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Investment Advisor Hour with Hadel Financial 12.01.13 - Segment 3

Dec 1, 2013|

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    to be affected by a one or two or 3%. Increase and interest rates right if you like to do that there's no cost or obligation come and sit down or review what you have now. 913825. To 66 and when your comment. You know are in the show very we talked a little Rudolph. Social security and maximize your sister -- benefits. We can review that as well. Well that's really kind of sums up for today Sean -- I'm glad did that we were -- to all these diversionary doesn't really distance areas that we've talked to you. About your Social Security about the different options about one to draw should you draw a 62 should do daughter 66. Should you wait until your seventy. Or should you do what we called hybrid approach and that was a dominant. None drawn my Social Security let -- continue to grow. And I'll draw against my spouse's social security and most most people look and no I didn't know lucky dog is my spouses in that lower. There shall secure Noah doesn't. We had him in Manila -- go well we know hundred assistants and I wanted to -- -- -- -- And we only 101000 people trying to -- five every day there's a huge number of people they need help on Social Security . Let's try and what we did -- when we went through that scenario. What we showed his spiced by sitting down and going through that Social Security Max and his nation with us other client they came and we we re and that. We ran a retirement profile for
    and well thought out solutions to Wear your life let us use Social Security calculator to help determined using your spouse's benefits to seek to maximize those. And again will take. Investors in your portfolios are
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    we've been -- people just like you listening. With their investments and retirement planning so today said Jacque we're gonna talk about a couple of things we have a great line up we're talk about Social Security . Usual security statement you look at your statement there's typically there's three options on there. There's draw his 62 -- would if
    first Michelle let's talk about -- yet another popular subject. And that's Social Security there's 101000 people and they turn a 65. There's you know there's that many people that are there are wondering about their Social Security benefits and it's not just folks out there that are attorney needs 65. It's people out there that are sixty may -- year for retirement or maybe your two or three years after retirement and you're asking yourself okay. I'm gonna quit my job German retire from my job that I worked the last thirty years in nominal role in my 401K -- mr. Clinton interest or dividends out of it. When should I turn on that Social Security benefit -- take your right away (%expletive) I'll wait till later -- wait. The longer secondly 8788 the highest payment and they
    In this a third forcing or initially starved and talk about the Social Security he came back to lead this mission Sean. Is when should they draw how much they draw and the ensure that it
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    pay for food. And we we have a monthly giving program called match makers sell and it's 25 or 35 or fifty dollars month whatever your comfortable and and it's deducted from -- Account every month

