah and at the present. -- sing it and and he's so what was that experience like for you obviously it's it's an eye opening experience for all that I'd assume. It was terrible here in and that is sweet to attack that has not -- a worked in the warehouse I'm. Unloading trucks I -- the Internet. -- 640. Pounds and six 900 trucks Hitler sincerity to sixty. 277. Sides in the community leadership -- so out. That he's he's about this is not that I like and actually blast that job as. No -- -- 120 pounds it's not a bad thing to become friends with its status. Ha ha ha so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Potential and I mean entrepreneurial potential of the -- yeah it's about 99% of the guys Don and yet. -- -- -- -- former. And most of them when they talk about their experience in the drug -- meet the same type of concept. Territorial expansion in our product launches a quality control. That you would learn about. The business school don't just send something you know. About how about people who. It's -- encouragement and Barack and -- in the inside yet on some intimate out of control and possibly but fortune it's in the Clinton and I think you. How did you sense that -- which cost taxpayers so much it helped to challenge through them -- How to operate that started out there have been missed the right -- Because it's so hard to get our inspections labor market -- I don't know where one of the best option -- and that it actually started on that. Yeah and set a -- few -- and Ted talks about this and obviously -- around the country about this very issue having. I have I -- and I. Add that's great fortune to demand access to give the commencement speaker at the after the nine laps and the truth and on the here. Entrepreneurship program which is a program -- the -- hundred. No it's. I those. Photos from around the country to do. We are basically -- in NATO the courts and seven months. -- -- It's been reliably to teach them about market news about its strategy about general. About some of the whole. Let's -- a stern in the mood started that that -- You watch the sports idol that's present there this -- a bunch of put. It's not a capitalist all the executives who helped them ended the -- inspiring thing and it's amazing dot. Very very cool I think we're talking to Jeff Smith he's a professor at the new school in. New York City and a widely known it's spokesperson on different national television stations and he's a writer as well. I'm Jeff let's -- that you've you've you've definitely had a good life changing experience now you you've you've worked really hard to get. Back into it you're in New York City you've you've obviously written a book another covering politicians twelve step guide. To us surviving a crisis you're speaking around the country and yes and other news report on and you accompanied his form called second -- strategies. That's right. -- -- Can't he had I have worked on which several other former politicians. Yeah and what we do it's important to note that our experience in the credit tips or are open road projects and optimism about the nuts and I'll learn. In political crisis management are that. Period some titans. Extraordinary challenge in the kitchen where and they know spotlight a number of on the other politicians are important Michael Steele the former Republican national news -- which you might remember. I wanna -- the party. It's why this is that the president came to value. I got are having on the -- words used in the Republican Party credit card I know. On which didn't lesbian strip club -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- crises and of course not I'm not going to threaten and dealing with that demand attention to that it's something that I talk about that their ethical dilemma it's not it's a long way and they'll. -- and Mike each I'm not topped I try to prevent people in the business world what it's been more after the wonder how that I'm making types in the states and it. Yeah and that information about that is that second act strategies dot com and that's. That's interesting Jeff because you know all these people involved are recovering politicians Jonathan Miller the former state Kentucky State treasures kind of the banded about this group -- is blogging through his books. And this is not just stay. Things for political. Organizations this really is going to be a simulation a crisis simulation and keynote speeches for. Businesses of all sizes HR departments. You know you name it it's gonna apply to all those as well. A lot of techniques they used in corporate America did you do -- politics. And in traditional to have long history -- cross pollination. A lot more political consultant body. And I'm confident about it there's certain medications such as on the Internet the -- that at some companies are. I can -- it's not involuntarily didn't outlined in the DT. And the world still. -- The other night and again here is that. It's terrible it's about -- you know our country content from. Small and large experience that you didn't go in and often in the period put the opposite -- -- -- And so this particular student -- -- broad cross section. But both companies nonprofit political audience it's. That it might help you enough. That was a -- -- Democrats. Thought that managing them when they occur in the conference somebody that weren't there of repetitions. I should maybe get in the conference oxygen and under. I've worked so hard to do. Yet that's fascinating it really isn't I think that. I think that that's something in Kansas City -- and in the state of Missouri I think a lot of corporations big law firms you know we've seen a lot of that with the PR angle I think. What you're doing its economic strategies in an is an obviously your experience in prison I think he and with entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship mooring for I think is really important I think there's a lot of good insight that you could offer in. And I have to just our listeners as well I will be part of this this is not a -- just I -- -- played out there but I'll still be a a part of this I -- I've invested in the cell organization and I think it's can do great things for different corporations throughout this country. I just you're -- New York city's day's top house New York -- -- the concrete jungle treating these -- I'm -- here -- a decent lights in Manhattan and yeah I actually went right back in Saint Louis now. I don't count which I loved it. And I do I would -- to do not they downtown and park the parking -- like in China to build -- -- I remember now -- my opinion but I'm never mentioned there it sat there and why -- our captain and remember it is intended. I'm married I'm in the city and there are some snappy to people everywhere you go on the subway or the I'm. And -- all the time for the student happy that you're in the morning it's back to Atlanta and let -- in the end -- that you did it is. Decline in crime in New York -- that just got its people and it's not like that -- on the street. All the so that's what -- that in downtown and look into some. Have you are gone but mostly have a list. GM we do have a ways to go and it's it's about density has not started collisions -- -- -- I think you Kansas city of where we're having more of that as well. Jeff to work and people find you online -- mean the -- for second act strategies and I've seen you on Huffington Post slide that's seen you on CNN and whatnot and you -- columns wealth for all drove political fans out there working they find you. And that -- that you and Steve New York -- -- that -- Time magazine a little bit like Politico that in New York I'm did you come in and out of politics I didn't Clinton invites to people who happens to run as it struggles. They're working their way up. -- couldn't keep all topics are out there were do -- commentary to time to time that tendency. I'm beyond that Saturday morning. On which are optimistic or -- you're talking about the stat that. Monte -- -- to war. In politics and the facts grassroots activism and -- it -- the war council and money on and economics -- -- on Twitter act. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- our listeners out there I think if you got a -- Jeff -- furious furious at any political or are entrepreneurial background. Jeff is a great follow on Twitter and that's at Jeff Smith mocha. That's right. Yes yeah we'll just you know. I could talk to you all -- man your great guy he's had a great story and congratulations and all your success in the big -- new York and thanks for us. They've -- come on the show and thanks for keeping tabs in this -- Missouri. And mentioned them in their unarmed aerial states as loud I think that are that it's still being -- that a commentary on politics and nationally. Somebody's. Got to learn English you know somebody is starting to deter it. And salmon and salmon lunch and shot. Oh yeah yeah I had two great I'll tell anybody to get to some -- man you'll enjoy -- New York. So I didn't actually there is only about our our -- the cuff ha ha. Well thank you Jeff standout we look forward talking -- soon have a great deaths. That's basically there. Thanks for listening got -- KC show we'll see you next week have a good.

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