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Life As You Own It 12.6.13 Segment 1

Dec 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Life as you own it with mark McDougal and Craig Miller. Remember you've got questions we've got answers 804924664. You may not take time to educate yourself up the single worst investment and opportunity have. That investment in the roof of your head in real estate we talked about your home financing making investments in real estate we keep the -- -- you know it's just go back. -- All right mark McDougal he is Craig Miller he is in the eighties feared. And we walk to Paul and you'll love -- -- -- you know wrong show all right that's next so what we are like this you audits and we appreciate you hanging out with -- is -- -- -- what is hopefully -- warm -- -- -- weekend. And -- You know you're in store for a treat we hope because we've got a lot of good information to share with you as we do each and every weekend at. And Craig is going to tell you was. What is typical show looks like -- then I'll tell you what your store for today. So -- -- ask. I didn't I'm doing all right mark -- on Tennessee on Tennessee it's chilly to Obama ever tell you look good -- no funeral -- that -- -- we look good and blew me the -- you're never good enough for it and everything you're never knew exactly. Now I don't know if you told -- Well I'm glad to do and while you look like disdain and shaping the your -- -- -- is that are you ready for big show number I'm ready -- -- get -- some heavy lifting are right locate folks -- it's going to be a big show and Craig tell us if if -- -- -- for the first time come across that our on the Internet. One of those the myriad of places you can catch life if you own it. What what why should they stick around for the next hour protect -- will. A typical listener loses their destination for education and when it comes to what is most people's largest investment so. We're gonna cover unlikely you own it the main core thing and that is that the roof over your head but. Going beyond that there's just a lot of ways either maximize or potentially feel the pain of poorer and informed decisions so what are we doing here we're gonna empower you. But the facts. About home purchases refinancing. Home remodeling improvement investing in real estate. Estate planning all those kind of things every week we're gonna cover topics related to those in general. Or -- get a decent staples things every week like Taylor interest rates has been where they are currently where they may be headed. We're gonna tell you what the general market you know we would look at the realistic trends in the market those kind of things -- you know here things on the upswing or downswing. Economic things like that affect you in your home but the of course we're gonna bring you the specials. Every week remarks about to go over with you what is the special this. Ask us we kind of special hand -- to make mention is up the family continues to grow. Not this year -- the Craig but the family of affiliate stations so we wanna give a shout out to our I -- friends. At Kate pay KP HK 97 point five FM. Keel while Alva. And also while we've got another new team member on board it's KG GS thirteen 40 AM Garden City so what. We appreciate you would join in the family and we hope that you have as much fun and it. Each and every weekend is as we do so. Okay this weekend show we've got its holiday shopping time and what we don't want to have as well at the spirit of the season give you post holiday. Hang over. We've got you Alka-Seltzer baby our very -- holiday spending tips. That will keep the red on your sweaters. And not your finances unite as that's great -- like I should lead underwriter for like you know the Carol Burnett show. -- -- that's out dated my material is all right also are you getting are you just getting by or are you kicking. You know what's. Financially. And not -- physically Craig a donkey guns so right the -- exactly kick or you just get by are you hit it. And that we're gonna we're gonna get kind of the bank -- did a survey of it at a thousand respondents and we're gonna tell you what -- -- what those respondents said. And how we won and no you -- in -- Dana. We get a head start on 2014. We've got. Or five resolutions. You can start on a two day he so that you can beat the wall and kick in it in 2014. Not -- is down. And finally we've also very get market everybody's already think the main. Rat we're we we -- -- -- -- we don't go dark on a baby your early -- no sense and wait until January 1 to make two resolutions -- December 31 interview made dual. We're doing them this weekend we view and also we got five. I've furious and the cool homes. Reference at Bankrate so we've got some interest in their homes on the market you can purchase one of these -- we're gonna share -- that information it's little fun. Later in the show. Remember you got questions we've got answers give measuring 800 point two. 4664. With that number -- 8049460. Drag humidity