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi folks welcome back this is an investment advice are Andre -- so we shunning most. And today we're doing a special if you're just joining us really special to make -- -- Thanksgiving holiday season. We're -- anything's giving special show about you have an opportunity to give thanks and give back to the community we have two special guest here I -- chairman. With city union mission everybody's heart of him or to talk a little bit about some real life stories about how they made a difference along with. Christie Hutchison she's with big Brothers big sisters so Christian element -- first let's talk a little about some real life stories. About maybe differences you've made in people's lives are profound differences -- your soft and life. As individuals we take things for granted in New Year's funny actually -- organization and you wonder Daschle went from made any difference. Yeah I yeah and I don't story is the best part our successors is that there's just hundreds and hundreds of stories so I mean you can go on forever by. And -- particular when Billy -- And talking about a lap around our offense is I'm a Big Brother named Jack. None his little brother named -- at Baylor match step in 1987. Auto -- had -- six years ago. And an end date are still. In contact they still hang out and at least monthly. And back me tell you and about -- when he was trying to he has enrolled in the program when he was seven years on. I'm image at this mom he's an only child and demand his mom is -- I amazing woman and she just -- and her Stein. To have a male influence her his father was in the picture non and he she needed her son -- a positive influence she Enron and in a program. And Jeff. Has basically been there for every milestone in Joe's life. And and can -- vice -- that I. I -- one major thing is when he was nine years -- tests that showdown mineral feminist first that I'll. What's -- that our team -- and and heat. Solid joke can excel and at he -- you know it didn't to be better and better every practice day is -- with God's practices watch and he never missed a game. You know we got he got in high school he was playing and you know about thirty to forty games a week his views on JP and knock warrant our city. There is playing games and and Jeff and Joe's mom and apple it's daylight there may be like a handful of games that he governments and when more night games that he at -- And still. He was actually there is an island that just signed the place that -- And for cot for college while he app one and I'm Aaron and Missouri valley signed point. Abbas a band so he was they're not for -- -- he joined us for steam is there any sign college to play college at all. He was he drove them to pick up this first car. He and tip amount I missed my first birthday while he. He's just there for every nominate and they tell and they tell stories about how he now. General tell about how he was and a one time and trouble and he was scared -- mom here is what scared of it. Can't get. Scared that he is disappointing -- and and so he says it's hot hand -- Niemi and and and they will enjoy food together they like enjoyed going out to restaurants and trying new cuisines. Yen and come to find out and show actually now is that proprietor. Outback steak Catholic and it's it has allowed for feted with while with his big brother and turn ninety -- career. Thanks so many other amazing stories the past -- lifelong friendship. What a blessing holy -- you think about that what are fed young man. It's seven years old would've never met his Big Brother frank look right -- is is opportune time to pick up the phone. If she if you can make a difference a profound difference in someone's life we feel free to call contact big Brothers big sisters they -- six. 561. 5269. That's 5615269. Charlotte the subtleties switch gears you're talking about maybe -- a -- story from city union mission. Denis I I know that you felt. Hundreds of people on a nightly basis and probably had grown close to many of the individuals there so let's talk a little by you organization in some of the differences you make this community. There are so many surprises that you really don't expect when god is involved because changing a person's heart is so critical and what -- mission does not change their head but changing their -- and really their outlook and -- it is our city it is our mission and you know we re branded ourselves and -- -- your -- our city. Our mission to take care of those that are less fortunate so you know as we do that you can't -- police department has done a clip video that you can go online and it's the real cost of doing nothing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't put a state like health care we take care of anybody -- -- -- I but anyway Johnny was shot left for dead in the barbershop beauty -- care cut that intensity Kansas and so he was in the infirmary -- the hospital. The guys are long term program which stuff Glaus in the holes in his back to bring him back to health. While Johnny -- -- in force now. He can look them in the face and he can say I know which -- going through. I can't do that our group and Christian home John is responsible for over a dozen men being in our long term program to get their life turned around because they solid guy did end his life and they say I want that. I want what you have. And I can't do that so -- an amazing a missionary to Kansas City, Missouri and to the friends of the -- cans. Kansas just more than discern -- meal more than just him and then he changed a man's life from the inside out in any was shot left for dead. And because of the profound education they need help providing in and the opportunity. For him due to changes life. Now he's not now he's only better and shelf he's helping other individuals. So if everyone I just think about contributing to -- union mission doesn't it kind of pick up the phone and and feel free to contact him again their phone numbers what eight. 481647493. -- Okay and then Dennis is there you know we obviously financially you -- this -- union mission as a volunteer time or people who come down and help. You know right at that the shelter -- and our website city mission dot org we have over almost post a 100000 hours monitoring going on. We have a position called high impact volunteer in their non paid staff we have 300 of those people while they do things weekly monthly daily sometimes at their retire they're looking for -- cause her passion. You meet these folks and they put their pants on the same way I do and they got real journeys that they're walking to life with. Look at reduced join us this is invest revise our were talking today about Thanksgiving and in our ability as a community to give back and give thanks to all the blessings that god gave us. It's really that's a theme of the show. Is may be right now's the time -- give back they feel as little as 220 dollars or donate it that's wonderful the majority of all the contributions come from individuals just like deal. What was the percentage -- 85% of their 85% or ten million dollar budget comes from individuals 'cause we don't take state or federal money following Kansas City right. So that's another wonderful things that we're talking about two organizations that can help people right here and can't city metropolitan area. One their once again if you'd like to donate many missed either there's numbers William tumor time. Coming up our final segment. If you have any other questions give us a call at our office 913. 825 to 66. Allowing gay anti -- directly would -- workers -- Or -- get ways that we can donate directly to them where they -- your resources the importance on your phone number again. 8164749380. Foursome 49380. C union mission. And -- now Christie told her a big Brothers sisters what was your phone number again you went six I six find five T used 69. Well coming up or -- wrap up and talk a little bit more about most city union mission and big Brothers big sisters. I keep constant in the next and we are gonna talk about your upcoming event Christie. What's here listening to invest -- -- our state and we'll be right back on -- BC.

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