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Investment Advisor Hour with Hadel Financial 12.08.13

Dec 8, 2013|

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    to be affected by a one or two or 3%. Increase and interest rates right if you like to do that there's no cost or obligation come and sit down or review what you have now. 913825. To 66 and when your comment. You know are in the show very we talked a little Rudolph. Social security and maximize your sister -- benefits. We can review that as well. Well that's really kind of sums up for today Sean -- I'm glad did that we were -- to all these diversionary doesn't really distance areas that we've talked to you. About your Social Security about the different options about one to draw should you draw a 62 should do daughter 66. Should you wait until your seventy. Or should you do what we called hybrid approach and that was a dominant. None drawn my Social Security let -- continue to grow. And I'll draw against my spouse's social security and most most people look and no I didn't know lucky dog is my spouses in that lower. There shall secure Noah doesn't. We had him in Manila -- go well we know hundred assistants and I wanted to -- -- -- -- And we only 101000 people trying to -- five every day there's a huge number of people they need help on Social Security . Let's try and what we did -- when we went through that scenario. What we showed his spiced by sitting down and going through that Social Security Max and his nation with us other client they came and we we re and that. We ran a retirement profile for
    and well thought out solutions to Wear your life let us use Social Security calculator to help determined using your spouse's benefits to seek to maximize those. And again will take. Investors in your portfolios are
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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is -- -- -- are -- I am great tailor your post thank you for joining us I have with -- -- on a list. And today we are great topic so you're gonna wanna take some notes grab your yellow paper. Grab your pencil or your pin -- -- have if you drive and just enjoy listening you can gladly call anytime with questions or concerns you might have. -- regarding anything we outlined. 913825. 2626938252626. In for over thirty plus years we've been -- people just like you listening. With their investments and retirement planning so today said Jacque we're gonna talk about a couple of things we have a great line up we're talk about Social Security. Usual security statement you look at your statement there's typically there's three options on there. There's draw his 62 -- would if you wait -- increasingly drawn a 66. Where you -- -- Gagnon Max it out and age seventy -- gonna talk about those three -- talked about a fourth. Option you have and there were also more importantly you know talk a lot besides join emotional security. What is best for you and your family and how does this impact your own savings and then the second they were addressed today. Or what a lot of investors for the last thirty years are ahead of a great experience -- finance bonds and bond portfolios. What's on the horizon was going to be long term down a road. What's coming up about your money in your savings. Well -- certainly timely -- bonds NL. You know the interest rates and -- mercenary now. It is definitely -- setting interest rates have been historically low for the last what 234 years. May interest rates have been on do it then declined for the past thirty years blood to have -- -- -- -- they've gone from over 15% back in 1982. When things were inflation is out of control they -- -- raising interest rates multiple times. To its with its fluctuated but throughout the last thirty years basically bond investors have been on a honeymoon when bonds and -- great experience. In order to talk about why that is why -- -- bonds performed so well over the last thirty years. At times and sometimes stocks didn't. And what some horizon where bonds gonna do going forward especially interest rates go to back to an increasing rate environment which it appears they might. Indians instead they decreasing interest rate environment on it I really think by this is so important is because historically. Investors have used bonds as a safe pavement. Yeah that's been where aid the stock market seemed volatile or I'm a conservative investor such cynically they went to want to went to US treasuries or maybe even. Corporate bonds a bit more on our side bitten you know people look at bond is KM apart this money here. My money is quote unquote safe. By US government bond and I bought that for any income. -- the income problem recently has been that rates have been solo no and so what we're gonna see and we're talking about later in the show today's US state -- There's windows and comes on those bonds start come on back up. To where there -- more attractive to investors. What happens to the value of those bonds and I think it's important now a lot of people don't know how that works they see interest rates coming up and they say. Oh great -- can get a little bit more interest on the money -- what they don't know us how it affects their old money. Well not to mention there's a third factor that we have never had influence in this whole equation. And that is what the Federal Reserve has been doing with this. It called Q year quantitative easing this bond buying program it's been talked about -- a press a lot of investors really don't know what that means to them and and the bonds but. In a -- Sean. 85 billion dollars a month the Federal -- been buying these bonds will all these securities. Are based on supply and demand so when -- is a huge demand of 85 billion a month when that disappears. We don't know exactly. How it's going to affect bonds -- a fact we know that there's 85 billion a month less in demand will typically. When the demand goes down. Then if you have an oversupply of of of any type of security now I can -- the price where the value we can fall. Well we saw just on you know rumor or speculation that that the Federal Reserve is gonna stop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of people were shocked or that monster two month period. On what happened -- bond portfolio so this very important you're gonna wanna know if you're investing do you have bonds in your portfolio. Which a lot of listeners DOS -- -- -- to talk about this coming up later in our show. If you have any questions on the way -- -- Collison 913. 8252626. You can also reach us through our website at fatal financial advisors dot com. You know very first Michelle let's talk about -- yet another popular subject. And that's Social Security there's 101000 people and they turn a 65. There's you know there's that many people that are there are wondering about their Social Security benefits and it's not just folks out there that are attorney needs 65. It's people out there that are sixty may -- year for retirement or maybe your two or three years after retirement and you're asking yourself okay. I'm gonna quit my job German retire from my job that I worked the last thirty years in nominal role in my 401K -- mr. Clinton interest or dividends out of it. When should I turn on that Social Security benefit -- take your right away (%expletive) I'll wait till later -- wait. The longer secondly 8788 the highest payment and they really that's great that's that the million dollar question. Well and a lot of things you get to -- -- -- -- three choices that your offered little attention that is not always the best and there's a fourth way of drawing the game chiseled security. And really what -- discount is that you that are listening. We talk about a variety subjects on -- show and so security is part of what affects your retirement. The investment part about bonds and stocks also invest and so that's our goal is your advisors is to discuss a variety of subjects and so we're gonna get down to the bond. In this a third forcing or initially starved and talk about the Social Security he came back to lead this mission Sean. Is when should they draw how much they draw and the ensure that it is it all depends on you because you're circumstances. Or is different as you look in the -- between you. -- your family and the rest your coworkers your very unique in your situation it all depends on your health. Your lifestyle your other income zero multiple burials variables when do you need money. Would have other assets do you have how much do you have and really no more money you have invested. Then the more you stand to potentially gain. -- -- the right Social Security. Equation laid out for you naturally Sean and -- do is we have Social Security calculators. We take all your information. And we put all together and it won't lay out three or four different scenarios on how you might be drawn national security benefit. Well you know great game and what a lot of our zoos they sit down the a look at your social security and say OK based on your benefits us is -- you -- your spouse should draw. And they say this is the best way for years are also security while a lot of times the best where the highest payment you get. May not be the best scenario for life and so were an outline that coming up in the next segment here's how may be not taken the highest payment. Was the best thing for you in the long run because all we do different. When we help you calculate your Social Security benefits and we not only look at how do you maximize your benefit. But how do you maximize your money by how do you maximize 401K that irate they -- your spouse has saved for the last 2030 maybe 35 year so we're gonna dress all this coming up the next segment. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call. 913825. To 66 you can also visitors bureau website at -- -- financial advisors dot com once again you're listening to the investment advisor our state team will be right back on king NBC.

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