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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Investment Advisor Hour with Hadel Financial 12.08.13 - Segment 2

Investment Advisor Hour with Hadel Financial 12.08.13 - Segment 2

Dec 8, 2013|

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    to be affected by a one or two or 3%. Increase and interest rates right if you like to do that there's no cost or obligation come and sit down or review what you have now. 913825. To 66 and when your comment. You know are in the show very we talked a little Rudolph. Social security and maximize your sister -- benefits. We can review that as well. Well that's really kind of sums up for today Sean -- I'm glad did that we were -- to all these diversionary doesn't really distance areas that we've talked to you. About your Social Security about the different options about one to draw should you draw a 62 should do daughter 66. Should you wait until your seventy. Or should you do what we called hybrid approach and that was a dominant. None drawn my Social Security let -- continue to grow. And I'll draw against my spouse's social security and most most people look and no I didn't know lucky dog is my spouses in that lower. There shall secure Noah doesn't. We had him in Manila -- go well we know hundred assistants and I wanted to -- -- -- -- And we only 101000 people trying to -- five every day there's a huge number of people they need help on Social Security . Let's try and what we did -- when we went through that scenario. What we showed his spiced by sitting down and going through that Social Security Max and his nation with us other client they came and we we re and that. We ran a retirement profile for
    and well thought out solutions to Wear your life let us use Social Security calculator to help determined using your spouse's benefits to seek to maximize those. And again will take. Investors in your portfolios are
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    social security found at 0:47, 4:51, 6:03

    we've been -- people just like you listening. With their investments and retirement planning so today said Jacque we're gonna talk about a couple of things we have a great line up we're talk about Social Security . Usual security statement you look at your statement there's typically there's three options on there. There's draw his 62 -- would if
    first Michelle let's talk about -- yet another popular subject. And that's Social Security there's 101000 people and they turn a 65. There's you know there's that many people that are there are wondering about their Social Security benefits and it's not just folks out there that are attorney needs 65. It's people out there that are sixty may -- year for retirement or maybe your two or three years after retirement and you're asking yourself okay. I'm gonna quit my job German retire from my job that I worked the last thirty years in nominal role in my 401K -- mr. Clinton interest or dividends out of it. When should I turn on that Social Security benefit -- take your right away (%expletive) I'll wait till later -- wait. The longer secondly 8788 the highest payment and they
    In this a third forcing or initially starved and talk about the Social Security he came back to lead this mission Sean. Is when should they draw how much they draw and the ensure that it
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    pay for food. And we we have a monthly giving program called match makers sell and it's 25 or 35 or fifty dollars month whatever your comfortable and and it's deducted from -- Account every month
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    And I can't do that so -- an amazing a missionary to Kansas City , Missouri and to the friends of the -- cans. Kansas just more than discern -- meal more than just him and then he

