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Life As You Own It 12.6.13 Segment 3

Dec 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Preference we are back like this unit we're about to put a bow on this beautiful little presents you received this holiday season. Because the last segment of the show. So hang with us here for about 45 minutes we're gonna give -- the goods the -- goods and and mention real quick on Paula -- Arkansas that since -- -- should he stay -- should you -- scenario. The reason I said you may wanna stay is this I don't know how quickly in ten years or less -- paid off in 67 years that has a big. Determining factor on whether he should do something or not but let me just clarify it doesn't mean you save money by dropping your rate to 33 -- for -- quarter. But I -- you know it's a little bit less funny than you might think depending on the closing costs. So what I wanna say is use the breakeven for the determine if this is gonna make sense for -- not the closing costs and fees the -- back if he has a 150000 -- about we just don't know all the NTELOS he might save about 62 dollars a month total. Over that per per month or that seniors at about 7400 dollars at the cost or 23 grand wilders a net savings it might be worth it. But if he's only on 506070000. He may -- the only T 3000 dollars. Which could be equal to or greater than -- less than rather the closing costs he might get charged these transactions so it's all relative folks which you've got to make sure. You realize that when you drop theory is one thing if you pay but -- fees it's another and if you're paying off passing eighteen year. The interest savings isn't as much as it might be like on -- thirty OK mark -- let's keep moving along here -- are five financial resolution we got number five. That's gonna be succession planning folks you're willing to trust who's gonna teach your kids -- the beginning give your kids is the you know care of your children to. Sure -- procedure state senator. Folks this one is one -- receive people kick the can down the road every year every year every year all get it done extruded and next year. If you don't have your will place or -- your trust geared it down in the first month that 2014. Folks got to get it done. That's right folks in this is it's a little bit of -- it's a tough project which you're identifying us as as we say it's. Will trust who you trust your kids with so you -- do this you got to knock this out now I know it's challenging but it doesn't have to be perfect. We'd rather you get it done then you get it perfect all right Craig. As we mentioned the reason we gave this information is because. You know a lot of view on according to a Bankrate survey of 36%. Of a thousand respondents said their top financial priority is simply to stay current or get caught up. On paying bills folks that's unacceptable it's not why you're spending your time listening to the show other than the last she did. We hope you're listening because you are a little more educated and a little more courage to take action on some meaningful tasks and projects they're gonna help you stay ahead. In this life so. Please. Don't just get -- Take the steps so that he be just getting by now next year and the year after year after you. Only it's okay so real quickly -- we have a minute left -- else that we need to government's important I'm gonna sealed -- -- for this week maybe next you gonna do a little -- okay folks remember we talked about some very unique properties that you may consider that currently on the market -- guess -- You have to go to the website to check those out will have the link to that information there's some cool pictures I'll say one of them is say -- thousand square feet is that castle. Those I don't knows it's in Johnson City, Tennessee and there is a cool castle the -- great 4000 square feet. They you know you're the king of your own house are now Craig but you could be the king of the castle Johnson bill Tennessee. Anderson Johnson the products area are right folks well we appreciate you hanging out with us and hopefully you got his match out of today's show as we did it. And Craig any last minute words of wisdom you wanna share with us our our clients as they go through the next week. And prepare for -- he's even feel like you've made some financial mistakes this holiday season or this year in general and year old the next junior dudes in the step we told you work on. You're like oh man. But it's super tight and get too much -- gets equity in my house and pay that often refinance my home. I will tell you this you better think through the fifth major financial decision you make if you refinance your mortgage IC the same mistakes every year made by consumers -- they rush into refi. In January February trying to skip a couple of payments. Try to Nelson debt. The unit gone backwards big time in their mortgage complaining because they're looking at their other peripheral stuff that they think they're taken a dent -- -- out of but their hurt themselves on the mortgage side. He wise counsel reading anything he hasn't -- our folks we appreciate you hanging out with -- -- on this. Cold blustery weekend and we hope that you make it a fantastic week and remember to stake their city.

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