it did yeah yeah yeah -- like a medical at all and dividend number every time he goes now mark what's the number -- he can't remember it. 800 no right to it's been the same number first months lives years so give us a call if you got. An email scenario or -- should he stay or should you go that you'd like on an error. It is up via email. Questions like this you own it dot com questions like did you on -- dot com. Or just check out the website to see what's going on. Sometimes we'll have our future guess we will also have highlights of the most -- recent show and you've got links. So that you can podcast the show and bonus material often provided. On life as you own it dot. Com. -- Craig Craig I've gotten rid get indeed the dot dot -- -- my voice iMac and you right now Arnold rates instead okay. National average interest rates folks we bring -- T every week. We're gonna tell you worthy rates were the past week may be where they're going I don't have a crystal ball will be trying to opine on. The general direction that we see things going the national average is based upon a 200000 dollar loan amount. Someone with at least 20% equity and perfect credit. Obviously your credit can affect that -- quote do you get on a mortgage. The amount that you own your home can affect how much -- have access Ursa Major general guidelines also keep in mind though with these national average in general guidelines. May be able to better one of these. Did you know what these averages are maybe getting to quote the seems to be a little bit -- you've got to analyze one important factor that we preach about every single week are likely to own it. The EU is the cost solace at the associated with any mortgage transaction whether you purchase. Or refinance if your rate shop and folks you're gonna fall short on your shopping because you got to look at cost chopping closing costs and have you looked at the break even period it's gonna take -- is gonna take free breakeven on any fees -- cost you pay to get that refinance transactions done. Or you're comparing two options they have very low cost or zero cost. Option vs regular high closing costs options maybe -- some points to battery down is that Smart. You've got to realize which ones really better -- rate can be deceptive and most people think I got. Great interest critic got a good deal paid much fees and closing costs may be you didn't. So make sure you visit like issued a dot com if you wanna learn how to do your own breakeven for the to make a comparison. Between two different loan options or have someone help you with this a good certified mortgage -- and that to you ought to be working with an annihilating three -- Reach out to first trust mortgage anytime anyone really give someone -- conscientiously going to put your best interest first. When it comes to developing a mortgage plan giving you quote. All those kind of things in comparing the options that you had to make yourself most money are let's get into these rates folks four point 52 we had looked up here. Over the past week four point five Q&A thirty year fixed. That's for just over 1%. -- 21 point 1% alumnus 2000 dollars four point 38 was that where we're at the week before 3.5 four a fifteen year vs 3.4 two. So again slightly higher on the fifteen to five your arms 3.5 members 3.5 it pretty much no movement on the adjustable rate mortgages. And then FHA thirty year fixed four point 34 -- four point 21 again. Everything kind of -- swing upward. Which acted like -- reverse next week here's -- we're facing the folks lot of good economic news came out over the past week. Jobs reports came back strong. Job creation unemployment rate the lowest it's been a five years these are all signs of life in the economy now what's problems economy up I personally still believe. It's print money and in having very loose in an economic policy at the Fed level and that's keeping investors enthusiastic. Anytime there's any talk of potentially tapering out of these government. Programs equality easing -- going on it seems like the investors kind of pull back and fears so do we really have an imprudent stronger economy I don't know. That remains to be seen but I will say that for now that has had a negative impact on interest rates because bond investors typically are. Investing in higher volume when there's volatility in -- concerned about the safety of their money this is it looks like there's opportunities for. Greater growth elsewhere they're gonna remove that money for the bond market. Movement in the stock market are the things so. That's why we're seeing rates go a little bit folks that trend may continue and I would suggest if you're looking at a transaction makes sense that they wouldn't be refinancing -- looking to buy their home. Pull that trigger in your own because I don't think should bank on rates eating -- right folks mark what do we get come when we come. We are going to give you our very own holiday spending tips and they're gonna save you so much money you wanna send our zapped a