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good -- welcome back Z investment advice -- are high and -- Italy host to have if we shall make -- Your co host and what we're talking about today is your Social Security if you're just joining us or you miss a little bit of -- -- -- feel free to call us we're given the different examples of people drawn a different ages we're talking about drawn as a -- 62. Drawn your benefits -- 66. Waiting and drawn they sanity and finally the fourth option we outlined and that was a file. And -- suspend benefits to Wear this spouse got to love her benefit continue to grow if she drew against her husband's and by the way the interest in part about it is. This did not lower his benefit. So she was able to capitalize on the system by let her benefit continue grown get bigger and yet still be able to draw against -- you may have questions about -- -- security. And no doubt in my once strangers and some solutions call -- like 913825. 266. In the at least two -- 3-D l.'s are more investor was just we will run a Social Security calculator for you and your spouse to take home. And read over at no cost no obligation. Won't I think there's such a great. Option -- because you know win this couple just kind of review they were thinking man they're gonna retire. -- 62 or not they still didn't return a 62 but there and other -- -- right away. And we looked at the you know this force strategy which was a hybrid strategy. And between the exercise security that they claimed me and because of the way they claim Social Security the way it made their accounts grow more. They end up with over 300000 dollars extra. And retirement between social security and their real value of their money you know based on a 6% return -- retire. A huge that is a lot of extra benefits. And money in in a bank for them that they had to count on for their retirement. And there's an evolutionary Obama outlined just briefly. I had another high command it was the opposite instead of waiting for -- to draw. The bottom line is weeks and it suggested that she go -- ahead and send drawn violation she too. And let her money girl we did the opposite they -- on her -- she didn't have a lot of money should have a million dollar -- and a half a million insurer based on her lifestyle her stand living. She needed to draw a certain amount every month so we did a calculation I found out she was very often joints or -- own money. Spending your principal is also on the profits. To love her and so security benefit -- of them actually seventy. At that point. You know in theory would work out or her money would be running low that she could turn on her mash Social Security benefit. And they gave her -- significantly better lifestyle. And he knew that the three message that we outlined to you previously so really. -- for you is it all depends. On who you are and how much money you have and all the variables should face. On that's what's so great about the way that we do the plane Greg is there really didn't know two planes ever put together in the same. That's because you know everybody's income needs are different new income sources are going to be different know how much money you have is different units is individual as your fingerprint so. Wind you con men. We'll take a look will sit down there's no cost or obligation to come and sit down or review you know what's your scenario. What are your goals you know what are such -- benefits and then go from there if you'd like we can put together. This retirement income proposal which takes into account your pensions -- -- securities house you collect Social Security. That your investments that you have -- do you have any inheritance coming so it it takes. All the puzzle pieces into account puts -- one. Booklet that is your retirement income plan and you know we've talked about dedicating entire shows to -- any retirement income plan. And the fact of why it's so important heading into retirement to have a roadmap and this is exactly what this says this -- your retirement. 203040. Years into the future and you know we can look in and you may sit down and say you know what. What do fide draw a little bit extra out right now because -- -- enjoy in my early retirement know what kind changes does that look like you know twenty years down the road. Two I have enough money to do that so we can answer all these questions of the con man. If you like to come and sit down give us a call 913. 8252626. Since 913. 8252626. On -- I want to mention one thing to -- you know we touch briefed on pension plans are a lot of this still had a pension in some of -- had a cash buyout. -- we can take all the lump sum or half of -- lump -- -- capers some of it so he had to stay monthly annuity payment. So we will gladly help you look at this Arizona as well because sometimes it makes sense to take some of the cash and pay off your home. Maybe take no indication that you leave it all is a monthly annuity with survivor benefits so. When I think that I've pretty much done almost every scenario. But they have -- -- my client's -- because you're right because I want -- command and they said you know we looked at their other assets know that -- -- sources and say you know what. You should take half a pension right and you should take half on some let's pay your house soft right okay. And that way you know a few now you don't have a thousand month house payment less the same as getting an extra thousand a month right I've had clients to say you know what. I don't need attention now on a roll all over because I -- control the assets right and so there's our options some clients say. They were gonna leave all the money there because we need the income so. There's no way to know in to figure out what the best option is for you know just by looking at the paperwork to the company Sanjay. Or -- says the statement this Social Security Sanjay you need to sit down with the plane or whether it be your planner if you like to sit Allen does get a second opinion. I didn't take much time do do a -- as we talked to better example earlier. This client came in they spent the extra time and added over 300000 dollars to their retirement. Wanna didn't cautioning you get these answers but -- might cost you a lot to get the wrong answer by not consultant somebody Sophia and advisor. Go talk to him today you know if you don't -- is Tony a second opinion feel free call -- I. 9138252626. I want to switch gears here -- talk a little bit about people's money you'll for the last thirty years when it comes to investing. One of the quote safe havens. He is into park money in bonds and when you look at bonds you can investor money either with a corporation. Or the federal government or the local governments are typically one of those two entities is the government or corporation would -- -- -- initially she. Put your money any bond. Gave you a certain dividend yield and income off that bond that was considered. They're reliable investment -- for the last thirty years we've been on what you call a honeymoon revise. Because as interest rates have come down. The old bonds were very attractive you know if you're hitting a 6% dividend. Everybody would like that there was interest in about a -- you have the ability to sell at any time anyone -- I'll need to see -- wanna get my my money out of -- when you sell a new investor stand on line who say hey I can't get 6% anywhere so it becomes very attractive. To an investor they pay you a premium. So as interest rates have come down. The value of bonds have done what they've gone up in the last thirty years that's what's happened from 15% down the near zero. Now what's happened what's on the horizon is interest rates look like they're gonna start heading back up and as they head up what happens to your bonds. Well everybody knows it is interest rates head up and then new bond yields are paying higher interest. Who once your old bond. -- a small Parker paltry return right lower interest rates when making it much higher somewhere else and that's or not talk about. The next few managerial -- take note because that's safe bond -- you think you have. Might not be so safe after all what do you think of. -- if you wanna know easily how Bonn -- to power saying it's Peter Carter and you know as -- as interest rates come up the other side it's here Trotter comes down. The value of violence. If it is that if interest rates could down the value of bonds what do they do they come up right so in about closing that that they've been in history so let's try it appears that they're gonna go. Upwards especially when the Federal Reserve stops -- bond buying program. And all the sudden interest rates return to what's called a normal rate during norm. And you could see the value of bonds go down significantly in the lot these holder Sean could get hurt Signet. And in a big lake was speaking every -- how to my biggest fear and I didn't like to tear terrorizing kids and hit kissing and Mikey had a kid always jumped off. And -- and you went to the wrong time just yelling out of Paris and it's the same thing. It out -- -- if somebody if the if the Federal Reserve if they drop off magistrates issued out what's gonna happen to them the value Basra -- Iraq so we're in discusses the next segment once again US into the investment advisor arm we'll be right back on -- NBC.

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