present. Like -- stay -- yeah. All right -- We are back to life as you own it. We're gonna help you own it. During the show and only will you will. Mark. We gonna talk about how to help these folks out here with their holiday spending steadied near your holiday shopping yet have you got your Christmas shopping yet I have not Christmas -- -- her Christmas I'm not -- -- I go right -- on this day you -- maybe -- I have not have done little but very little right and I will be -- that. In the next -- -- for -- exactly what I -- -- different ways gateway their great work we don't need I will now begin on that didn't handle the folks we've got some -- got some suggestions for how you can now make sure that you worry thrifty holiday shopper. And hopefully you are hopefully you've got some people -- to you're gonna spend some time get some nice gifts because it always is. Better to give than receive it and would you give you should you stay or should you've got those scenario that I know you there's a whole month for. Folks if you don't know what this dance is it's you tell us your scenario how long do you. Plan on owning the home -- currently in -- current interest rate is the value of your home. And that the term of your loan them. I covered all yep yep and we will tell you if you should stay or should go in that's. More energy more current mortgage debt on our right. All right you ready ready market crank out single homeowner and not very financially savvy. Listen to your list you every week I have a home with a 123000. Dollar mortgage balance and it's worth about a 150000. I have a twenty year loan it -- candidates that I took out last year I'm gonna move in seventeen years -- -- refinance into a fifteen year loan at a lower rate. Picky in do more in depth. Peggy. -- -- question on his face day at a much at first blush. I don't know enough about situation honestly this takes will be that the consultation that just by looking at the general figures. And chances are you're not going to be able to shave enough off of that rate when you go to fifteen year loan Q justify. And do the refinance the saving enough money however it may be possible it may be possible. I would say it's probably not so for this time you you're you're you know must stay in fact when I think you should do. Is his with a certified mortgage planner to be good looking situation overall because of a gold moved in seventeen years why. What could be involved in that and let's make sure your current mortgage fits in that plan in the other piece of your financial -- hasn't -- as well. You got it you can call 800 point 2466. Or folks if you just want. Some good -- fashion advice about your specific situation that. On 80492466. War. There will be certified mortgage planning professional. Or you can even ask for Craig to -- it was me he Giuliani and I -- you may not be certified more of playing specialist. But he is certifiable no I -- a part -- -- -- -- this matter of fact our Buddy Guy and you call call that number and you can gay you can get advice from the champ or one of our. Experienced friendly. Team members will be happy to answer your question but no matter what is spokes we -- here to help you well. Is to make you see on -- thought the Smart guys that you hear on the radio you know against mark. The -- say if you're serious Marjorie terribly brave guy they will definitely know we -- talking about Craig Craig regret. Okay now where we don't -- our I lose it on most any credit holiday spending tips okay folks. -- -- or better yet you know what we're gonna post these on the website to be careful as you're driving -- drive and they're not snuggled up next to the fire with the -- radio play and now listen to like the -- show. These are gonna be available to you -- -- did you only dot com arms he -- print them off take a revenue when shopper number one is. Folks create a holiday -- Yeah you gotta do this right how much is a family is an individual how much are you gonna spend. What is the amount and then break it down to. Each family member don't say a what does that 500 dollars -- which probably gonna happen is you'd end up getting gift for 300 -- or you know whatever. 200 for somebody and then you're gonna go what -- short what's -- -- go a hundred bucks over our fifty bucks over -- -- So put a budget for each person on the EU -- list and stick to budget. Keep in mind folks marketing this time a year it's. That the most talented. Marketing sales people in the world of put their best campaigns together to sell their way airs or their clients where should we say so they will be. Hit -- with all sorts of -- she's in the middle. Things in the EC did the lady walks outside she's she's actually so and level that cars park. Had only drive and it's hard to remember baby honey you know you go and -- -- -- for lexis and of patriotic thing you know folks you buy yourself a car you don't really need so. No seriously though with the jury storage as the high dollar items that even the little stuff I mean little stuff like a little cut in camps at stores and that's kind of a cute little stocking -- it adds up fast folks stick to. The budget was number ten and a part of their budgets make a list yeah. You may like the list make the list and make the list do you not do -- not deviate from -- it's one is make lists of who lawyer gonna buy for this year. And then at what is it you're gonna buy for them so I haven't I don't know what you're gonna back in the budget range for that -- go to the store. You know you're spending 25 dollars of that remote control car for -- Or your spending fifteen dollars for that man easier for crack one open to whatever your budget is make sure others -- the budget out of Philadelphia about it. -- yeah -- hear clearly I'm nowhere unless the system that's. OK number what's an extract some other steps well. Make the list covered that down and in it and you better. And don't you shop during Christmas folks having here's another thing. Most people are thinking about Christmas and Christmas shopping is mark went up and I'm doing the last few weeks maybe couple months before Christmas you know folks. Teacher shopping done early and often especially when there's super good deals out there figured on this weird and actually have -- but then whatever I have about Christmas presents as far as 89 months out I actually but Christmas presents. Just after Christmas or for the next year by the time it gets around that. I've either forgot about her candidacy and laid out as you've ever -- in strategy I yeah I eat candy you can save big money at it in its part of that exercise is planning. Anytime you plan ahead you come out ahead and folks I gated stop by in fact this year is the first time I about a gift for somebody. Well in advance of Christmas. And unfortunately sly about it from my wife about two months ago. And she came through saw the bag and open it up and just you know laid it out and it's it was as if it was not did you mention it. No Lotto is yeah I cannot -- they would was via. It was say my wife is a wonderful cook which he chooses the -- But she's also has an eye for fashion so I got her a like -- bedazzled. I'm -- -- you got a doctor bedazzled -- a bright shiny so like I'm down and actually you really believe I have automatic kitchen and I do I look at a Mike bears the bedazzled -- that was going to be my -- gift they hang -- right there -- always you know and he forgot all about it and -- -- that was the that was that the pressure he should give me that mess right click okay. So look like all right met you don't wanna eat a novel concept the you can buy some stuff bomb mine and get a better deal often so you know you're gonna get the remote control car you know. Gonna be the XYZ brand or whatever it. Get online and seeking get a better deal the thing you can't do you can't wait till two days before Christmas a trip shop operate -- all right Craig what else. -- -- charitable giving you have you know if you give to charity make sure you document it correctly and that way and don't. You know if you gonna put the ten bucks and you put the twenty bucks and etc. make should -- in -- fashion that it if you do it enough times it adds up. Make sure you take advantage your ability to deduct that from your tax. If for some people who do this frequently throughout the year. Or you have a pretty big giving budget. Recommend Peterson appeared a little donor advised giving fund or having a special account that every time you do some giving he comes out -- that one -- that's really easy track pre tax purposes all right one more is don'ts. This as a guy. I'm gonna say don't have decoration. Explosion. Overboard -- you ripped Chris do you really need to buy and again this is probably a husband wife conversation ended and it. You really need to buy new Christmas decorations every year you know or can you reuse the same one -- for years decades and -- and -- don't don't end up spending you know make your budget and on the Italian please. Husbands wives families. Put your decoration budget in the air and stick to it. Don't think all the -- gifts but if you spent a 150 dollars on wrapping paper which technically is needs to be in their bodies in the decoration. But on the stand sold though the what it -- the fourteen dollar each Christmas ornament whatever it is put that in your budget planning. A -- will and it will be a -- holiday season if you follow these and again we'll have them posted at life as you own it. Dot com secret review of go from -- your spouse your -- on whomever it may be stacked up. All right whenever we out to take a break when we come back we are going to where to tell you how to make 2014. The past here. OK maybe not the best year ever -- your best financial year ever because you're gonna take the steps you can make your resolutions. Early you're making them this weekend we're giving -- five must do resolutions that help you make 2014. Eight by -- year. Stay -- like that you won't it. Three years. Aren't here.

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